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    Public proposal,

    Broadcast related words Fuji TV King Kong Hokuyo Ishida Jun-ichi You knock on a jumping door! 虻川美穂子 Abukawa Mihoko

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    • The road which
      Well 78th Academy Award starring actress prize prize-winning lease [uizasupun] everyone today when good morning it is weather being good, the shank (^o^)/this movie some days ago saw, it is, but recently only the book of the movie reading, it increases, but some days ago and lease [uizasupun] one work 3,600,000,000 Yen writing with the actress whose in a certain magazine 1st guaranty is many in Hollywood, [te] who? That actress? You did not know, it is,… seriously (^-^; Well, movie official approval you aimed from a state where [anjierina] jolly or the [buratsuto] pit of two year ago you do not know it is because (: _;) When you inspect, when you inspect, what kind of work which Academy Award it is prize-winning because this work some days ago with tsutaya it sells for 500 Yen, same -> you do not know either [hoakin] [huenitsukusu] of the actor who is bought, don't you think? even younger brother what of river [huenitsukusu] as for the… movie disturbance of [miyujishiyanjiyoni] cash? Semi- world. It is what, but when some days ago the same systematic “ray” empty you see, don't you think? because with the poisoning [tsu] [te] feeling which drug poisoning is kind also proposal of 1st climax last year release proposal of the [huigia] player sees in the skating rink also impression is weak, also [hoakin] of starring which is weak being nominated, Academy Award the prize winning… lovely is the actress certainly in [rizuuizasupun], but…… well securely as for name and the face you remembered with Academy Award taking also two degrees, as for [ru] [hirari] Swank the movie coming out, the [ru] guaranty is cheap comparatively with this, don't you think? is,…

    • Yesterday…
      Being excited with [shintsuyo] release proposal of [sumasuma], you slept and with the consequence which the [re] is not, you inserted pink hunt and the Hong Kong reservation…Useless [atakushi] (- _-;) And, Yosimitu. This month when it tries becoming aware in the photograph not being raised Sakura it is the peach to hunt [bo] hunt next month, as usual it is the hunter…(- _-)

    • “[merimi]!!”PV and foreign love performance
      In order that 6 human group groups, ragfair, supports the man who does not have the courage which is proposed in her, offering the place of release proposal on the 4th, new tune “[merimi] of 24 day sale which understands!!”New tune “[merimi] which is the plan where it is associated, invites 1 groups where the collection member likes the word of proposal to September Tokyo performance, has confessing on the platform!!”Besides the fact that the having news item which designates the man and woman where laughing combination “foreign love” of the same post office with friendship performance beginning falls to love as theme is announced, appearing with the here and there, it has uplift music in promotion video of the current work which was recorded even in dvd of the first board benefit and, Kato of the member is places of interest full load e.g., bride [kosupure] you list to Tsuchiya and wedding of announcement benedict part,

    • As for not occurring [te]…
      Almost two degrees you do not sleep when [gatsutsuri] you sleep, such a time…13: It is the byte from 30, unless it occurs,…So something still it is tired, (you sleep too much…?)The waist it is painful, -…At long separation it is to rub we would like to go, when after a long time there is no application of the [puropozu] plan which ragfair comes out in dream, gratitude middle and the ocean 輔 it was the intention of doing release proposal…When is,…? Circumstance circumstance circumstance circumstance no that we fear, <- details you know more, t (ry)

    • The topics from the Sapporo Kamagaya & Taiwan!
      Also the party is last. It comes, into season aspiring determination & bouquet presentation! Even in that one. In everyone. Sign service. [jiyanizu] system: [heasutairu]. Wild system: [heasutairu]. Commemoration [huotsutokado]. Sign entering positive player release proposal: At the Taiwan ball park! (youtube: Information offer Sapporo littleneck clam -) feature=player_embedded sickle star: Independent [toreshiyotsuto]! Warmly it is the sickle star with Indian summer! Today as for the independent training player being many, the shank ~! Hisashi victory Nakajima Kinoshita valley original cedar valley large. Shallow swamp thread well thread several Ejiri now the forming Uemura Yoshikawa dozen arrow 貫 hill original high oral each player. Also the fan increasing, at this day which it increases! Kamagaya [tore]. The Hisashi pitcher it is enormous! Sign. Queue! Is pleasant also the service victory pitcher. Fan service Ejiri pitcher. Vigorously training!

