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    Morimoto Riyuutarou,

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    • Snow prince chorus
      Well, quickly, being today, you know, cannot hide the surprise when something says the [tsu] [te], most young unit in history of the [jiyanizu] office, debut, Sintarou Morimoto who is news it is to pull, “snow prince choir” uni- is that, so, the average age as many as 10.5 years old!? With entering, period limitation as for Sintarou who is uni- with thing hey which is the actual older brother! say! Chasing Riyuutarou the Morimoto of jump, it has been active as [jiyanizu] jr. from 3 years ago, but there is no just a little relationship which at present is 12 years old, but it came with the nephew and the same age same grade inside, after this which is rubbed the brother debutting, keeps becoming many, the ~~~ [a] is, as for the favorite of current president this child no shelf ~~ [tsu], to be understood, to sing at center, debut kana, with the unit formation which is thought is debut is in the following leprosy which it comes after calling to one mouth, inside [jiyanizu], whether proper form whether period limitation it has been dividedThis time proper form is not margin, in the future, inland sea of light genji and Osawa (original [igurusu]), in addition, to recent, when you refer, hey! say! Bush of jump and eight maidens (the origin ya-ya-yah), the way this formal debut can be sufficiently, probably will be it handles and trains and the oak, boy party, smap makes another case and does not disperse but for the sake of that (it is you think and) from tokio under having been plugged, in each uni- hand grasping the sweat, Sintarou debuts formally to that the [ru] impression does until, the president (survival if), finding another favorite child, it sets on the center, Sintarou pulls and raises and are not unable to become part and with many levers, don't you think? probably will be, as for the latest case a certain semantic valuableWhether

    • [sunopuri] CD★ it comes to [chibi] lovely lovely and the [yu] is!! Laughing
      “[sunopuri] cd★ it comes to [chibi] lovely lovely and the [yu] is!! Don't you think? laughing” Morimoto Riyuutarou [sunopuri] cd the [a] which reaches - at all lovely and [tsu] [pa] Otsuka it is lovely, (*^o^*) the rear friend of the favorite village greens of the village greens already it is, it is seeing, that child to do 1st lovely, don't you think? refreshing and the first board usually boards 2 you bought the village greens which approve the thought of the [tsu] [te] village greens but it is, usually liking the board, because there is an image, in addition as for the thought where also the first board is good once upon a time <- the kana village greens splash bittermoon which becomes sometime as for favorite Sintarou although it is lovely, can sing also such a [katsukoii] song, don't you think? is, it is the [tsu] [te] feeling being, still, with the childBe too lovely, the village greens now having been troubled to be enormous, when sport go to the school which is nominated or, it is the school of choice or the school of local school sport nomination, whether passing decision [ma] [tsu] [chi] [ya] now at January the sushi, from interview practice even from test study end as for remainder to March as for 5 subject passing announcements which are study when after the graduation ceremony you are troubled to be enormous, being densely, the shank (laughing) with [jiyanizuburogu

