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    American Shorthair,

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    • Japanese talking
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • With Domoto sibling…
      The oak and others which is about future week?? Looking at tv, the [tsu] where with cod “new Domoto sibling” ground true middle does it is and good finishes and says sewing involving the cat coming out, the [te] [a] [a] ~~~~ [tsu] [te] unintentionally the word [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is to tell the truth there is also a pad, it is, don't you think? the ~ <- the rear end is lovely!! Just a little, [metabo] the [shirihuri] father cat & the dancing cat * it is ↑ [kore], don't you think??? The [a] it is to do, when buying, such it was, when the [o] ~ <- dancing cat '[amerikanshiyotohea]' you show to vigor and the gill, the kana which how becomes? The [tsu] [te] father bought with as for vigor as for interest while being, fearing, while taking fixed distance, turning around the doll round and round, does the nose with after that completely not coming near… As for the gill completely being like there is no interest, instant seeing, you think and [tsu] drill side the through father although with special care you bought, does not have interest excessively and will have been the [te] be disheartened…To ornament ever since that of the ▄█▀█● converting, it exists on tv of the pad is, the movement is truth lovely, don't you think? whether you can nod also [e] ~ favorite [tsu] [te], <- m (_ _ which click you ask) m Japanese [burogu] village ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <- m (_ _ which click we ask) you play with m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ wii… The ¥3,799 (including tax) the venture which makes the person happy [chi] [bi] [robo] which plays with ♪wii which will be begun!

    • * [opa] Ogura store ★COCO ♪
      Coco [chiyan] of today and [amerikanshiyotohea], with very clever comes to the store in the shampoo [chiyan], becoming the beauty, o which it increases (the ^▽^) coco [chiyan] after the coco shower which also the time where it is in o [opa] is the popularity person with the beauty 'being hateful, the palpus ~' 'is, ~・・・ here “ended patience stripe palpus' with coco, ~” '[hu] [u] ~ it ended with the palpus' new shampoo, becoming tense, it increased, but very it was clever, (the *^▽^*)

    • Good morning*
      Now morning sleeping, when at the time of the [ru] you feel warm body temperature in next door and try clinging ...............The seeing [ya] you obtain and [] are and death Princess that name [wa] princess is with the cat of the [wa] American cirque and [yu] [u] type [amerikanshiyotohea] and the ear the [wa] a little it is different the [yo] eye the cirque it has done reflecting, however we fear, ......(Laughing) with [wa] [wa] ..................The [a] it is to do, the [wa] a little excursion to die and go the better [yu] wait the [ro] (*^o^*) today everyone be pleasant the [yo] which 1 days which are cute can pass -

    • New family
      The Sakura death of [amerikanshiyotohea] where the new daughter comes in your learning/repairing one your room being lovely still the vibration sweetly with the [tsu] flap, there is no manner, recently, being attached at last furthermore the [wa] it was and it is [i] night with [chiyotsu] which plays vigorously it was troubled, it is to be

    • [ame
      You play with your 1st customer inside the wan Nagoya store favorite service spiritual large [amerikanshiyotohearetsuto] ゙ [tahi] ゙ - Hidekiti's son color clean character enormously it is bright, carrying, the nail you do not build and [ku] ゙ [ruku] ゙ [ru] going, the [ru] owner way it just was attached to Nagoya you think the [i] desired 3 days ago with densely with start of the cute new life which is the [so] [o] which is the shank Wang loop home page to be possible [nee

