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    Sport related words Seibu Lions Nagasaki Prefectural Seiho High School ドラフト会議 Baseball draft Hanamaki Higashi High School 菊池投手 Kikuchi yusei

    • [ohayo
      As for last night, the library 1 volumes finishing to read, sleeping 2:00 even in 8:30 happening as for [to] ゙ [rahuto] meeting of this year when it is cut off, fan 1000 is invited is in even Σ the (Ω no) the no! Pulling out selection sees and the [re] [te], in the future, the instant of club decision of the promising player sees before the eye and [to] ゙ [rahuto], [re] [ru] makes a noise [wa] - [kiya] -, it is not to be, gently 粛 々 and pulling out [ime] which is chosen - there is [shi] ゙, but it is while making [shi] ~ [n], observing, don't you think? the [e] (--; As a at the point where the future of the Kikuchi male star player of Hanamaki east high school becomes matter of concern [watashi],* However the 彡 baseball [tsu] [te], honesty excessively interest it was not, supporting the club where Kikuchi is from now on, someone's fan? If with it is heard, the [wa] which the Kikuchi male star is not perplexed and answers (*^m^*) [muhutsu

    • Kikuchi
      It is to be exultaion as the Seibu fan, but we wanted going to optimism privately, is, it is large welcome, as the Seibu fan well well the tag: The Saitama Seibu Lions Hanamaki east high school

    • Kikuchi male star-related data gathering
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

    • The Kikuchi male star [tsu] [te] knowing, it increases?
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • Rice cake being attached conference, residents' association and volunteer firemen New Year party
      January 10th, standing early morning, Matsushima of same class meeting in Morioka 10 o'clock in the morning the return, from 11 o'clock “it comes in contact in the rice cake being attached conference of salon brown love ([chi] [ya])” participates as for the brown love which receives ([chi] [ya]), this day which is offered to only area small-scale, oh with the foam/home the service of [deisabisu] visit nursing [shiyotosutei] and the like which is the nursing facility which has been managed in the new town before the seeing where I have lived, as a facility, “the rice cake is attached and” has become usual event, not only the user, even in everyone of areaCalling, I who was done received, presuming upon word, participating, with the photograph which can give the pestle as for doing the “phase [do] [ri]”, with Mr. principal of the small school before the Ootasiro governmental man original seeing of the chairman, in the disciple of that time, as for Mr. Ootasiro where the Kikuchi male star pitcher who joins an organization in the Seibu Lions is, in the Koshien conference of last year several degrees started in small principal age before the seeing which is to be the composer of Hanamaki east high school alma mater song of the Kikuchi pitcher where name starts projecting to the television, “mfc” (to see, the front small school contact chorus) even now the continuation,I participating in “the chorus festival” of [kiyarahoru], it is one person of the method which represents the Iwate music circle which it receives, but also “the phase [do] [ri]” of the work duty robe form to improve very thing performance, the taste where the people of the staff are tasty was acquired, ““[goma]” “walnut” coming and so on cooking densely,” as for this day which it receives, you saw from 12 o'clock and, attended also the New Year party of front new town residents' association and the New Year party of Morioka city volunteer firemen 21st branch

    • Iwate savings
      kanji , original meaning

    • You talk 249 [paiotsu], the [ero] [mu] can
      [buroguneta]: [mote] so as for being no cup? While participating densely it is, it is! Hanamaki east high school, it seemed the tired way and…Thank you! But as for being defeated, regrettable it is appreciation appreciation! Once upon a time…In northeast, victory flag…In high school of all northeast, we want aiming, well is! Some cup, [mote] [ru]? [watakushi] is bowl size. Favorite? As for the bowl, just the artistic work (゚ ∀ ゚), there is a variety even in the bowl, don't you think?? Lacquerware…And so on and so on (∀) only the lacquerware the rear end increase it is sometimes, the [ero] [mu] can. Everyone of the gong [mu] can fan of the woman, it is good sometimes, don't you think?? (з)

    • It learns from the young person
      How Saeki city go with the plug it is, with the [tsu] [te] feeling, yesterday which various plan has done. Performance “of the concert Tsugaru samisen player Suzuki interest branch while the castle town waiting” at of the valley temple ([chi] [yo] [u] densely lottery), as for the approval which is thought as the one end, “store meeting “according to of capital town forward the large” meeting ““Saeki of the waiting making” it waited and made and meeting “hotel gold water of activity member” 彩 wood” 苑”, as for support, “the Saeki city plan section the making propulsion person in charge whom it waits”, as for sponsorship, it had become “the friend of the 彩”, “彩 (leash) the friend” to seek food playing study laughing ease, together colorationA certain, home Saeki the women who designate that dearly, you act as purpose getting together, unless the man who has been born inserts in that, with thing, “彩” receiving the letter, this where “meeting of the 彩 wood (to go,)” has been formed is passed, still, roundly only 1 years, but I being the member, in the various meeting which the man and the woman insert, yesterday when also participation of the young person becomes many, the chairman of 75 years old, “as for Suzuki, still, is 22 years old, but 75 years old I being able to learn from her, SawayamaIt is,… calls the person whose now is young, but brightness of the player of the stickiness and Hanamaki east high school of the player of the discernment Yutaka high school which was said that this 0 of the city halls, with volunteer mind, with utmost effort it has persevered (this time, from meeting place large applause)”, Liao's [ichiro] and Ishikawa participation,… even with election of this time, alternation of generation kana

    • Seibu, the air which crushes the Kikuchi male star?
      The Seibu Ono coach “pitch form of high school age must be made to reset to the male star,”, that said there where it has the special edition of the Kikuchi male star pitcher of draft 1 rank joining an organization which looked at NHK “Sunday sport” however, then when you reset the Kikuchi male star to Hanamaki east high school, how being? Generally, the library-name, “male star” is not good, “Kikuchi” it was possible to be normally, it is there is no [a]? However there is a result which participated Daisuke Matuzaka from high soldier/finishing 1st year, Matuzaka is another case, regrettable, there is no either tough flesh Matuzaka's way in the Kikuchi male star and, either audacity it is not, Seibu, the egg of the gold does not have to be crushed, being serious, resetting the Kikuchi male star to Hanamaki east high school, it relaxes and is don't you think? even for developing the professional baseball

    • * Draft*
      Hanamaki east high school appearing with [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] nationwide broadcast, the [ru] -

    • Reference material
      'As for difference of the person who the person who achieves the result is not lifted' there is a habit attitude which lifts also the team and the result which achieve the result which is the problem whether or not several habit attitudes which are not talent you learn fundamental method of, is with even in shank Hanamaki east high school in the highest team which has the after all highest habit, furthermore the level which is the highest habit is rather high, is, “you do to here?” as for the person who has lived in Hanamaki which is the story which is heard from the person who has lived in Hanamaki which is level everyone knowing, about the [ru] that habit of being famous habitWith, “greeting” “that greeting which” is enormous, is the vigor which is just calls simply and is not, when it is and attending school, when passing each other with the person of town, it halts securely, gets off from the bicycle, greets every day when in greeting which it is and is surprised town is made vigorous, 1 hours and it studies other than the baseball, it is, being enormous, in the team which puts out the shank 'result today when it has the highest habit' will keep making framework framework full opening thinking [tsu] drill highest life, \ (the ^0^)/- dream you obtain, - from the [ru] -

