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    • It seemed the turtle tired way, - the ♪, a liberal translation
      recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

    • May be linked to more detailed information..
      It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

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    • The coming [yu] - the [ke] it is, the [tsu] ♪
      Merely don't you think? now while resting daigo with the day tele jack morning persevering from 5 o'clock, it increases ♪ today, when view you want from morning, ......!! Was defeated to drowsiness, (laughing) as for [miyane] and [sapuraizu] when it is video recording perfect it returns, you see, today being less crowded, inside the [te]. It is the celebration, however (laughing) it is delightful, after the flow of time is slow, 2 hours it perseveres, the [ma] [u] [i] [tsu] palpus

    • As for the shortcut there is no either certain expectation, the [te
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • Human thing @ day tele radio wave jack
      The 櫻 well (with part [yoko]) being this day 1 everyday tele jack with the notion that where, tomorrow “the [kuizushiyou]” receives the last time, I associating to that, arranging video recording attitude, to challenge, because at [zumuin] clearly thinking [tsu] drill don the 櫻 well which strives to turn declaration activity capture (evening becomes local program, with this there is no broadcast, it is…Don't you think?) unexpectedly it was turn declaration with mc Kamiyama form, “today some appearance because the ♪” it has enjoyed secretly, it was the feeling which receives the just a little shoulder spacing but (wry smile), with the [ma], the empty it is the [tsu] would like to bite lovely and don't you think? is, (<- dotage) with the launch first meeting subject coming up well enough here and there, it increased, but if 櫻 well until it is worried in [yoko], corresponding without, the [so] without, pass also the time of the launch to be pleasant it may, however is, don't you think? whether also quiz Shaw more and more receives shank what kind of conclusion with the last time before tomorrow you see would like to deliver securely and[zumusata] check shelf

    • [iroiro] of turtle
      [gi] [ya] ~~~ (¯□¯;)!! When the [tsu] it comes and cooks and pours the oil in the [te] pot, the fire igniting to the pot, however Hu Hu it did desperately, it does not go out and the [te] (<- it is natural,…)The petite panic getting wet roofing it is at last to remember [tsu] [te] the fact that you apply, there is no thing as for the ~ which is obtained the ~! That but well well the [a] which you think whether it becomes the fire, (the no ◇≦) as for the pot deep-black burning…('; Ω; Although the `) it was the just a little [ii] pot,…However [gabin] orz the pot to heat it is also [tsu] [te] too perhaps, because the kitchen was hot, whether also the oil having been warmed cause that it is thought…Also everyone please pays attention ('; Ω; The `) turtle hair type of worldwide being frightened news of yesterday the [tsu] dust being set, the [te], the parenthesis good ~~~ (the ´∀ `*) the just a little benevolence [po] it is, kana? The [tsu] [te] thought [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is always as for first voice “[kawaii]!”But the ~ which yesterday the turtle, and the [tsu] [pa] the true parenthesis be too good of ~ [katsukatsu] does and [ponpa] ~ [machiyami] is sly lovely! However with you thought, as for yesterday the directly funny [wa] [a] (' the 艸 `) after a long time ostrich club you see and the [re] are to do (laughing) 6 people being even at the studio, don't you think? talk is pleasant after all, the extremely plug [irekomi] information turtle pear foot opening too much of zoom in the ~ it is? (Laughing) the ball Mori [te], we have stayed in the house of the turtle it is the ~ which is! Properly making the parent telephone, substituting also the telephone, reason speaking,… Don't you think? it is the cute senior, if (the ¯∇¯+) so you say, Fukuyama with anan and [kiyara] the article of the discussion of the turtle there is no [mote] in entire country the [bare] [chi] [ya] [tsu] is in the news of yahoo, when the ~ (' the 艸 `) (laughing) deeply being [ii] story, date story…Speaking well even in the magazine, however it was [ru] thing, as for me the turtle properly cannot be associated the [wa]… whichWith you thought again, (laughing) the [a] ~ ~ tomorrow may be the day tele jack busy 1st, DREPT (the ^▽^) as for no me tomorrow it does not go, but it goes to [zumusata

