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    Daily Cup,

    Gamble related words Hanshin Take Yutaka SPADA ダノン Takamatsu memorial Oka award Satsuki Sho Japanese 2,000 Guineas Fifth Petoll Break run out Iron Look Red Spada San Carlo Rirudavaru

    • This is funny very
      It won everyday “[aburezanburebu]” March 28th with the cup three it is to look at this race/lace which is before the eye with greenery prize of last week, but that time two the “golden ticket” becoming matter of concern, it is good there is no name which it increases, “gold note” is, the bridle and head connect of red and the supporter of the foot match to the horse body of the name black fawn color which unintentionally, stops wanting to share good luck being, when it does and tries inspecting with the [yo], whether is, when there where it is found that it appears in the Sonoda horse racing May 6th, the central jockey and the horse are present in the local horse racing which is thought it is denseIt is, but such race/lace [tsu] [te], generally it is the rule with the central person, don't you think? it is easy to hit and it is! () The b seeing [re] it is the [ri] the kana which is not the sight which can be bought? With when you think even accidentally, such information entering, it arrives to the odds park and the better callous the varieties which are to be possible densely rhinoceros trace image of local horse racing to see properly, seeing, it is funny, that - as for thinking “it is to be to obtain, but horse racing” as for seeing carefully, the scene which exceeds the slightly elevated mountain everyone who is the course of 200m which at that of 2nd obstacle of the 1st obstacle big mountain of the small mountain time is Hirati it runs course, hard, when you think, that it is, also you go to bed, it is, going to bed and/or walking and/or running, you run and there is pulling it is with the shank 2ndWith the base of the mountain of obstacle, it is even generally in the side one line, don't you think? is, whether there, someone is present, being attached, exceeding [suki] which goes to bed midway at a stroke? And, the chasing in the last straight line you compared and it is funny race/lace, that - you thought, the thick foot the horse which has run may be two times that and three times of the race horse, the horse which even with the rear end which in the powerful chest is huge decorates the long mane in foppery being many, it is lovely, however the rod has been struck extremely, the place where it perseveres, impressed horse racing one taste discovered the interest which is different to everyone end, it is to be to obtain, also horse racing is funny, don't you think? however crisis of continuance you hear also the news which is said, we want persevering -

    • 192: NHK mile cup expectation
      As for the betting ticket trying doing again to look at the image of the everyday cup which is made single victory of 3 framework 6th iron looks, after all as for method of winning the iron look [sugoi] it is the kana which is not? Because with the long distance transport where it is the case that it is thought is the experience being completed with Ogura of debut game, as for the only insecurity which you think that there is no worry, whether 'the problem, first counterclockwise' you think, but the reason which has habit in running improbable it puts out, clears counterclockwise it is the kana which is not? With the combination of Komaki and bridge oral racing stable gⅰ1 arrivals! from: [a

    • From Kawasaki horse racing third day 8 11R
      8r b3 special selection three group b 32 group, front running and wipeout (the lord) it has done to be defeated with the b3 deck, but how probably will be, if… (the deck it is different under the feeling deck, whether the result) the ~ it is the lever [tsu] it is it is not, lower Akamatsu prize of central 5,000,000 (lawn 1600m) it is the victory horse and in which already is possible to run a little (inside) from the one shot how, *②[deizumenhuisu] 9r Mayflower prize interchange three year old central not yet victory local not yet grade selection horse everyday cup 2 arrival, after that, with Hyogo interchange high prize, [ko] ゙ [rute] ゙ [nchiketsuto] which beats the sou knee (the Ritto forest 秀 line racing stable) there are 2 arrivals, *②[yaramaika] 〇①If Fuchu of entire 11r Pegasus special last week (the center) under 10,000,000 in the transference first game the victory [tsu] [chi] in [ku] ゙ [ranto] ゙ [ha] ゙ [io] which it waited 2 arrivals of 0.2 second difference it is enough sufficiently even in the b1 mixed battle, *④[yamaichikachidoki

    • You die together with look
      Tomorrow horse racing we which is started to look more and more interestingly from Derby last year rather than saying that there is no interest how relationship favorite the horse is popularity, it passes and everyday cup victory horse iron look this year is popular in you and in the [tsu] or the Derby it goes within 3 arrivals at least and can persevere and Komaki is defeated the splash which prays the fact that your name shouts in the look Tokyo straight line!!

    • It goes harshly
      The other tournament which is ended with victory of the prefectural conference opponent you saw being forged, as for the [ru] team here with as for at the place where the pressure which is said it catches accurately thinking with defeat of [sutazu] which according to the indication of supervision works the mistake cod [re] with the scene where pressure catches it is prohibited thing, but… without being required, we would like to bring close the thing perfection which the child does more perfectly than the ginger there,… something not being enough in [sutazu]? The varieties the result which was thought does not think is produced with directly, but because you think that it is connected to also next year, you try probably to harshly go for a while until now efficient practice and the practice which is connected to practice the heart per seat [te] it came, but you do not understand, but if originally it is 1st for the child to practice with tournament similar feeling, but looking at the circumstances which do not know whether it comes out with the good fortune we would like to practice harshly in the strain, whether it comes out with the misfortune, whether the strain in the severity like useless to the child of part saying with the mouth, is good for a while hearing also the opinion of the father, in the future we would like to thinkWith from now on is thought the rice plant. In order cup diamond conference everyday to be hot there is no being regretful to cup chairman cup end, it is such a frame of mind

    • “The fall arrival which shines?”[yamaninkinguri
      That as for the Sapporo commemoration which becomes topic the medium range which is the soil fertility victory of [yamaninkinguri] is stable from the time of 2 years old, on that route slowly growth continues, while everyone of the Sapporo commemoration which you think that because it goes, we want also mile whose digital of the ginger and the father is strong preponderantly using the medium range route, including the emperor prize of the fall from now on perhaps what more and more apex is visible uses the leg being cut off, if as for the end leg which it extends with mile, it is to think that in from the world passes, but the photograph yellow chrysanthemum prize, everyday the cup,It is the Kobe newspaper cup

    • 4 point buying of victory (cent light/write commemoration) +1& [maji] expectation
      Last week that it will be rushing what it is after a long time renewal, but weekend and it goes with the usual “horse”! Nakayama 11r cent light/write commemoration (g2) 3 connected single 6 - 1 - 2 22,359 time 7 - 2 - 1056,109 time 6 - 1 - 9 16,801 time 2 - 1 - 5 26,316 time horse single 3 - 1148.8 times* But [maji] expectation ☆◎ [nakayamahuesuta] ○ [hikarumaisuteji] - the [naritakurisutaru] △ sacred valley △ golden ticket * [nakayamahuesuta] “[nakayama]” is not the meaning that and the horse which it runs in says Nakayama is useless, if with the disposition which it can run even suddenly, as for Derby 4 arrival here here where you can be proud one. ○ [hikarumaisuteji] spring with respect to case right to Derby could not be taken regrettably, but the notion that where the upper Yokoyama model jockey of the saddle as for the appraisal being hollow somehow you obtain right high and the [ri] want - [naritakurisutaru] condition outside arrival only 4 arrivals of front running on the saddle calls the character the Taketoyo jockey directly the appearance of expectation of the racing stable? Is used here lydian stone △ sacred valley summer season with the horse, front running says flowed to very excellent high pace with, to rise, the leg of 33.7 seconds is freely used and as for the leg which is finished to pour from 4 angular 14 counts image of the expectation △ golden ticket dirt which passes even special mention thing here is strong, but everyday in cup 2 arrival Derby 7 arrival and the strength which walks the high prize front which useless cannot think the lawn under any condition can be utilized to somewhere? 3 daily double 5 head boxes

    • Don't you think? oh [bu] -!!!
      Good morning it is!! Well the article of the ^^v weekend which is the father who passed the earth day which it waited afterwards, today everyday was cup deciding tournament first game harmony promontory promotion of industry game and as for the member who gets together also today being 10 name usual, 1, 2nd combinations absent, as for the result which is the harsh tournament, as for tie victory or defeat of 1 to 1 classified by position it is the [ke] it is with 5 time out 5: It wins with 2 and increase it wants don't you think? and - oh the [bu] - the ×2 present tournament ahead 1 points is controlled from the first error and it is not possible and very to make chance, with 4 one chances only 1 points 7th “11” comes out with short circuit error and the base 8th old boy sends and 9th “19” three swings and today it expects to the 2nd bases with the bunt and “9” of 1st appointment with hit before the clean center 1.2nd “4” with short infield hit two out 1,2 base 3rd “7” collapses in the second fly, 1 points of this time of 1 point stoppingWhen it was not nevertheless, “9” struck being there well!! Nice batting!! Also the day with circumstances of the switch hitter work which this year has “9” the foot of joining this there is no it is, but is, recently at the good place, it has struck securely!! In the future, ^^v past is the player who has been enjoyed is the [ke] is with as for victory or defeat, the pattern which is defeated to be many in 5 non scores which become the last time to end, hate - the air did, but in the flow which is good being p, catch and successive win this year, also [tsuki] becoming the viewpoint, the [ru] you will think in good direction!! - The [te], as for the next on the 3rd, the vs restoration troop (semifinal) even one time there is no opposition, but the top-rank team!! Secure, if you do not do the baseball inside!! If it comes to barely here after the remaining, condition it is good, rather than being bad, facing to the tournament with the strong feeling that we would like to win!! Is just this!! The [ze] which probably will enjoy the atmosphere of the tournament which just doing the game which does not have being regretful you think and you cannot taste in only the deciding tournament freely!! It remains to 2 crown achievements, 3 games!! It will empty out the best game well ^^v, work obstinate will stretch everything and also today!!

    • However horse racing of tomorrow/Sirius S and the like you try probably to write.
      日語句子 , Feel free to link

    • 29S 14 day
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • 29S 15 day
      Yesterday never you are never victory Sawayama's congratulations thank you even by yourself, it tries looking back very carefully when, [berumonto] 17s 25 day opening high prize first conquest: Grape Mary 19s 13 day march s Oi 27s 48 day opening high prize first conquest: When grape memory 29s 13 day everyday the cup it tries thinking very carefully, it was the [ri] which everyday the cup the flag which wins stands and sows it is with the shank after by the way the [berumontogurepu] racing stable wins marine c of the following 14 days, the Oi [gu] [re] which does not have the totally 2s high prize victory - as for the [pu] racing stable how…[doridabiberumontoku] ゙ [rehu] ゚ eternal decision product sutra Osaka cup… △ ...... Perfection * [yoru] which still perfection comes out, Wednesday, [goraikou] [gachi] may we ask [ku] ゙ [rehu] ゚ tomorrow the decision 3 year old op lawn 12 ◎◎…The other horse where the ○ & connected fighting it does and the [tsu] [te] which is sown the [zu] which is done - it is, tks and the [ku] ゙ [rehu] ゚ [ha] ゚ fume result 3 year old op lawn 125 arrival which [ho] ゚ [nta] [gachi] may we ask * day [gachi] of the summer thank you [ku] ゙ [rehu] ゚ [ruraku] ゙ [rehu] ゚ roast ゙ * continuing resolution Oi [ku] ゙ [rehu] ゚ science decision [meishiyouha] ゙ [tora] cup unlabeled non-defective item & the [ku] ゙ [rehu] ゚ guinea pig result 3 year old op lawn 164 arrival which infrequent unlabeled [shiyan] [gachi] may is * it questions is with your [hitsukon] [me] and * the continuing resolution

    • After the [maineruarabansa] transferring beginning V!
      The day before yesterday, turquoise opening which was done at the Nagoya race track (3 years old or more, [da] 1600m and 1,500,000 Yen 1 arrival prizes) the rain continues to get off Nagoya of this day from morning, as for the Nagoya race track the water floats, as for [sankinsupichi] which you think that it is the opening griddle with of “defective Baba”, defective Baba ( as for just a little hateful foreboding it had done to here, but as for that foreboding it hit beautifully (laughing) turquoise open - 1 arrival × [maineruarabansa] 2 arrivals * [sankinsupichi] 3 arrival ○ [nozomikaiza] (as for ↑ purchase f^_^ which we have not done;)Winning the � keeper air (340 Yen single victories) [sankinsupichi] to cut [hana] with [maineruarabansa] good dash, while this horse where [sengengoro] and hard impulse follow to that the upper Okabe genuine jockey of the saddle moving the bridle today will go to before and the spirit whether the [tsu] [pu] [ri] with [batsugun], will move before the stand, will keep rising already from outside 々 probably will take the lead also the upper child island true jockey of the saddle of [sankinsupichi] which has escaped being hasty, moving the bridle, the better seed (laughing) from there, while inserting [sankinsupichi] in the range sphere, 3 counts response in chase showdown 3 - 4 angles[sankinsupichi] and [nozomikaiza] were visible well, but when with rapid fire of the left rod whose spirit of the Okabe genuine jockey in the straight line is enormous, it keeps stuffing the difference of [sankinsupichi], immediately before the scoring finally semi- horse body difference exchanging, goal as for [maineruarabansa] which wins, in 6 year old male horse 06 February of the lineage, father special weak × mother [tairantsuhueimu] Ritto Sasaki. , but you debut from the racing stable, 3 year old new horses 1 - are completed and [re] s2 arrival - everyday cup 3 arrival - greenery prize 2 arrival leave splendid record, it is the horse which is expected in the classic front of the May Shaw Samson generation jra total ( Nagoya you are rough in November of 09 without the body blooming character weakly. . When it transfers to the racing stable, front running Tokai chrysanthemum flower prize of transfer early stage (spi) from [hishiuoshii] which wins with horse racing beforehand, “as for 3 arrivals the circular field victory jockey that distance of 1.8 second difference the one which more is better”,

    • 2010 prefectural connected sponsorship conference schedule
      January 10th prefectural king game preliminary round (Aomori city) January 17th prefectural king game deciding (Aomori city) February 7th branch anti- resistance (Aomori city) February 11th senior expert game prefectural female expert game (Aomori city) February 14th branch expert game (Aomori city) February 21st elementary school student expert game (Aomori city) February 28th prefectural grade holder championship preliminary round (Aomori city) March 7th prefectural grade holder championship deciding (Aomori city) March 14th everyday the cup (Aomori city) April 11th [ama] Dragon God game (Aomori city) April 25th north northeast player[ku] expert game (Aomori city) May 5th [auga] conference (Aomori city) May 9th prefectural expert game preliminary round (Aomori city) May 16th prefectural expert game deciding (Yato city) May 16th elementary and junior high school students conference (Yato city) May 22 Hidaka school championship (Aomori city) May 23rd of right (needing town) May 2nd being full small junior high school student championship (Aomori city) June 13th beginning three step rank acquisition game (Aomori city) June 28th sentences. Office group anti- resistance (Aomori city) October 17th Asahi [ama] expert game under cup Konaka school anti- resistance (Aomori city) July 3 Nitto north six prefectural conference (Iwate prefecture) July 11th gold beach king game (Aomori city) July 18th [ni] quadruple rank acquisition game (Aomori city) August 15th family [pearire] conference (Aomori city) August 21st nationwide shogi celebration Oyama expert cup (needing town) September 5th Sugino cup first level rank acquisition game (Aomori city) October 10th prefecture①(Aomori city) October 30th prefectural high entire sentence festival (Hirosaki city) October 31st prefectural shogi enshrining (Aomori city) November 7th apple conference (Kuroishi city) November 14th Asahi [ama] expert game②(Aomori city) November 28th small junior high school student expert game (needing town) December 12th prefectural gland champion game (Aomori city) undecided Tsugaru king. Ajigasawa conference (Ajigasawa Cho) undecided akahata expert game (Aomori city)

