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    Internet related words Hatsune Miku ASCII Vocaloid

    • Funny [tsu]!
      impressions , original meaning

    • About “delusion”
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      Becoming the [tsu] extremely depth which it does, it increases, but as for ASCII art, as the sample which is something which is expressed with aa (link first, the adult there to be an element somewhat, in perusal note) being 2ch are used widely terminology and [gugurekasu] which as a great man what, from the [kana] speed which so much evolves several favorite ones the ↓. - ─ ─-, ─-, and [i]) [i] - ─ ──- and [mi] REPT No/. - - '' `& j II/Λ, [i]/^ & j (two [hu] ' ´¯ `DREPT, [noi] {no/,/[mi] three [niwo] ' ゙ and no i! {v/[mi] 32, [i], - ─ y [sore] '/three. 彡 [i].: [i] it is dense [ra];: It is dense [ra] j {v; ; ;::. ; DREPT! v -' ' i - 'Soviet v [nimi] (entrance and rj, ' DREPT [mi], `& `---- 'HKDRT [ni

    • [wa] [tsu]! It is the [ji]!
      [buroguneta]: Favorite or as for face mark and the picture letter which are used well? While participating after by your m () m are many, just a little twirling, (- the _ - the river) it is left over and other than this without using, the ASCII art [tsu] [te] it is enormous, don't you think? it is outrageous technology, how to use when is better it does that, although it is good

    • With screen saber concentration
      Very, from yesterday it has observed in the screen saber, it has made everyone screen saber [tsu] [te] something which is the ax person, -? But as for me, setting to the Ra men's picture, while [uhauha] being the picture two it flows away you see it is, don't you think? the [hu] - you see and just fall in love at the place, to see and from the yesterday entrance [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] [tsu] [te], this seeing, don't you think? this the [ho] and others seeing, the word where mass Ra men's relates flowed the picture all the way and/or cut off the instant of animated picture from youtube and/or (“Ra men's [sanji] was with the dress” however and there was also a picture of the w Chinese noodles, don't you think? as for w) being enormous in any case and being impressed this that the [ge] which is done - being off-center, however the [ru] impression it was off-center excessivelyWhen there is no reason the [te], you try probably to take it is - (seniority) to be entwined to the foot, but just it was attached what, you try when probably to do again to take it goes out and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is this, being ASCII art! Being soon, when you see, it makes this just a little [zokutsu], but, the lady! [tsu] - The screen saber opening specially with reason, observing, downloading from the simple coconut, searches the method which is [ru] just, difficult thing you seeing by your, until chestnut ww it searches, good time depends on the environment and kana of pc with “Ra men's”, but it is, it waits patiently with, in addition to see, the [ma] [hu

    • weblog title
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • Sometimes
      Story work of work going, but a certain when it increases, I had translated the mail which is overflowing in anger, it is the business letter, but when you translate making use of reason and polite language force of the original is lost rather, (air way does,) “a, the [tsu] coming. However the sending [tsu] it solved,” ““, sun queue/cue” when polite language it makes, is to be, - the [bu] oven [tsu] [po] [ku] the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was, ......” “with the [ma] [ji]? The fellow bear seeing, it can and it is the guy?!” “Well ......Is last portion changed?'in lapse of this time [gao] which completely cannot prohibit disappointment!!'” “As for [wa]! Calling, 'as for already being the hand lag [gao] which you understand!!''The [te] [me] you smile and is, [gao]!!!'As for [wa]!! You insert also ASCII art and dissolve!” “When the [a] - the good [tsu] shank -, modification item it is, please be the mail” after that in the document which is distributed of course “[gao]!!”Being attached, increase it is, you do not understand (after, [hueiku] entering into contents, it increases, because of sense) whether how much is anger of destination is transmitted with the difficult thing where but it conveys regardless the shank (intention of collecting cleanly)

    • Japanese Letter
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • Just a little wait [oshishi] w
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • You do Google
      When it searches with “ASCII art”, logograph… It is the company where the paste is good as usual

    • The weapon is shaken
      En japones , original meaning

    • The wasteful prejudice of [guguru] teacher (praising) ~ “AA” inputting, google the ~ which it tries searching
      … With the ^^ which today becomes aware for the first time in logograph becoming aa; By the way “aa it collected and” the way, when there is a wording other than aa, [guguru] kind of teacher where usual logograph is indicated it entered to be, whether it probably is to endeavor at the place perhaps just every one does not touch the eye of the person, the ^^; Addition: Even with [guguru] teacher who “ASCII art” has become the same state is deep…

    • [guruvui] culture “shape concentration”