    • The lottery is pulled
      En japonais , Feel free to link

    • Good smiling face!
      The Niigata national body, high school baseball Hanamaki east high school vs Nakagyo large Nakagyo 6-4 as for the Koshien of the summer debt, it to be possible and to return accurately, but a little with news of better seed evening to be able look at image, how so playing to thinking at last, well, pleasantly, the better seed ~ sled [ya], while playing directly [tsu] [te] reason it was not, while however probably will be, Hanamaki east and Nakagyo and both player at ease, mixing the smiling face with becoming lively, whether the detailed score where it was the spectacle of the tournament it will place in spite even in 123456789 meter Hanamaki east 3100000206 Nakagyo 0110101004 weekdays there was the attendance 12000 or more, soThe play which so, even from score, it is what, seeing [haraharadokidoki] it was the tournament which it withstands because with, in Koshien which is thought point difference being attached even too excessively, however it was the extent where those where you see become harsh, this time, power it pulled out from the shoulder and feels at ease should have been possible becoming the tournament which is thought Hanamaki east monkey river, Nakagyo the forerunner first time of the hall Hayasi, the Kashiwa leaf of two base hits is sent with the bunt and from 1 dead third bases, Kawamura captain strikes, with preemptive repeated hitting 1 dead loaded bases, Yusuke Chiba. With timely hitting 3- from 6 middle the pitcher in 2nd grade Yoshida 7 times 1 deaths two, from the third base with the squeeze 4-4 to make tie and the [tsu] or the ~ do, in eight times monkey river you in right wing 2 point home runs of net win! Nine times, hall Hayashi you… they were beautiful three swings in appearance at bat of the Kikuchi male star which the 待 [se] is done! Furthermore, three people continuing, beautiful pitch of swing wide three swing most fast 153 kilometer after all, it is enormous with, the game which depends on the male star the medium [tsu] passing, it is thing, don't you think? from what, the smiling face of the players after the game ending, of course, the smiling face of the Nakagyo players had shone, being chaotic refreshing, tomorrow from 10 o'clock, the opposition with Miyazaki Miyakonojo! Don't you think? the high school last tournament is tomorrow, or is day after tomorrow, or is, way there is no being regretful, persevering! * Today, you referred game contents from the evening paper of the Iwate daily report

    • Japanese Letter
      That the professional baseball Seibu attention rookie, the male star (the Kikuchi male star) you graduated alma mater Hanamaki east high school, you saw with news, word of the male which “the highest companion lifetime, is not forgotten” star player, it is good, is - he, however high school age, it was the superstar, everyday, it can have good impression in the speech which that it was taking the initiative it was similar to the Ishikawa player of golf, being refreshing, will be rest room cleaning of the dormitory of the baseball club secure, if so you say, gradually, me you live, Joetsu city high school junior high school, with season something of graduation ceremony graduation ceremony of the eldest son of the shank - insideIt is tomorrow, recently, the teachers and the pupil, graduation ceremony [tsu] [te] of impression, are few with the tear, so [aho] like of that, Okinawa which is you acted playfully, it seems like the paste of coming-of-age ceremony, it wishes to be conspicuous and the person of the house, the scene which makes serious graduation ceremony, ruinous nationwide becomes many and if the end which read such an article of the [ru] in the weekly magazine avoids, it does entirely and well as for the person who stands in the new starting line, forgetting the feeling of appreciation, if me where is not good, the teacher, the [bu] [tsu] it throws, being well wretched, whether it cries, the shelf - your own doctrine, you mistakingThat, graduation ceremony me of junior high school of the eldest son of tomorrow, it cannot attend, but separately, the scene of impression also the [te] is good without, but the attitude which acts playfully you take, is, even in the child inside, Shaw tallow graduation ceremony of [ikemen], from the girl, the button of the student clothes, it is the [chi] [yo] [u] from independent [tore] of the last night when you call hard whether it is to be, it was the storm, it is probably will be -! Now, such? Habit, it probably will be?

    • Jishi star news file 710 /03/10
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • 野久保参り15,16日目☆ &佐々木監督さんの言う魔物。。。
      The field Kubo being defeated of a little before & it raised the circumstances of the companion and the [so] [bi] [re] [te] increased first this well-known [bo] [ri] [chi] it is with at the Asakusa temple we being able to meet, chatting, cod…Desire mother discovery!! Charging, greeting, cod… But also akyo of the friend of the desire mother densely the rabbit it was densely and others the [tsu] plain gauze was and a little chat -> desired and that you disturbed to the room of the mother as for this ↓ me connection of the personal computer being bad, strange dimension (laughing) the wandering [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is midway, the photograph having making take selfishly immediately before that, it increased…Laughing you desire in any case and the mother and also akyo the paste of the rabbit densely densely rather than story is pleasant!! Bursting into laughter directly, when laughing and the field Kubo being defeated 16th day which, it increases you look at before accidentally… azumimi doing, [a] [datsushiyu] the closing [chi] [ya] oral [ya] which is infrequent speaks it was delightful, is, when so like this it has done,… the well-known close friend [bo] [ri] [chi] it is coming,…It tries doing for a while, starts coming,…Hexa- thing the [ku] of the ♪ which you spoke, it is shyness heart… This it is chaos full enjoyment shining, as for [ru] during power raising or while levelling up is not separately, but or (laughing) what - with it does, the [yo]?? <- When I take, whether consequence of the worried symptom the obtaining and souvenir picture why, the 撮 [tsu] [chi] [ya] bearing all the way, it does, don't you think? laughing and this first appearance* My master (laughing) it placed selfishly and the [chi] [ya] was but ......[] and the story which the permission laughing nice pause ww were pleasant and are change,… well-known* The story certain animated picture sight of Hanamaki east (laughing) “the locus 4 to of the Hanamaki east high school best 4” being similar, when Sasaki supervision is return from that cool flat your injury of discernment Yutaka game, “you felt that demon is in Koshien”, “you thought that it won,” that

    • 10代の決断…脱帽です
      Course of the Kikuchi pitcher of Hanamaki east high school had become matter of concern, after all looking at that tear of the [tsu] [te] which perseveres with the Japanese professional baseball, being troubled to the decision to be tremendous, you thought, it is becoming specially crossing the sea because his own you think, the adult comes to negotiation, it is those which are refusing courage it is don't you think? when thinking of your own future, leaving with [chimumeito] actualizing, it becomes lonely,… As for the Japanese professional baseball boundary 10 clubs like large welcome even 1 rank designation are said that decision, but entering into whichever club, certainly, as for him when thinking such a thing which you think that you make raise 'as treasure of the sphere boundary', as for her who views the information of the Asada player of every day every night to sp or fp do not change tune that it declared that and, also the triple accelerator continues to challenge, although even that [tarasowa] of thing it was perplexed to tune modification, her “liking, the [ru]” it shows that way intention and passes, is not enormous is? However…However it is not, as for it constitutes being like a little it makes the direction which has room, shank one jumping failing, that it can recover with other things, kana how you say, it is probably will be…As for her decision contents and you call good timing, everything is best, don't you think? no one damages, does not make the guess above this bear, the mass communications silences…Although the Kikuchi pitcher and the Asada player are the teenager, while to worry to around, the [tsu] [te] which decides truly

    • プロ野球ドラフト会議
      In addition is new to the road to be the professional starting line Saitama Seibu Lions Watanabe director pulling the lottery ......Finally, draft of acquisition next year of the left arm pitcher Kikuchi male star pitcher of Hanamaki east high school how doing, is acquisition of the Saito 佑 tree pitcher, (laughing)

    • 運命のドラフト会議(1314)
      Good morning, as for Tokyo which is, from midst of cloudiness the last night when it is the Thursday morning when barely sunlight shines, you turned blog of everyone from midst of the futon, but before day changes, to sleep, also it occurred 30 minutes than the usual or more being late you put away, to question because it is riding in the thing streetcar, relief the fatigue accumulates and well it is the [ri] which is sown, this year when it is the day when destiny of the young people where today, from ordinary year there is a draft meeting with the Japanese professional baseball from slow 16 o'clock is decided with draft 1 rank candidacy, Kikuchi of Hanamaki east high school pours attentionAs for fast ball group of the left arm somewhere? But not only that of course, the many new stars. Hiroshima which is born and probably will be is not Kikuchi, the Imamura pitcher of [senbatsu] victory is called draft 1 rank designation, when it goes to the heart and the pitcher who has the result, not to be the celebration unusual? Nice choice it was to question as the carp fan it will be it is expectation in fine play, therefore simply, draft meeting not only 1 rank, subordinate position and important to also the rearing framework, we would like to continue to see, by the way, without being chosen, we would like to have believing the fact that it is the life where are good in also the candidates who are ended being, in the framework framework stripe shank, you try probably to keep tidying up the mountain of work securely from the framework framework the shank how without in any case way then, everyone is good first!

