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    Internet Phrase related words レコーダー Analog broadcasting Terrestrial digital broadcasting Chidejika analoguma

    • Analog vs digital
      When you think that character “area [dejika]” of area [deji] (the right) the urgent sewer was announced from commercial broadcast ream, opposite [kiyara] “[anaroguma]” (the left) appearance already already doing also song in on the same day net, that it is fast, with as for nameless characteristic and spirit of defiance, it is what, (the Japanese ancient times). The applause which makes the tradition of the neck or mania song remember

    • Second creation
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • Title does not conceive
      * The store name is just a little [yavuai] ......(; ´д `) ① (~_~;)Tottori prefecture, it is to include do ② The [u] - it is ([] DOTDT) ③ [anaroguma] and area [dejika] it probably will put out, is ④ ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ To [tsu] to [tsu] to [tsu]… ⑧ Title please think

    • Japanese talking
      As for some time ago article, at the place where [anaroguma] is properly indicated classified by… where we recommend that you see from the personal computer, what as for profit however it is not, don't you think? laughing

    • “[anaroguma]” and “analog donkey”
      Opposing to “area [dejika]”, there are two sights, “[anaroguma]” and the “analog donkey” and are with the shank [e] ~ furthermore, in “[anaroguma]” there being to a song, this it is, it is the wallpaper respective sight which this which has wallpaper is in, analog donkey” “the “the [anaroguma]” “analog donkey”

    • There is no title
      Though bearing densely it is, it is it is [wa] toshiki, (the ' Ω `) today the pin key blue of the slot of [hange] the between [u] [tsu] [te] of the night the ~ which it increases (unintentionally, after all pin key chance the [te] you abandoned to the [tsu] coming the stopping [ma] it is without, \ (the ^0^)/(the kana big which does up to 33 12 times, reg just 2 times that stand truth which was favorable? It is defeated and the [tsu] [te] which sows it is it is reason, but +4700 it was last, after the ^0^ it writes w when we assume that opening, you think that [anaroguma] and the analog donkey probably will be it is the www [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] calling feeling, with w especially [anarugumaanaroguma] the shank ([a] [kuma]! The antenna just attached [tsu] [te] calling and something song among good w now the t shirt buying [tsu] solving, if [okushiyon] it puts out instantaneously becomes digital you the large rich person ([oi] extremely are renewal above t [shiyatsuhoshisu] ww, it is (the ' Ω `) lastly, “the tuner to give, with [roha]”

    • 襍 word. excuse my french (word being dirty, [me] it is do)
      Since placing thing of future month [ruru] in the diary, the [gugu] [tsu] [te] the guest who comes is many with schmuck and pluck, it is, don't you think? [kore] [te] slung (code word) with it does, the [yo]? Perhaps, schmuck having with the similar = droppings guy to English, pluck! It plunders normally, that when it pulls with seeing for the first time, the prick= short and small guy (free translation) with misunderstanding, it increased, (it is and is, spelling is different at all being, it does, the [yo] - the [tsu]!)This [anaroguma] which free story 休 subject recently is happened to see frequently favorite the [chi] and others the k tie it does not have densely, (it is not) the [ro] of the air which perhaps lifetime it has - the [hu] [a] to be, because it is [ningen], heart. It is impression affinity side side, ♡ business communication: t n some days ago with it to be, -! In addition you play, don't you think? the better [yo] -

    • Direct at area the vs hole [ro] bear
      Analog broadcast end… substituting at 2011 July 24th, to as for changing “terrestrial digital broadcast” whether everyone consent that, does everyone preparation increase it being possible? … The inside however still is,… (the д `) with, is what, you bit, it was, in the “area [deji] conversion campaign character” now “at area direct”… and, the rival appears “direct at that area”!!! Don't you think? the name and… the “hole [ro] bear” (∀) it does and the [tsu] oak well the ~ happens to think well whether… “cup [se] bear” how [doko] it is, the [yo] which seems < hole [ro] bear profile > birthday: 2009 April 27th postponement day: 2011 July 24th habitat: Japan (viewer) height: 1 meter weight: 15~20kg specialty: It is to fall the [chi] it is the [bi] [ro] ~ it is defect: With such a feed like we [kuma] which does not fish! Merit: [a] favorite food: Deer hateful food: As for the one which we would like to know more whether salad hole [ro] bear official sight “[anaroguma]” mono it is what kind of… this, the [do] (*´ Ω) the original? … Version upgrade? … The classified by 2 version hole [ro] ~ [gu] [ma] of version upgrade, the hole [ro] ~ [gu] ~ well you probably will sufficiently pay attention to ~・・・ volume (the ´∀ `) Σ) the ∀ `) it is what, the arrival [u] of carrying it is