    • There is no title
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • [31] Knowing, it increased?
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • The thing enormous happiness it was defeated in carrying
      ∴★★ ★★∴*★゜∵★★∴゜★*★*.゜★゜.*★゜.★゜∧∞∧゜★.゜: ★* (^▽^) *★: ★∴ o (*) o ∴★★* ゜*★*゜ *★゜∵★: ★゜゜★: Way ★∵゜゜* ★★ ★★*゜* ゜゜ * ゜゜ * ゜゜ * happiness visits, ゜* * * such an ASCII art of the *゜? It came from the place where the mail which is written does not know

    • [tekon]! [burogu] of law person
      [burogu] of the law person you found, you suffered hardship. Therefore the law human personal computer pride, they are contents of the adult face being defeated, don't you think? it is enormous, although the ASCII art which very has become delightful is possible, the surprise! (Letter using, drawing the picture) taking verification in the law person, if you avoid, the home page of the teacher

    • The [tsu] [ke] which is AA [tsu] [te] some abbreviation??
      :: \ [majiyabasu]! /:::::::: ¯: ¯∨¯: l:::: /[rere] - '`- - DREPT:}|::: /_/¯ & _/¯ & y∧: /{[hano]|[te] v `┬',) - ' [he] REPT {' ` | r∧ and `)/[yu] and r [yui] l \, ¯,/. [yuki] and r [he] `- {(`- ¯')}[ya] 1 -/^>}:. \ \/: || 丶 ASCII art??? [yaba] 沢 it received, - wwwwwwwwww [chiyabasu]!!! [sukedan] 12 volume it enjoys, -

    • Woman President Stoic
      If [atekushi] of the shank still immature person, it does not keep doing its own polishing in Stoic splendid word, with the internal part which we think in importance, there is work even with w holiday and there is no no [ji] [ya] if there is the ww meaning [atekushi] unusually of feeling, rather than comment thank you the [tsu], aa (ASCII art) it is the surprise and, from same mind of [atekushi] which replies, day of birthday which receives the present, we have reached exactly, thank you the [wa] [tsu] it does truly and the [yo] is and is, as for life 〓〓〓〓〓 corporation nirtec japan〓〓〓〓〓 [technology and harmony of the human.] Chief Executive Officer and ceosayo noujihp:

    • The world where the genius is in the plate
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • It introduces the sexy photograph collection of topic and the [chi] [ya] is! (2010/04/02)
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • http://ameblo.jp/kadan3/entry-10499399803.html
      [buroguneta]: When “” with you insert with the k tie mail, how it is converted? While participating ♪ birth Nippon University your sound hot water which is effective is joyous inside commonly the next of the ♪ ->! -> To put out the next of birthday, as for the large next -> as for the next of the sound which is audible -> as for the next of the hot water which is -> -> [za] spare time it does the joyous next, because it is the ASCII art which the [pu] ♪ certainly we have used it does, know it cannot increase, whether relative frequency of the sign is many, by the way, “?” when is, “” () Σ (the ¯□¯)! Σ (゚ □ ゚;)(¯□¯;)!! As for letter somewhere!? As for the parenthesis [gan] 3 ream departing anyhow,…(-. -) [u] ゙ [ikutoru] [yuko] ゙ -? (↑…)

    • As for passion, ☆COMIC CITY FUKUOKA 2103 which changes the world
      japanese means , linked pages are Japanese

    • ┌ (゜Д゜) ┘ newspaper
      En japones , original meaning

    • Their music popular on the internet ☆ ☆
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • 秋月高太郎『日本語ヴィジュアル系 ―あたらしいにほんごのかきかた』角川書店(角川oneテーマ21)、2009.1.10初版発行
      issue , original meaning

