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    niconico live,

    Internet related words Niwango Ustream demontration March Rising sun flag Japan privilege Free to air

    • As for Tuesday night smile live program
      News of smile live program is funnier than news of the television, is

    • Reversal loaded bases [sayonarahomuran] how it is truly, it is with the shank
      But day ham optimistic game you see it is with smile live program, just is the flag making [ya] air is completed, it is even it was the tournament of feeling

    • Laughing it is to fumble the trophy 4/16 of ch
      When with smile live program Monday from night 9 o'clock large happy interest program “laughing of live program is to fumble ch” there is chosen in the mail craftsman, performs can receive the private property of the entertainer who are that private property which the beer ticket expiration date of the screw socks which 2016

    • Part it is grateful the ~
      Smile live program everyone who is seen the ~ seeing gratefully, entirely it increased! If also charge broadcast is good, to coming in seeing, [yo] ~ now with everyone the o stomach in the supper [tsu]…[a]…As for photograph change scenery at rest room (laughing)
      微笑实况转播被看见看见的~感恩地的每个人,它完全地增加了! 如果也充电广播是好,对进来看见, [现在yo] ~与大家在晚饭[tsu的] o胃… [a]…关于照片变动风景休息室(笑)

    • Don't you think? [tsu] [po] well.
      Smile live program you see becoming enormous story, continuing even in the better seed Hamada person, when it comes out although there is a [gaku] heat, however to persevere too much it is delightful,… When with you think, 1f being expelled, the stand seeing and before being expelled quickly gackt coming out,
      微笑实况转播您看成为的极大的故事,继续甚而在更好的种子Hamada人,当它出来时,虽然有a [gaku]热,然而坚持太多它是令人愉快的,… 当与您认为, 1f被逐出的,看见和在是之前的立场出来迅速被逐出的gackt,

    • 放置しててスマン。
      Being fixed to smile live program, not be able to renew [te] [burogu], don't you think? the [te] when sound Gaea of [miku] reached as a w report crimson, 妖, long, the hard clear [tsu] [te] of the wind and area it is dense kana
      被固定微笑实况转播,不能更新[te] [burogu],您是否不认为? [te],当合理的Gaea [miku]时到达作为w报告绯红色,妖,长,坚硬明白[tsu] [te]风和区域它是密集的kana

    • 俺出んの?的な顔
      News! Laughing live ~iginari raw live [contents] making use of smile live program from Sendai, laughing battle program of opposition type 30 minutes is broadcast
      新闻! 笑的活~iginari未加工活[内容]利用从仙台的微笑实况转播,反对类型笑的争斗节目30分钟是广播

    • なま
      Happy raw releasing sending, seeing completely it was not, but it is

    • Acid Black Cherryのy...
      Smile live program the [a] [a] [a] [a] which was seen????
      被看见? ? ?的微笑的实况转播[a] [a] [a] [a] ?

    • http://ameblo.jp/larmes-du-noir/entry-10269766368.html
      Smile live program you see you have forgotten the [tsu

    niconico live, Internet,

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