    • Valentine knight
      Yesterday sea going, the “Valentine knight” you saw! Already, being impressed normally, it cried, (; Ω; The `) the [a] it is to do, it is enormous in the mark, it was good, is! Also message release proposal is what which is sent to the important person, when happiness this and it can have with only those which overflow doing impressed that with [sapuraizu], whether the [te] which may become enormous memory the [wa] where impression cries excessively (; д; The `) laughing also next year becoming would like to go temporarily, you thought, REPT (the ´∀ `) the [ho] it is in the usual friend who no this time is invited with in appreciation Good Heavens

    • “North positive” horsefly river Mihoko, measure valley lap as for the open proposal decision result to Ichiro?
      The present occurrence pickup which becomes matter of concern! Laughing “north positive” horsefly river Mihoko, measure valley lap as for the open proposal decision result to Ichiro? Sponsor drink “north positive” horsefly river Mihoko, measure valley lap as for the open proposal decision result to Ichiro? Horsefly river Mihoko of laughing combination “north positive” leaps television program of 7 day broadcast “2 hour special of the [to] [bi] and others spring!”So “public. Opposite proposal” it does, the partner who so is and proposes conversely, the owner chef measure valley of the Italian restaurant “[osuteriarutsuka]” which is in the midst of associating lap horsefly river and the measure valley which are Ichiro, information program “to know each other roundly with coaction of the market”, after that, the horsefly river to commute to the store and stuffing and with the notion that where association to start before approximately 2 years, also the measure valley of the partner who repeats date was the fan of the horsefly river, last year, the photograph being recorded before the woman magazine, the secret just two and, according to the program staff clearly, as for the horsefly river the measureDesiring the marriage with the valley, if “how it does, being able to get married with him?”With that, the latest special service code plan “lie like proposal” was prepared, so is, but Akira Hiroshi Robert's Yamamoto and Nisino of [kingukongu] 廣 and others you devised, so with the program which is imitating movie “Rocky”, if the horsefly river could stand to in the last ring, it can release can propose while playing also the scene which it knocks down there was a horsefly river which seems, but to stand it continues somehow to end and… and, “however after the tournament ending he is such a I, that lap please make Ichiro's wife”, well to straight…, as for the measure valley “releaseIn proposal”, it probably is to lower what kind of decision? As for picture with program decisive instant

    • Measure valley lap horsefly river Mihoko Ichiro
      The measure valley lap Ichiro being fanned to the or [kingukongu] Nisino Akira 廣 which receives horsefly river Mihoko's proposal, it does to release proposal, how… [gakinchiyo] ★rock [dvd] returns the public radio wave - relation of [kingukongu] this tag: Horsefly river Mihoko measure valley lap Ichiro Horsefly release proposal it is sought, with Hirosue sexy photograph collection burst of laughter Tanaka, to dna judgment non style s-1 ace imalu, with secret the man…

    • North positive horsefly, proposal success! Tear of deep emotion
      North positive horsefly, proposal success! Tear of deep emotion