    • Well well well well
      Because physical condition might not, because the good kana where what which is not videotaped in case present extremely plug day tele jack what which good Jamaica where present work you went to bed it is I it tries speaking sometimes you probably will bite - the [tsu] [te] (suitableness) tomorrow there is pine Jun comment. Reservation perfect you inserted in picture quality, (^ω^) [otsusan] (the cat) sleeping with side, while in the [ru], the hay seeing, it is to be left over with the stone the charger [deko] [tsu] [te] it is the acrylic stone and the empty, use in about only the charger thinking as the side [wa], however the [deko] [tsu] it is, to be enough, because the [hi] it is you applied, there is no meaning, (laughing! Because well we would like to make standardize with 100 Yen palm blue and [u] now goes to buying it became physical condition better because, at the same time it is the cover of the tour bottle and the arrow and the [deko] [ri] of [ori] t you want, after this you try to order [suwaro] however it is the k tie the [deko] [ri] you want, slide and the empty also the part which it has [dekora] to regard, because it becomes easy to peel off, don't you think? you stop that and solve it is (Ω;) After the turtle seeing with Don, pc to open, the [tsu

    • Next week…
      Today after a long time being muggy, when densely difference of [u] air temperature is extreme, physical condition…Everyone it is all right or, you question, even with local end②The infection person of the influenza being present, this while being hot, mask…It is not possible, is, because the ~1 the place is view Kouti, if it is brought and passes and speaks and but does not pay attention is…M [sute] of next week becoming matter of concern today how without, however it is the video recording red sandal wood, [minisute] it changed you did not know, however it is, because kat-tun does not come out, it was not seen…Although direction before was funny, with, as for foreboding next week as for chestnut Kay you perform with hit, it is as for me who am although you have asked featuring,…The taking Ae not obtaining, next week as for video recording however it does, don't you think? at the place, 24 hours tv from tomorrow…It does not come out, don't you think? either last year did not come and…So…Because of sense whether video recording don't you think? as for news from morning of tomorrow, the oak and others which is not the day tele jack and the kat-tun fog and others although it is stuck before the [tsu], ciao

    • Sending [bi
      Today you send and the [bi] do and don't you think? the [ru] however you saw with dvd, that work we love [atashi] and only want to see - it does even with the television and is hard to throw away also the last time of month 9 (laughing) which it should see just? Because you saw with the sending [bi], the [ii] [ji] [ya] it is? Like? Don't you think? so favorite the sending [bi] you are troubled, while how saying, however month 9 [atashi] which you see (laughing) it was not seen entirely, the kana whose also it is good as for last time rank having tried to see, as for conclusion understanding, however it does also the air the [ru] way to look at the conclusion of romantic love drama of [kotekote] and to deliver? However with (laughing) the mountain [tsu] [te] drama starring it is many tweet, as for subject song probably there is no news with something? When subject song you take charge, you think that it can sell well enough, but it is Don't you think? as for the storm being able to sell with subject song, the [ru] it is, don't you think? as for the [e] best as for million pv collection reservation sell all the way being able to sell day tele jack now, it is the [ru] feeling, (laughing) next year the oak and others which settles a little? But don't you think? also month 9 is alternation of generation, already [kimutaku] Eguti properly or the Matusima Nana child or month 9 it does not come out kana? As for next Oguri and [hiro]? Don't you think? good fortune height it is it is the heroine it is, it is alternation of generation, once upon a time month 9 there is also a storm? If it comes out, Jun kana? Because (laughing) Sho and Ono and Aiba romantic love a mono in something we want appearing the man more ill-smelling drama, but everyone [gomen] of the Jun fan which will be left to romantic love mono Jun do, don't you think? television [tsu] [te] cm it is many, the channel changing into cm degree, it increases, (laughing) that you do not see this do not see and/or contents do not overtake quite? The [tsu] [te] viewpoint (laughing) with you look at the continuation