    • Aftertaste it is bad,… the celebration
      First animation was tele east system, “[wevuangeriwon]” the ending was done exactly with the true reverse side, it should commemorate 40th “summer the forgetting celebration! Song” this year of Japan and last year when notification of terrestrial digital broadcast complete movement was done with program beginning everyone of the shareholder who crosses over notification other than 7ch television Aichi to the meeting place did, but this year… (c) TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. recording original bs Japan why area [dejika] appearing, that which has been notiified? W which [anaroguma] the [suku] water… well, regardless is not in the w [tsu] [te] and or the golden time is

    • You do not see the one which special
      Trick of picture quality being digital with [ribenji] of those which I be disheartened draw with the ze☆ analog whose [ehui] is ruinous by picture power however it tried drawing, this… analog there is no [mashi]? I support [anaroguma] with the [tsu

    • SONY BDP-S360
      Essa opiniao , for multilingual communication

    • Non subject
      When the God which respects is [mausa], despair is abnormal what! Densely the [chi] and others it is the analog mouse! It is [kakukaku]! Therefore the pen tub you use is! The infrared ray you use the [ro] which is! It is good so with something, it is! Talent of color coating ^^^^ digital color coating [muzu] it is to be is,… color is piled up on the line, it is,…

    • [u] [hu] [hu] \ (´∀ `)/←
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • Postponement
      Because the prescription of dentistry or medical science (the diagnosis and treatment remuneration bill) not to be the paper, the conversion to online system which is transmitted with Internet is completely obliged on 2012 end, the doctor et. al who cannot produce the personal computer calls life and death problem and pinewood dentistry of the Katsushika Ku blue door it is conversion to online system the [gi] to be lost but it becomes the second look with administration alternation and the condition what perfection obligation may become the send-off! [tsu] [u] thing is the notion that, terrestrial digital broadcast complete movement on 2011 July 24th of example which has been similar to this Corporation digital broadcast propulsion association ahead relationship necessary with the shooting business division of labor person whether area [dejika] is defeated to [anaroguma] by reduction propping up and the like, still as for the buying changing of the television whether the one which still it waited is good, but - 32 type liquid crystal televisions of Seiyu Ltd. you are surprised to sale at 39,800 Yen! It becomes cheap to somewhere

    • 253rd day [gatsuki].
      It is dense, it is the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it does, (- ω-) the no merely now during New Year's greeting card producing…That but you think and start and whether every year the quantity it increases, and why every year 30 (- ω-) the person who is always given is to call, assuming, that it lifts to the person who in year has become care every year quantity present condition maintaining having with the [tsu] [te] feeling which from next year relation stops, whether to [yu] [u] 25 day the book you must be, unless, [yu] [u] hard schedule (; Therefore the ´д `) the favorite handwritten it is (the *´∀ `) the by [anaroguma] propulsion [ru

    • Cosmopolitan cleaner D (tester CP-7D) you insert in the hand. (2 where it cannot make Andromeda)
      And the [a], ladies and gentlemen vigorous kana (Ω)/'the cover you used completely and' became, it is [idesura], other than blinking typing which as expected breaking the light-emitting diode, regrets also three, fiercely at all it is not, but is, there I in order 'to obtain the cosmopolitan cleaner to Nishimura Joyce can dull', with walking 20 minutes, appeared in the traveling of 5 parts by the car and, finally get it did, (the ¯ -* Cosmopolitan cleaner d? The [tsu] which (promptly, tried using sanwa analog multiple tester cp-7d), first the single 32 book the ~ connects! [chiyoi] becoming tired, because the [ru] as for electric current the place, ~20.5ma rated output of high brightness led was 4v specification with about 20ma, trying connecting to also power unit in the thing kana [u] ~ [n] trial, the ~ exactly 20ma rank whether about 2.5v whether therefore max12v where the graduation is one side six, instantaneously with glance quantity measuring, you obtain,” the ~ [tsu]!! There being even a [tsu] or an electric current 4 volts/bolts… will not, the [re] but the ~, as for the world the so sweet this graduation is what,… 60.5ma!! When is, the [o] ~!! DREPT (. `д´.)There are no three times that or more no usual led normal rated power 20ma or, the [tsu]!! '[shiyaa] exclusive use' or [tsu]!! With sort with according to the ~ the ~ it is the meaning which can be burnt off… (crying) it scattered life wastefully, from first 'the tester: If' only it is,…… 'the tester: If' only it is, if…… '[idesura]' it is here, is but (blast) to some extent we would like to make Andromeda 1/700 Andromeda which continues (no ◇≦)/the Bandai ¥1,680 amazon.co.jp - [seintokurosumaisu] - the Bandai saintly fighting loyal retainer saintly robe mythical series Andromeda instant (holy robe) ¥6,825 optimism * the Mobile non corresponding death Ra aggressive aircraft carrier/the Bandai ¥1,050 amazon.co.jp