    • High prize record
      Это мнение , for multilingual communication

    • The Kyoto commemoration
      Don't you think? the [a] you did more and more* Grand prix re-game of 1 of last year and 2 arrival horses! [buena] unsullies clear and others or!? [dorijiyani] shows strength or!? When you see data, [buena] profitable information it is the [tsu] temporary* As for [dorijiyani] with that body 59 kilometer…Furthermore it may become a little more thickly race/lace with the [me], is! As for Kyoto compared to Nakayama and Osaka and Kobe etc small turn pride! Results of this time are not good excessively…And so on and so on [buena] being profitable under all conditions, the shank* The betting ticket first there 3 connected single formation 1 arrivals⑬[buena] 2 arrival⑦[dorijiyani] 3 arrival①[hokutosurutan]④White pilgrim⑥Top coming⑪Tow Shaw sirocco 1⑬[buena] 2 arrival①[hokutosurutan]④White pilgrim⑥Top coming⑪Tow Shaw sirocco 3⑦As for [dorijiyani] here (laughing) the [chi] [yo] it is in the popularity horse center, with the hole aim 3 daily double 2 head axial [buena], in the [dorijiyani] partner②Sunrise MAX⑤Mickey pumpkin⑧[nihonpiroregaro]⑨Addition Mayer command⑩Silver blaze⑫After the jaguar male the paddock of the day seeing, when [dorijiyani] being hollow, we would like to add also the betting ticket! Honest [buena] serves and what if is entwined to the betting ticket by all means probably will be* The expectation where also [dorijiyani] is almost entwined! When with it becomes, because horse connected horse single is not attached, 3 daily doubles single being, 3rd searching! With hole aim shank! As for expectation 2 heads of 6 frameworks! [nihonpiroregaro] and addition Mayer command* But you go to bed and open [nihonpiroregaro] and putting out also the result fairly well with the horse which it can go from and from rear, you increase* As for addition Mayer command new horse game 1. Everyday cup 2 arrival greenery prize 2 arrival Derby 7 arrival after that with the bending/discouraging tendon flame 20 month grazing! The front running ajc cup of opening was crushed 12 arrivals, but may be a power* [hokutosurutan] escaping, when slow it becomes state, you think that there is also a [tsu] lever where the [dorijiyani] reach and such dark horse come! [dorijiyani] however it is favorite the horse, this time only goes in the [buena] center, don't you think? is, f^_^; When it is [gachigachi] to here, if originally is not the race/lace which the betting ticket it should buy, however it is, don't you think?…The [chi] [yo] it is and expects roughness! We want persevering to so and [dorijiyani]* Rear 7 hours just a little to race/lace! O which is the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] pleasure (^-^) o

    • Sunday * horse racing expectation!? [Result/refund
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • Shield of spring
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • Thornback thin flash
      The kind of prize which everyday faces to the cup with the Hukunaga jockey being enough, however the [ru] it does, thinks as going straight kana

    • Starting running horse check of Takamatunomiya commemoration is transmitted with animated picture.
      Unless with the notion that where, g1 starts in earnest from this week, must meet to the licensed tax accountant with either one of the earth day which transmits the animated picture explanation of starting running horse check of Takamatunomiya commemoration with [merumaga] reader limitation because, perhaps drawing up at point in time of Thursday starting running horse decision, as for the register which you think that it distributes in Friday, ahead of time “school official mail magazine article url [peta] article summary of horse racing” | 2010 everyday the cup it comes out and… becomes the reader of this [burogu] (check) new twtr.widget ({version: 2, type: 'profile' and rpp: 3, interval: 6000, width: 'AUTO' and height: 300, theme: {shell: {background: '#bcd7f7' and color: '#ffffff'}, tweets: {background: '#f7f4f7' and color: '#000000' and links: '#202ef5'}}, features: {scrollbar: false and loop: false and live: false and hashtags: true and timestamp: true and avatars: false and behavior: 'all'}}) .render () .setuser ('hayatokeiba') .start (); Profile [you look at the room|You look at the [u]] nickname: It is quick sex: Man birthday: 1980 March 13th type of blood: o type [burogujiyanru]: The present which becomes [amenba] which sends gamble/horse racing message is sent, [article compilation compilation] capability horse racing trade material review horse racing [butsukusu] yahoo of the struggle description darkness betting ticket of the man who aims toward 3,000,000 Yen in annual income with ten thousand betting ticket hit method horse racing of textbook horse racing winning technique laboratory threat of school horse racing of search book mark lfm-tv horse racing inside [burogu]! japan google sport book life [you look at summary] [amebaburogu

    • Everyday the cup
      The cup where also today is all-night vigil? Therefore no [tsu] [te]? Separately… Σ (Ω no) no! Now everyday of weekend it is the cup, but still there is the [kinkame] celebration, it is kana? 1800m seems the proud range if and Baba falters, with combining! Spring s of Sunday②[aitsu] which wins the arrival horse, can retreat coming plate [gi] prize how? The [ma] -, such it is good it is, thing circumstance? Well, work plug… (crying)

    • Past 10 year data Takamatunomiya commemoration march S Nikkei prize everyday the cup
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration & march S& Nikkei prize & everyday the cup
      Everyone [konbanha] last week not be able to renew [burogu] with various circumstances, it put out the expectation of the home page which [te] excuse is not, but 3 connected single other than the Osaka and Kobe grand prix model hit, but because as for recovery factor this week when it is not rising there is a g1 race/lace, as for the Takamatunomiya commemoration which is done with Nakagyo we would like to apply also the amount of last week securely, now when it is royal race/lace, with the society the Aiko way topic which is the daughter of His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince being whispered, the varieties as for now the shank, while in the love = love betting ticket paying attention to such a place of the shank with attention, this year when it will do betting ticket examination it is note in 8 frameworks, starting runningBecause in the schedule horse, the day which is attention in the seven sea queen as for this which is also march s with Nakayama high prize race this time of the dirt observing to 7 frameworks, because the day which you try to try buying [husaichibijiei] and [naniwatomoare] it is friend pulling, please pay attention to also the [zoro] eye, it is note in 2 frameworks and the cow, through one day don't you think? Saturday everyday there is a cup in Osaka and Kobe, the last of 3 year old classics flight the mark with race/lace, the participation horse comes out of also this race/lace well enough, when the horse within 3 you will observe starts running in Derby, it is attention, this yearPaying attention to 6 frameworks, with Nakayama which will find the around 1-6.2-6.3-6.4-6 in the framework as for race/lace of the cat where also Nikkei prize is done the Japanese economy which is money race/lace now seems like the light before the wind, “business is bad”, it seems like the greeting substituting, but don't you think? gradually we want becoming business good, 0 party grasping administration, more and more, with the just the depressed wind you blow, the just life becomes painful, such a time it does loss compensation with the betting ticket and does not become the oral [ya] if the country does not do, life reconstruction must be done by the hand of the self, this week perseveres! But if the betting ticket is present condition don't you think? it buys single victory that it does not hit easily, it becomes 2 arrivals, if double victory you buy, to 4 arrivals, the ~ is [te] thing often truly probably will be as for horse racing is difficult, (>_

    • Everyday everyday
      The [ji] [yu] which this week from Tuesday attends four meetings with going to work it is it is from 4 where is o'clock with duty from 13 o'clock meeting [tsu] [te]…It is torture, don't you think? tomorrow we would like to return at time…[tsu] [te] everyday thinking, the story which it increases to be to remove changing, now weekend the [a] - Saturday with Nakayama everyday cup Sunday in Nikkei prize Osaka and Kobe with Nakayama with march s Nakagyo even with Takamatunomiya commemoration…Earth day and turn what it does quickly, don't you think? current weekend is the intention expectation being secure to persevere, because also [wa] tomorrow is 2 Tokioki coming with the better [yo], may sleep gradually cripes

    • Don't you think? carp friend and weir to fish farm
      Also today it is cold and, the rain it puts out,…Well so so the throat is painful from the last night when it probably is spring to come every ~ one rain, well (- - SIME), today the carp friend coming from Morioka, the pleasant one time was passed, about 4 hours Sekine the kana which stays densely? The night went to drinking, die* But as for the carp whose condition is bad in 々…Already you fall ill mentally, while (the _) with being patient, to spring it keeps doing, unless the ~ it perseveres, don't you think? the ♪90 tank can be less crowded, because Seitarou's Showa, silver Goshiki of [yozen], the weir don't you think? raising ended also start disinfection with only 3 of the silver fallen leaves of the fish farm product, don't you think? the ~! To fall which extent the kana which extends?? Don't you think? at 18 centimeters and 15 centimeters the kana which extends to about 30?? Weekend shrine commemoration, everyday the cup, and Saturday nighttime Dubai day is! Those where every year you sleep are dawn the ~ (laughing) [buena], lead-lead and [gereiro], then Yahagi and this horse persevering ~ today support click you ask, (the *^^*) clicking the brocade carp with respect to the left, don't you think? while fighting…

    • 57th everyday cup horse racing program schedule race/lace specification
      To ⇒ horse racing popularity [burogurankingu] ⇒ 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration jra sign code-breaking report ⇒2010 year jra sign code-breaking report year in the midst of theme compilation ⇒ release!!! 2009 spring thought of the poster decipherment report production person jra staff 2010 (2010) March 27th (the Saturday) 2 Osaka and Kobe 1 day 10r 57th everyday under broad daylight the cup (giii) plate type 3 year old opening (the international) (special finger) another fixed main prize: 3900, 1600, 980 and 590, 11 head start 15:353 outside 3,900,000 Yen 1800m lawn right. Burden weight Japanese horse: Horse age weight, outside horse 1 kilogram increase □ above taking in profitable prize 2,000 ten thousand Yen: Horse age weight, starting running restriction of the next running preference grant restriction object period 22.3.20~22.3.245. general race and the special race in high prize race 1 arrival horse 1 kilogram increase 4. various period opening day circumstance 1.2 Nitusei weaving/grade object period 22.2.27~22.3.24 opening racing (plate system 3 year old) in opening race, as for the not yet starting running horse and the not yet victory horse 2009 it cannot start running (2009) March 28th (the Saturday) 2 Osaka and Kobe 1 day 10r 56th everyday the cup (giii) plate type 3 year old opening (the international) (special finger) another fixed main prize: 4000, 1600, 1000 and 600, 14 head start 15:353 outside 4,000,000 Yen 1800m lawn right. Burden weight Japanese horse: Horse age weight, outside horse 1 kilogram increase □ above taking in profitable prize 2,000 ten thousand Yen: Horse age weight, starting running restriction of high prize race 1 arrival horse 1 kilogram increase 4. various period opening day circumstance 1.2 Nitusei weaving/grade object period 21.2.28~21.3.255. general races and special race (plate system 3 year old) in opening race, as for the not yet starting running horse and the not yet victory horse 2008 it cannot start running (2008) March 29th (the Saturday) 2 Osaka and Kobe 1 day 11r 55th everyday the cup (jpniii) plate type 3 year old opening (mixture) (the special finger) another fixed main prize: 4000, 1600, 1000 and 600, 14 head start 15:453 outside 4,000,000 Yen 1800m lawn right. Burden weight horse age weight, starting running restriction of horse 1 kilogram increase 4. various period opening day circumstance 1.2 Nitusei weaving/grade object period 20.3.1~20.3.265. general races or special race above taking in profitable prize 2,000 ten thousand Yen (plate system 3 year old), it cannot start running the not yet starting running horse or the not yet victory horse in opening race

    • Saturday horse racing expectation Osaka and Kobe 10R everyday the cup (G3) outside lawn 1800m
      March 27th (the Saturday) Osaka and Kobe 10r everyday the cup (g3) Osaka and Kobe outside lawn 1800m continues and in announcement of the Friday point in time which is a course use a little heavily is, the flow, but as for the weather of the day can expect the horse racing at the Riyouma place with forecast of clearing up the pleasure where the good member of the extent which is not defeated to also the Satuki prize trial which probably is even in a battle the point of the shank & expectation simply the strongest horse may win,

    • Nikkei prize & everyday expectation of the cup
      Today the Nikkei prize of g2 and everyday of g3 the cup is done, but because there is tomorrow g1 competition, we would not like to buy the betting ticket excessively, (the ^_^; As for expectation you have a match with the suitably little betting ticket Because � [rojiyunivuasu] is the long-term recreation opening, because there is many a thing where disregard recently the elderly horse participates, � [easeidei] the favorite apparent

    • Saturday appraisal of each race track<3/27>
      3/27 Saturday releasing the appraisal of each race track! As for pay floor clerk expectation of this day you have a match with these 2 saddles! Nakayama 11r Nikkei prize Osaka and Kobe 11r everyday as for cup purchase 'the [a] of this ⇒ memorial hose .com you do not see and start the Nikkei prize appraisal 1~3 rank which asks last decision' may appraisal of each race track of main day of check 1 rank ⇒ 2 rank ⇒ 3 rank ⇒ by all means with this appraisal of each race/lace in reference of betting ticket examination!! If 2 heads of appraisal 6~9 rank are entwined, dark horse ticket hole party business, the lineage and rc theory checking in the web page, are the [ku], the ~ it is, (the `- ') the no

    • 'Everyday the cup'
      'Everyday the cup' *②Ruler Schiff ゚ ○⑨[riruta] ゙ [u] ゙ [aru] -. [mitsukito] ゙ [rimu] △①④⑥③⑩Three daily double formations (11 points)②:⑦⑨:①③④⑥⑨⑩Three connected single formations (12 points)②->⑦⑨->①③④⑥⑦⑨⑩[konhi] ゚①As for rank from 3 year old high prize [konhi] ゚ tendencies of this year in axis [konhi] ゚②Because also rank exponent exceeded 70 from 3 year old high prize [konhi] ゚, the kind of air which in the axis comes off with these 2 head axes does, but [konhi] ゚②Because rank [riruta] ゙ [u] ゙ [aru] is fracture recreation opening worry, [konhi] ゚⑤[mitsukito] ゙ [rimu] of rank in axis [15: 35] To dispensary ⇒ [ku] ゙ [ru] [tsu] [po] [totsuhu] ゚ of high prize patient

    • March expectation of 27 and 28 days
      “March expectation race/lace search “Takamatunomiya commemoration of 27 and 28 days” g�” “everyday cup g�” tendency expectation 0

    • Nikkei prize, everyday cup expectation
      Nakayama 11r Nikkei prize double victory①Turn [toribiyutosongu]②Turn air Jipang *:. . o○☆ ゚: . *:. . o○☆*:. . o○☆ ゚: . *:. . o○☆ Osaka and Kobe 10r everyday cup double victory⑦Turn Mickey dream hitting, handle [a] ~ occasion

