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    Gamble related words Meishou toukon licorice Wander speed Wide Sapphire I Am Neo リュシオル Dear Geena Hashittehoshino

    • Japanese Letter
      The Oaks register horse is announced and just 1 head among 4 of 3/4 [rakukiyarorumaiteisuruhuminoimajindaianabarozu] or more defeat fears the pulling out selection probability of 2 victory horses of present time

    • Vexatious defeat
      u-17 Japanese representation never reversal is defeated to the Swiss representation and the player where… how to take the point is wretched and is vexatious and is more vexatious, probably will be, but… --------------------------------------------- If last week, Indianapolis which passes to gate test originally, today tomorrow it is to chase the fast eye in the day after tomorrow, but how probably will be? Because the inner part flat teacher calls adjustment thoroughly to Nakayama opening, if this week it begins and ends to 15-15 kana it is possible, about 5f70 second rust 1f13 second with the horse either the fence [tsu] it is to want putting out with the poly- track/truck, but debut of the lark carol refraining truly of last year in the same time, in training that horse the last chasing before the debutting which is something which you rejoiced 63.3-12.8 the horse or is with the poly- track/truck, but it is cheap the horse, it just finished, most in popularity it was supported don't you think?, it is when [e] bosom it forces and looks at the Indianapolis horse body, the edge is improbable in the honest classicBecause, NHK mile it is potato to start running in c!

    • More and more the day
      More and more, if the high prize challenge which it waited in waiting it reviews, you do not understand after 3 years ever since uae Derby of [huramudopashion] the result how becomes, but if there is only a horse weight being able to keep it is, there is no disadvantage such that front is plugged in the straight line, as for good game the persevering lark carol & the Katsuura jockey whom you think that you can desire,

    • The worst result
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • Love horse information
      The next running purple 苑 has planned s concerning the lark carol which in club tries inquiring about details, so, also the Kikukawa tamer coming to seeing, state is grasped, so being small-statured is, to be finished, because quickly is, it is in time sufficiently to September 12th, that probably will be, as for Indianapolis which the horseman which is thing power schedule of reopening puts out motion gradually and is, still as for story of the entrance 厩 however it is not, when it is boarded with the current feeling, when voice being applied, it is not strange, so you hear the story which is in half, but saying that communication with the horse whose also club is very better has enteredAim for the new horse victory of course also both horses which are said fall to see, the [re] so it is from something

    • Love horse recent condition
      Lark carol: When last week horse weight was measured after the Miho tc returning 厩, it had decreased to the 422㎏

    • Slight illness…
      Lark carol: May 16th (the Saturday) it appeared in grazing in Yamamoto tc

    • 愛馬近況
      Lark carol: December 12th (Saturday) with the goal of Nakayama lawn 2000m game training is being advanced

    • POG’08~’09結果
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • 愛馬近況
      Lark carol: Because the horseman power time is required still to motion reopening, May 28th (the wood) it moved to nf Hayakita

    • フローラS 最終チェック&本日の狙い目は橘S!
      While during last check week making 9 head raising as for flora s last check current Fuchu when the preceding advantage or outside extends you saw that almost it is not, on the basis of those where perhaps the horse which does not have distance experience large portion, develop as for slow as for the last spurt which turns outside inevitability is harsh and probably will be from, the lark carol which is modification, [rikorisu] which adds the piece emblem after buying, cuts 2 heads of superior popularity! In [tsu] and before that as for present recommendation race/lace as for the Kyoto 9r orange s axis⑧The thornback thin tiger focusing on these 2 heads of this ⇒ you have a match with 3 daily double formations! 1 arrival columns * as for 2 arrival column ▲△× 3 arrival column ×☆☆☆☆ ○△ with this check ⇒ *⑧Thornback thin tiger ○⇒ -⑩[machikanekoromogawa] △⇒ ×⑮Gold endeavor *⑨[seikurizumun] *⑬[meishiyouatsuhime] *⑯Grand prix angel *⑦As for pay floor clerk expectation of main day of [sadamuenjin], these 2 saddles in the midst of sale! The Kyoto 10r Antares s Tokyo 11r flora s, distributing the appraisal of each race track latter half 4r with service, it increases in the one which purchases! The appraisal of 1~8r of each race track of main day of main point check “self theoretical appraisal of the side bar (1~9 rank) with releases to the wherewithal income to the latter half game which asks memorial hose .com may! By all means appraisal of each race/lace in reference of betting ticket examination!! As for favorite hole candidacy such a feeling ~