    • Blackstar HT 5 Combo after that
      It tried recording with the digital camera, it is, and [tsu] [pa] every one and record together [chi] [ya] now it is the shank limiter but that like, catching, it is compressed by [miyo] and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is this which the [tsu] [chi] [ya] is what not to be different from lead12 to feeling, don't you think? listening it exceeds, until (laughing) dod (analog man mod) you step on, as for the gain where is only delay about half, as for volume from half about a little under (10 o'clock) isf which is the right the place where all the way (British side) the blackstar ht-5 combo clean [tsu] [po] [ku] listening which is it exceeds repelling weakly, whether the [ru] lowering the volume of the guitar, when it is about the gain half which it increases When the [gatsu] [tsu] which also the reaction of picking is good and is it repels the [zaku] [tsu] being warped, when it repels weakly, when volume of the amplifier is increased this when is close cleanly and is the middle limits at once being conspicuous, in order also for the affinity of dod which becomes sexy crunching to be very good, also the tuning which is the feeling where finer strain is added is perplexed with [yoreyore] and the chopstick like phrase being the [tsu] temporary, [sumimasen] (the sweat) this good quality is transmitted with does not think lazily in the sound source, but when even a little it becomes some reference, it is delightful, is!!

    • Side effect of March illness × new engaging in agricultural × area [deji
      belief , Japanese talking

    • To end 1 year 4 month, TV station each company in picture of analog broadcast “black band” to introduction
      The [ro] where the mastermind… [anaroguma]… to ◆gigazine◆ television giga end 1 year 4 month, TV station each company introduction does not pass the “black band” to the picture of analog broadcast and is

    • One step advance
      Good-bye, [anarogumakuyatsusan] with respect to the picture right thank you! Looking at this [burogu], still, seeing analog broadcast [yatsusan] which becomes aware in [ru] we, had area [dejichiyuna] -!

    • Room and TV me. That 3
      Never, serialization > as for [suretai] the 1 the 2 under great cooperation of the rear 1 weekly parent, as for packing somehow Kata may arrive from this to moving, is, but coming here, the tv antenna of the serious situation occurrence new house, why south it is faced if it is - with as for the new house to see Seibu line certain station area [deji], as for the antenna whether whether it does not face, viewing expectation… never, to look at the east-southeast which has Tokyo tower light mediating/helping you must be? As for abandonment departure to [a] [u] light of the other day large bombing death!? It is OK comprehension, if really tv it does not try installing, you do not understand, but immediately it tries groping counter-measure and possibility, it is the [ze] 1 which is. The reflected wave of k neighborhood picking up miraculously under present conditions, when the view [re] it is the [ri] it does, [iina]! 2. The realistic 3. [a] [u] boxes which is sufficient external antenna installation 10,000 Yen or less borrowing, but the cs combined antenna rental charge. . But as for expense of 3,000/months however… cs we would like to insert, video recording increasing above now, the possibility without of being able to judge large 4 where that is good. Rather, but thing area [deji] is easy with psp or carrying, 5 where it cannot videotape. It summons also the [anaroguma] summons leak ghost* It does not go like this well with such a place oak oak something, don't you think? it is probably will be, when the _ l quaintness (, [n],) the _ always action it is said, in the series the 4 everything teapot [te] the solution compilation probably will perhaps continue with reason,

    • Japanese Letter
      In the past [ma] the [pi] - had written on blog, [suzan] Boyle is present, it is even, this year when also it transmits the net with charge this year [anaroguma] crimson white what you see this year with the analog sd which is the pad last kana