    • Present [robuo].
      Nakayama 4r [uesutanhu] ゙ [raho] ゙ -②Arrival Nakayama 6r [ha] ゙ torr off ゙ [hu] ゙ [riten]②Arrival Osaka and Kobe 1r [arutemi].⑦Arrival [hurawaka] ゙ [ia]⑨Arrival Nakagyo 4r [kouki] ゙ [yourohu] ゙ [ro].⑦Arrival Nakagyo 10r [toreiruhu] ゙ [reisa] ゙.⑦The arrival present [wa] - today is not the useless cantabile, you sleep and it is the useless cantabile, don't you think? the ~ (' - the `) it sets aside [mitenaiketo] ゙ [u] ♪ that and horse racing of this day in Nikkei prize everyday is the pleasure in the cup, the ~ the ~ we would like to see thoroughly,

    • Answering adjusting of Saturday
      It is also the long one week when today you became tired to end while and drinking even with the beer, it is the present potential result which it will be slow Nakayama 11r Nikkei prize * toe plug Crown (Eda illumination) result 3 arrival…Regrettable Osaka and Kobe 10r everyday the cup & the Mickey dream (Wada) result 2 arrival 1 day limited corner Nakayama 10r Tonegawa special * [yamatakedeiga] (warrior 沢) result 1 arrival ten thousand betting ticket Osaka and Kobe 9r Naruto s * Nakayama 10r which Mega lith (Mori Ishibashi) result 8 you call is the result first was the schedule which is let flow to just the popularity thin horse from [yamatake], but thinking calmly, “it attacks too much…?”How because to think they were ten thousand betting tickets even with [riarudeiru] 2 the fact that it lets flow to also superior popularity is correct answer, don't you think? Nikkei prize…Before the scoring, however you thought that instant you took, don't you think?…Such a time of my flannel gⅰIn order the nature not showing [te] and tomorrow of the horse to hit, it perseveres and increases

    • Japanese weblog
      Everyday of the Osaka and Kobe 10th race/lace with the cup present Takamatunomiya cup such as worshiping borrowing left shoulder fracture right hand joint crack fracture (g1) ride from Taketoyo jockey fall [sansupo] and as for the horseman power desperate this year Derby aim [vuikutowarupisa] either of apricot fizz Satuki prize of classic race/lace Ouka prize of the spring when with substituting it starts from next month it may, although was,… going in with special care race track, unless [yutaka] stays, please return to turf quickly with the wonderful recovery which is lonesome and is

    • Joy and anger grief and happiness day
      When joy and anger grief and happiness day [every one person] [compilation] from yesterday to present presently the feeling, “joy and anger grief and happiness” to brief is chased with the time series which is the feeling which the [gi] [yu] tightly is felt, although… it cannot go to horseback riding with tooth extraction of preceding day, in perfect horseback riding day harmony” 怒” going to [kuinzu] before the noon, get” happiness” 祐 the jra total 10,000 horseman power you look at the race/lace and interview of the achievement, impairing,” 哀” the slot doing the purine and the roll cake of the quantity limitation which has been recorded before announcement in the return of dentistry everyday after” the patience” night returning home Yutaka's with the cup fallLooking at the VTR,” 哀” looking at the last story of twenty four season, IV inquiring about” [kihua]” true middle world championship victory,” happiness” [huji] tv which you saw accidentally the plain clothes 祐 seeing well with the professional, looking at” the easy” Dubai seaming machine classic, but 2 arrivals whose cod [buenabisuta] is regrettable,” happiness” also the word which just a little is different entering, it increases, but the change eye of the day when one year old is repeated, was passed in such a wind, it is, well at the ~ and after the bosom oak [ku] memorandum because you think on the true middle which is, support of the Dubai world cup of [retsudodeizaia] after this continuously propriety victory 2010-03-2802: 34 nice! (0)

    • [nevuabushiyon] [bo] [ri
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • Competitive record (2010/03/27.28)
      Well everyday the cup, special game and all the head victories etc etc…, as for love Batatsu which this week starts running record? Competitive record March 27.28th <- downloading, furthermore please verify, please verify with the pog communication 2010 №10 of future rise schedule concerning the totaling point which this week becomes tightening of ds pog March,

    • Yesterday and it hurries present horse racing and conveys with the foot
      Foolish thing saying, the [ru] and, it does not hit after all the oak and others? (The ^ ^) [mainerukitsutsu] it is not bought! Don't you think? so, [toribiyutosongu] it has persevered it is like, the ~, it does, it does, then everyday the cup … As become regrettable thing, however only the result it is seen, after all in various ways it is shocking, don't you think? Dubai group fatigue - the [tsu]!! This only the result seeing, don't you think? increases is, is like everyone with utmost effort it perseveres! First it was the fatigue! Well, because it is Takamatunomiya commemoration confound conflict pattern, it expects and is and it is we would like to call the [wa] ~ which is, but unless you understand to here, you say that becomes conversely expectation troublesome, because is, the support betting ticket you play distantly, the thing the [chi] waiting [ma] with g1 which we have decided to buy, after a long time whole family betting ticket purchase! Someone it should have hit the nut

    • Result of this day
      [buroguneta]: Spring the thing, something you bought? While participating however spring the thing, is not, you promise to with the birthday present from end of last year? It has buying the wallet which it has done to the partner, the better shelf it is -, feeling spring the thing does (^-^; But, after horse racing ending, in extreme headache…Whether the headache [tsu] [te] which does not withstand, it was unprecedented, trying probably to take the medicine, what you did not want to eat, but it is eating the fruit jelly a little,…[kita]! [kita] ━━━ (゜∀゜) ━━━!! It can be able to obtain, [e] obtaining [e] [e] [e]…Morning ate is came out, is what? Eating too much? However it will be clear with favor, (o^ω^o) HKDRT it can obtain and, horse racing everyday horse ream of the cup is get! Ruler ship, chill in actuality as for Nikkei prize, toe plug…Therefore as for front running road badness it was not, don't you think? is…(; To;)However [roji] you, sinking according to news item (laughing) [kiyara] it has done to attach selfishly, it is the funny person, income and outgo once plus…The present term first pog expectation horse which kana nevertheless, Yutaka's fall, regrettable is done the classic above breaking down before, is a desperate impression, don't you think? (as for Yutaka the horse - to do) with special care it went round, “the horse which it can win”…This person most…The [te], striking also the head, from the [ru] as for original consciousness certain? In any case worry furthermore the kana where Noah is not 4 rank incoming line large good fight? If just this day it has entered into [gurichiya], with the net glare with from such a such this which is thought the [tsu] densely the time

    • My attention horse result
      * Running 3/27 (the Saturday) Nakayama 6r 3 year old 5,000,000 [suhe] ゚ [suaku] (Ishibashi 脩) 4 arrival Nakayama 8r Pegasus js ([ohu] ゚ [n] on obstacle 4 year old) it is [ohu] ゚ [nka] ゙ [te] ゙ [n] next, the next ~ (Akira Isamu Eda) 7 arrival Nakayama 9r mimosa prizes (3 year old 5,000,000) [ratsukita] ゙ chairs (the Shibata virtue retainer) 10 arrival Nakayama 11r Nikkei prizes g2 ([ohu] ゚ [n] on 4 years old) the [mainerukitsutsu] [u] it is the [u] it is* (The Matsuoka Masa sea) 1 arrival [ta] ゙ [iwawairuto] ゙ [ho] ゙ [a] (the warrior 沢 friend) 6 arrival [roshi] ゙ [yuniu] ゙ [asu] it is good, -* We ask this way safely (model Hiro Yokoyama) 6 arrival [namurakuresento] (the ^_^;) (Komaki thickly) 8 arrival Manhattan skies (Miura imperial forming) 13 arrival Osaka and Kobe 5r 3 year old not yet victory [serenate] ゙ stuns (Minoru Yoshida) 10,000,000 [reshi] ゙ [ento] ゙ [hu] ゙ [ru] on 9 arrival Osaka and Kobe 7r 4 years old (Hamanaka 俊) 3 arrival Osaka and Kobe 10r everyday cup g3 (3 year old [ohu] ゚ [n]) to [riruta] ゙ [u] ゙ [arudabi] safely… (Uchida Hiroshi happiness) 3 arrival ruler Schiff ゚ (the Iwata healthy genuine) 5 arrival rear seeing too much ~ (>_3/28 (day) Nakayama 10r normalcy entire s (16,000,000) [hu] ゙ rumor Telecom on 4 years old (Goto Hiroshi shine) 10 arrival [teranohuantomu] (the wood 幡 first wide) 12 arrival Nakayama 11r marches s g3 ([ohu] ゚ [n] on 4 years old) [uotakuteikusu] (in 舘 Eiji) 7 arrival [neikitsuto] ゙ (Miura imperial forming) 8 arrival [husaichihi] ゚ [shi] ゙ [ei] (the door promontory 圭 it is thick) 12 arrival Nakagyo 10r Nagoya castles s (16,000,000) [sutatsuto] ゙ [shi] ゙ [eruran] on 4 years old (Satoru Sato threeDon't you think?) 6 arrival [te] ゙ [nkouyamato] (four rank ocean sentence) 14 arrival Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemorations g1 ([ohu] ゚ [n] on 4 years old) [hi] ゙ [hi] ゙ [ka] ゙ [ruta] ゙ [n] (Ando Masaru oneself) 2 arrivals it forces, is regrettable [aruteimatoure] (model Hiro Yokoyama) 5 arrival [hu] ゚ [remiamuho] ゙ [tsukusu] (Yukihide discernment) 13 arrival [kanoyasa] ゙ [kura] (Komaki it is thick) 15 arrival [ku] ゙ [ranhu] ゚ [riense] ゙ [ru] (Kumazawa compound sentence) 17 arrival Nakagyo 12r Nakagyo thunks p (10,000,000) [eu] ゙ [a] on 4 years old (model Hiro Yokoyama) 9 arrival Osaka and Kobe 6r 3 year old 5,000,000 [hi] ゙ [chirante] ゙ [hu] ゙- (Military affairs happiness four 郎) 6 arrival Osaka and Kobe 10r Sinsai bridges s (16,000,000) [waito] ゙ sapphire on 4 years old (Samejima well thickly) 6 arrival opponents (Hiroshi Hasegawa) they were 11 arrivals

    • This week horse racing
      Saturday ..................... Nikkei prize, ..................... where everyday the cup is done the march s which Sunday does ..................... Takamatunomiya commemoration Saturday circumstance kana ........................

    • From yesterday only strange axis
      Everyday the cup competitive discontinuance Nikkei prize disadvantage march s to be behind in the straight line and only such a betting ticket being done the buying [wa] and well as for [makotosuparubiero] although you thought that speed it is defeated, power is different better seed popularity jumping, also 2 the [ru] to do, perhaps, it is tasty betting ticket well, the air which is taken is not to be smooth, but when you think that front running defective Baba puts out [montekurisuesu], becomes dull with the latest small turn Nakayama with the favor where simply, [husaichipijiei] is behind sure enough, pace does not rise at all, well, there is no manner or, as for this

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration Kinshasa beginning G1
      Everyday looking at the fall accident of the cup, being able to concentrate on expectation it is not ......While looking at the persevering of the Japanese horse in Dubai, emirates racing authority we would like to recover the air, (English) - ray pickpocket play As for the preceding intensification straight line because outside large after the horse which attention would like to go is even in a row, Nakagyo opening is many, Baba of in plop-plop * [kinshiyasanokiseki]: Before half year is born slowly and bursting in the running the materialization ○ fine grain: In front running in revival with case of the only g1 horse in aim member - premium box: Leg quality exact in outside pouring Baba to the last waiting for further developments △ [eshinehudanzu]: If Kinshasa and the cliffhanger Sato Satoru jockey the horse group it divides or, the × thornback thin tiger: When 1 framework seven seeking in where the front running 1 keeper air outside large & slow is a case of defeat Nakagyo 2 arrival and [aruteima] of popularity is covered in the Shaw nun & the head liner & gal Don may, is stretch, breath does not enter, as for preceding spirit skillful it probably is instant sinking with the rectilinear entrance if as for the popularity horse to which Kinshasa which comes out divides the horse group, does not have the result in 1200 where then the vertical stripe of yellow black approaches from outside large the aptitude which is turned off resigning it is sufficient with the △× Pond river Yasushi 寿 [montekurisuesu] which victory does preceding dispute dirt return game pleasantly at the vs. Samejima racing stable popularity simply, insecurity & [neikitsudo] of the speed being defeated: Be covered in the type which does not want 3 arrivals of enclosure perfect peace s the high appraisal ○ civil war: If it accumulates with Nakayama 2 game 2 victory in, you insert the straight line reliably, - [maideiasan]: In just defective Baba front running as for 55 kilometers which cannot be abandoned profitable △ creel Passion: The day off you open with Nakayama 1800 in [oromaisuta] victory × [husaichipijiei]: If the Oi master the helper can take well, there is the overcoming and the direction which is seen as preceding intensification, but as for the rectilinear one air you think with the Nakayama dirt that it is harsh, with the pocket of rear of the group which escapes, the horse which you can wait motionlessly the straight line Nakagyo and Nakayama which it sneaks away on the basis of the box, the bubble well it goes in attitude of high allotment, - 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration | 17th [machisutekusu] - yahoo! Sport

    • Information of running (March 27th 28 days)
      27 Japanese-Chinese mountain 9r mimosa prize 5,000,000 lawn 2000 (12 heads) [mainenoburesu] (tsuru, 牝 d5 rank) Ishibashi healthy genuine 56k March lawn 1200 (15 heads) fighting Pisa (bashi and male d4 rank) Iwata under 27th Osaka and Kobe 6 r 5,000,000 March 脩 54k lucky dies (bashi, 牝 d2 rank) Shibata virtue retainer 54k March 27th Osaka and Kobe 10r everyday cup gⅲ28th Osaka and Kobe 11r your child orchid prize 5,000,000 lawn 1800 (15 heads) [amahuason] (bon, 牝 d3 rank) Samejima healthy genuine 56k March happiness 56k ruler ship (bon and male d5 rank) Iwata Hiroshi lawn 1800 (11 heads) [rirudavuaru] (jun and male d3 rank) Uchida well thickly the possibility 54k [toshizamaki] (gacha, 牝 d4 rank) Hasegawa Hiroshi 54k rose kingdom evading Satuki prize coming out, that this pog which is thought whether the overwhelming victory of togo, around 1800m outside Osaka and Kobe of the small number of heads which suddenly start becoming burned smelling, the east upper last under the conditions without for having the [ma] [gi] [re] flightIt is attention truly!!

