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    Boston Terrier,

    Adorable related words Corgi Shiba Inu toy poodle Bulldog

    • Hobby 915 of nodule generation
      It hangs with the feed which, this time when it trains in the love dog boss of the Boston terrier intends and does not do the [ho] being able to point to the appearance of the soldier who is the advance which wipes to be able to point to this easily and without the feed which becomes somehow to the 此 place according to of my order as for being able to move some day it attacks as for the family and, you have abused with me, but to pay attention, and so on because it is the dog where with special care head which reaches the point where it is possible with the favor which I trained is good but to be able to point intends what it is possible calling salute, it tried the air to make the right hand lift in state of attaching but you abandoned this as expected
      它垂悬用,这次的饲料,当它在意欲和不做波士顿狗的爱狗上司时训练[ho]能指向战士出现是前进抹能容易地指向此和,不用莫名其妙地成为到此地方根据我的顺序的饲料至于为能移动某一天它为家庭攻击至于和,您滥用了与我,但是给予注意,等等,因为它是狗与特殊照料头到达点对厚待是可能的I 被训练好,但是能指向意欲什么是可能的叫致敬,它设法空气做在状态的右手推力附有,但是您放弃了此正如所料

    • New the [ro] it does difficult.
      Crossing with this meat when perhaps it does, for the first time? That, Boston terrier of ww where the [ma] [hu] because it came to seeing, the [ro] does the Boston terrier mandatorily difficult
      横渡用这肉,当或许它,第一次? 那, ww的波士顿狗[ma] [hu],因为它来了到看见, [ro]做必须困难波士顿的狗

    • After a long time the [pigu] diary!!
      How ~~ [tsu]!! The pet the 飼 [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was!!!!! The [tsu] which is the Boston terrier of color of the sea* Because is, also the owner became the color of the sea woman, it is
      怎么~~ [tsu]!! 宠物飼[tsu] [凯爱] [ya]它是!!!!! [tsu]是sea*的颜色波士顿狗,由于是,所有者也成为了海妇女,它的颜色是

    Boston Terrier, Adorable,

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