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    Tee Time after school,

    Anime Music related words Marisa mine Baton Oricon Toyosaki Aki grand tour K-ON! はけいおん Ayana Taketatsu Fluffy time Akiyama Mio Hirasawa Yui Guita Azunyan

    • [The [ke] it is and is!]That?
      The [ke] it is and is! The mini- album “of the tea time after the releasing section” reaching, hearing, the [ru] it is, but looks at the work with on time equal to amount and becoming the [tsu] [pa] good, however you can think, when the work is not seen, particularly it probably will enter? With as for the foolish question which is said with the [tsu] which probably will be left, the melody 譜 has belonged in, it is with, [ho] ゚ [chiho] ゚ [chi] and [kiho] ゙ [to] ゙ it tried pushing, it is, but, first sound “of b” sector 4 small turning point “of stapler (four diacritical marks) by mistake there is no my love,” is??? Or you resign and previous come out??????????? There is no e and [te] and f# come exactly, but it is my ear is strange, there is no [tsu] [te] thing, don't you think?? w however (now, you looked at the official sight of [ponikiya], you found special mention item and the [re] were not) with the [hu] introduction and the [tsu] [pa] of the pen ball-point pen it is good!

    • Tea time after the releasing section
      Tea time sale after the releasing section!! Being slow, the [me] it is the [ke] to be, it is the highest!! It is entirely good tune, don't you think?!! The highest!! We like the pen ball-point pen with the [hu]!!

    • Tea time after the releasing section
      Well, - it entered into the hand at last, - the [ke] it is and is! Song mini- album “after the releasing section in the play the album of tea time” front at “time title tune “time has entered is softly” softly,” but… 6th story “school festival!”So that it is to be fairway version is to be possible to be that, but as a 唯 fan after all 12th story “it is light sound!”When so impression “time 唯 version wanted to hear softly,” with [wake] this time entering securely, increase certain this time “as for that famous musical work also my love stapler” entering securely, as for the contents which it increases as for rice 2. my love after the disk1 “studio mix” 1. Calais with stapler 3. [hu] the pen - ball-point pen - 4. softly as for rice 2. my love after the time disk2 “live mix” 1. Calais the pen - ball-point pen - 4. softly ended the broadcast with the television which is 2 groups above time with stapler 3. [hu], but because dvd is already sold 1st immediately, already [hitouehu]゙ it comes because? With, thinking. . Because the [su] original does not advance very first, as for the continuation the excessiveness [niya] -… [chiyotsutota] ゙ [kekitai

    • The happy Lake Biwa touring off first volume
      Very, you say the bamboo grass! Being hot, the shank! So very such a time eating Calais, the [tsu] hangs the sweat, like this the highest [tsu] shank kim chee pot the highest [tsu] shank!!!! Being the case that it is said plenty, the pace which recently animated picture it makes abnormally rising, going on board in the fashion, “the rice after the Calais” of the tea time after the releasing section it repelled my this time it increases! Recently as for animated picture condition of the digital it is recording classified by this time camera is the [wa] [ru], with being the case that it is said! 拙 It is and it is performance, but the feeling of the [u] p main thing the bad smiling face and feeling bad movement seeing, [niyoniyo] doing, please do in just portion of summer vacation wwwww shyness play list →mylist/7479479 previous production →jamiroquai “if i like it and i do it” sm7734097

    • Summer the shank
      Well, silence was maintained for a while, but it is not the case that it does especially what, (inserting in the tea time hand after the [e] releasing section, as for the [u] [tsu] wwwktkrwww temporarily the shank as for me who gradually also the world am summer vacation everyday it is summer vacation at the summer when it does not melt, (summer of different/this year doing what, the kana which you probably will pass - how thinking the [ru] and summer the [tsu] [te] end [wa] [tsu] [chi] [ya] bearing, it does, don't you think? the [e] after all as for me well you do not understand whether something would like to say (laughing) the completion which you try to release the tray ss which last year it cannot release temporarily in day of tray is to have done, but very title not coming to mindThe [te] it is to have been troubled and it is not the title which exists everywhere, paralleling to the contents of the work, there are no any which are not and/or come with the pin we would like to find the work name which it is good thinking slowly you think being, that is, it is memories, but…Just a little, development and the scene where renewal stops are certain inside the brain, but the character does not move, the day when it cannot enter into world view being many, because the writing brush does not advance at all, after being able to lay down for a while to a day off, and the execution [ri] it increases the writing brush, reading, if when [ru] one, it is, it is not completed, that directly it returns when after this you think, Saya (self regulation that and secondary creative one, the primary new work it seems coming thing one to the next month middle extent which you have written it could release, you think that is, but because sluggishly it is, it is I who have established reputation in slowness of renewal, you do not understand recently why, it becomes sometime,Unless (laughing) the [a] -, it begins to write and either the Little princess writes, w which summer of [tsu] this year perseveres and increases

    • [u] [u];
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • And [be] e
      The varieties hearing, whether the tension which becomes without the cod sleeping [re] wwmax which rises this nevertheless the foil - it comes and is dangerous especially flat help or flat help or flat help… The tea time after the releasing section once dl end* Spring it is lovely - it is clearly! The [te] you say, or [shiruhu] bought, however it is, the [tsu] [hi] [yo] [hi] [yo] which is said enormously being, the information which you say the gill which is fully loaded! [ma] [ji]! When the [tsu] [te] you see carefully, it is lovely, well in any case now you will talk the night the tomorrow just a little friend and the tension which probably will be completed with the feeling which we would like to reveal to lift, with study neglecting, you try probably to talk when it can go, in frame! … We want [anumeito],

    • [ni] illness = genius in DQN+
      cd salesman attitude of Shibuya [animeito] where you buy it was bad; How with your tea time mini- album 1 rank [me] after the releasing section! When summer vacation ends, oh with while saying, the conference of [sukebo] 勿. It is the conference which is sponsored with the Komazawa park, therefore summer of [me] [tsu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] pleasure this year with game and wound preparedness sport of shank and [do] m, room ('it repels with this pick of the samisen which a Komazawa skater has, therefore it is, the surprise

    • Capital bridge and north Shinchi.
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • !
      With cdtv, tea time after the releasing section album 1 rank! (゜∀゜)

    • It came
      Flat. You practice, and others coming sillaginoid accomplice this comes, don't you think? the [ke] it is and is causing! When it does not come, the [do] it does and… being tea time 1 rank after the releasing section? It does,… it is enormous!! Now it is 30 rank from 40 rank…焦 And others it does, is, the [se] - please wait it does not come!? The [ro] which is lie? It cries!? But it remains the best 3 what, it is to there and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is does not solve don't you think?…

    • It disperses the tea time after the fairway “releasing section”
      1: Below, there is no name changing, vip sends: 2009/07/20 (month) 00:03: 22.53 id: As for the Akiyama fairway which is main Singer when there is c9j0q2ih0, to [beshisuto] of the tea time after the releasing section, as for the topic which has answered to the interview of the music magazine, concerning her solo album where some days ago release is announced suddenly - - the reporter “we would like to hear with collection of data of this time because with, it is the shank, why it announced the solo album with this timing,” fairway “… … … … ” Reporter “your 1st solo album 'mio' however certainly you hear and it is good it was possible was … … ” The fairway “our bands, now when the tea time after the releasing section is a stagnation state, why being able to meet, leaving that, that it means saying whether it does solo activity?”, the reporter “well, to stagnation you do not say, but discord between the member, as for rumor of group dispersion not becoming extinct it is fact in the tea time after the recent releasing section, don't you think?? However much eagerly waiting the activity with solo until now with that, as obstinate you who are involved in activity as a band announce the solo album … … ” The fairway “as for the tea time after the releasing section you think that it means to disperse” the [ke] it is and is! 1 (the first limitation production) [blu-ray] you look at [kuchikomi

    • It is distant with the [me
      m [sute]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tea time after the releasing section!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In 9 rank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is distant with the [tsu] [me]!!!!!!!!!!! It does, - the [pa] - it should have entered the [se] [ru] although!!!!!!!!! The story which you do not know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The [ke] it is and is the tea time after the mini- album 'releasing section'
      Although you bought in sale day, when this not yet opening… you buy just cd, although it is the expectation which has been heard, this body cod [ku]… the [me] it is do the [me] it is do the [me] it is, go to be, it is! When the time when tea time' [orikonuikurichiyato] 1 rank after the mini- album 'releasing section, you question are with the [me] and is possible, because you hear properly, pardon

    • With TSUTAYA
      5 they are 1000 Yen, because you want, again, borrowing but the handle which is decided after so long a time 1400 Yen the hippopotamus we would like to bite rather than and it is well buying, however it is at all cheap, the w [pa] [hu] [yu] - [mu] and 9mm [santora] of [re] and [evua] which can be questioned and the tea time after the releasing section! w was borrowed, when like this it tries borrowing, the varieties we would like to borrow coming out well enough, don't you think? is, this time the person of [u] handle Hatune [miku] whether it goes to the day of half price of, you heard, but it is, there is no just [miku], don't you think? it is, singing to in addition to, the [ru] person? It hurt, but don't you think? it is man ver after w the bean jam! Thinks has entered that www which vibrated it is the calling which is heard well with cm! Don't you think? so there is no Hatune [miku] and [te] mirror sound phosphorus [te] has sung w as for [a] vocaloid [tsu] [te] is well funny, the [e

    • [hi] - [ma] @
      The sewer, [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] spare time and you sleep well to nearly [tsu] ↓ 12 o'clock and the [chi] [yo] [tsu] are the [tsu]!!!! The [a], with spare time and 1 without being the ♡ [ma] [ho] and the [me] which are - with the [a] ♡ laughing which the [ru] is done, the [be] is the sewer was done from 2 o'clock!!! It is not great? Laughing our study page 3 doing, the ♪ which English is done after that, the [ke] it was and it is saw (it videotapes and the [chi] [yo] [tsu] is the person) and the [tsu] [pa] [ke] to be it is the good [wa] - ♡ everyone the tea time like band after the ♡ releasing section aiming lovely, obstinate Hari viewing and the [tsu] @ recently, the [be] you obtain and thickly thing leaving feeling the [ke] which was done, just a little you are, [ji] viewing ...... Night spare time self-abandonment, bass you practice and the [tsu] and the ♪ you are the [ji] [ya] -

    • Countryside it goes back and forth, the [a
      W to obtain today - it goes back and forth to the Hiroshima one, however it returns directly, because it cannot estimate w procrastination, because it is w which you think that usual several time times are required, the tea time after the releasing section it is to come directly, w which is solved (the [ke] it is! The k tie you contribute even with the [a], if it is to cause the w spare time which is not

    • After a little!
      日語句子 , Feel free to link

    • The ~ which is done after a long time
      Although there was an opportunity which looks at raw Ro-zen honor, you saw and main day of w which is [hoikeru] which the [re] is not bought those of the photograph above! The left: “As for spitz you the solar” right: Although the tea time yesterday studio after the releasing section it went, because fee was not required 500 Yen, as for w spitz being room in the money and buying [hurage

    • The sleeping [chi] it waited, you do not know whether (it compiles afterwards,)
      When the new member and yesterday which meet recently at the workplace the new member who meets is the same high school graduate about the clarification 21.22 year old therefore so year is not left how not to be, don't you think? easy to speak you to speak it became easy but, becoming tired, because study easily it does not advance, if sometimes work the 休 [ma] it is not, therefore even with the shelf, the extent where the new member enters it probably is light-handedness what, because so so, there is a pot in the rest place, it tried carrying the tea bag and the glass of the black tea, but don't you think? exactly is in cold day, yesterday…Because original job pace returned, heat it was the extent which it passes, but (laughing) [ma]…Elegance (?)With you say kana it is with the notion that where you say, it was “the tea time [tsu] [te] feeling after the releasing section” .........Simply when that just wants to say, (laughing) the regrettable thought circuit! When the eye awakens from the dream which 1 days also in today perseveres and works, however you pardoned and the [tsu] [te] thought (laughing) nevertheless, the classmates appear in dream recently frequently…

