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    American Shorthair,

    Adorable related words Cat Cafe

    • Every one which the sumo champion room is not disgusted
      Recently don't you think? please imagines the form which the cat is walking to the g men 75 wind which is the members of the sumo champion room of popularity zooming (laughing) bgm first [amerikanshiyotoheabosu] snack love it is the boss gently continuing, merely, now popularity no1 small iron carrying favorite human love to be possible with [rupan] the [po] [chi] [tsu] and 1 click ♪ supporting, the [ya] - the ♪ and how! It moves to the sumo champion room from the 2f play room!! The [ma] [ro] of everyone it is!! Don't you think? frame it is the popularity no1 [po] [pa] of [ma] open that time it goes, it is the [ma] [ro] it is with to be large the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was with the sibling, (laughing) that sweetly [tsu] flap character lovely voice even now healthy!! Don't you think? so it is -, frame it is the chairman viewing as usual selfish [tsu] [pu] [ri] of the [ma] showing … Noble cat, don't you think? please to the sumo champion room of everyone and the individualist faction kind of matching where like we the [poko] not saying you could know end - the ♪ Nagoya cat coffee frame it is as for [ma] hp this
      最近您是否不认为? 请想象猫走到联邦政府警探75风怎样是大众化迅速移动的形式(笑的) bgm [amerikanshiyotoheabosu]快餐第一爱人sumo冠军屋子的成员它是轻轻地继续,仅仅,现在大众化no1小铁的上司运载喜爱的人的爱是可能的对[rupan] [po] [凯爱] [tsu]和1点击♪支持, [ya] - ♪和! 它搬到sumo冠军屋子从2f戏剧屋子!! [ma] [ro]大家它是!! 您是否不认为? 框架它是大众化no1 [po] [pa] [ma]打开时间它去,它是[ma] [ro]它是与是大[tsu] [凯爱] [ya]它是以的兄弟姐妹, (笑) [tsu]甚而现在甜甜地拍动健康字符可爱的声音!! 您是否不认为? 如此它是-,构筑它是主席观察作为通常自私[tsu] [pu] [ri] [ma]显示… 高尚的猫,您是否不认为? 请对大家的sumo冠军屋子和这个人主义者派别匹配,如我们[poko]的地方不说您可能知道末端- ♪名古屋猫咖啡框架它是至于为[ma]马力这

    • “Sakura” of parents' home
      “Sakura” of [amerikanshiyotohea] is in the parents' home inside
      “佐仓” [amerikanshiyotohea]在父母的家庭里面

    • It is thick just a little the eye oak and others? [amerikanshiyotohea
      Cat of [amerikanshiyotohea] of liquor store

    American Shorthair, Adorable,

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