    • Destruction weather…(∀;)))
      The typhoon we fear, the shank ~!! (; The ' `) [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] abnormal play shaky abnormal play…There is a school of the children, whether or not is…Directly however the [sowasowagatagata] ~ also two people it went after all, (- ▽-;)Now, weather of morning like lie however pleasantly the wind one it is not (゜▽゜), way at every place also damage has come out,…Don't you think? complicated [te] ゙ [su] (;)Next week Wednesday* Male ~ day tele jack stripe shank ~~~~~~~!!! The [u] [re] [hi] [i] ~~~~ REPT (the ≧▽≦) as for the no male morning however it probably is serious from the [yo],…(´~ `;)[gine] officially Tokio of jack…Don't you think? the period fragrance sun and the Itatani sun and all it is turn declaration together, don't you think? (the ^_^) in older sister one certainly lovely and others the [re] [te] [ru] it is probably will be even on site, being entwined with the ~♪, such a older sister [ru] [toko] to be quick view you want (> Mischief of the _ fart seems that is gotten angry, but…Don't you think? (at your in the past letter) it works formality bbs is from the day before yesterday,… f^_^; The Tamaki plug [se] [i] of the male enjoys most of course and but sees and how much to real, has been drawn the contents which it approaches to the actual condition of product gynecology in some wind?…While you remembering the time of your own childbirth, it tried seeing, the [yo] ♪ [tsu] [te] thought* Don't you think? it is the pleasure, ~o (^-^) o next week Wednesday with one Japanese-Chinese television ago it is decided, the [tsu] (*^-')b

    • Again, as though it is example, running, it increases,
      It is, it is dense and commuting, thinking, the [ru], you, so it is, running, ☆☆☆☆☆☆ today which it increases, the day tele jack and video, just, me of depending, that, entirely, the failure, in lunch break, the lunch break end [wa] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is the ~~~ it passed, one, video, being able to record, if perhaps, [hekisagon], well, well, it is to call it returns from now when is, after, easy victory simply, returning to “[gine]”, very much the tape, (there is no picture letter of the tape) from [chie] ~~~ [nji] all right yesterday, many degrees,Because you practiced, the door was opened, and the ~, aim, was adjusted to the television, remote control and switch ~~~ on, high hexa-, it ends, this time of tape and [chienji], barely, 6 minutes, forgets me, be able to persevere, me, everyone, with room, hexa-, you see certainly probably will be, the ~~~ it does, the cancer/gun van [be] ~

    • In the midst of challenge.
      After stormy challenge week ending, 1 weeks passed, but because as for me still while challenging is (laughing) oh, compilation dubbing is not ended,…(The sweat) yesterday and grappling with the day tele jack of the Friday leader, it increased, because (laughing) after, this week when already it is one straddling, new tune sale there is, if securely the space it is not! As for new tune announcement, m [sute] is quick kana? With - the ♪ tomorrow when also the [tsu] [te] is the pleasure dashes simultaneously with [hurage] day opening of shop in the cd shop, (' the 艸 `)

    • From morning Ono
      Also feeling changing from morning, something clearly always above Ono loosely - it is from feeling and morning the air (laughing) is good 'occurring unintentionally, [ru]' [tsu] [te] me the word [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is and from the healing complete change '[giyaaaa] -' the monster or [tsu] [ku] to call, - as for inclination the truth [tsu] [po] it will be and the monster [tsu] [po] paragraph [te] [ru] will feel the bending of hand and the movement kana and we will like rather and shank song and the dance it is the Ono solo part too cute and - tension best condition super it will rise from morning and increase probably will pass but today when you question and start, day tele jack Ono of the 怒 涛 of tomorrow seriousPersevering, don't you think?