    • * Z which is [pokemongetsuto] (ry*
      The ~ (∀) which you buy first the game of the vicinity and the [tsu] [ke] which goes, the older brother “[pokemon] it sold out” the [tsu] [te] signboard having, when it stands with www, same difference, densely by the car about 30 minutes the rear [yo] to be, when it is distant, because the wwwwwww gold which was said densely the younger sister, when the silver my wwww [pokemon] 2 type appearing, at a time the younger sister and one side buying, after the test ending even with the ^^ which is [ru] you do until and, the capture book it comes out, massage the story which is not advanced changing before the entrance, with that removing of the study which rearranges the present desk, the desk which is completed… the combining which is visible? <- [kiyarason] of one law above and [kiyarason] of the fairway, the environmental or ^p^ thrusting prohibition which such as [teitaimuminiarubamudesukumatsuto] [ramika] this studies and post card after the releasing section ww also the rear of this of the [a] [te] ~ is animation with the animation channel, the [o] ~~~←

    • After the releasing section pleasant [ze]!
      It is dense, because it is it is, there is no byte is to Thursday which is the night fog, today going to the broadcast section, went to the [ro] well and the clubroom after the English re-test which it increases, it is being, when you open the door of the clubroom, two boys who are the junior, the [tsu] [pu] doing in the desk, sleeping, using the voice which it increases, it does not occur, because it has slept soundly!! It caused after all in [tsu] [te] story, (laughing the fact that it decides you discuss, then the black tea probably will be drunk! Before having become [tsu] [te] story, in the teacher had had keeping in the refrigerator, the black tea of the pet bottle was drunk being cool, it was tasty! Because there was a cookie in the closet, while eating, the black tea drinking it is coming out, it is the tea time after the one word “releasing section!”Because with the [tsu] [te] feeling there is a pot in the clubroom which does that it is tea meeting like, that this time the miso soup probably will be drunk in the noon speaking, also the cup Chinese noodles which it increases are good don't you think? if - (you do not do the print of the [oi] tomorrow deadline,… it is the data making of study travelling, however it is drowsy, it probably will persevere with, at this point the tag: Section life

    • Tea time after the releasing section
      The school ends, 2 teacher + we + friends with 4 people Clarke top secret section life! “The tea time after the releasing section” was done, (the ' Ω `) this day one time eye (as for pleasure meeting of the laughing companion and unit system that while eating consultation and the normal prattling and the various mass snacks, when you spoke you do what, oh with, time passing, the sweat is enormous - was pleasant between the [yu] [u], (' - the ^*) “the tea time after the releasing section” second time probably is when, (the laughing [hu] [hu] [tsu] (*≧m≦*)

    • http://ameblo.jp/milky-parade/entry-10402567306.html
      Because Thursday it is day of karaoke, you sang, (☆ω☆)/live when going, the karaoke the frequency which goes increases, why being packed, increasing, until the room it is less crowded, waiting, it increased; ; 100 equals approaching, don't you think? the Alice pocket which returns/Juliet motto☆ lively! /At the time of door pine far lips/[megamasohuyujiyon] /kra venus/[tatsuki] & wing product nest day/door pine far painful blue /plastic tree cagayake! girls (5 people ver.)/the tea time lawn after the releasing section to do, separation /psycho le cemu summer goods language/彩 the monochrome world which becomes cold, the Picasso/Juliet being concerned which is colored/positive and negative principles seat don t say the flower of the lazy/cherry tree high lightly sound section basement/the island seeing and to be to obtain, because the [mu] which is the child it was not, it came and the [ya] it is the [ze] [ru] could not sing (the ' Ω `)

    • Hitting [tsu] [chi] lifting ~
      Today, there to be the launch of cultural festival of section life, being individual with the profit and buying those which we would like to eat, that you eat, you say ......It is the meal being, I exhibit, buying the pan, how having a taste for Europe which is that it probably is the [ru], (? Whether) it increases the pan and the beverage which, coffee kana it is when you have searched, the [evua] can!! The [te] with reason, the tea time likely feeling after the releasing section was with, it is the [evua] can, the [shinjimari] photograph, being dirty, the [me] it is being being you say, or at [evua] can 80 Yen sold with the vending machine and increased ...... The [chi] so was

    • Drawing beginning
      This year as for the new picture the 3rd day which this is went with such an appearance, it is, well it is I who content the beard am stored of course, but (the ' Ω `) the one which is happened to see very today pushing back, the reason which develops perseverance power, recently the picture of [bobobo] very that [roketsutsutsupai] of what which is around the year when it becomes matter of concern/the counter gravity device training pardon to the point to the summer when it does not inhale, that forum like whether the [ru] of the [tsu] which is highest drawing, however like until now the sincere milk of circumstance plug true opposite, whether the [tsu] because you drew, how to draw being entwined, the [wa] it does, below w now being, drawingIt does again to draw in [roketsutsu] type, that you will work thinking, but such a 2nd day of [huhehe] which it increases - this year the kerosene is gone well in morning,…; ; With tune of the tea time after the releasing section softly the [tsu] handle law [tsu] drum which likes the rust of time to be too good the [ro] w which is

    • Rice after the Calais
      The night boiled rice it made tea time today after the by releasing section, - \ (^o^)/it is Calais and the salad, (^ω^) [tetetentententen] 'you saw and cooking level of the [i] rose 1!'Don't you think? - it is the [te], if ^^b well you see and cooking acquisition do not do with [i] [gachi] because is, w the ━ which perseveres REPT (゜д゜ (゜д゜) ゜д゜) the no ━〓 seeing [i] 〓

    • Law [tsu]!
      Don't you think? it is mud well “Tainaka law” it reached, -! [doramaridakita] ━━━━━━ of tea time after the ww releasing section (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━━━!!!!! “…It is strange don't you think? and” strangely - it does!! * + 巛 REPT 〒! ++* + | |* + // [iyatsutsuhoooooo] ......[oou]? ∧_∧ // (´a `// ++*, - f/[yuhe]| * +++ <_})| /l REPT, l REPT +++*. /[he] () stopping, the mosquito ゙ tongue||| j/| With, being the case, ゙ i, just member 3 public attention [mugi] of the tea time after the releasing section being able to reserve the fact that truth 悔 it stops…The [a], by the way law center as for those where it is not problem of the space, don't you think? as for law that how it is good thinking, as for the person whom the other picture would like to see more [ru] reason (due to ry example please go to the review sight which is done properly (the person who how is said it leaves and tea time feat. Hatune [mikubokaru] after the being defeated releasing section, being even, it increases the face of the necessary minimum with the guitar, the base and the drum, w

    • Fourth dubbing artist award
      New member actress prize: Yutaka promontory love raw song prize: Tea time ktkr after the releasing section (゜∀゜; The no) no postscript [anison] sp2 present nighttime 2:25 it seems from, how thinking, drowsy orz

    • [sapuraizu] [ho] [tsu] being disgusted.
      Consequently as for [buroguneta] ↓ [buroguneta] which this is: Being [sapuraizu] in graduation ceremony as for the show biz celebrity who wants coming? While participating that of course is [suhuia], if the ♪ it comes, don't you think? that already is lifetime ones, don't you think? (≧ω≦) in other things or there is no inferiority with everyone of the tea time after the releasing section, when (^-^) it is Yutaka promontory solo, it is highest, even when (the *^∇^*) the show biz celebrity coming, in current by his it may become the delicate air, don't you think? is, (laughing) * conclusion lowest being, ww where we want the dubbing artist coming, is

    • The sanctuary pilgrim '[ke] it is and is!'Compilation
      belief , please visit the following link

    • Rice after the Calais
      The tv animation “[ke] it is and is!”Therefore song mini- album “tea time after the releasing section” in the play/tea time ¥2,205 amazon.co.jp after the releasing section the kana which the song [tsu] it should solve once - with 87 points well the tension lifting [re] [ru] tune which is such a ones also everyone should have sung, is

    • The [ke] it is and is 2 periods
      The [ke] it was and are 2 periods finally 2 periods started! … When well we, but it is dense from 23 days what, even with w as for op animation up being done 7 minutes later which start, the [te] (work fast passing [warota]), nighttime 1 stories up is done at about 3 o'clock with Japanese which empty relief first op [sure] as droppings op 1,5 time rapid you think k how op before hearing, just a little w which you obtain should have been accustomed to youtube at the majority bending a little however it was, [ma] [ji] what saying as the thought which is heard well, whether the [ru] it is from the [wa]! The rhythm perhaps even with the w especially rust the favorite and hearing many degrees, lyric analysis persevering, when w where the [ru] person be too enormous and w you hear well comes off and becoming says still it is ambiguous but it is dense certain like while the [tsu] [po] which the lyric has almost completed being and that lyric seeing when you hear, whether well enough good tune having, therefore like cd is sold on w April 28th you think don't you think? the lyric it can decide that time, when with fog [tsu] [pa] 1 period you compare,… just a little to stuff [tsu] [te] feeling kana contents too much however it did, enjoy feeling the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] which may as usual lovely! ed when you compared to op, however better [tsu] [te] was at all many, does also the air whose op is better privately,… w well op, however perhaps, whether the [tsu] you have heard it is empty [tsu] [te], there being a htt [tsu] [te] after op w, and ed thinking, that it is what, thinking, the cod, even the tea time after [hatsu] and the releasing section the w we fool who becomes aware especially w which is done The [ke] it is and is! 2 periods op (tvver.) 2010.04.07.wed | Animation | com: 0 | tb: 0 | top -

    • The [ke] it is and is!! OPED provisional lyric…
      * It is not formality announcement!! The [ke] it is and is!! opgo! go! The maniac lyric tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Opening theme go! go! Don't you think? in the noon when maniac (the first limited board)/tea time ¥1,260 amazon.co.jp [yabai] after the releasing section it cannot stop and does not stop in the night in morning singsongnow everyone together jump jumo putting out the chance chance request, in the mistake [tsu] cod [riha] [tsu] lever which shout shout it will convey the fun fun thinking doing, or the [tsu]! ([hatsu]) everyone having, the [ru] heart [tsu] [te] small space [giyutsu] of the name which is said it has been plugged, chaos full load in the midst of repeating which joy and anger grief and happiness and the love shank [te] it waits and/or will have been exciting it makes everyday song and in class [chi] [ya] concave throwing out combination [tsu] [chi] [ya] concave rhythm passage combination [tsu] [chi] [ya] concave now ok atmosphere important matter suddenly is cut enjoy enjoyed is wins freely with the musicscene air which is sketched in non consciousness! Does not transfer even the good child where [gomen] you cannot transfer the favorite all light/write lover sound putting out, is just the [ru] depending and we would like to keep trying all ads lib which is there directly play play dreaming of chase chase tomorrow directly breath together, face face being strong, when shake shake it probably will jump up it pours, you forget and the [tsu] which is not viewing you do, [yo] applause! ([hatsu]) the [ke] it is and is!! edlisten!! The lyric tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Ending theme listen!! Don't you think? (the first limited board)/such your white which of tea time ¥1,260 amazon.co.jp it's deep deep heart after the releasing section at all did not echo deeply, the it's shock shock impact where the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] you want the empty it cannot return the HEAT HEAT fire unintentionally dispatching, don't you think? to where it probably will go together, with, the stormy tidal wave of rock rock sound to invite, the pick which was dropped the stick which breaks at all that it is in the same sound which is not problem sings to tell the truth miracle we'll sing you feel, even when how being small that way, one song today dying in the world, 悔 about the [tsu] [te] which does not stop we would like to live by all power, it is, shoot passionate us remain, precious hobby you sing, treasure hobbylisten!! Because of sense already one time you say,… this is not official! Because is, by mistake it does not accept the claim such that it is altogether, please acknowledge