    • 第70回優駿牝馬登録馬(馬名意味)
      impressions , Japanese talking

    • レースの血統傾向 オークス・東海S
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • オークス・プレレーティグなんとダイワスカーレットより上
      The monk who “is pre- rating of tapir Oaks register horse” “ⅰ2000 it is possible kana? As for other things 1600 mile kana? You the point putting out?” The tapir “even in the horse racing book it had making quote from combined free handicap of well-known fields and mountains sponsorship”, [buenabisuta] 113 [retsudodeizaia] 111 [jieruminaru] 108 [danonberuberu] 106 rouge bamboo 106 [deiajina] 105 [derikitsutopisu] 104ⅰ [inazumaamaririsu] 92 broadcloth street 103 [vuivuavuodoka] 102 wide sapphire 102ⅰ Cherry tree rosemary 101 [hashitsutehoshino] 101ⅰ [aiamuneo] 100 [tsudeizunochisu] 100 pad blurring 99 [huminomajin] 97 my tea through 96 lark carols 94ⅰ Diana Burroughs 93 [rikorisu] 93ⅰ T o tiara 88ⅰ [hauori] - the tapir “don't you think? so is, as for the highest [buenabisuta] 113, the next 112 the monk of lead agate” “with 2000 [derikitsutopisu] of 104 it becomes in the air”, “when tapir already 1 head coming becoming adjusting to the vodka even in training which is the horse of the [hauori] angular staying racing stable where the point where has not come out at the monk whom it increases” “vodka or that running of [vuikutoria] m you look, becomes matter of concern” The tapir “Oaks of last year pre- rating, how [rejinetsuta] being highest by the way, 108 was. As for [ehuteimaa] 107” the monk “as for the tall poppy which wins?” The tapir “103 that time when is furthermore how [daiwasukaretsuto] which also year before that the way of unreasonable of pond attachment had become suitable topic tries seeing 112 [buenabisuta] of this year when is 1 points is high, is the monk who is” “vodka how was?” “As for tapir vodka Derby appearing travel time winning, 109. when being Takarazuka commemoration, the monk who becomes also 118” “with what is said, this year, with does even from last year and compared to level on?” the tapir “how becomes, the next time rises and compares 3f and thinks as like”

    • フローラステークスなど、結果
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • フローラステークス
      It can fight sufficiently even with running not yet victory before Tokyo 11r [hurorasutekusu]! Waiting, it increased, the aeolian harp! Because it is hobby of the individual completely, this time as for the through please does once partner… the superior horse of [hurawakatsupu] and mimosa prize is let flow * aeolian harp ○ [deiajina] - lark carol △ piece emblem △ wide sapphire △ microcosm horse connected ◎−○▲△△△ three daily double (the axis 1) the ◎−○▲△△△

    • ねずみの競馬予想 2009年4月26日(番外編)
      April 26th Fukushima, the indication which is Tokyo and Kyoto main race/lace expectation is the order point superior 5 In 6 markka best male 4 舘 Eiji 9 [donmarugo] male 4 Kitamura friend 111 [teikuzahoku] male 5 Kikuzawa Takanori 8 [teiemukagemushiya] male 5 Dazai Keisuke 14 [ravuazutera] 牝 Yuichi 4 Nisida 16 [deiajina] 牝 3 Uchida Hiroshi happiness 13 piece of racks 牝 3 Ebina justice 12 wide sapphire 牝 3 Iwata healthy genuine 6 lark carols 牝 3 Katsuura Masa tree 11 [maihuasutoravu] 牝 3 Shibata virtue retainer 14 [arondaito] male 6 Goto Hiroshi shine 4 [uotakuteikusu] male 4 Kawada military officer elegance 9 [epusomuaron] male 5 Tsunoda Akira 110 [satonokokuo] male 5 Ando Masaru oneself 8 [huoteihuaido] male 4 Wada dragons two

    • フローラS
      If the batting spree corporation stand brand 12 densely just it is it is in full gate 18, there is no either opening where it takes advantage and the [ro], from the girl utilizing perfect Baba of commencement week, don't you think? here 5 year continuation where you can see the stickiness being packed of the horse which recommended race/lace within 3 counts and this year furthermore before impetus is given profitably with road badness, it is without being, it does and [yo] or [deiaderanobia] and [betsurareia] like exciting finishes to pour and in order impression the good race/lace no burn, the betting ticket to take, after the [so] - the [yu] - it is important to hold down the fact that it is plain securely does the gemstone of the diamond which is found densely quietly shine? * The helpless [tsu] where the piece emblem ○ wide sapphire - the enclosure [tsu] lever it is sticky and is packed and the misfortune which is removed from candidacy it probably puts out microcosm △ t o tiara △ aeolian harp △ [rakukiyarorudeiajina] being it does