    • The cat coffee to “it came and the [ya] [ri] went back and forth the Kitiziyouzi store densely”
      That the animal will be photographed, when subject is searched because the heuristic cat coffee “to come, the [ya] [ri] densely no thing cats live favorite selfishly inside the Kitiziyouzi store” store, while coming in contact, photographing of the cat which is the store which you can pass freely and easily and it has become possible, * however the flash strict prohibition & the Norwegian John forest cat lie of hair being good, style is good, almost you slept, * under the Scottish folding carpet with the favorite way, entering personally, it does not try the exactly good store probably to move from this state (laughing) * Persia “this you see everyone” are to say in the lowering & [amerikanshiyotohea] movie “[abata]” appearanceHuman type race [navui] itself which it does in addition and when story was inferred in the staff where the many cat is, 20 or more it enters at everything, but being the same as the person, there is a holiday in the cat and with shift system, as for having appeared in into the store inside 18 approximately thing stores reaching, being clean, as for smell as for the person that, to here this the home where is not also care of the cat is securely done altogether cannot raise the cat with pet prohibition, it can enjoy freely, as for the night 23: Because it has done business up to 00, even with the work return Kitiziyouzi who is available* The cat coffee “it came and the [ya] [ri] photographed densely” with this lens for diary tamron sp af17-50mm f/2.8 xr di II vc b005nii Nikon

    • Girl [shirubapatsuchidotabi] Shiki store [amerikanshiyotohea] (10378)
      Store: Shiki store type: [amerikanshiyotohea] sex: Girl color: [shirubapatsuchidotabi] birthday: 2010 January 14th lineage book group: The Japan kennel club native place: Chiba prefecture price: From the ¥149,800→¥139,800 staff [ameshiyo] of the one word imp did from Chiba prefecture, March presently weight 700 gram buying easiness no, is called 1, but because the child whose character is good after all is many are not were or,… as for pattern of the body loving the toy which is such feeling, one was already destroyed the “[hu] [a]” large yawn this to sleep, it touches with face meat sphere pink and when coming to the feeling preeminent meeting, it welcomes by this eye power the ¥149,800→¥139,800 which is reduced

    • [amerikanshiyotohea] kitten information
      Character of the spoilt child we love the feature toy in somatotype of the small awakening which is appearance of the girl of kitten of no.739 [amerikanshiyotoheashiruba] March 16th origin & [amerikanshiyotohea] and, as for the one which lovely densely is and searches please view by all means

    • Every one which the sumo champion room is not disgusted
      Recently don't you think? please imagines the form which the cat is walking to the g men 75 wind which is the members of the sumo champion room of popularity zooming (laughing) bgm first [amerikanshiyotoheabosu] snack love it is the boss gently continuing, merely, now popularity no1 small iron carrying favorite human love to be possible with [rupan] the [po] [chi] [tsu] and 1 click ♪ supporting, the [ya] - the ♪ and how! It moves to the sumo champion room from the 2f play room!! The [ma] [ro] of everyone it is!! Don't you think? frame it is the popularity no1 [po] [pa] of [ma] open that time it goes, it is the [ma] [ro] it is with to be large the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was with the sibling, (laughing) that sweetly [tsu] flap character lovely voice even now healthy!! Don't you think? so it is -, frame it is the chairman viewing as usual selfish [tsu] [pu] [ri] of the [ma] showing … Noble cat, don't you think? please to the sumo champion room of everyone and the individualist faction kind of matching where like we the [poko] not saying you could know end - the ♪ Nagoya cat coffee frame it is as for [ma] hp this

    • “Sakura” of parents' home
      “Sakura” of [amerikanshiyotohea] is in the parents' home inside

    • It is thick just a little the eye oak and others? [amerikanshiyotohea
      Cat of [amerikanshiyotohea] of liquor store

    • New [chi] [bi] - [zu
      Everyone today as for main day of ♪ the new member [chi] [bi] - the [zu] introduction ~♪ first ~♪♪ mix ([meinkun] × Persia) XXMAL [kemomo] (temporary) the ~♪ * 5/27 presently wonder all the way the ・・・♪ and ~ mix ([meinkun] × Persia) XXFEM [kemoko] (temporary) ~♪ [kemomo] the ~♪ and the ~♪ still [to] ゙ Quito ゙ [ki] ♪ [amerikanshiyotohea] XXFEM [gorotsuko] (temporary) everyone may while talking business & inside the coffee the ~♪

