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    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control,

    Reportage related words Ministry of Health Tamiflu Bird influ Pandemic swine influenza 1918 flu pandemic National Institute of Infectious Diseases World Health Organization Seasonal flu Flu-infected persons H1N1

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    • WHO
      The attitude which fears the economic damage which is written before could infer the thing of the seminar of the new model influenza measure which is held in recent Koshi city “bear day economy May 1st and politics concerning consideration who”, to be influenced by the American intention, the place where you intended, but that because there are headquarters in Geneva, it probably will be few, “as for who the talent, information and American disease measure center (cdc) etc [hukuda] the influenza measure which is under influencing where the United States is strong is generalized is cdc graduate in all respects of technical power”, that, the fact that it is written on the particular article is readThat whatever can which you think whether with, also the helpless part it is calling even when, as for after all hundred times that the Japanese public welfare Ministry of Labor reliability it is high it is (wry smile) just that, also responsibility is heavy see me, feel me and touch me and heal me which probably means and, being also influence.

    • In new model influenza prevention as for mask validity? *
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • May 22nd
      Because from 1957 there is an immunity in portion of the person who is born before, such a viewpoint which seems, American disease measure center (cdc) [jiyanigan] sub-manager of influenza measure section on the 20th, the stripe does that the young person is many in the infection person of the influenza of this time, clearly in interview after 1918 popularity of the Spanish flu which is 52 years old or more commonly starts, as for those where it has become popular in the world after 57 popularity of the Asian flu starts with h1n1 type reaches the point where h2n2 type becomes popular, latest new model virus when the serum of the h1n1 type middle to elderly-aged person is inspected, this timeIn the vigorous aged person that with good news the shank it was found that it is a some defense reactivity vis-a-vis new model -------------------------------------------* Day girl scout Japanese union of the girl scout enactment 1947 (1947) year, preparatory committee starts in order to restore the Japanese girl scout who is discontinued in the Second World war and as for girl scout Japanese union being formed as for the girl scout motion in Japan which is after that 2 years, 1920 (1920) in year was formed the “Japanese woman guidance group” is made starting in Tokyo* Day of international living thing variety (international day for biological diversity) 1994 (1994) “regarding with the variety of the living thing one at the beginning of the enactment international day it was December 29th the treaty” of year tightening approximately National Diet discussion, but 2000 (2000) from year it was modified on May 22nd* Day of every month 22nd married couple------------------------------------------- The ○ the girl scout who is not popular there to be the memory where that former times small clean child of the ○ which is not happened to see does, because ○ variety first the mankind is the typical ○ varieties, when after the society funny ○ retirement age it goes, it does not come and that the rear ○ of the [te] wife super with it turns it is the useless man ○ disturbance conversely, it is yelled, going away from the [otsusan] shelf------------------------------------------It halts you walk in contrast to the flow of the person to this old boy passage where the old boy whom it cannot owe to retirement age winding up the lady and together super to shopping is many and is what which is the disturbance truly hobby connection independent margin with word it becomes greatly

    • Influenza information 2009-06-02
      The American infection person and 10,000 person it exceeds, as for = new model in full American disease measure center (cdc) as for the deceased which it announces that on the 1st, the infection person of the new model influenza reached to 10,053, as for 17 infection people, it is verified with All-American 50 states and Washington, but as for spirit of infection enlargement the current events communication 2009/06/02 new model in full which is seen that the pass was crossed over: When also the parent goes to bed at the time of loss 43,700,000,000 Yen school closure of enterprise, in order to prevent the infection enlargement of the new model influenza, when the small school and the preschool, the nursery school closes 1 weeks, either one of the parents of working together work as for the economic loss which enterprise wears by the fact that you go to bed when it rises to 43,700,000,000 Yen in the national capital region, the parent to whom the Fujitsu entire research economic laboratory (the Tokyo Minato-ku) collected estimate, does not go to bed and, the nurture education formulation of the structure of the kind of country where also the [te] is completed urgent business talks the bridge lower Tetsu Osaka prefecture governor new model influenza measure which is pointed out