    • The [ji] [yu] [ke] it is consequence.
      When shank [] seismic intensity 3 is in the earthquake which shakes feeling will be well enough however the teacher has come to the pad is, the [a] it is to do, the [a], shaking, when here where it is the [ru] [tsu] [te] feeling well enough shakes the empty, epicenter is Nakagoe considerably is, but - the [tsu] [te] you think it is, well surpassing with epicentral something the shank - well, only thing of vs stormy [ogu] of yesterday the [a] which has not been remembered it is to do, it probably is what? Loving, the kana where either the [ru] is as for the next… only that is remembered with the plus one guest? The [hi] seeing the storm [shinsuke], shaking the topic in true middle, super it was delightful!!! Topic in true middle and place [ripi] of [ogu] you thought to seem that [shinsuke] and the true middle which, are done too much are the guest when the [ma] and true middle is it is it is [] other one, because there is no storm and a contact point so not feeling, true middle has coacted the storm (Jun) with fully, don't you think? you just inquired about the word, [] Inoue Makoto middle 悶 obtaining, it increased, but (metamorphosis) as for the useless storm, [nino], the abdominal muscles!!! But it does with the [tsu] [te] feeling and builds and, Oshima watching it has done it is therefore it was reaction of the fan completely, very, it is not accustomed to dislike, it is, asking, “now speaking, therefore the [ru] it is!”The [a], this human serious shelf [] [tsu] [te] feeling doing, today when very it is cute - doing, the day tele jack seems the better seed tired way, - properly hdd←, as the [tsu] coming written, the teacher came, but story of the high school which would like to do the red sandal wood but we would like to persevere, when is, therefore private, you take an examination English it is with 3 subjects don't you think? English when… English of 3 subjects is the science, however now extremely feeling it probably is easy what, because… it is January test, it does not persevere because of that, the [tsu] [chi] [ya]!!! Unless it keeps facing to goal, therefore mania and the student (examinee) it is compatible it is!!! For that, unless it cleans on the desk, finally examinee consciousness came out!!!

    • Today one day
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • Sho celebration and monster.
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      Thinking, that it is turn declaration performance of the day tele with 怒 涛, it is such of the cod, or now with morning zoom stormy 17 days 24 days it is the day tele jack with campaign of the day tele spring which announcement is entitling Saturday, 'running before the camera with the jacket form of the day tele × stormy large maneuvers' black and white stripe of the stormy spring of Saturday, something stormy chest which comes out in and the batch which is even as usual pleasantly so as for that which is the smiling face as for the night of message image Sho's with kana and 5 people who are cm for campaigns 'Saturday as for Satoshi Ono in 2 hoursThat 'please do not grow tired of the inclination that it is the [zu] [tsu] [pa] [ri]',' because Ono (laughing) '[kiyara] is different to that instantly, but' with [nino] and certain 'Saturday to follow to in five gradual application like falling in burst of laughter as usual exchange it is [hotsukori] from morning fall of last year in any case, don't you think? day tele you do, being like there is also a special service code, because cherishing image and monster of 10 years there is with beginning announcement, the [wa] day which is the pleasure it is large attention tele whether Satoshi Ono' -> 'Saturday Satoshi Ono' -> 'Saturday Satoshi Ono' the kana which is (just a little it is different,

    • Magazine and turn declaration!?
      When now, the mail it checks, in the cover “of the spur” August edition the Jun [tsu] [te]!!! That the Japanese man appearing in the cover of spur as for, since founding, Jun the beginning!!!! With thing… already - - enormously - it is!!!! If the magazine which it should commemorate, line it is not in buying!! This magazine the sale day of spur is June 23rd!!! Well the ♪ where also the taking lowering & interview are published, today [huranken] doing, the day tele jack that when you think whether the better seed (laughing) it does the turn declaration of the monster, how without “escaping game dero from tonight 7 o'clock!”Notice? It was the [tsu] [te] feeling,… it was written on also monster [sutatsuhuburogu], but escaping game “dero!”Therefore the unusual plan where with the [korabo] [tsu] [te] of drama “monster” you say it probably is what? If the escaping game… you do not see, without being able to go, the shank (laughing) ♪memo memo - my remembering - television July start Fuji Telecasting Co. related month 9 drama “love of the summer shines in rainbow color”, (Jun Matsumoto) cd7/7tobefree7/7 [yukaitsukai] monster (the monster) from the scenery dvd6/18 Osaka and Kobe Awazi large earthquake disaster which 8/4 I see special edition 7 days of 15 year Kobe newspaper (櫻 well Sho) [kabachi] on 6/23 special!! (櫻 well Sho) 9/15 monsters (Satoshi Ono) magazine 6/17 fine arts log July edition (Satoshi Ono) beauty Satoshi × Nara Satoshi stormy Ono: Taking lowering special discussion 8p 6/23spur August edition (Jun Matsumoto) Japanese man first cover! The movie 10/1 movie 'shogunate harem' (Kazuya Ninomiya) 2011 winter spring release schedule 'gantz' (Kazuya Ninomiya) at 2011 release and nationwide Toho Co., Ltd. affiliation 'the God way, chart' (櫻 well Sho)

