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    Gamble related words Eshinfowado Faridat Sleepless Night Fine Grain Takamatsu memorial Tosho College B B Guldan キンシャサ Ahvanity San Carlo altima Thule

    • This week Machioshi! It is hard axial to connected [himo]! & strange single double
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • [supurintazu] S (framework sequential decision)
      43rd [supurintazu] s (g1) < Nakayama 11 premium box Samejima Hiroshi Masaru 10 [sorujiyazusongu] Uchida Ando village 9 B B gal Don 7 sea nick blast m. [zara] 8 [airuravuagein] Tsu 6 grand prix angel Kumazawa 5 markka Phoenix Hukunaga healthy 4 [kinshiyasanokiseki] Miura 3 [torenojiyubiri] Iwata Masaru 2 [aruteimatoure] Matsuoka 11r lawn 1200m> 1 [yamaninemaiyu] Tanaka 12 [kanoyazakura] Komaki and you write 13 [rorerugereiro] Fujita 14 sandal phone four rank 15 [abanitei] Yokoyama model 16 Apollo dolce Katsuura details well thickly afterwards

    • [supurintazu] S
      [supurintazu] s. Pure + horse turn 11 [yamaninemaiyu] 牝 6 55.0 Tanaka Masaru spring Asami Hidekazu 12 [aruteimatoure] 牝 imperial forming moat declaration line 35 markka Phoenix male 5 57.0 Hukunaga 24 [kinshiyasanokiseki] male 6 57.0 Miura the English Showa healthy genuine Fujiwara sea inner part flat elegance loyal retainer 23 [torenojiyubiri] male 6 57.0 Iwata Masa 5 55.0 Matsuoka 祐 Ichimatsu it is long 昌 the Hiroshi 36 grand prix angel 牝 3 53.0 Kumazawa compound sentence Yahagi 芳 human 47 [shinitsukuburasutose] 5 57.0 m. [zara] d. Mho ton 48 [airuravuagein] male 7 57.0 Tsu village discernment 秀 the Tezuka your Hisashi 59 B B gal Don male 5 57.0 Ando Masaru oneself territory housekeeping warehouse 510 [sorujiyazusongu] male 7 57.0 Uchida Hiroshi happiness Samejima one step 611 premium box malesThe horse which you think that the enclosure which becomes the framework which 6 57.0 Samejima well Uehara Hiroyuki 612 [kanoyazakura] 牝 5 55.0 Komaki Shinji 713 [rorerugereiro] male 5 57.0 Fujita bridge oral Kouzirou 昆 Mitsugi 714 sandal phone male 6 57.0 four rank ocean sentence Matsunaga Mikio 815 [abanitei] male 5 57.0 Yokoyama model Hiro Koga restraint discernment 816 Apollo dolce male 4 57.0 Katsuura Masa tree moat well elegance wide it is thickly thickly rather clear go, may enter the enclosure, speaking well, the rain where we want [aruteimatoure] going outside my favorite horse this rain just which remains in the Sunday which you think that it is good, would like to go with markka Phoenix and B B gal DonAs for the markka Phoenix favorite reason even when looking at the victory horse of past this race/lace, when the Kinshasa B and it leaves the result with B gal Don [so] [be] [te] 1400 or more, to [asutonmachiyann] to which the horse which can handle 1400 or more is corresponding because there is a hill lastly, markka Phoenix which you think that well enough it is the race/lace where stamina is, has won past also Osaka and Kobe c and to this horse plus the luck which you are not wrong attaching to friend, inside framework it pulled the course which has the hill and applied it is with higher rank after it expected that you can aim, when the rain it does not fall, you thought as harsh kana at the judgment one of jk, it is, but the rain it increases also tomorrowBecause even with empty [bibigarudan] record is bad very with Nakayama of [ankatsu], after there is no [se] in the favorite, the sea nick blast and with the jackpot the holding down of [airuravuagein] and from framework outside necessary kana the sandal phone

    • Sprinter S expectation
      But here 2 weeks, expectation out of order what very tomorrow as for the sprinter s which is hit with the B B gal Don axis game ◎9 B B gal Don 2 [aruteimatore] ▲12 [kanoyazakura], 6 grand prix angel 11 premium boxes, 4 [kinshiyasanokiseki] 13 [rorerugereiro], 5 markka Phoenix

    • My [supurintazu] S.
      The [bu] it is (Ω) the no 3 month sabotage [tsu] [te] pardon and the pardon which it increases (p_-) you do after a long time, expectation summer with horse racing and especially Sapporo opening it was out of order, is, fall as for horse racing, like Derby and Takarazuka, 100,000 exceeding betting ticket you question and it started are and are *⑨B B gal Don ○②[aruteimatoure] -④[kinshiyasanokiseki] △⑥Grand prix angel △③[torenojiyubiri] △⑦Sea nick blast △⑪While the last year same race/lace 3 arrival which may be decided in the past the sign in the premium box favorite side, B B and largest rising horse [aruteima] of the front running Keen land c complete victory both winning as for last year going to bed and opening the Kinshasa 2 being like also the movement of Yositugu training is good to the gun, the Miura beginning gⅰIf the victory with any result horse as for the foreign horse what it does not make the favorite, itself policy this time is one shot to holding down, when front stops, last spurt three daily double of the Samejima well premium box②④⑨With main lane,②⑨-③⑥⑦⑪You hold down, three reams single②⑨With axial 2,③④⑥⑦⑪To multiple

    • 10/4 [supurintazusutekusu] expectations
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • Fall horse racing①
      Because the rising horse which becomes the [supurintasutekusu] air of 10/4 it is not the g1 superior result horse selection *:⑩B B gal Don ○:④[kinshiyasanokiseki] -:⑬As for [aruteimatoore] of [rorerugereiro] popularity Nakayama result and defeating the front running three press knight it is with say partner this time of 6 month recreation opening the foreign horse sea nick blast which is waived there is no result around the right with skillful, with Nakayama which is required after all doubt

    • View of [supurintazusutekusu].
      Baba recovery condition may become the key, is, but as for the largest focus of this race/lace, as for being on the case which probably is the foreign horse you understand however and, pitch. It is not too light?? With the Japanese horse the roller roller and the victory horse insert and, think that [aruteima] they are the perhaps in just a kind of state where it has substituted, there is one shot, dangerous 1 keeper air if and [garudan] clock game, it is dangerous, don't you think? you estimated that well and, this time when you aim for one-shot long hitting (laughing) * [torenojiyubiri] ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] - it recovers to the [sorujiyazusongu] △ premium box × sea nick blast note Apollo dolce Riyouma place! When by any means, the Apollo dolce is not cut off, it is good and with expectation the shank

    • [supurintazu] S (G1) expectation
      If the sled [ya], Olympics of last year Beijing, next winter Olympics Russia, the w cup South Africa, with you read the flow which is said, if as for Olympics 2016 trap this which is Rio horse racing it is the single victory 1 point buying, well, entering into October, thrust summer horse racing you saw more and more once as [chirachira] in g1 season of the fall, however, just the just the horse which we will not buy either the betting ticket excessively, suddenly, but we probably will hold down temporarily you try 1 [yamaninemaiyu] ・・・1 heads the fact that it is another route of shortening from of front running 1006 before the proper observing how with the improvising, is the horse racing which approximately end revives also running and does not have difference,If this time inside the horse racing which is pierced it is possible from sublevel, rather funny so ○ 2 [aruteimatoure]… naturally large deterioration safety * 3 [torenojiyubiri]… the rhythm is agreeable to also tolerably fast Baba with the feeling which is agreeable to also Baba where the present condition where the absolute axial horse is not in the short range route as for good quality of the rhythm of this member discontinuance [totsu] proper attention is fast shortage so as a connected axis if and the partner △ 4 [kinshiyasanokiseki]… going to bed, if condition it is returned, when you hold down and the horse of the × 6 [guranpurienzeru] ・・・2 with the feeling which Baba aptitude and rhythm is similar well, you go from popularity, rather than calling the connected axisBecause the horse of the type which single victory would like to buy - 7 [shinitsukuburasuto]… the form where the foreign horse which has not won with only horse racing in the straight line suffers with this small turn Nakayama it has viewed so far to suitable, if the flow falls, penetrating, it is not strange, but × 9 [bibigarudan]… in proud type, gaining popularity that it overcomes the place where on the other hand is the clock catches Baba as for horse racing approximately turning to the danger pouring, as for × [kanoyazakura] as former results prove, summer rhythm falling tend [rorerugereiro] the rhythm is bad completely even results with the horse of peak horse ream 2-1,3,4,6,7,9 and 3 daily doubles 1,2,3,6In addition to box that single victory 6

    • [supurintazu] S (large being defeated of Sirius is regained volume)
      ②[aruteimatoure] is 1 keeper air or, (laughing)⑨B B gal Don 2 keeper air! Either one ream probably is to confront? As for favorite⑨The horse which we would like to buy at B B gal Don present time!④[kinshiyasanokiseki]⑤Markka Phoenix⑫[kanoyazakura] these 3 double victory⑨In addition from B B gal Don wide and horse ream, horse single (laughing) as for this betting ticket pat you voted to 3 heads (laughing) formal expectation, it places! Sometimes going to with also the 淀, the betting ticket you buy!

    • [supurintazu] S.
      * After [kinshiyasanokiseki] ○ [aruteimatoure] - both sides of sea nick blast △ [torenojiyubiri] △ Apollo dolce ◎○, * to empty ▲△

    • [supurintazu] S member detailed analysis
      Em japones , original meaning

    • Gambling
      [supurintazu] s, somehow w which you can be patient it is great, me! When it goes to the race track, with just this race/lace had thrown 30,000 lightly not to be wrong because - never, there is no with some lever where [rorerugereiro] remains on double victory inside (sweat [kanoyazakura], the premium box, [kinshiyasanokiseki] and [aruteimatoure], it does not come, furthermore however you think that no lever which chooses those where the appreciation time limit is long and my everyone who has been done so is although is, when horse racing you do, it is strange is inserting ten thousand bills in the ticket vending machine casually, compared to, the fermented soybeans of 78 Yen are chosen, after all, it can win the possibility perhaps, -, usually, the fermented soybeans of super with 98 Yen,Because it is, it probably will thrust? When today, expectation comes off, super buying the knob of the liquor and the raising which are possible to be, when it goes to the horse connected box3 head gambling place which is 3000 Yen rank which will do late serving wine, the amount which [mechiya] you feel cheaply 1 cartons you can buy the tobacco which is strange, it is! So, when so, then would like to buy with Amazon the book the several volume probably will be bought even then, 30,000 betting with total 7,000 Yen rank kana horse racing, if it does not hit, if 0 Yen just that is, it is good, but is, 30,000 [te] where the mental damage is large, 1 month saddle [se] [ru] it is with that!!! Way it comes off,

    • [supurintazusutekusu] (GⅠ)
      jra (the Japan Racing Association) g of fallⅰThe most fast king decisive game which informs series commencement, [supurintazusutekusu], the Fujita Shinji horseman which is held with the Nakayama race track 1200 meter lawn power⑬[rorerugereiro] to follow to victory March Takamatunomiya commemoration victory, identical year spring fall sprint gⅰ1996 flower park which achieves conquest, 3rd heroic deed in history ever since 2001 trot star on the one hand, in 2 arrivals of [hana] difference the Ando Masaru oneself horseman power⑨B B gal Don, Komaki it is thick in 3 arrivals the horseman power⑫Well [kanoyazakura] the incoming line, this time it is, and others as for the betting ticket,⑨From B B gal Don②[aruteimatoure],④[kinshiyasanokiseki],⑥Grand prix angel,⑦Sea nick blast,⑫[kanoyazakura],⑮3 daily doubles do to [abanitei], with the end