    • フローラS&アンタレスS☆
      The [me] [tsu] [chi] [a] wind the [o] it is, - (the ¯ - the ¯;)Yesterday [wa], being cold, the shank - (the ' Ω `) heating the economized [ya] [tsu] it is the [yo] [te] [yu] -, in one Japanese-Chinese heavy rain, the [hi] it is after a long time with going out (>ω

    • アンタレスS&フローラS(予想)
      The Kyoto 10r Antares s (g3) dirt 1800m framework turn horse name loaf quantitative jockey Satoru [da] n i horse y 1 ① Borane TASS 56 pond attachment - ② Die/di Shaw jet 56 Shibayama × × - 2 ③ Star ship 56 Uemura △ ④ [uotakuteikusu] 56 Kawada & * * * * 3 ⑤ [wandasupido] 58 Komaki ○ × - × - ⑥ [makotosuparubiero] 56 Hukunaga - × × 4 ⑦ Mori shaft 56 Ishibashi Shaw May ⑧ [huoteihuaido] 56 Wada 5 ⑨ [epusomuaron] 56 Tsunoda × △ ⑩ [satonokokuo] 56 Ando Masaru × × 6 ⑪ [adomaiyadanku] 56 Fujioka 佑 △ △ ○ × ⑫ [roruobuzadaisu] 564 rank 7 ⑬ [dainamitsukugurou] 56 military affairs happiness ⑭ [arondaito] 58 Goto 8 ⑮ [yuukitaitei] 56 happiness ⑯ [meishiyoutoukon] 58 Fujita ○ △ Tokyo 11r flora s (g2) lawn 2000m framework turn horse name loaf quantitative jockey Satoru [da] n i horse y 1 ① [bienariri] 54 Eda ○ ② [riyushioru] 54 Yokoyama model - × - - 2 ③ [aiamuneo] 54 door promontory 圭 ④ Aeolian harp 54 Tanaka Masaru 3 ⑤ Baby rose 54 Miura ⑥ Lark carol 54 Katsuura 4 ⑦ Microcosm 54 Taketoyo ○ * ○ △ ⑧ [rikorisu] 54 Tanabe - × △ 5 ⑨ T o tiara 54 Samejima ⑩ Piece emblem 54 Tsu village × 6 ⑪ [mahuasutoravu] 54 Shibata virtue × ⑫ Wide sapphire 54 Iwata △ & * * 7 ⑬ Piece of rack 54 Ebina × ⑭ My tea through 54 Yoshida Yutaka × △ △ ⑮ [hashitsutehoshino] 54 Matsuoka × ○ - 8 ⑯ Hiroshi [deiajina] 54 Uchida * × ○ ⑰ Silk promise 54 Kobayashi 淳 ⑱ [iideesu] 54 left sea × ×

    • アンタレスSハズレ&フローラS当たり馬券解説
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • `09 アンタレスS & フローラS
      This week, the member of smap is arrested, we disturb the world, but, that we want being the society which is received warmly this time of today when you ask is in the human who is reflected proper you think whether and, in me where expectation continues to come off, those where either jra does not become kind yesterday which is done, you did Tokyo and Fukushima main, but 1 arrival horses [kitsuchiri] are to have applied, but with the rain which puts away the partner entirely by mistake we would like to cut off the bad flow * you hold down also 3 daily doubles to [uotakuteikusuwandasupidohuoteihuaidomakotosuparubiero] once in 3 connected size C arrival fixing of Antares s [adomaiyadanku], * horse ream of flora s [riyushiorurakukiyarorupisuenburemupisuoburatsuku]Cripes with 3 daily double boxes being completed

