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    Anime Music related words Toyosaki Aki K-ON! Cagayake Fluffy time Akiyama Mio Hirasawa Yui Kotobuki Tsumugi Tee Time after school

    • And in [ma] P and simultaneous
      Because as for the truth where the piano which it has ordered in Sunday reaches however we wanted the piano of the silver, there was no stock this piano itself which abandons is something about of 23000 Yen, but furthermore because it is Yamaha make, only simple tune it can repel with my myself one hand striking which the stand and the usbmidi cable is bought together with the can [ji] option where the timbre and touch are good from now on if, the first topic tune which is the schedule which in reference week one time you practice the teaching rule book the well-known “big old clock” having checking in the pin key person who is passing, you take the style that, it goes to the next topic tune, this piano, the glance [bo] [re] doing, you boughtBecause with such a reason which has attachment to name with the w certain animation which has been attached it seems that [gi] thickly is attached in the guitar I and w which is called [ma] p will be slow with the Yamaha piano, while walking, concert by which is we would like to persevere in last purpose (3)

    • This it is, - p (the ^^) q
      Some days ago it purchased (the ^^) '[gi] thickly' is!! It is the real thing! But so 200,000 Yen w which was required ww which is bought unintentionally with bundle… Even if with [maji] impression mono o which is (the ≧∇≦) o the [tsu]! It is practice in earnest now -

    • [gi] thickly it is useless.
      But as for it is dense [gi] thickly as for the form which is not [gi] it is thick [gi] thickly it is not!! (`Ω ';)Therefore [gi] getting fat, call it is the [o] which is useless (the ' Ω `) it is the ~, how it probably will call, therefore the… [a], and the [tsu] inhaling guitar “cheaply the child” how how is? Therefore so, and the [tsu] [te] calls classified by wwwww and others the gong and the [tsu] the favorite because, you attached it is it is not in such reason, don't you think? the [tsu]! And the [tsu], and [tsu] wwww and the [tsu] lovely wwwwwww> [wa] < holding, n (ry putting away properly in the case, it can lay down, today because and [tsu] time, 2828 [mashi] ゙ stopping [ma] is the ww sound which is not not agreeable easily, (about [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] 1 hour doing, although the [ru] it is not agreeable yet and) “the mania child ([kiyouko])” the [tsu] Tetsu [ke] way whether however you thought, it stopped, (the ' Ω `) [kore] is terrible as expected, don't you think?? By the way, as for my pc the “[paso] child” as for me who am the home appliance name it is to be the strange child which is attached, therefore wwww when throwing away, you say that attachment it falls unintentionally the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] rather,… the accompanying, is completed cripes tuning the tomorrow which is tomorrow! Today you became tired already

    • [rehe] ゙ [ru] it is high.
      Don't you think? today went to the friend and the karaoke and for increase sang [tsu] [chi] [ya] [anison] & [ho] ゙ [karo], ww am well, I was the [anison] center, but. Because 琉 made the list, the Harima shank (the ^^) you see and [tsu] Tetsu are and 01 where [ru] ones are I. voice 麗 02. cagayake! girls 瑛 03. just a surviuor seeing 04. Heart picture 麗 05. Luke* Luke knight fever 瑛 06. with you seeing 07. sailing day 麗 08. just be friends 瑛 09. heart goes boom!! Seeing 10. Perfect arithmetic classroom of [chiruno] 麗 11. magnet 瑛: [miku] 麗: Luke 12. what 'bout my star? @formo seeing 13. what 'bout my star? 麗 14. Both sides [rabazu] 瑛 15. [kiminishitamoukotonakare] seeing 16. Diamond crevasse 麗 17. ggrks - [gugu] [re] refuse - 瑛 18. Zero one seeing 19. 1/2 麗 20. It cannot push down the air man, 瑛 21. [gi] it makes thickmakes thick neck [tsu] fungus seeing 22. d-tecnolife 麗 23. [hurenzu] 瑛 24. eternal blaze seeing 25. Impulse 麗 26. Interstellar flight 瑛 27. Universal bunny seeing 28. wanted! 麗 29. Iroha 唄 瑛 30. god knows. Seeing 31. Puzzle 麗 32. [ike] love song 瑛 33. Romeo and Cinderella seeing 34. Time door 麗 35. [mase] love song 瑛 36. One-way both you think and try 37. go!!! 麗 38. Para dichlorobenzene 瑛 39. Northern cross seeing 40. Jigsaw (all the English languages) 麗 41. The time where the trickery teacher laughs 瑛 42. [kizuna] to tomorrow you see 43. Moonlight flower 麗 44. Butterfly of the right shoulder 瑛 45. Soft time seeing 46. lips 麗 47. will be all right 瑛 48. The biting 49 which love has been remembered. [toraiangura] 麗: [shieriru] 瑛: [ranka] 50. Lion 瑛: [ranka] 麗: [shieriru] 51. butter-fly seeing 52. dang dang 麗 53. Having, the [ke]!! The sailor you wipe, 瑛 54. Thesis seeing 55 of cruel angel. Naivety of 1/3 feeling 麗 56. On lower 克 (finishing) 瑛 57. Infinity #7 seeing 58. nakid love 麗 59. family 瑛 60. Melt seeing 61. Core melting 麗 62. imitation black 瑛 63. joint seeing 64. neo universe 麗 65. Searching the wind, 瑛 66. don't say lazy seeing grade it is the red sandal wood, but everyone true song being good, score 80 latter half successive appearances! It does, it is the [ge] - (^o^) the large quantity singing, it was pleasant, is

    • Medium two illnesses
      The medium two illness [tsu] [te] teenagers become, there is no just junior high school student who seems and is don't you think? it is, it is Miyako, densely it is, don't you think? it is, kind of today when also [wa] self contradiction is condition of the medium two illnesses from class of afternoon with tension slump, in addition annoyance was applied orz which well the gnathal [me] it is in everyone! <- The guitar having in the return, [ru] Hitomi attaching, tension it rose at a stroke, <- it is Okita calling smell, orz where by himself Okita something the air which reaches the point where Okita uses [monhanneta] well does and leads becomes hateful searching, the school you go to bed and therefore [gi] go to buying thickly! Gibson it is high, it is even - the hateful shelf -…, the hill and brocade door it is to come off the [re] it is lastly understanding as for the roughness of grammar after being close to miracle, we fear the grudge of the food, is, lifetime you do not permit that

    • Becoming matter of concern which can be climbed even in the heaven -
      Very, you question and the selection which isⅰWell well the [a] which it approaches REPT (the ゜▽, MARU) the no it goes well, it is probably will be, it can combine? www you practiced once in various ways, but you question because and short essay of the school which is received seems just a little uniqueness, the [chi] [tsu] and it is troublesome, but it perseveres and it increases well, it perseveres and increases as for not to be if already it passes with feeling the [u] you do not drive w here, it dies with spirit!! The ■□■□■□■□■□ so so [oton] which [gi] thickly comes questions just has bought to also the house well suddenly and is not the case that it is bought, however it is, don't you think? however w which is w and [tsu] inhaling beginner set still the cherry of the spitz practicing, it increases, (do with [akogi], when w entrance examination it ends, w which you think that more it does thoroughly, still it is the Imai [chi] guitar with the fog [tsu] [pa] being difficult, don't you think? shank [kodo] as for remembering however it can go well enough, the finger does not move to like the, adjusting to the tempo of w tune, w which is the feeling whose cord/code change still is delicate

    • Monstrous beast = [mazochi
      Origin of [mazochi] the monstrous beast which the [pe] densely appears in dream probably will put out this time the [pe] with the world full opening [tsu] [te] feeling already prototype met densely when etching, it is, don't you think?? Dislike there is no either English ver of [megamaso] and/or the monstrous beast becomes such a lyric, don't you think? how…Your own mark something image received to the [tsu] [te] feeling which has feeling or human thought to feeling that the unconfirmed living thing is produced, when it translates into English, the lunate ~ and the file type ~ do meaning changing, wrapping, don't you think? the live raging. When it is fanning tune, in order to become extreme in, also fungus [pi] [kenzo] which shouting of the gimmick ~ which is cute is splendid and is the guitar of [mazochi] is pleasant, it is recently butterfly or [mazochi] or [tsuetsupe] summary work [ro] [gi] it is thick after all with [te] which is [tsu] drill [ayabie] the copy. Butterfly [mazochitsuetsupe] trapezoid [hinata] frog [mizariiguritsutatoroupenekusutorimumashin] June 8th [kiyaramerutaunromansadagie] kana? Fantasy ocean of rear [doremi]. As for pleasant [ayabie] however solo is difficult, when being possible, as for butterfly and [mazochi] which is the achievement impression persevering, the kana which is not the score which it increases?