    • [retsutsugo] ♪
      The ○dvd “[ke] it is and is! Live event ~ [retsutsugo]! The ~” tv animation “[ke] it is and is!”'The [ke] it is and is! Live event ~ [retsutsugo]! ~' dvd/Yutaka promontory love raw and Hikasa proton, Sato Satoru beauty ¥7,140 amazon.co.jp * sale day: 2010 June 30th * price: At the Yokohama arena the tv animation “[ke] which is held it is on 7140 Yen summary ●2009 year December 30th and is!”Live event ~ [retsutsugo]! blu-ray disc dvd sale decision of ~!! That impression revives with anytime! - As a benefit backstage image recording schedule! - “cagayake! It starts with girls”, character image song of each character, music of the tea time after “maddy candy” of death devil and the releasing section and “don't say “lazy”” and so on and so on it is quantity, ill-smelling it is approximately 2 hour half! Performance Yutaka promontory love raw (Hirasawa 唯 part) Hikasa proton (Akiyama fairway part) Sato Satoru beauty (Tainaka law part) 寿 Minako (koto blowing pongee part) the bamboo 彩 奈 (Nakano Azusa part) American 澤 circle (Hirasawa unhappy part) rattan east intellectual summer (Manabe harmony part) Sanada [asami] (Yamanaka, whether the [wa] child actor) July however with you think and start and June - (the sweat) as for June already reserving black steward event dvd with the jungle, you increase,…What? <- When you took and the [ma] the direction shelf which is bought - you wanted to go, the event putting out www [a] (∀) also event dvd of double o was June, (the no ∀ `) as for this unless you buy, - that laughing…Impression once more <-

    • The [ke] it is and is! Start of 2nd period broadcast!
      The [ke] it is and is! 2nd period finally start!! In regard to this because at area inside it does not broadcast yet, you saw with the animated picture sight and the [chi] [ya] were but (laughing) well - after all, the [ke] it is and is! It became something whose also op ed whose very it is good and is to be able to meet to that member again, is new, already heard many times!! The tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Opening theme go! go! maniac (the first limited board)/“go of tea time ¥1,260 amazon.co.jp op after the releasing section! go! maniac” tempo is fast temporarily!! (Laughing) without being able to sing securely, because also the hearing taking of the lyric which it does is impossible extent even, as for this song the [ke] it is and is! The ☆tv animation “[ke] which becomes the tune where the [tsu] [te] feeling is bright it is and is!!”Ending

    • Don't you think? it is the mud well koto blowing pongee (the thing roofing tsumugi)
      It is dense, it is, it is - - it is such a night, but gt complete view it is renewal, well - -, tonight this corner which is renewed after a long time!! Don't you think? as for the model which it introduces… it is the mud well koto blowing pongee!! Everyone well-known (? ) With the member of the tea time after the releasing section as for not being completed, the welcome the shot - - the ♪ you are surprised with the tea, (? ) The face - - - and in this daughter [tsu] [te] certain animation edition of the shot ♪ of the keyboard of charge it has become the setting which also composition has done, it is, don't you think? - - it is visible even in the existence which this lightly even the power having under the edge of the sound section can be said it is digression, but illustration of this daughter using several months, ago Takuan being sold, it increased, don't you think?… the [ke] it is and is! You can ask the height of popularity and the tea time after the releasing section (the early member) with, the shot of the first term op - - (the line is to think that it has met with certain this, but don't you think?) and the [tsu] [pa] like this doing, when it arranges it is visible, better, the ♪ privately, cultural festival [kosu] (law release doing the fairway properly, increases don't you think?) also specification expect would like to sell mono is, - -

    • “The [ke] it is and is!”Finally even with the album in apex!
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    • The [ke] it is and is!! ED 'Listen!!'Interview it increased
      listen!! The shock shock impact where the [chi] [ya] [tsu] you want the empty it cannot return the such a while the HEAT HEAT fire which of tea time it's deep deep heart after the releasing section at all did not echo deeply unintentionally dispatching, don't you think? to where it probably will go together, the storm of the rock rock sound, the tidal wave to pour, the pick which was dropped the stick which breaks at all that it is in the same sound there is no problem sings to tell the truth miracle we'll sing you feel, even when how being small that way, one song today dying in the world, 悔 about the [tsu] [te] which does not stop we would like to live by all power, it is, shoot passion light our rock `n' roll precious party you sing, treasure humming listen!! [maji] good song it passes!! About some time which you think that it is the highest tune, you probably hear?… To tell the truth whether or not as for the rust part already being able to sing, as for the ww above-mentioned lyric you quote your own ear [kopi] & in addition every encountering, the [ru] intellectual viewing!! However hearing, limited to the [ru] being agreeable, the [ru] you think; ; By mistake the cod saying, as for ~ww the [a] ~ the ~ which we would like to hear quickly with full (the no _-.)

    • The [ke] it is and is 2 periods ED “Listen!!”Thought!
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • Something power it seems that is raised…
      While trying probably to go to Kansai in Golden Week holidays, looking at the sight of jeugia, because 'it is the time when new tune of the tea time after the releasing section' becomes sale in the time when it has been about probably to invade to Kansai which reaches exactly, if something there is a benefit, also it is good to buy cd with sanctuary pilgrim spot, probably will be, while how thinking,… Especially, if there is no benefit, there is the vicinity of jeugia, but just it goes 'to [animeito]' what Something there is no news item, while with thinking, 'the [ke] it is concerning the [erekigita] [erekibesu] drum where nothing keyboard which you try comparing with September of the last year when you try looking at the page of the music classroom of the adult state as for has changed, is!'However you do not understand, whether as expected it is hobby of the person in charge not only, this where postscript is done 'concerning the work, beck' comic becoming the base somehow, like the work which has become the movie the impression, musical instrument house where the thing understanding is good strangely comes out when and something animation of band ones comes out, whether contents strange [wa] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u]… Gradually power, the kind of air which is raised does not have to do, when and this time going, how it has become, the just a little pleasure is

    • The thought @ animation “[ke] it is and is!! (2nd period)” 3rd story: Drummer! * There is [netabare],
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    • The [ke] it is and is!! 3rd story “drummer!”
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    • [anison].
      Usually completely does not look at animation it is the transferring which but… (being so mounding of [anison] at last, <-) starts from April as for the animation which just two you saw (seeing,) with, have become matter of concern op and ed which 1st story you saw the [tsu] drill which, after that it overlooks introduction 'my secret' Mizuno 佐 彩 animation and itself however the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru] (laughing) <- it is fairly well large, it is, don't you think? [e] lover voice quality it puts out the impression of this op, tempo of tune the kana, it is with it says, or, or simply speaking, even with tune favorite of type sale May 26th with,Still, it is tip what, don't you think? w 'go! go! maniac' & 'listen!' Tea time 'don't after the releasing section say lazy' being live,… [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] 1st period, seeing completely with extent something which you hear for the first time, however increase it is, <- why 2nd period, the [hu] - you see and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] increase 唯, fairly well the favorite (laughing) <- temporarily, 'listen!'Hearing with full, like 1st period, the kana which you will try seeing?

    • original letters
      While you being recommended awfully with such a such, the loafing [ri] [tsuitsuta] which was not done, this day it began, of course, inspecting personally, because it is not the kind of person who forms thing if it has teaching from one up to ten, the better chisel well one teaches that you know ten you say, but if ten teaching, three you understand actuality, on it is possible and is don't you think? as for [tsuitsuta], [burogu] and simultaneous “it has entered with natusora0707”, it is with may being, when you think how it does the karaoke, such a news, became the large hit which symbolizes the animation of 09 years, 'the [ke] it is and is!'The 2nd period '[ke] it is and is!!'You started from April, but the new opening “go which band “tea time after the releasing section” of the protagonist sings more and more on April 28th! go! maniac” and ending “listen!!”[kiyarason] cd which can hear the new sound recording voice of the character other than new work illustrating, and animation in the jacket and the booklet for the animation fan which seeks the contact point of the work which release is done, is one of the “character commodities”, there is a demand as a fan item and, we not to do artist activity, fan layer to show the extent by the fact that [kuoritei] of music rises in addition to that hot attention is attracted even from the fan of the dubbing artist as the place where you can inquire about the singing of the dubbing artist who does not have the opportunity which is heard usually excessively, here every year, be sure more and more the schedule where hit of extent [kiyarason] cd which it is possible to say has been bornIt became difficult to adjust,

    • New program thought like
      As for those which are seen those which among those of the expectation which was seen in a general way, you try to continue to see pickup working!! W which you think that it is beginning and warning, so doing well enough the ambush with feeling, pleasantly even when, man position probably will not aim too much or, w temporarily, [ke] it is with viewing continuation and is!! Don't you think? the [u] it is, it is good, that way as usual, the performance scene there is no op and ed and the tea time after the releasing section the sound which seems it puts out, an atmosphere but at the w place, op it turns roundly, it is not enormous, is? heroman the only (? ) sf battle ones furthermore is for the super kingcraft just a little child, but including also the meaning of expectation, whether you will try seeing, that angel beats! Well enough, although it fights funny such heroically, dying, using the setting, from the point of view of the [ru] it does not become too dark, also tempo is good, just a little in the [naitoreido] calling of the you try, spark seeing the aiming too much the protagonist which has super power with shank historical fact as a material, secretly maneuvering while the work is many, as for such good Arakawa [andazaburitsujikaosu] w it will be, well, and presently will satirize society in chaos, probably will draw the essence of the human… with w which does not have either not being visible it is such a about to see in the wind which is said being, it is the continuation, “the [ke] it is and is!!”As another, “as for this!”With without having the work which is said in fact the shank ~ present term, to several ends the kana ^^ which is seen;

    • Story of groovy woman [beshisuto] (?)
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    • The [ke] it is and is!! Up-to-date CD information
      * As for two under opgo which is television size! go! maniacedlisten!! go! go! maniac sale day: 2010 April 28th song: Tea time after the releasing section [Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw and Hikasa proton, Sato Satoru beauty, 寿 Minako, bamboo 彩 奈)] the first limited board: pccg-70071¥1,260 (including tax) usually the board: pccg-70072¥1,260 (including tax) recording music: 1.go! go! maniac 2.genius…!? 3.go! go! maniac (instrumental) 4.genius…!? (instrumental) - As for first limited board “you dress and change the jacket & picture label specification”! * Usually jacket illustration differs from the board, * as for recording contents price being first usual, listen which is the same!! Sale day: 2010 April 28th song: Tea time after the releasing section [Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw and Hikasa proton, Sato Satoru beauty, 寿 Minako, bamboo 彩 奈)] the first limited board: pccg-70073¥1,260 (including tax) usually the board: pccg-70074¥1,260 (including tax) recording music: 1.listen!! 2.our magic3.listen!! (instrumental) 4.our magic (instrumental)- As for first limited board “you dress and change the jacket & picture label specification”! * Usually jacket illustration differs from the board, *, recording contents price being first usual, is the same, the [a], with the world it is hit, but as for the curator favorite as for op speed passing, unless the just a little lyric you see, there is no amount can, don't you think? is, the ^^; In addition as for ed don't you think? the shank and this time it moves well with the [katsukoii] feeling, don't you think? (laughing) because of 3rd period you will buy in everyone sale day! The smell it may end the original with 4 volumes, is [punpun] to have done, but… at least, the [ya] it just is in the [a] [zu] in the cover!!