    • [supurintazu] S
      [kanoyazakura] is good with thought from the odds, but * with [kinshiyasanokiseki]…Generally because 1 arrivals were not thought [rorerugereiro] how, completely, don't you think? it does it was useless in either one, not to have a match, because by mistake you have not thought that the [te] after being good, it does not become rough excessively, feeling of relief next week east west g2 is the pleasure

    • Swan S (G2) register horse
      Character reading prohibition before reading, to the popularity blog ranking which the support [po] [chi] [tsu] prayer [i] is done Japanese [burogu] village horse racing [burogusuwan] s (g2) register horse full gate 18 [jiyoridansutoushiyoukaretsujihuaingureinsuzukakozuueimainerureniamarukahuenitsukusukinshiyasanokisekipuremiamubotsukusukuraunpurinsesutorenojiyubiritohoudoruchiehuihusupetorutamamohotsutopureiarirobusutoheirohujieishintaigashiyounankazanbosutonodoragonueruzuadobansuueigurasukingugetsutohurumakusudaiwamatsukuwanmeritsusayuukitaiteiwandapoderiokosumoberuatsupudorahutohotsukaikanteinasunosutorokurainburatsudosupidotatsuchimorutoguranderejinetsutawairudoshiyautomeishiyoutotsupahaginotorionhuoburatsukubasupinosumidaidou] accurate information please verifies with sponsor official ones the [po] [chi] [tsu] did truly? Popularity blog

    • [riaruavueniyu] 10/29 report
      It finished to chase 09/10/29 moat racing stable 28 days (56 second 2−40 second 6−13 second 1) 29 days you adjusted the [me] lightly with Miho south w course, because “the partner who is adjusted was [kinshiyasanokiseki] (old horse op), as for the movement itself you see and are inferior, but originally this horse itself, to there practice not moving, the sushi, has not made excessively the air, in order to be able to move, it is to want becoming, but because this week you had run in this horse appearance, there is no what problem, because also 2 games which probably will be with Nakayama course, this time the prudent character which is new Tokyo course it is not being confused, we want corresponding well, the shank it is wideUsing course largely, as for being able to run at ease before being the plus material, running let escape victory at the place of the rear one step, but because thinks of partner relationship with the first game where here probably is game 3, the next has come with 2 arrivals, the next furthermore wanting coming to the arrival order above, the shank” (the Hori teacher) Tokyo horse racing of 31 days (2 year old not yet victories [da] 1600m) is starting running decision from the calotte f which starts running with the Uchida jockey, if so you say, since the dance all knight winning with Hatune s, in Tokyo it does not win, it is even with the kana which is not Hatune s considerably beforeThe way you are moved, you think but it is February of this year, don't you think?, when it is what and biting, it cannot go the fact that it passes in the support which is quick ones that it perseveres,

    • Japanese weblog
      The favorite 6 framework 12th [kinshiyasanokiseki] is short. It comes being license, the [sumiyon] horseman of Japan and China power! Horse itself being, this year out of order in the single hole which as for the result of last year most expecting that the horse changes, as for the opposition which it makes the favorite with the horse where method of riding 8 framework 18th [doragonueruzu] happiness four 郎 is agreeable, this time uses the absurd leg and probably will be in 2 framework 4th [shiyounankazanshiyounankanpu] as for distance still it has from the lineage of [dainamaitodadei]! The betting ticket which is one-shot precaution with game from good rank is 3 connected single 12-18-412-4-1818-4-1218-12-44-12-184-18-12 6 points

    • Swan S
      Expectation it goes and whether - something which it increases most it becomes popularity makes just the difficult race/lace scramble sign which is not the [wa] can when * the [suzukakozuuei] ○ glass king - the other arm above [huihusupetoru] △ markka Phoenix △ [kinshiyasanokiseki] △ [hotsukaikantei] it does it comes off, don't you think? the [me] it is, don't you think? the [me] it is, -

    • (Horse) [suwansutekusu
      First, the present odds which advance sale last odds ♪ horse turn horse name [otsusu] ゙ 11 my flannel ray near 1.4 22 [huihusuhe] ゚ torr 14.4 314 smut ゙ [kakosu] ゙ way 15.0 44 Shaw nun umbrella ゙ [n] 16.3 58 [ku] ゙ lath kink ゙ 18.3 613 [torenoshi] ゙ [yuhi] ゙ [ri] 18.7 712 [kinshiyasanokiseki] 19.9 817 markka Phoenix 28.2 96 [atsuhu] ゚ [to] ゙ [rahuto] 37.410 9109 [kuraunhu] ゚ [rinsesu] 39.1 1116 [hu] ゚ [remiamuho] ゙ [tsukusu] 42.0 1215 [hotsukaikantei] 65.6 133 [huainku] ゙ lane 69.2 145 [ho] ゙ stone o 93.2 1518 [to] ゙ [rako] ゙ [nuerusu] ゙ 95.5 167 [tamamohotsutohu] ゚ ray 107.8 1710 [heirohushi] ゙ 150.9 1811 [arirohu] ゙ strikes 154.0 just a little may not be difficult to see,…Without becoming applying, you do not understand whether shank (´д `) first, why my flannel ray near most they are these odds with popularity, (UMLAT;)As many as 1.4 times truth [a]? Therefore well, the same race/lace one arrival of last year whether it becomes popularity f^_^; In addition in tomorrow because popularity is may change suddenly, after expecting already just a little, p (^^) which you think q for the present, the [sumiyon] jockey [kinshiyasanokiseki] on the saddle becomes matter of concern, (;)

    • Swan S (expectation)
      The Kyoto 11r swan s (g2) lawn 1400m (to pour, to aim,) the framework turn horse name loaf quantitative jockey Satoru [da] n i horse * 1 ① My flannel ray near 58 Kawasima ○ * ② [huihusupetoru] 55 Fujioka 佑 2 ③ Fine grain 58 happiness ④ [shiyounankazan] 57 Fujita × 3 ⑤ The Boston o 57 Wada × ⑥ Updraft 57 Kawada - - 4 ⑦ [tamamohotsutopurei] 57 Akagi × △ ⑧ Glass king 55 Taketoyo 5 ⑨ The Crown princess 55 Dazai × - × ⑩ [heirohuji] 55 Ida - 6 ⑪ Early lob strike 55 pond attachment - ⑫ [kinshiyasanokiseki] 57 [sumiyon] * 7 ⑬ [torenojiyupiri] 57 Iwata * * ⑭ [suzukakozuuei] 58 Goto × △ × ⑮ [hotsukaikantei] 57 Hamanaka 8 ⑯ Premium box 57 Samejima △ ⑰ Markka Phoenix 58 Hukunaga × × △ ⑱ [doragonueruzu] 57 military affairs happiness △ × *

    • [suwansutekusu] [burajirukatsupu
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • 2009 swans S
      Obtaining - with, is imperial forming thing how good separately?; When it puts out to inspection and repair, because the extent which is surprised it became good, in addition recently, [chiyari] among the Kyoto openings which it has passed we would like to persevere being, the after of that of the shank is cold because and, also the parking zone becomes cheap and you think that it becomes the car; Swan s * [huihusupetoru] ○ markka Phoenix - [suzukakozuuei] * [kinshiyasanokiseki] △ [torenojiyubiri] △ [doragonueruzuhuihusupetoru] being single, however it is running even with 2000, after all shorter one is good, the younger sister of 1 years old where probably will be depending on the weird disease, because it became the collection discontinuance, there are some which you expect it is it is not, is? As for the horse however intellectual viewing you probably will do; Under the [kiyouichi] Fukushima 9r3 year upper 5,000,000 * multiple metric ○ [hishihuronteia] - the day off of [daiwaregion] △ [meishiyourotsukomaruchimetoritsuku] you open, it seems that as usual is [kozumi] feeling but expectation single double! The good [tsu] [po] to do the affinity of the large garden to be, because also the member is scarce, victory aiming, please persevere as for the bird well ranch production horse this year only still 1 victories it is done in the center, so is; Because [sutatsudojieruran] cannot win; ; 2 victory eyes regardless with this horse!

    • Result report of Asahi [huyuchiyuritei] & the Osaka and Kobe cup! High prize 2 race/lace hit!
      Present Tokyo district the ~~ to be coldly, however [tsusu] mild winter calling, because with this cold wave with Kyushu also yesterday which the snow gets off in Chiba with small travelling Abiko as for memorial service horse racing the day off, with as for Asahi [huchiyuritei] and the Osaka and Kobe cup purchasing with preceding day sale, as for Asahi [huchiyuritei] which it increases you received advice from Derby chance, including that, in purchase your own expectation the recommendation horse of the other person plus and as for the result…………… and the [a] [ri] ~~~~~~ [i]! The obtaining [tsu] it is 3 daily doubles which the [do] [o] ~~ beautifully hit 2-8-12 as for 1,820 Yen sight 3 connected single obtaining [tsu] [te] it is as for [neadobaiza] n you it is excellent, to as expected adviser n your me [daiwababarian] the [susume] [te] giving thank you for world story by the telephone stood part because and that thinking whether it will purchase from the expectation sight of s being on the register, however it increased, it could not purchase Osaka and Kobe cup this, hurrying, expectation [kinshiyasanokiseki] rival by your as for the race/lace result which becomes the foreboding air? ……… The [a] ~~~ and the obtaining [tsu] which were done it is [do] [o] ~ this beautiful! As for the allotment which hits the expectation sight of expectation ws being on the register which is good the like 3 daily doubles which have the information where the flat place is better 2-13-17 to call 54,400 Yen this delightfully and call and call, allotment [tsusu] this year last gⅰ. This year 1st thrusting Arima commemoration, or thinking as [na] and it mixing the buying eye from your own expectation + expectation sight which it increases [kana] which it will try betting largely

    • original letters
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • Ocean S& tulip prize & March prize
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • Tulip prize & ocean S
      Before the expectation it is story of Dubai [retsudodeizaia], but don't you think?, if vanguard game say, although another horse from [retsudodeizaia] which wins slow before the scoring of the tv relay and after the scoring, was projected directly, you laughed with, as for being best with this victory, unless aw proper of the thing kana Japanese horse which could verify proper to [oruueza] whether at the beautiful victory locale it is the no mark completely, how, really it tries being able to send no one being recognized, because it does, with this, it can modify starting running race/lace in Dubai wc, the night of 27 days may rise greatly and resetting the story which isIt is this week expectation, but Saturday high prize, following to tulip prize and ocean s last week, may become horse racing of the rain, because is, whether it is, the method which does the kind of buyer who stretches the net on spreading is better, the Osaka and Kobe 11r tulip prize * wild raspberry ○ [apapane] - with either [eshinritanzu] △ [vuikutorimachi] △ [guriyunewaruto] △ [rahuorujiyurune], the kana where the one which is let flow from [apapane] with 3 daily doubles is good… allotment is not attached excessively, however probably will be, Nakayama 11r ocean s * the [kinshiyasanokiseki] ○ grand prix angel - the grand prix angel and the thunk snort which are strong in the sandal phone △ thunk snort △ [shinboriguran] rain hold down also single victory, it should?