    • Life second last diet①
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Solar POWER producers waiting for subsidy sunshine
      solar cell manufacturer china sunergy announced monday that it would acquire solar module manufacturers ceeg solar science & technology and ceeg new energy for about $47 million and bringing polycrystalline module manufacturing in-house. china sunergy, based in nanjing, jiangsu province and said the move will help it develop into a comprehensive solar solutions provider. shanghai-based ceeg solar science has an annual production capacity of 150 megawatts (mw), while nanjing-based ceeg new energy… China sunergy of the solar-cell manufacturer when on the 21st, polycrystal module productions for approximately 47,000,000 dollar the manufacturer of ceeg solar science & technology and the ceeg new energy solar array module which are brought is purchased, makes base company internal China sunergy and Jiangsu economical Nanjing city, according to announcement, it moves, it helps growth to the solution provider of the inclusive sun which is based on the ceeg new energy of Nanjing Shanghai - is based on ceeg solar science, 150 megawatts (mw) it has annual productivity…

    • [are] of DS.
      You raise the occasion where [nintendotsugusu] is begun from before this, at the time of the silver of the white poodle which is introduced with in the past [burogu] (XXMAL) is, (Ω) you win in the [tsu] coming disk dog conference and when =^ where it reaches 1 rank the [e] ^= and money in hand storing you wait, second also receiving, it is the intention of playing (Ω) Being the [zetsuton] crimson cherry tree serious, [suman]… orz!! [gi] thickly the [ya] it is in the catalpa

    • It is thin the cherry tree ogre
      Seeing [yo] [] it is dangerous!!!!!!!!!! God it passes and God it puts out also [ro] 〓 Okita manual laborer Saito everyone groovy flat help [kawayusu] op and ed!! Something op singing, [ru] human [gi] being similar thickly, the [ru] (laughing) how it becomes from this, the [ze] 〓 which is the pleasure

    • The person who is loved good bye
      Without turning round, combining section life which you can walk slow illustration club (the VTR which does not betray expectation!)Choir (unexpected w [u] [e] w you say) golf [tsu] [pa] reservation today it could not go because it is the rear volunteer section it enters quickly well from the [wa] or the mole chair to be, 苛 苛 being attached with such a thing which is attached, [ru] by your panic (^q^) you to change without the place [wa] can of university buying after the dislike becoming, however the Gaea plug of the station unlabeled of the halfway station it was the intention the non-defective item of going, because the varieties it weakened, it is the rain which stops die the [a] - it weakened, because (^q^) yesterday bean jam being accustomed the [po] [ji] the article you wrote, you try probably to go with that don't you think? how it is good, you will live easy, to be quick the private school beginning [ma] it isThe kana which is not (it is unusual, we would like to graduate (laughing) the [ho] it is with, already 3 years, it can withstand normal student life quickly? Already the white line pulling in the ground, and it is, because ww [kiyon] part everyone's ww something it will be misty, when it returns, [gi] flight it probably will repel thickly

    • You did*
      The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is delightful, however it is, the [tsu]!! The [ke] it is and is! When with the [hu] the catalpa of the prelude of the pen ~ ball-point pen ~ the [tsu] which reaches the point where it can repel densely!! Don't you think? [gi] raw it is cut off thickly with my [tsu] ★wwww this which perseveres well as for the pen ~ ball-point pen ~ the [ke] it is with the [hu] and is! Because the guitar before buying favorite with the tune where 1,2 is disputed with tune from, the part of this catalpa we would like to repel… the [tsu] [te] you think, it is possible on 2nd day never therefore with… well just you hold down one each, but simple what with

    • The [u] it is it is it is the ♪ [u] it is it is it is the ♪
      As for this day November 27th Hirasawa 唯 birthday -! With [tsu] [me] -! The [tsu] [te] now [kiyarasongi] of the 唯 we inquire about the neck [tsu] fungus thickly with [wake] being, we wife the fairway well calling and temporarily 唯 is distant with the [me

    • The thought @ animation “[ke] it is and is!! (2nd period)” 3rd story: Drummer! * There is [netabare],
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • Japanese talking
      Cold it pulled,… and it is from the parent, the www handle parent the fragile constitution passing www [a] ~ nose water & sneeze stopping [ma] viewing… the nose clogging it is terrible,… special entrance ceremony already immediately in the important time, moving and the [tsu] [te]!! The being disgusted [ya] and for a while Osamu viewing… in case of we, because 2 weeks catch to all-inclusive Osamu, the www parent… you stop the fact that already cold is given to we and… but we where resistivity is too low well problem the w yesterday [ke] it is and is!! You saw, but don't you think? after all it was God!! From the place where when also op&ed the highest ♪ flowing, in the gooseflesh standing better seed next few days you reserved with [animeito] or, (^o^) beginning the 唯 it has repelled [gi] thickly 1 hours to be quick attended school with start anything, to seem the guitar was repelled alone and the fairway appearance 唯, as for the fairway, law and the pongee as for 3rd grade and the catalpa with the class dividing 唯, the fairway, law and the pongee is accustomed to simultaneous class 2nd grade beautifully, the better seed ♪ (harmony! In 1 periods just the fairway was another class, but… so, the [wa] 唯 is to make simultaneous class with charge!! The [wa] [panee] [tsu] it does!! Commencement of work system starts and the alma mater song singing in unison ♪ is healed the ~ (the ´∀ `) cherry tree high alma mater song cd conversion [kibonnu]!! After that for new staff acquisition new recommendation live but opening the new staff does not appear after all, but… “I of the 唯 from the speech which says that for a while while 5 it is this is good”, for a while the tea time after the current releasing section 5 well in keeps being active with while is after the ~ and the next week with the pleasure the shank (the ≡^∇^≡) with lastly…. Loving, the [ru] [ze] it can be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able to obtain!!!!!

    • The thought @ animation “[ke] it is and is!! (2nd period)” 1st story: High 3! * There is [netabare],
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

    • Japanese weblog
      The ^^ where it is, puts everyone birthday and (as for year it would not like to think;)* Again it is the Shin Osamu mansion! Truth the Shin Osamu mansion it is many wastefully! The [te] it is close and location good and favorite what is ←←← today it is first putting out [mu] [gi], temporarily and [ribenji] we would like to do, as for that which <- is not yellow green [niso] and makes the yellow green tights the ←← which is too regrettable (the ^_^;)However also the wig well well it persevered, we would like to be disgusted more, but 凛 the fairway it sets and the [tsu] the [wa] [yu] the sprouting which is applied it burns and starts and the [yu] - it is wwwwww and the [pa] [ke] which are it is and is pleasantly - the wwwwwwed clothes of course we would like to adjust even with & [gi] which everyone we would like to do we would like to sing op which wants also the fairway base thickly with the karaoke, (<- already [kosu] relationship it is not wwww)! With the [yu] - it was this day arctic, it is, but…Because the phosphorus phosphorus fairway and everyone pongee considerably are the light dress, trembling, because it is before the ←←← Christmas which it increases only other things almost were the [santa] [ru] [tsu] [ku], it was the burst of laughter so the shelf [woi] ←←← (the ^∀^) the/☆★ temporarily the [pa] it is with shoulder full opening full opening be no other choice but to person everyone! (^^)!! (^^)!! (^^)!! (^^)!! (^^)!!!! Oh the [tsu] the [tsu] your own [ho] you are with the head [wa] [ru] to be, being said by the wwwwwww← phosphorus phosphorus fairway, perceived, it is, but so it is and it is hair color [tsu] [te] [ekusuta] color of the [gi] which stops don't you think? (laughing)! Having tried [ekusutauitsugu] to prepare, because the [ru] whether it is it will make the [ji] person, it withstands [ya] vv cold and is not cut off and the 此 place it can use at the Shin Osamu mansion which it moves to the place portable slope, whether it is unusual, also the wide angle lens being dispatched, because ww which can do to take the photograph where considerably satisfaction goes as for ^^ after it is good the fish people [tsu] it is as for until you say, it is not the abbreviation ←← next. 凛 Properly the [tsu] it does in the tolove [ru] or schedule of thousand warehouse adjusting, - the seeing ♪♪ Akiyama fairway of vv it is rear -> the phosphorus [ri

    • weblog title
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • original letters
      Это мнение , Japanese talking

    • Japanese Letter
      Densely it is the [nu] [wa] [he] (゚ ∀ ゚ *) figma which no some days ago is bought 唯 the pliers, sic [kabuto] which can be opened the hand you could not attach to [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] this sale day, the [o] ~ (the ´□ `.)It tried being able to point to the same appearance as the cover of thisisit, (the master did selfishly,… per punishment the [me]…) is to remove with figma, is! It is the Hirasawa 唯 which is sold 1st as feature but it is very lovely, is the ~ neck becomes matter of concern, but because it is the movable figure, there is no manner, shank ~ [gi] thickly being attached as expected to the chord, increases is made to real, unless you must note, is the strap! The surface is a gloss, back without gloss those of vinyl make have belonged, it is, but when power you insert too much, to be cut off in [sugu], because it becomes so, paying attention, w (it was the place where also the inside crumbles up dangerously,… (°д°;)) [tsu] [pe] and others face private decare and are in large quantities belonging each type which it increases at a time 4 being attached increase, (so do not use, probably will be,… w) the part for wrist exchange abundant the wind which pulls the high position whose the side which has the wrist part neck which can grasp the wrist part neck which wrist [patsuseha] has been done there is a variety, but it is pinching the pick, don't you think? the [ru] part are only 1 types the pick which is regrettable picking, other than the [ru] finger stretching, the [ru] part wanted - - such a finger and combining w▲, because is the mud 唯 properly also the fairway comes out at session February, it becomes patience to that, (the ' Ω `) the [mu]…Way in rear the doubtful violinist the… [kiba] [tsu] [te] also figma of the [mu] [gi] comes out in [ze] [e] ~ “April which goes, but… it puts out also my figma!”The figma [ke] it is and is! The Hirasawa 唯 uniform ver/max factory¥2,800 amazon.co.jp figma [ke] it is and is! The Akiyama fairway uniform ver/max factory¥2,800 amazon.co.jp figma [ke] it is and is! Koto blowing pongee uniform ver. /max factory¥2,800 amazon.co.jp

    • Japanese Letter
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • original letters
      The [ke] it is and is closely examining “[retsutsugo]” the [wa] ~ which with the [ri] which the splendid tension where it increased rises and sows shakes the neck vertically to be (laughing) every one is a good quality, but 唯, the [ya] it is next after all it is [ri] [tsu] in the fairway and the [a] [zu], Takuan kana? There is a good quality! However something excessively [kiyarason] you do not hear, the [ke] it is and is as for [majigi] which is heard unintentionally thickly to accompany, it does to sleep, the barrel!! Elizabeth!! Because, but thinks is that it is [be] help, ww which is I who am increasing with such a tension such a as for the tune which is always heard falling is many the [a], it is jump! There is no cartoon! Rear one hour half…

    • Kay on
      Like this it makes such a time and - is “the [ke] to be it is!”Second period seems production decision! [gi] thickly [gi] thickly the ∩ Ω ∩ pleasure shelf - (the *´ω `*) with the lever, you sleep gradually, (Ω) b being enough, when the [do] - you do, it becomes thin…? <-

    • It follows to 2 periods
      When with a certain data is drawn up, it is and that it is news item before this no month, while remembering longing, the origin you thought that way with the coin battle of leaving new Mali wii, but remote control even with remote control of the [wa] television which is not enough you should have used, it is the kana [ke] which is not to be, it is! The extra compilation and “the place with live music looked at 7 volumes of the original story which was not broadcast with tv!”Because the 唯 mentions [gi] thickly thing at random, that you thought what whether it probably is certain, but as for such a thing the [ze] which is not!