    • Designation! If parent peach…
      Child of [momo], well enough ~ [wai] which becomes large \ (the ゜▽゜=))/…\ ((=゜▽゜)/the [waimomo] handle keeps being received well enough before and as for also keeping being received one [jitan] handle, remaining [momo] and [tora]? With in the house of the younger brother of [jitan] handle next door the first child of [momo] “it means that [ame]” stays, but '[amerikanchiyotsutohea] ([amerikanshiyotohea] it fails as for can be derived name') with, [ame] me call makes “with [riya] candy” ww, name of the child which is born in May [tora] which is decided once 'wheat' black and white one 'the United States' how it reads? After all [mugi] or [komuki] ゙ tide rice or [kurojii] which is called (abbreviation of [jitan] where the black part is many) it is lovely even with ww being tapir and [yone] the potato it is in [nekobanbo] where [banbo] of the son who is not the cat pot instant costume change (the ☆´ω `): ; *.': ; [hu] ゙ also [momo] had entered sometimes, it seems,… it probably is narrow ((the ´∀ `*))In order [kerakera] finally now weekend, for the cat above this which is contraception operation of [momo] not to increase, when the [tsu] [te] you say, having because of [mike], when you say, that the male cat does not approach, the reason which you say it is enormous, is, don't you think?… at outside the male cat… the [ya] is in [momo] and [kawaii] densely thank you, (the *´ω `*)

    • The [nu] it does not come, it does not come, it is dense (; ;)
      The corpse of the [tsu] coming and the cat was in road side ...... Riding in the car, however you saw from the [ru], properly and the [re] were not, certain, it was [amerikanshiyotohea], (the ゜∞゜) [u] [u] ......... Will not, it was done to every throat sometime, it is to be??

    • Cat [tsu] [te] English is recognized?
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      At today the bee becoming the family, wanting [amerikanshiyotohea] of 5 year ago which is 5th year if you walk you make the pet shop and me whom it turned and the pet, while knowing the type, baby of [amerikanshiyotohea] which was seen with the pet shop just before of father closing which was thought the 柴 dog and [abishinian] where those where it has entered into the showcase together are the bee sat down this time the rear form as for the 柴 dog bee for the first time quite [kotsukurikotsukuri] and doze were done, already being lovely, being lovely, the child of the lever is good without the [ameshiyo] [ji] [ya]! With being quick ones from the encounter of the destiny which it has delivering with the pet shop after the closing 5th year forever being the sun of the pad, don't you think?

    • New family
      Because in the play it could not go home in the tray, because the visit to a grave which presently has returned to the parents' home was completed however tomorrow it returns, don't you think? the family 4 person was even after several years and today has not acquired the name which is [amerikanshiyotohea] of the male of 3 months after the raw buying the younger brother to the pickpocket in the birthday birthday present of 1 years old of the love cat pickpockets of the pad yet, the next time where but or when lovely mentions the essential pickpocket who is the child where the looks is prepared very rather than saying that it is delightful, while on the other hand annoyance so each other which is it will be panicky, it smells and the [ri] which is to restrain, the [ma], inside that becomes chummy and probably will beBecause homecoming is New Year's Day, rounding together that time, 2 you sleep see, the [re] [ru] in calling the shank

    • It is thin [hi] Sazanka of the peach.
      Already but spring in the middle of Sazanka yesterday walking although it is the Nora cat which rides in the knee where the Gray saw of [amerikanshiyotohea] which approaches is very lovely today it tries taking, because it was the Gray white kana evening, you do not understand well

    • Continuation [niyanko
      Still the mother of [roshianburu] of surprise [omeme] with the kana January 16th origin which surprises so 1 males, the female 2 approximately 2 weeks which are passing being brought up with just the breast of the mother who is been extremely secure however it increases, totally doing, because [kawaii] by the way as for the amount the male as for the vaccine which is price of the vaccine 1 batch included where the female is 98,000 Yen for 78,000 Yen it is schedule of intake on March 7th, it is transfer ok after March 9th, as for this the mother sleeping which is [amerikanshiyotohea] so as for this where the only son is around the chest as for the 4th day amount which is the January 25th origin the same ¥78,000 as [roshian]Because this which is schedule of vaccination on vaccine 1 batch included March 16th the story which is in the reservation acceptance which after March 18th can be transferred changes, but don't you think? yesterday being New Year party, but store what which is Daiji which eats Italian but the very lovely cat where the picture of the cat that is decorated master bought in Italy, 4 picture what which has lined up my eye always to there becomes nailing