    • You question with the [me]* Release proposal
      Because yesterday, the splash flying children who were seen as something in releasing see, each time it has let flow, but in the atmosphere which is different roughly from the [ma] middle the horsefly of north positive with the boxing form challenge 3 round fighting through in the champion, after that, that word of release proposal had thrived in the chef of the Italian restaurant, “when it was possible to be such a I”, you obtained and ~~~~~~ honesty were surprised even until now even one time…This pattern… of horseflyFurthermore don't you think? horsefly [ameburo] you do the fact that you are impressed is the storm of comment of present blessing to be already the [chi] [yo], before, 1250 cases it exceeds the [tsu] which does to be, don't you think? everyone it is kind, when the horsefly woman it seems, because each the [amedetou] angel one step it becomes encouragement, little by little re-surfacing aiming, [pochipochi] with “[chi] [bi] of the love which we ask please may side” 1 [pochi] (it flies the angel to Japanese [burogu] village with 1 [pochipeta] angels) (the [chi] [bi] popularity [burogu

    • New space family*
      Yamazaki who is the [ku] [bo] [tsu] [chi] [tsuitsuta] of the [chi] which wants being funny having introduced the mail of the madam who comes from the outer space where today you try following the day before yesterday you saw excitingly to me, however release proposal of the horsefly river you were impressed, when you become aware that yesterday [burogu] which is impression even in everyday life of the new space family it will renew the current morning which is the blast 睡 can be able while thinking of news item, now making the miscellaneous grain crop United States, and as for the United States which is eaten at the outer space where smell does what kind of taste and the [ro]!? [a] tomorrow important audition! It perseveres, it is!! Miso soup [u] article url

    • It had shone*
      “You threw away Japan it is it is not in horsefly river encouragement rush!” Horsefly river Mihoko (35) of laughing combination north positive, to succeed in release proposal with splash flying sp of 7 day broadcast, [bu] .......... itselfIn training the ≫ [amoeba news] only 1 months which read the ≪ continuation, the professional the sweetheart who is opposition how deep emotion evenly [getsutsu], even from this, happiness that!!!

    • Horsefly river Mihoko
      North. Itoh and marriage partner introduction “[dekatsu]!”When with being surprised, 15 ones and horsefly river Mihoko of the partner some days ago, just announced engagement circumstances with variety program in to be televised, as release proposal as for Itoh “as for that as for that it was impressed proposal”, that

    • J-sports FOOT! Tsuchiya's world cup expectation & Analysis
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • [kamuba] SJ
      [tsuitsuta] highest ゜+ of [donhe]:. MARU REPT (*´∀ `) no MARU.: +゜ [ieson] [kawai] it passes!! sj came, rather! Well the ~!! As for bonamana [sorisori] route [kita] ━━━ (゜∀゜) ━━━!! When one time it is effective, inside the brain it turns round and round! Chaotic [katsukoiiwasawasa] doing also the mu van of yesterday, [te] [kawaii] however it was funny dance thin Don release proposal and/or was the tear of [hichiyo] and/or there was a variety to even that, this year we want persevering!

    • The inside [yo] it is the [so].
      The [wa] ~ quite it is drama! It is too cute* Kiss Yosio beauty of release proposal fence crossing over (*´д `*) happily ~

    • Theater edition it saw that is, -!!!
      You saw! As for being at 1st morning one! It does, it is to be, it was the person!! The Hokkaido person it has licked! So lining up, the [ru] person even the trap where large portion fate is, lining up about my 9 o'clock, however 1st time you saw barely, was one mosquito ゙ [raka] ゙ [ra] before, it is! Somehow, everyone, lining up too much, it threw fate to the same day with pattern www something which it cannot arrive to the cinema to time don't you think? it is probably will be, the line you will divide, well truth orz well, as for being such 1st!!! As for being! [hueito]! Whether also two people so it is clean from small time when, the extent which is made [hatsu] it is truly clean!!!! … Simply, whether drawing just is good, or so is even, 1st it cried after all, (the д `) ゚. ゚ ゚ *:. . [pureshiamaman]… The [tsu] [te] where it is too slow to become aware,… that [tsu] [te]… (the д `) ゚. ゚ ゚ *:. . Calling name, the scene truth… seemed as in release proposal, (the *´д `*) nevertheless, being truly with the thermal power strengthening… Somewhat if even fear it is the power which is felt the earth breaking, even the air the strange way it did [hueito] to be good the pink color phobia it did not become with that, because still www today which it rubs persevering, however 2 times you saw, in order benefit to receive, does not see with even or orz, as for being time is long whether it is not good 2 times per day the limit also today did [utouto] a little! Already, however also tomorrow goes even in the limit of the physical strength! If it continues with such a reason and does not sleep quickly!