    • Therefore even “Elizabeth”…
      … It does not become yesterday, and this way in the spring when today and strangely warm day are continued, don't you think? probably will be, don't you think? [e] everyone, you will pay attention to the ice saints, well, present [dorimii] dd [burogu] line [tsu] [chi] [ya] now to do with respect to tilt of expectation, the shelf it is with lap year it seemed, because…, well, it is joyous thing, even if that kana… with,… or less “[dorimii] dd [burogu]” empty quotation & * * * * * * the [ke] it is in that article and is! The guitar (with you say or, [gi] thickly) with it is the base, but from about tomorrow, Akihabara sr Osaka sr Nagoya the sample it is displayed at 4 stores of sr Yokohama sr! Therefore to quotation here * * * * * * * * * * * with… if [gi] the extent which) with to is written thickly don't you think? Elizabeth) properly writing small one hour… love to [kiyara] is not enough, however the [e], it is usual thing, the original, it is the thing circular knowing which is not read, whether (with you say with the parenthesis writing, whether (with you say, the… orz # mail it does and well [chi] [ya] [ru] kana - - - w, at Akihabara next week also the exhibition of wa it is from March 2nd to 7 days if and, kana [burogu] which will try keeping adjusting to that is written, blogwrite

    • 今週の金曜ロードショー『もののけ姫』
      Thing removing princess (Tokuma animation picture book) writer: Miyazaki 駿 publisher/manufacturer: Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. sale day: 1997/10 media: Large-sized main this week Friday 'thing removing princess' >< where after a long time is you saw whatever time seeing after all, it could enjoy, load show why many degrees are impressed may cry ><, the tag which was very funny and is: Thing removing princess Friday load show It is turn, [gi] it is thick! The [so] and others being lovely, (the *´ω `*) vocaloid season coll… “canary” Yutaka promontory love raw*

    • http://mblg.tv/ranyanddrop/entry/20/
      On the desk it is the mallow child where sloppy one settles with the book or the picture material, \ (^o^)/even in the [wa] [tsu] [ho] to be, because the mother is neat, tidy up the [tsu] [te] you get angry, well the [ke] [tsu] <- ending! Today appears in traveling with the friend aimlessly, although it is cold, you do well, don't you think?! Me it is cold the hateful [so] it is with the [so] it is with! Being perplexed, color and the length which it increases exactly found the fact that is with [meito], it is with - it does, - \ (^o^)/the [tsu] [ho] - it is and is, it is understood in the person who knows whether the wig buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] concave, the older brother (mania) love it adjusts to the friend who is the younger sister, it is! In March! The friend does with 3 people who are older brother of the younger sister and the older sister whose not yet claim is many, it is! Therefore the [ho] - <- the wig and the [te] [ru] of the younger sister of the ↑ it is to see color simultaneous of the hair, [kosu] of the country where [santa] is in March the child which is done lightning better [chi] [ya] concave kana! Oh with everyone knowledge and others, it is,…(The cascade tear) it is good! The [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] the [chiruno] oven doing already! <- The [a] it is saying, even if the strongest n←^p^, however everyone east you do not know, it winds and 込 is to obtain when high school you insert, the winter clothes per seat it is and is! Because it is the intense being similar, but the skirt finding whether, it probably will increase this! … It is useless…[gi] the [tsu] where thickly is not! Concave -! * Now we would like to do [kosu] lightning illuminating beauty wind circular tower child [pengi] n… whichSakuma the sound 唯 unhappy east Alice seeing [yo] it is franc poult [medeisun] water honey white lotus emperor be allowed to be many - it is lightly! <- It does or, the [wa] can or! The conclusion which tries throwing just the wish that we would like to do, after all there is no money, it is! [ahahahaha]… ・・・←

    • 本年最後のフィギュア 『ねんどろいど 平沢唯』
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original meaning

    • 2009年度アニソン売上ランキング

    • 舞そんキヤッホォオォオゥウウゥウ!!!!  とばとんぬ
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • -Д- -3
      Being drowsy, it does not study, when, it is dangerous, you played to the boy and you thought the rubber which is not entwined at half and when the [tsu] drill throwing, you hit to the [ho] [tsu] [pe], it is with it is the beauty help which is thought “the [a]” and there are no times when it is the [chi] trap it is you scratch densely - what you should have scratched with the [hu] which does not understand the pen ~ ball-point pen ~ (唯 & fairway ver) the tea time after the 4:03 releasing section (Hirasawa the 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 100,522,008 after the releasing section /10/ 3016: 40 as for me my road the 3:18 Nakano Azusa which goes (cv: Bamboo 彩 奈) 292,009 /10/ 2623: The tea time after the rice 3:19 releasing section of 46 Calais later (Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 292,009 after the releasing section /10/ 2720: 35 horse way to go 4:27 Nakano Azusa (cv: Bamboo 彩 奈) 242,009 /10/ 2623: 42 girly storm running stick 3:35 Tainaka law (cv: Sato Satoru beauty) 242,009 /11/ 119: 43 soft the time 3:59 Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw and Hikasa proton, Sato Satoru beauty, 寿 Minako) 100,222,008 /10/ 2623: 54 soft the tea time after the time 5 ver 3:56 releasing sections (Hirasawa the 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 222,009 after the releasing section /09/ 208: 56 [gi] it makes thickmakes thick neck [tsu] fungus 3:35 Hirasawa 唯 (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw) character cd 100,212,008 /10/ 2623: As for 33 my loves tea time after stapler 4:24 releasing section (Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 172,009 after the releasing section /10/ 111: Entering with [kiyarason] of ipod densely without either 52 meanings, don't you think? as for the [kopi] [tsu] [te] the [tsu] [te] the [te] which is seen it is [ru] tune, or higher rank per seat is almost and is - the/^0^ \ is tune of [makurosu] or direction under, with as for just interstellar flight there is a direction above, it is! It is 11 rank in 48 tune it is! When [paso] it ends, the [u] which will be studied it is it will do today

    • 歌ったよ♪
      It is, the ♪ (11 o'clock to at the time of ~15) which is sung all the way it invites today, thank you order is disjointed, but it is such feeling, (tune which is sung) [hare] clear [yukai] (from [haruhi] ~) * [gi] the neck [tsu] fungus (the [ke] it is thickly and is! From ~) cangayaka! girls (the [ke] it is and is! From ~) * It comes beautifully, the thing * Cherry tree lock (reborn! From ~ the) far far side (from naruto ~) * The [ya] it is in default woman Takao (and others coming* The depending ~ which is done) * Delusion machine (and others coming* The depending ~ which is done) * [toraiangura] (from [makurosu] f ~) *~ asterisk ~ (from bleach ~) heart picture (from measure ~) * Place ~ of family ~ promise (reborn! From the ~) the ☆o2~ o two ~ (from [kodogiasu] ~ the) clear clock (from [meruhevun] ~ the) wind waiting jet (from [tsubasa] ~) it inhales and is to try thesis (from [evua] ~) insufficiency (from [kiteretsu] ~ of the) cruel angel [kasabuta] (from gouache ~) sorrow easily the [u] the [poniyo] [kiseki] far fart gymnastics your = flower (from naive romance CHIKA ~ of) on (from naruto ~ the) cliff school heaven small love it is * The handkerchief [u] of the [uedeingu] bell cotton it is, also you have sung in the friend and simultaneous, but… * You sang the fact that it has been attached, alone, almost, with [anison] [kiyarason] shank… 'and others coming* It does it is' it was possible to be able to sing [kiyarason], is!! When one time we would like to try singing, it is, (; ^ω^a lap? The tune which has entered is difficult, is, (somehow you could sing o2, but…After), the song [wa] you must be with low voice, song… After all, when you sing with high voice when tempo slowly is, it is easy to sing, is and we would like to go being, but the shank unskillfulness you sing…So…

    • バトン貰って来たユォー
      1: Genre lock 2 favorite of music: Favorite artist breakerz, [shido], radwimps and bump of chicken storm, kinki kids and news 3: You hear the music of [vuijiyuaru] type? On the other hand well enough with favorite kana w [shido] or [raruku] or [jiyannu] or favorite something 4: As for [anison] and [kiyarason]? We love, but what? “[gi] it makes thickmakes thick neck [tsu] fungus” of [kiyarason] of the 唯 w 5 temporarily to be now lover: Tune and the reason which you recommend (yes) lie of [shido] now lover the combining which is tune as for degree of distinction is not high excessively with many, but it is, whether the plain gauze which is many and is to be good to the tune well enough, whether the plain gauze mark after [jiyanihua] Yamada or one time please try hearing w, stormy tune the recommendation [tsu] 6 where it does: Title and the artist of 10 tunes which random it played back with the prayer, flowed, vis-a-vis that