    • ホークスのニュー・フェイス大紹介〜2009年ドラフト会議菊地は6球団競合の結果ライオンズ、長野は約束どおり巨人へ〜

    • 埼玉の菊ちゃん
      Professional baseball draft meeting being held, Kikuchi of Hanamaki east high school to be decided in the Saitama western Lions, following to better seed Jojima, when you come to [serigu], the giant of next period may suffer hardship, because was, with [parigu] with [hotsu] next wbc, we want leading Hara Japan to the greatest in the world as a central pitcher, the shank ~

    • 2009ドラフト=注目は花巻東の菊池。
      More and more, the attention which draft meeting of destiny approaches vis-a-vis the field Shigeru hero pitcher, 8 clubs runs as a candidate to 1 rank designation Kikuchi male star pitcher past of Hanamaki east high school but after all closely the iron acquiring negotiation right former most numerous designation, this time is a match to this or or? But you say that the Japanese-American club had shown interest, as a designation activity he is to call is with that you declare that it squeezes to club 1 of Japan, the club of somewhere it should have gone to the world of measure the occasion where several years later fa you take takes in any case this time when it is interest Tsu 々 from now is when after a long time it is simultaneously relayed with the television and the radio. The certain major electric manufacturer and concerning the sponsor, it may become the draft which is not so far, (draft meeting-related news) as for Hiroshima clearly peak Imamura 1 rank designation the verification Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. as for 1 rank Kikuchi pear rice field supervision self-confidence lowering [ori], as for Kikuchi designation “as for undecided as for last decision day” Kikuchi even designation expectation many competitive securely the lottery of calm Osaka and Kobe true bow supervision and Kikuchi there is foreboding which is pulled! As for middle day “Kikuchi 1 rank designation whatever kind of thing there being,” (in addition) * the power hitter on the seeking [mu] left! As for Yokohama 1 rank designation of tube fragrance verification * fan large cheer! As for draft meeting place “narrow coming gate” of 16 times

    • 「お庭で跳ぶよ~♪」続編 (=`・エ・´=)ノ
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • 楽天イーグルス 菊池雄星 東北岩手の星【奥州web】
      The tired [chi] [ya] ~ it is! Iwate prefecture inner part state city calling PR ambassador p The vigorous sign 120% which is! As for up-to-date information of Iwate prefecture inner part state city .........[pochitsu] checking inner part state web newspickup←! (¯▽+¯*) northeast optimistic [igurusu] Kikuchi male star created!!: *: (¯∀¯): *: Today draft meeting! p northeast optimistic [igurusu] pulls the Kikuchi male star pitcher of Iwate prefecture Hanamaki east high school and, the kind of air which is applied does not have to do! We want becoming… so!! Draft meeting of destiny 4 o'clock in the afternoon is start!! In news bulletin Hanamaki east high school, as for Kikuchi male star pitcher in northeast optimistic [igurusu] decision!! It is the pleasure, (the ¯∇+¯) [niyari] valve it is young official blog Japanese [burogu] village Iwate information

    • バンサ~イ!!

    • 10/0505.
      Draft of @ this year has with topic of the Hanamaki east high school Kikuchi male star pitcher and drill [sepa] 8 club designates, the result of lot, the Seibu Lions negotiation right the get Matuzaka 涌 well and the Seibu going which raises the excellent pitcher almost decision @tv (the information [waidomiyane] house) with, everyone of shrine root of chairmanship and the commentator, as for Kikuchi come to Osaka and Kobe, it is the [ro], how you said, but the reason shelf which does not come to Osaka and Kobe after all, goes to the Seibu one

    • 師匠
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • ドラフト 2009
      While professional baseball draft meeting 6 club 1 rank designates the Kikuchi male star pitcher, Seibu negotiation right acquisition professional baseball draft meeting is done on the 29th, while the eyeball 2009 and the Kikuchi male star pitcher of Iwate Hanamaki east high school (18), 6 clubs 1 rank designating,… October 29th the Saitama Seibu Lions acquires negotiation right (the wood) 18:7 - society (Fuji Telecasting Co.)

    • 菊池雄星は国内選択
      The Kikuchi male star pitcher of Iwate Hanamaki east high school selecting the country

    • 花巻東
      Therefore in the Kikuchi male star pitcher of Hanamaki east high school, giving up the dream from young time for the present, waiting for domestic draft “child what, the adult saying to be effective, it is natural!” If as for this selection you see with the correct answer television, this child still care of the parent probably is necessary, when we assume that furthermore, the tear which was shown before the mass communications was not “calculation”, whether it passes unexpectedly with the professional even, whether it is dangerous, any where is necessary for the professional it is not the tear and the man who the sweat recently cries too multi to be, use well

    • つれづれなるままに(14)
      But our northeast optimism is narrowly defeated in yesterday Nippon Meat Packers, Inc. and, decorating the last tournament of the Nomura supervision which ends this season with the white star after all as for the wall to the it is not possible Japan Series thinks that it was thick, one night which you think that everyone of the player includes me who the fighting [tsu] [te] am given truly well and as for the optimistic fan by all means also the next year when it is possible to receive big impression and courage in participation of this year, aiming toward the record above this year, wants persevering, opening, suddenly “well, season it ended at yesterday, it is already there is no tournament of optimism from today when is, it is”, that for a while to commencement of the next spring when you think optimismAs for looking at the tournament well it was the morning when you think the pleasure which expands the morning edition which is not produced decreased a little, that, today it was observed, but the Japanese professional baseball entering was decided, in order so the maximum of 10 clubs which are 1 rank for there to be the schedule which is designated, you do not know whether the professional baseball which is the day when the Kikuchi male star pitcher of Hanamaki east high school announces course in press conference to enter, whether major league challenge, it joins an organization somewhere, be sure to think that you become the splendid player where, but entering into the club of wherever it has also the possibility of wearing the uniform of our northeast optimism large participating, you challenge to also the major league anotherAs for the Orionids as passed peak, as for me doing laziness, even one time without seeing, it is to finish, but in addition way the Kikuchi pitcher joins an organization by all means in northeast optimism, if on the meteor the request should have been put kana, with the draft meeting which is thought the pleasure is with in the next time

    • 菊池雄星、日本でのプレーを決断
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • 花巻東の菊池投手。おなじ「継続」仲間&サウスポーということで、今後応援していきましょう
      - Continuing. The Kikuchi male star pitcher of the Hanamaki east high school which participated in the companion - Koshien the submitting stripe does the professional desire report and the Kikuchi pitcher plainness - - - continues in the article which in magazine “weekly play boy” read the interview article of the Kikuchi pitcher of the callous, it has been said “the fact that it is” that “being” it has been recorded, main person of “rest room cleaning”, “3 annual one day without going to bed, if the rest room there is that much it cleaned” capability, “the heaven 狗” becoming, it is something rest room cleaning how may to stop doing, but as for the Kikuchi pitcher Japan which is differentYou do not know whether with advances to either professional with the United States, but calling to whichever, by his as for participating you are not wrong and probably will be does not do “rest room cleaning”, but “the tea bowl in the future it will keep supporting with same “continuous” companion & the southpaw who are continued to wash”, * in the future it will keep supporting with the Kikuchi pitcher same “continuous” companion & the southpaw of Hanamaki east, * Chinese lecture our happy watching. The piece (as for me we like) * German lecture ich bin student to look at the suspense movie. (I am the student) * Italian lecture da portare via? (It seems the carrying back way?)* Spanish lecture buenos dias. (Way if)