    • In passenger of obesity as for additional fee justice? 
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • As for the [gema] man as for weight overplentiful and the woman the tendency = American investigation which falls
      The one which exercises health & quote * as for the [gema] man as for weight overplentiful and the woman tendency = American investigation 2009 August 21st falls (the gold) 18:44 transmission Reuters August 20th, as for the man of [gema] weight to be heavy, as for the woman when there is a tendency which falls American investigation as for the indication photograph 2005 November photographing (2009 Reuters /chris pizzello) [enlargement] - pr- [the New York 20 day Reuters] American disease measure center (cdc) in the investigation which is executed, as for the man who does the video game weight to be heavy with the people California state palm tails which do the game in comparison with the man who is not done, InternetThere is a tendency which is utilized well, as for the woman to be easy to fall as for this investigation where it understands that the person whose health state is bad is many, it lives in Seattle and [takoma] of Washington, from 19 years old up to 90 years old targeting 552 people that 249 people who hit approximately to 45% of the whole execution do the video game as for the researchers who participated in the investigation which you answer, as for the average age of [gema] 35 years old is, as for the person who is easy to fall in the woman who does the game being many, in order being absorbed to the game to bring the action like the “remedy” and when doing the analysis “game just,It isn't to be possible to forget trouble thing?”, that as for same investigation which is published to the American medical magazine american journal of preventive medicine which has been done, in risk with respect to thing and the health which do the video game when there is a connection “of the extent which cannot be ignored” it is concluded, * unquote *

    • The Japanese fan is sold
      Boxed snyder's was bought, it is dangerous, that the [ma] is as for the [gema] man who is not as for weight overplentiful and the woman in the investigation which the tendency = American investigation [the New York 20 day Reuters] American disease measure center (cdc) which falls executes, the video game is done ..........The ≫ [amoeba news] which reads the ≪ continuation it can obtain, ~…Well, however healthily with excessively good ones it is improbable, vision having, he grows hoarse and it exhibited to present [yahuoku], the original military officer. The handwriting sign entering Japanese fan of the female expert the groovy ~ computer game and table game loving, the varieties you played, but shogi and go without remembering why, around coming, only shogi and the leveling is possible, becoming after so long a time, just a little we regret, << present Amazon >> as for entire exhibition several 6725 point orders 14 points thank you as for << present yahoo >> entire exhibition several 105 point successful bids 2 points thank you

    • Japanese talking
      The time also toward America following probably is necessary such as the sickness or the medicine whose with the public welfare Ministry of Labor matter, below making especially the impression deep, today, it is the index and the article “of Yomiuri” of 9 days, even with “new model” infection [tamihuru] principle unnecessary and the United States guide American disease measure center (cdc) on the 8th, being infected to the new model influenza as for the remedy by the anti- virus medicine, the healthy person [tamihuru] and [rirenza] etc besides the fact that there is the limit in supply of the anti- virus medicine which announces the medication guide which we assume that as a general rule there is no necessity, because the fear the tolerance virus appearing with excess dosage increases cdc as for un [shiyuketsuto] doctor, “with the child and with the adult as for large majority as for the anti- virus medicine it heals by the fact that you rest at the home without necessity,”, that you expressed in press conference of the same day however, even with the person and the healthy person who is the chronic diseaseWhen to serious illness it converts, the World Health Organization which has needed that it does not wait for the result of virus inspection and prescribes the anti- virus medicine (who you are infected even with when), dosage of the anti- virus medicine should squeeze to the person where condition is deteriorating in high risk group or the new model influenza such as the person who is the chronic disease vis-a-vis this which has been advised in Japan, when the healthy person, the medical institution which prescribes the anti- virus medicine is many, (2009 September 9th 11:10 Yomiuri Shimbun Company) When vaccine preparation in Japan which is not in time in only popularity drop period, inquires about the guide of such American cdc, that the vaccine preparation which will be been relieved is late it uses [tamihuru] which has been entrapped excessively, that suspects whether is not, in order the firewood to lift medical expense from the people, it does, but when also the vaccine depends on the influenza and the cold which fear the side effect, doing the mask, overstraining, it does not go out, without in addition drinking it is doing the antibiotic at random languidly

    • [uonoe

    • Korea develops the new model vaccine
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    • <The new model influenza > May 8th, American disease measure center (CDC), it announces!! that the infection person inside the United States increased 1639 people and substantially!
      May 8th (Friday), American disease measure center (cdc), because for the sake of totaling the inspection result of All-American every place which it announces that the infection person of the new model influenza inside the United States increased 1639 people and substantially, advances to be seen, the number of infection people to exceed Mexico became most numerous in the classified by country, as for the number of infection of the world people, the deceased in Mexico to become the total 47 person human increasing worldwide altogether 1, the infection person the enlargement stripe to do in total 3398 of 26 countries & area, the cartridge it does, because day by day the American it increases mainland became main point note, the sightseer who visits AmericaDon't you think? and as for the people of business as for mask wearing as for the person who is returned home from America which will be made secure, receiving quarantine securely, as for one week please do not move about largely entering the Japanese country, when heat generation comes out, telephoning in the hygienic place, please do heat generation consultation, as for major feature of the new model influenza, in “such as “heat generation and the diarrhea” pneumonia you are infected to breathing apparatus, so is”,…… New model in full quarantine