    • Today. . .
      Good morning, furthermore super we love ♪ [sujizu] which is furthermore is* Laughing convex sight or [tsu]!? Unless laughing everyday tension it lifts, from my concave it is immediately [u] this strange tension how permitting, don't you think?…Don't you think? laughing today [huranken] is day tele jack what, 'the [hungaahungaa]' [tsu] [te] or the [tsu] which is all right? The [chiehonman] coral [me] which is laughing lie lie joke it is do today after the [tsu] the day [ru] of television magazine check it is the [ru] it is the ♪

    • weblog title
      The [a] ~ which is the bonus! The [a] ~ which is the payment! To bank go!! As for remainder with stormy [kon] generation nothing ~!! With the [tsu] lever today even at such a time which is [niko] which goes to bed playing with pc, it increases, don't you think? (laughing the pleasant and delightful day off [tsu] [te] it is delightful truly, [e] ~ in addition today on the first, large inhaling with the day tele jack!! Around the noon the lunch of the friend has entered, but if during morning it goes to the bank at morning one, then day tele nailing it is it is the housewife who with [maji] which the framework framework has been done loves in idling from ♪ now, (even with blast… today the ~ it is birthday of the important day father!! You question with the [me]!! Sweet ones are not eaten! However the [tsu] [te] it had persevered, because therefore today special, because just a little just as for the father who is eaten because of the same age which is 42 years old at today, just just several months the [nihihihihi] ~ where the father becomes seniority strangely delightful my this year when being main calamity of the year after a critical age, has had doing the talisman you think that it is all right, but, don't you think? in order this year to be one year and the year when it is good to the father taking, way also the sickness this way it settles, in order not to encounter in traffic accident, this year the varieties praying, the father who is [niko] which you pass is vigorous now, you can chase idling, it is it is, the father has persevered workThe empty as [bo] ~ [tsu] always, thank you truly you can be foolish I, the father

    • More and more tonight
      With tonight broadcast with shank heaven…When spring photographing, “fall releasing sending, it is story ahead”, that however you thought, oh with while saying, was also turn declaration from morning alone persevering, when this drama skill we would like to do the better seed somewhat young [nino], ends, as for the following pleasure the day tele jack?

    • The magnificence it is and it is the cousin.
      Stormy 50 hour day tele jacks! With being the case that it is said, the [u] [wa] -, you do truly, it is, -! About 3 days ago information it turned with [maga], however it is, such it is you do, it cannot boil and - it is - the [a] it is to do, it is not swindled so simply, scared* Dying, thinking, that it is dense, the cod &hellip which is true; Fall releasing sending, … It probably is when, the admission examination last day [ze] which we would like you to make after the 11/14 - the [ro] - zoom in with the [korabo] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] it seems, however is, you perform to also [gochi] so - the [ri] increase it is with 5 people whether!! [u] [wa] -!!! Very this time the wallet please show … Don't you think? as for the brown envelope stopping, …

    • [ji] [yu] [u]…
      Storm…Don't you think? 50 hour [te] '1 weekly day tele jacks' the [a] [a] [a] ~ can [tsu] [tsu] [ze] it is capacity to be enough, the ~ you drop entirely

    • The storm again the day tele jack
      The storm - and the day tele jack it does, or is

    • Storm of 怒 涛
      From worshiping borrowing to do it is day tele, but stormy logograph calls after all!! [nantokapisu] like…Now zoom of morning seeing with that, who the second coming of acw don't you think? (the no) HKRPT the expectation which is thought as [hiiii] it is serious, don't you think? the stormy day tele jack of the ~ and video recording furthermore increases stormy popularity and it is the [chi] [ya] [u]!? Furthermore in just the concert where the concert ticket now when it becomes unable to take, there can call largest worried [goto] on the one hand, but there only always does not think the [tsu] [tsu] which in 1 years would like to go from calling by all means by all means with 1 times (earnest desire)…Because simply from the picture tube which is news item crossing over to watch the storm the [po] - the [tsu] (the ▽) with just what is done is permitted even in me it is what, while thinking as the difficult shelf which was bitten, the [a] [a] ❤ this time video recording Hari ardently the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is, because is, the eldest daughter who this year finally rushes to entrance examination grade… Feeling at rest, studying,…To be strong earnest desire (the ✪✪) do to leave video recording compilation job, to the mother