    • The [u] it is
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • NEWS& amp; Seki [shi] ゙ [yani] ∞& amp; KAT-TUN& amp; The PV seeing [re] of HSJ the ♪ which it increases
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • weblog title
      April 2, 3 and 4 days (Yoyogi gymnasium performance) special plan is done in the performance! Because front and back of 3/26⇒ tall tree Yuuya 4/1⇒ Okamoto 圭 human 4/6⇒ Morimoto Riyuutarou 4/15⇒ possession Oka large is to be valuable with, this day is the member of birthday Sawayama, with everyone of the fan which participates, we would like blessing, it is! Tune of opening ending, when entering into mc, tune of the “happy birthday” is sung with everyone! As for lyric…↓ -------------------------------------------------- ♪ happy birthday Yuuya ~ ♪ happy birthday 圭 human ~ ♪ [hatsupibasudedeia] Riyuutarou ~ ♪ happy birthday large ~ ------------------------------------------------ … So we ask! When and, it finishes singing, “with your birthday [me] -!”With being everyone, in chorus, the person who comes to 4/2, 3 and 4 performances you shout, would like to sound the cracker asks 1 human 1 crackers (the person of the triangular gimlet which is used with the party and the like) please has may!! As for the person who participates, please cooperate by all means! In addition, to have knowing the thing of this plan even in a little many people, just Yuuya, a 圭 person, Riyuutarou and large your 4 people there is no, you make rejoice to jump in order please turn to many people [burogu] and even such as real! And, it will make fixed turn of jump [kon] and the [chi] [ya] will be! <- Extent of cooperation, it does to ask may * ☆* ゚ & ゚ *☆* ゚ & ゚ *☆* ゚ & ゚ *☆* ゚ & ゚ *☆* ゚ & ゚ *☆* ゚ & ゚ * everyone who now looks at this, truly but however it is not left over, =============================================== where also the fact that it is possible to only the fan it is in this inside inside the approval [tsu] [tsu] being too distant, it can participate the fact that it can make the fan which cooperation, asks it is the burn… it cannot go Yoyogi after all with gold defect, it is if even with the 仔 which does not go to [tsu] [tsu] Yoyogi everyone this of the fan should be popular, the jump fan turning without fail, the [e] ~~~~~ it may the [tsu] [tsu

    • Johnny's [ba] ㌧ Sakura girl!!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • The [ri] [yu] [u] it is the [ro] [o] [o] [o] [o] [tsu
      Today hey! say! With Riyuutarou's jump Morimoto birthday shank - [tsu]!!! You question with the [me], it is, whether the Riyuutarou 15 year old which is - already in 3 the [be] which is the [ze] where Riyuutarou and examinee by the way are not the [i] are the examinee [hutsu] study how ear in 3 - handle hey! say! The [ze] which jump April is born and is many - with Okamoto 圭 human birthday before this - before that - hanging with tall tree Yuuya birthday, but tall tree March don't you think? - birthday as for is possession Oka next, the [ma], temporarily today - is with your birthday [me] of Riyuutarou's, by the way there is no [i] w which ate the strawberry in Riyuutarou's birthday ((accidentally; ; Whether Riyuutarou 15 year old -

    • Riyuutarou HBD
      When it is ∩ω∩ which is questioned with the Morimoto Riyuutarou birthday [me] don't you think? it became the same age, but (^ω^) as for Riyuutarou with jump junior the adult [bi] [te] [te] that the feeling which has stood on tiptoe we like, (laughing) with as usual you have quarrelled with cool mediating/helping well, don't you think? it is, (^ω^) Riyuutarou after w the extension of height is enormous!! Spring high [bare] before this - seeing, the cod dragon it is thick. The height [zu] [tsu] it is and extends and seed ~σ (゜д゜) the [tsu] [te] mother has been surprised, (laughing) even from this please be funny Riyuutarou <- spring soul you have expected in various sense, the ~ (*/ω \ *) <- from

    • Tension MAX [tsu] (≧∀≦)
      Present [wa] [tsu] (^o^) present [wa] tension max it is I, but…… why [tsu] which probably will be? That it leaps it is [kara] where cd of [tsu] nyc reaches [kedotsu] where [tsu] true [wa] tomorrow is sale day what =3 still the dvd [wa] it sees, the [i] [tsu] which is (p_;) [kara] blog which is renewing, [tsu] which [kara] slowly is seen (^-^)/the thought [wa] still book kana [i] [karatsu] ∀ [pu] that and Riyuutarou's Morimoto birthday [tsu] (the ' - The ^*)/[tsu] which with the [ma] [ji] questions with the [me] it is the [ji] [a] rice waiting, the [i] coming ~ which is the [i] which is [ru] sense [tsu] it is [tsu] \ Chinen* The [a] it comes and is dense/