    • Vaccine in large quantities guaranty and generality insertion ID January 15th
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    • Rumor
      From the president before the United States it changed to [obama] and the financial official ranking list in professional sumo of the United States from 1 rank reached 3 rank and as for their many as for the acquaintance who lives in Australia which is a rumor that now it is flowing to Australia, as for the preventive injection of the new model influenza as for Japan that the generally person has already done that utilization value of the Japanese has fallen for them whom still the generally person has not done, it probably means * Worldwide gold. Ranking of official ranking list in professional sumo * 1. England 2. Australia 3. The United States 4. The Singaporean 5. Hong Kong 6. Canada 7. The Swiss 8. Dutch 9. Japanese 10. Denmark (cooperation) American disease measure center (cdc) on the 12th, from April by the new model influenza the deceased inside the United States to October 17th to 3900 reaches, as for the inpatient when it is promoted to be 98,000, that new estimate value was announced, an article is, but don't you think? when infection regional race and the like of the new model influenza infection person is inspected, perhaps, funny thing it is understood is, it is the rumor which is Japan but before it develops the new model influenza because they gain with the vaccine and the medicine and it scatters from America which first changes to [obama] administration in the area where the people who would like to select are and the insurance system does and being accomplished in them disadvantageThe human probably will be selected, because it seems that is the rumor, aim, bynona

    • Mrs. [mishieru] [obama] president recommends “diet project”
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • With vaccine of new model in full will Sumer and the United States
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    • When being elementary school 2~3 year raw. (09/12/14)

    • weblog title
      American disease measure center (cdc) in press conference on the 20th, in the middle to elderly-aged layer where the natural immunity for the new model influenza is born before 1957, made the possibility of existing clear

    • Japanese talking
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    • Rabies
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    • 元気です
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • 成人と小児6000人以上
      As for same person who expresses that the analyst and [andoriyu] Weiss of the font bell, “(the vaccine of single time insertion if) production quantity of the vaccine decreasing, spread in many patients, compared to can cover wide scope” as for the latest result which comes out directly with the first clinical test which “bi-” with does the investment judgment of [nobaruteisu], the hygienic authorities directing to the fall, the American disease measure center which is important information in timing of insertion and the occasion where dosage is ascertained (cdc) according to, with the possibility that on approximately October 15th the new model influenza vaccine of approximately 45,000,000 batch is prepared in the United States, thatMany of the medicine manufacture company where every week the vaccine of 20,000,000 batch is shipped from the production line gather the interest where the new model in full which means just to complete the production of the sesonal in full preventive vaccine and, directing to the production of the new model in full vaccine to move the business resource from this is strong to after December, but with [nobaruteisu] which is seen as serious threat infection enlargement of sesonal in full as still, it is not the production system which utilizes the possession spirit egg and with the method due to cell culture batch as for the analyst and [karuhaintsu] Koch of the hell bear whose it is possible to produce the vaccine for new model in full,According to this method also investment judgment of [nobaruteisu] of the same person that “bi-” period to vaccine production approximately 3-4 is shortened to month, as for the Shinjuku manners which are, the adult and the large-scale test which deals with child 6000 or more made the under way, but you did not explain the details of the time schedule

    • タミフル耐性のパンデミックH1N1 2009 が人から人へ感染(米国)?
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , linked pages are Japanese

    • 新型インフル、感染者は100万人
      The article which is called “to the new model in full infection person and the total 1,000,000 people of the United States cdc estimation” had appeared in nikkei net