    • 米紙で菊池雄星を大きく紹介
      japanese means , linked pages are Japanese

    • 趣味のスポーツ。
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • プロ志望届
      Koshien of the summer of this year could be boiled, don't you think? Hanamaki east high school (Iwate prefecture) the Kikuchi male star, seems that makes the professional desire report, when not only the Japanese club, you are inserting also measure in range of vision, it is delightful for he who is thing to be professional desire but is, without going to measure suddenly, [e] ~ Kikuchi! The Japanese professional baseball, there is no charm? It is not, 伯母[san], measure compared to, the Japanese professional baseball is favorite what, the [o] [me] obtaining ~ baseball knowing, whether it is, don't you think? the ~ the mecca [tsu] [te] of the ~ and the baseball oh measure and the [ro] ~ [tsu] [te] you say the [tsu]! The favorite is it is the plain gauze - it is not and it is the [ke]! Good finishing, the [do] just it is there is the reflection applying to the object ones, it does, with thing, the [yo]? However it is bad, the [so] it is not there is no reflection in measure! Seeing sometimes, it is enormous with you think of course

    • CSへ大一番
      Also the professional baseball which is baseball news item after a long time becomes end, the climax series for and against both theory where the fight which applied the participation right of the climax series is done emerging, when now you refer to [serigu] of shank this year, in the fight which decides speech true Japan one being the right the team where either 5 tenth of victory ratio has not gone to appear in the Japan Series… Ochiai supervision of [doragonzu] “sees today and the [ku] [bi] [ru]” just 1 rank of the [se] pas both league should have appeared, it is it is not? When and so on, and so on with the [tsu] lever from my proposition more thing, with the professional baseball 12 club of Japan it decides from 1 rank to 12 rank, how probably will be? Funny kana? So, if it does, saying that we would not like to become least significant, it becomes and without either the digestion tournament serious mode fight may be seen? How probably will be? And, the stove league the stove league where various thing occurs from now? Japan one of the professional baseball will be decided, draft meeting and attitude and contract renovation will be held, this year when such is called the stove league… attitude of optimism and Nomura supervision and, in addition resignation of supervision will retire one after another… the stand 浪 player and the Inoue player of [doragonzu] and that… also each team probably will assure rejuvenation,… and, the Kikuchi pitcher of the Hanamaki east high school which can boil Koshien of the summer going somewhere? Measure? Or country? After returning the debt in Koshien privately in Japan, the kana which would like to have measuring and challenging? While everyday life thinking of such a thing,… what

    • Halation

    • 「高校野球・甲子園大会で感染!?」と「観客席から転落!」と「酒井さんを起訴!」
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • 銀河鉄道の猿
      The [a] - so well - as for Iwate which recently adapts with Hanamaki east high school the shrine of Hanamaki graduate 澤 the work of Osamu's Ken vision after 80 years was found from the attic, don't you think? it is even, - sphenogram or [tsu]! Read also one letter saying! The [kono] human [tsu] [te] it was the teacher of high school truly? … It has been said the monkey father of next door town graduate “in neighborhood debt the [tsu] it has done the empty, being disliked, the [ru] it is, don't you think? -” the [tsu] [te] saying, it increased,… well enough it is such a [mon] what, don't you think?

    • 全国高校野球情報
      You participated in this spring [senbatsu], but Mukawa which is listed to the favorite of the north and south coastal highway conference (the [mu] or the [wa]) high school, with 3 times which are defeated in the first game 4-0 the Mukawa high school which was led/read, you could not take pursuit adding point after 4 times, at the Hakodate industry of the partner you overtook tie in 5 times, in 7 times permitted the net win point with such as disorder of defense, the Mukawa high school which is defeated with 5-4 with [senbatsu] was defeated in the Hanamaki east high school which quasi- wins in the first game, but the Hokkaido conference of last autumn it wins, in the shrine conference best 4 because team Mukawa which enters is defeated,As for the victory dispute chaos did Chiba sutra large attaching high school of west Chiba representation of last summer, is defeated in 3 games and shelf Hanamaki east wins and has risen as for the Saitama conference to today with the day off, tomorrow of our Ageo high school which is reopened from tomorrow in 3 games, occasion at the cartridge city barracks Omiya ball park, 9: As for the Kuki north positive high school which plays Kuki north positive high school, the tomorrow which is the graduate school of north positive of the laughing entertainer it goes into the ball park from 00!

    • 岩手から・・・
      This summer, the Hanamaki east high school where this [otoko] can boil Koshien, the Kikuchi male star pitcher well - it was the dangerous tournament, the [ganbare] Hanamaki east high school which… (the result does to rage 2-1 reversal victory) with, by the fact that this cliffhanger is designated as the thing large in Koshien, probably will be

    • 優勝!!&お願い
      Controlling “Hanamaki east high school baseball club” cliffhanger, the thing left behind in Koshien which wins it can go to recovery, don't you think? the event, being more and more tomorrow, but [dotsukidoki] what being troubled, there being a [ru] thing,… inside it can videotape yet with only vhs, when it is furthermore you take at 3 where is times, the picture being too harsh, you see and becomes without the [re] also the master business trip to produce, the one tomorrow which the parent of the parents' home produces and machine [onchi] someone is kind 7: [hekisagondabingu] of the 00~ it does not do, probably will be? Because m (_ _) at the time of m4 it videotapes the amount of the ~ returning home which is all right you are schedule around 10 o'clock by your, being troubled truly also the after of that is all right, because the [ru] m (_ _ which we ask may) m

    • 「素直にうれしいです」
      The Hanamaki east high school which was seen with news won, it is with the shank! The captain “it is delightful gently, coming to the many ones where I who am thought as the good word shelf that is”, also today was very delightful and am, it received and passed busily pleasant one day when it cannot designate consideration as customer one person one person who comes and more wants to have it will be slow with you think from after being, everyone being very kind, everyone whose like this very it is delightful and is enjoying the space of the store whose also day of [yu] [u] weather is small the [a] which is very cute, everyday being one person it comes in November, the happiness that the cartridge of perfect attendance prize densely it is not disturbed by anyone who is the adult and is shot moderately Already, 4 kind of years old which are already understood, also the tomorrow which already immediately becomes the older sister is weather forecast of the rain and cloudiness, but from tuktuk where the coffee and the bread are tasty and are the kish (kish summer of the black pepper they are 2 types of kish of vegetable and basilico from [denitsushiyuchiyuchiyura] of the peach! ) Still there is also a coffee bean, it will not be slow freely and easily, or the ~ waits

    • 虹色。
      It is dense, it is, your present noon which it is positive at all it is very this day pattern which is Iwate typical Hanamaki east high school, you question welcome is with your 1 victory [me] in Koshien and, you board to the car of the husband who comes to receiving at the company and watching the sky unintentionally and the [a] - the [a]… the condensation trail coming out, the [ru], tomorrow whether the rain don't you think? when you speak with the how husband in the sky south the shape of two clouds being visible in the goddess, or goddess the part of the head shining in rainbow color, very clean unintentionally the [wa] - enormously the [o] - you are! Such. You saw for the first time! “The rainbow catching, the [ru] it is without being?” When “it is the rainbow, method of catching is different, it is it is not? Both the crown of the animal rainbow color which is the same place attaching, the [ru] it is not visible likely?” “What there is a good thing,” “the [u] it is the [u] it is the treasure lottery of life it draws again whether,” - it is [te] quarrel, “eating dream rather than, the boiled rice will be eaten”, “so it will do, the stomach it decreased it is noon what?” “It is usual and the thing, it cannot put out any which are not, while the [a] doing and without driving and” and for working from the afternoon facing to the parking zone, remembering, when the sky to see, it went to somewhere? Whether in the blue sky where two clouds were not found the cloud of rainbow color, it becomes the lucky color, don't you think?