    • * The [ri] [yu] [u] it is the [ro] - *
      Riyuutarou Morimoto happybirthday!! You question with your birthday [me], it is* Already it is 14 years old, don't you think? it is, although - it was small so, (laughing to be quick you wanted to become the adult, it stood on tiptoe and [chi] [ya] [u] you became occasionally worry, (.) However, now age overtaking at last, it tried feeling at rest, the [re] [ru] way became (the ^0^)/also dance becoming good at once, it is kind in the younger brother thinking, it is cute year which furthermore leap it is possible forever, it continues to be such a Riyuutarou please 14 years old one year 'for Riyuutarou Morimoto' and way and others coming and others shines,…

    • Baton
      The [a] of [amenba] - the [chi] it is from the baton the [a] which it turns the person who would like to do doing, don't you think? - stormy Aiba elegance period -> Kazuya Ninomiya Aiba -> Satoshi Ono -> 櫻 well Sho Satoshi -> Jun Matsumoto Sho -> Hideaki pine Jun [tatsuki] & wing Takizawa -> the [tatsuki] Imai wing -> Tomohisa wing news Yamashita -> the mountain tweet brocade door Akira -> brocade door hand surpassing Sukenari -> the [te] it does and your Hisashi Masuda -> [matsusu] hill celebration Ichiro -> forming Akira Kato hill celebration Ichiro -> Kato forming Akira Seki [jiyani] XXINF Shibuya does the [ru] -> brocade door Akira who is not called -> brocade door Yasuda chapter large -> Ookura who is not calledLoyalty -> Ookura Maruyama Takashi flat -> Yutaka circular Yokoyama -> side and [ma] [yu] [u] Murakami trust five -> unevenness biting grommet kat-tun turtle pear Kazuya -> turtle pear red west benevolence -> Ziyuosuke red west dust Taguchi -> Taguchi Tanaka saint -> Tatuya Ueda Tanaka -> Ueda it is circular Yuichi in gloss -> medium circle hey! say! It calls empty w) tall tree Yuuya -> the tall tree [yu] [u] and the Ino tail [ke] to be, boys which -> Ino tail eight maiden optical -> eight maiden lights 藪 Hiroshi thickly -> and [bu] kis-my-ft2 massage a b c-z Hasimoto it has not called just Akira does the [tsu] well and - b a d does not know whether jump Yamada cool mediating/helping -> the Yamada Chinen [yu] [u] Japanese plum -> Sho Yutaka Nakajima Chinen -> the Nakajima [yu] it is to be uninformed Riyuutarou Morimoto -> the Morimoto Riyuutarou Okamoto 圭 person -> Okamoto possession Oka large your -> large laughing (to bear, veteran who who is not known? Superior horse with7west Nakayama superior horse -> Nakayama [yu] - [ma

    • Don't you think? today [sumasuma] you will see!
      Don't you think? this week, the pleasure is Sawayama! First, it is today, but the [jiyanizu] jr100 person you perform to [sumasuma]! Properly also preparation of video recording is ok! Well, as for sleeping you think that it is not, but even then, and as for [tsu] [pa] video recording it does unless, jr of yesterday being live, advertising, it was, die! The tv guide buying, you saw, but jr of the veteran not to have come out, the [tsu] [te], almost, fresh jr, at the majority the shank! Of course, Sintarou Morimoto and as for the member of bishadow it is, but perhaps recording, the [bo] it does, - with expectation, with the feeling which was done after the ending May 5th of jump soul the shank! Because the majority, is the member who is performed to jump soul, don't you think?! And, as for radio up from this week, with Riyuutarou Yamada cool mediating/helping and Morimoto shank! With the [tsu], tomorrow Morimoto Sintarou performance Ochanomizu [hakase] Friday, boy club and m [sute], with the shank! This week 1 weeks are the pleasure highest and, [purezon] just 1 performances apply and the [tsu] [pa], we would like to meet to Sintarou Morimoto, is, don't you think?! Therefore don't you think?, you write the jr live thought which applies in the day when it does not wear in the performance day of summary, on with also the night! This week everyone, [ganbaretsutsugo]!

