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    Local public entity,

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  • ○■ 地方公共団体

  • ○■ Vinculado paginas web es tan escritas en japones ,

  • ○■ As for the constitution e ighth chapter which is decided and, concerning local autonomy, length of the municipal corporation, as for the Assemblyman of that national assembly and the other officials where law decides, those to which the inhabitant of that municipal corporation directly elects this it is stipulated in nine Sanjo binomial, but when you consider to the principle of the aforementioned national sovereignty, and the stipulated gist of the constitution 15 provision one section which is based on this you adjust also the fact that it is something where the municipal corporation forms the indispensable element of rule mechanism of our country and think, you call to the constitution nine Sanjo binomial, “the inhabitant”, the districtThose which mean the Japanese citizen who possesses address inside area of the institute to understand, suitable is, as for the right stipulation, it cannot the thing which guarantees the right of election of length of the municipal corporation and the Assemblyman etc of that national assembly vis-a-vis the foreigner who resides in our country, and” that format it is shown, it is the place where also government thinks in the same way

  • ○■ But if makes the doctor a s a worker, working, those, we would like to continue to work at the kind of place which reduction of pay is done, are proper thing

  • ○■ On the basis of this, it is the thought discussion ream also the pachinko the country and the municipal corporation managing, supervising, liking to assure playback as “a place of amusement of the healthy populace”

  • ○■ ” (Or less abbreviation Asahi newspaper 2010 June 4th) you can imagine that the specialist is not in the small self-governing community easily

  • ○■ ” As, we have assumed t hat it is not legitimate quotation from this standard,

  • ○■ The person, “hideout of spy” it is

  • ○■ Nara prefecture Gose city and Kanmaki Cho on the 2nd, make before the public finance failure sun/size with municipal corporation public finance soundness method, that it decided that “early it becomes the soundness group”, it made clear

  • ○■ As a new axis of new admi nistration, “business categorization” those which become started

  • ○■ The diagram 4-1-3-3 the p resentation circumstance diagram of conversion to online system execution plan of each administrative organ for the hand continuation which the municipal corporation handles 4-1-3-4 change of utilization circumstance of the online utilization promotion object hand continuation which the municipal corporation handles

  • ○■ The ↓ [pochi] [tsu] and support click we ask!

  • ○■ On 2007 August 17th you w rote with entry of the Japan constitution, but with draft of the Japan constitution which ghq draws up, presents to the Japanese government on 1946 February 13th as for the National Diet it was one-chamber system

  • ○■ (Right protection) 12th p rovision country and the municipal corporation, in order the advancement handicapped person, to try not to have the fact that the right profit such as being discriminated because of that advancement obstacle is harmed, does the support which is necessary for right protection

  • ○■ General affairs economica l 2009 municipal corporation fixed capacity management workshop second data 1~4 first reference material

  • ○■ With present law, the pat sy of the municipal corporation, in other words as for metropolis and districts governor and mayors, town managers, and village headmen, with the prerequisite that, it has common sense and good sense, altogether you do not suppose that it appears in extreme conduct, with that prerequisite, legal system is constructed

  • ○■ Foreign local denizenship problem, is a problem with respect to constitution

  • ○■ Because it could bind pub lic finance soundness method concerning the municipal corporation

  • ○■ When it makes before from the latest disturbance, forcing, you say, if is, isn't probably that “sars” hits to that?

  • ○■ It differs solar power ge nerating system installation auxiliary business (depending upon the municipal corporation)

  • ○■ By the way, as for conclu sion “of body of decision” of that time, “as for denizenship, it is national specific right, that it is not granted to the residency foreigner”, it has become

  • ○■ That and is, but “the c hild” and name have been attached to child treatment, but you think that it is not something which intended purpose of treatment harshly is restricted,

  • ○■ But, problem is the latte r-term senior citizen medical system

  • ○■ This is very important

  • ○■ The example which is the facility of the sect on the land which the municipal corporation owns seems that is many in entire country

  • ○■ It probably is shock even then for the power which designates the side theory part as grounds of denizenship grant

  • ○■ As a country, the municip al corporation, there is no everyone of the enterprise and the citizen and also, it is and protects after, pollution, directing to the actualization of continuous possible society, in addition, you favor and preserve rich natural environment, in order in the future to keep succeeding, you swear that it keeps tackling by all power, here

  • ○■ Writing at that place, th e document which it submits is as follows

  • ○■ As for the inhabitant bei ng one person, it is possible concerning when it claims the enactment reorganization of 3 regulations, to form claim,

  • ○■ If 1 normally the voter o f the municipal corporation does not have the joint signature of 1/3 or more of total number of the voter of that normally municipal corporation, it is not possible to claim the enactment of regulations directly,

  • 地方公共団体

    Local public entity,

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