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    Kouda kumi,

    Music related words Perfume Morning Musume Itsuka Ai Mika Nakashima New EXILE Hamazaki Ayumi Ayaka mihimaru GT Every Little Thing Tegomass GIRL NEXT DOOR HITOMI Ikimono-gakari

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      01. magic POWER - hey! say! jump 02. Even if the mariachi of passion - Hikawa to come, 03. Pistol - acid black cherry 04. One moa time - pornographic graffiti 05-1. rising sun - exile 05-2. Once upon a time certainly… - exile atsushi 06. Without stopping love, - the 倖 rice field 來 not yet 07. Flying get - akb 4808. love parade - Large country boy 09. friday-ma-magic - miwa 10-1. It probably becomes the family, - elegance Osamu Fukuyama 10-2. fighting pose - Elegance Osamu Fukuyama 11-1. more kiss - fairies 11-2. song for you - fairies 12. a (a) - rainbow 13. lovespider - wind man private school 14. [maru] & [maru] [mori] & [mori]! (Full size) - Kaoru and the friend tree, sometimes the mook, a liberal translation
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      01. [tsubusanikoi] - Seki [jiyani] XXINF 02-1. March to tomorrow - Kuwata it is good 祐 02-2. let's try again~kuwata keisuke ver.~ - Kuwata it is good 祐 02-3. It is the naked de leading ~ celebration!! naked~ - Kuwata it is good 祐 03. min & min & min - sdn 4804. i'm your man - 2pm 05. everybody go - kis-my-ft 206. poppin' love cocktail feat.teeda - 倖 rice field 來 not yet feat. teeda 07. bang! [japan ver.] - afterschool 08. [maru] & [maru] [mori] & [mori]! (Full size) - Kaoru and the friend tree, sometimes mook 09. you i - w-inds. 10. shoot! - ro-kyu-bu! 11-1. summer sweet - shu-i 11-2. [kizuna] - shu-i 12. wish - happiness 13-1. Flower bird Fugetsu - sekai no owari 13-2. Immortal bird - sekai no owari 13-3. never ending world - sekai no owari 14. heavenly - black dream 15. Be able to hit the hand, - nico touches the walls 16. As for [pareo] emerald - ske 4817. Manly spirit full opening go! fight!! - Sho Kurusu (field under cv. 紘) 18. ready!! - 765pro allstars 19. go go summer! - kara 20. cry - diva
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      04/15 (gold) no live and no life. (d.w. [nikoruzu]/[sekaiichi]/the [bitomotazu]) @jb 04/16 (Saturday) [champagne] @lj 04/18 (month) speeddisk presents forest 羅 all creation tour'11#1 (r appointment /moran/ayabie/ and /dueljewel) @jb 04/19 (fire) spitz @hc 04/19 (fire) nagano live aid 04/20 (water) small swamp way space @bd 04/23 (Saturday) Osio coater low/row @jb 04/23 (Saturday) 倖 rice field 來 not yet @hc 04/24 (day) 倖 rice field 來 not yet @hc 04/24 (day) sonic line @lj 04/29 (gold) qwai @lj 04/30 (Saturday) alfee @hc 05/05 (wood) →pia-no-jac← @jb 05/06 (gold) scarlet @lj 05/07 (Saturday)Flower boy [badeizu] @lj 05/07 (the Saturday) fall 休 @jb 05/07 (the Saturday) Kazumasa Oda @bh 05/08 (day) Kazumasa Oda @bh 05/10 (the fire) the band apart @lj 05/11 (the water) base ball bear @lj 05/13 (the gold) coldrain @lj 05/13 (the gold) doping panda @jb 05/13 (the gold) flower rice field Hiroyuki (ex.the roosters) @nh 05/14 (the Saturday) flower rice field Hiroyuki (ex.the roosters) @nh 05/19 (the wood) nubo @lj 05/20 (the gold) Ishikawa, lily @hc 05/21 (the Saturday) elegance Osamu Fukuyama @mw 05/22 (day) elegance Osamu Fukuyama @mw 05/27 (the gold) vivid @jb 05/28 (the Saturday) allround @lj 05/29 (day) flower donation needs @jb 05/29 (day) at anytime @lj 06/12 (day) big bites @lj 06/12 (day) esq (the ex. [sutadasuto] review) @jg 06/19 (day) the cherry coke$ @lj 06/25 (Saturday) nothing's carved in stone @lj 06/26 (day) funkist @lj 07/15 (gold) north %, a liberal translation
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    Kouda kumi, Music,

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