    • [anaroguma] and [anaroguma
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

    • New face.
      There being a meaning from the parents' home of the master, [] [wa] [] which the television which it stops using is sent it was and there is no analog going to also the Bick camera which is to have become the analog mark air which is in that, right hand edge of [], either one is unable to call and repeatedly trouble, it is the ~ to have gone but transferring to lucky thing, it received, simply, the place where the electrical outlet pours, has become three…It is the line kana oral [ya] in the electric appliances store and, the television stand is purchased and the television of the pad which is the oral [ya], in addition when the friend uses, with thing, comes from now, nevertheless, opposite side of the television, the mountain of the book we would like somehow, like this doing, when you see, in the photograph it is many after all, is, don't you think?…

    • Education
      Em japones , original meaning

    • 20090518
      - “The [do] 1 will not”, in the back “by your” the blue earth, success - Secret of person and robot: As by your the industry where we would like to make same ones (the [u]) - vocaloid “[megutsupoido]” of the [ranka] dubbing artist and the [yu] float [ma] you see, with illustration June sale - The glance [bo] [re] which searches Oji in the center of maiden and [akiba] is recorded tried using “[hitomebo]” - “Because it was not, you made by your”, [supirubagu] supervision for the child the reason ●firefox where the game was made as desired--about: You can use in the config page “hack” of convenient 10 where “Accompanied me by the corporation food the [tsu] [te]” of ●ziddy: Well the [ru] of [mikushii] it is, at the office [danonbio] the [yake] eating compilation 1. You can worship anywhere, “the south non Amitabha French k tie”--The Chinese ton demonstration k tie picture book General affairs area [deji] support center of ministry, support business to senior citizen handicapped person real starting Digital hi-vision video camera approximately of 14,800 Yen in [eguzemodo] and realized price - As for av 2009 how it becomes, the ⇒ which one Yutaka Torii and Ichijo Makoto talk greatly - [anaroguma], why in iphone the landing ⇒ - It is healed to heart! Tokyo power spot it goes round, 2nd feature! ⇒ - macbook air 檄 as for capability of thin-shaped note x340 of being similar super the worm ⇒ which from the └→ & infection enlargement transfigures in money purpose - The modeler in the world collects! Shizuoka hobby show opening!! └→ - Yamaha, [jiyogu] private audio player “bodibeat” generality sale - With the hand blurring revision built-in [deji] one eye “worldwide most light weight” “α230”

    • weblog title
      That it will make the article, many retained the picture, but what and exactly with the mosquito net the rival of area [dejika], [anaroguma] even popularity, “opposing” promotes terrestrial digital broadcast to the character “area [dejika]” which, analog broadcast and the [ji] [tsu] [te] it was made also the bear, “[anaroguma]” the character, to appear, rooter's song be possible and/or merchandising the t shirt and the like advancing and/or with, being something which is born from entry of Internet bulletin board which shows the extent which is expected the writer to do with letter of the unclear personal computer and the ASCII art which is designed with the sign, raising the antenna for analog broadcast reception to the headCcx ci of the support sight operators who are (autonym unknown) according to, as for birthday of [anaroguma], in order the Japanese private broadcast union (commercial broadcast ream) to postpone the end of the analog broadcast which April 27 Nippei forming is planned in July of 23 which announces area [dejika], the question which is born in this world thin to being, illustration of [anaroguma] which shows various conduct large number, was moved aside by the contribution sight, appeared to rooter's song furthermore, “clubt” of the net mail order company (the Tokyo Shibuya Ku), when the t shirt of 30 types which print [anaroguma] was drawn up, approximately 1In the subculture where also new [kiyara] “analog donkey” which implements the gratis of the digital tuner has been born Shunichi Karasawa of the detailed critic (51), opposing to area [dejika] which commercial broadcast ream directs, such as [anaroguma] new [kiyara] being born, “as for [kiyara] which “on” like pushing was built up 'it makes public opinion neglected', the manifestation of opposing heart of the user that” on the net that in other things, it could be sold nearly 1000 in the month, point out with the sight, “Japanese [burogu] village” area [dejika] and popularity poll of [anaroguma] to be done, for the present [anaroguma]Preponderantly rally of the net user to lead/read area [deji] propulsion?, mere you play and are heartless?…