    • Album
      2.infinity writing the lyric: Eight maiden optical compositions: Uchida Satoshi 之 arrangement: chokkaku piano: The [so] which tail Kei Ino 7. does and is defeated it is [gu] writing the lyric: Chinen 侑 Japanese plum composition: shusui and hirofumi sasaki arrangement: Ishizuka intellectual raw tambourine: Morimoto Riyuutarou 13. eye* [sukurimu] writing the lyric: Eight maiden optical compositions: Eight maiden lights, Isozaki health history arrangement: Yoshioka you want the guitar: The Okamoto 圭 person being late rather, you put away, but don't you think? the [tsu] lever which is repelled with the ww piano probably is clean timbre what, (the *≧∀≦*) Riyuutarou, it is to be too lovely!! The [tsu] [te] you thought, the tambourine… the tambourine… how seeing, don't you think? the kind of laughing which is not kind of any which the junior high school student does lovely it is probably will be as for the 圭 person whether again the shank (the *≧∀≦*) the [tsu] [te] it is strange again with the guitar, the guitar of the 圭 person is enormous, is, going several degrees trying to challenge, however… with it collapsed, the laughing parenthesis it is good, is, don't you think? but also that guitar form light so what, and the recording jump10 people of few [kura] of yesterday come and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] are so are it is enviable, the one ww which is done

    • The [u] it is, it is* As for senior of Otsuka's yearning cool mediating/helping (*^o^*) laughing
      “The [u] it is, it is* As for the senior of Otsuka's yearning cool mediating/helping (*^o^*) the laughing” Morimoto Riyuutarou [chi] [ya] well it is selection, it is it checked, don't you think? 10 people it is lovely, when you see, village greens favorite Otsuka even senior cool mediating/helping of yearning (*^o^*) as for one person cool. The [ro] which the child of yearning is and is - the [tsu] [te] you thought however!!! You are surprised with village greens favorite Otsuka!! Furthermore delightful Chino you. The [tsu] [ke] to which cool mediating/helping yearned and the [tsu] [te] was not said?? In some [ma] don't you think? the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is in [tatsuki], laughing almost only Sintarou singing, when increase it is lovely with Otsuka of the smiling face so so [betsuki] cuts the hair the hair cutting with the person of the anan plan where that beautiful cool mediating/helping now does also today in the desk before the mirror and when it shouts at the person house of seed junior boy ranking, the father (laughing) [bikutsu]!! The [tsu] [te] it has become (laughing) the tomorrow pleasure with thing many fns song festival to do, if the [yo] <- it does not check this no matter what, while to do with [sunopuri] cd and the [yo] <- this making enjoying and tomorrow the pleasure thing being many and everyday smiling living, don't you think? everyone whom it increases everyday everyone and others probably will keep living pleasantly with Riyuutarou [wa] 0 Morimoto hey! say! jump

    • Dragon cool combination \ (^o^)/
      En japones , original meaning

    • \ You insert lightly, the [po] <-
      Em japones , Feel free to link

    • [majigiregemagosutobasutazu] compilation (SMAP)
      [majigiregemagosutobasutazu] compilation (SMAP)

    • Hey! Say! JUMP history
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • From [mikushiiniyusu] excerpt
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • 9 ゙ [tsu] 3 [nichi
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , for multilingual communication

    • With [me] ~
      hey! say! With jump you question with your [bi] [yu] - 2nd anniversary [me], (the ^^)/*best* bush Hiroshi it is thick with the tall tree Yuuya Ino tail Kei eight maiden optical possession Oka large your *7* Okamoto 圭 human Yamada cool mediating/helping Nakajima Yutaka Sho Chinen 侑 Li Morimoto Riyuutarou everyone favorite [tsu] ☆10 person 01* Lifetime it continues to support!!