    • ここまできたか
      Knowing at the place of mino, when really the [gu] [gu] [tsu] [te] you see…The [u] [wa] [a] it was truly, however it is also electricity guitar fairway for the Hirasawa 唯 model beginner, as for this with the one for right as a taking [tsu] catching in the sense, convenient price for beginner? When from God preservation town you walk to [akiba], there being a musical instrument house on the middle, when that window you exclude, zero one is many however and (laughing) it is not well understood, [gi] is thick (laughing) 250,000 the kana which is quotation? Receiving the abnormal boom of animation, however you think as appearance, if I approval simply in the opinion which you say the intention because as for the base of the fairway model after all it calls about the guitar of the cousin and the fall with the one for left, that the base appears in world, when the kana which is good season simply it becomes that much big ones in [kosupure], the event which you can bring is limited, it is, don't you think? when you think of [e] that whether for the layer it can sell with [kosupure] purpose so, whether or not don't you think? as expected increase with the drum and the keyboard it is, (laughing) with the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] as for the guitar of specification, whether it comes outBecause, shank that way being small to for the girl, is expectation of the setting which it is easy to handle, whether it is best, well dislike there is no such paste…On the other hand because we like, whether it probably will watch over warmly, that (laughing)

    • たまに来ては更新する
      kanji character , Japanese talking

    • アル・プラザ、平和堂っ♪
      However we just want the electric battery of the clock, the mother bearing, the Al plaza the [tsu] [te] word which goes that it makes approach next even with the die/di saw, the ice which keeps being attached those which become the giving brown spot which recently inside Toyama which was eaten prefecture, like this is said increasing, don't you think? increases when the my bottle is carried, the tea is made to insert, it is, - you do with knb in the [tsu] [te] which has also the store which is blended originally saying, it increased, the kana which is where? The [shiyakashiyaka] powdered tea, just a little tastily so is, don't you think? because with the [e] central open space it sells with the bag or special price, when it tries looking, particularly any good things there was no bag, but (the [o] it is, w) [akuse] selling entirely for 1050 Yen, the [te]! The eye shone instantaneously you find, how seeing, 1050 Yen production side the origin you do not take, because (consideration such as part generation and production time) with you thought, as many as three purchase [a] [gu] [a] ......Buying on impulse too much [tsu] [te] love at first sight ~vvv well - it is good lovely, it shopped! The silk gut protruding, when the [te] you attached, interest the fact that you apply was the 瑕 in the ball, but the correction stripe we would like to do because and as for this, hardship of the production person can peep quickly, the salesman where unintentionally the string of the [utsukari] wallet loosens you conversed and “this the person who was made being enormous, because the shank” “it is part supply serious, don't you think?” what that knows is relaxed delightfully so [gi] which is thickly (joke is) when [omake] w it returns, my car being soon, the cat, [pa] plain gauze [ri] what? Approaching to the 据 [wa] [tsu] [te] [ru] field shelf vicinity, doing grandly, if the normal which it increases it probably will escape

    • これがけいおん!だオラァ!!!!
      Don't you think? Dante 唯 k-on (breaking sound) [da] “it will require and the guitar beginner it probably will put out, we one slag [tsu] dust the [ze] teaching whether… you Hirasawa 唯 whether the [e]! According to the place where you hear that musical instrument, it had haggling 150,000 place up to 50,000, don't you think? it seems, but the [e] or in 々 it is stylish, as for musical instrument [tsu] [te] [madamada] being sweet… winning a more stylish “dead fighting,” those which you insert in the hand!!!”[yu] “[hi] ~! We fear, the [o] ~!” As for [da] “[soitsu] name bean jam?”[yu] “[gi] [gi] thickly is!” Even if [da] “! It is passing!! Don't you think? in your own weapon name [e]” [yu] “weapon?” [da] “we the [nevuan] [te] it is, the ~ it does and promptly the squid [re] it is [ze] the it is start of the party [so] it is the [ze] which goes! “[buratsudeiparesutaimu] after the releasing section [digital hardcore]!!!!” There is no “such a tune of law because!!” [da] “[hevunoaheru]…! [retsutsurotsuku]!!!” The [po] it is dense the [tsu]! The [yu] “[a] it is painful the [tsu]!”As for your [da] “[tsu] and [soitsu] “[retsudobuchiyaiku]” the taking [tsu] which is to solve”, for job bgm “eraser engine distorted” l.e.d. - g vs guhroovy

    • 霧雨タンから
      The birthday present [a] [a] [tsu] which it receives! The [ke] it is and is cookie ♪ [gi] thickly being printed, it is the [ru] cookie, (the ´∀ `) the [me] [tsu] with it to be, the [o]!! Already, it is delightful, [a] o (the ≧▽≦) there is a o drizzle tongue and with is!!

    • あーうー・・・・・
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 腹筋するぞ ムキムキ
      Whatever degree which the [edo] clothes have gone down has always gone down entering in the room of the hull, but already here where it is I who am confused to sprouting is the room of [edo] the filter coming which the [edo] way necktie is done it is and the memo cyber flow goldfish 掬 is and as for kiss becoming the justice nude, the Kayzer where something is bad just sees in the temple the [ze] which is [ma] ○ [kogetsuto]! [gi] it is thick blast. The [ya] it is in [kaizashimoaikemen] which buys the [edo] publication magazine to which 荘 we parallels and accomplishes [aina] this space personification conversion [teiruzuobuji

    • ねっかな
      Don't you think? good tune don't you think? cartoon and animation and music and what conversation whose those which the [bibibitsu] [te] come in [tsu] kana heart are little recently -… The thing ○ picture which chill certainly [ru] today is done the ○basara taking [ma] which is made to complete the [ze] which it will try attaching (to some extent do the [tsu] [te] the ○ sound recording stripe which was said with thesis natural voice of the it comes, cruel angel in the younger sister the world the [a] it is after all with the baton we singing to do, the [re] [ji] [e] it is with the [do] we singing the comet [yu] it was the comet [a] - and with consciousness, if it is [gi] thickly the neck [tsu] fungus fairway softly time maze it is possible likely likely, in your own flow several way you can sing,… Sakura it is [bo] kiss…The feeling which is old we would like, when temporarily to sing, the microphone attaching, natural voice way it can put out,…Cleaning tomorrow of the ○ room which if the [bo] [hu] [bo] [hu] we would like to turn off the [te], either the rain does not fall excessively hotly, you can record…However, the excessiveness so shelf… Unless the [a] - and you are conscious, you cannot sing and, singing, unless voice of the [ru] person method of singing you are conscious, unless that you cannot sing you correct… orz the world the [a] it is at last recently after all to do, the [re] [ji] [e] is tune is remembered completely with the [ze] orz ear where the [do] and the comet become method of singing your own appearance and [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru] is not good, you think that it is, but it is, remembering to voice of the singer, from the [ru], method of starting your own voice change one by one, it is, don't you think? when the [u] it is song singing, the koto it changes, don't you think?…Something with the song which is sung you become another person…With it was said and [atsu] by his is and says and it is hateful, don't you think? therefore of course, voice we voice, there is no reason which mono Manet has been done, but it isProblem of consciousness orz what this talking

    • 1秒あればそれでじゅうぶん
      After so long a time, the [ke] it is and is! The 唯 of the second story which looked at dvd first volume it purchases [gi] when thickly from “sunday siesta” being like is flowing with the background, don't you think? is, the 唯 which looked at the form which appears in the mirror is “the musician [tsu] [po]!”With you say, it is instant costume change from the simply woman, now cool does not look at animation system excessively, the dejection Taisho baseball daughter wolf and seasoning II of cool shrine [haruhi] conversion story 咲 [a], you see well enough and

    • タイトルなし
      The guitar we would like to do, is!! Suddenly, it does not inhale, (; ; ゜д゜) The [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] we would like to do, is!! The guitar having, when the [ru] person you see, the parenthesis being good, there is no manner, it is, don't you think? the ^^ guitar having, my high sensitivity on 10 r ((you know with just the [ru] or, I would like to do the guitar, - >< [gi] thickly desired [gi] it is thick <-

    • 謙也がギターを弾くと・・・
      The Kenya ♥ which is drawn with the hand [bu] [ro] being able to meet, contribution wwwww while drawing until now you could draw, best at actual size size, it is the kana ^^ [a] which is not, by the way as for the guitar, the [ke] to be, it is! [gi] thickly you drew in the model, - the Kenya [tsu] [te] drum is proud what even with ^p^, don't you think? -* Although why the guitar you draw, Kenya was chosen, it is, the kana… here should make light?? The [ma] - be and with the [tsu] or the ♪, zzz which sleeps gradually call and dream the 枸 羅 [tsu] (the ♡´ω `♡) (the [u], sleeping, however the [ru] person is the majority, don't you think? -)

    • 軽い音を楽しむ部

    • おおおおおおおおおお
      The friend and the karaoke saying, the Gaea plug saying, the fireworks you did yesterday! With the karaoke uverworld or the varieties wwww “[gi] which is sung the [wa] wwwww where the neck [tsu] fungus is pleasant thickly” well as for the Gaea plug the Mali car you do not do and/or rhythm heaven or the Gaea plug which was done there is no news item!: (; ゙ ゚'ω ゚'): As for fireworks seasonally a little slow kana? Well pleasant wwwwww before doing, the skin it was cold, but it is, when it finishes, it has become cold (゚ ∀ ゚) never the fireworks magic!!!!!!!!!