    • This week POG horse
      Finally it is return, [rirudavuaru] presently, everyone's one person high prize winning, increase it is (level low the [tsu]!! ) 27 Japanese-Chinese capital 10r Freesia prize [toreirubureiza] Yukihide discernment 56.0㎏ Osaka and Kobe 10r everyday the cup (gⅲ) The prize making [rirudavuaru] Uchida Hiroshi happiness 56.0㎏ here, facing toward Satuki prize, the Uchida jockey to ride, don't you think? it is improbable, because with say, prize it is delicate position, we want persevering! Because [toreirubureiza] is after approximately half year from the new horse victory, first safely

    • Nikkei prize everyday the cup
      For the race/lace expectation shortage of funds of Saturday the betting ticket itself is exclusion, but as for expectation we would like to do, * [eashieidei] ○ toe plug Crown - [daiwawairudoboa] △ [mainerukitsutsurojiyunibasu] outside large, distance, to go to bed, to open, because it is insecure element full load, you remove * The [rirudavuaru] ○ ruler ship - the [zaitaiki] △ Mickey dream ruler ship * it did truth, however you applied, in difference of the framework [rirudavuaru] was designated as the favorite, DREPT (the @°▽°@) the no

    • Expectation of tomorrow.
      Tomorrow everyday is a cup and a Nikkei prize! Everyday from the cup… the horse connected axial horse with [rirudavuaru]! (`Ω ') HKDRT [hi] ゙ [shitsu]! It is the recreation opening from the wound, but… before doing the wound, 2 games were strong and the [i]! (`Ω ') you bet to b unknown possibility! (^ε^) As for ♪ [hiyu] ~ [hiyu] ~♪ horse ream ・・・9-1, as for 2, 4, 6 and 7 double victories ・・・1, 2, 3, 6 and 7, as for Nikkei prize… as for horse connected axial horse with [rojiyunivuasu]! (`Ω ') HKDRT [hi] ゙ [shitsu]! Ever since Derby of last year after a long time is, but… Σ (the ^_^;)[asease]… Derby horse putting out [i]! You have expected! (*^ - ^) [noun]! [un]! As for horse ream ・・・15-1, as for 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 13 double victories the ・・・1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10 the [a] which is game with this!

    • Expectation day off
      Today with the notion that where, as for high prize expectation of this day the day off everyday of the [rirudavuaru] return which has been made the pleasure where work enters urgently either betting ticket purchase and observation cannot do the cup or Nikkei prize, the tomorrow which you can point good distribution hit aiming also everyone today which is participation schedule in Takamatunomiya commemoration and march s please persevere! Lastly Dubai [retsudodeizaia] and [buenabisuta], safely persevering!

    • Nikkei prize & everyday the cup
      Nikkei prize expectation *⑮[rojiyunivuasu] ○⑩[namurakuresento] -②Air Jipang △④[nevuabushiyon] △⑥[mainerukitsutsu] △⑧[eashieidei] buying eye 3 daily double formation ⑮-⑩②-⑩②④⑥⑧… 7 point everyday cup expectation *②Ruler ship ○⑨[rirudavuaru] -④[danonshiyantei] buying eye 3 daily double ②⑨④… 1.3 connected size C arrival fixing ②->⑨④… 2 points

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration (G〓) march S (G〓) expectation
      Result 58th Nikkei prize of 2010 total record 15 victory 18 defeat/miss poll amount 24,500 Yen hit amount 39,050 Yen recovery factor 159% last week (g�) lawn: 2500m & [rojiyunivuasu] 6 arrival (1 keeper air) ○ [toribiyutosongu] 5 arrival (5 keeper air) - toe plug Crown 3 (7 keeper air) △ [eashieidei] 2 arrival (4 keeper air) as for toe plug Crown front running you thought as the fluke, but whether in the long distance front it becomes funny existence, wide ▲△1,690 circular hit! 57th everyday the cup (g�) the lawn: 1800m & [rirudavuaru] 3 arrival (2 keeper air) the ○ ruler ship 5 (1 keeper air) - the [zataiki] competition discontinuance (4 keeper air) △ [danonshiyantei] 1 arrival (3 keeper air) the competition discontinuance of [zataiki] is lovely so the bone of the Taketoyo jockey who is. The wide ◎△280 circular hit whose also injury is regrettable! Expectation 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration of this day (g�) lawn: 1200m * a thin forward (father: Forest wildcat) ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] (father: [hujikiseki]) - [aruteimatoure] (father: [hujikiseki]) △ B B gal Don (father: Chief bear heart) 17th [machisutekusu] (g�) [da]: 1800m & [husaichibijiei] (father: [osamuagein]) ○ [barozuhato] (father: [ahurito]) - civil war (father: War emblem) △ [montekurisuesu] (father: [shinborikurisuesu]) the wide box, three daily doubles * - the ○ - - with you have a match!

    • [Mail renewal] whereabouts on saddle
      Looking it has received a certain entry very, but is don't you think? appraisal of [rirudavuaru] unexpected is high [e] return game (everyday cup schedule) perhaps, but you think that with the production it does not ride, if it does from tendency of last year, the 仔 of neo it is the expectation which rides in Pisa has conquered Satuki Derby, dies Pisa can do horse racing even at before and there being also an unrestricted place, race/lace easily to do so I conceivably that Yutaka chooses the private owner, think Yutaka rides, whether there is no powerful horse which is closest to Satuki it continues

    • [rirudavuaru
      Present everyday with the my star hose of 3 year old male horses [ru] [rirudavuaru] ([atsugunesutakion] product scene) coming after the presently ruler ship which is in the cup, but 2 keeper air [danonshiyantei] of victory pours so cheaply fearfully and by just the horse is influenced by development, but if this class the ^^ good it may be able to have a match,

    • Everyday cup Nikkei prize
      It is expectation of this day * While ruler ship ○ [danonshiyantei] - receiving the running big disadvantage before [rirudavuaru] △ [zadaiki] △ [kosumoherenosu], the ruler ship which finishes to win winning, * here to the classic as for the ○ as for [rirudavuaru] of the [danonshiyantei] day off opening to which good running with high prize shines however - to somehow we want appearing to Derby * [namurakuresento] ○ [eashieidei] - * here winning [namurakuresento] which acquires [mekimeki] power from the latter half of [rojiyunivuasu] △ [nevuabushiyon] △ [toribiyutosongu] △ [meishiyoudontaku] last year, as for the partner who is expectation as for the Derby horse of Nakayama proud [eashieidei] last year - to as for here it is attention to emperor prize of confound conflict mood it does what kind of race/lace, but…

    • SCH~ everyday cup hit!
      As for the everyday cup which starts with the behind of the ruler ship, causing the unexpected accident, fall of Taketoyo [zataiki] in the last straight line, end Taketoyo fractures the left clavicle and the right hand, in such it becomes the conclusion whose the horse convalescence defective mercy killing dealing and aftertaste are bad, as for with the reliable end leg shining in the high prize winner in my favorite [danonshiyantei] 2 arrival* It enters with △ [rirudavuaru] into also Mickey dream and 3 arrivals and it was a battle where 3 connected single 16,440 Yen decisively attracted lineage attention above capability of the hit horse, but if it tries ending, to be decided with 3 heads which have “actual results which are stabilized than name”, according to reading the betting ticket secure with this where [oishii] allotment rolls plus…Well well, as for this day notion that also it is it is not such, immediately before the going to work in Osaka and Kobe 9r which produces the hand focusing on the original po horse DOS rice when several points you buy 3 daily doubles, this beautifully high allotment of hammer [tsu] [te] 20,930 Yen get furthermore, Nakagyo 11r where which inquires about the real condition inside the streetcar going to work midway 3 daily double 13,040 Yen beautifully the hammer [ri], in 1 hours 3 ten thousand tickets (! ) With it is at a stroke plus with to have become substantial, the ~♪ which the air the [a], tomorrow I who feeling am improved furthermore have heart the way of the good fight [buenabisuta] 2 of Dubai dance in the Jojima [sayonara] bullet of the super tiger in addition to the Takamatunomiya commemoration betting ticket, finally (presently morning 4 o'clock) what which enters into examination Sunday may be a good thing from this does

    • Everyday cup 2010.03.27 view
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • Central horse racing attention horse 3/27.3/28
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • From today
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

    • Saturday horse racing expectation
      3rd Nakayama 1st day 11r Nikkei prize (gⅱ) On 4 years old (op) (another fixed) (international) (appointment) lawn 2500m (a) *⑧[eashieidei] ○④[nevuabushiyon] -⑥[mainerukitsutsu] ×⑩[namurakuresento] △①[toribiyutosongu] △⑬Toe plug Crown horse connected box ④⑥⑧⑩ 3 daily doubles f ④⑥⑧⑩-④⑥⑧⑩-①④⑥⑧⑩⑬2nd Osaka and Kobe 1st day 10r everyday the cup (gⅲ) 3 years old (op) (another fixed) (international) (special finger) outside lawn 1800m (a) *②Ruler ship ○⑦Mickey dream -①[zataiki] △④[danonshiyantei] △⑥Mission mode △⑨[rirudavuaru] horse continous-current it does, ②-①④⑥⑦⑨ 3 daily doubles f ②-①⑦-①④⑥⑦⑨2nd Nakagyo 7th day 11r love road on beach special 4 years old (under 10,000,000) (handicap) (mixture) [appointment] lawn 2500m (b) *⑤[topanga] ○④[suzukageiru] -⑧Clo can bush △②[uitsushingudeyu] △⑦Three Orion horse connected box ④⑤⑧ 3 daily doubles f ④⑤⑧-④⑤⑧-②④⑤⑦⑧ Result Nikkei prize *⑧ ○④ -⑥ ×⑩ △① △⑬Everyday the cup *② ○⑦ -① △④△⑥△⑨Love road beach special *⑤ ○④-⑧ △②△⑦ Horse group amount hit of classified by betting ticket school promotion challenge acceptance contents number of cases place name race/lace type (1) Nakayama (earth) 9100 Yen 8r double victories (2) Nakayama (earth) 9100 Yen 8r double victories (3) Nakayama (earth) 9100 Yen 9r double victories (4) Nakayama (earth) 9100 Yen 9r double victories (5) Nakayama (earth) 9100 Yen 10r double victories (6) Nakayama (earth) 9100 Yen 10r double victories (7) Nakayama (earth) 8100 Yen 11r double victories (8) Nakayama (earth) 8100 Yen 11r double victories (9) Nakayama (earth) 6100 Yen 12r double victories (10) Nakayama (earth) 12r 6100 Yen double victories

    • Taketoyo jockey fall injury
      Это мнение , Japanese talking

    • Taketoyo and fall
      Present Osaka and Kobe main everyday with the cup in [zataiki] the horseman power the Taketoyo last straight line which has been done, in the showdown which inserts the rod, to insert the one time rod with the left hand, instantaneously already one time it tries to insert, every horse to deteriorate, however many degrees which fall you looked at race/lace image, because the influence by the other horse is written before completely being, according to the sight of jra which is not the meaning which depended on the leg of the horse, in regard to the horse “disease” only, as for cause as for [zataiki] which is not understood well as for convalescence defective Taketoyo there is doubt of fracture, the pattern where the inspection result has not been produced yet perhaps, also the headStriking, it probably is [ru] all right what?

    • Dubai world cup day
      Starts more and more ~~~ Dubai world cup day from Japan, [godoruhuinmairu] where 4 heads are starting running (g2: [oruueza] ([tapeta]) 1,600m) [guroriasunoa] number (male 4 Ritto Yahagi 芳 human racing stable) [dobaigorudenshiyahin] (g1: [oruueza] ([tapeta]) 1,200m) [rorerugereiro] number (male 6 Ritto 昆 Mitsugi racing stable) the Dubai seaming machine classic (g1: Lawn 2,410m) [buenabisuta] number (牝 4 Ritto Matsuda Hiroshi resources racing stable) the Dubai world cup (g1: [oruueza] ([tapeta]) the 2,000m) [retsudodeizaia] number (牝 4 Ritto Matsunaga Mikio racing stable) some time ago, [godoruhuinmairu] perseveres as for end Noah, with that member who is 4 arrivals, well and also the better seed Kobayashi jockey, thinks that there was a pressure whose is enormous in large part, but favorite [gereiro] settling, persevering, in the beauty of the foreign country, [deredere] it does not do the next good race/lace is done, -!! Don't you think?, (laughing) vista also dither, you have expected being, what compared to safely, please return the sled [ya], as for the result however perhaps, important matter as for everyone persevering, being understood properly, all-inclusive running doing vigorously it increases, protecting [hokutobega] everyone, don't you think?, many cheer groups are in the Osaka and Kobe race track where today, in Japan [zataiki] of the everyday cup 4 keeper air which has sad accident left metacarpus opens fractures, inverts with last straight course and others have done being like in the shank paddock way it is recognized even from the name where also the banner was mainly seen, expectationThe people of the authorized personnel whom you think that it is done it was [ko], from now on probably is to be done the thinking which is harsh even in the people of the fan! With Yutaka on the saddle where as for accident of the scene which is said, especially, heart hurts young, before the left clavicle and the lumbar vertebra side projection fracture and the right. In wound Yutaka, laceration very, refraining from the classic production from this, don't you think? [zataiki] which, prays the recovery of shank early stage in [ru] timewise worry, please sleep equably we pray happiness in the other world

    • Breather horse prognostic chart ~ Pegasus JS& everyday of weekend the cup & Nikkei prize
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • It makes too much the air? & the Batan queue/cue
      Today the weather where the can is good after a long time tweet being cold, the day way it should have been, don't you think? being proportionate to that, cold densely the [ji] seems, today in the middle of the worst state (_) working, already returning home in the limit, daughter the fact that it is the Batan queue/cue is infection completely from yesterday…As for the daughter [tsu] it is conversely the vigorously* The mother-in-law is heat to seem, large today when you have been infected however sleeping the oral [ya] it is not good early, the carp changing the filtration tank and the water which it does not wait, because of sense [erubajiyu] yesterday which is sown. However it makes too much the air which receives advice from the friend, unless you pay attention into sense, don't you think? when the feed escapes completely, also last year when dipping probably will be done in the whole it was don't you think? and with [erubajiyu] and [parazan] and the salt if with that useless to pass, because entirely there is a medicine which is with manganese it is relief* Generally, it is strange for favorite to become the sickness, don't you think? the ~~! Horse this week more and more [toizagurori] [devuyu]! But as for the lineage which is the first 仔 of [kingukamehameha] × [touzavuikutori] the preeminence as expected the ~! Therefore so and originally even like next week it is the favorite with the exclusion right taking mile game don't you think?, this time way… excessively popularity it does, if to turn off, but with the shelf ~, still ahead, don't you think? everyday the cup tremendous [danonshiyantei], [rurashitsupu] and [rirudavuaru], with, [zataiki] where Yutaka rides with pinch-hitting is the enormous member, but, as for Uchida it is and limited to [chi] this time seems but if it does not come within 2 arrivals temporarily, as for Satuki prize completely ng but here it is with very such a time when the arm, large cold it is not attached densely from the right shoulder (*^^*) support click the brocade carp with respect to the left which you ask (*^^*)Clicking, don't you think? while fighting…