    • 新型インフル感染者20億人超へ!〜??
      <Also this depressed struggle diary > new model in full infection people 2,000,000,000 super to! 2009-07- 3100: 13: Don't you think? 58 who applied threat again,… the number of infection of the new model influenza people, in the future within 2 years, 20 - 40% of population of the world, 1,000,000,000 human - 2,000,000,000 person the [tsu] [te] which becomes (by the way presently, 150,000 person super…) in the same way American disease measure center (cdc), when 40% is infected inside the United States, estimation… with, as for problem after all, the vaccine! Sure enough, excluding process, it makes clinical experiment and test with the large hurrying, so! In England already, vaccination to be started from this summer, because you say, that also the population 1.5 times that England are prepared, when it is the schedule where the middle mandatorily insertion is done in all citizen… the place came out, after all! It is used in order to reinforce the effect of the vaccine which is prepared in side effect England, the component, “squalene oil”! … Usually, as the nutrition replenishment medicine however it is used, when it becomes the reinforcer of the vaccine, the following kind of side effect occurring when there is a possibility… the scotoma, heat generation, chronic fatigue, the arthritis and the tissue myalgia, the lymph node symptom, the rash, dehairing, the dermatosis and dysmnesia… and so on and so on, the 20 kinds close side effect! … (Really, the US military soldier caught at the time of Gulf War 1991, “gulf game. ” It is syndrome with the same condition when) it means that perhaps, vaccination is done mandatorily even in Japan, probably will be,… the person who is not received “when the non citizen” is, label was pasted and the prison entered… by when and… (the one which nothing is informed, was happy,…)

    • 国内でタミフル耐性株、インフルダイジェスト7月17日
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , linked pages are Japanese

    • 日本でもパンデミックA/H1N1 2009に対して免疫を持っている人がいる可能性
      大量的日本當前主題 , Feel free to link

    • 新型インフル「感染パーティー」! 今か...
      日本語 , original meaning

    • BuB?:無駄情報 ??? 愛国ソング風評鳴 ???????
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • パンデミックワクチン
      Well it is the condition after the 2009 May 24th clearing up it becomes cloudy and may get off momentarily, [pandemitsukuwakuchin] for the latest new model influenza (a/h1n1). In order for stocks to be paid to cdc, if it is fast, whether from July you insert in vaccine production,…That is presumption the new model in full which, in July and vaccine mass production possibility or the cdc fish 拓 < below, quotation > 'new model in full, in July as for vaccine mass production possibility or cdc (cnn) American disease measure center (cdc) if it announced it is quick that candidacy of the virus stocks which you can use on the 22nd, as the vaccine of the new model influenza (h1n1 type), was received from the New York institution at the maximum shortness which we have assumed that it chooses the stocks for the vaccine even during this month, can cover to the medicine manufacture company from the middle of June extending through the last third Osamu 験 with the possibility that the vaccine of business is possible, mass production is possible in JulyDirecting to the virus development of the new model influenza which we have assumed that it becomes, Xu of the Korean loyal south university. . Professor. You insisted that stocks were discovered, but the public information charge Thomas skinner person of cdc has expressed that with the technique which Professor Xu used the effective vaccine cannot be produced. Doric [bushieru] the virus is researched at the same university which the laboratory of the New York medical science university sends had expressed stocks that the preparation which sends 4 stocks which become candidacy on the 21st, vis-a-vis cnn, to cdc was finished when' < quotation to end, > being the Spanish flu 1918, natural shape of the influenza it is not recognized, by the fact that of course advancement of the medical care which does not have either the vaccine is remarkable, takes this kind of measure, the 2nd wave, it is possible to ambush the 3rd wave, what designates the rise of fatality as minimum is expected

    • 防毒マスク
      In the rust of the diary of yesterday which is written concerning the mask insufficiency by the new model influenza, with joke “the chemical-cartridge respirator for the chemical is provided at the workplace, but attaching that as expected, it is to try attaching in the reason which walks outside”, but the article that was found it tried doing that truly, “in you who sigh mask insufficiency…One for binary gas how?” The fact that I have when the person of photograph left side has attached, is the type which is similar, but as for story of the mask for binary gas anyhow, as for description of the last part of this article it is just a little attention, “the scientific data that it can be prevented infection with the mask, the virus which has not come out in the air forever [huwahuwa] the splash which is not something which has floated is attached to the hair and the face other than the mask and as for being most important if the toilet you wash sufficiently, it can prevent 6 tenths probably will be,” as for saying, it designates the outside Oka stand human person “mask of former Otaru city hygienic here and there length as because the infection person does not spreadWith the thing, according to indication habit of the Japanese, what the non infection person does the mask only it is”, the World Health Organization (who), the European disease measure center (ecdc), American disease measure center (cdc) in each case, while “unnecessary” or “there is no effect”, that does mask wearing of the healthy person and being infected from as for the necessity to persevere in mask acquisition calling for the sake of the self kind of defense which is not, as for the person who attaches the mask it is many, is, but to tell the truth meaning saying excessively? Perhaps, hay fever measure just a little it is different don't you think? is