    • The real [ke] it is and is the pig!!
      [buroguneta]: When you sleep together, during feeling appealing animal participating the [ke] it is and is!! Wearing two period first story b part arrival, involving the [ya] it is in the tea time [a] [zu] after the releasing section which distributes the new staff collection handbill -> the [ke] to be, it is. 唯 -> Three white eyes the chicken wants the bean jam -> the eye remaining overnight Paris. Law -> don't you think? the [ku] and others it does the waist. The fairway -> even the tremor the Umabe member who is not done does not get together, “next year of the 唯 the [ya] is in the [a] [zu] alone the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u]!”With panic is caused to the word which is said and as though it is the race horse where the jockey falls the fairway which runs around it is it is completely as for new happiness live of emotion unstable feeling death main…Live description it is not the [tsu] [te] you do not sing, or it is! The [ya] it is brick pack fruit me you drink death my me after that cm you do it is in the [a] [zu] death of the band of [huanta] in dawn Taro's cuteness the [bibi] [tsu] you want the death real [ke] to be, it is my mark popularity poll 1 rank above pig death to want the [ya] it is in the bean jam master 2 rank [a] [zu] Daio 3 rank in addition

    • The cup it is it is
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    • Japanese Letter
      Spring the day off ends at today,… most the large devil of rear you saw! When the cast you see, Yutaka promontory love raw and the Hikasa proton which are surprised, 寿 the tea time www bamboo after releasing section other than Minako and bamboo 彩 奈 [ri] [tsu] Saturday morning 9: In the jewel pet of the 30~ singing also ed as [miria] appearing the [ru] it does, in the bamboo large fever the shank! So the [ya] it is in the picture [jito] eye [a] [zu] mysterious! Class of destiny to change tomorrow,… already and is, the face about 7 time being beaten at the time of junior high school, 2 stomachs being beaten, 4 times being kicked, therefore as for it is accustomed hitting in the wall already hate… living, even just the [ru] strange what because it was done after the releasing section, we would not like to return to such a hell which cannot call either help don't you think?… tomorrow destiny is influenced in various sense, [buroguneta]: When the rain is what, tension it rises? When while participating this you write, but furthermore degree of good impression it may go down, it is the gold, don't you think? (the ≧▽≦) there is no coin even with the w gold which probably is war outbreak in degree of rain, don't you think? the [te] paper currency (; Or the [me] it is do with the desire being covered the ^_^a coin 雹 from differing m () m

    • Japanese talking
      Cold it pulled,… and it is from the parent, the www handle parent the fragile constitution passing www [a] ~ nose water & sneeze stopping [ma] viewing… the nose clogging it is terrible,… special entrance ceremony already immediately in the important time, moving and the [tsu] [te]!! The being disgusted [ya] and for a while Osamu viewing… in case of we, because 2 weeks catch to all-inclusive Osamu, the www parent… you stop the fact that already cold is given to we and… but we where resistivity is too low well problem the w yesterday [ke] it is and is!! You saw, but don't you think? after all it was God!! From the place where when also op&ed the highest ♪ flowing, in the gooseflesh standing better seed next few days you reserved with [animeito] or, (^o^) beginning the 唯 it has repelled [gi] thickly 1 hours to be quick attended school with start anything, to seem the guitar was repelled alone and the fairway appearance 唯, as for the fairway, law and the pongee as for 3rd grade and the catalpa with the class dividing 唯, the fairway, law and the pongee is accustomed to simultaneous class 2nd grade beautifully, the better seed ♪ (harmony! In 1 periods just the fairway was another class, but… so, the [wa] 唯 is to make simultaneous class with charge!! The [wa] [panee] [tsu] it does!! Commencement of work system starts and the alma mater song singing in unison ♪ is healed the ~ (the ´∀ `) cherry tree high alma mater song cd conversion [kibonnu]!! After that for new staff acquisition new recommendation live but opening the new staff does not appear after all, but… “I of the 唯 from the speech which says that for a while while 5 it is this is good”, for a while the tea time after the current releasing section 5 well in keeps being active with while is after the ~ and the next week with the pleasure the shank (the ≡^∇^≡) with lastly…. Loving, the [ru] [ze] it can be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able to obtain!!!!!

    • The [ke] it is and is 1st story “high 3!”
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    • weblog title
      It is dense, it is, it is densely well [tsu] which is the [pu] [ro] one! At last, destructive power is enormous in the various sense that the tea time after the releasing section comes inside is…02. my loves where the rice treble after the rear thought disc01 'studiomix' 01. Calais is highest stapler excessively memory with the ・・・03. [hu] pen - pole pen - [gitakatsukoii] 04. the [ya] it is softly in the time [a] [zu] the guitar it has entered as for the place of the lap which especially becomes aware here… it is dangerous, the rice after the air or disc02 'livemix' 01. Calais which is and kills (#8 'new happiness!'mix) The [ge] [e] [maji] highest which is mixed lively! 02. As for my love stapler (#8 'new happiness!'mix) (�) the pen - ball-point pen - (the #12 'it is light with the b03. [hu] sound!'mix) The last time remembering, it cried… However it does not cry, 04. soft time (the #12 'lightly sound!'mix) orz already time which is useless it is well dangerous dangerously, don't you think? entirely already the highest and, it is…After dvdor you put on airs, when - the [re] it is and buys together the [tsu] [te] person who can receive cd with pulling out selection we would like to apply, however is, you put on airs, - even [re] well time or dvd the [wa] which cannot be bought you want [kiyarason] of the rear [ri] [tsu] it is long in coming, is, [u] [u] [pa] [tsu] [ke] paste [tsu] [maji] it is dangerous

    • The thought @ animation “[ke] it is and is!! (2nd period)” 1st story: High 3! * There is [netabare],
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    • The [ke] it is and is!! (2 periods) #1 “high 3!” Thought
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    • original letters
      Title length…… (((the [ze] which is the [ze] typhoon which is the [ze] cold which is the rain -! The school ends at the noon, it is with* Because sometimes the teacher good thing it does - it is (((it is 蹴, for is done to accumulate the spare time crushing the photograph which [u] p! Don't you think? dvd of black lock shooter! Because however just a little it is perplexed,… trying buying, loss there were no 1200 Yen, you permit! <- [teitaimuuuuuuuuuuuuu] after the releasing section 唯 with it is the chair coming which is the fairway, don't you think? the [o] [o] [o] [o] [o] wwwwwwwwwwww [ri] [tsu] also the [mu] [gi] is less crowded properly and but the [ya] is in the [a] [zu] -! Everyone voice it is too lovely, probably will be, - the wwwwww stitch! ^p^ love loving, the [ru] -! It is the miracle which with the ufo catcher is taken with 1 times!! (100 Yen stitch *^^*) this semi- eye lovely w which “deeply dance this seeing the cod sleeping together, the [so] [u] w” [tsu] [te] was said to the wwww friend it is attached lastly sweetly, 10 volumes? In limited edition! (It becomes Amazon,* And the [tsu] [pa] 梵 heaven it is good, however - also the wwwwwww dew grass is good, the www [u] it is, and [tsu] [pa] 梵 occasion, it is dense -! <-

    • Japanese Letter
      Among these Knowing, the [ru] person lifts the hand - (Ω) the no (Ε)… (Ε)… (Ε)… the ┌|*゜ [ro] MARU|Person|MARU [ro] ゜*|┐ [nakama]!! Nonsense thing with as this extent the ^^; Last member: The Nakano Azusa (the [ya] it is) it made in the alias [a] [zu], it is, the [ya] is in the ^^ [a] [zu] (temporary) it is (temporary) the fact that, the part of the part guitar of the eye in addition every there is no stock, to order from the lever [re] because, the oral [ya] it is not good the ^^ which is; Color of the eye, truth is brown, die* The guitar certain was reddish, don't you think? it does also the ^^ head in every corner and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru] does www^^; The part coming, when already it corrects a little, five people arranging, it is photographing meeting, when (^p^) the lego room (in the closet) you open after a long time, the [bibi] [tsu] it is with the enormous dust! www

    • Japanese weblog
      Don't you think? it was announced with the official sight, the ~tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Opening theme “go! go! maniac” song: Tea time after the releasing section [Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw and Hikasa proton, Sato Satoru beauty, 寿 Minako, bamboo 彩 奈)] writing the lyric: Akiko Omori/work arrangement: The tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Ending theme “listen!!”Song: Tea time after the releasing section [Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw and Hikasa proton, Sato Satoru beauty, 寿 Minako, bamboo 彩 奈)] writing the lyric: Akiko Omori/composition: Hiroyuki Maesawa/arrangement: As for lead/read vocal of small Mori Shigeru raw opening theme Hirasawa 唯 (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw), as for lead/read vocal of ending theme Akiyama fairway (cv: Hikasa proton) is! And it is to know with [burogu] of Al s, but during broadcasting station summary… tut (the tulip television) tut (the tulip television) tut (the tulip television)

    • original letters
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    • original letters

    • original letters
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    • original letters
      The 2560x16002560x16001680×1050tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Sale day of opening theme and ending theme decided!! The tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Opening theme “go! go! maniac” 2010 April 28th sale 1,260 Yen (the first limited board, usually board commonness) The first limited board: pccg.70071, usually the board: The pccg.70072tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Ending theme “listen!!” 2010 April 28th sale 1,260 Yen (the first limited board, usually board commonness) The first limited board: pccg.70073, usually the board: pccg.70074 both ●op ed as for first limited board “you dress and change jacket specification picture label specification”! The tv animation “[ke] it is and is!!”Opening theme go! go! maniac (the first limited board) tea time pony canyon after the releasing section 2010-04-28 sale ranking: The by g-toolstv animation “[ke] which is seen in detail with 3amazon it is and is!!”Ending theme listen!! (The first limited board) tea time pony canyon after the releasing section 2010-04-28 sale ranking: Don't you think? by g-tools which is seen in detail with 4amazon don't you think? it is mud well play set #03 cultural festival a set (non scale abs pvc make, it is diorama set for the mud well) the fat company 2010-06-25 the sale

    • weblog title
      Consequently, the sound where the small play like corner, “the day when it is lightly sound section” starts section is dispersed lightly when, when name of the band is changed unless it changes it was play of such feeling, well, the sound section probably will be dispersed lightly! Saying in the play, at the time of the [ru] “not stopping, -” “well is, that -” shouts as for 1 people the [me] is do enormously in the cover of the script of w everyone the respective handwritten name or scribbling being I, that it is, being lovely, after that again tune of the tea time after the releasing section the rice after the start Calais, the writing brush pen ~ ball-point pen was good, is, but after all after all “, my love stapler” of live performance “time being good softly,” the shank - live performance is enormous, I have expected the live performance “of time truly softly”It is, but (and others the [ji] it is the [demo] you do to do) the ticket the live performance by the cast was written the [tsu] [te] which is not and stapler being raw never, you do with thinking, increase it is everyone who is it was good, is, although especially right handed Hikasa who is impressed does the base with [rehuteimoderu] while impression the musical instrument seeing deeply after all with everyone amateur something even then singing with utmost effort, the [ru] form truly the seriousness everyone may be transmitted, is you practiced well although never spare time they are not the people, sewing the busy interval, that when you think whether you practiced, you are impressed even there, don't you think? However with private as a sacrifice it reached to also Hikasa's of [yanyan] candy interview, it probably is that extent what truly after and, this as for the encore continuation with the following article

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    • けいおんブルーレイ、Diskレーベルなんか凄いなぁ
      No shelf it is the shelf it is the www [ke] which is to be, it is! 1 (the first limitation production) [blu-ray] the male be completed it is even what, you bit saying, the by g-tools tv animation “[ke] which is seen in detail with nighttime animation Amazon which inferior crop language how, from first it does not exist “Hirasawa 唯” “invention” is and the bottom of the heart could enjoy after a long time it is and is!”“The tea time male after the song mini- album releasing section” in the play be completed average celebration! [orikon] one rank! You observe to also the rice and performance after the Calais whether the God board of God animation (laughing) [aho]! The by g-tools tv animation “[ke] which is seen in detail with entirely good Amazon it is and is!”The character image cd series “[ke] it is and is!”Image song Nakano Azusa Nakano Azusa (bamboo 彩 奈) pony canyon 2009-08-26 sale

    • けいおんのねんどろいど買ったぉ!
      Good morning, it is, REPT (゚ & ゚) the no so some days ago the [ke] it is well and is! Is don't you think? it is the mud well it was put on the counter which is bought, being healed 唯, because next the fairway purchase (the ≧▽≦) the beam [tsu] properly also the [mu] [gi] comes out in next year, because the w [chi] [yu] [u] or the inside photograph which you think don't you think? that it is we would like to form the tea time after the mud releasing section, you take it is unskillful the official picture the w Akiyama fairway which is placed: While selling Hirasawa 唯: While selling Tainaka law:

    • かけがえのない一日☆
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    • 6日連続の飲みはない!!
      japanese means , original meaning

    • かいおん!@ふわふわ時間
      Because enormous animated picture was found, as separately is introduced anything [chi] [ya] and others of the professional baseball not to be, somehow the railroad how with also or not to mention the detective of nighttime being been also a title which is not, the [ke] it is and is! Soft, it is time, if you see in any case, we the [gi] which 100% the last time which cries may be live, is great! Revolution pitch it is good, don't you think? - the ♪ “already 1 times!” Live would like to go - the new person just the coconut seeing, unless you see from useless 1 stories entirely! “And others the [ji] it is!”The tea time after the real releasing section which is public record ver.! Everything real thing! The [a] -, we what saying, the [ru] is the dubbing artist plays [kiyara] which probably will be who performing, really this amateur [tsu] [po] which it increases, but tremendous [ii]! Just the [mu] [gi] solo is long, (laughing) it is like everyone it is different even technically, although dies the fairway is righty, although the base for left-handedness is it is [kore] is it is with that the sled [ya] the [tsu] [te] which cries still for the first time so it is not long, don't you think? the master went to seeing, it is, whether - calling - and [tsu] [pa] dd framework [tsu] [te] the ant furthermore being surprised, this image! Live of 12 stories and union image of public record ver.! [ne]. It compiles! This the person who was compiled is enormous! The [suge] person was in society, it rubbed

    • 聖地巡礼レポ
      Finally, you come and the fungus are and are! Sanctuary pilgrim (o^-^o) first as for this photograph with op and coming out with the story, the photograph recall factor which takes from the better seed school building front high [wa] ~w 2nd every coming out story well, this bronze statue is the founder of this school in the association which is the better seed ~ bronze statue, (*^-^) 3rd the music room lightly is the clubroom of the sound section! Don't you think? it is the place where as for the scene here the 唯 enters to the music room in the 1st story, or hesitates (o^-^o) 4th in the 1 stories inside the clubroom after the releasing section to be good the tea has done is the place! Politely or you cannot eat with w where tea set is placed, (^-^; But with those 2 white boards inside the 5th, clubroom w which the shank properly “the tea time [te] after the designation releasing section” is written it follows to the [wa] ww tomorrow whose scribbling is enormous…

    • バンドやろーよ!!
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • 結果!
      84.365 The point [dabururariatsutoagoaniki] 87.019 point boyfriend ashlee simpson 86.563 point my happy ending avril lavigne 87.488 dotted pair elephant a annina 84.074 point dear 19 ' s sound factory 84.618 point core melting iroha (sasaki) the feat. mirror sound phosphorus 85.814 point would like to be loved the inner part bloom child 84.014 point [ma] [tsu] which - the [re] ↓ spectacle old spring one tree (Daisuke Ono) 87.275 points cagayake! The girls cherry tree high lightly sound section 87.444 point don't say “lazy” cherry tree high lightly sound section 86.403 point soft time cherry tree high lightly sound section 84.735 point girls just want to have fun cyndi lauper 83.531 point upside-down butterfly snow 87.724 point black* The lock shooter supercell 85.681 point melt supercell 85.900 point love road romanesque desperate girls (the small forest fog, the normal month mark it is, neatness pours, Harumi Fuziyoshi) 86.246 point monochrome acts (monochroact) the butterfly of doriko 86.093 point Romeo and the Cinderella doriko 85.994 point right shoulder Butterfly of paste p feat. mirror sound phosphorus 86.532 point right shoulder Paste p feat. mirror sound connected 87.451 point lie song nolfest feat. Hatune [miku] 86.809 point [dokidoki]* Framework framework ♪ 埴 之 mound light 邦 (Saito 彩 summer) 88.505 point everything but mine backstreet boys 84.322 point the answer to our life backstreet boys 83.515 point [hare] clear [reyukai] plain twill (cool shrine [haruhi]) saw grass field Minori (the Nagato possession rare the) Goto 邑 child (Asahina you see and start) 86.876 point darkness color Alice pico- 85.491 points so what p! nk 84.730 point trouble p! nk 86.113 point who knew p! Furthermore solo performance song elegance thousand year of nk 83.765 points as for red litmus 85.332 point my love stapler <唯 fairway mainvo as though it is the flower which blooms with 87.543 points 凛 as. The axis has been off-center> as a your tea time 87.896 point [kantarera] whiteflame feat.kaito 87.269 point strongest ○× planned mosaic.wav 86.246 point bad no daughter mothy feat. mirror sound phosphorus 85.555 point regret message mothy feat. mirror sound phosphorus 84.740 point bad no servant mothy feat. mirror sound connected 84.383 point plain gauze or a plain gauze [ma] radwimps 81.147 point centered theory radwimps 86.095 point person after the releasing section, and others the [tsu] [pu] and others [tsu] [pu] [bi] and in 85.741 point [ike] love song [re] [re] [re] p feat. mirror sound connected 86.222 point you the flower in me the 唄 re: ng feat. Hatune [miku] you sing excessively with public unless, when the first time w which was inserted all the way the [tsu] which does extremely it is the present you applied, is, (`Ω ')

    • 色々借りてきた♪
      With rental cd yesterday and present limitation the nearby rental shop of the house loan you do entirely for 100 Yen cd and the dvd new work, the old work regardless of empty after a long time to borrow also 4, because the [chi] [ya] [tsu] you want as for the person who this time is borrowed however… the around40~ rose four ~ ([konpi] al the tea time after the) releasing section (the tea time after the releasing section) 'seiko smile' seiko matsuda 25th anniversary best selection (Kiyoko Matsuda) straberry time (Kiyoko Matsuda) (* only straberry time borrowed) is cd Sawayama who would like to borrow to in addition to with [geo], when you borrow entirely, there is no paulownia, this time with 4It waits for the fact that it becomes (the old work of [gaman] desire w) to borrow also the tea time after the releasing section, the [re] you want to do, rose four of the new work, and favorite also Kiyoko to borrow, the [re] wants the empty large the winter vacation which is satisfactory goes home, because you think that perhaps the opportunity which goes out somewhere increases w new tune adding to Sawayama love pod, we would like to make offering/accompanying of traveling,

    • ねんどろいど
      The [ke] it is and is the ♪ Akiyama fairway (based charge) Hirasawa 唯 (the guitar charge natural protagonist) the fairway November, the 唯 in December becomes sale, it is with shank…Respectively, the base (the guitar) with the amplifier to belong, the face part and about 3 types entering, the [ru] so is, because after that, sale of law and the pongee being planned, it is the [ru] like, making the tea time after the releasing section form possible kana simply becoming matter of concern…Unintentionally it is new staff… of the [te] ~ [ru]The [ya] it is it comes out in the [a] [zu] kana? When the [a], it comes out of course, you buy, don't you think? (blast) it is total height approximately 10cm and other things, when it is you look at the mud well, however well enough it is [dekai], persevering, gathering, the band the ♪ which is made to form (laughing)

    • ・・・校長!?な出来事
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • 色鉛筆とボールペン
      If only this two it is, me the title which the air which it can keep living does writing, being the case, w which you think that at the time of the [ru] tune name of the tea time after the releasing section it is like, as though ream usual we being the place where [kopitsuku] how you buy, the having of treasure rots with something the color pencil line we to acquire coloration, being the place where the pen how you buy, (or less abbreviation) the gold which is the ball-point pen with something is wasted, because die -… it cannot shave fare, the [u]…

    • ぼっかっろ
      Because today tsutaya it went, if [mikubesuto] you should have bought the tea time debt [chi] [ya] [tsu] after the releasing section it is the [hi] [gu] after [o] ww it seems the ~ which is borrowed the funny ww range [yu] - when it comes out? Don't you think? (the ' Ω `) now all the story actions of [makurosu] f it broadcasts with [animatsukusu], ww 1 story the [o] which was seen for the first time! [ranka] the [wa] [yu] [i] it is to call, \ (^o^)/as for [ranka] we wife \ (^o^)/

    • 第二回 俺の部屋up(マジで)
      The [chi] [yo] [u] it died and rode and the [tsu] lever which sows it is plan it built, but you do and the [ma] inhale and there are no times when other than this of the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] which floats you do it is with ww you start!! Unless this where this is my personal computer there is [haruhi] which is the dvd&cd repository which is on side of the desk which is the charger of ipod it is to apply the white object where me as for the mouse pad which the air which already is not good living does there is an angle which is [haruhi] is! With empty coming* When it does it is, with as for cd where judgment detective school q of [rozaban] clannad student council is dvd in prohibition the [tsu] [te] which water tree Nana deeply is still gathered from now on [kiyarason] of new [kiyarasonmugi] of [teitaimuritobasusantora] Satoshi generation [ahutasantora] Nagato after the cd many silver soul best releasing section of love Hatune [miku] re-mikus does is you say, entrance is not ww this is the drawer under the desk and the figure and the bromide and the clear file etc which double entering into the underlay, increasing, the poster of the depth of winter when if most as for [are] which is the inner part about this you should have been pasted well in your own mark which is the through please make poster and the calendar as kana you think with the cod you buy first, but wwAs for these as for certain being cartoon the [rozaban] [ro] it is and the [pa] and others [ke] is and is the [so] and others with only [haruhi] God as for these where also [sura] is the [ri] only judgment and prohibited God of the [ritobasuharuhi] student council which is the novel and others the sillaginoid is this the zombie? The end which has [bakatesu] clannad there is a variety which is the figure, but after basic only it is cheap it is not, also the cd compound and the silver soul whole volume it is, but taking, increase it is now it has placed and hanging it is the person whom generally you buy to this year, don't you think? the gold you used fairly well ww that and the [tsu] [pa] third time does and the kana next year shelf such rubbing does at least well [tsu] [noshi

    • イギイギキャラソン メリカのコスプレします
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • 英語が学年1位なのに物理が315人中307位だったあの頃
      Yesterday (14 days), going always, together the [ru] friend and the karaoke this month time it is 2nd with ^^ this which goes, (laughing) as for the tune which is sung in 3 hours as follows ○youthful days/mr.children ○ mayday/bump of chicken ○ broom star/mr.children ○don't say lazy (- 4)/the tea time after the releasing section (5 people version) ○hanabi (- 1)/the mr.children ○ walnut (- 1)/mr.children ○sailing 唄/mr.children ○ [esora] of the day/bump of chicken ○ going on a journey/song of the mr.children ○ spring (- 2)/spitz ○ seesaw game ~ brave loveSong ~ (- 1)/mr.children ○innocent world (- 1)/mr.children * Core melting (- 12)/the mirror sound phosphorus ○ planetarium (- 5)/it goes, the thing temporary ☆love so sweet/the storm * [karuma]/bump of chicken ○ war eye knee (- 5)/Takahashi pupil ×beat crusaders * March 9th/the [remioromen] ○ you sing, if wants [baratsudo] (- 1)/it is delightful truly for Saito Kazuyoshi core melting to be transmitted, it is most terrible it to be possible until now even with w, because was, the [wa] which is decided in two degrees not singing anymore; ; If today experimental, the usual, it tried inserting also the kind of tune which is not sung completely but it is, love so sweet), somehow youthful days -> [esora] -> don't say lazy (- 4) the tune sequential [tsu] [po] where the flow is best to some condition it will be when going on the 29th with the flute part, you intend probably to go with this the [ri] thinking it is not:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Recently, also the fact that also delightful thing is sad there being too much a large quantity truly, there is no room and a time when it notes here only [te] regrettable immediately it is the test which it probably will rub, if, this time the perfect score aiming with English, and ethics the [ru] it is with, from always it does not decrease degree of omission, will not become, (it is and the [tsu] omission) well can endeavor also, or is possible and how it is true capability, but don't you think? in addition with!