    • Betting ticket potential result (100327)
      It is not possible to make the fund of Takamatunomiya commemoration, being, it did and seed [rojiyunivuasu], it was horse racing at the being defeated better seed 2 count, but if this horse, the defectiveness, it is heavy Baba, it is to think that it finishes to be sticky, but as for the next using where? It probably is emperor prize? Because as for the best when it is Takarazuka commemoration, thought now as for the child of shank [neoyunivuasu] the long place is an impression of [imaichi], as for the betting ticket which is the reason removing 1 and furthermore 2 arrivals, being completely useless, the shank 2, [eashieidei], we do not like 9 year old horses and the elderly horse of the individual, is, but don't you think? persevering, it increases, Nikkei prize 3 connected single formation 1 arrival [nevuabushiyon], [namurakuresento] 2 arrival [toribiyutosongu], [navuabushiyon], [mainerukitsutsu] and [namurakuresento], Don't you think? [rojiyunivuasu] 3 arrival 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 and 13, 1514 and 15 total 72 point everyday, [rirudavuaru] of the cup and it was useless the Taketoyo jockey horseman power [zataiki] as the convalescence defectiveness, the Taketoyo jockey several places fractured with fracture, was conveyed in the hospital so, Takamatunomiya commemoration to ride, it substitutes and it seems is and, appearance of the kind of horse which shank everyday with the cup becomes major candidate of Satuki prize was expected, but because the fact that it wins is [danonshiyantei] 2 with the joint communication cup, as for relationship of power especially change it is not with as for the shank betting ticket 2If, everyday cup 3 connected single formation 1 arrival [zataiki] and [rirudavuaru] 2 arrival [zataiki] which are the result, 3 arrivals according to expectation, [danonshiyantei] and mission mode, Mickey dream and [rirudavuaru] 3 arrival the result can be put out with 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10 and 11 total 56 point Takamatunomiya commemorations, it is to be good, but don't you think? seriously so is

    • Buying eye of this day - Nikkei prize everyday the cup -
      Infrequent blue sky feeling you call, - 57th everyday 15 [rojiyunivuasu] Yosizawa prize horse single box 4 [nevuapushiyon] 8 [eashieidei] 13 toe plug Crown cup three connected single box 1 [zataiki] 4 [danonshiyantei] 9 [rirudavuaru] 58th Nikkei

    • Nikkei prize (G〓) everyday the cup (G〓) expectation
      Result 59th spring s of 2010 total record 12 victory 17 defeat/miss poll amount 23,100 Yen hit amount 37,080 Yen recovery factor 160% last week (g�) lawn: 1800m * sunrise prince 4 (3 keeper air) ○ rose kingdom 3 (1 keeper air) - birdie birdie 11 (8 keeper air) △ San Diego City 10 arrivals (5 keeper air) 58th Osaka and Kobe grand prix model (g�) lawn: 3000m & [jiyamiru] 2 arrival (4 keeper air) ○ [shigunario] 14 arrival (9 keeper air) - [meishiyouberuga] 3 arrival (1 keeper air) △ [kopanojingu] 8 arrival (14 keeper air) wide ◎▲540 circular hit! Expectation 58th Nikkei prize of this day (g�) lawn: 2500m & [rojiyunivuasu] (father: [neoyunivuasu]) ○ [torivuyutosongu] (father: [gurasuwanda]) - toe plug Crown (father: Opera house) △ [eashieidei] (father: Sunday silence) 57th everyday the cup (g�) the lawn: 1800m & [rirudavuaru] (father: [agunesutakion]) ○ ruler ship (father: [kingukamehameha]) - [zataiki] (father: [agunesutakion]) △ [danonshiyantei] (father: [hujikiseki]) the wide box, three daily doubles * - the ○ - - with you have a match!

    • 28 days (day) horse racing
      Nakayama 11r march s (gⅲ) ③Creel Passion ⑧[husaichibijiei] ①Civil war ②[maideiasan] ⑮[tohouorubisu] 3 daily double box Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration (gⅰ) ③[aruteimatoure] ⑰B B gal Don ⑦[kanoyazakura] ⑮Premiere box ⑱ [pisanopatsutetsuku] 3 daily double box Don't you think? it should have hit Present result Nakayama 11r Nikkei prize (gⅱ) ⑮[rojiyunibasu] 6 arrival (1 popularity) ⑥[mainerukitsutsu] 1 arrival (6 popularity) ⑧[eashieidei] 2 arrival (4 popularity) ①[toribiyutosongu] 5 arrival (5 popularity) ⑩ [namurakuresento] 8 arrival (3 popularity) Osaka and Kobe 10r everyday the cup (gⅲ) ②[rurashitsupu] 5 arrival (1 popularity) ⑨[rirudavuaru] 3 arrival (2 popularity) ①[zataiki] discontinuance ④[danonshiyante] 1 arrival (3 popularity) ⑩The shiny knight 4 (9 popularity) the kana ~~ which is what

    • 27 days (Saturday) horse racing
      Nihongo , for multilingual communication

    • This week horse racing
      Very the rain falling, increase today it is it is cold, openly in the Riyouma who is place you call [re] today, or Friday every week why rushingly are, but today rises “rushingly < horse racing” it is what which is, spring more and more and more, the ~ how thinking again, the how [tsu] which it increases passing, next week writing “product sutra Osaka cup” many degrees, it increases, but therefore it encountered horse racing with the product sutra Osaka cup of 2 years ago being similar, it increases that 2 years probably will already pass, it is memory deep race/lace being, therefore last year as for the betting ticket it did not come off, you take the Osaka cup of this year, the [o] and this week NikkeiPrize, everyday cup and [machisutekusu], and Takamatunomiya commemoration there everyday being troubled with the cup, although only 11 heads which it increases it comes out this horse it may be entwined!! The [tsu] [te] thinking as many as 5… To start in [zataiki] which becomes popularity, the ruler ship, [rirudavuaru] etc…It is * it is [danonshiyantei] ~ privately, even for the present, like [oukensakura] of the flower cup of last week, we would like to appear in Satuki prize by any means! So the prize it is not enough! That the degree of [gachinko] of the expectation where the [tsu] [te] horse is would like to know you think and don't you think? increase as for running before [rirudavuaru] of the day off opening which is long commonly cosmopolitan phantom, [eishinaporon] being in the member of that time of September field road chrysanthemum [sutekusu], winning that with [yoyu], in the [ru] and the new horse game winning the Mickey dream which this time everyday appears in the cup, increase being, also this horse of Mickey dream of a head which becomes matter of concern being enormous, with brim coming prize of front running winning the gestalt [supuringusutekusu] 2, the [ru] it does, in the not yet victory game of 3 running ago comes winning [neovuandomu] plate [gi] prize 1, the [ru]So winning the enormous Mickey dream, [ru] [rirudavuaru] is more enormous?? …After, [zataiki], also the ruler ship well the ~ difficult Takamatunomiya commemoration being difficult, however it cannot think, everyday, the cup a more difficult air do, can't help private

    • Daisuke Kamakura beer and Takahashi, furthermore everyday the cup
      Em japones , Japanese talking

    • Osaka and Kobe horse racing 10R everyday the cup (GⅢ) & Nakayama horse racing 11R Nikkei prize (GⅡ).
      Osaka and Kobe horse racing 10r everyday the cup (gⅲ) Attention horse △①[zataiki] *②Ruler ship -④[danonshiyantei] ×⑥Mission mode △⑦Mickey dream 〇⑨The [rirudavuaru] favorite after all the child of name 牝 [eaguruvu]②The day off of half year you open the opposition which is made the ruler ship and, but are high⑨After [rirudavuaru],①[zataiki]④[danonshiyantei]⑦Aim eye horse ream & three daily doubles which you think that there is almost an even ability of Mickey dream,②=①④⑦⑨Sink horse single②⇔

    • Main horse book = Nikkei prize of Carlos's/everyday the cup
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • Expectation (super abridged edition) /10 year Nakayama mare S [huirizurebiyu] that you drive,
      impressions , original meaning

    • Featured Horse Yayoi?
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • Satsuki award winning horse was expected by 2010 (tentative)
      It does after a long time, because 2010 Satuki prize schedule horse prize orders where the room which finally settles starts coming out * still it is ahead the next. Can be also modification and the like ---------------------------------- March prize 1. March prize 2. March prize 3. Staple fiber ゚ link ゙ 1. Staple fiber ゚ link ゙ 2. Staple fiber ゚ link ゙ 3. New leaves s1. New leaves s2. 51,500,000 rose kingdom (spring s) 43,000,000 [eishinaporon] (March) 33,000,000 [hansodebando] (going straight or spring s) 28,500,000 thornback thin flash (new leaves s) 28,000,000 [vuikutowarupisa] (March) 28,000,000 San Diego City (everyday cup) 23,500,000 [garubo] (going straight or spring s) 23,500,000 [neovuandomu] (?) 20,000,000 Shine (?) --------------------------------- 18,500,000 cosmopolitan phantom (spring s) 18,500,000 birdie birdie (spring s) 17,000,000 Loeve durian (?) 14,700,000 big van (?) 13,500,000 [hirunodamuru] (new leaves s) 12,000,000 [adomaiyatenkuu] (March) 12,000,000 [arizeo] (spring s) 12,000,000 [danonshiyantei] (everyday cup) 12,000,000 [rirudavuaru] (everyday cup) 10,500,000 [mozu] (spring s) --------------------------------- Suitable [perusa] (new leaves s) Mickey dream of 10,000,000 or less (March?) And so on other [nishinomeigetsu], as for [inpuresuuina] such as ruler ship (to be completed, [re] s) mile route [datsushiyagogo], as for [esukada] it comes to [huarukon] s and the tag which is the place where the next running of plate [gi] prize group becomes matter of concern: Horse racing

    • セコセコ馬券日記2009・4 NHKマイルC
      To do, but the [re] [tsu] and reopening renewal the sabotage [tsu] [te] it is also between the betting ticket you buy is little by little, after hit it does not become completely this year with the Nakayama plate applying, if it limits to g1, Oaks of last year (that double only victory without disheartening) ever since and while successively losing even then, well the oiler [tsu] [te] which buys the betting ticket…, but this subject popularity iron look with the favorite everyday as for the cup victory horse past as for Fuchu 1600 not to be only speed, it wins 4 game 4 victory that tough it can be defeated unless it is, it cannot win with 2000 of the other place and, that semantic firm axis and conviction of cherished opinion of the oilerAfter it has done, to appealing [huihusupetoru] of [retsudosupada] and the condition which the only mare one carat, do not use Satuki prize from spring and s come here *⑥Iron look ○⑬[retsudosupada], -⑦One carat △⑱Sometimes it hits being, it does, in the [huihusupetoru] 3 daily double box the [yo] (^-^)

    • 今年2009年のJRA平地重賞収支
      Nihongo , for multilingual communication

    • 有馬記念枠確定
      1-1 [anraibarudo] (male 3, m. [demuro] friend road Yasuo) 1-2 [buenabisuta] (牝 3, model Hiro Yokoyama Matsuda Hiroshi resources) 2-3 [miyabiranberi] (male 6, Keiji Yoshida Hayato Kato) 2-4 [mainerukitsutsu] (male 6, Miura imperial forming national branch glory) 3-5 cosmopolitan bulk (male 8, Igarashi winter tree rice field section Kazunori) 3-6 [eashieidei] (male 8, Goto Hiroshi shine Itoh Masashi virtue) 4-7 [matsuridagotsuho] (male 6, Ebina justice national branch glory) 4-8 [richizakuraun] (male 3, Taketoyo bridge oral Kouzirou) 5-9 dream journey (male 5, pond attachment Kenichi pond riverYasushi 寿) 5-10 three Rolls (male 3, Hamanaka 俊 military affairs Hiroshi flat) 6-11 [ikopiko] (male 3, Uchida Hiroshi happiness west garden correct capital) 6-12 [teiemupurikiyua] (牝 6, the Kumazawa compound sentence Igarashi loyal man) 7-13 [shiyadougeito] (male 7, conquering Hiro Tanaka Masaru spring Kato) 7-14 [seiunwanda] (male 3, the Shinji Fujita territory housekeeping warehouse) 8-15 [nevuabushiyon] (male 6, Koshi Kitamura Itoh Masashi virtue) 8-16 [huogetsutaburu] (male 3, c. [rumeru] pond river Yasuro) the framework decision stripe it does and the seed… I aim as for the horse went outside, ((((((No ゚ ⊿ ゚) the no joint communication cup… reciprocal 3.5・・・ everyday the cup… control of 24 next door ・・・13 Arima commemorations of 29 next door ・・・3.9 cosmopolitan bulk of reciprocal 1.14・・・ [eashiedei]… running before the reciprocal 7.14・・・ the horse where the same jockey was riding while winning successively… inference from the guest of . phosphorus… with Nomura supervision… [miyabiranberi] Yoshida Hayato jockey ↓ gold + 隼 ↓ [gorudenigurusu] (optimism) Prime Minister 93rd generation… Yukio Hatoyama… necktie His Majesty the Emperor coronation 20 year of gold… the Imperial Family elegance ([miyabi]) the child way, in 2 frameworks of the Sapporo black label “Arima commemoration can” ・・・2 framework Osaka and Kobe cup… Letter of the alima Yuka next door framework ・・・2 framework Kurotani of the Yokoyama jockey is the Nagoya guest, don't you think? the ・・・2 framework producer… Hara Takehisa… the field sand intellectual picture… Osaka and Kobe [gesutomiyabiranberi] is smell, ((>д<))

    • 当たらない競馬予想:日本ダービー - 夢編倶楽部 何でも掲示板 NEO
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    • 9/20(日)の競馬   メインレース

    • 高速馬場の流れに乗ってゴールデンチケット
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    • ローズSGII、セントライト記念GII(予想)
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    • ダービー馬が出走しない菊花賞TR

    • 競馬予想口コミ]
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • 誰か気づいて!!/宮田
      kanji , please visit the following link

    • 7/5 予想
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • 父よあなたは強かった・・・とか聞いてます。
      日語句子 , Feel free to link

    • 私的ドラフト記~その4
      日語句子 , for multilingual communication

    • 日本ダービー考察 ~ゴールデンチケット~
      Continuing, all the 2 victories past in 15 years, the horse which is not the victory saddle of the lawn no head starting running with dirt game something theme how 'the lawn not yet victory horse in the Derby what?' shank everyday as for cup 2 arrival however it is, the golden ticket which applies the earth to [suni] with Hyogo cs of the ~ and front running as a problem really, how, is not remembered high as expected with [tsu] [te] thing, it is with, the horse racing which goes with the feeling which is done at a stroke it started to look by the way, it is however they are from 94, it reached the point where record is checked from new horse game, it is (newspaper with), 96 yearsTherefore the classic from the generation who is welcomed past after 96 'there is a thing where the lawn not yet victory horse goes betting ticket inside in 13 years, it is?' with [kore] (∀) [toko] whose the conclusion burn, with only [daiwasuperia] 98 year 3 Good Heavens is new suddenly in memory and, success Brocken of last year sinking to two-digit arrival order with 3 keeper air, however has started running also [burevuhato] hole popularity has done in 05 after the [ru], when you do not insert in betting ticket inside and it is this horse, however it has been recorded before the bulletin board it is with high prize of the lawn, don't you think? that and everyday in 02 cup 2However arrival & Satuki prize 4 arrival [daitakuhuratsugu] which was done has started running, it wins and if the [a] ~ which did not participate in being defeated, so it says, don't you think? also this horse this time rides and the substituting and the [wa] harsh material is even and increases data '3 arrivals earnest kana?' However the [te] you feel and from here as for private golden ticket judgment ability you are, when it enters into this member, whether amount is bad as expected, the [te] feeling considered as [tsu] [te] impression debut game, the [ru] it is, the reservoir [te] so the leg which is cut off however the use [wa] side, as for large [bate] the [se] [e] side horse and therefore the [tsu] [te] preceding, then no head it is to make exchange with it floods, the [makotosuparubiero] like feeling? (Laughing) you deliver sign at present time and the can and the [ro] if there is a room, we would like to insert in three connected single 3 arrivals