    • 高校生がお好き
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • 1957年以前に生まれた人は免疫あり?
      yomiuri online new model in full, as for the person who is born before 1957 there is an immunity? As for American disease measure center (cdc) in press conference of 20 days, in the middle to elderly-aged layer where the natural immunity for the new model influenza is born before 1957, according to Daniel [jiyanigan] doctor of cdc which makes the possibility of existing clear, as for the new model influenza, as for the Spanish flu of the h1n1 type which causes craze in 1918 the result of blood analysis of the patient whose hospitalization of young layer is many different from the normal sesonal influenza, the resistance for the new model influenza with the senior citizen was suggested, in 57 because of this it changes for the Asian flu of h2n2 type, before 57, the Spanish flu(2009 May 21st 13:49 Yomiuri Shimbun Company) this that it is the possibility of acquiring the immunity which after all is effective to the present new model influenza of h1n1 type cannot say the [ho] is with if - -, as for me such a thing of just a little feeling of relief, the senior citizen who has the experience which was exposed to the influenza of the h1n1 type where the virus mutates, is, but (; ^_^a

    • キーワードは1957
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • 裁判員制度きょうスタート
      kanji character , for multilingual communication

    • キムチを食べて・・・・
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • 新型インフル感染、世界で4000人超す
      Essa opiniao , Feel free to link

    • 病院にいけない・・・
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • 自然治癒力
      japanese means , for multilingual communication

    • 「感染者、全世界で1000人突破=死者は27人-新型インフル宣言1週間」←全世界と言っても地図にすると・・・。
      kanji , original meaning

    • 辛口
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • 新型インフルエンザはカリフォルニア起源か(@w荒
      -------Link for individual of [wore]-------------------- [hi] seeing [hi] seeing ---------------------------------------------American disease measure center (cdc) according to, the new model influenza the American California. That theory surfaced, whether it is not the beginning, (in the virus stocks which @w [pu] reference from December of 12005 to 2009 January are inspected with cdc, 12 examples there were some which had the new model influenza virus, it seems, (@w before the new model influenza is prevalent roughly in Mexico, it seems that infection example of several cases is reported in California state, (@w it is doubtful roughly, (also it is various was (@w [pu] reference 2 even in addition “to expect” the deceased of popularity and 30,000,000 of the new model influenza the @w [pu] Seek Spartan in 2009 in 1996With reference 2 on reference 3 which with margin is and has prediction, when explosive infection starts with in the first place Chinese southern part, it was thing, but in reference 3 that it started in Mexico “the Mexican depression and the transferring/changing to the United States. The thing shelf that (the @w [pu] it is related “the instability at increase” and with border area”, with the scenario which is expressed after all with reference 3 the American and Mexico border being opened, immigration rushes in to the United States, it meant that bears the instability of the American society, (@w it is rough reference 4 reference 5

    • 「アースバルーン」「環境配慮型店舗」と新型インフルについて。
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • 「<新型インフル>ウイルス株、10日にCDCから製薬企業に」←到底、感染が広まる速さに追いつきませんね。
      Em japones , for multilingual communication

    • <新型インフルエンザ>アメリカ国内の最新情報をお伝えします!!!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • 国内新型インフル-成田は陰性、でも横浜で疑い症例
      New model in full: Domestic first doubt example Yokohama boy Takao, from adding return home - everyday jp (everyday the newspaper) as for Masuzoe main point one public welfare work phase 1 day early dawn, in April the boy high school student of Yokohama city which does to study travelling (17), the new model influenza (the pig influenza) there is the doubt which has been infected to Canada, that it announced