    • The ~♪ which goes
      However you wrote on also the article before, new monk you where last night, with [burogu] of the Shimazu player it had become topic increased it was the guppy matching, however, it comes out even with the ~ and when waiting wearing the hat, on that the spotted [ya] [tsu] [te] it has hidden to the Parker hood,…When practicing don't you think? don't you think? you saw it is securely, and it was the good smiling face where the purpose which does to the present older sister promontory was conveyed the ~ which is in order to give the birthday present of one weekly lag to the Hukai player, it could transfer properly, because 'it goes tomorrow to support please persevere' with…Tomorrow that smiling face would like to see, today when we would like to see without fail [sapo] companion of the young man and with the older sister promontory is also the open proposal couple with the talk battle at this of the ~ which is simultaneous time to be together, but as the [yaza] player remembered the face securely, the ~ it does, oh, it met with talk show…How, saying, then the better seed then after, well thickly it shook hands with [banzai] the ~, also Ejiri supervision comes out Ejiri supervision, sincerely and has shaken hands fan everyone who waits the [tsu] [ke] waiving the ~ player, being the place where it returns, way the thing left behind which the [ma] ~ it does it does not do me including the preparation of tomorrow,

    • Secondary meeting of wedding
      japanese means , original meaning

    • Horsefly
      Because at today had done freely and easily, 'it leaps release proposal from the horsefly which looked at 2 hours sp of the [to] [bi] and others spring', it was good, it is it is not it was or, also his person of the ~ horsefly said, but interview after the playing of the horsefly, I saying well, the ~ true horsefly which is thought character is good, it is probably will be the ~ how the plan which nevertheless, recently, release proposal how is said with the television increasing, it increases, don't you think? .........The [tsu] [te] which does the fact that you decide your own lifetime, with the television what you say the challenger shelf ~ how

    • Confession & proposal of ideal
      Some days ago, in tv seeing with nailing, it increased, Junichi's Ishida being release proposal enviable, when the shank ~ it was proposed so romantically, not being forgotten, it does as for to propose it is [sapuraizu] after all romantically, don't you think? while me of girl disposition, very, [dokidokiwakuwaku] seeing, because they are the general people whom it increases, the fireworks it launches and… sets up and uses the person and, it is not, however is,… you wanted to try being proposed, accidentally together you see the father who would like to hear the word of the proposal which you try calling to the father 'and it was influenced?' me 'by the way the [tsu] [ke]' father who is word [tsu] [te] what of proposal 'without being, it does, the [yo]'Me 'is, don't you think? how doing, however the nut you think,… girl disposition forces and as for me when all over cute would like to be proposed with, when also association is long, accumulating roughly, the [tsu] [te] perhaps, either that you say, whether the ~ [tsu] [te], whether the [ro] which is the marriage red sandal wood' well actuality such it is it is strange don't you think? is, Japanese putting out [i] ~ [chi] [yo] ~ countryman putting out [i] ~ such it rubbed, don't you think? it is the strong desire where this which the ~ wedding is not done by the way and is me is strong even, it is shy it is popularity [burogu] get together the ~! I yearn, the confession of ideal & proposal ♪☆ tasty Calais making is recognized!