    • With [mu].
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • With it is
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • 'SMAP' ([kimutaku]) outfit end!
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • After a long time the ~
      Comentarios sobre este , for multilingual communication

    • It has left (. Ω)
      Of present school revolution Sho possession Oka and Yutaka coming lively, passing, -* The regular [me] it is with together the screen of the pupil the [tsu] [te] which is sung (Ω) the no ゛★ to be quick like - the www [a], [ori]* To be 10 people of the star, because the word which is applied was good the ♪ where it places entirely and solves & (' Ω) tail Kei no Ino…The intelligent group boy Okamoto 圭 person… who is fascinated without the [ri] [ge] Riyuutarou cool boy Morimoto who designates “the method of showing” as the weapon…Man possession Oka where the younger brother of everyone the face of the adult [chira] showing bush Hiroshi watches over… jump thickly and can depend large your…Creates healing the loving type Chinen 侑 Japanese plum… whichEvolved boldly the king of cute Yamada cool mediating/helping… whichCharacter and as for the [kirakira] Oji eight maiden optical… mc leader which is attached to the body good quality of intuition [pikaichi] tall tree Yuuya…Sho Yutaka gap boy Nakajima where the adult and the child live together…The eternal boy possession Oka which evolves healthily loving type [tsu] [te] says also this person is to become the person who is loved from everyone saying, you say the empty exactly (* the ゜3゜) chu [tsu] Yamada's [kirakira] Oji [tsu] [te] it is, certainly…(' Ω `) with [tsu] [te] feeling shank (´σ_ `) [a] [a] (´д `;)wy it is live “ikujinashi” super the [a] which is good tune DREPT (the ´ω `=´ω the `) the no [me] [chi] [ya] being fixed, it increases, (((゜д゜;)))As for night sub- tune good song [tsu]? * Whether when and the [bu] [hi] you sing, such a good song with sled [ya] popularity the [ru] and the [ro] although when the [tsu] [te] DREPT (Ω,) the night sub- with it should have been active,…Although such a good tune all the way it is, it is wasted whether and, song and the [bu] [hi] being agreeable enormously, from the [ru] (the ' Ω `) with fog [tsu] [pa] hey! say! jump what and it is…Being fixed to taking [ma] ikujinashi, the [ru] [tsu] with [u] thing σω `*kana.

    • 98 /27 summer [kon] JUMP heaven (…

    • Spring high valley that 6
      Don't you think? the spring high valley of yesterday after all Yamada was charge! However Japan and China it had appeared with Oobayasi in program about of 2 minutes which are done, there being too much a height difference, Yamada being lovely, the shank! When it is Chino of [sunopuri] and with Oobayasi, being enormous, the shank! You just imagine, there being too much a height difference, with the [tsu] which fears and is, yesterday is decided grand prix of the passionate camera, the better seed! As for grand prix with the person of the scene where the coach of Hachiozi practice comes out the shank! So, in entry, magic trick Riyuutarou Morimoto being present entry this time when it is done with the thing being lazy which is delightful the shank! And, today more and more in the final the shank! With 7 member everyone, the supporter it does today, kana??? Therefore adjournment system, [ganbaretsutsugo] you sing, don't you think?! Just a little, it is expectation and, today, unless you look at gold [suma], don't you think?! Because it is the continuation of the time which some days ago was broadcast perhaps on March 5th don't you think?! Because that time, in rumor, there being a message of the junior of [jiyanizu], as for jr representation, Sintarou Morimoto flowed, perhaps the VTR with, the [tsu] [te] which just a little comes out, rumor, expecting enormously, you see! So, today [ganbaretsutsugo]!