    • 豚インフルの致死率、なぜメキシコで高い...
      Don't you think? up it does the article and concerning the fatality of pig in full as for ♪ this which is solved as for this, it becomes very matter of concern. We would like to know details more, below waiting for the new information where is, (fatality of pig in full, why it is high in Mexico? The specialist doubt apparent (cnn.co.jp) from quotation) (cnn) while worldwide infection enlargement of the pig influenza feels concern, in the Mexican country the number of deceased where relation is doubted in here several days to increase to 152, the inside 7 people as infection example as for the specialists who are concluded, whether why the deceased having come out in only the Mexican country, whether the adult where the expectation which is resistivity is young has died the American disease measure center which twirls the neck (cdc) as for reporting official, investigation concerning such doubt which is related to pig in full to be early stage, the United States and MexicoConcerning infection circumstance, that still elucidation, expresses it is tried besides the fact that in Mexico which 7 died, the infection example 19 was verified, approximately 2000 people showed condition and although was hospitalized on the one hand in the United States which 64 people were infected so far, 5 people were hospitalized, as for the deceased have not come out circumstance of both countries which differs concerning the reason where as for the secure answering although it is not, as for the specialists, time before being verified in investigation from, infection of pig in full started in the Mexican country, that the infection person increased, is agreeing with opinion the infection circumstance which the seriousnessEven in Mexican capital city Mexican city, as for the doctor who participates in hygienic welfare administration in the bush Motohiro manager times when indication has come out that correspondence of the domestic medical authorized personnel was late, the Mexican domestic glory. The complicated problem such as circumstance and housing situation, the possibility of being related with pig in full infection the authorized personnel of suggestion Michigan University medical history center, as for the quotation which pointed out the point where the influenza is recognized the sickness of population concentrated region from the 19th century is to here

    • 感染確認状況
      The cnn pig influenza, in worldwide 8 countries the infection 91 verification “April 28th 20:42 transmissions (cnn) focusing on Mexico the number of infection of the pig influenza where infection enlargement has been ascertained people to 28 days, as for the hygienic authorities of each country which reaches to 91 people in worldwide 8 countries, as you endeavor to the grasp of infection circumstance, the return home person from Mexico in the United States which continues detailed investigation on the center American disease measure center (cdc) the infection 40 verification in addition, in California state 7 people, the infection 3 it was ascertained in Texas stateIn Mexico which is seen that damage is largest, the deceased by pig influenza doubt has reached to 152, but as for those where infection was verified among 26 only these, as for the deceased has become 7 people, in addition, in Canada 6 people, in New Zealand 3 people, in Spain and England respectively 2 people, there is no deceased in the infection person other than Mexico where the infection each 1 is ascertained in Korea and Israel, sooner or later receiving treatment at the hospital, in life as for another condition in order in pattern Mexico which is not to prevent infection enlargement, all schools became school closure to May 6th”

    • 新型インフルエンザから身を守る感染予防策(アニメ)
      In the new model (pig) influenza 'phase 4' in worldwide 8 countries 91 people in infection Mexico unless in the United States where the deceased by pig influenza doubt has reached to 152 American disease measure center (cdc) verification in addition, in Canada 6 people, in New Zealand 3 people, in Spain and England respectively 2 people, in Korea and Israel the infection each 1 even in clarification Japan, human labor is not enough with river edge measure, the related system is screaming, so protects the infection 40 by their it cannot go, their own body which is, don't you think? yesterday, it went to the plural drugstoresWell, selling out, increased the mask, with the animation which collected the coping step which prevents the prevention and enlargement of infection please refer enormously in the family

    • Oh,my God! これこそ、C'est la vie-22  SのWINE!?
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • 根本原因は根っこの「こころ」
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • 豚インフル、死者103人に
      Essa opiniao , Japanese talking

    • 警戒水準「3」→「4」への引上げはなし。
      As for who police/policing of “pig influenza”. Pulling up the level was waived, information of present condition is insufficient, the police/policing like the circumstance there is no conviction to [pandemitsuku]. When level becomes “4”, inspection of each country. Because it reaches the level whose system is high very, judges influence and suitable to be large, kind of certainly who which are given to economy prudently, the Mexican follow-up story not to be left over, in America which also the kind of feeling which does not reach to [pandemitsuku] does verifies the infection person in eastern New York, the infection person has been present even in Kansas state of the Nakanishi section, strength of infection power has been shown, simply, as for condition with the light way, as for this virus so virulence perhaps without being high the type which survives by infection power whether, yet, carelessness is not possible, don't you think? (cooperation communication) the school of nySo pig in full or 75 pupils from 8 people a type As for the hygienic authorities person of American New York city as for the inspection body which it announces that on the 25th, the condition where 75 pupils is similar to the influenza emergence, a type influenza virus which has the doubt of the pig influenza from the inside 8 people was detected in the private school of the same city queen's area, you send to American disease measure center (cdc) and the pig influenza which if is inspected in detail is verified, as for 75 people that 23 the condition where strength of infection enlargement in the United States and infection power is freshly shown everyone is light, is opposite to convalescense from the fact that the person who always Mexico travelled during emergence holiday it is, the city authorities2009/04/2606 inspection was being advanced: 16

    The U.S. Centers for Disease Control, Reportage,

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