    • ぱこ
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • ゼロ年代、製作現場ではなにがおこっていたか?(J-POP論最終回)
      日語句子 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 携帯の設定
      Sound of carrying it is mono setting, but as for method of telephoning, the [u] of [anaroguma] it is as for the details which are the rust in order to search in the stock” box”, as for tune with [niko] motion to see, you use the Yagi Uda antenna even with area [deji], but. Element being short, they are multi just saying, when Sea of Japan sides, the ghost stopping, - not to be, e [supo] ([suporadeitsuku] e layer) stopping, because with e [supo] of the shelf - summer season the vhf band is disordered with radio wave from the continent, don't you think? as for arrival of the mail, Pearl Harbor attack. As for the sound level which is temporary news chime sound it was the intention of adjusting only morning and the noon such as no [se] carrying which is many a thing where it is found, but because of that sound is small well enough that the mail comes from after, makes chicken ham [tsu] [te] ones which is many a thing which with even arrival of the telephone which does not verify is not taken from yesterday, but before laying down, at stage, it cut in the one for lunch of the tomorrow which had become the completion which is good to that appearance, mono it carries

    • そんな餌で俺様が釣られるクマ--!-iPodアプリ
      唯 fragrance it is analog it has appeared in on the right being, to designate the television of the [chi] as the air, - it is, ([zu] ∀ .)Recently, exclusively you looked at area [dejiterebi] nevertheless with last year when it studies the liquid crystal television at price COM contingent thing, but it is, you were hasty in trick of the response, (∀ ;)However you swore that 1 years. to the analog end nearness you do not buy from that, the echo point of details obscurity shakes 唯 fragrance, (□ `;)As for betting [hoimi] on such a 唯 fragrance [anaroguma] (∀ ) Buying the cheap tuner the no [ku] [ma] - it probably has appeared to after all 2011, you buy organic el it probably has spread after that 5 years! (2003 make television inside moves to that and [te] gives story.) as for the 唯 fragrance which always looks at the song of [anaroguma] with [niko] motion with such a feed like we to fish, the bear - -! (∀ `*) With there is a ipod application of [anaroguma] with the notion that where you say, (∀ ) No having no charge downloadverup doing, when the double tap it does, with the ghost it became the [ru] way, but after all song of [anaroguma] should have entered as the ~ thinks, (∀ ) Splendid free application thank you (human `*) 1 days 1 clicking also developer one today of ゙ application, supporting, (´∀ `) the no ⇒

    • いろいろいたい
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • アニメ【銀魂】8月放送スケジュール
      Animation silver soul, it is August broadcast schedule, * [netabare] note ≪ animation silver soul broadcast schedule ≫ 8/06 animation 169th story “to do to be led, “only foolish” televising 8/13 animation 170th story “title unclear” televising 8/20 animation 171st story imitation doing, from “the title unclear” [tsu] [te] of televising (silver soul synthesis summary @wiki) which is appealed” 170 stories those where you say become matter of concern, but there is no leucocyte king volume end cup at week before, don't you think?? The like www book, is leucocyte king volume completion story the next sub tie with “and to legend”, don't you think?… After, 171 stories “only imitation doing, it is appealed,” our 虐 news item!? Because there is a laughing variety, don't you think?, with cartoon and with animation!!! It is new in memory, if you mention animation original respect (<- to obtain,), the mannequin “area [dejikagura]” (´д `) [noshi] this of kagura is good kana and area [deji] notification puts out with photograph taken on the spot!!! When it arranges together, there is no [are]? When with the notion that where you say, mosaic processing (laughing) it becomes like this in that deer, still area [deji] improbable it produces the television of everything house, how probably is next with “[anaroguma]”? <- Say nothing [anaroguma] [tsu] [te] copyright free it probably will put out, is and, how is, the one shot? The same as www silver soul 4: [anaroguma] appeared in even “[keroro] sergeant” of 3 broadcasts, it seems, because is, the [a] (laughing) how is, the one shot? <- Says nothing area [dejikagura] was possible, because it is, it is to [anaroguma] and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] is and is you!!! (≧∇≦) b silver soul [tsu] [te] ......It is thrilling, don't you think?!!! 2 cool eyes of laughing 4th year, more and more the [tsu] throwing, when the www handle which is full with the feeling which we would like to receive, it becomes sometime, 16: It becomes animation of 9, it is the [ro] which is? As for jump animation other than 16 silver soul: 9 to put out, even in tele east 4: There are no about 3 [tsu] [te] [keroro] and silver soul, is? As for television of house area [deji] 16: Because they are 9 pictures, quickly silver soul and [keroro] 16: The [noshi] picture side which 9 broadcasts would like to see, are (´∇ `) we would like to worship the silver all the way!!!! <- Obtaining