    • -Д- -3
      Being drowsy, it does not study, when, it is dangerous, you played to the boy and you thought the rubber which is not entwined at half and when the [tsu] drill throwing, you hit to the [ho] [tsu] [pe], it is with it is the beauty help which is thought “the [a]” and there are no times when it is the [chi] trap it is you scratch densely - what you should have scratched with the [hu] which does not understand the pen ~ ball-point pen ~ (唯 & fairway ver) the tea time after the 4:03 releasing section (Hirasawa the 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 100,522,008 after the releasing section /10/ 3016: 40 as for me my road the 3:18 Nakano Azusa which goes (cv: Bamboo 彩 奈) 292,009 /10/ 2623: The tea time after the rice 3:19 releasing section of 46 Calais later (Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 292,009 after the releasing section /10/ 2720: 35 horse way to go 4:27 Nakano Azusa (cv: Bamboo 彩 奈) 242,009 /10/ 2623: 42 girly storm running stick 3:35 Tainaka law (cv: Sato Satoru beauty) 242,009 /11/ 119: 43 soft the time 3:59 Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw and Hikasa proton, Sato Satoru beauty, 寿 Minako) 100,222,008 /10/ 2623: 54 soft the tea time after the time 5 ver 3:56 releasing sections (Hirasawa the 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 222,009 after the releasing section /09/ 208: 56 [gi] it makes thickmakes thick neck [tsu] fungus 3:35 Hirasawa 唯 (cv: Yutaka promontory love raw) character cd 100,212,008 /10/ 2623: As for 33 my loves tea time after stapler 4:24 releasing section (Hirasawa 唯 Akiyama fairway Tainaka law koto blowing pongee Nakano Azusa) tea time 172,009 after the releasing section /10/ 111: Entering with [kiyarason] of ipod densely without either 52 meanings, don't you think? as for the [kopi] [tsu] [te] the [tsu] [te] the [te] which is seen it is [ru] tune, or higher rank per seat is almost and is - the/^0^ \ is tune of [makurosu] or direction under, with as for just interstellar flight there is a direction above, it is! It is 11 rank in 48 tune it is! When [paso] it ends, the [u] which will be studied it is it will do today

    • けいおん!リアル放課後ティータイム?
      kanji , for multilingual communication

    • 軽い音を楽しむ部

    • 帰宅第一発目がこれかよ!
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • 素晴らしき日本のロック C面
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • 松岡修造
      That [i] of today!!! Because it became weather, just a little vigor it came out! But this time summer it may become [bate]…If today is here Japan of wwww which goes to Kiuti's and Akiba reverse side electric town or, those about of the ww [tsu] [te] rumblingly roll and the wwww weekday which the [ru] seems holiday is reverse side electric town in reverse side society or, wwwww Akiba or the [a] re-game you do not do to made tea drinking gradually, is not wwwwmmq (to sprout, to sprout, because [kiyun]) as for destructive power wwww which is too high made killing and wounding ability is high basically…In the [gi] 汰 of [kiyarason] of the [te] or the 唯 the neck [tsu] fungus head strange wwww me, touch of the wwww finger which perhaps such a base cannot be repelled standing out, was called the [ru], but the wwww professional who is not the meaning which such a [kire] well can be repelled and the sound source of the tea time after the [te] or releasing section wwww which is dropped entirely soft the lap of time in 唯 ver as for nut [ru] wwwww this lovely wwww

    • SCANDALの「Dont say“lazy”」
      'With music japan new century [anison] sp' of NHK, scandal is and is “the [ke]!”Covering “don't say of ed, “lazy”” as the private thought which it increases, “well, it is and there is no something?”, voice of the first impression main vocal the fairway how it is not and, it does also the kind of air which has been similar and with says, the circumstance plug keyboard is not, when you inquire “about don't say of death scandal “lazy””, greatness of [mugi] you can reconfirm, (laughing) and the [tsu] [pa], we wanted the tea time after the releasing section singing the prayer framework, capital [ani] making image anew, 7 “endless eights”Making also 8 times, there is a [ru] spare time, it is therefore that extent it probably can make and the vocal of the person on the left of scandal was terrible by the way,… with being the case that it is said, 'first good point of music japan new century [anison] sp' south many years of saw grass field Minori's ver. With the notion that where you say! (<- Song or…)

    • 本気でキャラクター紹介してみた
      issue , Feel free to link

    • 追記しまくりせつこおおお)サークルでも募集したんだぜ
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • タイトルなし
      Cd of the tea time after the releasing section it is in the [] ww friend who at last enters into the hand it is the w candy gift ^^ which has buying to the place where is it is grateful, the shopping ^^ large catch large catch stock fireworks 3 sack of the fireworks at the time of the grateful ^^v fireworks festival (150) color change demon bullet 10 ream (30) the pintwheel 12 entering (24) it launches and (undecided) it is the pleasure, (*) impression tappuliww end & (you piled up too much ' - the `)

    • 「けいおん!」の感想。
      belief , Japanese talking

    • やっと見たよ@け/い/お/ん!感想

    • た”だ”い”ま”w”w”w”w”
      You became tired, study lodging together which does with such a such of wwwww!! ~ [a] study or the [a]… it was the [tsu] [te] feeling, but it is, when you do, study: Play =1: The tennis court (rag ww) [basukegoru] being on the wwwwwwwwwwwwwww other side that in class of the ww 1 day 6 hour which is about 1, self study and small test study of 2 hours about 1 hours… with the day off of the noon 2 hours, the area of the bath 2 hours, play of the night was pleasant unexpectedly in about 4 hours, very…! Simply, [monhan] or [pokemon] or tramp doing at everyone room and/or www [pokemon] to have and to the [ya] good ww in addition to being accustomed to calling the declaration where the person of metamorphosis no.1 commits the teacher to that teacher with everyone, as for another person that in the teacher of the man “the teacher, as for tonight the [tsu] which cannot be laid down it does”, saying with everyone doubtful video seeing when… ([chi] [yo] wwwww) also the person who becomes trance state speaks to do thing everything which is this lodging together, the extent which is not the paulownia being funny thing full, if abdominal muscles collapse ww well with, there is candy, there is a rod, it is, don't you think? because as for every ww mathematics the time small test you doStudying and/or therefore as for illegitimate solution in the retest doing within that day rule endless state www this true endless eight wwwwwwww (((((((with bar low/row w, sleeping generally 3 o'clock kana? Only the present as many as 1 hour half you will sleep and the [re] it is the [a], with you probably will rub orz which is applied, it ended, it is! The tomorrow how assignment die the [e]!!! With such a feeling kana? m [sute] seeing, don't you think? the tea time after the cod releasing section was 9 rank* The [wa] www which is heard entirely from now ([se] ww)

    • 放課後ティータイムで
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • 俺たちの勝ちだ・・・!
      The popularity tv animation '[ke] it is and is!'(tbs system) the tea time of 2 group mini- album 'releasing sections later due to the tea time of 5 human group bands releasing section later which appears' sells 6.7 ten thousand, as for 1 rank acquisition of the work which in the premier position of 8/3 attaching weekly album rankings is sold with the first appearance animation character name, as for the same animation which in history is first single, via the album it ended broadcast in the June this year, but as animation which is proud of still high popularity character so far, 'coming and others phosphorus e.g., this month production of the new work extra compilation is announced on 21st in the official home page,* The Tsukishima coming and others [ri] of appearance (Koharu Kuju (morning in revolution' the daughter))<* 1>'And others coming* It does, it is' “the spring of appearance densely the hatchet, 柊 to stoop, the 柊 handle, high you see carefully and keep”<* 2>'The [ke] it is and is! ' “The cherry tree high it is light sound section” of appearance<* 3>Akiyama fairway (Hikasa proton)<* 4>Total 4 set being single, furthermore including the appearance character of the movie and drama where 2 rank which is recorded is highest rank, acquiring the premier position with the album appeared in the play of movie '[suwarouteiru]' of Iwai Syunji director, yen town band 'montage due to singer chara and others' (only 1996 September sale) after 12 year 10 month has become 2nd set heroic deed truly, in addition, in 2 rank the best album 'king of pop of Michael Jackson's who last month 25th dies suddenly - the Japan edition' (2008 September sale)It continues to the future week 7/20 attaching, as for 3 week continual top3 entering by the top3 entering ocean easy man solo artist with 3 week continuation, 'the [sukiyatsutomanzu] world' of [sukiyatsutoman] John's (1995 August sale and 1995/9/18 attaching ~10/2 attaching

    • ぅほっ←
      There being a cdtv [tsu] [te] night, the [ru] [ji] [ya] it is the [i] or, the [a]!! Finishing looking at [pandorahatsu], seeing, in cod album ranking the mini- album of the tea time after the how releasing section!!! Furthermore 1 rank ☆☆ it is dangerous with the [ma] [ji]?! When with you shout, densely was (- No ∀ `) ゚ o. [ahiyaya] something being delightful, the shank - <- the [ke] it is and is! The highest ♪ favorite >< with cm “in the [ma] of space advertising recently in the [ma]”, [te] op kana? Super noisy nova which [suhuia] is sung flowing, the [te] or [wa] [i] [i] while with thinking, being the mouth careless, it increases, that - - the [o] [ku] [u] - with - the ~♪ [tsu] [te] (' the 艸 `) [muhu] ゚ [hu] ゚ summer the production feeling doing to the [o] [ku], don't you think? it increases, [semi] the encountering which can… [higurashi] being far, calling, it increases!!! <- Or Tokyo [ji] [ya] [a] still the cooler and, the [yo] which and others the rear 1 month [chi] [yo] [i] perseveres the [i]… envious >< to test and increases - the [a] raising important, flower pink or white of the [ru] flower bed being, always garden [wa] various - the [i

    • pixiv活動していた頃の日記
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • 9日目~こ、ここは天国ですかっ
      Well the [a] ~, something it has gone to another world, it is the case that perhaps it does to the open campus of main day certain university of w but don't you think? don't you think? after all, clogging something where it is the case that woman Takao is many would like to call that the [yu] - with… gj!!! The w various uniform seeing [re] which is it is to make the [tsu] lever, -, the various person it does and -, the [u] [hu] shaking, the www [a] which is thing -, the tension high [tsu] -!!! [hu] [hu], today sleeping viewing [ze] [e]!!! With the [tsu] lever everyone, the [i] [noshi] postscript [ke] it is and is mini- album “tea time after the releasing section” is passed even [orikon] 1 rank the [e] www [hu], the worth which is bought oh, the [o] furthermore animation 1 rank even the history upper beginning www Japanese [kita] & [owata] \ (the ^ 〇 ^)/

    • オープンキャンパスとアニメイト。
      Everyone today the w Tohoku University engineering department which is the register (information intelligence system comprehensive subject) went to [ohu] ゚ [nkiyanha] ゚ [su]! The w university being it is possible, to grow although the w simulated class which the varieties is enviable and is the w30 minute [te] which is received it is written those where they are 1 hours are specification don't you think? that when you say shank www already what, as for w it was, with the story of the open campus w (that way back of [chi] [yo] w, w which approached to [meito] well it bought what with to here, [shiyana] of the 灼 eye (. . ~ now coming out, [ru] thing everything) the [ke] it is and is! The w obtaining [e] which buys the tea time after the releasing section, 16 years living, it is [te] 3rd cd purchase, (the kana where at laughing total is about the shank and 6600 Yen? Because the majority of another benefits was bought used up (at this of laughing time the reference, don't you think? the ^^; It is short, is, but this in the present diary as for the streetcar of the shank w p.s. return to be packed too much around the @@ you are hasty with the woman Takao being lazy, (the ' Ω `)