    • The monster jack again
      Tomorrow again the monster with the day tele jack the shank

    • [pi] ~ [chi] [pi] [chi] [do] can
      The day tele jack of [satoshi] Friday, it was the fatigue! Because there was an errand which goes out real time it could not see all, but all video recording was possible! One by one lovely [satoshi] simply it makes the ear which is not made to touch Kato and to terry touch between it eats the boiled rice which poured the [ri] tool entering Ra oil to the feather bird which is satisfactory and/or 'has reacted in the [gi] [yo] droppings' the [ri] “difference in the ~?”The neck it is the monster which and/or it can tilt the falling [ya] ~ it is! Don't you think? seeing and ~! Was, compilation & dubbing are serious making provision for the following Friday when “the Ono thing imitation called to [matsumoto] the pride and/or” the ↑ enjoyed and was lovely and was funny and was and drama monster! It was piquant amusement drama, it was pleasant, the childish preachment where is it is ill-smelling at this point in time however it was, not to become matter of concern and it was necessary be worry ahead this it is the place, but, worry at that extent, being able to have enough the cuteness of [satoshi], is cheap the [tsu] which happy fear is done [po], not to feel, when you compare to the morning of Sunday, nice to put out the place where [atsukuma] and [demorina] and the underwater pine older brother are how without, as for the special make-up which person cute! The father [tsu] [te] it calls monster Daio, although it is with 30 is shank this year or the ~ it was and or don't you think? with, singing and it was singing of cute monster specification next week you sing the pleasure being the place where it becomes drama, the castle of the monster land was that hotel point, it does not come, is, because it went, delightful monster Oji Toru 3 people of accompanying the time, [te] the monster land succeeded, this time around the castle where also inside is used such as the stairway which comes with cg and was added and increased, but Rolls Royce where Princess Diana who is parked in next door of the castle rode was put that way, (the rear and others side of the monster) as for thereYou do not turn off, don't you think? is, then because, Taro with the monster land has extended the face the eye becoming small, [ru], was lovely, is

    • Prince Satoshi who perseveres
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • Anniversary Tour 5×10.
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • Satoshi Ono
      The ⇒ you see and start and look at [hu] ゙ [shiyuka] of the [tsu] [pe] it placed, but and ......O CENT…Starring drama 'monster' turn declaration…O CENT…Day tele jack ↓↓↓◆ April 16th (gold) ▼5: 20~8: 00 'zoom in super' ▼8: 00~10: 25 'clear!!'▼10: 25~11: 30 'pon!'▼11: 55~13: 55 'don!'▼13: 55~15: 50 '[miyane] house' ▼16: 20~16: 30 'captain! tv' ▼17: 00~19: 00 'news every.'▼19: 00~19: 56 'the [u] it is [chi] [ku]' * April 17th (the Saturday) the ▼5: 30~8: 00 'zoom in!! Saturday' ▼12: 00~13: 30 'feeling' ▼16 of [merenge]: 00~16: 55 'stormy of Saturday first night advance program' ▼19: 00~19: 56 'will village the garden' ▼19 which how is hit: 56~20: 54 'the greatest in the world the class which we would like to receive' we borrowed

    • Storm of video recording
      Because this day, truly, it seems the day tele jack tired way you scratch 16 days, me who am said, it cannot check Ono at all from morning to evening, just morning lovely monster Ono furthermore, tomorrow expectation - the [tsu] and the [zu] - the storm not to appear in the [tsu] and the night even at the morning when you look little bit, [tsu] [pa] [ri] videotaping, with such a reason which has reached to the level which does not overtake, it is in a state where even video recording you have already abandoned, not to come out so, truly probably will be completed in the [te] calling, to designate' also 'the new program 'monster properly as the storm because and the [re]' you see, for the program advertisementThat please pardon, it stops wanting to apologize the performance to other program