    • テレビが調子悪い。
      The [tsuyo] [po] it is separately with consequence…You question, because the picture does not appear from time of moving which is not consequence of area [deji] “deca- is and there is no home appliance mass sales store around radio” state…Exclusively [wansegu] and others [bi] Yamada - - -! Well, the [a], the [te] which is troubled with reason the main Fukushima central television cup of this day * [donmarugo] ○ [teikuzahoku] - semantic unclear Kyoto [antaresusutekusu] & the [uotakuteikusu] ○ die/di Shaw jet which the [osumibinasu] △ [huarukusu] △ May Shaw Carter hot spring would like to go - because of that the [epusomuaron] △ [wandasupido] △ [adomaiyadanku] pasteboard dump is good difficult…Fixed there is no difference and the good air does also the [te], but… The [u] difference being fixed is key Tokyo [hurorasutekusu] & the [deiajina] ○ lark carol - the my tea through △ aeolian harp △ wide sapphire * We wanted doing piece of rack Saturday or, just doesn't today broadcast either main with uhf the [ro] which is?…[u] or picture projection viewing

    • フローラS
      Unless at the time of Satuki prize to end to be able to renew it does not have finally [roji] it is tasty you remembered that also the ordinary year 1 keeper air which conclude are dangerous, let flow horse ream from reach and [anrai] with, this week when [deiajina] which is said to the beginning which already goes to conclusion comes, it is helpless, here where is not the case that separately we like the desired opening, it is, but from front running contents we would like to buy by any means from [hashitsutehoshino], but because we would not like to let escape also the tasty combination where this time you buy with the box striking sign once, you see, but please think * [hashitsutehoshino] that it is feeling. The 〇 microcosm which adds also the point which is called to power expectation you remove after all with just a little it may come off, - [pienariri] collecting, running before the jackpot which you see that there is to about to finish to pour sees that the leg it was not agreeable qualitatively, but as for Tokyo substituting perhaps, if it is fixed, collecting as for these 2 heads of the △ lark carol △ piece emblem which you think that it is truly to the place where it finishes to pour when it compared with 3 arrivals of front running, that the △ wide sapphire power which you think plus there is also a Baba hard aspect, whether the one which was inserted it is good is recognized and as for what wonder, the being defeated of running before the △ piece of rack which is not bought becomes matter of concern, butIf, only front running you ignore, in the rollback which can be bought with expectation horse ream and 3 double each boxes with 2100 100 Yen by and 3500 it tries persevering at total 5600 Yen

    • フローラS・指数順位及び前日単勝オッズ
      Tokyo 11r 1 rank⑭[maiteisuru] 186.95 (37.5 times) 2 rank⑬[pisuoburatsuku] 186.50 (35.8 times) 3 rank⑫[waidosahuaia] 185.54 (5.1 times) 4 rank⑯[deiajina] 184.99 (4.6 times) 5 rank⑦Microcosm 184.68 (4.4 times) 6 rank⑥[rakukiyaroru] 184.32 (12.2 times) 7 rank③[aiamuneo] 183.04 (17.6 times) 8 rank⑩[pisuenburemu] 181.88 (24.4 times) 9 rank⑪[maihuasutoravu] 180.76 (101.4 times) 10 rank⑮[hashitsutehoshino] 179.63 (5.3 times) 11 rank②[riyushioru] 179.62 (16.7 times) 12 rank①[pienariri] 176.58 (122.9 times) 13 rank⑨[teoteiara] 175.37 (20.8 times) 14 rank⑧[rikorisu] 174.93 (85.6 times) 15 rank⑱[iideesu] 173.73 (94.8 times) 16 rank⑰[shirukupuromisu] 172.95 (193.3 times) 17 rank④[eorianhapu] 171.62 (37.0 times) 18 rank⑤[beibirozu] 160.76 (64.3 times)

    • 【予想】フローラS GII
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • フローラステークスなど
      <44th [hurorasutekusu]>The area of [deiajina] and the wide sapphire escaping, can remain [deiajina] which popularity it may do? The wide sapphire however you could do with approximately high prize of the male horse partner, is strong to there? Well, if so you say, because running before the microcosm unexpectedly to put out, finishing to think, being the case that it finishes, because * the [rikorisu] ○ piece emblem - the [hashitsutehoshino] × lark carol (* (the favorite) the ○ (opposition) - (the hole) × (note) the △ ([himo]) with it was in the book of the horse racing which now you read, to that you learn, so far you have made a mistake the expectation oak -) [hashitsutehoshino] with 2400m of the male horse partner it has won, the Tanabe jockey and the Tsu village jockey of [rikorisu] and the piece emblem it is certainly huge even at be possible extent to be charm above that, with as a favorite it works! <14th [antaresusutekusu]>In the place [uotakuteikusu] which may become Baba being easy to run to the course of the escaping advantage with the rain does and popularity before the oak oak may become fast from last victory of front running here this so chooses the fact that is with pouring, * [huoteihuaido] ○ [meishiyoutoukon] - in spirit of 4 year old horses whose also it is good to become the [wandasupido] × [satonokokuo] Kyoto proud [huoteihuaido] Wada jockey, expectation (as for [uotakuteikusu]? Because well is good) the dirt the Fujisawa racing stable which with the result [tsu] lever holds down [wandasupido] and [meishiyoutoukon] coming to Kansai, holds down [ankatsu], [satonokokuo] just a little weirdness