    • スカウトの悩みのタネ
      <<Chrysanthemum. Mysterious throwing >> << in scout position extolment complete change capability the question mark >> is the big index of August 14 date “evening paper [huji]” monopolizes topic from before the conference which in the preeminent sense of security which the Kikuchi male star pitcher of the Hanamaki east high school which struck home run 3 in Nagasaki Nippon University, although 5 mistakes is done is thing of the tournament which anyhow calls the Iwate which prefecture conference earned-run average 0.72 it won as for this tournament condition is bad, after kind of Koshien whose doing to enter, pouring the collection of data of every day and the mass communications, that you will look at the pitch of the Kikuchi pitcher in the stand of this day, 43,000 people to come in rush, the Japanese-American professional scout 40Although it was the tournament which is encamped on the net reverse side above the person when there is no backing the friend batting line-up, as for 1 rank designation the scout of a certain club which is assumed that it is hard, “calls with draft of the fall of this year when story of the scout who has been recorded before the newspaper which is about to be defeated is introduced mono has but…When spring ([senbatsu]) with you compare, it probably seriously considers the control where roughness is out, but the [tsu] [po] pulling out which the slider which is not the reservoir in pitch form and does not have being cut off to straight does it is many”, that the melting oak which showed the expression where also the scout of the measure club which aims for awfully appraisal and acquisition secretly is discouraged, “as for being the pitcher who is good you are not wrong”, “whatever ten points being taken, appraisal does not change”, that saying, the [ru] scout being in, it probably is as expected to eradicate the worry of the scout with this attention has focused on Yokohama Hayato game of 2 games tournament?

    • いやん
      When now it is risen in the story of the Koshien Hanamaki east high school, (from first the coconut you support the choline)

    • 花巻東 ベスト8進出 岩手県奥州市【奥州web】
      The tired [chi] [ya] ~ it is! Iwate prefecture inner part state city calling PR ambassador p The vigorous sign 120% which is! As for up-to-date information of Iwate prefecture inner part state city .........[pochitsu] checking inner part state web newspickup←! (¯▽+¯*) northeast optimistic [igurusu] Kikuchi male star created!!: *: (¯∀¯): *: Today draft meeting! p northeast optimistic [igurusu] pulls the Kikuchi male star pitcher of Iwate prefecture Hanamaki east high school and, the kind of air which is applied does not have to do! We want becoming… so!! Draft meeting of destiny 4 o'clock in the afternoon is start!! In news bulletin Hanamaki east high school, as for Kikuchi male star pitcher in northeast optimistic [igurusu] decision!! It is the pleasure, (the ¯∇+¯) [niyari] valve it is young official blog Japanese [burogu] village Iwate information

    • 花巻東
      Well, sport seeing quickly, after a long time it is the Koshien quarterfinal game opener of the summer when you are impressed when Sato from remedy of the wound returns to the ground, the Hanamaki east high school vs where unintentionally the eye head has become hot considerably [kikuchi] is the digression which is Hanamaki north high school graduate in the discernment Yutaka high school association, but there is also south high school in Hanamaki, it is, but the flower. As for west high school as for the person who saw this tournament which is not whether being understood you think, but as for the good tournament result extension 10 time 7 to Hanamaki east wins with 6 and Iwate prefecture spirit first nationwide conquest aiming [ganbare] which proves the thing where is not the one-man team just of the Kikuchi pitcher who is best 4 advances! From [kikuchi

    • 代行とスペシャル企画とフルーチェ東
      Class of tomorrow was plum field source Osamu, it is, but it comes urgently with circumstances of the man and it becomes without the [re], as for [vuinasukurasu] as for kettle valley guts men's introduction and [supateku] Sugaya participates in the nice middle m (which the bee maquis takes charge) m and, Sunday at Shinjuku! Taguchi Murata Aoyama you participate in Omori's amateur conference, the plum goes to second! I go to Shinjuku, after that with phoenix rust duty from [tsu] 24 day up to 28 we have become phoenix summer vacation, if (●^o^●)/you say ahead more, because from 9/1 up to 9/3, I take a business trip to the second of the tournament of the junior in Hakodate, middle class class of beginners' class class and middle class class 9/3 of 9/1 something! In the regrettable class due to the anonymous person of that original champion it becomes modification, (●^o^●)/it is the valuable time which you can have guiding to more unskillful champion by your, directly! Please try learning strange skill in at this opportunity (the ^_^;)As for this class, your phoenix [purezentsu] lingering summer heat inquiry the plan which is said 1st feature! Thinking, that with something, it is class of gag lightly, please enjoy (the ¯▽¯) it makes to v main person guide with [maji], it is, but you think that color it is in sense it is at all funny, after (the ¯ - the ¯) the ace of Hanamaki east high school of participation being similar to the bee maquis in Koshien, obtaining the information, [ru], the milk one air doing to drink the photograph, yahoo! So searching, when you try seeing,… completely the another person being taken there, it increased, (- the _-;)… m (which the [gatsukari] [tsu] is done) from m such a thing, the milk drinking too much, it becomes feeling bad, it is (; o;) [ugatsu]… homemade is shaken the [u] which - the [chi] [e] work [tsu] [chi] [ya] it may be with [yabe] and [maji],…

    • IBC ラジオ 684
      Advertising the seminar of solar optical generation of electricity [ekokiyuto] August 23rd receives the collection of data of the ibc radio car of 684 on August 20th, to receive, as for opening details please read the home page of [kitanihonhomu] at the Morioka toto showroom the [ma] direct, because it is the live program which is the cute one which it can meet to reporter Fujioka of ibc radio 684, because the day which becomes tense a little to be also the baseball tournament of Hanamaki east high school, was before the tournament, it was good, because the one which by all means has the interest which is, it becomes reference, please participate

    • ノートブックと花東にウルウル
      belief , Japanese talking

    • 701)菊池雄星
      It is not to be the case that it does not have resistance in placing the picture of the high school student, but as for me becoming absorption, as for everyone who places that picture regrettable already it is ace Kikuchi male star of Hanamaki east high school of shank Iwate prefecture with knowing Hanamaki east was defeated to the cuteness of remainder, but he becoming the devotion which has shone, the high school student who is something which is the tournament development where the extent where I who completely is not interest in the sport where the result of the practice of the high school sphere children who practice is announced at this Koshien ball park observe the time is splendid does not have to disdain, there above the limitLooking at the sphere children who are to be able to unfold the physical strength and fine brain game you thought that it is the Japanese treasure which supports the Japanese of tomorrow sphere boundary

    • 甲子園
      Don't you think? today every day when it is store Otsubo Esaka, hot day continues, you opened also rain and, summer is, if - you mention the summer, this year when after all it probably is Koshien, as for me, thinking, that we would like to support the Hanamaki east high school which is defeated with the Koshien of the spring decision as for the Kikuchi male star of the pitcher whom it increases, everyday, everyday it does nearby rest room cleaning of the practice place, so is, therefore the rest room which also the person of the local end which is supported uses, you do with feeling of the favor return to the people of local end, so doing from time of first grade, the [te], it continues that is, even now when third it has become gradeSo, the continuation which is to become power, the battery is united with Chiba of the catcher which supports such a Kikuchi of the shank with the cute high school sphere child, from at the time of the small school, so, after practice ends, the catch ball two continues, so is, because the companion to rely on is very the strong team is possible, don't you think? it is probably will be, be able to persevere, Hanamaki east high school

    • モンスターとソフトクリーム
      “The wall of the monster was thick”, that Koshien of the summer of this year when it is one word with a certain interview, the word monster which supervision of Yokohama Hayato high school said with interview after the playing not saying straight and the colorful breaking ball which exceed the most fast 150 kilometer which is the Kikuchi pitcher of the Hanamaki east high school which can be known, and what compared to it is the left arm! Disturbing the draft of this time you are not wrong the shank! Concerning the course after the graduating you do not know whether how it becomes, but certainly, passing draft it goes to the professional, it is with to do, don't you think? the [yo] the Hanamaki east high school which is the pleasure is to be Iwate prefecture, but the [tsu] [ke] which the Iwate prefecture [tsu] [te] high school baseball was strong and is? How as for being such an impression without if you mention Iwate prefecture perhaps just satsuki, the Morioka cold noodle! (<- Such development was expected? If) you mention Iwate prefecture, after all it is the Koiwai dairy industry, don't you think? the ~! The 6p cheese it is tasty, is! When drinking the liquor, when it is, because it is the extent where the Koiwai [tsu] [te] name which is very delightful one item is attached, [konbini] which is the meaning which it is related to the Koiwai farm with that “Koiwai” who is happened to see is you think that the person whom you know it is many, but the Koiwai farm it is to be Iwate prefecture, after “rock” what of the Iwasaki of Mitsubishi Corporation President produces the letter, “rock” “of Koiwai” and, being as for two letters you do not know someone's initial, but taking the initial 3 of joint founders, you named “Koiwai”, so at this farm which is, the cowOf course is, but chicken what it is, so at only the place of the cat which is the milk which cannot be drunk drinking, it is like! And forgetting, is not good in the is software cream the shank! When it goes to the ranch, regardless of to season they are 1 items which we would like to eat by all means!