    • GWってナニ?
      日語句子 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 花粉症はどうか
      Because it is the weather irregular from May 5th, whether or not the hay fever of the expectation which has been ended gradually was settled the nose which is not understood is not the majority ......So the [ru] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [a] as for the eye which comes out ......If you do not scratch, the medicine which does not become itchy ......Reality. As for the mask which the not depending [te] is not problem ......The clogging which it has not done, being all right? What weather becomes good from tomorrow, but the grateful thing where it is the grateful thing where it seems and the [pa] to do and the pollen worry the one where day of roof of house which is hits solar generation of electricity, to bury the one which does not hit with green and exhaust, the window. Because ...... where it makes the natural curtain with the plant of system well, a little whether it contributes, but the earth does not increase to warming absorbing the pollen, you do not give?......Every single it is Tokyo [orinpitsukuare] presently having summoned and being active there was a green in the roof roof ......When that summons decides, whether it is possible, the event of the summer stops impossible ......Because event area how it is not in other things, ......However it is not the case, [sore] reason, Tokyo Olympics as for if anything with large opposition ......Rather than with saying, that it expects whether it is not to be difficult private the Brazilian opening ......In south America the expectation which becomes first opening it puts out, ......Story after the kana which is not hitting says the new character of area [deji] large participating with cm differing from [garatsu], when the letter, now shank analog goes out, area [dejika] which has hidden doing, everyone hiding various [tokoro], [iyan] ......It is what, it confronts the image character before, it is accustomed to applying? And so on with it is the case that it is thought, but area [deji] is large recommendation, but [anaroguma] is better character (laughing) [3d] The [u] of the [anaro] bear it is pv [photograph taken on the spot synthesis] it is enormous! It is more active than area [dejika], certainly today with such a [tokoro

    • 妖精さん〜妖精さん〜(*゜∀゜)アハア八アッ八ッノヽ〜☆
      issue , original meaning

    • 地デジカ
      The eye which you see it may change being, you wanted to write, you wanted to write, you had been patient directly, but is,… it is useless! You viewed “area [dejika]”? The [po] [tsu] you are disgusted to the somatotype which is made slurry and, Nakano young child somatotype the [bu] and others the pupil [gi] [za] or the [wa] [yu] do (translation: Very, it is lovely) to tell the truth it is life expectancy 800 day when, unless to tell the truth it is to be made instantly most any where you wiped, as for the clothes of “area [dejika]” “it is not the [suku] water”, when well, you read well well, is not the case such as the “[suku] water”, when it tries inquiring about truth in the commercial broadcast ream which seems, these clothes “even when being the swimming wear, are not the leotard”, so, especially meaning it is not in the clothes, it seems, “in the future, in combination with to time such as baseball and figure skating, if it is the schedule which dresses the clothes and changes” in swimming wear also being the leotard, what? Pattern of body? Furthermore therefore commercial broadcast ream, such a thing those which were said, appearing to [anaroguma], heat making to theme song of [anaroguma] which it raises this where the [ru] person is superexcellence languidly is languid the impression! Very climbing in topic, what the [bo], is not? Most, from lux of “area [dejika]”, to here imaginative power expanding from that, however there is also a certainly the technique which can be drawn is too enormous doubtful [ero] or [wa] system, the frame cartoon which you do not think and the [pu] [tsu] you can laugh yellow in the thing drying of the many garden, drying those “in swimming wear also being the leotard”, at the room bareness? So the root [ro] [tsu] [te] tv seeing, the [ru] person, becoming the mouse of the silhouette entirely gray, the [ru] when, “the water which is less crowded the potato it is” [tsu] [te] yellow turning off, the [ru] when, when it is turned off, because it is pitiful, however direct it does not link, the straw [kiyara] which is obtained full load “area [dejika]” is lovely loosely in any case! Note * to sprout by the way in me and type beauty girl illustration hobby because of the sense which is not having been buried to many sprouting, or the [wa] [yu] finding don't you think? you try seeing?

    • デスブログの恐怖
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • 昔を懐かしむは老け込んだ証・・・ではないと思いたい (;´Д`)
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