    • 安田記念 血統
      Essa opiniao , please visit the following link

    • 3歳マイル王決定戦!
      Every year becoming rough, it increases, but because this year how it becomes, * iron look ○ [retsudosupada] - [sankaruro] △ break running out everyday the victory horse of the cup, iron look favorite Tokyo as for mile the stamina of 1800m is necessary, as for [huihusupetoru] and one carat whether it is harsh, that (¯ω¯;) 3 daily double boxes and 3 connected single ◎⇒○▲△⇒○▲△

    • NHKマイルカップ
      [do] [o] ~ [tsu]! The [tsu] ♪ present aim eye which is shige goes with [retsudosupada] and [huihusupetoru]! Because break running out is infrequent race/lace, iron look if everyday you say from connected anti- ratio of the victory horse of the cup, is the expectation which comes to the △, but…The carrier it is shallow, when becomes matter of concern, is dense rear attention the combining which is one carat

    • ダービー!
      After a long time it is, whether the after a long time article this without saying,… So, expectation * [antoniobarozu]…Tsunoda of Derby jockey [jiyanpoke] class and appraisal ○ iron look…The presence process where everyday you cannot forget the end leg of the cup - [apurezanrebu]…It went to the greenery prize seeing, but is [sugoi] horse body good race/lace the △ triumph march… which仔 △ [seiunwanda]… favorite of sewer way marchWith the Niigata 2 year old s champions of road badness 2 year old ace △ break running out…You aim with the Fuchu proud popularity falling and the eye or the betting ticket the [a] which is game in 20 points of 3 connected single 10,17→2,10,17→2,8,10,11,16,17,18, future, 'every thing 3' is up schedule, becoming slow, the stripe chair see - it is

    • 日本ダービー
      With renewal of the week 2 when it is useless useless [dango], horse racing expectation is [dango] diary Derby expectation of main, but when we would like to designate [richizakuraun] as the favorite, it is, but 12th as for with [bimiyo] the shank ~ the simply [anraibaruto] [bimiyo] large enclosure as for the truly strong horse. There is no relationship it is to be, but honest this year thinks [dango] Derby what in the favorite that three strongly is not from at the time of Satuki prize? [dango] way [apurezanrevu], iron look and the rain which everyday designate cup group as the favorite are terrible if is the intention of going with the golden ticket, because well it is the expectation which does not hit, as for the expectation horse of [dango] removing, please buy (the ¯▽¯;) There is no relationship lastly, but in the diary with name of [dango

    • 東京優駿[日本ダービー]GI(予想)
      日本語 , original meaning

    • 競馬!日本ダービー。勝つ馬は!
      The Japanese Derby as for the horse which wins…! Victory horse of 3 years before the Japanese Derby! 06 years & May Shaw Samson Ishibashi Mori 1 keeper generosity 2 running spring s1 arrival Satuki prize 1 arrival all the game year vodka four rank 3 keeper air tulip 1 arrival Ouka prize 2 arrival all the game years * deep sky four rank 1 keeper air everyday cup 1 arrival NHK mile in 1 arrival all the game time…* [anraibarudo]! Iwata healthy 1 keeper air spring s1 arrival Satuki prize 1 arrival all games

    • ダービーウィーク(1)
      This week, it is festival model Japanese Derby of horse racing! With the Derby weak [tsu] lever, you try probably to keep writing little by little from today concerning the starting running horse which becomes matter of concern for the present, favorite candidacy aims, [anraibarudo] for two crowns and greenery prize it is [apurezanrevu] which wins! [anraibarudo] it means that distance extension a little is also insecure [tsu] [te] from the Satuki prize which is cut off too much, but you think contents that there is also a viewpoint that it took part also the high pace of the first half 1000m59 second 1 which is highlight, but the [ri] which sows that high pace with the entrance in the straight line it cuts, because it is, it is enormous, is, when it is it is the horse, when you look at the Satuki prize which is poured in the horse 2 and 3 and probably will be as for latent faculties you think that it is 1st, even lineage with the son of the Derby horse, also the older brother the bone king and the Derby good running horse super would like to rely on the materialization of the blood to [husaichikonkorudo] well gently[apurezanrevu] which is after all with the dynamic running, size of the scale greenery prize of the same course as the Derby which feels suitable ones has appraised also that it wins, but private in Tokyo 500. Game had impact! Like father [shinborikurisuesu] if as for [anraibarudo] which feels also the profundity which evolves as every battle instantaneous power, [apurezanrevu] is a stamina and a endurance, the air does not have to designate, also Tokyo 2 game 2 victories and affinity being good are good, is, as simply, everyday been behind with the cup, there is an insecurity in the gate, because by the way, it is we pog horse, we want persevering, is, (laughing)

    • 日本ダービー
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • レース予想:東京優駿・日本ダービー
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    • 日本ダービーの考察と買い目
      Это мнение , linked pages are Japanese

    • ダービーの大雑把な予想
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    • 2009年NHKマイルCの予想
      As for the favorite which is renewed to such a time, iron look you were troubled, but contents Fuchu where the joint communication cup which is break running out is strong as for mile the victory clock which we think that the horse which good running is done is better at the distance which is longer than 1600m as for excellent problem as for the opposition which is to be starting running ever since February, one carat essentially 1400 probably is best, but while there being a disadvantageous element, [retsudosupada] usual 2get - with it is good to the single hole which you think that because as for coming to 4 arrivals, level of the mare of this year is high after all, when is, to set aside joke, contents of spring s[huihusupetoru], [sankaruro] and iron look, the Mickey pumpkin, as for jackpot [jiyokapuchinosankaruro] as for Fuchu Tokyo mile you think under the ream which has been appraised that it is best, but the discount iron look new horse everyday they are the cup together good contents with it is to think with the nzt victory horse, but the rain calls remained with, to win, well the blood call the father addition Mayer boss where it becomes matter of concern for the clock to be slow, there is a latent energy in comparison with the older brother or, the everyday cup victory horse which is doubt NHK mile is that c affinity is good, but… as for selecting [jiyokapuchino],Because unexpectedly popularity of the sprinter it is the work which is thin to come to 3, when it can return quickly, the Mickey pumpkin which is purchased unintentionally in preceding day you forgot to buy -

    • 第14回NHKマイルC予想
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    • 今日のNHKマイルの予想です(^O^)
      Because this time you do not understand truly, after “[sata] seeing well,” the buyer buys horse connected or3 daily double with 5 heads which it chooses with intuition (^_^;)You try to try having a match with ◎=18 turn [huisupetoru] (Ando Masaru oneself) ○=6 turn iron look (Komaki thickly) ▲=7 turn one carat (Fujioka 佑 mediating/helping) △=2 turn Mickey pumpkin (Iwata healthy sincerity) ×=12 turn line blood (Hukunaga 祐 one) this (^_^;)Because as for this horse of [huihusupetoru] as for Satuki prize of front running receiving the disadvantage, it leaves the foot, this time the rectilinear one air from the enclosure would like to see! Because [aianrutsuku] everyday as for the victory horse of the cup affinity being good, everyday of front running the end leg from the enclosure of the cup was enormous, expectation large! [wankaratsuto] to participate the mare being conspicuous, the [ru], because there is also a Ouka prize 4 arrival and a power, here 1 departure! If [mitsukipanpukin] as for this when with “the [sata] well” simulation game you fought bravely in 3 arrivals, the jockey Iwata “you do truly whether?”As for thing of this horse of you bet, [rainburatsudo] you do not understand, but the jockey is Hukunaga 祐 one? As for Ouka prize 3, 4 arrivals and the jockey who emperor prize (spring) do not have difference saw as the dark horse strongly in the stage of g1! As for Taketoyo which with the horse [bureikuranauto] recreation opening which this time is removed does not come being the popularity horse with the enclosure this time outside arrival you saw! Because the victory horse of [sankaruro] nzt affinity is bad, this time, the kind of air which is crushed doing, as for this horse of you removed, [retsudosupada] as for the capability which is troubled you think that it is, but because the jockey is out of order paste, this time when this time you remove we would like to buy with such feeling, (゜▽゜)

    • NHKマイルC予想
      NHK mile superior competition the amount where the horse which comes out is not, it may insert c from anywhere, * the everyday cup whose iron look affinity is good the vivid victory end leg, insecurity it is not in distance, the horseman mounting which Komaki jk is resigned, the partner who lives cannot win twirling, ○ Mickey 1 pumpkins now, but because the pouring horse which is not either large deterioration is many, remaining from little development - as for [teiatsupugorudo] whether with the rising which is not [sankaruro] and inferiority even with nzt which everyday lowers the g ticket cup 2 with the new horse, the blind spot of popularity Fuchu mile 2 victories [shinboriindei] to △ [retsudosupada] which is worn * empty wide sink KyotoObstacle not yet victory exhaust note gradually

    • NHKマイルC
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • NHKマイルC
      Before NHK mile c favorite with February Ogura debut of iron look this year, this mile c 4th game, the amount which is not used, the other horse compared to is also upper load and probably being running, as last week, greenery prize uses the leg which is cut off from [apurezanburebu] which wins and high prize first conquest furthermore when, everyday the victory horse of the cup nkk mile starting running in c, victory ratio 100% Tokyo which is the data which is said as for mile known, 1600 meter very limit to get over it cannot do with own horse short range based Mylar compared to, the place 1800 meters where medium range based Mylar participates winningAs for the advantage of [ru] iron look you think that it is larger than the other horse,

    • NHKマイルC妄想
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • 機能の結果
      Though yesterday which is the oiler as for the result of the race/lace which temporarily places the expectation which does not have the game betting ticket secret it turns and nothing can do [genpachidepiyutei] of wide result 16−14−12 coming off 2 of the Nakayama 2r expectation 2−107316 and the end straight line or the chasing do not do, the next running, the house. To substitute, or the everyday cup expectation ◎7 〇 1 ▲5 △11 △ 1214 hole 8 buying eye which you aim with the large enclosure * to empty sign from 3 daily double 〇 the wide result 14−12−11−7−5 it comes off to sign from 1 to 5 arrivals. Turning, however it is the [ru] horse, because the axis 7 and 1 is well as for Mickey being clear, because also [te] sign was good, although probably to come to 3 arrivals you were trying and made the axis of 3 reams it was sweet, the next running we would like to aim being, in the shank straight line the scene which is made to think as the [tsu] [tsu] there was [ootorioujiya], but it extended and as for the golden ticket which is not being cut off it wrote even with the advance attention horse, whether just a little being thin, but don't you think? unfavorable comparison increase the ability it is even here the empty, also the roof was Kimura of the district and, also the paddock was good, the betting ticket of the cat which is the [tsu] [te] obtaining thing which is hard horse racing is regrettable in [chiyuuwapurinsu] the cousinBecause so ten thousand betting tickets were let escape well, this are horse racing, don't you think? because that much, last 3 daily double ten thousand betting ticket [getsutsu] of Osaka and Kobe it did, yesterday plus with also the other races/laces which it can end, the dark horse is coming accurately, the [ru] is, but if [himo] buys well is double victory, however it is with the [tsu] lever, 500 Yen or more it is [ru] thing not to be wrong being attached, die to obtain, temporarily, the dark horse finding also today, the [wa] which perseveres and increases then, in addition

    • 関東U局の競馬中継
      Central horse racing wide relay (12: 30 - 15: 00 and 16: 00 - 16: 35) Central horse racing highlight (23: 00 - 23: 30) Live image and sound are complete as inside the place the paddock whose it is good to use same ones. Sunday [huji] which also special race of the place relays and vulgar horse racing program great difference simply excessively in this wide relay the weak point… When there is a real condition of the high prize like present march s live sound poured in Nagaoka and recent times expectation whose it is regrettable to substitute, (only high prize it is not done but) at all this cod it is everyday cup something the pog horse it was, but when did not aim in shortage of popularity of remainder, it remained in 2 arrivals

    • ゲーム!
      Everyday cup ・・・20p [satou] trust Nikkei prize ・・・20p [hirai] Takamatunomiya commemoration ・・・20p [shibutanimachi] s… it is not 1 rank 1,489,000p [shinshi]① As much as 2 rank 1,077,500 gong obtaining it is⑧ 3 rank 463,600 [kubo]④ 4 rank 423,500 [masuda]④ 5 rank 338,000 [satou] trust④ 6 rank 316,600 [hirai]⑥7 rank 288,700 [yagihashi]③ 8 rank 192,600 [tabara] older brother⑦9 rank 188,000 [shibutani]⑦ 10 rank 132,600 [atsumi]⑤11 rank 104,000 [katagiri]① 12 rank 42,500 [iimura]①13 rank 16,000 [noda]①14 rank 9,600 [nishimura]① This week the ravine, such a time of 6 week continuation g1… obstinate it will stretch from next week

    • 【予想】4月2週 日曜
      The Osaka and Kobe 8r broadcloth street self-confidence: b tastefulness: b purchase betting ticket: But everyday of preceding day horse single/three daily doubles/to three connected single d type barely 2nd games with the lap above equality to the cup [hikaruamaransasu] which showed the horse racing which the [bu] [tsu] densely is pulled out the strong mare, large. As for conversely practice is light in 1 weeks in after the horse body decrease as for this strengthening attacking, the Fujiwara English racing stable which you use important being serious for the first time, as for the contents of the 2nd game which finishes being old horse 10,000,000 level, abandoning quick ○ [suirinka]…If this distance my pace - [hikaruamaransasu]…Inner lane fog and 0 △ [airenberuku]/theme song/cherry tree rosemary Osaka and Kobe 12r [kuvuaruda] self-confidence: c tastefulness: b purchase betting ticket: Horse single/three daily doubles/as three connected single a type mares if mile long stretch of the real group day off opening of or less not yet experience is excluded unusually, with any race/lace the leg is used securely from the rear and as for 2 heads which are beaten with 5,000,000 before the resting already upgrading, the semi- younger brother of the sun place which has passed with present class, the blood, father [dansuinzadaku]. After from the background, becoming the old horse, you see as the production, it finishes to chase, drastically changing, if the large enclosure of outside pouring Osaka and Kobe 1800m ○ [wakinopawa]…It flows into little by little, - [teiemuankoru]…Crossing over. Circumstance △ [rosupetoriyusu]/Will B king/bell fee char

    • Keep The Faith #128
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    • ジョッキーソング
      Densely it is, it is! It is [barentein], - being times when recently it is included in my betting ticket be sure to become aware! As for that from capability of horse capability of jockey! It probably is connected what of my home, but the betting ticket is bought very with the home everyone jockey inside, is by the way as for me who am with the central jockey with Miho post Uchida Hiroshi happiness, Iwata healthy sincerity and Komaki thickness is likes with the Ritto post which likes Goto Hiroshi shine and I to be enormous skillful the jockey am many after felt with local horse racing, q it is we would like to lift those several people who are, as for the jockey whom you like?? Hokkaido Igarashi, Iwate Murakami, Kawasaki Koo, Sakai Oi door promontory, mark place sentence, Kamimoto etc… Funabashi Sawada and left sea Kanazawa Yosihara, Nagoya Abe, Okabe and Sonoda's Kimura, Kochi Akaoka, Saga Samejima, you obtain everyone who is the feeling, Yamaguchi leading well, [re] [ru] the natural one shelf! With you thought, as for the jockey et. al whom, you recommend it is?? Center, area. It does not care because!! Oh! 1 times meeting privately in Sonoda's Kimura jockey, it is like, well considerably we love! Everyday cup 3 connected single also the fact that it hit is Kimura's favor with the Sugiyama cup