    • WeddingⅡ
      You wrote even with blog of yesterday, but there where you question truly thousand Yutaka Tanaka positive person and Horiguti gets married are with the [me] and, today the large quantity we would like to keep placing the photograph, (receiving Tanaka's permission it increases) finishing the ceremony which is 2 people with ceremony, they are 2 people and, more and more it is the opening banquet of feast, if it moves forward slowly and calls to stage arrival feast, [uedeingukeki] and cake cutting first, thousand Yutaka of the bride as for leaving guidance for exchanging the clothes, it is the older brother and the younger sister continuing, positive person of the benedictAs for the guidance which is leaving Kitamura of the friend. . 2 people who are you lastly chummily 繫 to be, with the change which it increases ending, again the admission balloon directing, that you grasp the microphone which does entertainment in the [zutsukiyunsuki] section because making a mistake in the bride regrettable it is I of the only senior, punishment game now, doing release proposal, increases the hand, also the parents and the commemoration photographing skiing section changing the commemoration photographing place, secondary meeting how, cake cutting eating too much note laughing lastly, please view the happy so 2 people even in the secondary meeting which it gets off from bmw

    • Treasure road LIVE in musical instrument fair 2009
      Today “treasure road live in musical instrument fair 2009” of the other day which is tecchan was the fatigue! It was favored by also weather, you got together in your many customers! Already also the report being issued, because it is [ru] thing, also the Indian dance of everyone of coco and [saheriya] which the snap are introduced right away necessary is seeing!! How, was, probably will be? It is music, dance, performance and quantity, ill-smelling it is the latest live, that you think whether it is not to can be satisfied also the one which has the fact that until now it comes to seeing there was [sapuraizu], Samoan release proposal which and, to tell the truth, is the how treasure road member in the live climax and is the leader!!! In the first place [jiyanbe] when, being joyous such as the seat which you celebrate, the culture that is Africa, it performs, because is, live of the treasure road just the most suitable situation with reason the shank! Simply, partner or [zu] obtaining, being surprised suitably, better seed (laughing) Samoan brave figure, or the receiving of the [zu] obtaining you answered, the pattern at all was impressed!! In treasure road history it was highest happy live!! Everyone of the treasure road, we ask happy live may even from this!! It was ^^ fatigue! So tecchan

    • Getting married
      As for guaranty of Ishida Junichi release proposal 5,000,000 Yen!

    • The [ro] which is strange and is? That 2 - 7
      2. Furthermore being stranger than television open wedding, the shank and release proposal

    • North positive Itoh, rugged 婚! It followed to the horsefly!
      North positive Itoh, convex. 婚! It followed to the horsefly! 2 people of north positive question with your marriage [me], when it is you get married, when becoming funny is born the woman combination child all the more the sled [ya] [a] which becomes funny getting married, when also the child is possible, “child treatment comes out, it is, but well with” current events news item what being news item housewife news item you coming, well it becomes unable to laughing becomes unable to sell this combination with woman combination this, it probably will be don't you think? the much the end woman laughing combination, Itoh of north positive the time (36) with the boy volleyball, the Sinoda step player of the east rare rose (30) entering in the family register during this month on the 10th, story of the group of authorized personnelSo the rugged couple 38 centimeter of height difference which understands being able to fructify association 5 year, horsefly river Mihoko of Itoh's partner who becomes finish (35) this month it released proposed inside the Fuji Telecasting Co. related program of 7th broadcast, just was engaged to positive with w spring did!!

    • To horsefly marriage with “it leaps, the [to] [bi]” release proposal
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • Society w which cannot be returned
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • Perhaps! his person gay?
      Such a being placed by the contribution column which collected failure of year-end party and burst of laughter news item with the coupon magazine “[guchiyoki]” December edition which is distributed free with Matsuyama regional limitation, it increased, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - “there are times when from his person we would like to convey to the preceding day of my year-end party which inside the company 3 years has fallen in love suddenly in the year-end party of tomorrow because”, it is said, this by any chance release proposal!? How, my day which has made merry, as for the word which he mentions “in me the person who is associated is”, that you called and felt and…, the following instant, o you of the colleague stood up, “to tell the truth me…” the association of 3 years it was what, whether it is probably will be,… - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - to you obtain, -! However coming out it does with such a paste and that [bitsukurisugoi] it admires behind, whether the [chi] [ya] [u] two person it is as for this circumstance and the [ro] -!! As for the man of this partner also she association continues with some intention is the [ro] which is?? Associating, just she did [ru] intention, it is and the [ro]?? Because tomorrow we would like to convey there are times when using the air in the [tsu] [te] his appearance, [ru] intention this what!? Useless and the [ro] - as for this sincerity having properly in her, it is explaining to preceding day with being now, however the skin wax, she whom it can make funny story is great