    • Saturday horse racing
      belief , Feel free to link

    • G〓 [oshiyansutekusu] expectation
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 3/6 recommendation races/laces
      Already, however perhaps, knowing [retsudodeizaia] to start running in [makutoomuchiyarenjiraundo] 3 of vanguard race/lace g2 of the Dubai world cup ([hu] [u] ~ long race/lace name), with the exciting pouring victory! We would like to increase the self-introduction to the Dubai world cup or the seaming machine classic of the production don't you think? and [a] ~ [sugoi] don't you think? the level of the [e] Japanese horse it has risen securely, the whirlwind it causes in Dubai! So recommendation race/lace of this day it goes! Nakayama 11r ocean s lawn 1200m chance you remembered and stabilized③But [kinshiyasanokiseki] in the loaf quantity of 58kg bath [tsu] [ku], insecurity &hellip of tinge; As for here road badness including① [pisanopatetsuku]④[airuravuagein]⑫ [ranchibotsukusu]⑮In horse connected box total 6 point of [eshinbiseruzu

    • Japanese talking
      17th tulip prize (g�) result! 1 arrival � [shiyouriyuumun] (9 keeper air) Kimura Ken 2 arrival � [apapane] (1 keeper air) Ebina 3 arrival � [eshinritanzu] (8 keeper air) with the vivid victory where Sonoda's Iwata Kimura Ken jockey celebrates itself marriage of central high prize first conquest next week to [gesu] 1 arrival - 3 arrivals the product scene palm of [kingukamehameha] the [ge] [e] which is done with this spirit of the Sasaki racing stable, we want leading also our love horse [erupurejidente] of next week to victory, is, 5th ocean s (g�) the result! 1 arrival � [kinshiyasanokiseki] (2 keeper air) male 74 rank 2 arrival � a thin f dance (7 keeper air) male 6 Uchida Hiroshi 3 arrival � [shinboriguran] (8 keeper air) the male 8 door promontory 圭 short range the aged person, the [tsu] mosquito net gradually the alternation of generation [se], the can

    • Central horse racing comprehensive [rideingusaia] (as of March 7th)
      Opinion , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      Nihongo , for multilingual communication

    • 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration (GⅠ)
      Don't you think? you do not understand well, whether in the [e] Riyouma place [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] you think that it is hard with 6th [kinshiyasanokiseki], but it is “The B B gal Don” [tsu] [te] shouting with cm of [sukapa], it does with the [ru], becoming the [yo] just a little air, ......Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration lawn 1200m double victory 6 and 17, 13th wide 6-17, 3-6, 6-8, 6-10, 6-13, 8-13, 8-16 and 11- 133 daily double 6-8-17, 6-8-16, 3-6-8, 3-6-16 and 6-13-17

    • Axis.
      Coming - the [me] it is the [u], it is good being this doing, you say or, [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke]…However three reams of the [aruteimatoure] two arrival [kinshiyasanokiseki] three arrival thornback thin tiger it was possible to one arrival to be single, don't you think?! (Laughing) it let flow (laughing) it is once ~…(Laughing) well it probably will come off, but…They are 300 Yen, die (laughing) the plain gauze - it is not, (laughing)

    • 11R 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration (GI)
      * [kinshiyasanokiseki] ○ premium box - [kayanozakura] △ tow Shaw college* Don't you think? the fine grain group chestnut it is to place, the member of comparing is difficult…

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration expectation
      Because don't you think? the Takamatunomiya commemoration which informs the commencement of the g1 front of the spring did don't you think? - with thing as for the air being agreeable pulling out, the [te] coming - as for the not reading which it expects the favorite * that preceding power the charm palm, also Baba which becomes rough so is all right with [aruteimatoure] Nakagyo we want decorating the retirement which it makes the favorite with victory but because [kinshiyasanokiseki] and [tsu] [pa] soil fertility there is an opposite ○, calling from the result without being able to remove, it does and the [yo] - short range of [shiyounankazan] even course strongly saying, there is image and being best, it does 1200 and dropping, the [ru] it does [yo] popularity and aims whether the eye? Note to show signs race/lace before the fine grain revival because and counterclockwise one than around the right runs, the kana which how becomes? The △ [eshinehudanzu] how without is the can, but don't you think? after seeing the paddock, you think modification of expectation that it does, but

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration nutrient betting ticket
      Today the front article, furthermore was not to ride in the article and condition before that, already, there is no such a thing, it is thought and… what passing, already… the trap which becomes like this…, the dream which by the way, yesterday you saw… being cut with the knife, the [wa] which is the dream which is killed… does really and such an air and, we cuts and perhaps!!! the [tsu] [te] which sows it is! Well, in order for there to be a title, because you do not buy the shank betting ticket with expectation of horse racing, just expectation… the horse which becomes matter of concern is listed,…③[aruteimatoure]⑯Thornback thin forward⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki]⑬[sankaruro] ⑮Premium box⑰B B gal Don after all it became the superior popularity 6 head, but this time confound conflict the air does, because is, the [ma] [tsu] which you think that as for we the horse ream these 6, the box of 3 daily doubles buys and becomes the eye, the loser goes away this world, it was, don't you think?… exact in we the shank, the way if…

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration
      2010 jra 2nd game Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration lawn 1200 meter 3 daily double box ③[aruteimatoure] ⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki] ⑬[sankaruro] ⑯Thornback thin forward ⑰As for 2 large 4 year old mare [retsudodeizaiadobai] wc11 arrival [buenabisutadobaishimakurashitsuku] 2 arrival [deizaia] which are challenged to B B gal Don 10 group ×100 circular Dubai however regrettable you did, as for [buena] it was regrettable

    • The [gudaguda] diary - the number of unskillful guns striking, it does not hit & competition wheel Nagoya and Kagetu garden view (2010/03/28)
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • As for this horse power 3.28 (Sunday)
      As for Takamatunomiya commemoration, the straight line [kinshiyasanokiseki] (four rank) which extends [6] became first g1 conquest with 4 successive wins, “however 2 weeks in it put out, also reaction of successive win was worried, don't you think? the good leg you used”, “after all this horse power “the ant” the [tsu] [te] thing shelf “in just the [mohamedo] which is” ant?”, you explain by the way, but the fact that as for this horse name the ant returns to the heavyweight ace in Kinshasa and blooms is origin and me in ant rank betting ticket hit of miracle

    • 2010 second game Takamatunomiya commemorations (GI)
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , original meaning

    • 10/4 (Sunday) horse racing examinations
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration
      With [aruteimatoureshiyounankazantoushiyoukaretsujikinshiyasanokisekisuzukakozuueibibigarudanbotsukusu

    • Including the Takamatunomiya commemoration expectation ~ praying⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki
      Until single victory 6 horse ream 6-3,4,7,9,11,13,15,16,17,18 you say, without⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki] as for this horse of the favorite (because they were 3 arrivals, however double only victory it hit,…) ever since the horse which with pog makes the betting ticket take for the first time with g1 for me we have directly observed, the year before last the last year when spring fall with sprint g1 the hand does not reach together in 2 arrival big places of narrow margin Takamatunomiya of the spring 10 arrivals awfully was partly due to the fact that you could not use favorably, but this year we to be faced to this stage with high prize 3 successive win, so far as for spirit, most also last year the excessiveness because it continued to strike the favorite with consent, this time is rust chance truly does not go in the meaning which is not made the favoriteAlso you think and, is 1 keeper air which are wanted causing “[kiseki]” in any case, but is, if opposition looks at present Nakagyo extensively, because it seems that the outside pouring considerably is decided, 7 and 8 frameworks are bought to the thick [me], (however it rides and becomes substituting⑭It cannot put out to [suzukakozuuei] the hand at all, but)

    • [suwansutekusu] expectation
      [kazan] your [ganbare] of [dadei] whole group! ◎14 [suzukakozuuei] 12 [kinshiyasanokiseki] ▲17 markka Phoenix △2 [huihusupetoru] △8 glass king * 4 [shiyounankazan] horse connected boxes

    • '09 [supurintazu] S sea nick blasts
      When the Australian and England sprint g1 we would like to look at all power of the horse where 3 also total has won, it is, but

    • Betting ticket potential result (091004)
      [supurintazu] s wins, [rorerugereiro] controlling the cliffhanger of B B gal Don, the better seed

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration expectation
      It squeezes Takamatunomiya commemoration very with the colorful member, the [zu] leprosy

    • 09 [supurintazu] S expectations
      issue , Japanese talking

    • 5th [oshiyansutekusu] (GIII) immediately before expectation
      Today 5th [oshiyansutekusu] (giii) expecting immediately before, the horse racing expectation which you think as like with carrying (free) (c) [burogupatsu] offer: Horse racing expectation d/development: Horse racing indicator exponent * the ○ we would like to designate 7 furlongs as [kinshiyasanokiseki] which is in the midst of winning successively, expecting to front running 2 arrival and spirit of zenith period returning, we would like to make [airuravuagein] when, - in [shiyounankazan] the betting ticket focusing on the ◎○▲ with three daily doubles

    • With room plus income and outgo… husband.
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • Case of defeat analysis of the horse which [supurintazu] S betrays 1.2 keeper air after 00!
      As for this race/lace of last year accurately with the ◎○△ the hit ~ () inside 1 arrivals which are appraisal ranking①Human three press knight (1 rank) 2 arrivals②Human [kinshiyasanokiseki] (2 rank) 3 arrivals⑥Being human B B gal Don (3 rank) 3 reams single, 5,530 Yen it was hard conclusion, but because you took with [kitsuchiri] superior sign, when tolerably you try seeing the record of the 1~3 keeper air after 00 probably will be, 1 keeper air ( 2 keeper air ( 3 keeper air ( 1.2 keeper air collecting, there is no year when you remove within 3 arrivals if it enters from either one popularity 2 basically, decisively the expectation where the possibility 3 daily doubles 3 connected single hitting is high and is superior popularity 1 keeper air (x) ⇒ 2 keeper air (y) ⇒ 3 keeper air (z)As for case of defeat of the horse which ⇒ betrays 1.2 keeper air after 00 way [supurintazu] s which you think that it is such feeling, hits! The [pochi] [tsu] and support click we ask may

    • 43rd [supurintazu] S
      Also the professional baseball became end, but…Finally, don't you think? it starts, the g1 front of the fall!! First game of the fall short range king decisive game!! The three press knight who is 43rd [supurintazu] s being the leg section insecure, evasion…It is the [a] favorite absent, but as for your favorite it is what!? [supurintazusutekusu] running chart (as for running chart this [pochi] [tsu]!!)To be, because the [tsu] [chi] here recently had gone away from horse racing, it has become uninformed in just a little horse racing information, it is with it is possible to designate what as the favorite, or is, the [chi] [wa] will not being entwined, well it does, well how it will do!? You buy with the jockey?…You buy with the horse?…Don't you think? that [tsu] military affairs it is not, the [e] -!! As for here [ankatsu] horseman power B B Cardan!? That [tsu]…[zara] [tsu] [te] who!? The sea nick blast [tsu] [te] it is strong!? Completely don't you think? the pin it does not solve, after the [e] - the [u] - is Keen land c becoming high prize, none having won?…It is and designates the [tsu] [chi] jinx as the air it is with as for B B Cardan the combining which is turning off!! Most as for popularity [aruteimatoure]?…It is there is no [tsu] [kinshiyasanokiseki] is or!! The jockey is Miura imperial forming or!? The [a] - you do not understand completely!! Someone cute hint we wait for hint

    • 43rd [supurintazu] S (GⅠ)
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration!
      * The [kinshiyasanokiseki] ○ premium box - as for the [aruteimatoure] △ tow Shaw college × [sankaruro] × [pisanopatetsuku] betting ticket 3 reams single being multiple from the superior 2 heads!