    • まだまだww
      Sleeping… at last in peak, the [a] [a] which at last is touched the my guitar ~ god knows which just a little [odoodo] is repelled after a long time temporarily all the way [gi] thickly melt greeeen, therefore, now it is the tension ↑↑, with, speaking noisily, it was said from the younger sister,… now while resting the present scarecrow making persevered, our (the one which is taught) the slime semantic [wa] being entwined, [sunmasen

    • やよゆい!
      Idling master and good [gi] it makes thickmakes thick the neck [tsu] fungus (Hirasawa 唯)

    • 【after】キャラオケ
      If this time the free time there is no time of the student who with 2 goes with 2 hour courses! However the [te] you think, now already it is sufficient at about this time, (to sing in laughing order, with turning, the predecessor the [a] it is to do the fact that it finishes, because is, the after of love.exe one becomes something which the tune which throws sings! Shining in the love.exe storm, raining very limit* It is to be discovered you want, it is the [nekokotamatsuri] most fast highest shutter girl s complex gate gate stripe to do, [yo] [shiawase] rabbit lemon interstellar flight cagayake! Rice diamond crevasse my love after gilrs [toraiangurakare] [hotsuchikisuraiongi] thickly the pen ~ ball-point pen ~ soft with the neck [tsu] fungus dont'say “lazy” [hu], [warudoizumain] drizzly rain cagayake which cannot push down time negligent life [ritanzumerutoeaman]! gilrs east tune it is to dissolve, is! With the first half cocco where tune occupies large portion the [tsu] the intention of running suddenly [momoi] (laughing however the tune pitch which the air which the world the man can grasp privately is gradually does the place where it changes still is difficult when 2 hours oh with while saying, you want to do you want - with it is I who send demand from hp but you ask to the store of [suki] recommendation with such feeling, [kosukara] it dies by all means and goes if it does not utilize the fact that you buy with [akiba] which you sing and becomes made

    • けいおん!
      Saeki you of the timewise end pass usual usual animation, because the [tsu] ((well animation catches time, when the air faces, you just look at those which have become past topic it is, but (with the [tsu] lever according to title the [ke] it is and is the meaning the person who the pop which was seen would like to do increasing to be recognized, the better seed… just [kiyara] you have heard also the story which is said, but that privately they were the contents which are sufficient, when… last story [gi] thickly returning to taking, the mark which that way meets to with also accident [ochi] was estimated, but something it seems that is seeing too much being strange(' Ω `) (((((tomorrow finally anyhow [pokemon] the sale day of hg ss!!! The [ze] [e] which lines up from before the opening of shop 1 hour it can be able be able be able be able be able to obtain!! Sleeping today already the bath -> other than sleeping there are no times when you do even in order to accumulate, is (`Ω ') with be completed cripes -

    • 無口すぎるキミ 饒舌に変えてあげるよ
      [gi] the neck [tsu] it is thickly from yesterday the loop doing, it increases, in the wound head (gradually 1,000,000 playback saddle i ((“…It is possible to touch?”It sprouts in degree and dies and if y which it increases (((((it is ~~~ what motivation to occur the tomorrow school which it cannot increase (- ω- `) is troublesomely [] after all [] ^ω^ which silver weak nowhere goes oh so says in what, however it was the expectation which today goes it went to cutting, w well only 1cm goes, cutting, when d (you become aware with this, it is enormous, don't you think? it is delightful while thinking that the [u] it is we would like to stretch, always cutting yesterday hair, when [ru] by your the hair are attached to the shoulder, unless you tie, goes or furthermore what you tie at about the length does not match is hateful what is (and the school it is conformed with somethingDon't you think? it is probably will be, although it should have gone out, when (what it combines and the hair ties side of the face? When the side hair you drop, useless applying (as for details rough sketch) the [tsu] [ke] which is such a school regulation!? Speaking suddenly, we would like to rub, don't you think? is, arrow is useless what with something which useless seems!!!! Therefore (the mouse to draw by the way,) how [ya] which is collected entirely it has made short, it is,… we would like to return to the orz small school!!!!! As for the small school it was hair type free although!!!! Crying [u] [u] [u]…

    • お・か・し!
      Pas: “[tsu] [te] something it is understood strangely, the ~?” Pas: “There is no candy, the ~?” We: “It is young, it is lovely, the girl (the blast” pas: “As expected, [rorikon] www” yesterday, the [pa] of the rear friend - and others the [ru] way and the kyat it has done it is with skype, don't you think? enterprise visit you say there was w today, - w well, workplace observation like rubbing, because [nasutokoporeshiyon] the towel which you say making, it was the [ru] place don't you think? about w 3km you walked the w we place which it does with w which becomes tired, [gi] the rabbi of [yamada] being attached to the return thickly, because the ~ [tsu] [te] it was said, it kept being attached, when the ~ Seoul silver or the heart gold would like to buy, it is like, but selling out beautifully, unless the better seed \ (^o^)/the [do] will not be only, with w which you cannot sayTo the [tsu] coming the rear end you take with skype and it is it is are, but the register and the lead-lead ([rejitsudo]) cooperation attack being dangerous, shank www '[pu]' the empty it starts for a while, is, the [tsu] temporary word [wa] it was not done and/or… w well, was not defeated however is, w it was pleasant, is, w the [a], the test 1 weekly cutting better seed - the w [do] - to do, - w postscript: However the [do] - it does not do, don't you think? w← furthermore postscript: It does not inhale, it studies, it is, (

    • ギー太を購入っ
      It is dense, it is, it is the [wa] [a] ~, the [ku] [ma] abnormal play! Don't you think? it is infrequent is with, everyday login doing, the [ze] which it increases* In other words, it means that it was not news item, and, the [chi] [yo] to be, because with it purchased [gi] thickly before, there is no ^^ which can do news item & a less pole which with, when you say,… as for me who am the stx01r [tsu] [te] person of ↓ yamaha, www which does not know well what kind of guitar the feeling which with the [sutorato] [tsu] lever of black w was seen in brief on the reverse side which is the feeling like those which well enough are old “made in japan” the price which becomes matter of concern which is written…? <- You think that click it is very cheap, the [o] ~; ; ;

    • 刀じゃ 斬れないものがある
      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

    • 【思った事を書いてみた】
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • けいおん!  12話 「軽音!」
      issue , linked pages are Japanese

    • 【追記】おぼぼぼおぼぼぼぼぼ^p^なんか落ち着けない
      When it dies, the kana which settles* Today the friend of the university (autonym and the sound to which collection stops being attached with certain brown simultaneous her) came inside! Separately normally with smile smiling, cartoon reading, but the data which it makes animated picture disjointed just transferred because as for the [te] [yu] or original purpose was the data transfer is but ^p^p^p^p^^p^ Kyuya did comes with, the kind of air where in addition meaning is different, but it tidies up the closet faked zone it is in earnest, how buying, that way is forgotten the tank (is very blue) waited ^p^ which comes out before wearing, summer the [wa] [tsu] [chi] don't you think? the [me] it is, also the tank ^p^p^p^p^p^ tag of ^p^ uni- clo has the size seal, it continued to be because \ (^o^)/temporarily, we would like to increase to also [pikushibu], in the past you have drawn [seramun] enemy [kiyara]You try to advance 3 human pictures. When you are praised, it is the type which extends (no one is heard Design painting, already you grew tired [ru] midway, \ (^o^)/be too quick the tea-ceremony house which is you will open?......The nevertheless [gi] which well, probably will be confined thickly the neck [tsu] fungus [tsu] [te] lovely tune shelf ^p^< [u] [ho] [ho]!

    • ギター♪
      When today, “the guitar we would like to try doing the ~ (the electricity)” the [tsu] [te] you call to the parent, the parent “does not make [akosuteitsuku]??}The [tsu] [te] you said, it is, because (it is noisy, the ↑) when “connect to the amplifier the ww [tsu] [te] whose oral [ya] problem or the electricity is good” you said, it did not deny inside!!! Perhaps when it does, whether get it is possible my [gi] thickly, whether wwwwww (with the chestnut pre- it is gone,……) with, it is delightful!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cultural festival of next year unites 3rd being grade, the junior high school last putting out band!! You do not understand whether ([menha] ゙ - it is found, and, it reaching the point where it can repel, whether the [ru] problem) “the [ke] it is and is!”The way the ☆・・・ which we would like to do… the [a] which is easy to have an influence on animation you were, because ((laughing (friend release it made with the article, it may!! )

    • 文化祭いってきた^p^
      Ww it was pleasant to the [u], -* Band performance rather has occurred ww crimson (being similar, the [ru] person), has occurred in stage announcement…! [gi] of the timber chute thickly (being similar, the [ru] guitar) having!! This you probably will do, crimson (being similar, the [ru] person)…! The [itsu] [no] 間 [ni]… [gi] of the timber chute thickly (being similar, the [ru] guitar) stealing and is the [tsu]!!! (((((Nevertheless the base… it is enviable,… the importance of (Ω `[bokaruumaumabokaru] being the place where you know, timber chute vocal decision <- and! The ice you ate!!!!!!!!!!! <- The [ma] ice after a long time difficult the [tsu] it is wwwww well well was to the www [u], it is [ze]* After don't you think? - is - well enough as for the ^p^my medium which is in the friend however it was little, the small school-related person, ww why, “to come (younger brother) it is the older sister, don't you think??”Call enormous! Never, lines of my small age and are said with!! However (it is said even at junior high school, <- this year it is to be there was no ghost residence by the way* The [ze] which can escape…!! As for [hu]!!!! <- If so you say, cultural festival. However you put and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] are… it is good, don't you think? * (((((((((((((((((((((((((((How you say, flesh fell news item wwwwwwwwwww after a long time the rear. ^p^ which returns

    • 銀座でデジャブ
      kanji , original japanese letters , translated

    • いろいろいたい
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • カラオケ♪
      18 days * the monochrome * with it went to the “sewer [tsu] [chi]” and the karaoke, the tune ↓ which the [so] is festival the inside sings well well well well well well well well well well well well hello song of the soybean/the plane [gi] aim [pokemonmasuta]/pocket monster forward rocket group! /The story/conversion story pre- parade which pocket monster you do not know/with and others the gong! Dejection of [hare] clear [reyukai]/cool shrine [haruhi] time/the [ke] it is softly and is! [gi] the neck [tsu] fungus/the [ke] it is thickly and is! sunday siesta/the [ke] it is and is! Interstellar flight/[makurosu] f [toraiangura]/[makurosu] f cagayake! girls/the [ke] it is and is! Thesis of the cruel angel/new century [evuangerionmunraito] legend/beauty girl soldier sailor moon catch you catch it does also [kokoro]/the main point which to me/[kadokiyaputa] Sakura you is connected with venture and does with the [yo] the [yo]? Don't you think?/dejection motto☆ of cool shrine [haruhi] lively! /The plane [gi] hello song of the soybean/the [me] which is the story 93 point which plane [gi] you do not know [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was pleasant well well well well well well well, however when we would like to sing well well well well well well well well well well well well more, time well well well well well well well well