    • ダービー出走権はアブレザンレーヴ内田博幸が獲得する(青葉賞展望)
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    • [馬]テレビ東京杯青葉賞(Jpn2)
      * But [apurezanrevu] ○ [matsuhavueroshitei] - running everyday before rice plant oleo △ [tosenmarugo] △ sacred valley △ [kitasanamigo] △ [pisanokaruteie] the cup (g3) [apurezanrevu] which was dropped with the horse racing which is not the 勿 body, this time it decides, the partner is perplexed… (the sweat) would not like to go, but coming out. Order coming out, because the [ru] work it goes from now,…

    • 青葉賞
      Because the article up is done with reservation, the result of Fuchu s is not recognized, but… Riding in condition, the center of the expectation which tries expecting also greenery prize ⑰Don't you think? it probably is [apurezanrevu] what, with greenery prize of instant and last year it had become decisively popularity, it is to remember “Magellan”, but as for [apure] gⅲIt is everyday also 3 arrivals to be with the cup and is not once, to be good taking on higher rank, the partner that choice tried doing the horse of the lineage which you think selfishly whether probably will be, whether it does not mean that affinity is good with Fuchu there ⑤As for [baazeruriba] mother father [deinhiru] this time it is good, whether it is it is not, ⑧[kitasanamigo] mother father [tonibin] it puts out, ⑫

    • 青葉賞予想
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    • 第16回青葉賞・結果
      2 days (the Saturday), the 16th greenery prize which was done at Tokyo race track (3 years old, gii lawn 2400m), the Uchida Hiroshi happiness jockey horseman power single victory 1 keeper air [apurezanrevu] (male 3, the Ritto pond river Yasuro racing stable), outside extended from medium group chase, acquired 1.1/4 horse body differences to 7 keeper air [matsuhavueroshitei] and furthermore as for the victory time which is finished to pour 2 minute 26 seconds 2 furthermore 6 keeper air top coming entered into 3 arrivals of 1/2 horse body differences (well), in the superior 3 heads Tokyo superior 駿 (gⅰ) It can give preferential starting running right and wins as for [apurezanrevu] which, the father victory horse [shinborikurisuesu] of 02 years, the mother [santarari] prize (France gⅰ) The total record 5 game 3 victory where the Loeve DOS car which wins (that father highest honor) in the semi- older sister 07 year Osaka and Kobe [jiyubenairuhuirizu] (gi) [revudamuru] 2 (father [huaruburavu]) you debut in the December lineage last year, is 2nd game (the Kyoto lawn 1800m) with first victory 3 years old which continue under 5,000,000 (Tokyo lawn 2000m) you control, everyday of front running the cup (giii) has entered into 3 arrivals of 0.2 second difference from iron look (high prize 1 victory) Uchida Hiroshi happiness on the saddle flora s of last week (gii and [deiajina]) 2 weeks continual jra which continueWith high prize conquest this year 4 victory eyes and the total 13 victory eye the pond river Yasuro tamer who is managed, Nakagyo commemoration (giii and cherry tree Orion) this year with the jra high prize conquest which continues 2 victory eyes and the total 62 victory eye

    • NHKマイルC 勝ち馬の傾向は。。。
      Very this week gⅰSo 3 connected single it gets! As for victory horse after 00 these 9 head 08 years (①Person) Deep sky; Everyday the cup (1 arrivals;⑥Person) 07 years (⑰Person) Pink cameo; Ouka prize (14 arrivals;⑧Person) 06 years (③Person) Logic; New Zealand t (3 arrivals;②Person) 05 years (②Person) Line craft; Ouka prize (1 arrivals;②Person) 04 years (①Person) [kingukamehameha]; Everyday the cup (1 arrivals;②Person) 03 years (⑨Person) [uinkuriyuga]; Everyday the cup (8 arrivals;⑥Person) 02 years (④Person) [teregunoshisu]; Spring s (2 arrivals;⑧Person) 01 years (①Person) [kurohune]; Everyday the cup (1 arrivals;①Person) 00 years (②Person) Eagle coffee; nzt4 year s (7 arrivals;④Person) Of the horse which is marked in 1 arrival columns of 3 connected single formations is thought! As for being possible to become the appraisal superior 3 heads, support click in the midst of this horse ⇒ [rankinngu] participating we ask may

    • 第57回京都新聞杯GⅡ データの輝き
      2009 May 9th (Saturday) 3 Kyoto 5th day 10r 57th Kyoto newspaper cup 3 years old open gⅱBecause lawn 2200m outside (d) in 2002 it was around 2200m outside, you will look at the data after this condition Front running is included and without being 1 keeper air (6/7) as for 1 keeper air the only 2005 [inteiraimi] Kansai horse & Seki. Jockey (during 100%) Iwata jockey winning successively, Fujiwara England. Tamer 2 victory single victory 2.4-3.9 time (4/7) as for other things or more horse weight 446-482kg of 14.1 times kind male horse ⇒ Owner corporation stand rh2 victory, Sunday r1 victory carrier 3-8 game front running race/lace name ①Satuki prize gⅰ14,15 arrivals ②Spring gⅱ10 arrivals ③Everyday cup gⅲ8,9 arrivals ④500. The lawn 2400-2500 as for the horse which this race/lace of 1 arrival powerful horses good running does together with Satuki prize on the data with the betting ticket school which cannot be trusted you try aiming for the gently strong horse in the double victory, * request song male 3 Goto Hiroshi shine Satuki prize front was the wall and it comes and with plate [gi] prize, with 2 arrivals of [richizakuraun] the best member, the betting ticket which the first-come has been done it is not the race/lace which has a match in [danonkamon], but the upgrade horse as for there is, [rodorotsukusuta] a chance, Ogura) 5 arrivals of silk Mobius's, as for front running you do not see with Japanese cinnamon prize and start prize (the Osaka and Kobe lawn 1800) with escapingIf rising 3f33.7, the horse absent this member whom it comes out still at the time of Ogura who is the possibility where it can repel with distance extension it is young had come out, but the horse to see, prospering had done, Delphi Taketoyo Mooney valley racing club prize winning, as for challenge, as for the same kind male horse as victory horse [meishiyoukuoria] of last year as for Sunday type special weak and the owner as for the vertical stripe and condition with it was even, because March prize 2 arrival [mitsukipetora] of [rojiyunibasu], Iwata's [danonkamon] where three successive wins catch, in holding down it is the race/lace which it is difficult to do game race/lace to the best member Satuki prize 5, only the betting ticket school kana? Request song at time of Satuki prize

    • NHKマイル(GⅠ)
      * The buying eye of the star where as for break running out present condition mile if most horse racing thinks to do so easily normally, of a certain simply, including also the meaning than that of wanting renewing the record 22 year g� victory [jiyoki] of the Taketoyo jockey, we want the power which comes to higher rank not to be wrong winning temporarily with this week break or the vodka where it is the favorite because 〇 iron look everyday is the victory horse of the cup as for affinity being good, unless after all there is a stamina, Fuchu as for mile win it cannot as for mediocrity running of 2 running ago which probably will be, there is also profitable Baba before, rises and if most speed there is no problem is good * - The 〇 33%◎ - 〇 wide 35% * - the 〇 - entire it lets flow and as for each 2% here as for 3 count - 5 counts which go to game in the paper single as for fearfulness however it is, it sees on the center and there is no [re] if is, in 3 arrivals large. The kana which does not come?? With g� first large game of this year [i]! With say perhaps 1,2 keeper air to do, the [yo] receiving [do]…

    • 遅くなったけど(皐月賞レース回顧)
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    • キングカメハメハ(NHKマイル)
      However NHK mile past 5 year 1 horse is caught and most speed, it is result theory,… also front running, does also the kind of air whose rising is fast in that appearance, however it is, when just 1 arrival horse after the ~ where the pink cameo is slow and is sees the popularity horse [tsu] [po] it is and does also the air (1 keeper air [rorerugereiro] to put out 2 arrivals), the popularity eggplant (it forms also the time of the pink cameo in 2 arrivals or 3 arrivals) the combining which is the tendency which comes… running before 3f with respect to popularity passing order (the arrival passing top) 08 year deep sky 116 - 11 33.9 (1) everyday cup 108 -09 34.8 (2) 07 year pink cameo 1713 - 14 34.9 (1) Ouka prize 1407 - 10 35.2 (13) 06 year logic 311 - 10 35.0 (1) nzt 307 - 06 35.2 (1) 05 year line craft 204 - 04 33.6 (1) Ouka prize 104 - 04 34.7 (4) 04 year [kingukamehameha] 109 - 09 33.7 (1) everyday the cup 103 - 02 34.5 (1) king pot setting

    • 5月2日(土)予想
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    • 5/10情報
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    • 過去10年データ NHKマイルC・京都新聞杯・新潟大賞典
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    • NHKマイル
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    • ブレイクランアウト
      Because NHK mile as much as c 3 years old mile king decisive game member from the [sankaruro] crimson point Ouka prize group which controls [huihusupetorutoraiaru] of the regular of the [retsudosupada] high prize superior arrival order which corners the iron look Satuki prize horse which break running out everyday wins overwhelmingly finishes to pour the cup from outside large in the trial in good point full load such as such as one carat, while race/lace is the pleasure from now even, having expected the Taketoyo jockey horseman power had designated the luxurious joint communication cup in the break running out contest, we would like to have persevering, because also the vodka appears to [vuikutoriamairu] of the next week when is, every year of the Taketoyo jockey also renewal of continual gi victory record, this weekThat it probably is close you think that you can be popular during next week, the pleasure! As for present music debut 5th anniversary, “van rhinoceros” of Kimura [kaera

    • NHKマイルCの予想。
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    • Keep The Faith #135
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    • NHKマイルカップ
      Because in feeling one carat * as for the mare which is while being young, says, that buy, that this time buys and the time is, to think it is, but because, everyday as for the victory horse of the cup 4 game 4 victory inside framework last spurt types good condition has been even, it probably is iron look? That it becomes one air because only 3 games of the February debut which means that the carrier is little it has done because there is some insecurity where some insecurity remains, 1 axes being multiple, axial iron look partner [wankaratsutoretsudosupadamainerueruhumitsukipanpukinsankaruro] good luck which goes! You forgot to write, but this time they are 2 framework notes

    • ダービーへの道は開かれん…NHKマイルC
      It is to be perplexed still but (usual thing), temporarily * [sankaruro] ○ [huihusupetoru] - the break running out △ Mickey pumpkin, iron look × [teiatsupugorudo], the one carat note my flannel elf, in [retsudosupada] superior popularity as for the air which 3 and 4 keeper air horses stabilize most as for break running out which is done as for the amount discount iron look which outside large was pulled everyday you appraise the cup to somewhere, as for sharpness it is superlative, but with just sharpness how, it is not the race/lace which becomes also it is to think, if well it wins, it becomes the wind which simply, with is said probably will be, but if it becomes the flow which does not have the stagnation, the Mickey pumpkinThe expectation which is possible to surface this. There is no fragment, but after [bate] it is not and probably will be while the one carat which showed the leg which is possible to be Ouka prize, receiving the disadvantage once in addition to [teiatsupugorudo] which comes to 2 arrivals the my flannel elf [retsudosupada] influence of thermal departure is just which, shank [e] Japanese [burogu] village

    • NHKマイルC予想
      The ◎6 iron look 16 break running out ▲7 one carat △15 [teiatsupugorudo] △2 Mickey pumpkin △5 [tsukubahokutoo] favorite iron look no [se] everyday level of the cup is high, among those rises and as expressed the ability to announce the end leg of 33 second level gently even with the appraisal consideration corner, the Komaki jockey does the horseman power, break running out which has a match with latest [pointoatama] the ability to be opposition absolute was other horse and a difference, came to higher rank development and regardless of after a long time and so feeling did gradually with Taketoyo and the [yo], became the expectation which places the sign 1 keeper air and 2 keeper air on higher rankBecause, inevitably [sankaruro] and [retsudosupada] sidestep the mare at about this distance securely is poured never you see the one carat which in the male which horse and is not inferior, throwing away Oaks which comes to here that in very weird nzt group [teiatsupu] with the enthusiasm Fujioka 佑 mediating/helping which before seeing is strong while looking at the other horse from the running similar enclosure, be able to imagine race/lace, if the deciding factor you compare and if good running you do as for the possibility where as for the high Mickey pumpkin has come to higher rank reliably with consecutive high prize can appraise also the everyday cup which the jackpot which “10 arrivals” before the [tsukubahokutoo] 3 running even in point Niigata 2 years old sAs bored the hole with 15 keeper air, as for the horse which bored 1 holes with the law that as for the buyer with 3 connected single formations, 1 arrivals already you bore the one time hole: 6, 162 arrival: 6 and 16, 73 arrival: With this which later horse single of 6, the 16, the 7, the 15, the 2 and the 5 would like to have a match thickly from 6 the hero!

    • 明日の中央競馬予想(第14回NHKマイルC)
      Tomorrow 14th NHK mile as for emperor prize of the last week when the cup is held it was unexpected conclusion at Tokyo race track, but the well which this week enters it probably is to groan? 14th NHK mile cup Because (Tokyo lawn 1600ma course) under ◎� one carat 〇 � break running out ▲� iron look ream (or less horse turn order) � jaw cappuccino � [sankaruro] � my flannel elf � [retsudosupada] � [teiatsupugorudo] � advance hay low � [huihusupetoru] purchase betting ticket horse connected �−��������� horse single �−��������� 3 daily double ��−���−���������� remark recently a little it was passiveness, carrying out the attitude of attacking, there is also a problem of level of that year when � one carat is the favorite, but everyday cup group is certainly increasing Yosinari weaving/grade, the line craft which is the record which the Ouka prize uniting has medium 々 taste, name of [dearinguhato] and the pink cameo etc risesThe popularity 2 head of this year perhaps in difference of the male 牝 of this time loaf quantitative difference 2kg it is large well enough because of the explosive end leg, is visible very much strongly at the force perfect score, but most wins at horse racing of the rising with slow and, from the point of view of the time takes and is dropping and the air the strange way does, because leg quality resembles, it sets up and may be judgment mistake at the place, being the case that, is, tomorrow other than one carat, the � jaw cappuccino, the � my flannel elf, � [retsudosupada], you called the � advance hay low/rowObserving to Batatsu which can do horse racing in the past, you think as like then everyone, also tomorrow will keep being enthusiastic!