    • It became the dull [ku] [te] head painful. .
      issue , please visit the following link

    • After a long time the [u] [ri]!! The [ya] it is it came densely in village parent collection!
      Favorite trick it is, it is it is the [chi] [ya], don't you think? it is rough and others someone's rear end oak and others, the [e] ~~~ head hiding, how… that black object [wa] and [shido] are everyone's umbrella the cancer/gun to look at the rear end, as usual, large popularity spot oh to [u] [ri] [wa] [mada] applying not only j, this which is the [i] where the [ya] still the estrus which is the [ri] which this time probably will be crossed over the [te]… only this became chummy not to come and saw it faces don't you think? the better [e] it is the [a] ~~~ [u] [ri] which is and the [e] ~~~ it perseveres, it is the [ji] [yo] [o] ~~~ which is and, and the new village parent collection new member the [yo] which comes it isIt follows to the [somatsupi] sky of [moka] [somari] of [amerikanshiyotohea], again very one the [tsu] densely in the detailed [wa] next few days it is the [i] child in hp by all means in this which up is done the [po] [chi] [tsu] [burogu] village cat coffee Japanese [burogu] < /a

    • 忙 [huisu]!
      大量的日本當前主題 , Feel free to link

    • Healing cat
      Feeling appealing. sleep is invited. it is [amerikanshiyotohea]* Being born, extent [yanchiya] which 3 month and half, is too vigorous it is the boy* In the house it runs around always, plays with your own tail sleeping just at the time of the [ru] super quiet. it is lovely after all* Everyone, it was healed??

    • [burogu] of secret base sea urchin [ma] [mu] of sea urchin
      '[burogu] of the secret base' sea urchin [ma] [mu] of the sea urchin (when picture is clicked, it flies to [burogu],) ================================================================== not saying you could know, the secret base of the large popularity [burogu] 'sea urchin' the ♪ book which is 2 volumes, 1 works has been sold also dvd and every day “of the sea urchin” can check everyday with this [burogu], it is, it is ~ (^-^) [amerikanshiyotohea] and half of the chinchilla, furthermore so, the [ma] it is the circle, the face the big eye is very lovely!! Expression and rich it puts out, the word which is written to the photograph being exquisite, the photograph which is taken from close range having copied to the lie of hair, the ♪ which becomes the kind of feeling which before the eye stays quite in “the sea urchin” “the pet and with this [burogu] my apartment, cannot raise as for the one, [te] ~ (crying)”, it thinks, freely love coming out, please lift “the sea urchin”* And how, at yesterday (19 days) it was 5 years old, so - you question with the [me] which is done! Sea urchin o (゜∇゜*o) (o*゜∇゜) o~♪

    • The pad (the parents' home) the cat, it wears in the heaven.
      In the past, it published to also this [burogu], the pad (the parents' home) the cat, you call [osuamerikanshiyotohea], cat [onchi] it is the type which is not understood well in me, but the pad (the parents' home) joining to face, about 3 years the measure which passes (it winds, shaku) “[kashiyakashiya]!”The [tsu] which we assume that with the iron [tsu] [po] which is said it is and hears sound flying, as for time of the child who is played with measure being smart, the lie of hair it is good, (the eye which was seen) was the elegant person, recently, it got fat flabbily completely became the [metabo] cat but main day of cat of such a, pad, such a mail reached from the mother, “condition of the pad being able to specify the cause also sudden change a little recovering in the mouth of moment and the present early evening receiving breath” is not, as the diagnosis of the doctor, “it isn't the cat AIDS?”, that as for thing details it is not understood… Was breathing spell state, it is, but after waiting for returning home of the mother, in order to sleep, it received breath, therefore… the house cat of the parents' home, however the large quantity it does not come in contact so,… after all, it is sad, is being, coming to the pad, before the appreciating, it photographed with the k tie, it tried placing in youtube which is the cat of the pad well -, shaking cat and the [hu], the lovely [tsu] shank (the ^∇^) r.i.p