    • ヲタクぢゃない人ゎ見てもつまんないと思う!ごめんね><
      However after section life… the [oke] [tsu] it is - [a] w present section life it was after a long time, - (- ∀-)! [wa] ☆w clean the heartland is the taste it puts out inside and banban compared to (^ω^) the [so] suddenly the chestnut - the [mu] eating at will puts out fixed turn* The tune introduction which is sung (the []∀[]w-[nomaru] compilation - kiss, lie and delusion diary 2 of [shido]/the monochrome, her greeeen/far, door of the 2℃ eye, bump/astronomic observation and [karuma] uver/every w← rad/cover [ri] which is forgotten the [hu] [a] it is it is/confession and it is the large number of that (the inside woman [tsu] [po] to be, song it is almost not sung, laughing) - the [anison] [kiyarason] compilation - having, the [ke]! [se] - and others - clothes/and others coming* It does, it is to see, making the [ku] seeing [ku],/the Hatune [miku] cherry tree no rain/Hatune [mikuhare] clear [yukai]/[mikuru] legend of cool shrine [haruhi] god knows/cool shrine [haruhi] love/the Asahina [mikuru] [ma] [tsu] - [re] ↓ [supekutaru]/old spring tree cagayake! The girls/[ke] it is and is! The don `t say lazy/[ke] it is and is! [gi] the neck [tsu] fungus/the [yu] to be thickly and the [a] - - be too much and when the [wa] which you cannot write (the karaoke going with ゜∀゜wwww mound everyone when going with the [wa] [wotaku] companion, when being different, using properly well, the [ru]* Laughing [wotaku] human this time the [oke] [ro] - the [u] (the ∀) the w mound [ke] it is together and is & with Hatune [miku] [ma] [ji] [ne] stating to do the [yo] ~ (laughing) [bujiyokushitahitobutsutobashimasuyo]! [sokontokoyoroshikune] \ (^0^) /wby [kiyasarinyori]! (Silver soul this news item of the person who does not know using, the [me] it is do w) it is i and others [bu] silver soul present [wa] [wotatoku], but there it is with w/bypassing which erroneous w did not inhale densely how, you do not permit, therefore it is, [a] [tsu]! \ It is - (the ///∇//) g which is done lovely (above ry←!! w

    • 漫筆
      Em japones , original meaning

    • このせつ、つげっち兄妹、宮ちゃんの夜のラジオ!! ~83回目・通算300回記念!!~
      Finally they are 300 achievements!! The present guest everyone of the cherry tree high is light sound section!! New tune, “the time empty, 唯 we send tune and “[gi] the neck [tsu] fungus etc softly” thickly”, the [te] it is and is!! So, please the ~

    • お題
      In those of this week subject appearance, are there some which acquire name? The d [tsu] [te] attaching to the guitar, the [ru] (^ω^)! [gi] it was good being thickly, it is, per seat to be, because it is 唯 properly it wears, the Ishibashi musical instrument store the ^^ which goes it is on ww 17th stops with the musical score you see, <- you try also the stock of the [a] and the chord and repel and it can make point the [tsu] wwwwwwwww everyone login you are not done recently -?? Don't you think? they are 11 ends of the month it is, - the [ru] which comes it closes it is quick; ;

    • ちーちゃんの本気☆
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • ポケモンゲットだぜ!
      [pokemon] cd which is not it went to the cd which is gotten shop some time ago, gets [kiyarason] of [kiyarason] harmony of the album grieving of, the [ke] it is with this which reborn and is if [kiyarason] other than the [wa] after all [konpu] it did, buys the album, the fact that you have heard even with ok← “[gi] thickly the neck [tsu] fungus” 唯 “keyboard ~ [mugi] “[retsutsuko] “of girly storm running sitick” law dear my keys~ magic” ゙ -” 唯 with there is only [mugi] ver, (the laughing other person you just bought hearing, increase it is, hearing steadily in order to increase the tune which the karaoke can be sung from now on reborn which you rememberBecause as for [kiyarason] single almost having, the [ru] it is not necessary to buy it is, but because we wanted family reforming, unintentionally (the [a] and the album and being single, “about to be different there should have been, the ~” and thought now the shank!

    • けいおん! CD感想 <放課後ティータイム 編>
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • 寝不足で
      [a] [] [] it is languidly and, any end extent desperate things of holiday without being, from shank tomorrow and the side which is weekday are k at the time when it is slower than the usual for a while from [chi] paragraph [yo] [u] this, it should have arrived at ~ 9:30, it is with longer than the shank usual to sleep, the [re] [ru]! The [a], it is different well…The countryside which is useless passing, intersection. Extremely, don't you think? little -?… Only 15 minutes than the usual you sleep, the [re] well ...... Don't you think? and it is attached 8:30, []?......One hour what margin ......... Already, although one it is slow, when it rides, if the super last out [tsu] [po] it is to be is well it runs, however you think that it becomes somehow, when it runs from morning, I die, die the ~ [a], yesterday karaoke it went there is a, if bone, 榮 you obtain, that! Large magical pass hologram Romeo and Cinderella soft time mind as judgment heart goes boom!! [gi] it makes thickmakes thick the neck [tsu] fungus driving out! 2008! Refrain help of the soul which [dabururariatsuto] may not be embarrassed, me and erinnnnnn!! [saudajitoruko] march - [owata] \ (^o^)/hanaji shooter seat* Nine o'clock in the afternoon don't be late easy go lion last ogre domesticated fowl and animals part voice woman woman love mania reality pray tears' night first the good-bye supper is the sushi, it is the sushi which is not rarely it goes with about 10,000 it goes with 5 people who were tasty and are it is with the shank ~ 寿 administering, we fear, the shank ~

    • 一番売れるのは・・・?
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , linked pages are Japanese

    • 首位陥落のお知らせ
      Это мнение , Japanese talking

    • ハートゴールド攻略 …よりも冒険日記。
      Essa opiniao , please visit the following link

    • 全てが楽しい(^^)
      Something, everything is pleasant temporarily, is, <- love song of kiss - the way back which the karaoke go with the lever - [gi] it makes thickmakes thick neck [tsu] fungus interstellar flight flowering dogwood don't say lazy cagayake! It cannot push down the girls air man, (parody you see and ver which starts.) <- you cannot push down the air man, therefore (parody [haruhi] ver.) <- lump [hare] clear [yukai] of memory 1582 Star Festival celebration love of tomorrow - ver. [kiyon] - words [airairo] no-no-no who compared to you the favorite image there was the Star Festival celebration! Glossy, the karaoke it is with densely the poster of the extremely plug being pasted, when “it finishes pasting!!!” The [tsu] [te] you said, if <- the [ho] it is, name and the telephone number book to be, solving, because - the [tsu] [te] it was said, you wrote! You did, you can receive, (the *´∀ `*) the [a], [purezonchike] reached! Regrettable 3 floor burn, well it does not designate that as the air, (the [a]) the [u] [tsu] [chi] - you see, with just the [re] [ru] happiness (the *´∀ `*)

    • やっとできたー
      It exceeds 28 minutes, as for “the [ke] it is and is mark medley” completion number don't say lazy→cagayake which is as follows! With girls→ [hu] pen ~ ball-point pen ~→sweet bitter beauty song→ lost symphony →happy!? sorry!! -> The rice after the Calais -> [hare] clear [reyukai] -> as for my love stapler →god knows… →lost my music→first good-bye→trickster→ [retsutsuko] ゙ - -> the wing →heart goes boom!! →maddy candy→ [gi] thickly the neck [tsu] fungus -> softly time →don't say lazy 20 tune and it stuffs in large quantities and don't you think? furthermore relationship - the [ro] which is - with the www production time when also the part which is said has entered after they are as many as 82 hour 40 minutes, just makes dwi conversion and time is required from here…

    • けいおん歌のまとめ。
      The [ke] it is and is suitably it tried collecting! Something omitting, you drop, be such it is kana? The [me] rub once! '*' Being attached to favorite, it increases,/well -, - (the *´ω `&) * I my road go with your [orikon] [me], * [retsutsugo] * the magical ~ of the horse way to go *humming bird *dear my keys~ keyboard * [gi] it makes thickmakes thick neck [tsu] fungus heart goes boom!! *girly storm running stick sunday siesta maddy candy hell the world happy!? sorry!! The wing * softly time cagayake! With girls & [hu] pen ~ ball-point pen ~ don't say lazy * as for my love stapler *hello little girl

    • 楽しかった!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • APヘタリア HETTALIA! 手書き完成版
      It is toco, (sm7745499) it persevered and increased op and ed which +α do animated picture and tune, but other things are omission; Concerning ed, those which other one produces in the ed wind effect and telop 1 where you attach. cagayake! girls2. Soft time 3. happy!? sorry!! 4. sweet bitter beauty song5. Rice 6 after the Calais. heart goes boom!! 7. As for my love stapler 8. With [hu] pen ~ ball-point pen ~9. [gi] it makes thickmakes thick neck [tsu] fungus 10. don't say “lazy”

    • カラオケ
      issue , original meaning

    • 鏡に映る私たち なんてかっこいいの
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • 飛び立つ希望を・・・
      In those of this week subject appearance, are there some which acquire name? The d [tsu] [te] attaching to the guitar, the [ru] (^ω^)! [gi] it was good being thickly, it is, per seat to be, because it is 唯 properly it wears, the Ishibashi musical instrument store the ^^ which goes it is on ww 17th stops with the musical score you see, <- you try also the stock of the [a] and the chord and repel and it can make point the [tsu] wwwwwwwww everyone login you are not done recently -?? Don't you think? they are 11 ends of the month it is, - the [ru] which comes it closes it is quick; ;