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration buying eye
      ◎6 [kinshiyasanokiseki] 7 [kanoyazakura] 13 [sankaruro] 8 a thin f 16 a thin four 18 [pisanopatetsuku] 3 daily double 6-7, 8, 13, 16 and 18

    • Japanese weblog
      As for ◎8 [eshinehudanzu] 3 [kinshiyasanokiseki] ▲16 [shiyounankazan] betting ticket, 3 daily doubles, 3 reams single

    • Tomorrow large confound conflict!?
      Tomorrow fall g1 first game, 43rd [supurintazusutekusu

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration
      This weekend, in f1 Australia gp boxing Kameda game, as for horse racing, in g1 Takamatunomiya commemoration you piled up in Dubai and long separation Sawayama simply, wrote also yesterday, but the time of f1 and Takamatunomiya commemoration Cub [tsu] [te] [ru] regrettable today or the paddock without seeing, when you buy with groping, it has come off sure enough with reason… Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration & [sankaruro] ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] - [aruteimatoure] △ premium box △ head liner custom-made fine grain every year, to according to popularity as for this race/lace popularity horse which is the tendency which is not ended below opposing, as for the favorite the hole [tsu] [po] to be, the place the Yoshida Yutaka [tsu] [te] place being insecureIt is, but if… after, in the fine grain with the horse which it runs with the main point note air, with the paddock attack sign, whether you probably will hold down single victory, that

    • 2009G1 fall commencement game “[supurintazu] S”
      G1 season of the fall commences more and more from this week

    • [supurintazu] S expectation?
      More and more if with g1 commencement of the fall as for the sea nick blast as for the horse of level of the cat which is the pleasure coming with the new way, around the right of this horse and you look at the kings stand s which was seen with gc which is the place where Baba aptitude becomes matter of concern from shank expectation commenting, Nakayama may be agreeable, don't you think? is, when sneaking away, using the instant enormous leg, because the horse of this type whose also it is interesting for the young jockey to ride with the riding substitution [ri] which is the impression like [anraibarudo] of [matsuridagotsuho] and the Satuki prize which stop immediately only instant can use the leg however to set up, because you think, that time it is difficult, judgment of the jockey is large to race/lace influenceIt does, probably will be, well it does in something with the pleasure it is helpless, as for w even then the betting ticket which are you pass away from bb gal Don, but the w pleasure as for the sea nick blast as for the hole which is made the partner combining [aruteumatoure] and as for the grand prix angel to holding down as for [kinshiyasanokiseki] when the expectation which turns off being Miura point in time [tsu] [po] [ku] it does once as for bb gal Don as for first half 3f of front running the record from last year when the clock is quicker than ordinary year at the commencement 3rd week which is the pace which 0.1 seconds is faster than last year when it appears preceding at fast pace, sneaking away this horse to be possible, above last year which probably is around [torenojiyubiri], [yamaninemaiyu] and [rorerugereiro] also the clock which probably is as for 1.08.4 with as SapporoIt is Nakayama proper is the fast clock if and of Baba difference is thought, because such a random you think that even with conclusion of 1.07 second level it becomes game, it expects the betting ticket does not hit, is probably will be www story changes, but with Osaka and Kobe 11r [odeiru] turned to Dazai which the oiler has favored!! Because both the Crown princess of main race/lace it is the bridge proboscis raw horse, persevering Dazai where both both horses it leaves Yosinari weaving/grade and would like to have making the pipe of the bridge oral racing stable thick is! Like [merosu]!!

    • It is pleasant laughing?
      'Horse racing which this summer continued to be defeated directly' expectation itself being the case that it has come off completely, even when without, because of the little betting gold it has come the [ri] it had done in the raising eye and g of today and the fallⅰFor the study travelling leading to Hokkaido from the tomorrow when series 1st feature '[supurintazusutekusu]' was done, as something it was necessary to make allowance (laughing) 'without buying either the horse racing which has been bought always book', 'it can download the hybrid with Internet has been made usual reference newspaper,' it can rely on B B gal Don of 2 keeper air which are troubled to trouble to immediately before as the axial horse, but whether 1 arrivals certainty when you say, doubt makes 5 framework 9th B B gal Don after all 2 fixing, the result and is close from record of running, 3rd[torenojiyubiri] and 4th [kinshiyasanokiseki], the 6th grand prix angel, 4 heads of 13th [rorerugereiro] in 1, 2nd [aruteimatoure] of rear powerful, 3rd [torenojiyubiri], 4th [kinshiyasanokiseki], 5th markka Phoenix, the 6th grand prix angel, 12th [kanoyazakura], in 3, three connected single 25 points the straight line which is bought to hit 7 heads of the 14th sandal phone, whether gal Don attacked to the laurel where power entered after a long time and escapes, before the goal sun/size finished to escape but it was visible, with the kbs Kyoto picture, we are 撮 from forward the scoring, as gal Don catches, we are visible andWith Seki tele image, we are 撮 from scoring too much, as the laurel finishes to escape conversely, we are visible end of the long deliberation where and, with image of the turf vision of jra, it was visible in the same arrival, 1 arrivals⑬[rorerugereiro] and 2 arrivals⑨B B gal Don, 3 arrivals⑫With combination of 6 keeper air - 2 keeper air - 8 keeper air which rise with [kanoyazakura], three connected single 66890 Yen (198 popularity) with the favor which has become high allotment to rich lunch eats a little with Otaru and the [re] so is The betting ticket which is purchased < [rorerugereiro] and B B gal Don before the scoring>

    • The nose it broke.
      It is what, as for [vuikutowarupisa] that whether saying whether being strong so rather than level being low whether consequence of the rain, anyhow still it is from the [wa], 14 arrivals is laughed Baba where the leg pulling out which is good was so useless with Satuki prize and the silk estate Nakagyo 11r4 keeper air which returns with thinks going with [dokan] which is what, Sunday of the large crushing defeat was, it is cold and, physical condition it is bad and, 1 weeks which how become be able to persevere, we!! March 7th (Sunday) March prize (Nakayama 11r) 1 arrival ☆1 turn [vuikutowarupisa] (1 keeper air) 2 arrival ▲3 turn [eishinaporon] (2 keeper air) 3 arrivals - 2nd [daiwahuarukon] (7 keeper air) 3 connected size Cst - 3rd - 2nd 5050 Yen March 6th (Saturday) ocean s (Nakayama 11r) 1 arrival ☆3 turn [kinshiyasanokiseki] (2 keeper air) 2 arrivals - 8th a thin f dance (7 keeper air) 3 arrivals - 6th [shinboriguran] (8 keeper air) 3 connected single 3rd - 8th - 6th 112360 Yen tulip prizes (Osaka and Kobe11r) 1 arrivals - 12th [shiyouriyuumun] (9 keeper air) 2 arrival 16th [apapane] (1 keeper air) 3 arrival ☆4 turn [eshinritanzu] (8 keeper air) 3 connected single 12th - 16th - 4th 186190 Yen annual investment 167500 collections 255250 (recovery factor 152%) 22%

    • After all?
      Well, but with the flow of the feeling which is a little slower than the [a] company strong average pace, furthermore sublevel a little from rear also 32.9 leg vodkas the same 32.9, if it appears in jc which the condition falling is not the vodka which is defeated with timing of the position taking and the setting up and probably will be, whether to buy, 2 arrivals when the screen hero, it is this flow which again was done in father [gurasuwanda], were the development front remainder may be, but as for remaining as for this horse where are only these 1 heads truly? November 1st is (day) emperor prize fall (Tokyo 11r) 1 arrival 3rd companies (5 keeper air) 2 arrivals - the 2nd screen hero (7 keeper air) 3 arrivals - the 7th vodka (1 keeper air) 3 connected single 3rd - 2nd - 7th 102110 Yen October 31st (the Saturday) swan s (Kyoto 11r) 1 arrivals - 12th [kinshiyasanokiseki] (4 keeper air) 2 arrivals - the 11th Early lob strike (16 keeper air) 3 arrivals - 17th markka Phoenix (3 keeper air) 3 reams single 12th - 11th - 17th881590 Yen annual investment 563900 collection 811970 (recovery factor 144%)

    • 43rd [supurintazu] S
      * Grand prix angel ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] - g� series start of the [aruteimatoure] × [kanoyazakura] × [abanitei] × B B gal Don fall suddenly difficult race/lace is you have a match with 3 year old mare grand prix angels and 2 arrival horse [kinshiyasanokiseki] of last year

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration
      * Premium box ○ [aruteimatoure] - the [sankaruro] △ [kinshiyasanokiseki] △ fine grain × tow Shaw college pouring is decided, when you think, that it is decided, but the Nakagyo race track which also the development, front remainder inside unexpectedly is thought if this member at high pace from preceding group total destruction and rear the premium box collecting greatly with the leg, in the preceding group which is finished to pour [aruteimatoure] probably is on one, if fearing is fixed the fine grain, the tow Shaw college, [pisanopatetsuku

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration
      Because this year 2nd shot g1, Takamatunomiya commemoration & [aruteimatoure] ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] which may become the race/lace which is good being the Takamatunomiya commemoration Hong Kong horse absent - the premium box △ [sankaruro] × tow Shaw college improbable Silk Road s was strong even with pouring heaven outside the extent which is thought, the favorite rust run can be decorated?

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration result
      As for the result the Dubai world cup being done in preceding day nighttime, [guroriasunoa] 4, [rorerugereiro] 4, [buenabisuta] 2, [retsudodeizaia] 11 as for like [buenabisuta] which was regrettable * [aruteimatoure] (4.3 time 2 keeper air) ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] (3.7 time 1 keeper air) - B B gal Don (11.9 time 6 keeper air) the △ head liner (42.8 time 11 keeper air) result 1 arrival ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] (1: 08: 6) 2 arrivals - B B gal Don 3 arrival thornback thin forward… 5 arrivals * end of the [aruteimatoure] 7 arrival △ head liner large fierce battle, in 2 arrivals which dignity ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] of 1 keeper air barely sneaks away, horse racing it was possible at before, - B B gal Don remains, * as for [aruteimatoure] which is recommended as for the next it is painful to step on the rear hand, Ouka prize this year April 11th may become confound conflict

    • Today rag being defeated with high prize of tomorrow!
      impressions , Japanese talking

    • [supurintazu] S
      Today fall [supurintazu] s of horse racing first game

    • 17th tulip prize & 5th ocean S
      Following to last week, this week and the rain, this day and as for Nakayama 2r and [deiayuuki] 9 Nakayama 3r, as for [rizuwanguru] 15 after all from [toukaiteio] product scene this day when after all Baba state becomes matter of concern useless … As for the Osaka and Kobe main 2 year old queen [apapane] of tulip prize last year of Ouka prize trial appearance of course with the axis, from [apapane] the horse connected 7 point already that wild raspberry of the horse connected 6 point, being catching tend from the wild raspberry which becomes a head air, 2 count chases, but stalling in the straight line, 7 arrivals … [apapane] which from good rank takes the lead rectilinear, after all … When with you think, to hold down [eshinritanzu] where [shiyouriyuumun] where from outside [shiyouriyuumun] exchanges [apapane] before the [sugoi] leg scoring approaches from inside large Venus, in the intense running of [wantsusuri] finish 9 keeper air [shiyouriyuumun] of [apapane] 2 arrival [kinkame] product scene with medium frequency random favor 2.3 arrivals … We would like to go from [kinshiyasanokiseki] which is in the midst of g� ocean s g�2 winning successively of Nakayama main but, [kinshiyasanokiseki] which catches [eshinehudanzu] which to meet somehow sneaks away from the horse which front does not open easily in [kinshiyasanokiseki] and the straight line where 8 points let flow, the premium box, the grand prix angel, the thunk snort, 5 head boxes of [eshinbiseruzu] and [shiyounankazan] turned while beginning and ending from the inside framework extensively from difficult roughness Baba [kinshiyasanokiseki] group, sneaks away first [shinboriguran] which is approached to 2 arrival disputes and [eshinehudanzu] where with high prize 3 successive win this the production (Takamatunomiya commemoration) has become the pleasure, lining up, end of the goal photograph decision, in [atama] difference 2 arrival [eshinehudanzu] 1.3 arrivals … This income and outgo of day: Income and outgo meter −6600 circular 2010: −47240 circular here it is with densely, 1.3 arrivals or 2.3 arrivals hippopotamus [tsu] or … …