    • 高校野球
      Feature of summer. By his the high school baseball more and more receives this day final continued to support Hanamaki east high school, but the companion where yesterday while being patient the pain which wipes out the Kikuchi pitcher who threw 11 spheres is enormous and is it believed play and continued to send encouragement from the plier with utmost effort with big voice, but regrettable disappeared with as for the achievement of the Kikuchi pitcher in the Nagasaki Nippon University game of the first game which is splendid ones another being defeated 80% or more was decided was similar with semifinal, also the work which is but to play the reversal play at final stage and spirit to go back and forth, to come to here so is, but the baseball where the basis is importantAs for the basis it probably is the batting which can be connected next to believe the sending bunt and the companion and to pull out? The tv view [re] increases today is, is possible with the work which when is final of Nakagyo large Nakagyo vs Japanese context, that we would like to have carrying the first victory flag to Niigata prefecture, asking, the story which it increases changes, but sidestepping where the Matsui player of present [yankisu] does not have meaning in star mausoleum high school age the saddle [tsu] you want there was a thing with certain 3 at bat continuations, but that in “the baseball of escaping” the righteousness 々 which is the e mail address Mack travel bureau sight rental which today when the fact that you have a match grandly is good point of the high school baseball expects the hot war ardently bus trip specialty store 'bus paradise' Japanese nationwide monthly 300 work bus feesIf the rental which is self-confidence ardently thing of the bus sight-seeing bus, please inquire to the bus paradise rental ardently inquiry as for the web sight of bus sight-seeing bus group bus trip of the estimate free bus paradise this rental ardently as for the inquiry of the bus as for this bus paradise Mobile sight this [burogu

    • 高校野球〜熱戦!!
      Now, tv observing the high school baseball, it increases today when is northeast local confrontation live in northeast high school vs Hanamaki east high school Aomori prefecture which as for me who naturally you support northeast local spirit, being the case that today which both school cancer is the [tsu] the present [toreningujiyogu] 8km muscle [tore] 1 hour which yet, there is no with something and the body does not come exactly and is the complete recreation which you inserted the one which calling!!

    • 水曜日の朝は、油の話から。
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • ~野球~
      The [tsu] coming baseball you see with the person of w Hanamaki east high school striking, when it keeps running to the first base, striking with the person of the first base, you faint? However the person whom it does it hurt after that without moving and the [te] doctor flying and being carried by the tanker thinking, worrying whether all right the cod… from the treatment room “[kiya] - - - - - - the [tsu]!!”With cheer running with the smiling face, something you were impressed! w and as for end Hanamaki east winning, that and impression!! The w however baseball [tsu] [te] also it is pleasant to do, also what you see is pleasantly the potato is the ~~~w context Ganba ~~~~~~~!!!!!

    • 頑張れ! 花巻東
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Feel free to link

    • 「アイス、いかが?」 (@・v・)っ-匚]
      “The cog placing [nenne]” lawn of the usual well-known Kuu cat bed to do, (the ∇). The o 〇 ○ [ho] ゚ [waan] ♪ one time of my ^^ happiness which you stare is, well * * * * *! August and entering the last third, already summer final stage? Say say Kansai summer still it may end hotly the [i] which is not [i] [i] ~ (; ; ; ' [e] `; ;) With [tsu] lever! [garigari] your appearance ~~~♪ ↑ such it is to see, the [tsu] beam opening the ♪ “[roiyarumirukutei] taste” refrigerator, when something it removes, by all means to Kuu w which comes “commodity check” “how? Just a little it tries tasting?” (. =)… As for the fragrance of the black tea is like just a little it does not wear in the air the w ★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `which* While with draft of this fall when the conference of the high school baseball summer scene advances to quarterfinal game more and more, Osaka and Kobe 1 rank observing to Kikuchi of Hanamaki east high school of Iwate prefecture of the schedule which is designated, but tv you observe the quarterfinal game of yesterday it is this year when it is the good game which tangles considerably to tournament with the discernment Yutaka high school of the prefecture and extended game cliffhanger of the narrow margin which tangles in especially final stage to be many in “synopsis the drama which does not have” [tsu] [te] the sweat 握 [tsu] [chi] [ya] is in the hand! ([tsu] `Ω ') [tsu] hurray hurray!!! Way from all the power plays where last summer being regretful does not remain for 3rd grade, remains and tournament = it can burn completely,… the ★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `★´ [e] `* Reading the Kuu diary, (the ∀ `*) with it to be, in the [te] ゙ [su] ♪ footprint substituting… the ↓ ↑ ①* Ρ (The ^. the ^=) ~ [ho] ゚ [chitsu] pushing this banner, it is the [ku], the [i] [netsu] ♪ ②And what?

    • 勝率良し
      The ○ present one <- “the brim” of the giraffe Kawasima discernment morning gong when with, being the announcement which plays the popularity talent, [betsukamu] Ichiro, “if you mention the giraffe, Yutaka Tamura is associated, but you look at the comic dialogue to which that partner…” with the composition which is said is written, has the fact that it will be amazed, with the deciding grand prix of m-1 of several years because there is no “giraffe = Tamura” no matter what, ago, to feel giddy the one word which Tamura shot to Kawasima who had become tend, instantly, “be able to persevere in the middle of news item, as for the giraffeYou and!” Was impressive, after that, before inquiring about the critique of the judge, Kawasima that speech the ruminantia (<- the cow? ) Doing, good ○ victory ratio it does also that it is shone well the team which is supported in the high school baseball Koshien conference has been decided almost, (1) its own graduate prefecture, (2) graduate prefecture of Great Emperor Otto, (3) the prefecture where by its now has lived, typical school this being even and, the matching, it is large fierce battle Ku, it is (; _; If) how the [se], by your you had lived, (or you have lived) depending upon the place however it is to like to have participating in the close school, so the wholesaler does not wholesale well and, (4) there is no victory experience yet, at the same time the typical school of the prefecture of long way, that is and, (5) public high school, with the kana which is also the times when you say (conversely, by your excessively somewhat you are coldhearted reason, in the Koshien regular school of private of the prefecture which is not the edge but), today some reason, from morning (1), (2) and (3),(4) In order four tournament everything the victory ratio to that here, the persevering and the Hanamaki east high school persevering which are the midst when now you do just the remaining one tournament which is 3 victories, Kikuchi

    • 祝☆花巻東
      As for high school baseball Iwate prefecture preliminary round, Hanamaki east high school beautiful victory! Batting line-up did not shake today, was controlled ahead Morioka one highly, it was feel nervously development, but with the calm tournament carrying of the team that, with 7 times success spring summer there being a continual Koshien participation capability in reversal, you experience pitching and the reversal victory which the ace Kikuchi pitcher stabilizes mainly, as for the notion that where, it becomes truly the №1, the Kikuchi male star pitcher that “the thing left behind was done in Koshien”, very this time prays the fact that it leads to Japan one with quasi- victory of the spring when it is not common mostly thing