    • [moriagenaito
      [chitsusu] some days ago according to schedule the ball kicking, after that meeting recently with the foam/home in order that weight is dropped, the food between everything not to be done even with [te] stomach [pekopeko], going to the store, when there is a meal before the eye, the [wa] [ma] which useless and beautiful bitterly the [tsu] is attached -, also the various story which can do [ii] meeting being possible, the [wa] which [ii] time could be passed - is with Saturday kneading of 34 learning, even when the [u] it is with thing running the ball kicking, firmly setting, the [ri] [ya] ankle is not painful, well carelessness the prohibited burn, being able to run normally, the ball being able to kick, becoming good, increases, condition with such feeling which is happy, but this time [mashiya]While and hurt passing, with thing, bonesetting institute was introduced (laughing) for a while meeting, go, it is, even with the rice eating the neck, speaking slowly, - also this man where [katsu] comes to practice from this day doing, the soccer whether the [te], I the ball kick the 3rd burn good [wa] - enter together at this day, however still it is from the [wa], you do together and the [te] - become and to [sore] which is feeling, here recently the can and together the ball the frequency which is kicked you are high without the fragment (laughing) having offering always pleasant time, [burogu] of [te] appreciation and [wa] [ore] seeing is daily routineBecoming, [ru] like self-abandonment it is, the [ii] thing book to be, with the can (laughing) it is with, practice ending, however with several people dance of [mii] and the canape you saw to the event,… also the [metsuchiya] parenthesis good 2 people knowing, the trap where observes in just the [ru] and you see soon and expect [re] [ru] thing! Although it is with, the event it went, still, there being a reason when the truth does [sapuraizu] because of [mii], however [wa] [mii] which showed the birthday celebration and open proposal man we would not like to be the year setting (laughing) with your birthday [me] -* Temporarily… also 2 people from formula before, line densely - various story being slow in drinking, - summer before the [wa] 2 year bosom it forces, the trap! By the way, [miya] and the crotch it was absorption in samba, (laughing) next week after a long time [natsukuruzu] and the ball kick it may, the [maji] pleasure and the [wa] which are -!

    • North positive horsefly release proposal!!
      North positive horsefly river Mihoko of the laughing combination would like to become north positive/! - Every it does, the experience variety The challenge stripe it does in boxing, the seed! The regular you perform 'it leaps in 2 hours sp of the [to] [bi] and others spring' it leaps the [to] [bi] and others: IV The measure valley of the association partner lap to Ichiro it released proposed! Boxing being real, opposes with player and [ekishibijiyon] of woman boxing lightflyweight worldwide 5 rank! After the playing however “he is such a I from the horsefly river, lap please make Ichiro's wife!”With in measure valley of sweetheart proposal! When it is possible to be such a I, the request stripe inhaling may! After all being highest, the shank!!!

    • Yes Ssu came back from the bank less rice ★ ★
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • 石田純一、東尾理子と結婚
      Junichi Ishida of the talent, as for Junichi Ishida which comes to the point of getting married with Satoko Higasio of the professional golfer was 55 years old and 2 time divorce and history very to recently Rie the Hasegawa of the actress and the long period of time had associated as for Satoko on the one hand Higasio 33 years old, as for the cover [ri] which is the daughter of the pitcher supervision of original Seibu Lions it visits Greece with plan of television program, does release proposal there and it becomes 3rd marriage for Junichi Ishida where engagement is formed, but very this time it probably will go well? Chestnut

    Public proposal, Broadcast,

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