    • 3/28 (day) axial horse
      As for this day Nakayama 2r which is axial horse expectation of 5 races/laces②[asakusamarinba] jockey Yoshida 隼 Nakayama 10r⑧Snow crusher jockey Matsuoka Osaka and Kobe 8r⑬[huandorikatsupu] jockey Kokube 恭 Nakagyo 8r⑦Regime change jockey Yokoyama model Nakagyo 11r⑥3 daily doubles which you think that Saturday naoco which, is above [kinshiyasanokiseki] jockey four rank, it was the feeling which in addition is good with the van van saying, [ru] kana or wide?? Perhaps, doing, g1 Takamatunomiya commemoration of double victory kana Sunday after all it chose 1 keeper air hard race/lace you cannot think me, but if this framework you think ability, it can have showing freely, whether it is it is not, that

    • Japanese Letter
      Because the dirt we have decided not to be popular, now the beginning of the year gⅰBeing enthusiastic rather, it will expect! With you thought, but Baba, is there is no image from the [wa], don't you think? it is it is the ground wave use, the [e] the [tsu] [te] feeling where perhaps the extension and the clock outside the inside becoming rough catch a little? When it is this face, in Baba state arrival order may change with a lot of, first betting on extreme high pace last spurt horse racing, you intended probably to go in the premium box, but it does not become that much even in the outside extension with kana, in taking, the horse which pours Baba center from sublevel * the thornback thin tiger closely as for the crushing defeat of running there being a reason securely, as for front running the development not being agreeable, as for Osaka and Kobe c distance it is long in front remainder, last spurt horse racing going before, it stops, the capital 阪 the cup falls and but the iron high-speed Baba being possible to be agreeable from Baba which becomes rough 0, strangely popularityBecause it is not, resigning, you buy, what compared to the beginning gⅰAs for freshness as for front running of [aruteimatoure] which you think that there is the respective insecure element in the charm popularity horse, the easy horse racing g which sneaks away from the loose flow from two countsⅰIf is rubbed the harsh flow, perhaps it sinks, to turn off resigning, pace loosens in inside, because as for [kinshiyasanokiseki] which is abandoned ability with respect to one but, heavily same distance vanguard game as for those where it wins, by any means 0 later recently it has become the [zubu] [ku], when it is Nakagyo 1002, being placed on the rear, because B B gal Don who is also the possibility of not reaching is the feeling where counterclockwise how to be defeated of front running just a little is terrible is not agreeable, you turn off resigning this, in the hole, go to bed and but fine Glen whose opening front running is not bad comparatively, the day off opening 0 as for ability [kanoyazakura] of the expectation which is enough⑪Single victory⑪-⑥⑬⑮⑯Horse ream⑪-⑦⑨Wide

    • Present horse racing
      Because now morning it occurred to past 3 o'clock, being insufficient sleep, after breakfast, two degrees to sleep to do to the noon, not to know it should have designated Takamatunomiya commemoration what which the [chi] [ya] is as the axis, that you bought with the box buying 3 daily double 5, because you misunderstood, when B B gal Don enters into 2 arrivals, however you thought as the [a] ~~ and the ~ which comes off, having bought with wide, wide it recovers somewhat⑥-⑯420 Yen get [kinshiyasanokiseki] at last gⅰWins better seed B B gal Don very gⅰIt cannot win, don't you think? although it rode and [suzukakozuuei] of the substitution [ri] persevered 6 arrivals, it could cry

    • 1 keeper air (Takamatunomiya commemoration 2)
      Daily sport Monday according to edition, this race/lace gⅰIf it is promoted after 1996, as for 1 keeper air horses victory ratio .143, connected anti- ratio .357 tolerably record double victory ratio with .571 by their gⅰ[kinshiyasanokiseki] may be recommended by the latest 1 keeper air which are the perfect axial horse as an axial horse of the horse double wide sink which is done well being race/lace at the time of 3 year old NHK mile c3 arrival, at the time of 5 year old has left the record of [supurintazu] s2 arrival at the time of Takamatunomiya commemoration 2 arrival, and 6 year old, but still gⅰ[kinshiyasanokiseki] which as for victory as for taking the bridle of this horse of this time when it is not continues to front running ocean s and as for four rank jockey four rank jockey controls this race/lace with [shinkouhuoresuto] 1998 first gⅰIt is observed whether it can lead to the victory,

    • Kinshasa it is and the [e] - is the [i] ♪
      Therefore the first v♪ betting ticket of [kinshiyasanokiseki] your earnest wish get (^o^)/the straw which is supported directly densely delightful ♪ today doing lazily at the house, the [te], furthermore preceding day the betting ticket which is purchased, the paddock seeing of course or, does not know either horse weight and, even the odds are not clear and even then as for hit [tsu] [te] thing just the newspaper that time saying, thing? Expectation becomes good is, or there is no eye which looks at the horse, it is?… Because the [ma] [tsu], it hit, it is with whichever and however whether the [tsu] with the [a], in Nakayama does not go, in addition the acquaintance sent copying [me], however it is with it places, either today that way… What?… A better place or horse or race/lace oh simply in the wax… If the straw it is dense, although better copying [me] you take,…

    • 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration & 17th march S expectation
      With dispute of Takamatunomiya commemoration corporation stand type horse 6 head and 3 promotion type horses or promotion system the thornback thin forward has done popularity, but as for the result of 1200 “?”Record increases, higher rank stabilizing, but how kana? Then the colleague thornback thin tiger has been complete as for popularity being thin, as for corporation stand type 6 the index finger moves the member if and, as for [aruteimatoure] which the kind of air where 1 heads among these 6 win does when this retirement game, the camp has done the finish where being regretful does not remain [kinshiyasanokiseki] of Yoshida harmony wholehearted g 12 arrival of completeness in the midst of 3 winning successively the regret of 2 times 3rd being honest, clear it seems you want development becomes fast, if turn or front running of the premium box [kinshiyasanokiseki] and 0.1 second difference corporation stand system after the expectation which is not differenceSo it is [sankaruro] which popularity has been done, but privately this time it recognizes the fact that it has the power which would like to have being modest, but, after thinking that it is not sweet, one you think extent Nakagyo which is thought with the kind of feeling where development just becomes fast and can infer superior advance lawn 1200 in the hole if, how tow Shaw college as for as for the result same race/lace 4 of last year after you cannot disdain, develop harshly so you are, but it has and the head liner and this horse which becomes matter of concern are corporation stand system with good quality of the time and training and in the horse turn with 3.5 6.10 11.15 6 heads with 3 daily doublesWith 5-10-11 2358.7 times www------------[machi] s especially from 4 heads of 1 frameworks and 2 frameworks 1st: Civil war and 4th: 2nd you have observed to creel Passion and 3rd and with development circumstance gaining force

    • original letters
      More and more, g1 season commencement commencement of the spring the only is done with Nakagyo, “Takamatunomiya commemoration” is, but as already written many degrees, when this opening ends, as for Nakagyo entering to large-scale repair construction, not changing as for course form in order that end which is the meaning which becomes the last “Takamatunomiya commemoration” which is done truly accomplishes transfiguration with current course form is rounded off to those which differ until now completely, participation of the foreign horse which becomes first at the beginning at just counterclockwise and distance being decisive, the place where 3 heads of [gurinbadei] [seikuritsudokingudamu] [urutorahuantaji] are elected from Hong Kong as for green birdieEarly, the refusal other 2 heads sacred kingdom leg section insecurity emergence, [urutorahuantaji] which is the same racing stable cancelled visit to Japan collectively immediately before the starting, became to refuse starting running, furthermore so is, with the information which appears in afterwards as for condition of sacred kingdom, the considerable serious illness… as for 1.2 arrival horses of the last year when it is g1 where with such meaning this year is done with only the Japanese horse it is absent with retirement and the Dubai ductility, but to the new power which in addition to that from the regular of this route acquires power in here several years, the full 18 head which is even in a row ending first with ordinary meansYou think that it is not, if originally, at point in time of yesterday when framework order has not appeared “one you pushed” and it was about to write, but there being a circumstance, to be delayed today, because framework order already already “one to push”, it was decided at point in time of decision yesterday, the [shiyounankazantoushiyoukaretsujikinshiyasanokisekisankarurosuzukakozuueipuremiamubotsukusueshinhuowado] we would like to introduce here,

    • Japanese talking
      * [sankaruro] ○ a thin forward △ [aruteimatoure], [kinshiyasanokiseki], B B gal Don * The tow Shaw college, the thornback thin tiger, premium box × in addition you buy, the eye: Single victory * from three connected single axis 2 multiple ◎○-△ three daily double ◎○ ☆× (* It is thick the [me])

    • weblog title
      Tomorrow March 28th is sin (day) the strongest sprinter decisive game, after all g which is Takamatunomiya commemorationⅰDon't you think? it burns ③[aruteimatoure]⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki]⑦[kanoyazakura]⑯A thin forward⑰It goes in 3 daily double boxes of B B gal Don's! That and framework ream③-⑧With wide③-⑥So the total 12 point, it is and the [tsu] solves! Functional novel, as for illustration this effect* The coming [yu] it is the fan sight

    • Japanese weblog
      This year second gⅰBecause is, it is the pleasure, but 1 ranks 99.3pt which are the rise exponent perhaps just a little it is difficult,⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki] 2 rank 97.0pt⑰[bibigarudan] 3 rank 96.7pt⑯[eshinhuowado] 4 rank 95.3pt③[aruteimatoure] 4 rank 95.3pt⑬[sankaruro] 6 rank 95.0pt⑱[pisanopatetsuku] 7 rank 94.7pt⑦[kanoyazakura] 8 rank 94.3pt⑮In addition because [puremiamubotsukusu] Kinshasa has come out exponential, as for the buying eye we would like to go from here, because it is from after, we ask may

    • Japanese Letter
      * Victory horse “[rorerugereiro]” of alternation of generation “Takamatunomiya commemoration” last year this year exceeding the sea, the straight line being short with the current Nakagyo race track small turn which in Dubai challenge now becomes last with opening is feature, but now the inside Baba becoming rough rather, the outside pouring the horse where profitable I become matter of concern, * candidacy [eshinehudanzu], being cut off [aruteimatoure] of the thornback thin tiger mare, runs with hole aim [suzukakozuuei] Nakagyo of the [kanoyazakuraeshin] corps a thin forward pouring, you thought “[eshinehudanzu]”, but designates west garden racing stable 3 putting out empty “thornback thin tigers” as the favorite “the head liner” of the next door framework which The assist which pulls race/lace expects, if the remaining 2 head, “the thornback thin tiger” of the sprinter is from “a thin forward” of Mylar, don't you think? as for ♪ “[kinshiyasanokiseki]” those where it goes inside become matter of concern, * thornback thin tiger ○ [aruteimatoure] - the [kanoyazakura] △ a thin forward * [suzukakozuuei] this year 寅 year, it is alternation of generation of the short range boundary with the tiger, you have a match in the horse single 4 points! * The flow may to be quick either, high prize had with the reverse side “of march s” g1, it is not whether and the horse where handicap game I may become rough, become matter of concern to escape, * candidacy [maideiasan], [keiaisuijin] creel Passion who is poured, to remain, [tohouorubisu] and [uotakuteikusu] to drive, to deliver, the civil war escaping horse being even, pace may to be fast or, because is, it drives, also “[keiaisuijin]” becomes matter of concern, but it may be attached by good rank from inside, before designating “[maideiasan]” as the favorite, as for running if road badness it divides, good running it is not done, wonder! * [maideiasan] ○ creel Passion - [tohouorubisu] △ [uotakuteikusu] * It may crack it puts out also civil war popularity and may become rough, you have a match in the horse single 4 points!