    • 【LANDSファーストにしてラストアルバム】
      - The anther it got!!! Temporarily…Red west [ikemen] (the ▽) also the photograph in as for the [ikemen] ♪ jacket and the booklet with as around this…The combining which will go to the story of tune are not the red west benevolence of instantaneous… kat-tun which the first tune 'Olympus' are heard temporarily and if and even [natsu] what of [tsu] [pa] lands without fail the red west benevolence of kat-tun which is thought, are the system which is not sung don't you think?? Usually and changing also the method of singing somewhat, the [ru] it does, the [tsu] shank laughing where the place there is no no [se] English is good the person of the after all real musician participating entirely, there being just a [ru], having been secure, keyboard Kobayashi whom it is easy to hear it puts out, drum Kaneko? Also [sukapara] participating, [ru] like it puts out? We want hearing even in the person other than this red west fan - this album! That song power is enormous after all, you realize that is, Will introduction is audible the foil will be full in music of chestnut mass and just probably be? And… When ends and the lawn does and leaves…Tune of secret is comes out [yaba], this…The guitar pulling, singing with [akapera], the [ru] it is good and the [yo] - in the [tsu] [te] microphone the entrance [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru] red west (' 艸 `) secret hearing, cod something to be impressed, [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is, the thought collar of tune to be, the [chi] [yo] to be, to hear, after being packed, the stripe - it does! Tomorrow The [ze] which goes to seeing! As expected tomorrow seeing [re] [ru]? Is doubtful first, don't you think? laughing now the [tsu] in the red west massage seeing [re] of the everyday tele jack you wanted and were full and it was the [yo], don't you think? (t^t) with hair [era] it was and round and round it was the ~, laughing and the [tsu] [pa] the hair it probably will cut!! Until it becomes laughing warm, because you permit! Don't you think?? Laughing

    • 本日は(≧▽≦)ゞ
      However the day tele jack or the [wa] [yu] to be from morning and the [wa] [yu] pass [satotake] day today, or the [wa] [yu] be… the image bee “of the princess & princess d” it is from painful drama “mw” this evening 9 o'clock, although it is the ~, although is,…Just a little there is an errand, in order to be able to return also the moment which may become returning home past in 9 o'clock in any case quickly, it perseveres

    • MW 第0章~悪魔のゲーム~
      Health you you see from morning to evening and there is no same treatment as day tele jack or pine [ken] with just the drama which is [re] [te] happy feeling is? Favoring pine [ken] and Okada's of v6 thing in the day tele some air, the [ru] it does and don't you think? at the time of drama and the movie as for the advertisement stripe saddle the [ru] it is, the ~ the movie starts certainly in 7/4 and as for preceding day Tamaki. It becomes festival, it is the kana which is not? With around 10 of the morning when you think:30 special service code of theater edition mw doing, the [tsu] [te] seeing, however the [te] it is, “homosexual” [tsu] [te] word turning in the head round and round, as for the [te] which Takayuki Yamada whom it increases says the [tsu] [te] it is (^-^; Rear location area using the tie, the scale which the [ru] seems is huge, the money which you think that is, applying as expected, there being just a [ru], don't you think? image Yamada, Yamamoto you the luxurious cast does in many air which the clean palm stop wanting and of course Hiroshi Tamaki of starring, with as for me only voice we like that, it is to try seeing, regrettable…So it is good, it is it is not or synopsis and the cast and subject song (●^ω^●) are my flumpool [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] lover, the ~ [tsu] [te] how being good, also shank main part so is, but today combines, increases, what which is day of drama which is the foreshadowing there being a scene which closely resembles death note and sen force, the w no kettle which the day when it had become complicated feeling tele [tsu] [te] feeling does as expected and saying, but there being a thrill, the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was funny, is, (*^ω^*) health your performance it is good and if the [tsu] is to do also the ~ seeing being attached lovely, something existenceThere is an impression, don't you think? as for ♪ Koide however friendship performance it seems, perhaps, doing or [aaa] which is something related to rookies (the °°*) Koide seeing after all, Satoshi Sato of time of [ru] and [kabuto]. As an actor memory Good Heavens (the *´ 艸 `) Hiroshi's Tamaki glasses & 73 dividing, w you scratch even [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] reverse side Talos likely also in health you with this condition from now on we want persevering, is* When there is a money and a time, that it probably will go to mw view, thought now - it does the movie, (^o^)/

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