    • 東京 |ω・`)
      _ |East| |Capital| |Competition| |Horse| `_∧ ∧ (o [nohe]|¯ (_ [re] (゚ д ゚)|\ |\ ю⊂) _|√ REPT (¯~∪) ^) no ∥∥ (|(| Assuming, that you do not make a mistake the ~~~~ 11r [hurorasutekusu] lawn and run [subari] hitting, as for the grandmother who is under 5,000,000 of 2 running ago ' 94 gi Elizabeth queen cup (lawn 12 furlong) the lineage, mother of heroine [hishiamazon] which is controlled *①[riyushioru].⑧Microcosm -⑫Wide sapphire △⑯[deiajina] △③[aiamuneo] △⑥Lark carol △⑮[hashitsutehoshino] horse single ②⇔⑦ ②⇔⑫ ②->⑯ ②->③ ②->⑥ ②->⑮ 3 daily double 2 head axial flow it does, ②⑦->⑫⑯③⑥⑮ ②The single double Tokyo 2r father if speed and bms of the Stirling rose which makes the distance of 7 furlongs or less destruction method proud (inside the mother) another gear (long spurt) joins, is the gold stick in the ogre. *⑧[jibun] horse single ⑧⇔⑥ ⑧⇔③ ⑧->④ ⑧->⑯ ⑧->⑮ ⑧->⑬ 3 daily double 2 head axial flow it does, ⑧⑥->③④⑯⑮⑬ ⑧In the single double Tokyo 4r near relation [mireniimubaio] bms (inside the mother) tin bar country which produces addition Mayer Don of lawn [ta] ゙ [to] ignoring *⑪Wordsworth horse single ⑪⇔⑦ ⑪⇔② ⑪⇔⑥ ⑪->③ ⑪->④ 3 daily double 2 head axial flow it does, ⑪->⑦②.③④ ⑪The single double Tokyo 7r end it is, explosion! 串 [sapuraizu] of pouring *⑮The [marutazumazeru] door promontory 圭 it is thick the horse single ⑮⇔⑭ ⑮⇔① ⑮⇔⑧ ⑮->⑦ ⑮->⑨ 3 daily double 2 head axial flow it does, ⑮⑭->①.⑦⑨ ⑮①->.⑦⑨ Master of hole 〓 sand high. Racing stable ⑨Whether a [kikujirouburinka] device weird head ⑨Double victory ⑮In single double Tokyo 9r Isawa special Taketoyo jockey monster you (≧ [he] ≦) *⑪The double hero door promontory 圭 thickly the door promontory 圭 it is thick the jockey persevering betting ticket horse single ⑪⇔⑫ ⑪⇔⑮ ⑪⇔① ⑪->⑤ ⑪->③ 3 daily double 2 head axial flow it does, ⑪⑫->⑮①⑤③ ⑪⑮->①⑤③ ⑪Even if training the single double 10r Yokohama [sutekusu] center! The door promontory 圭 it is thick the jockey persevering betting ticket *⑤Is possible to be enough the horse where Baba where the leg pulling out of hard runner mistake professional type is good the end it is with welcome and does from the leg and sufficiently single ⑤⇔① ⑤⇔⑥ ⑤⇔⑯ ⑤->⑨ ⑤->⑧ 3 daily double 2 head axial flow it does, ⑤①->⑥.⑨⑧ ⑤Single double