    • original letters
      It is dense, the extent which does not know whether it is the [chi] [wa] - Taketoyo, all right, in the horse something how it becomes, it is worry, furthermore keenly, jockey [tsu] [te] danger, it is work what, the [tsu] [te] thinking, because by its being normal, when it is, as for the jockey guarantee runs the potato is don't you think? the horse with utmost effort, don't you think?… by its how becomes with the so thin leg, persevering, the [ru] it is probably will be, the rod, the lawn it does and it is hit and… this time of march s puts out the jockey whom you think that Ritto one, degree of completion of the horse is higher than Miho, the master of the dirt boundary originally,The favorite the partner who designates [montekurisuesu] from Ritto 3rd [naniwatomoare], 8th [husaichibijiei], as for 12th [makotochiyan] which is 15th [tohouorubisu] when we buys, because it is many, not to come, this time it cut, because (with whether it comes,… how) 4th creel Passion, 10th [keiaisuijin], while even with, we [agunesutakion] liked the thing which is said, from Miho, 11th we want making lead, the kana which also [yane] being 11th [genpachitakion] that the exactly jockey will put out suitably and… will designate this as the favorite?! Takamatunomiya commemoration, originally the master of the dirt boundary it was, the partner you search from the 16th a thin forward of Iwata's and this becomes the horse where being, if 13th [sankaruro] still persevering in Yutaka east, and others, after now the [hi] [yo], you think that [kinshiyasanokiseki] which naturally becomes popularity… it is jockey circumstance you lead Yutaka's of 4 years old horse west amount, well the difficult being, to be enormous air, winning, whether the proper if the 1kg decrease it puts out from front running and after the tow Shaw college, the fine grain, the thornback thin tiger, per premium box kana temporarily, could score all horse safely

    • Japanese talking
      * ○ B B gal Don a thin forward - the [aruteimatoure] △ thornback thin tiger, [sankaruro] “a thin” and “the thornback thin” [tsu] [te] it was the owner who is different, it is with the shank (; ; ; The ´д `) well, therefore with saying, at all there is no relationship, is, but [kinshiyasanokiseki] it recognizes the fact that 7 years old it is already strong, but if popularity is gained to here, disliking conversely, the like place you expect to the one shot of △ spirit privately

    • weblog title
      The expectation Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration ◎3 [aruteimatoure] 16 a thin forward ▲15 premium box ☆6 [kinshiyasanokiseki] △5 tow Shaw college ×8 of tomorrow, a little more than 11 is not proud race/lace, it is, don't you think? we would like to have returning the debt of last autumn to counterclockwise this distance proud [aruteima], is the ◎14 three boss remaining overnight vs 1 [eateiamo] [chi] [yo] under Nakayama 6 r 5,000,000 to be, with from 10 Osaka and Kobe 9r Shikoku newspaper cup ◎2 [kiyaputenmajin] on 3, 4, 5, 12, 9 and 13 Nakayama 11r march s◎1 civil war center ◎8 [konhuoko] 10 under 8, 2, 16, 12, 3 and 4 Nakayama 12 r 10,000,000, 4 and 1213 and 2 Osaka and Kobe 11r your child orchid prize ◎9 [mashiyukenada] 12, 1, 5, 11, 15 and 14 tomorrow is these 6 races/laces

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    • original letters
      This diary, although you wrote early morning, always raises the diary with the mail which is out, when it is the burn transmission box you verified, because it was not, being half asleep, it does not retain and whether it was the intention of sending, [riatsupu] it does, (there is no hair) Takamatunomiya commemoration & a thin forward ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] - [sankaruro]* The Nakagyo race track of premium box △ thornback thin tiger △ tow Shaw college △ [aruteimatoure] △ B B gal Don present condition to see, because it is supplying, the last night when handicap of [machisutekusu] which will be applied & the [makotosuparubiero] 58㎏ which you buy 3 connected single multiple of some the ○ [montekurisuesu] there being a variety, as for the tonight which you said rather the meal meeting burn, haveaniceday which is not drunk

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    • Japanese talking
      Speed king decision game Takamatunomiya commemoration of the spring omitting, shrine cup this year [zuba] as for 1 keeper air which are the impression which the horse which comes out is not Kinshasa which is in the midst of high prize 3 winning successively, [aruteima] where retirement has been decided with race/lace of the cartridge callous?…Does in either one, these 2 heads plus, Hankyu cup a thin forward who wins and the area of the premium box which extends the result little by little may haul popularity, don't you think? is, as for image of the Takamatunomiya commemoration which I have, * recently whether aptitude of the 1400m approaching necessity * as for the [supurintazu] s first arrival horse of the preceding year it is unexpected record and the like, but as for Nakagyo 1200m, counterclockwise of even small turn…Because with it is special, when 1200m record, Nakagyo record and the counterclockwise record where we would like to seriously consider course aptitude, are checked, per [aruteimatoureeishintaigashiyounankazan] well is lowering besides the fact that with, sprint gⅰThere is a connected opposite, as for those where training is appealing, running before [airuravuageineshinehudanzusankarurohetsudoraina] as for Hankyu cup group considerably has become the betting ticket, it is, but in these 10 years the Hankyu cup 1 arrival horse with Takamatunomiya commemoration as for victory doing when just 1 times on the other hand, kind of here which is the tendency where the horse which is narrowly defeated with the Hankyu cup increases ranking [sankaruro] thinks of shank development with the pleasure, whether note probably is necessary even in [huaingureinkinshiyasanokisekibibigarudan], pace to become fast by any means tend, therefore, the horse which it pours and whether considerably in the horse the advantage, at present time becomes matter of concern is per [aruteimatoureeshinehudanzueshinhuowadokinshiyasanokisekisankaruroshiyounankazanhuaingureinhetsudoraina

    • Japanese weblog
      ①[sebunshikuin] 牝 4 Kitamura friend②[airuravuagein] male 8 Akiyama③[aruteimatoure] 牝 6 Yokoyama model④[shiyounankazan] male 5 Shibata virtue⑤[toushiyoukaretsuji] male 8 Kawada⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki] male 7 four rank⑦[kanoyazakura] 牝 6 Komaki⑧[eshinehudanzu] male Satoru 6 Sato ⑨[huaingurein] male 7 Katsuura⑩[hetsudoraina] plug 6 Sakai⑪[eishintaiga] male 4 pond attachment⑫[guranpurienzeru] 牝 4 Kumazawa⑬[sankaruro] male Yutaka 4 Yoshida⑭[suzukakozuuei] male 6 Taketoyo⑮[puremiamubotsukusu] male 7 happiness⑯[eshinhuowado] male 5 Iwata⑰[bibigarudan] male 6 Ando Masaru⑱[pisanopatetsuku] male 8 Tanaka Masaru Φ (.)

    • original letters
      “If as for the field below-mentioned person Nakagyo course, seeing as the preceding horse advantage after all, the favorite apparent ([sansupo] horse racing field below-mentioned person “Takamatunomiya commemoration” expectation) 10/3/28 40th Takamatunomiya commemorations (the 28th Nakagyo 11r1200 meter lawn 18 head, gi) the odds of preceding day sale (11 o'clock in the morning presently) on the 27th is announced [arumatoure] of the single prize 2 keeper air”, as for single victory [kinshiyasanokiseki] where [aruteimatoure] has become 1 keeper air at 3.4 times 5.0 times, a thin forward is continued at 6.1 times

    • Japanese talking
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    • Japanese weblog
      Very, entering into the framework where the horse of the aim is good, because today when it is the pleasure training check simply, the elderly horse it is many, not to make so the air, however perhaps, the [te] it is good, the good horse probably is about [eshinhuowadokinshiyasanokiseki] or, because a thin forward had chased, the Iwata jockey riding, the niece all the way, Kinshasa which probably is the finish of [meichi] was visible as this horse relaxing very as been running, don't you think? and, softly just a little how the kana which is taste… the [tsu] [te] as for the horse which is said, as for [aruteimatourekanoyazakuraeshintaigaaruteima], it is too light, running before the feeling, practice of the mare which surely refrained from retirement, unnatural extent observing at that it wins easilyVery this time face showing kana, with you think and/or do but… as for [kanoyazakura], still the movement being heavy, as for the thornback thin tiger which the margin which the shank still becomes good is and probably will be, the [u] - it is the photograph it was good, it is, but the movement position of the head being high unexpectedly, the [u] - it is to buy, however you buy

    • Japanese Letter
      Takamatunomiya commemoration [a]! In the sprint decisive game of the spring Good Heavens it will make [tsu] someone, don't you think?… this time it is intuition of the woman, with the [tsu] lever in the head the float can the [tsu] it is once, it is expectation with [ko]③[aruteimatoure]⑥[kinshiyasanokiseki]⑯A thin forward it is hard, is? Also [suzukakozuuei] became matter of concern, however it is, when with perfection also [zataiki] which Yutaka jockey fall and is injured, with race/lace of yesterday is… [aruteimatoure] and the rust run, wants decorating the flower way your either horse probably will win, everyone returning safely, when it is cut off and as for me, everyone who is possible to be that, is returning safely, don't you think? the ~

    • original letters
      As Baba center become rough, that you probably will aim for the place where Baba is good if it becomes, if you do not bring up outside suitable, if it is improbable then while loss is little, the advantage, with it keeps assembling expectation with the thought of saying, if * [aruteimatoure] capability does not become the random pace which even most significant excessively speed it passes, if ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] this which probably is all right the pasteboard dump of this year the power superior other horse aiming for outside, the horse group the rose [ke] [ru] way if it finishes to pour simply in the straight line, be can while - B B gal Don looking at power superior [aruteimatoure] after all, carries equal to amount of the enclosure which may lowered sign at good position, - a thin forward completenessLike before perhaps, race/lace with wholehearted sprint game it is not possible, but the latter half it extends securely, probably will be, - the premium box resigning, you aim for outside, you probably will remove, it becomes with end as for thrusting, shouldering 58 kilometers with the △ [sankaruro] Hankyu cup which is thought sufficiently, but as for those contents as for nice first sprint game insecurity, if it considers development, premium box similar the △ tow Shaw college preceding year 4 arrivals which cannot be disdained, the hitting 3 running eye as for intense running condition while having been even, considerably the sign which is wanted piercing became many, you think also 3 daily doubles * double not only single, but while looking at the odds, we would like to be troubled to very limitWith the degree of self-confidence b which is thought

    • Japanese talking
      Well yesterday the Taketoyo jockey horseman mounting of Ouka prize Satuki prize, is kind of regrettable has become difficult with fall injury, with evasion and campaign of the large favorite you can aim from anywhere, but whether temporarily * a thin forward ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] - the outside pouring is decided with the combining horse ream which is per [sankaruro] △ [aruteimatoure] △ premium box △ a thin f dance, is