    • Mother friend gathering
      If today as for the mother of the house which was disturbed with mother friend 3 being simple makes the pizza sand at the hot sand manufacturer, when you make eat by the [tsu] and the pizza [tsu] [te] children whom, [uma] this time it probably will make even at the house however all over you pollute, the hot sand and, the good idea where it does not become dirty! Already, but as for alone the mother friend as for me who have the mixture boiled rice the cake and others as for the [jiyuni] child 3 which the [tsu] [chi] [ya] is directly making placid with piggyback, the [te] you gave also going down, why, the [tsu] [te] it increased the cat of the house over there fearfully! Obtaining? You there are fearful ones?? When carrying [jiyuni] child 3, because [jiyuni] child 3 started crying suddenly, when it tries trying being surprised, the vicinity to escape, the [ya] - the [ya] - the obtaining where the [jiyuni] child 3 which is the cat where the cat [tokotoko] and [amerikanshiyotohea] is lovely comes and comes and cries directly the [ya] it is densely with the eye chasing, being panicky, when above 1m it gets near, being able to bend the body, being desperate, trying -?? As for the thing of p of the house although at all fearfully and others is not, there is no size, it is with the shank or something you feel?? (With influence of [itoko] occult system…Without being talking with some lever which) well - becomes pleasant enormous stress cancellation, however is just that, if feeling conversion, the importance so you say, giving a piggyback also the [jiyuni] child 3 where, the rear end it has with also the house of that mother friend who falls from the stairway and, it just was attached and saw it increased, fearfully - r (daughter of that mother friend) it does not involve and there is no cursing the [te] good [wa] ~ [itoko] probably will be? (The [a] - such conception it will stop) well, it was completed already well with the rear end rice cake, therefore it is, you probably will think that - protected,

    • Former right
      … Summer of this year it is busy, because well, time passing you feel quickly, but it is to call, I who with, sleeping, is many a [ru] thing and completely, peace have done to become dim am, it cannot go, don't you think? if it does not make the moderate strain continue,… to tell the truth some days ago, the middle which goes to the shopping which looked at the throwing away cat, the [hi] [ya] - the [hi] [ya] - with stopping the calling voice bicycle which you say, when you try verifying, whether listening from somewhere it exceeds under the mountain of the lumber, the kitten hesitated the master and two people, instant, to hold, when it wraps, one hand of the adult still being born, it was prompt life accompanying, returning, the hospitalTo… the instant, you hesitated even then, as for the mother cat it is not in the vicinity, or [tabi] of [amerikanshiyotohea] which is searched - it is to be,… to tell the truth, two years ago, I [tabi] of [ameshiyo] - bought with the pet shop, the place, the time when type denies passing with the intention of course, of keeping raising, there are no circumstances which are chummy and become at the point where tries hearing in the type veterinarian who is menaced in the… kitten “as for former right they think that it is,” that it is said and apply… [ameshiyo] it is the red sandal wood, there being… such a thing, difficulty… type permits the fact that you raise the kitten very with…You cannot think, being able to have raising in the good person where many days which… I while becoming matter of concern, [sayonarashimashita] ardently was not in [ameshiyo] and am it was troubling with, when yesterday, the same place it happened along, already it was not the cod… with you think