    • How to call with it is
      issue , linked pages are Japanese

    • After a long time, [tsu] it does, the [yo]*
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • Riyuutarou the 3 Morimoto of spring high valley
      O.a everyone of the spring high valley of yesterday you saw??? Charge of yesterday as written on also the [bu] [ro] [gu] before, was Riyuutarou Morimoto, being delightful, the shank! Perhaps, [jiyanizu] entering, it is the new one person reporter, don't you think?! Don't you think? until now, that by all means someone, it was simultaneous it is! And, first from opening, appearing, now it does, the seed! Furthermore, it was just a little patter however, with, don't you think? it was the way of the splendid reporter without 噛 [mu] thing at all! In the passionate camera the middle, being able to open the door suddenly, it was the just a little surprise [tsu] [te] feeling, but with, also 2 passionate cameras appearing, now it does, the seed! That growth of 7 members is from debut, it is, growth inclination of the extent which you cannot think what, don't you think?! Especially, Riyuutarou the growth stripe does height and parenthesis good quality, the seed! Today, Chinen with Sho's Yutaka either one shank! After, remaining 4 day everyday with the pleasure the shank! More and more with the junior high school student whom and, today however perhaps it is what, you question is with the Morimoto Sintarou small school graduation [me] and the shank! As for present Ochanomizu [hakase] you go to bed, don't you think?! Therefore just a little to rust and force however, even from now on, persevering, by all means we want debutting, the shank! With the [tsu], today spring being ticket date of arrival of Yoyogi performance of soul, the shank! As everyone is the cool seat, and, because it is myojo and sale day of [poporo], in delightful thing full load the shank! Don't you think? also Yokohama performance now of next month probably is ticket dispatch what! Don't you think? so, gradually it works! Also everyone persevering

    • Japanese Letter
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • (SMAP) Consecutive holiday
      (smap) However it has enjoyed in the concert of consecutive holiday 2 year inclination,… Such a [ke] Sawayama it is infrequent to see smap which danced SAM coming before the raising the curtain, it increased, however it was not visible, but the eye line of everyone as for is me in smap Gorou what Shingo the parenthesis was good, Riyuutarou [ruivuiton] long wallet picture and animated picture large your Morimoto someone the favorite favorite everyone? Of course, smap and kat-tun Seki [jiyani] XXINF tokio and news and kinki-kisd are tune offer [tatsuki] & wing and v6 to the album of johnny smap are, don't you think? it is funny, [tsu] [te] tags: When Oda Yutaka two Morita Yosimitu black 澤 discernment achieving, “world record or 5qsrf6eo [sekushiboisuandorobo] 6u2y3 [sumatsupu] smap 6u2y2 life north 乃 it is to come, the Kazuya picture bulletin board jra/baseball fist/the hypothetical world/professional baseball spirits 4 capture monster hunter 2 [pokemon] - in [pokemondonu], “younger sister like of [doyon]” the [tsu] [te] speaks but it is, as for [donu] prudently being accustomed! [tsu] [te] before this you most favorite is the smap member who? When the tip of the questionnaire is different, don't you think? the unexpected result is produced, the rock 隈 pitcher of optimism increasing 21 victories, when unintentionally - tangerine diary bosom oak [tsu] hiking achieving in the mother who becomes the “pitcher 3 crown” “world record or 5qsrf6eo [sekushiboisuandorobo] 6u2y3 [sumatsupu] smap 6u2y2 life north 乃 to be to come, because the Kazuya picture bulletin board jra/baseball fist/the hypothetical world/the professional baseball spirits 4 capture monster it is to obtain is written with the [pi] with the generality world which, it was consecutive holiday, no, badly (smap×smap) the world alienates badly because the everyday life which the shank is good and badly also is sent, being last day, it is consecutive holidayAlso today when thing is recognized is pleasant in 2009.11.08.sun going to work calm clear autumn weather | Not yet classification | com: 0 | tb: 0 | top -

    • じゃにバトン
      japanese means , original meaning

    • ジャニーズランキング★
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • おなかすいたよ
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • ジャニ好きな仔集合!
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • ジャニ呼び方ばとんw
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • ジャニーズファンが怖い
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • ☆ついになっきぃまで!?☆
      belief , original meaning

    • 2009/08/30
      Essa opiniao , Japanese talking

    • Myojo 12
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • 杏香からもらってきたーw
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    • 嵐☆翔
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

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