    • weblog title
      You question with your [kinsashiyanokiseki] [me]!!! Time 1: When 08.6 furlong time 12.0 - 10.4 - 11.1 - 11.4 - 11.4 - 12.333.5-35.1 the fact that Baba is a little heavy is considered, a little fast pace was [kinshiyasanokiseki] 1 which is thought as kana: 08.634.0-34.6 [aruteimatoure] 1: 08.734.1-34.6 B B gal Don 1: 08.633.8-34.8 a thin forward 1: 08.634.1-34.5 a thin forward the front and back half being closest to flat, it is running efficiently, it is it is not, when B B gal Don was a front and back semi- 1 second difference in the opposite direction, efficiency was worst and the shank it was running more efficiently, perhaps, whether probably will be, the result had changed, don't you think? temporarily, [kinshiyasanokiseki] of 07 generations winning, it is delightful, is, with this spirit persevering in [kitsutsu], we would like to receive, the emperor prize spring is

    • original letters
      * The partner who fights was different, because “march s” it is the high prize which becomes rough, “the [maideiasan]” empty you had a match with “march s” start to spring out, good rank keeping it is good, it is good, go that way! When with you think, it lowers position gradually and in the straight line, is disgusted to the rear, and it is the [ya] useless, (>_

    • Japanese talking
      The race/lace Nakagyo [tsu] [te] which is not remainder proud it is difficult, after * a thin forward ○ [sankaruro] - [kinshiyasanokiseki] △ [aruteimatoure] × thornback thin tiger × premium box × B B gal Don * entering into this year when it decides with the victory horse of the Hankyu cup, there is also a stability, is and the ○ after you buy with 4 years old * empty horse continous-current does the betting ticket which tries inserting powerful, 6 points +◎~△ horse connected box 6 point race/lace name investment repayment amount   balance   [huehu] ゙ [rarisutekusu] 1,200 1,780 580 total 1,200 1,780 580

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      * [kinshiyasanokiseki] ○ [kanoyazakura] - it is fine grain note [aruteimatoure] △ [sankaruro] △ a thin forward × tow Shaw college what, you bit with the Kinshasa disposition aspect which it runs reliably in these several year sprint boundaries with Isao of year a little to become [mashi], even with popularity this horse partner it pours the fact that it is closest to the coronation which the sense of security increases from outside large confound conflict… of such development was thought, but harshly so as for the pouring horse of the current Baba state enclosure the [bu] outside large it is as for turning… well you do not know to pursuit included whether it is hard! The ^^ which does not do the w game which is and w confound conflict is;

    • original letters
      As for Nakagyo of lightning 6 furlong game this year of Nakagyo opening is continued being and the pattern where pouring outside the pattern straight line where Baba inside has become rough is decided * the [kinshiyasanokiseki] ○ thornback thin tiger - with a thin forward △ premium box × [eshinehudanzueshin] the thornback thin box decision [ma] viewing kana?

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    • High prize expectation of tomorrow!
      Everyone of horse racing fan! It is dense, it is, it is the [wa]! It is high prize expectation of tomorrow!

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration & march S expectation
      Yesterday however the betting ticket came off, fall of the military affairs jockey being shocking, such a thing how was good, is…Recovering the air, Takamatunomiya commemoration & [sankaruro] ○ [kanoyazakura] - a thin forward* Tow Shaw college △ [aruteimatoure] △ thornback thin tiger honesty it is difficult…Also the buyer is more difficult…Simply, the buyer the varieties the march s◎ [husaichipijiei] ○ sill B war which you think cutting [kinshiyasanokiseki] and B B gal Don how comes out - [nanihatomoare]* In [tohouorubisu] △ [uotakuteikusu] horse connected box

    • So March 28th
      Takamatunomiya commemoration (g1) Nakagyo 11r◎ tow Shaw college ○ fine grain - [airuravuagein] △ [kinshiyasanokisekihetsudorainaeishintaigapuremiamubotsukusupisanopatetsuku] Nakayama 11r march s (g3) * creel Passion ○ [maideiasan] - civil war △ [husaichipijieiuotakuteikusumontekurisuesu] Osaka and Kobe 10r Sinsai bridge s◎ fortune word ○ [sawayakarasukaru] - [shigeruhasuratsuto] △ sea QUEST

    • Japanese talking
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    • Expectation immediately before the Takamatunomiya commemorating
      Because the sleeping cell it does, it was such a time, as for we would like to writing there is a variety, but ◎15 premium box 13 [sankaruro] ▲16 a thin forward ★17 B B gal Don △5 tow Shaw college △18 [pisanopatetsuku] △6 [kinshiyasanokiseki] △9 fine grain here which passes away promptly is the rapid current inevitable combination betta, but if as for the favorite which aims for the pouring horse of the observant enclosure end leg certainty 151200 whether also the framework which always can draw out the rising of member most speed can win perfectness, but the sensitivity, if 13 below thrusting, also first distance may be agreeable distance on betting ticket inside, it turns to pouring fearful 16.17, the horse group it sells well, 5 where it reaches, outside one largeWhile 18 where there is also an air, the completeness course 6, in the front running revival the betting ticket expectation of 3 connected single axis 1 multiple 15⇒13.16 17.5 18.6 nine in to be, marches s to hit w ◎1 civil war 8 [husaichipijiei] ▲16 [montekurisuesu] ★14 [neikitsudo] △11 [genpachitakion] △12 [makotosuparubiero] △3 [nanihatomoare] △4 creel Passion here next up to 9 where it is visible and 2 running eyes, from 1 where bouncing shortening and the front running v line are cut as for the immediate partner the front running falling iron do as for 16 betting tickets which developed new ground in good running 8 and the dirt 3 connected single axis 2 multiple 1.8⇒16.14 11.12 3.4 1.16⇒8.14 11.12 3.4 Randomly we would like to successively lose and escape -

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration Kinshasa beginning G1
      Everyday looking at the fall accident of the cup, being able to concentrate on expectation it is not ......While looking at the persevering of the Japanese horse in Dubai, emirates racing authority (English) we would like to recover the air, - ray pickpocket play As for the preceding intensification straight line because outside large after the horse which attention would like to go is even in a row, Nakagyo opening is many, Baba of in plop-plop * [kinshiyasanokiseki]: Before half year is born slowly and bursting in the running the materialization ○ fine grain: In front running in revival with case of the only g1 horse in aim member - premium box: Leg quality exact in outside pouring Baba to the last waiting for further developments △ [eshinehudanzu]: If Kinshasa and the cliffhanger Sato Satoru jockey the horse group it divides or, the × thornback thin tiger: When 1 framework seven seeking in where the front running 1 keeper air outside large & slow is a case of defeat Nakagyo 2 arrival and [aruteima] of popularity is covered in the Shaw nun & the head liner & gal Don may, is stretch, breath does not enter, as for preceding spirit skillful it probably is instant sinking with the rectilinear entrance if as for the popularity horse to which Kinshasa which comes out divides the horse group, does not have the result in 1200 where then the vertical stripe of yellow black approaches from outside large the aptitude which is turned off resigning it is sufficient with the △× Pond river Yasushi 寿 [montekurisuesu] which victory does preceding dispute dirt return game pleasantly at the vs. Samejima racing stable popularity simply, insecurity & [neikitsudo] of the speed being defeated: Be covered in the type which does not want 3 arrivals of enclosure perfect peace s the high appraisal ○ civil war: If it accumulates with Nakayama 2 game 2 victory in, you insert the straight line reliably, - [maideiasan]: In just defective Baba front running as for 55 kilometers which cannot be abandoned profitable △ creel Passion: The day off you open with Nakayama 1800 in [oromaisuta] victory × [husaichipijiei]: If the Oi master the helper can take well, there is the overcoming and the direction which is seen as preceding intensification, but as for the rectilinear one air you think with the Nakayama dirt that it is harsh, with the pocket of rear of the group which escapes, the horse which you can wait motionlessly the straight line Nakagyo and Nakayama which it sneaks away on the basis of the box, the bubble well it goes in attitude of high allotment, - 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration | 17th [machisutekusu] - yahoo! Sport

    • SCH~ Sunday game!
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration and march S.
      From while Takamatunomiya commemorating as for those where the horse which to outside would like to go evenly was even and is required “gⅰBut the same horse which you think that the latent energy” favorite fine grain of class it ended completely, before being the [kitsui] flow, it poured with the leg which makes running revival feel, when you think very carefully, “only gⅰWell the hose” as for the laughing partner again as for the partner with [kinshiyasanokiseki], [sankaruro], [suzukakozuuei] and the premium box holding down B B gal Don, to [pisanopatetsuku] however, with problem of affinity of oiler and [katsuura] as for horse ream laughing march s preceding with the box, leaving the record which it stabilizes, [ru] horse favorite [husaichipijiei] [tosaki] somehow certainly to apex the civil war, with [maideiasan], [makotosuparubiero] and the [tohouorubisu] holding down to [taikieniguma] and [uotakuteikusu], it becomes return 2 successive win or,…?

    • The group listing, it is PR activity?
      March s preceding, but the oiler which it has let flow from [husaichipijiei] which leaves the record which it stabilizes, is, as for start there is no with something and comes out and is defeated and the [maku] wax does from forward 3 corners now in one going leg not being attached straight line… the [tosaki] [tsu] [te] stopping the fact that already, you chase, it increased, but the blast 1 arrival [makotosuparubiero] 2 arrival [nanihatomoare] 3 arrival civil war victory horse suitable [ankatsu] which showed the difference of case riding, the cod made gently the favorite, but is, don't you think?… with, when you think well, because as for 2 arrival horses it is not bought no matter what, as for after all the kana laughing Takamatunomiya commemoration which is the end being required “gⅰLatent energy of class” and, group in the oiler which designates the fine grain as the favorite chasing rear a little, g where the [ro] whose if in the straight line it sews the horse group 8 arrival 1 arrival [kinshiyasanokiseki] 2 arrival B B gal Don 3 arrival a thin forwards of 03 second difference you had been supposed to have bought gently from [ankatsu] ones the preceding horse it is painful and is and, as for this because [ankatsu] is held down, horse ream comes off and although you had bought with the box, from such a thing of laughing attracts attentionⅰWinning with the stage and including the horse and if the game clothes of the corporation stand group which with the goal cook crowds inside it is and the [ji] [wa] [ru] does expression this [tsu] [te] of the feeling which looks at the North Korean mass game, perhaps doing, it is PR of 2 year old horse collection of New Year?

    • Takamatunomiya commemoration (G〓) march S (G〓) expectation
      Result 58th Nikkei prize (g�) lawn of 2010 total record 15 victory 18 defeat/miss poll amount 24,500 Yen hit amount 39,050 Yen recovery factor 159% last week: 2500m & [rojiyunivuasu] 6 arrival (1 keeper air) ○ [toribiyutosongu] 5 arrival (5 keeper air) - toe plug Crown 3 (7 keeper air) as for △ [eashieidei] 2 arrival (4 keeper air) toe plug Crown front running you thought as the fluke, but whether in the long distance front it becomes funny existence, wide ▲△1,690 circular hit! 57th everyday the cup (g�) lawn: 1800m * the [rirudavuaru] 3 arrival (2 keeper air) ○ ruler ship 5 (1 keeper air) - the competition discontinuance of [zataiki] competitive discontinuance (4 keeper air) △ [danonshiyantei] 1 arrival (3 keeper air) [zataiki] is lovely so the bone of the Taketoyo jockey who is. The wide ◎△280 circular hit whose also injury is regrettable! Expectation 40th Takamatunomiya commemoration (g�) lawn of this day: 1200m * a thin forward (father: Forest wildcat) ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] (father: [hujikiseki]) - [aruteimatoure] (father: [hujikiseki]) △ B B gal Don (father: Chief bear heart) 17th [machisutekusu] (g�) [da]: 1800m & [husaichibijiei] (father: [osamuagein]) ○ [barozuhato] (father: [ahurito]) - civil war (father: War emblem) △ [montekurisuesu] (father: [shinborikurisuesu]) the wide box, three daily doubles * - the ○ - - with you have a match!