    • Cute gift* 彡
      The place where this year it leaves in 3 days after shank ~ some days ago, this cute necklace which is the handmade beads accessory where the cute present reaches again in the family the [ya] is this is less crowded in mix, it is with, with the photograph presenting the number of people minute of 3 color staffs of the how [sugoiretsudo] silver gold which can make such an accessory which is the work of the mother of the vanilla of [amerikanshiyotohea] of the younger sister it is to be difficult to understand, but very the foppery like the mirror ball like snow crystal has become three-dimensional the scissors-paper-rock doing with staff everyone who is design, you divided and divided! The mother of the sky & the vanilla you use carefully thank you and, one more!! When it decorates flower arrangement waiting in the room for New Year's Day, furthermore at a stroke in New Year's Day feeling this cute, the flower, father of the being completed child of the tortoiseshell cat Toshi while being busy at the end of year which is the mother, the married couple being even, the flower, the nice kite is completed in rear of the flower coming to the report, the child & the father mother of being completed thank you!! In order the flower to last long even in 1 days, please enter the year when also everyone who is made important is good please both diagnosis and treatment time December 30th (Wednesday) morning in the afternoon of the charge nursing loyal retainer Honda end of year beginning of the year at the time of the medical examination December 31st (Thursday) 9~12 (in the afternoon 休 診) January 1st (Friday) last day 休 診 the January 2nd (Saturday) 16~19 time (morning 休 診) more usual diagnosis and treatment color than January 3rd (Sunday) it is the kana ~ where all dog species names where the cup of type appears understand??

    • 癒.
      Yesterday which [niyanko] does in the pad the [amerikanshiyotohea] saw which is the boy of the February 15th origin which presents it is the wax * the [wa] [yu] to be, although you intend name to attach. the [a] which is densely is the wax densely the wax. continuing to call, don't you think?. densely is the wax is fixation w densely * from this to be possible,

    • Glass house cat watch
      When most being troubled the glass window cracks with the [wa] [ru] trouble which it waits in the house because excessively it is not a certain thing, the just a little [pani] [ku] [tsu] [te] you put away, don't you think? the glass window puts out, cracks the cartridge still is dangerous and even crime prevention danger is cold and, the insect does enters and… such a time glass window repair the glass house which goes quickly is necessary, don't you think? as for glass house Matsuyama glass service of glass window repair, the day repair kind of OK which does glass repair service low with the fee and safety operation which has covered inside Osaka & Kyoto Shiga Hyogo prefectureIt probably will put out, if is the telephone if the mail so it does, you teach the fee of everything included whether first as a procedure, then whether or not repair is asked, you agree upon to the fee which is decided, you should have asked and, well enough it is simple, don't you think? glass repair it is in the Kinki sphere as for the like person please try checking this glass repair glass house! The male be completed next as for the sight, the 仔 cat of Scottish folding and [amerikanshiyotohea], etc mansion of the lead tabby as for [amerikanshiyotohea] not saying it is the cat where and the popularity which you can know whether it propagates mainly and the sight cat splash which is sold, lovely the cat lover which is the pet where the hand is not applied basically as for one you just look at the especially sight it is healed, is high the eye which was seen this the cat! The [tsu] [te] feeling is good, is, don't you think? Scottish folding yes of the farm origin where the ear crimps the cat of around there where it is cat of the lovely figure yes of the figure which works out the just a little one line it is lovely, please tries checking with the male is completed the sight the watch men's lady's popularity brand mail order, is Little bird by all means next, because you say that the men's & lady's watch is prepared as many as as many as 2000 points or more, you are surprised and as for the watch which cannot be searched with this sight it is not [nai] or, from Casio g-shock, the various watch is assembled with to the Mickey watch, in category the dealing large special price itemThe watch kind of popularity which is and is also the item which can be bought rather cheaply

    • Forest of cat vaccine information
      Present fortune-telling was how? o (the ▽≦) as for ○ [ie] ~~ [i] here the main point check ♪ left hand to list and “the person cause and”, the right hand list and “the gold cause” happy cat Sakura (plum month 25c10)<10%off!! > Tokoname burning > Japan > it causes, the cat ●8 number- High 260mm● * it has become the “saving box”, * after the 3~4 day you deliver the standard of payment date, as for” it causes and the cat” one of Japanese unique luck ones the left hand listing which for a long time, continues to cause luck for the populace “the person it causes and”, the right hand listing, “the gold causes and” is said, but reflecting the change of age, “romantic love” “longevity” “… you try seeing more --- [amerikanshiyotohea] by nippon pet (the Gifu and Ogaki pet shop) the inn where by any means the cat has the favorite simple diet hot spring open-air bath

    • 皆~☆ライブ用の振りは覚えたかな?
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

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