    • Tue, Sep 01
      Everyone 21:43 following returning thank you the [ma] [tsu] it does! earth wind & fire could obtain ww in the cd prayer of the 21:42 bath, of course september heard also the 20:57 bath the bath the 20:50 well did! rt @he_bo: The summer wars you saw! 20:15 spiritual raw rational insomnia!? We this!? 19:56 @pakichi aa being said, only ASCII art Akira's 19:47 Ikegami who does not float story is easy to know, the 17:49 it is rough - the [do]* The 17:46 which is the good dance where the 17:48 you bear, as for the [pi] the [pi] the [tsu] [pi] - the ♪ 17:30 will not, it is waiting [u] 17:22 @kamilleb_bot calling, and others wrt @inaba1090 where - the 16:55 Tokachi river hot spring it is and starts and - the 16:41 @kamilleb_bot [ku],… as for tvo of the 15:44 brown soak laver this [kamiyu] of the trauma cartoon 15:32 is funny: It is and this [kamiyu] is black w rt @kamilleb_bot: Those sunglasses of @inaba1090 it hits and we would like dividing is and the shank [unintentionally] 15:24 [muto], - it is (the 15:20 it is visible in the character scene wind! It is visible! [orize] is visible even in me! 14:41 former times, the night of funeral of old lady, the old lady of the expectation which dies being the corridor of the temple meeting properly, the memory which converses clearly remains, but is, the 14:17 work which as for that whether being dream 14:32 Tuesday good is effective very and is not? No that it is tasty? It is 14:01 @lllllll, don't you think?! Is, don't you think?! Your [me] ahead 13:54 @akky_ -! Everyone where by your 34 are at next month and/or stripe s 04:11 @ponkotudaiki does cripes - it is, therefore as for the 04:02 @meguri128 worldly desires sensor wastefully the super high performance angle and the dragon. Desired of the everyday 03:56 of the [nabaru] soaking age are the miso from this! The 03:47 @meguri128 blood compared to the dragon ball is rare, instead of the 03:45 the 03:41 [mote] period how city legend where we would like to devise the how [katsukoii] to correct of the glasses which slip opening the 03:27 window which is thought as grinding story and mythical class, unless you sleep, or close and sleep or that is decided, the 03:10 which cannot sleep - the [re] - performance calls rape and - ♪ 01:02 @little__five is completed cripes - powered by twtr2src

    • さよならがいえなくて
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • モンハンに似すぎw ヘッドライン2009.07.27
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • 「トロトロ」系の商品名の食品は売れる (ネット用語バトン)
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • 【MA】しーるぶぷれー♪
      So say such a person ...... of time better seed(The д `) (news item [mishiyuran]) looking at name, as for the entertainer who finally remembered well…It exceeded the super [saiya] person who exceeds the super [saiya] person where this exceeds the super [saiya] person ......The super [saiya] person whom it exceeds 76 (extent) the [tsu] which is!!! The orange juice which you think that (news item [mishiyuran]) such boss may stay, is bad to the tooth? To somewhere truth just (dusk) for favorite me from lol. In the rush time zone of the morning and night when it is life problem, parent and child accompanying private “kids vehicle” introduction…If ruling party woman Assemblymen, request (painful news (the no ∀ `)) only cost it puts out to national traffic phase, you think that it makes with a lot of, with attribute “the fire” or “the water” or “the wind” or “the earth” or selection you must be, when, whether the [tsu] [te] (from deep blue) the fire or the water by the way first, the ja [u] product agricultural products which are [hitokage] group “to open and the callous wait” in the basic crop “watermelon” which it comes after west and the mallow teacher illustration cardboard more and more appearance!!! (?- [zu] sp compared to) and the [tsu] [pa] object as for “American” [tsu] [te] thinks that it was large, it is, something is different, funny 2009 kind of spring animation announcement! (<2ch>New fast vip [burogu] (`Ω ')) the [ke] it is and is with as for the 咲 assuming that dvd you borrow, unless you read the original of the storm of the summer first, the [dorakue] article of… yahoo news (transmission original [sachina]) contents is corrected immediately after the publishing (<2ch>In order new fast vip [burogu] (`Ω ')) for the mouth not to slide, unless the strap is attached properly<咲 - saki-> The ASCII art where the dragon gate Fuchi being transparent bloom is splendid (<2ch>New fast vip [burogu] (`Ω ')) after finishing reading entirely, the refreshing impression where you can taste with 12 games of the w can tongue operation the null null impression being enormous!! Although 'clearly' this fall of everyone sale (the lightning online) or www which “clearly” is this truth it was announced, www which is not done at all clearly

    • 20090522
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • 今日はスタジオ
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • NHK 変わりまーす!!
      The sprouting too much sight of NHK “to do too much w” is broadcast to nighttime with high appraisal NHK bs2, “net culture variety program” 'the* Net star!'Public .......... It is broadcast to nighttime with ≫ NHK which reads the ≪ continuation bs2, “net culture variety program” 'the* Net star!'“NHK you cannot think the official home page!”Don't you think? with the reason which becomes topic with the net if you look at the home page, 2 dimensional character of clear sprouting degree full opening the many writing, 2 popularity [kiyara] of the [ru] also “the husband who is done” has appeared and, the woman who adds the pan being attached the rear end having, to be placed to the picture that, the boy looks at the underpants in the skirt, former NHK image and 180 degrees in this shocking home page which becomes the specification which differs with the net, “with “w government-managed broadcast where NHK deviates” that to be popular too much the [ro] w listening fee which is” “in suchBeing used, because the [ru] the shank (laughing)” “it is defeated densely and the [e] it is the [a] it is to call is densely!!! (Lines of ASCII art inside the home page)” and so on this sight is appraised high

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