    • ありがとう!けいおん!
      From yesterday playing occasionally with hand [buro], it increases, it is good after all, many [rakugaki] we would like to keep doing with the lever the 唯 [ke] it is for a while with hand [buro] and is ending stripe now it does and the seed… at area inside still is but however something, last story as for you do not understand well being impressed, the [tsu] which can the [yu] which solves it is, even with ^p^ -! [gi] it is thick!! As for basara however you do also two periods, the [ke] it is and is…? Whether not doing

    • けいおん! 第12話(最終回)「軽音!」感想
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • タイトルなし
      Em japones , Feel free to link

    • けいおん!第13話(番外編)
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • ギー太あああああああああ
      It reached finally! We [gi] it is thick!!!!!!!!! The parenthesis passing, ^^ now the nausea does the just handbook seeing, persevering, when ww which it increases well enough it is [imihu] it means that densely many www temporarily, also the test ends and! [tsu] or w which you practice

    • 仕方ないから、ホカ弁でorz
      The stomach pig [toro] which decreases 喰 being, it will be able and www someone the Yokohama griddle burning house probably will go? wwww today, entering into the morning turn of the motorcycle, after that with [maimiku] the great senior ahead the byte. Www which associated to the karaoke in the snake. The snake, associate to call to unskillful song, to come simply, because - ww which is tune + [gi] of the cherry tree as for the wwwww fairway which high lightly sound section it tries conquering thickly the lyric is not remembered, it being decided that www voice is serious, but 60 tunes you do the wwww former times which it increases it is with the friend and the free time because www basically the friend it is not, karaoke something it does not go easily, it is the side of the [wa] www unskillful putting out unskillfulness which is good finishing, the [do] - it does July 14th is my Makoto completely is the person whether it is it does, the ~? Because when unskillfulness it does, perhaps by your, there is a seminar, when so it does, you become aware in [gatsuko] end cup passing 7 o'clock it is orz well, after that it is spare time prosperously, but it is [kiyarason] of ww [ruizu], “useless!”Kugimiya's himself [kiya]…(Shooting ww

    • いもじゅば
      Because the long thing where today as played with the usual member always, could be pleasant, the house returning, we [gi] blew the fire after a long time thickly it was not done wrist [itasu] to sleep, cripes being completed -

    • ち ば
      Going to day month and Chiba, below increasing, remembering, to arrive at 10 o'clock in the [ru] thing itemization Tsuda swamp, rather than thinking, the slot it strikes the fact that it is to be quick because only it flows together it is spare time, the top and the finger great war you probably will do with pia! Ace 50 Yen it is good, it is good! The [hi] ○ corps to mix, unexpected good person the Tsuda swamp & the [a] being t which start getting together →k5 gradually infinite, Chinese noodles + to attach, unless the noodle -> the today karaoke -> there is cute [garuzu] because it cannot be! t&c and v letter [a] t, 凛 softly it is - to be, the [mu]! Very next time [gi] with thickly ace [a] t spiral -> conclusion: As for the card of [a] t [betobeto] 凛 dollar returning home -> the [a] t whose soliloquize is noisy with Matsuya [ma] exceeding fish obtaining arrival -> the kyat it is and don't you think? the [e] www sparsely populated [a] t face deep-red l4d “weapon is possible to use is?”“The tank or easy victory it puts out!” Incident before the [mako] house of the dollar -> you sleep at the time of the God is Kameda god summons →4 of the land mine [tsundoru] fanning, “at 9 o'clock causing, don't you think?!” When it occurred, “12 o'clock was, is”, forgetting [saihu], at [a] t dash “one person is spare time what, - (laughing” Shinjuku once is in the dispersion great war doing!! As for next August kana? Chiba the schedule which goes! As for yesterday sleeping in the large [sukaipu] conference and falling and successive appearance surviving 2! The result this is! From that ・・・11 time class [datsutandakedona] today bamboo grass stripe one. It is perplexed!

    • 禁断の果実、或いは必殺の地雷
      Whether the breakfast of the summer the [ke] Asahi solar the [ke] it is, whether it is the [ke] it is it is diet to 6 days, -! The banana or Sakura which [kedo] sweet taste would like to eat it is the cabbage and the onion which eat the [bo] [tsu] temporary eating, the [ru] the laughing taste salt pepper it is the [za] - to be, laughing it is very harsh, but persevering, the [ru]!! The south it is the [za] - to be!! When it does nervous, [gi] you make catch thickly! The lock it is the [za] - to be!! The diet which this says commonly it is high, * diet high…Just diet being advanced favorably, although well enough it overstrains, because the result has been produced, being unconcerned, being able to force finishing

    • なんにもないね~
      Don't you think? ending also the test it is and the thing [tsu] which the [ze] ~ well is done [gi] speaks thickly in the teacher of cod [gi] thickly practice kana w music and cod teacher the music room does during August, the ~ww [ma] which seems direct w it is with entirely to prepare the drum and the amplifier, the barrel [tsu] [te] being the band like doing at ww teacher junior high school, the [ru] it lets escape, it was to run out and the ww [so] just is the www test English was [kuso], the ^^ already the [owata] ^^

    • partyの始まりだァ!
      My public did, <- mother hospitalization intimately the ^q^ [a] - it is lonesome, me being lonesome, the grommet the [u] (straight reading) obtaining? Delightfully so? Because ^q^ which is consequence of the air (well just a little however it is lonesome, it is my public with [maji]* It is delightful it has been decided the [ro] [i] which is ((you obtain with the [hi] and well just a little lonesomely is all right from the [tsu] [te] [ru], (no umbrella - the [te]! Your night father sleeping, the game it does from the [ru] and at will be able to obtain the [ze] which is it can be able be able! Don't you think? you did, if the ♪← [a] - with as for tomorrow penmanship it is and is not the [a] which is -… the [u] - the [me] it is the [do] habit [e] (before already summer vacation entering from, slowly to sleep, because the shank guitar it was broken temporarily with [are] which it has been about that the life which happening unhealthiness does not become extreme slowly probably will start unless and it goes to buying,… ((you break you well, it is different well! This time there is no I! [kusogaki]… it is not and it is the [te] younger brother!!! Die that and the [ro]! I practicing “you”, don't you think? the cod “don't you think? the [e] the [e]! Just a little lending, - the [e]!”With you said, when is with the heart kind citron rabbit tree lending, [shi] ゙ [yan]! [gantsu]! “[a]!!”[ha] ゙ [kitsu]! “[a]!!” The [tsu] [te] in feeling throwing and the [ri] increasing that guy my [gi] thickly in the wall, don't you think?, falling inhaling in that Uwatoko, don't you think? the [yu] -… the [maji] fellow go out well, in the wall occasion do I just a little am bad, however it is, don't you think? <- the [te] [yu] - angle just it is it is brittle my [gi] thickly… understanding, the [ru]! You are delicate what! It is heart what of the glass!! (The [u] [tsu] [se] obtaining, it does again to buy with reason, -; ; Therefore well being different well, the completely same design buying, the same seal pasting, however it makes the same, (with not to do again to buy separately, also the [te] help and [gi] Taro of [gi] are, however it is, don't you think? (the [tsu] [po] of the father to be, when the empty you break, because you get angry, it will stop and probably will solve… the [te] [yu] - that? My present what you will want to write? Always [imihu] well ^q^q^ [gi] you buy thickly above! ((Returning, is!

    • 副顧問VS俺!?
      [gi] it is not touched recently thickly completely; Getting angry certainly, you think as the [ru]; ; ; (. Because the eye line) present section life it is be tired, it tries when to come out midway how how you see and but the ^^ which used (it is and the [tsu] also has gone to bed, however ww) it was the secondary advisor, this is and the tough ww secondary advisor “! Where it goes and is and!” Because we “well, you can apply, however it is it does, the ww” secondary advisor “it ends with the filter which is already done, wait!” We “well, the non [ri] [tsu] it does. There is a private school after and the Akimitsu ○ private school commuting, the ~” secondary advisor “because it is just a little wait, the person who leaves early you write”, friend “a private school friend d “errand” we “it is and the [tsu] shirks “we and private school” friend b “we and private school” friend c we and” the ~ does with [ru] [domon]!” Before this of secondary advisor “you you burn, it is the [do] [tsu] it is and the [ro]!” We “when shirking the [tsu], it increases the ~ it is ww” secondary advisor “no year no group and?” “[memeri] of we English room” <- it being English room [tsu] [te], there the [memeri] [tsu] [te] you make teach to the foreign lecturer who is said the room secondary advisor “…………” we “wwwwwwww3 year 2 set wwwww” secondary advisor “it is to put on the towel shoulder with apply the [re] reading, or today the [sabori] [tsu] [te] ^^ we “thank you ^^” which, is solved” always it is such feeling the ^^

    • 食べ物には困らんよ?
      In order with the stomach of the finger which [gi] thickly is repelled, to lick, in order to lick the red coin, if the [so] - the [tsu] and, the limited room it becomes more all the way with the furniture, also echo decreasing, in order already just a little to be able to repel normally, when it reaches the point which becomes kana next week from re-next week, time can make kana that which penta- probably will go even with weekday, it cannot come out of here where it is raw also the air where the gateway is cheaper it does, if why, payment in full in the wallet obtains 634,/(^o^) \

    • ふわふわ時間
      Softly time downloading, to do and the wwww lath rust before going, the lap [tsu] [po] to be, wwww which does not need furthermore something the wwww 譜 aspect which closely resembles siam rearranging, because the www bosom oak where [chike] of the cod photograph comes out wwww which it passes the exposition [tsu] [te] it was written on the clothes of 萬 luck accidentally that it made that band name whether before the wwww2 year - furthermore it was drum Kiuti and the w 佐 gate becoming unable to come out, don't you think? urgently, although it was such an accident, now it works is it is together! Something it is enormous, don't you think? -! Wwww [gi] which is taken thickly neck [tsu] fungus ww Yutaka promontory voice it is lovely to [kiyarason] of the [te] or the 唯…Already it is dangerous at the wwww [kiyarason] [tsu] [te] point in time where the lyric is dangerous don't you think? ww [kiyarason] kana wwww today which will be gathered the www work which will gather op, ed [kiyarason] of the animation which was seen until now moderately you should have done, it is, wwww one Japan and China 2 you see the time, however it is, don't you think? the maniac of wwww lumber [sure] you look at conversation directly even with wwww now pinch it seems, it is with it works, however recently it is being accustomed, from the w morning which the air which the mail replies after all from morning does not do as for exchange of the people well enough hard wwww mail first getting married with, under calling, it is the party whom you say wwww leaving, cod 2The eye, 3rd coming, because you do not make regret no matter what! Wwww [aku] prohibited [a], creation. If the planet it is not!!