    • 黒い帽子を手に入れた
      Itself is viewing separately even in news item, but if when this is white, the hat [tsu] [po] of taking it is densely and with the [do] which thinks just it is densely to take, it is favorite what, you think that the tea time after we web applause comment less is > releasing section, it is rather good, but live ver how without sending, that two of 唯 main and fairway main it was good simply, thought it is to receive, is! But > such a Japanese of Michael music scene the actual place, hearing so, the fungus it is and is interest of sound already the losing [tsu] (殴 > in girl [kiyara] of wonder and the obtaining which is I who make the skirt wear? Metamorphosis? Being normal, it does, the [yo]? On the other hand metamorphosis the reason which is said does not understand! When of benefit of various bewitchment rises is thought, there is no hand which is not equipped! In reality as for the inside saw taking the expectation skirt hurray which is skirt equipment always! (<- Metamorphosis animation thought “you bear and there is no cat time” “Taisho baseball daughter” “phantom” “[hagaren] fa”

    • 08月03日付オリコン・ウィークリー・チャート
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • 【News】劇場版「魔法少女リリカルなのは」は来年1月公開予定!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • 京都に行こう!
      Summer you do not pass either [bate] to ride and the [te] does not come out… homecoming, being devoted to work? When mind is made strange, it is useless, so is! It probably will go to Kyoto! Wait the details occurrence of the w world Pornographic actress? It was the light diary where “mistake universe “lower half body” completely visible large critical that Japan is misunderstood”, as for [burogu] of the protest rush designer past, there is also a day there is no comment but in the article excuse July 24th even in comment 1700! After that each comment several hundreds it continues to be hit, the ^^; ; When well, it falls, it probably will hit, perhaps ^^ grand prix you take, and worldwide something of the w designers in the amateur it is from the [ya] [wa] the [wa] to be, w [seruteitsuku] prepares the flower way of the Nakamura 俊 輔, “at least we want facing active retirement with [seruteitsukupaku]”, that intention [seruteitsukusapota] of future re-acquisition, 30 years passing even if, does not forget just Nakamura thing”, that the good story where you declared and being loved, don't you think? the [ru] - With “as for the highest pitcher who was seen until now Atuya Nomura supervision and Furuta whom you talked Itoh Satoshi benevolence” The Yakult Itoh Satoshi benevolence new member age baseball lover being stuck in this [sure], you talked the pitcher of each thinking thinking, but [toni] increases large demon God as a Yokohama fan and solves or w “The [ke] it is and is!”The tea time after the releasing section, as [animekiyara] first 1 rank in history The doubtful [besukosupure] guy where the face which is introduced in the past was hidden? The [ho] where it is the case that it is popularity are with 12 years old hitting the drum, the [ru] ♪ [ke] it is and is! k-on! op cagayake! girls it tried hitting

    • エンタメ言いたい放題 2009年07月28日号
      belief , Japanese talking

    • 次鋒
      kanji , original meaning

    • 2009年7月の買物と行動(予定)
      Under comics 07/17 heaven jail 5 nap wide going Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. 07/23 mathematical girls (finishing) day hill. The 柯 media factory 07/23 bean sprouts it is 8 Ishikawa elegance 之 [mon] which lives 07/25 alone Kodansha publishers, Ltd. 07/25 prodigal son 9 will village Takako entry blurring in! 3 west 炯 subsidiary Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd. 07/27 it provides and the [mu] is completed densely 2 Kotani ASCII [medeiawakusu] novels 07/01 Mary who hits seeing, the tea time mini- album pony canyon after the [ru] [ritoruhorazu] Koo cord snow Shueisha Publishing Co., Ltd. musics 07/22 releasing section

    • 鏡音リン コラボ revive - prayer for the planet - パンヤ
      The band will be done! Band name… is the tea time after the releasing section! Relative edition →sm7511204 my list →mylist/7758144 [burogu] ->

    • 劇場版けいおん!
      There was a face the reverse side in her who pass the boring everyday life which does not have the substituting glowing! When the band which stretches the tea time anti- van after the releasing section which gathers feverish support in the underground scene will not remain from the radical performance and will be crushed, will bear the numerous shambles, after her that day when the corpse was stacked glance will look at their performances in the place with live music, the kudzu surged, “you can hear well and the members being wee word is lost in the place with live music where also the rubbish kudzu of the music primitive man, this already becomes quiet in bellow of Tainaka who is war what” law and returns, and the word which was given out from the next instantaneous her mouth in the society where the powerless girls finish to be warped challenge conditionHitting you attach! Unnoticed, that kept becoming the enormous wave which involves the underground in the world and in main current of insanity the tea time after the releasing section - - becomes myth, it comes young and that problem work which does not have the fact that voice of for and against still stops in the highest peak world of the music animation which draws the outburst of the springtime of life which the girls hold Friday beats in load show and is dense the [mu]! “The tea time after the releasing section stopped by everyone and don't you think? smiled, [tsu]!!” The theater edition [ke] it is and is! Third section work “introitus” “dies irae” “libera me” three night continual broadcasts!! The [ma] which does it is, you wrote on the beefsteak toe with you expect normally such the time where you do not know at all well to be disgusted, the [ya] there is no sound lightly and whether the one which the [te] heavily the sound [tsu] [te] was said is correct, however intellectual viewing ...... As for original news item the [ke] it is and is with the fighting spirit club [tsu] [te] movie

    • メカ(プライムさんとか)って格好良い
      rodorigo y gabriela puts out the new 譜 in September, however so it is there is no reason which has 1st which is, because from before it had become the just a little air, this time with the net the accompanying which the audition it tries doing and 'the tea time after the releasing section' to sale two weeks the tea time [tsu] [te] after the releasing section shift condition of the story which is said, is what from ryg which is cut, it is strange and in the following week of tea time after the releasing section acidman new 譜!! To tell the truth however with [samasoni] which the pleasure is well enough in 々 rather the acidman seeing [re] increase it is don't you think? ('; Ω; Because the `) live you do also the birthday which is like hyaline their sound comes to acidman and Okayama enormously favorite in November in the same time, we would like to go also two groups, it is to think that is, but…Alone, there is no courage which enters into [mamakin], is…

    • 普通にっき
      The day before yesterday, I was attached day the sight which is joined (same fc2 [burogu] as inside) with the air, however it is, before that it is like with the obstacle of fc2 [burogu] applause comment about 2 weeks disappears from 6/29 “something it is strange in the management page?”With thinking, hurting, the happiness which it does, as for me it is not read, while replying, was not the case that it goes out, it is, but result it went out, it is with it does not remain even in the management page, because is, there is no excuse in the people comment, it is, but just memory please leave m (_ _) m [a] '[ke] it is it is!'Official goods →cd you saw? Finally, [are] release is done in 8/12, it is with the shank! death devil!! It dries to be! Even from tea time after the releasing section! It is what! That first limited edition!! It is lovely, don't you think? -? Just the noodles the money are the intention of making use! Furthermore it is large, also there is no money in, also it is, it is [zo] which is! So certainly the buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u]* It comes out [jiyanbokadodasu], it is with shank… It is enormous… So certainly and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u]*

    • 疲れすぎて寝られない
      Because to awaken the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] today when it increases it persevered, Tuesday sleeping directly, there is no relationship which it increases, is, but when we stays, when staying when here also the parent where recently sea preservation is in the house is sea preservation, regardless of, because it lifts to the room selfishly, it has been said, how it will do the [tsu] which is not this person who is done “we would like to leave home,” it is troublesome, because it is with w which has almost been left it is, when he is, while knowing, cartoon increasing the other day which it increases returning as for being surprised, although there was [naruto] which is not gathered you are surprised you want (; The ´д `) it changes and [songuhurage] in the play of the tea time after the releasing section does story it is! All tune with good tune shank! Even among them after all, as for my love as for stapler it enters into the famous musical work, (^ω^)

    • ニーサン ♯16
      The tea time after the releasing section, the bird of the story ⇒ reservation being completed one wing where you do not know, the demon tune ⇒ only the decisive wallet verification ⇒500 circle which is bought the mylist/11978038 sound 320kbps which does not have

    • けいおん厨
      [ribon] and [deigure] the album of the tea time after flow and the releasing section you bought with the money which was sold, although (the *´∀ `*) that, it is strange… well enough the money it was, although the balance 100 Yen \ (^o^)/is the storm of the game from this, \ (^o^)/[owatanamuko] [me] [tsu]! So the [tsu] [tsu] which is bought!! <- There is no reason which is not bought at the point in time when [kaiusu] and [iria] come out in [teiruzuobubasasu] <- with the mint or the recovery specialty putting out, being? Rear [abisu] should be prudent, (^ρ^) privately time such as such as [teitorei] kunzite [jiei] your [erumana] sink therefore case Gaea what in angles the fist should increase the martial arts house of the weapon! Appeal [kiyara] is good to the decaying woman already, (^ρ^) it is your [jieido] ash Lyon collar [u] stomach full, (^ρ^) love <- love <- on the other hand everyone it produces the protagonist to [emiru] in [rejie] and the tempest, <- in [emiru] the hand of love \ (^o^)/

    • 金欠で死にそう
      But as for the tea time after the releasing section the kana where all the tune performances and song are the difference recording? However every one was good, before has put out time privately softly cd the favorite shelf “so to sleep, the [chi] [ya] concave!”It is motivation of the 唯 of the [ro] lap which after all is lines of the 唯, and the [be] [e] ww [te] w where you cannot feel the air which voice of the 唯 is popular entirely that is good of course, but is

    • CDの感想 7/23
      The [ke] it is and is! Metal! The [ke] it is and is! The rice after “the tea time Calais after the song mini- album releasing section” in the play, my love increases, stapler, the [pe] is with the [hu] - the ball-point pen, softly title of time unique sense lining up, but as for tune normally being the parenthesis good, the rice after the shank Calais the keyboard being conspicuous unusually, the [ru] just a little the sleeping [chi] [ya] sleeping [chi] [ya] sleeping [chi] [ya] where fresh softly as for the time the 唯 vocal is good rather the lap part which is [are] this one decisively different from before - the [tsu]! Is lovely as for difficult point however studio is mix whose, price is a little high and live mix with substantial 4 tune 2200 Yen present recommendation tune corner lillian axe - ghost of winter new. However it was good, there is no animated picture, because it is helpless, the person of former times

    • 討て!絶やせ!
      Don't you think? it is infrequent, well - temporarily recently being to - ginger habit it was with itemization and the became test? No that it is tasty? Report? No [so] the musical instrument without having r as usual, with the circle as for mah-jongg linshang, linshang, [chiyankan], [haitei] and [haitei] [tochi] deviating after all, releasing section already is hateful [teitaimu] endless after in the conclusion, [ru],… Because it is not, it is not shy it is! The [u] -, the [u] - z purchase true distantly Lu Satoshi [majibaransubureika] the [tsu] it does to do, the [yo] [o] [o] well the [a] [a] [a] [a] -!!!!! With such densely is the amount which the combining ww [a] which, is returned by the way the money is left, it is with at this point in time all right! … Good-bye!