    • NHKマイルカップ2009.05.10予想

    • NHKマイルカップの展望 - 有力馬について考える
      NHK which this year time becomes 14th mile the cup at one time, as called “Derby outside [maru]”, in 2001 is the race/lace which becomes largest goal for the horses from forign country which it cannot start running in Derby starting running of the horses from forign country becoming possible to the classic, later, as for break running out which will keep looking at the attention starting running horse of this year when it reaches the point where it is observed 3 years old of the spring mile as step race/lace to king decisive game or Derby from immediately after this race/lace of the victory horse of the joint communication cup which was done in February as for the camp NHK mile here where the rotation which aims toward Derby from the cup is declared winning, in [anraibarudo]As for the iron look which probably is we would like to strike challenge condition, NHK mile victory horse past of the everyday cup which even best step of the cup is said 3 heads of [kurohune], [kingukamehameha] and the deep sky everyday from the cup mile as for [sankaruro] which beats [apurezanrevu] which everyday of this year when the king has shone with the cup, some days ago greenery prize defeats as for the victory horse New Zealand t of New Zealand t NHK mile having become trial race/lace of the cup, the race/lace where preferential starting running right is given to 3 arrivals simply, recently with successive win as for race/lace level of this year when it becomes the trial race/lace which does not connect directly to the production excessively whether how is examination[huihusupetoru] which has the necessity to do with Satuki prize has been defeated in 7 arrivals, but mile which has the result returning to game, possibility of the rollback it is sufficient and as for [retsudosupada] which you think that it has the qualification which wins capability sufficiently, because in the spring s which, has the accident which in this center evades New Zealand t with thermal departure during instantaneous power game of 2 arrival slow of [anraibarudo], the position taking is before after it could do well to sneak away latent faculties is which extent, Japanese [burogu] village horse racing [burogu

    • 明け3歳重賞の半分は、3連単10万超馬券!!
      En japonais , for multilingual communication

    • NHKマイルカップ
      14th NHK mile the cup (gi lawn 1600m) May 10th (day) Tokyo race track still it does not examine at all, but whether everyday the cup victory horse, whether the nzt4 year s victory horse you think that spring s connected Tsushima which is designated as the axis, (the full gate 18) (preferential starting running right) the [sankaruro] 57.0 [teiatsupugorudo] 57.0 jaw cappuccino 57.0 (taking in profitable prize order) the [huihusupetoru] 57.0 one carat 55.0 break running out 57.0 iron look 57.0 [antoniobarozu] 57.0 [getsutohurumakusu] 57.0 [retsudosupada] 57.0 grand prix angel 55.0 line blood 57.0 advance hay low 57.0 [suganomedarisuto] 57.0 tiger stone 57.0 [daiwapuriberu] 57.0 my flannel elf 57.0 Mickey pumpkin 57.0 (the exclusion object) [tsukubahokutoo] 57.0 out of order 57.0 advance way 57.0 [aruringumun] 57.0 [anjiyuairu] 55.0 thornback thin tiger 57.0 [keiairaijin] 57.0 [satonoromane] 57.0 Sunny Sunday 57.0 strong return 57.0 [bangaroru] 57.0 velvet load 57.0 [machikanekoromogawa] 57.0 wise dream 55.0 Shaw nun Al D 57.0 world compass 57.0

    • 愛のテーマ
      issue , please visit the following link

    • NHKマイル展望
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • NHKマイルC、出走馬確定。更新
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • がきの法則071京都新聞杯・新潟大賞典・NHKマイルC予想
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • 2009/05/02(土) bet 青葉賞(G3)
      You remembered with greenery prize, but…Greenery prize of last year winning, don't you think? the addition Mayer command which even in the Derby it makes the favorite, it does not return very thinking, that in the [e] present 4 year old generation it is strongest, well it can receive and becoming vigorous it enjoys that it returns, greenery prize of this year the very member being even, while Tokyo 11r greenery prize which is the pleasure (g3) ◎4 sacred valley 〇 17 [apurezanrevu] everyday with the cup being behind if you look at the front running of [apurezanrevu] which from outside large it drives to 3 arrivals at rising 33.5 second of most speed, race/lace contents have become good in every battle and distance also the fact that it extends plus probably is with the straight line long Fuchu beingBecause the sign, it may settle, it is in approximately single victory 2 time, it goes with 1 point games, with boldly to a 〇 if * sacred valley spring s very the time and the lap commonplace, after that you look at the participation of [anraibarudo] and [sankaruro] at the Riyouma place in the rain, in that you think that in Satuki prize trial level was highest, the sacred valley was 5, but turning outside large, because as for rising it is vodka similar and the clumsy aspect of 34.4 second same [taninogimuretsuto] product scene of the most speed which also [anraibarudo] exceeds, the expectation where either those where it substitutes to Fuchu do not become 0The single victory 4 which is. . 500 horse reams 4-17. . As much as 500 these days support thank you ↓↓↓

    • 過去10年データ 天皇賞(春)・青葉賞
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • がきの法則070天皇賞(春)・青葉賞予想
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • null
      The everyday cup where [apurezanrevu] the greenery prize [tsu] [te], everyday affinity of cup group as for here 3 years of shank ~ the horse which all everyday starts running in the cup winning, when you refer to this year when it increases may gain popularity with preeminent something, is applicable was 3, but if 2 time good running it does with Tokyo lawn 2400 where, it rises and as for the last spurt at 33 second level as for running before that it remains in the eye with the same Tokyo lawn as the greenery 2400m under 5,000,000 finishing to pour at 33 second level, with [pisanokaruteie] overwhelming victory same race/lace 2, it would like to observe greenery prize to these 2 heads is… the nature and the Derby production being visibleDon't you think? it comes, to ^^ in addition to, the Osaka and Kobe azalea prize which the horse which wins participating increases the trial special game of trial

    • フローラステークス
      2009 April 26 Nitto capital 11r sun Kay sport prize [hurorasutekusu] (jpnii) it goes out and if that the popularity 3 head of horse favorite #205 wide sapphire degree of self-confidence b supposition 3 keeper air present time, microcosm [deiajina] [waidosahuaia] every one may be merit demerits, it was, when but also difference kana of framework order you thought, beginning goes out and you thought of [deiajina] which pulls the framework of the outside eye rather, as horse candidacy I large think of the game history where also [danonberuberu] and 2 times which are dusted have developed good game with Tokyo course with Ouka prize, the wide sapphire very carefully there where it does again to think that we should leave after all,You see, as for selling point that race/lace where is just “2 arrivals of [retsudodeizaia] with [eruhuinsutekusu]”, other than [retsudodeizaia] the rival which is conspicuous not to be, therefore in a manner of speaking as for 2 arrivals proper member constitution [hana] difference saying, the reason which in order to finish to pour accurately, measuring, has driven [retsudodeizaia], before being something which is praised as for the microcosm which you feel that they are not the contents which running everyday should feature also the cup as for Tokyo 2000 whether there is to the overwhelming victory which may be agreeable

    • 毎日杯&日経賞結果!
      At present at 4 of [gesu] morning o'clock occurring at 5 of morning:30, don't you think? the wife today in Tokyo with study meeting something don't you think? to the airport bus in sending with yesterday, rather than imagining also high speed, returns fairly well smoothly not to be packed 56th everyday the cup (g�) the result! 1 arrival � iron looks (1 keeper air) Komaki it is thick 2 arrival � golden tickets (12 keeper air) Kimura Ken 3 arrival � [aburezanrevu] (2 keeper air) Uchida Hiroshi 57th Nikkei prize (g�) the result! 1 arrival � Al eggplant lines (4 keeper air) Ebina 2 arrival � [mainerukitsutsu] (7 keeper air) Matsuoka 3 arrival � [montekurisuesu] (3 keeper air) Shibata virtue

    • 中央競馬結果
      Saturday Nikkei prize 1 arrival①Al eggplant line 2⑦[mainerukitsutsu] 3 arrival⑫[montekurisuesu] non- hit everyday cup 1 arrival⑭Iron look 2 arrival⑫Golden ticket 3⑪[apurezanrevu] hit! Double victory 170 Yen Sunday [machisutekusu] 1 arrival⑪Hope City 2 arrivals⑯Die/di Shaw jet 3 arrival③[satononikuo] hit! Horse single 12200 increase in yen value Matumiya commemoration 1 arrivals⑬[rorerugereiro] 2 arrival④Three press knight 3②[sorujiyazusongu] non- hit now opening 4 game 2 victory 14750 Yen /13000 Yen recovery factor 113% total 46 game 12 victory 97580 Yen /156700 Yen recovery factor 62% 3rd period 2600 Yen /2000 increase in yen value Matumiya finishes to escape [gereiro], the ∑ DREPT (the ¯0¯; The no [u] ~ it is completely being unexpected, besides the fact that the shank, you can buy until now and the shock is a little huge, pushing away the horse which goes, because the shank and pace were a little fast in the fine play of the Fujita jockey who adhered to [hana] end is to think that it droops, but… The three press knight exchanges once to go to bed, when it is the amount competition of opening, it is to be harsh well it combines and as for the mare which season of the classic starts doing more and more entering April 1. It is state, but as for the male horse being funny, the shank (the ¯▽+¯*)

    • 沖家室島で60尾
      The result with two of fishing 5 hours that the 釣 friend t teacher who is not his own thing some days ago, fished [sabiki] with the open sea house room island, the great man who reaches even in one shaku while 60 tails furthermore to do the partner of the child generally in the head, fishing in spare time, as for one day ahead either the memory which is this record does not weaken yet, fishing 9 hour half of approximately time, when it passed you think of the duration which fishes 2 tail one tail, spending 5 hours, as for one tail t teacher estimating one person amount in half, in 10 minutes one tail fishWhen size is compared, 1.5 times exceed sufficiently, (the ´д `;)'- Is dented the [wa]' orz…. whichIn the open sea house room useless, useless, as for Takashima as for defect cruising coming next week if the shutdown of fishing just it is what with work, you say to shouldering that it can fish, catching [vuivuavuodoka] of flower c, you buy the betting ticket even by fire electricity and the [so] [bi] [re], everyday buy the golden ticket of the cup and do not buy iron look, buy the die/di Shaw jet with march and s do not buy hope City and this beginning of spring always the rear one step does not reach is, well taking the pond snail in the river of around there, you try fishing even with [gori]? (Do do)

    • 有馬記念の情報。
      Today vigorously profit the dividends of the 53rd Arima commemoration which delivers the story regarding Arima commemoration . (13) 260. (13) 130 (14) 2280 (6) 600. (8-8) 18640. (13) (14) 29490. (13) (14) 33490. <3 daily doubles>(6) (13) (14)… Arima commemoration =wbc theory Arima commemoration [toukaiteio] of 93 years and 98-99 like [daiwasukaretsuto] of [gurasuwanda] and last year of year “here goal” the horse which comes being being strong, power is put out in emperor prize and Japan c and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is the horse does not come ardently the fact that is widely known fact don't you think? the club owner of measure is the wound of the player worry… In addition everyday the cup & Nikkei prize reminiscence Arima commemoration, as for these 4 year old male horses where the extent 4 year old male horse where 4 year old mares win is slovenly the all right combining? In addition as many as 3 years old yearly level falling, you wrote in reminiscence of the Osaka and Kobe grand prix model where horse racing becomes trivial, but especially [asakusakingusu] revives furthermore strong becomes the reason… which Idling. U.S. Information Agency

    • 近所の医院を受診して感じたこと
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Japanese talking

    • 先週の重賞の結果
      First as for Nikkei prize [nebuabushiyon] of Saturday however you thought, that it is hard even with popularity, at all immediately after the starting which is, the Al eggplant line chasing tip group smoothly, the [te], the kana which was done? With you thought, but you do here? Like…Among such, as for the everyday cup where by any means double victory of [mainerukitsutsu] which had become matter of concern hit, the double wedge fracture the clarification helpless 10 arrival kana wide sapphires how is the red sandal wood after the race/lace, already a little being in the superior dispute, the Sunday which is appealing 7 arrivals as for march s [makotosuparubiero] it failed in start, it was 1800㍍ game, but it remained and as for race/lace however [tosenachiya] which is ended persevered, the fact that it wins in hope City, betting ticket was being defeated with the 1799㍍

    • 先週の収支
      Useless shelf…As usual, don't you think? [batsuka] which is [kuso] expectation when -…If the [do] -, focus slipping, the [ru] strange straw it is not, but with thinking, it is the [ru], the human it can change very, it is it is not, don't you think? well -, only the stripe you said, really, being this year, 500,000 inserting in the pad, it was the expectation which you start but it is yesterday ending, the balance ¥6,000 the [tsu] [ke] which was used so? Although you think that it is the extent which just a little is more than [burogu] unless you are disgusted and the [ya] [a], what melt with that the unpalatable [wa] [a] and it probably will regain the thought [tsu] [chi] [ya] uninformed more and more it is [dotsubo] what, the cat densely when it is defeated after all with [ankatsusutairu], 500,000 thing and it was defeated with the plain gauze - it is not '1 and 2, 500,000 thing and the like you forgot 3・・・ [pokan] junjun completely in and it is [tsu] lever forgetting without being,', from April the heart machine complete change cancer the [ro] New Year palm, unless with the gold you insert in the pad, it begins and the [ma] it is not stopping, the deep sky was completed starting, don't you think? and only [tsu] [pa] youIt is and says and don't you think? even with 59kg no [chi] [ya] - it asks also the [ro] c which is securely being, - ++++++++++++++ Saturday (3/28) * everyday cup investment: ¥16,800 refund: ¥0 total: −¥16,800◆ Nikkei prize investment: ¥24,800 refund: ¥0 total: −¥24,800++++++++++++++ Sunday (3/29) * Takamatunomiya commemoration investment: ¥28,800 refund: ¥0 total: −¥28,800◆ march s investment: ¥12,600 refund: ¥0 total: Income and outgo ★★★ −¥83,000★★★2009☆ total ★★★ investment of −¥12,600★★★ last week: ¥712,400 refund: ¥355,260 total: The −¥357,140 [ma] [yu] it is it is, [robo] 'it is the fighting spirit which is the fatigue which is attached, the [o] =☆'

    • 3/29 JRA競馬予想 無料公開のお知らせ
      * Bulletin! 3/28 56th everyday the cup (giii) hit * * the golden ticket (12 keeper air) intense running! Horse connected 12,300 Yen hit! Make wait it did! March 29th free release expectation was raised! As for this day, 39th Takamatunomiya commemoration (gi) 16th [machisutekusu] (giii) please expect the favorableness which is release expectation to the jra horse racing expectation which is in the midst of continuing from the personal computer, to [ro] [zu] home page →jra horse racing expectation from carrying to [ro] [zu] home page carrying edition →jra horse racing expectation please in reference of the betting ticket maneuvers which you can view respectively! presented by [ro] [zu] home page

    • 毎日杯&高松宮記念&ウオッカ
      Just a little physical condition destroying, it increased and don't you think? as for the night of yesterday which still is voice [garagara] however you have expected, as for the vodka were regrettable the straight line peeling, also 2 count responses were good, however is, don't you think? don't you think? recently it cannot participate the Japanese horse easily in the world, don't you think? Saturday as for get above the recent 100,000 betting ticket which everyday is cup 3 connected single 100,000 betting ticket get 2 popularity thin pattern is many, is, if it was possible if 3 arrival Mickey pumpkins came, it was a higher allotment, however it is, if as for Takamatunomiya commemoration being weak, being the horse single, as for the hit which had a match however it did, 3 reams single you have bought to just to combine, just a little regrettable! Here recently it had become the betting ticket slump, but only present Osaka and Kobe 9r64,380 circular 3 connected single and so on well enough hit the gold of the appearance. With the earth day continuation which wins income and outgo plus the next week when it does after a long time winning, we would like to win with g1, is

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