    • 裏★ブタ
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • 戦場ヶ原ひたぎ(cv.斎藤千和)
      Expression method of the shaft is too cute, the new room supervision lever it is what the [ho] which is cute it is with already you despaired, because it was the op tend [wa] which is the chair coming which is [kiyarason] it comes out, whether the [tsu] hanging, when it tried thinking it comes out, whether it is, whether buy it is the flag, so is if so you say, the way and rectangle it is! The last time the lily lily where the beginning and ending tear which was seen does not stop doing, the [te] it was lovely, the [tsu] which is done extremely you were impressed it is not, or [gi] is thick!!!!! <- The [a] it is by the way to do, in kmy the neck [tsu] fungus! <-

    • よしなしごと 其の四
      Of as expected in 1 tournaments as for 5 thing errors as the professional, we would like to advance the labyrinth shy east, but it is, time did not take and still 5 floors sbr18 volume or [enbamingu] 2 volume, it bought it is good, but it stacks and even cartoon it reads the time when… Don't you think? “me” the infinite loop [tsu] [te] which is ended we fear? The medicine which is plugged to the ^^ molar very much distasteful being while gradually being [evua] destruction that there is no seasonal time which goes to view it does ear [kopi], because it completed also “the back” “higan baby” completion [gi] thickly copy, ^^ applause less each time which this time was difficult to with also tomorrow and is thank you > there to be [setsunaraito], be able be able to obtain can be able be able the [te]!! Don't you think? > session it will do once upon a time, but the ^^ > the base to be defeated densely, the [e] it is the [a] it is to call is densely, because the [tsu] (aa abbreviation we repels the chart of 8 parts, the reverse side between the [ze] hahaha☆ >> east 厨 which probably will bear intense [guruvu] with the ^^ 2 person whom we leave to there already is common sense, but is, it is, but is, perhaps, w that which is what, doing as for “as for seventh of every month day of [rumia]” not permeating?…[tsu]! Because so the [za] it is it does today at the studio, this being similar, the impolite ^^

    • お題
      In those of this week subject appearance, are there some which acquire name? The d [tsu] [te] attaching to the guitar, the [ru] (^ω^)! [gi] it was good being thickly, it is, per seat to be, because it is 唯 properly it wears, the Ishibashi musical instrument store the ^^ which goes it is on ww 17th stops with the musical score you see, <- you try also the stock of the [a] and the chord and repel and it can make point the [tsu] wwwwwwwww everyone login you are not done recently -?? Don't you think? they are 11 ends of the month it is, - the [ru] which comes it closes it is quick; ;

    • 知らんがな~
      In those of this week subject appearance, are there some which acquire name? The d [tsu] [te] attaching to the guitar, the [ru] (^ω^)! [gi] it was good being thickly, it is, per seat to be, because it is 唯 properly it wears, the Ishibashi musical instrument store the ^^ which goes it is on ww 17th stops with the musical score you see, <- you try also the stock of the [a] and the chord and repel and it can make point the [tsu] wwwwwwwww everyone login you are not done recently -?? Don't you think? they are 11 ends of the month it is, - the [ru] which comes it closes it is quick; ;

    • お題:君の名はない
      In those of this week subject appearance, are there some which acquire name? The d [tsu] [te] attaching to the guitar, the [ru] (^ω^)! [gi] it was good being thickly, it is, per seat to be, because it is 唯 properly it wears, the Ishibashi musical instrument store the ^^ which goes it is on ww 17th stops with the musical score you see, <- you try also the stock of the [a] and the chord and repel and it can make point the [tsu] wwwwwwwww everyone login you are not done recently -?? Don't you think? they are 11 ends of the month it is, - the [ru] which comes it closes it is quick; ;

    • TaNaBaTa - Setsuna-Light(ベースTAB譜)
      Ear [kopi] doing, the 74 notes 1 of the tab 譜 rise which it drew up: After dl please thaw the note 2 to which the ptb file has entered: Thawing, to look at the ptb file which comes out, the note 3 whose POWER tab editor (no charge) is necessary: After it read, to select view→bass score, or please push the f3 key note 4: Because it is not the case that you have aimed toward all-inclusive [kopi], please pardon some mistake ^^ note 5: Because to the nuance (especially grease) it cannot reproduce, there please somehow ^^ note 6: It does not accept request basically, but whether there are also times when it rides in consultation depending upon contents, as for seventh of tanabata - setsuna-light every month day of [rumia]! In other words, between the east 厨 already is common sense, if is but today July seventh, you mention Star Festival Star Festival, because common sense and the east arrangement 厨, tanabata and you thought selfishly - tab “of setsuna-light” 譜, the position to be in the [a], because don't you think? it solves “most routes or the easy victory shelf” thinking to the ^^ middle, the cod, something the chord [tsu] [po] to be, coming out, you despaired to the shortage of your own cord/code impression, because it is orz which is when chord you think that it should have repelled c densely gently! When it can correct when raises to the part which we assume that and it reports, if [jinjiyagasuto] applause ^^ [sairentoserena] applause less each time thank you > [gi] thickly the [kopi] [ru], heart goes boom!! Unless you do, crying it is, the [chi] [ya] [u]* But (fairway) we would like to say that it refuses, but, if the fairway cries, it is helpless

    • 平沢唯 - ギー太に首ったけ(ベースTAB譜)
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • これが恋ってやつなのかな!!?
      Nihongo , linked pages are Japanese

    • 馬鹿なイン清お兄さんと最終回
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • 美月氏、今週のお題に答える PART31
      In those of this week subject appearance, are there some which acquire name? The d [tsu] [te] attaching to the guitar, the [ru] (^ω^)! [gi] it was good being thickly, it is, per seat to be, because it is 唯 properly it wears, the Ishibashi musical instrument store the ^^ which goes it is on ww 17th stops with the musical score you see, <- you try also the stock of the [a] and the chord and repel and it can make point the [tsu] wwwwwwwww everyone login you are not done recently -?? Don't you think? they are 11 ends of the month it is, - the [ru] which comes it closes it is quick; ;

    • けいおん! 番外編 冬の日!
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • 試験休みが始まりましたw
      Very, from today when it is your heart, before the test section life stops dying nothing with something of 1 week ago and test study starts and the [ma] the [ho] [tsu] w game which is inhaled does, releasing d (ry. The way as for the † certainly, “as for the test day off the time [tsu] of time clogging and [aiku] of the game!!” The [tsu] [te] thinking, the [ru] it is the kana which is not? You misunderstand is. The way the † ww [ke] it is and is, last time safe end yesterday, the [ke] to be when it is [gi] which looked at the last time pulling thickly, 唯 it sprouts, with ww [wa] w

    • きまつ。
      Just it started doing test study, a little, just a little, if in order that we would like to avoid the just a little pickles which perseveres, if being possible because ranking rises, it cannot escape from pickles, temporarily, but it started collecting note…Although is expectation just of technology, note of summary and the orange pen being lazy which why, are not ended how it should have done, it is, whether the number of subjects, the kana which is not large Sugino greens juice decision it is, the [nu] densely study stopping, very much with, [burogu] the [ru] it did and i private school entered and in earnest, it is dangerous, scared! [sekai]! We! When ranking one rank it is taken already, while laughing, the vegetable juice at the time of one year which drinks something, it was the bean jam [do] pickles which was not studied well and, the personal computer, you do it dies ding dong, you respect densely and, vegetable juice dream playing Fahrenheit, [gi] which with the vegetable juice, probably will toast together thickly the famous musical work

    • ふられました
      kanji character , original meaning

    • iPod盗まれた…w
      There is no with something, you wanted, you received, because (the ´∀ `) it is something which is received, ^^ this which forcing is not and is the land mine baton, as for the person who is seen title of the article<0 it was stolen…>Please does (inserts the name of the music player whom by himself has in 0 part) then safety verification please * the music player whom you have what kind of ones? (Example: If) the green of ipodnano such as the red of ipod * there is a ornament such as case and strap, inserting in the silicon case of green, please yui Okamoto list the artist who has entered into the ★◆ prayer which it increases 玲 [shido] playing help juju Hirasawa 唯 (Yutaka promontory love raw the) Akiyama fairway (Hikasa proton) mihimaru elegance Osamu gt Fukuyama * no tune it has entered entirely at all? They are 75 tunes, \ (^o^) as for the artist where/◆ tune has entered most? To a yui^^◆ shuffle playback, most the please guidepost teach 10 tunes which first flowed (elegance Osamu Fukuyama) good-bye days (yui for rainy sound Kaoru) the rose (juju) last train (yui) how being distant,…(juju) understand (yui) [gi] it makes thickmakes thick the neck [tsu] fungus (Hirasawa 唯) blue wind (yui the) parasol ([shido]) u got me◆ lastly, one tune which you recommend from midst of your prayer the Akiyama fairway (Hikasa proton) also lie of hello little girl [shido] is completed the male please w

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