    • きょうはおやすみ
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Japanese talking

    • 母校、花巻東 2回戦突破!
      At last the weather which summer seems is continued from the time of the tray, but in Koshien which in the high school baseball Koshien conference of the summer, our alma mater, Hanamaki east high school tearing the Yokohama Hayato high school of Kanagawa prefecture representation, also the tournament of yesterday which is 3 game advances, the medium board 1 to from 1, in the hand the sweat as for 3 games which are the development which grasps, I finally, to Koshien support will die try probably to go it has gone to one time support 20 years ago, but this time we would like to have winning being by all means, the shank

    • どっちに似てる?
      Being similar to Kikuchi Koshien (Iwate prefecture of) Hanamaki east high school, it increases? When the pla№51 captain leader shoal, so it is pointed out and just a little is conscious and Kikuchi mono Manet enters the professional, don't you think? the [me] which the schedule which is employed in the shadow warrior it puts out and is it is do Kikuchi… Riding in condition, already 1 at all, being similar, increase it is… [kotsuchi] being similar, increase it is? “That [e] ~, the kana which you make a mistake?” With you say die “[nagao], [kisama] absolutely is not Kikuchi”, (start of battle stage) The ♪ which is hp

    • エース
      As for present Koshien although the ace of hot Hanamaki east high school you threw directly, today painfully because of the line of the backbone five times which cannot throw from one death also the slider of request home run to be done in Itoh, as for the Kikuchi male after the playing which has become the descending/disembarking board of regret with only 11 spheres simply “in wailing everyone being relied on, although 3 years it persevered, there is no excuse you not can be to in the last mound”, to obtain distantly, when the peak (Nagasaki) being defeated clearly with selection conference decision of the spring when it leaks, “after summer winning”, being able to meet the Kikuchi male, the request which does not return with the Koshien earth not to serve, “being regretfulBecause remains”, with as for heart of the Hanamaki east nine where this day and the earth conjecturing the feeling of the ace which goes away from the ball park with as the hand, most players act together as for such experience which is one to last the property which cannot be calculated with the money which is property of lifetime is valuable

    • 偏向
      The [chi] [yo] it is and with there is a meaning and with cannot renew and without writing either today when it is, that way, you intended to sleep but is,… 5:26, the television starting remarkably, the beginning which is surprised “you did, Hanamaki east!!” So, after that cm in brief, now the conference prominent left arm is possessed, that Hanamaki east high school won, it has conveyed, (.) [n]? A lot of attention player has been inclined is with says, as for this reporting, probably will be, whether it is good, it won it won with this, as for Fuji Telecasting Co. where, but that struck 3 these hr, although it is the wax which is the owner of the nature where also the player who says and strikes is enormous, almost it does not mention the high school where Nagasaki prefecture is defeated, praises just Hanamaki east and has praised TV station of Iwate prefecture?? Without doing satisfactorily, when most… it probably is [purogoruhu], when it probably is what, announcing just the player who has popularity, but as for other things as for ignoring simultaneous * That at least just political reporting we want being neutrality, you ask, but unreasonable order…

    • 熱闘甲子園
      After all summer…It is Koshien, something applying is good,…Sweat. Mud…In any case, it does with utmost effort and it is the lump of [yo] friendship, triple high school first game did dramatic victory, but…In two games to be defeated in Miyakonojo commerce, because the tomorrow which the [chi] [ya] is Nakagyo and Nakagyo where prefectural 岐 trade appears as for the prefectural 岐 trade which you think that [rihe] ゙ [nshi] ゙ it does in the Miyakonojo commerce where triple high is defeated Teikyo of favorite before that is winning a complete victory in pl school, is a spirit, it is the child which, Hanamaki east high school [metsuchiya] is better than that it is the pleasure even when Kikuchi of professional attention the point entering into the partner who is, the [metsuchiya] good child everyone claps in the partner, is the end which is to praise the partner, probably is being defeated, winning, tear…First thermal fighting Koshien please sees also the person who is not interest in the baseball…With utmost effort the young people…Seeing truly, it becomes the [te] happy, after all child… insideThe [tsu] which will be inserted in the baseball club…Also today is thermal fighting Koshien [metsuchiya] impression, don't you think? the tournament of Hanamaki east of the propriety day after tomorrow please see, impression it is the child which, the [tsu] [te] can be thought thank you because thermal fighting Koshien you see from now, today at this point…

    • 残暑お見舞い申し上げます!
      [uchiya]! The stage of play of the senior it is the Omon giving work which goes to seeing from now! But, being Koshien funny, the shank ~! Yesterday, Hanamaki east high school of Iwate prefecture which wins our local Miyagi northeast high school! Also today winning with extension, the best 4! By all means, we want having the victory flag in northeast, is! Also Koshien is hot, is, but also outside being still hot, the shank ~! The lingering summer heat we visit! When such being hot, being healed in is calling the shank ~! When you call the person who heals, everyone probably is who!? Now it is the spirit where the Korean star is enormous, don't you think?! However east God happening, also the Bick burning is good, after all it is not this person, probably will be? Yesterday, it was simultaneous with work! [hanihaseyooge]!

    • 清峰初優勝。夢を有難う。郷土へ堂々凱旋。
      In the 81st selection high school baseball conference final, the Nagasaki prefecture peak high school lowered Iwate prefecture Hanamaki east high school clearly with 1, - 0 achieved the heroic deed of first victory

    • ブログネタ№245:新年度
      [buroguneta]: During aspiring participating in New Year this year being quick ones, entering April, there was a joining a company system at the various company and (as for the company inside as for joining a company system it was not but), what that spring April which it starts that it is new New Year it started, there, present subject this year (2009) as for aspiration? Reaching, thing of ~ every year which is simple work persevering, receiving salary the thing ~ many things which live calmly do greed, if it can keep doing the life which stabilizes safely that however the story which you think whether it is good, changes beautiful, Hanamaki east high school of Iwate prefecture representation as Iwate in the selection high school baseball conference of this year first final in history coming forward spring via the conference of the summer, although with meaning at the store and the like of local end, it does not do semifinal advance sale from per yesterday, today, does not do deciding advance sale, the extra of the newspaper is not issued and/or with, yet, has not wonBecause the high school which has not won in the northeast conference of the fall when it becomes the large rising was chosen in selection it wins truly to here and advances and when the tomorrow which is the surprise Nagasaki clearly the opposition ~ winning being defeated of the peak while thinking, that we would like to have doing the tournament which does not have being regretful with as another, it is possible, the tomorrow which would like to have having the victory flag to Iwate area, is enjoys, o (the ≧∇≦) o

    • サルーベリー
      Well, - it does, don't you think? [tsu] oak [kita] - [tsu]! It comes to decision truly, [chi] [ya] [tsu] seed - [tsu]! . Hanamaki east high school of native place Iwate prefecture representation of father with [senbatsu] high school baseball in final [tsu]! Well, therefore - to here heroic deed some death with special care with just [kita], don't you think? already we want winning, [tsu]! However also ace Kikuchi of professional attention thinks as [kitsui] as expected with connected throwing, please persevere [tsu]! Such a Kikuchi's grandfather has operated the blueberry farmer with Hanamaki, the favor? Also both sides 2.0 and vision [muchiyakuchiya] are good, but so… as for the monkey “the how superstition [tsu] [te] where the blueberry is good to the eye” you have heard it is, whether being effective don't you think? [tsu]!? The tomorrow blueberry the kana which it will try buying? Because the [a] - with you cannot remove the glasses after so long a time, don't you think? as a monkey of the glasses [tsu] child lover don't you think? the contact or the ray crotch lining [mon] which is wanted stopping regardless [tsu]! Don't you think? and the [tsu] [pa] - as for good quality of the glasses [tsu] child… it is [tsu]?! The [tsu] [ke] which is some story? … The monkey finishing, the glasses [tsu] child good in the story it is to express the [tsu] [ke] which is?

