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      ----------------------The Okayama crazymama kingdom■tour~go to the 5th anniversary~lm.c live tour 2011 performance: lm.c (one-man) sale ticket before the open 18:00 /start 18:30: ¥4,500 (classified by d) the day ticket: ¥5,000 (classified by d) inquiry: Dream address Okayama 086-231-3531 the Nagoya music farm performance: Sale ticket before the outяage/alblast/other open 18:00 /start 18:30: ¥1,800 (the ¥500 classified by d) the day ticket: ¥2,000 (the ¥500 classified by d) inquiry: Nagoya music farm 052-772-2314 the Ikebukuro ruido k3■soundtrap entertainment presents water 樂 sponsorship event 'enumeration dream play ~ enlightenment ~' performance: Water 樂/zabel/nil vanish/reve/secret band/sale ticket before the other open 16:00 /start 16:30: ¥2,500 (classified by d) the day ticket: ¥3,000 (classified by d) inquiry: The Ikebukuro ruido k 303 - 5944-8851 Takeda Baba area■toon-factory. sponsorship<~brand new wind~ chapter6>Performance: toon-factory/administrator/downer/dragonwapppppper/sale ticket before the d eizopen 17:00 /start 17:30: ¥3,000 (the ¥500 classified by d) the day ticket: ¥3,500 (the ¥500 classified by d) inquiry: Takeda Baba area03-3361-1069holiday shinjuku■holiday presents [neo pupa - subliminal fireworks-] performance: veldit/diement. (Guest)/isk; m/lustknot. /blaze/galtz/ragzis-[ragujisu]-/llll/code: “13” sale ticket before the open 16:00 /start 16:30: ¥0 (the ¥600 classified by d) the day ticket: ¥0 (d
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

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      , a liberal translation
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

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      01, most wanted feat. Basket 獅/obc 02, hello! my name is… /jack p 03, legendary feat. big die u-law/steelo 04, game/all→e 05, what death?!! feat. switch+ill/hiko 06, why. feat. hipster/kazpurio 07, kinai-starr/rakabee 08, wrrdz/rakabee 09, force/xxl 10, trush music feat. bow/k2k 11 and 1, sectionz life/38records 12, the wave heaven it is rough/tucci 13, stand 3/da-boo 14, i love my hood feat. z-show/big dai 15, hundred tigers/delta 16, secret life/des.art 17, the top news/delta 18, partner/tucci 19, dead or alive/jap-h 20, let me alone (15ch funk ver.)/the back wars 21, burnin/o.c.t.t 22, d.o.g/delta 23, call my name/fi-real 24, result theory/jack p 25, stand up/da-boo 26, hajimemasite/all→e 27 and 1/1/jap-h 28, getback feat d+c/rakabbe 29, i `m in da club/k2k 30, get back feat. fi-real/38records 31, crazy rider's/dazzy 32, redeyez/heart eye feat. jo-g a.k.a melowjoe 33, effect come ON baby/flea market 34, my road/tokarev 35, rock star/dazzy 36, the gold and silver glaring feat. Champagne man & da-boo/jack p 37, fire/jo-g a.k.a melowjoe
      01, la mayoría de la hazaña querida. ¡獅 /obc 02 de la cesta, hola! mi nombre es… /jack p 03, hazaña legendaria. ¡grande mueren u-law/steelo 04, juego/all→e 05, qué muerte?!! hazaña. switch+ill/hiko 06, porqué. hazaña. inconformista/kazpurio 07, kinai-starr/rakabee 08, wrrdz/rakabee 09, fuerza/xxl 10, hazaña de la música del trush. bow/k2k 11 y 1, sectionz life/38records 12, el cielo de la onda es áspero/el tucci 13, soporte 3/da-boo 14, yo ama mi hazaña de la capilla. z-demuestre/dai grande 15, cientos tigres/delta 16, la vida secreta/des.art 17, las noticias superiores/el delta 18, socio/el tucci 19, los muertos o vivo/el jap-h 20, déjeme que (ver del canguelo 15ch.) guerrea /the solo detrás 21, burnin/o.c.t.t 22, d.o.g/delta 23, llama mi name/fi-real 24, resulta teoría/el gato p 25, soporte up/da-boo 26, hajimemasite/all→e 27 y 1/1/jap-h 28, hazaña d+c/rakabbe 29, `m del getback de i en DA club/k2k 30, consiguen detrás hazaña. fi-real/38records 31, jinete loco/32 dazzy, hazaña del ojo del redeyez/del corazón. active a.k.a el melowjoe 33, efecto vienen EN bebé/el mercado de pulgas 34, mi camino/el tokarev 35, la estrella del rock/36 dazzy, el oro y la hazaña glaring de plata. El hombre de Champán y DA-boo/el gato p 37, melowjoe de fire/jo-g a.k.a

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      … that what you must help with is hard of the rice field which a relative merely does, a liberal translation
      … que con qué usted debe ayudar es duro del campo del arroz que lo hace un pariente simplemente

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