    • 眼鏡。。
      Because the new glasses you bought - nearly 1.0 it had trying to be visible with the person both eye of the upper edge, the comfort being visible passing until now, because the glasses go it is you applied also shopping, simply the lens maximum. Because it compressed, about price 22,000 Yen… Furthermore after that appearing to four provisions, 2 (tea time and [haruhi] op after the releasing section) cheaply it sells cd the [tsu] [te] which also t shirt 2 is bought you call… Nearly 30,000 flying in 1 days, the [tsu] it is the [ze] how it does, as for August unless the byte it will be secure, there is no gold…

    • 配管パルス。
      Today and blast [ze] [barusu] www 睡 (^o^)/today the school just morning was, it is with the shank - returning, after the noon eating, again you challenged to cleaning of our room (`Ω ')… attacking* Sinking orz the eye which was seen did not almost change and the data which orz just a little does not need the extent kana which is thrown away - the [a], with the foothold of the foot increased 1 steps extent n (殴 still (`Ω ')…Condition riding, the cod, noon to night 7 o'clock the blast 睡 ★← it reaches soon from 2 o'clock, (the ´∀ `) - it does and the night 更 oak doing, it studies today!! ((Just a little drawing too largely, it became dim and the [chi] [ya] was, but countdown 2nd feature this time to tea time mini- album sale after the beam [tsu] releasing section 2 days after!!!! Also the [ri] [tsu] unexpected is difficult, when (the ' Ω `) problem or orz of… we picture powers so it is this amount, the fairway and the 唯 may suffer hardship the shelf… whereTo sale, 2 days after! (∀) the [a], so so, the livly6 anniversary commemoration event start better seed (the ゜∀゜) promptly, it went back and forth to the [tsu] coming lottery buying, when (^o^)/very this time something it hits, after it is good - www, when it becomes the especially air, densely it is not (∀) the [e] it is! It perseveres! And the face it could put out to nighttime (the ' Ω `)

    • 今日の戦利品
      Because today, on the [me] you write to be quick the devil on the g line it is not shortly in we we would like to clear the wing, as for the purpose which does to [meito] at today and morning one, “the tea time mini- album after the releasing section” well as for [a] my love the pen ~ ball-point pen ~, [yaba] to be with stapler and the [hu], the empty because both, when hearing with animation from, thinks, that cd you probably will buy, it is and the [tsu] [pe] is becoming [te] lucky* The [te] after the combining which is feeling, you say, if it became, because “time it was not bought softly”, being recorded exactly, the [te] the good ~ [te] feeling? After, the [ke] it is and is! Because the good ~ cat where buying with cd was perplexed and after you try, that perhaps the [ya] is probably is just image song in the [a] [zu], at last, could buy 5 volumes of cat overrun, they are 1 volumes in 2 months being quick, being quick, the ^^; ) By that, there is no amount can of some drying of [animeito], when [sutanhu] ゚ 10 it saves to August 1st, because book cover 1 the stamp of the campaign which is said waited 10 storing, the ↑↑ [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] which we younger sister does not have reason so lovely has exchanging with the book cover, the campaign which was done in June excessively is, but truth was perplexed and, 5 points saving in June, we wanted the seal of the cat, it is, but you did not inform and orzorz lastly, the regret which is bought with slowly teacup w feeling has not done thing, (<- straight reading) the [a], beginningAs said, obtaining rg doing, wrapping, in [noshishi] impression difference prevention with the article of the ↓↓ with g line op [su

    • 銭湯にするかプールにするか
      belief , original meaning

    • ひいいい^^
      And [tsu] cheek! It is not and the lever is it is! . It is the flax! Now being hasty enormously, it increases! Even after already a little in tomorrow well well from the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] the [a]! Today the poster was advanced well enough! After it may end already a little, is, the paints of the poster color it was possible to borrow from the older brother, ^^ by your is you using, when they are the [ru] paints, because is not excessively good color, the ^^ which… the poster it may complete in tomorrow, is you did! Present 6:30 the [pon] vinegar buying to the parent in nearly, speaking densely, being asked, when you call to nearby pine ○ [yo], it is who who has the picture of [ranbo] of [ribon] in the signboard which the corner [tsu] [te] you say strangely that today when you think that [ranbo] you drew, after a long time the ice of [satei] ○ [n] after all it is the popping which you ate shower lover if you think and increase will not want, the feeling that was, is good, the semi- 纏 of the saw run which you use in the present tomorrow game the parent and it can make simultaneous, we would like to make, perhaps that you think that is, many tomorrow! Well if so you say, with tomorrow unskillful rear dvd3 volume sale the shank! The rear yesterday [ke] it is and is! Don't you think? it was sale day of tea time after the releasing section! That again and tomorrow!

    • ちょ!
      The [ke] it is and is! The tea time after the releasing section it was effective entirely! However it is not bought, the… ^^; As for the older brother however the [pe] is the ball-point pen has liked with the [hu], whether privately after all stapler, the… [te] softly the [mugi] [wa] [ro] of time it is \ (the ^0^)/as for the ↑ when yesterday the fairway [u] which scratches it is the [chi] [tsu] fence it does, the background between this it collapses you lost. It was in the library! It was good,…! ><* my rhinoceros know of [miku] it is good tune, don't you think? ♪ I do not make 1, therefore it is, don't you think?!!

    • *顔を晒して
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • けいおん!ミニアルバム「放課後ティータイム」が7月発売!
      “The [ke] of the time before it is and is!”With the article, we want making the mini- album of 4 tune entering, the [tsu] [te] you wrote “softly live ver. time”, but it is the mini- album “of the tea time after the releasing section” comes out truly!! As for the number where all we cried in deep emotion of remainder new happiness live, the ♪ softly as for time ♪ my love with 4 tunes of the rice after the pen ~ ball-point pen ~ ♪ Calais, as for sale it is July 22nd with stapler ♪ [hu], because title most it has become it was the tune where “with the [hu] the pen ~ ball-point pen ~” is good above expecting in the air, you are disgusted and the [ya] [a] there is no [tsu] coming [ya] which is bought and! It has been wrapped in the only veil, whether “the rice after the Calais” is what kind of tune, from now wktk

    • フライングに定評のあるけいおんCD
      How, rubbing today when good morning it is or densely it is, it is w which is the Mali chalk (Manet latest title of the certain live person… “(the ry [tsu] - it is reason in flying,” but… acting playfully a little, when you inspect the tea time after the releasing section, it had risen with the certain animated picture sight,…? The (Ω `) certain, departure selling,… still is, don't you think?? While thinking such a thing, hearing, it increased, (me who am useless… how doing, it has procured, don't you think? it is probably will be,… being put out by the sale even with Amazon, and yahoo it increased and… having completely, don't you think? meaning is not recognized, the [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] which… - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - star lotus boat trial version is released and takes! (Source: But www where sugar s promptly play… and the [tsu] [pa] it does and it chooses demon Risa ([ehue] of [rezamasupa] the parenthesis passing, may cry is, the range itself becoming narrow, [ru] being regrettable, the shank… (the only stain yet the ufo system is not well recognized, it is, but when… properly product edition you buy the combining wwwww which is written it is not written, it seems that is troubled, w which… the (Ω `) you take and or the [ma], the [tsu] you do

    • ふふふ・・・何という授業だ・・・
      This Japan… 2 hours there was the Japanese history, usually it is to be the Japanese history which sleeps, but whether gggggg… something you can make at the video of the Pacific war look and the better shelf are, the bean jam [gu] [ri] it has done the person it was with the true thing like lie, but don't you think? you say that… why you slept and the [te] you saw shrewdly to end without the [re], w is well… as for such whether it cuts, the time when w temporarily, you sleep is the decrease [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] with the notion that where you say w - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - [teitaimu] after the releasing section… fearful extent being able to sell, don't you think? it increases, w this the kana whose also m [sute] not seeing [te] of tomorrow is good… so thinking, is [ru] I, but tomorrow being insecure, the shank well the [a]… to tell the truth is also the day after tomorrow, but… it touches tomorrow pc normally and without knowing, whether it can renew a little, whether the [re] [ru] the day after tomorrow somewhat difficult schedule is reason in the feeling such as the Tenzin festival in addition still there is a school kana w today when and… it puts out also the assignment still and the lever or… temporarily, perseveres and tomorrow it renews with carrying after going around, the kana which falls… (Ω) [noshi

    • 問題。微妙に赤い硬いのなぁ~んだ?
      --------------------------------------------- Kana [kusotsu] where present cute something releasing the tea time mini- album after the section it will be to sell, with [pana] will do with the [hu] even with the pen ball-point pen refuse ear [kopi] it will do* --------------------------------------------- When present cute something2 present [namukorando] you say, increasing in quantity edition of expert 12 of the drum has been issued separately on problem improbable, the 寧 [ro] can sell the one which is made 13 to 13, being, although it is thought as the wax, the increasing in quantity edition Hatune's melt has entered slowly to do, [toraiangura] it has entered slowly to do, as for the melt you know why, but whether the [te] which chooses [toraiangura] which why chooses [toraiangura] from [makurosu] f, now the [ke] it is and is! The [ro] [tsu] [te] which the one which was inserted does and is everyone development about half year ago music texture it is kana? Well even then the melt it is slow, but after w, why i was Born to love you and nightoffire entering, however the [ru] it does and how is good, “i was Born to love you” ““i was a Born to love you” me was the bone in order to love you”, it becomes, perhaps --------------------------------------------- Present cute something3 endless eight how becomes, it enjoys, the ♪ ---------------------------------------------Because as for soft ones where as for the sea cucumber which is made answering red sea cucumber explanatory for food of the title quiz, it is the type which is called [manamako] being hard, Cori Cori the food impression of doing as for those of feature, has redness entirely, red truth is called commonly it has light green color and blueness, blue truth it is called, but also both are [manamako

    • 「放課後ティータイム」と「GLAY:The Great Vacation Vol.1」
      The tv animation “[ke] it is and is!”Therefore song mini- album “tea time after the releasing section” in the play/tea time ¥2,205 amazon.co.jp after the releasing section the kana which the song [tsu] it should solve once - with 87 points well the tension lifting [re] [ru] tune which is such a ones also everyone should have sung, is

    • オリコン(7/13付)
      Checking 7/13 attaching [orikon] weekly ranking! Because last week it was not checked, after 2 weeks, the [ke] it is even with the shank and is! Surviving, it increased, because (laughing) don't say lazy is 3000 units constantly, if about 2 months after you can keep, the kana poult which goes to 180,000 to last week had entered into the best 50, but this week 7/13 attaching weekly ranking 18 rank “[ke] which are like it falls 50 ranks or less it is and is!”4003 image song Akiyama fairways (sum total 44372) 19 rank “[ke] it is and is!”Image song Hirasawa 唯 3985 (sum total 42594) 26 ranks don't say lazy3393 (sum total 149187) (the cherry tree high it is light sound section) 30 ranks cagayake! girls3019 (sum total 134404) (the cherry tree high the sound section) 38 rank 2401 times (sum total 71083) (the cherry tree high the sound section) also [jiyake] of the tea time after the releasing section becoming lightly softly lightly announcement, the tv animation “[ke] which it increases it is and is!”“Tea time artist after the song mini- album releasing section” in play: Publisher/manufacturer: Pony canyon sale day: 2009/07/22 media: cd

    • 夏休みは遊ぶぞ
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • けいおん! 13話 番外編『冬の日!』
      issue , please visit the following link

    • Jun. 21th
      As for [vuarukiyuria] princess talent. As though it is [hayate] which is limited to the girl! The seedling letter of the small iron, with the original to recently it was secret, but is, the girl volte-face which applies the Warring States basasra large group circular outer space 咲 - the saki- bad waiting [ke] it is and is! Dejected infinite loop of inside space cool shrine [haruhi] of [teitaimutayutamaameri] after the releasing section? Storm of summer! Performing. The [eden] celebration cup of 檜 east probably will be less crowded postponement black God true God lovely cv pot well [asurakurain] [chi] is

    • けいおん! 第12話(最終回)「軽音!」感想
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • 馬鹿なイン清お兄さんと最終回
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • ふられました
      kanji character , original meaning

    • 「髪をおろした 律の仕草が…」 けいおん!の幸せな結末
      issue , for multilingual communication

    • 何ヶ月ぶりだろうか
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • 皆にありがとうを伝えたい
      /The [a] it is to do, it was good being the tea time after the releasing section!! \ Drawing silently with hand [buro], the [ru] [yu] it was, when you think that it is already the end [tsu] [chi] [ya] you bore, however it is lonesome, to come out with the tea time after the releasing section, being able to meet, your we [tsu] in the occasion where it is happy furthermore honesty to become tired, the way however we would like to draw the picture, because today it cries without fail, the orz [ke] which is unreasonable be and it is the last time see without fail side and the [ro]!!!!!!! While expecting we persevering in the celebration of the [pi] paragraph [bu], the kana postscript which everyone tries drawing very pleasant 1 the ´∀ `[yu] which is cool it was, it is, the fairway and [mu] [gi], [ri] [tsu], the [ya] it is, the [u] it was in the [a] [zu], it is, [wa] teacher everyone they were 13 story [tsu] [te] schedules thank you, however it seems, but present 12 story what Why it probably will end quickly?

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