    • フローラステークス&アンタレスステークス 予想
      Yesterday as for complete change and the wind however it is strong, [hurorasutekusu] which has become good weather after all as for Tokyo 2000, and, as for this race/lace as for the favorite where the horse which is experience of 1800 or more is a profitable tendency, 2 victories having done with [hashitsutehoshino] Tokyo course, probably is the feeling that it waited in waiting, also the rising which or is quick with [agunesutakion] product scene can use this opening with sharpness concern and, horse racing at before if the point which it is possible and the framework which is profitable 7 frameworks the all right anvil. As for the partner who is game with horse ream of the axis, the aeolian harp which is chosen from the horse which it is it can go before with the horse where rising is cut off, the lark carol, the t o tiara, the wide sapphire, as for [deiajinodeiajino], with race/lace from the enclosure, also rising may be a limit, because is, with attention shank horse ream as for 15-4, 6, 9, 12 and 16 [antaresusutekusu] here you show what kind of race/lace, as for the Kyoto dirt which even with popularity in Kyoto goes from the result with [wandasupido] the horse which goes after all first being profitable, shank game with 2 head axial 3 daily doubles of strong [meishiyoutoukon] 3 daily doubles 5-16-2, 4, 6 and 10 (4 points)

    • 本日の買い目〜サンスポ賞フローラS〜
      It cleared up clearly, but the enormous wind! Tokyo race track, the lawn heavily is…Recovering, a little, to heavily also today becomes rough?! The trial race/lace obtaining [e] of Oaks starting running right it is to 44th [sansupo] prize [hurorasutekusu]… 3 arrivals and if the [a] which is game with the horse single box (`д´) 2 [riyushioru] 6 lark carol 15 [hashitsutehoshino] 16 [deiajina] clocks catch, whether there to be also 2, ..... *

    • ほし~の☆
      Everyone, “now as for the most desired one?” When the [tsu] [te] it is heard, inspiration, what is remembered? In case of me, “work” kana* To tell the truth now, it is to be an object which is in the midst of planning, but because also yesterday just went to previous arrangement, ('- the ^*)/furthermore, it previously arranges from 7 of the night o'clock* Because the client with work, cannot make time easily, previous arrangement and holiday from the night late, often there are even with Sunday etc together it goes to previous arrangement in the client, times when it is, don't you think? the ~♪ as expected, the inside of previously arranging considerably was stomach [pekopekomodo], but that and this, as for everything “we would like to offer the house which agrees upon!” Because there is a [tsu] [te] feeling, however is, don't you think? the ~ (o^-') the b [tsu] [te] with feeling, as for desired ones there is a variety, but as for now wanting, the contract kana ~ of the object which is in the midst of planning (the ^_^) as for v everyone, what was remembered? & weekend it is limitation, but the horse which buys the betting ticket “winning, desired the ~” “running, desired the [tsu] [te] request of the ~” every week having, [ru] kana ~ v (^-^) v oh, so so, in Tokyo 11r flora s of this day, “the desired opening” of the actress designated the ♪ where “[hashitsutehoshino]” starts running well enough becoming popularity, is the [ru] like, but the request, “[hashitsutehoshino]” reaches, whether or not is, the ♪ by the way as for me, as for flora s, [riyushioru] and the lark carol, in such as wide sapphire, running to [satonokokuo] and [wandasupido], we want Antares s, the ~! Don't you think? the [tsu] [te] a=´ and the `= which you have asked) HKDRT then everyone, please pass cute Sunday, the ~ (the *^ - the ^) the no

    • G2 フローラS予想
      g2 flora s expectation high prize rating expectation method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 59.1% 7,166,122,524,672 training expectation method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 96.6% 1,215,371,673,600 exponential expectation method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 126.9% 1,491,812,220,928 new lineage expectation method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 45.9% 151,221,420,032 flora s expectation method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 58.4% 131,575,177,216 development expectation method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 52.4% 16,915,427,328 double hole expectation method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 131.6% 712,216,346,624 double victory thought method hit ratio 100% recovery factor 72.2% 71,231,512,510,464 conclusion ◎16 [deiajina] 12 wide sapphire ☆6 lark carol ★10 piece emblem △7 microcosm * 11 [maihuasutoravu]? 15 [hashitsutehoshino] note 2 [riyushioru] 1, this main lane! Horse size C arrivals it does and m (26 points) 16-12.6 10.7 11.15 212 - 6.10 7.11 15.22, corresponding 3 daily double 1 head axial flow does in signs of storm (28 points) 16.12 6 16.12 6.10 6.10 7.11 15.23, high allotment expectation! 3 reams single f (45 points) as for 16.12 6 16.12 6.10 16.12 6.10 7.11 total 99 point mare games looking at circumstances carefully,… here seems that small amount is good even because of next week with

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