    • 花巻東がんばれー
      However there is no title and a relationship, it is the desired book from one year ago which nowadays book the large quantity is bought and however there is no spare time when you read! Koshien of the spring, the Kikuchi pitcher of final Hanamaki east high school you question today, the staff of the association of ja you heard, it is enormous, is! That eyebrow is lovely! You support

    • 花巻東高校がんばれー!
      But is, only the dark news today, here where it is the Iwate prefecture first final advance which is [senbatsu] high school baseball final recently, Iwate prefecture earthquake is, not to be bet of the hospital, but over it is the kind of news where desired light shines rather than the baseball the usual school winning, therefore as for me where the one where the school of the prefecture which is not conspicuous wins is and is the impressed tide margin Kanagawa prefecture graduate, as for the Koshien victory some time experiencing, when after all its own it increases prefecture it wins however it is delightful, however very much there is no excuse in the nine which is the feeling to which impression has faded, talentThe empty a certain member gets together in the high school, being strong increases natural kana thinking, because even then as for winning the tournament being serious, however it is enormous thing, as for nine of Hanamaki east high school until now, spot has not hit excessively with everyone and Iwate prefecture graduate, this time which, is more delightful and is being in Iwate prefecture, is happy the anyhow, nine wants doing fight which does not have being regretful, regrettable is as for me as for the tournament it is not seen, being, you pray the good fight perhaps the one which I do not see wins,

    • 今日の話
      Today the ~ now looked at the high school baseball merely with the k tie, but Nagasaki clearly peak high school Iwate Hanamaki east high school 1 to and hitting with 0, is also what by his is not the Nagasaki prefecture people who achieve first victory says, but you question with the [me], because, well the ^^ which is story changing, today, being in the house, because it is spare time, yesterday today when it does to the Gaea plug which goes Thursday is because with the Gaea plug ahead goes, racing game system for 100 Yen becomes 2 credit initial d the initial d which played to the center with, conduct most fast legend (the storyMode) with as for the ↑, Thursday of last week as for the ↑, Monday before this the present pass everything it conquered the ↑, (`Ω ') HKDRT in the association fall name lake Myogi Akagi fall it conquered each pass of the name iroha hill, once in rear other things, but in the photograph, the ^^ which has not been taken; It is beginning, but after Nagao was conquered, fall with name the sentence. It became game, but somehow the ^^ which wins; After that, receiving ed, it finished, furthermore after that, hyper Japanesque 2 credit you did [potsupun] (12) the ^^ lovesosweet where score rises from yesterday (14) unreasonable kana? With you thought, but the view nobad [kita] ━━━ which can be made unexpected (゚ ∀ ゚) the ━━━!!! The combining which well is the [ma] [gu] [re]? ^^; The touch which is done frequently from yesterday (9) the ^^ which is failed by any means midway; So, this time at this point (the ' Ω `) [noshi

    • 今、ありて
      Selection high school baseball championship victory of the spring was clearly peak high school of Nagasaki prefecture representation and, quasi- victory called the spring in northeast, Imamura pitcher game of the who is Iwate prefecture representation and Hanamaki east high school Kikuchi's both pitchers it seemed, also score was 1-0 and… conference song when about “now, it is and inquires the [te]”, he et. al called the spring truly, with such feeling, the chest the [ji] - is with is to do, ““now, it is and [te] future and opens the door” now, to be, me who [te] age start being connected”When, then individual certainly, in this season, one, opening the future door, because there is now when it probably is to be, it probably means that age keep being made future when being new, beginning, I have advanced the one step

    • 清峰高校初優勝!
      It is clear peak high school first victory of selection Koshien Nagasaki prefecture of the spring! As for the participation in recent Koshien which you question is with the [me] and Koshien of the summer when also the Hanamaki east high school which is the remarkable place probably is large good fight being long in coming from now, the shank

    • センバツ感想
      Today the [tsu] which is the Koshien of the spring final! Remainder the opportunity which is observed it was not, but it is, always increasing, it was the conference where the tournament of cliffhanger is many it is it is not, probably will be? It is what, way the opponent team you have slandered the [bare] [te] bitter player it is with [burogu], but, whether writing nevertheless easy with [burogu] really is influence there is no [wa] can the shank - and being good especially with the pitfall of net society present decision. The Hanamaki east high school which it receives! In Iwate prefecture representation it wins to here and it is unusual! to advance? However the pitcher calls and seems, as for a little more than the high school which is not the regular school winning and advancing. It is the feature where the player whom it came out and pulls is don't you think? however - the pitcher who in quarterfinal game is always different on the other hand was forerunner even then the come-from-behind victory! It is comprehensive power, - the [tsu] which is such a team lover however also peak high school in the past wiping out clearly with decision it was - this time superior winning, with thing! So in the [senbatsu] conference of the spring there is a word which is said to the degree which the tournament ends, it is, don't you think? this time when “[tsu] still summer is”, favorite and the negative economized [ya] [tsu] it is early to do, the high school which participated that much coming out, it was the spring when it is connected next it is not being being or, whether summer it becomes some conference - from now local preliminary round being helpless with the pleasure, - it does!

    • 辛夷(こぶし)満開(o^-^o)
      As for here the cherry tree still does not become the full bloom, (^-^; It is cold it is! At last the sunlight returned from around present afternoon, but it is, because the north wind feels still strongly bodily sensation extremely coldly, bloom of the cherry tree the stepping ~ (^-^; Even then as for the Hanami open space of sport center the group of several groups does hula and/or is a team and the selection high school baseball which was done at the Koshien ball park which has had enough “the dumpling the present end better seed ~ (o^-^o) with decision Nagasaki “is clear from the flower” peak high school” in Iwate “Hanamaki east high school” in 1 to 0 victory victory! Spring summer leading as a Nagasaki prefecture spirit, even new victory you question with the [me], (o^-^o) the photograph: If the number of flowers which bloom suddenly walks to be many either half-day, it became the way which can photograph the number of suitable flowers (^-^) v also the [botsu] photograph may to be many or inevitably, (^-^; One. When the regrettable air does a little. But lag big “the barbarian (the fist) there being a wood harshly” in the nearby swamp, don't you think? now quantity it has outbloomed, are with just 2 while keeping, “[chibi] do 1!”It did

    • いつのまにか
      The world which has the final of the selection high school baseball rising with wbc, if between the [ru], the ordinary year when unnoticed it is final of the selection high school baseball of the spring although it is the expectation which with considerable probability in relay of the television has become absorption don't you think? (crying) nevertheless, final seems that is the throwing meeting of 2 pitchers of topic, about which it grows to the high high school baseball of the team summer where both is splendid it is the very pleasure and it was the fatigue where the Nagasaki prefecture representation which wins perseveres peak high school, Hanamaki east high school both of quasi- victory clearly and please return to the summer

    • 第81回選抜高校野球大会 決勝戦
      Don't you think? today was final of [senbatsu], you could not observe me with work, but Nagasaki peak high school, won Iwate Hanamaki east high school clearly with 1-0, won! With the high school baseball, spring and summer new victory, it is delightful with the Nagasaki spirit which does not have victory, is! Only the Yoshida director player the people of the authorized personnel, questions with the [me], it is! Tired way, and thank you! In addition aiming toward the summer, please persevere!

    • 決勝戦
      [senbatsu] Hanamaki east high school vs of the spring regrettable peak high school 1 to the peak wins clearly clearly with 0 certainly the victory flag does not come to Iwate the present tournament the partner was one [uwate] to everyone of the player of Hanamaki east ゚: . ゚: . * ゚: . ゚: . * Thank you your plays please can connect this regret which the true [tsu] immediately is truly cute into the summer ゚: . ゚: . * ゚: . ゚: . * ゚: . ゚: . * ゚: . ゚: . * Kikuchi male star you, after the playing the [zu] - the [tsu] crying, the seed to be enormous it is gentle child what becoming and the one which you support together you think thank you m (_ _) m

    • ナイスファイト
      Hanamaki east high school, defeat better seed (>_

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