    • Central horse racing attention horse 3/27.3/28
      Profitable information is this ↓ attention horse mail magazine application horse connected home run ■2 time Nakagyo 8th day 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration (gi) [aruteimatoureeshinhuowadokinshiyasanokisekisankarurobibigarudanpuremiamubotsukusu] ■3 time Nakayama 1st day 9r mimosa prize [souruhuruvuoisumoninguhueisu] ■3 time Nakayama 1st day 10r Tonegawa special kids applause platinum main ■3 time Nakayama 1st day 11r Nikkei prize (gii) [eashieideitoribiyutosongunamurakuresentonevuabushiyonmainerukitsutsu] ■3 time Nakayama 2nd day 9r Chiba daily report cup [tekunikaruranhishisenchiyuri] ■3 time Nakayama 2nd day 10r normal entire stake smut no crusher smart stage ■3 time Nakayama 2nd day 11r [machisutekusu] (giii) [husaichipijieineikitsudomakotosuparubieromontekurisuesu] ■2 time Osaka and Kobe 1st day 9r Naruto [sutekusususanraidahuirudojiyueru] ■2 time Osaka and Kobe 1st day 10r everyday the cup(giii) [zataikidanonshiyanteirirudavuarururashitsupu] ■2 time Osaka and Kobe 1st day 11r relations spring special [aruringumunetsukusudansu] ■2 time Osaka and Kobe 2nd day 9r Shikoku newspaper cup perfect run pulling cyanide olive ■2 time Osaka and Kobe 2nd day 10r Sinsai bridge [sutekusukoaresukojinsawayakarasukaru] ■2 time Osaka and Kobe 2nd day 11r your child orchid prize [gurenadeinmashiyukenadaburogu]

    • From today
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon please visit the following link

    • Expectation (super abridged edition) /10 year Nakayama mare S [huirizurebiyu] that you drive,
      impressions , original meaning

    • Ocean S u0026amp; Tulip Award expected
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • Ocean S Yayoi Tulip Award
      issue , Japanese talking

    • Book Carlos u003d 本馬 Yayoi
      Winter Olympics which some days ago are ended, as for woman group [pashiyuto] the [ho] it is naming regrettable the her in the [ma], the next of the car daughter where letter of the [suke] daughter dances the [suke] daughter is plugged to the newspaper of the next day, the [suke] [be] obtaining the daughters? “That finally area [deji] entered into also the pad at the place where it is different,” “[ji] it is huge?” So so in [ibo] in being cut off… “? That it is different”, * it was race/lace reminiscence tulip prize and [tsu] [pa] trial specification of Saturday don't you think? or as for the or [apapane] 2 arrival where Baba is not agreeable, while supposing and as for [shiyouriyuumun] victory outside supposition as for the Kimura Ken as for hungry mind of the large participation local jockey who shoulders the one stick of 7,000,000 betting ticket with 2 races/laces freshly it is main point note but the horse attractive combination and the [tsu] [pa] cherry tree production at it may, with this which ocean to keep advancing to 2 head centers of [apapane] and the apricot, s 58k is the medium [kinshiyasanokiseki] beautiful end leg of that Baba 1 keeper air certainties of Takamatunomiya commemoration? * March prize [vuikutowarupisa] does [apapane], the [chi] [ya] [u]? Or as for here you adhere to the victory or, Baba in the viewpoint large vessel taking the field: Mission mode * 僚 horse [ririentaru] is even turn of this horse of evasion power type pog horse here of our this year which is not one of selection calls to believe the Fujisawa harmony camp, ○ Pisa to which the expectation horse shows nature here - rally to [eishinaporon] popularity falling: [daiwababarian]* Distance topic gⅰIf with the Nakayama 3 revival and from the △ [adomaiyatenkuu] lineage the lawn come approximately ok big van this time, ahead before pleasure and escaping candidacy [kosumoherenosu] Osaka castle s. In [taganosaikuron] which it ran even with the recommendation lawn already Niagara, [seiruraji] of the popularity where m [raijin] Armenian prize ruler ship restarting arrival difference anyhow the victory probably is lowest norm, it lets flow to [vuandaraizu] and [mashiyukenada] on one even number partner higher rank, but marking [denkouokutopasu] in the hole

    • Review 159 Kinshasanokiseki
      It could not go to Nakayama today, it is, but as for ocean s as been before the scoring of the cliffhanger,

    • Sprinters S, expected to last
      kanji character , original meaning

    • Ocean S · Tulip Award
      Today the abnormally warm already spring? That from countryside the classmate died in the sickness, communication came, until now it was communication of accident, but that if it felt keenly so you say whether it was such a year which is communication of the sickness the brain seeing [so] which feels strange feeling on Yuuzi's reverse side it is all right or, March 6th (the Saturday) ocean s (Nakayama 11r) ◎2 turn premium box 11th thunk snort ▲12 turn lunch box ☆3 turn [kinshiyasanokiseki] △4 turn [airuravuagein] △7 turn [sebunshikuin] △16 turn [shiyounankazan] - you buy, eye - 1 arrivals 2nd 11th 12th 2 2nd 11th 12th 3rd 3 2nd 11th 12th3rd 4th 7th 16th 3 connected single formation 45 points you buy and each 100 [jienko] (4500) 12th 3rd 4th 7th 16th 3 connected single 2 head axial multiple 30 points buy to from the 2nd - 11th 2 head axes and each 100 [jienko] (3000) total 7500 [jienkochiyuritsupu] prizes (Osaka and Kobe 11r) the ◎7 turn Omega blue Hawaiian 16th [apapane] ▲3 turn [oukensakura] ☆4 turn [eishinritanzu] △2 turn [rahuorujiyurune] △10 turn best cruise △15 turn wild raspberry - buy eye - 1 arrivals 7th 16th 3rd 2 7th 16th3rd 4th 3 7th 16th 3rd 4th 2nd 10th 15th 3 connected single formation 45 points you buy and each 100 [jienko] (4500) 3rd 4th 2nd 10th 15th 3 connected single 2 head axial multiple 30 points buy to from the 7th - 16th 2 head axes each 100 [jienko] (3000) total 7500 [jienko] 2 race/lace total 15000 [jienko

    • Carlos 本馬 Book Award of tulip / Ocean S
      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

    • Ocean S u0026amp; (in Omake) hole in expected Tulip Award!
      日語句子 , original meaning

    • Been removed Sprinters
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • スプリンターズなど競馬結果
      大量的日本當前主題 , original japanese letters , translated

    • ワンチャンス・・・
      Today perfect laundry day harmony… and from tomorrow as for weather in long rain season of downhill and fall thrust… horse racing expectation Osaka and Kobe 10 [resupotoairandosutekusu] of October 4 everyday day of the week *⑤[tamamonaisupurei] ○⑯[betsurareia] -⑨Below [hotsukaikantei],⑦Flying apple ⑩The Crown princess ⑮Updraft horse ream⑤⑯⑨Box,⑤->⑦⑩⑮ 3 daily doubles⑤->⑯⑨⑦⑩⑮ Nakayama 11 race/lace 43rd [supurintazusutekusu] *⑨B B Cardan ○②[aruteimatoure] -⑮Below [abanitei],④[kinshiyasanokiseki] ⑥Grand prix angel ⑩[sorujiyazusongu] horse ream⑨②⑮Box,⑨->④⑥⑩ 3 daily doubles⑨->②⑮④⑥⑩ It hits also eight 卦 does not hit eight 卦

    • ワンチャンス・・・
      Today perfect laundry day harmony… and from tomorrow as for weather in long rain season of downhill and fall thrust… horse racing expectation Osaka and Kobe 10 [resupotoairandosutekusu] of October 4 everyday day of the week *⑤[tamamonaisupurei] ○⑯[betsurareia] -⑨Below [hotsukaikantei],⑦Flying apple ⑩The Crown princess ⑮Updraft horse ream⑤⑯⑨Box,⑤->⑦⑩⑮ 3 daily doubles⑤->⑯⑨⑦⑩⑮ Nakayama 11 race/lace 43rd [supurintazusutekusu] *⑨B B Cardan ○②[aruteimatoure] -⑮Below [abanitei],④[kinshiyasanokiseki] ⑥Grand prix angel ⑩[sorujiyazusongu] horse ream⑨②⑮Box,⑨->④⑥⑩ 3 daily doubles⑨->②⑮④⑥⑩ It hits also eight 卦 does not hit eight 卦

    • スワンS
      En japones , for multilingual communication

    • スワンSの予想
      Swan s, the tow Shaw college which you aimed to graze being physical condition defective, jolly dance fracture and, in such by the fact that the horse which plans heavy sign stops being reconsidering the expectation can be forced from one, the Early lob strike don't you think? * the selection preceding day odds 18 keeper air, are infrequent, this much * either the training time it is not fast excessively in the horse which is not popularity to give, because and, after using dirt game, the lawn it is short range, it may become rather race/lace from the rear, is, but when the Keisei cup is compared quality something of the member who wins, does even here may the air the pondAlso attachment becoming unable to ride in the tow Shaw college, if the expectation sign which aims for the one shot easy with this horse and probably will be * Early lob strike ○ [huihusupetoru] - [suzukakozuuei] △ [kinshiyasanokiseki] × [shiyounankazan] × glass king 3 year old spirit shaking violence expectation Early is entwined, if as for Brazil c which may become absurd allotment, is race/lace contents of Sirius s of the golden ticket at support 3 year old g3 with handicap 55kg 3 arrivals, if the latest open special the record expectation sign which you can be proud * golden ticket ○ [eshinmoaoba] - dark message △ my flannel foam glass × [epusomuaron] tinted autumn leaves s◎ fire float ○ [teiemuatatsuku] - dragon fang △ lead shooter × my flannel elf × [aromanshiesu]Hagi s * Barton [danonharashiyo] ○ Taylor - cosmopolitan phantom △ hit May car × [buratsukuzetsuto] × [suzukairuman] Yasaka special & [supiritasu] ○ [dantsuhoutei] - knot alone △ [akushion] × spelling bind × [taiseihuaita

    • 不出走ウオッカ、最終結果も1位 有馬記念ファン投票
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • 阪神カップ
      This favorite 2nd and accident? [kinshiyasanokiseki] says front running acted with well, as expected capability horse here power is different being, to do, also the [yo] partner [shiyounankazan], markka Phoenix and Osaka and Kobe proud [zarema], with the swan betrayed 1 keeper air with swan good running group, [suzukakozuuei] but it rides and changes and may go well, then buying from the spring, (1) Osaka and Kobe (day) 11r 3 connected single axis 1 does to [ru] [sankaruro], the multiple axial horse: 02 partners: 01,04,05,08,17 each 100 Yen (6,000 Yen total) (2) Osaka and Kobe (day) 11r horse ream does, the axial horse: 02 partners: 01,04,05,08,17 each 600 Yen (3,000 Yen total) this [tateme]???

    • プラマイゼロ・・・
      First, if from mah-jongg of Saturday you took, also and the [tsu] [chi] it waited 3 4 rank even at one, be sticky you take however 4 1 rank in 3 rank, the [u], 2 time in 3 times was [tobirasu], but it is,… (blast) the margin margin �−�−�−�−�−�−�−� - the � - the �=+72 neat �−�−�−�−�−�−�−�−�−�=−20 s �−�−� - the � - the �−�−�−�−�−�=+47 t �−� - as for the �−�−�−�−�−�−�−�=−99 next, horse racing of yesterday the Asahi cup fs which is done completely (g� lawn 1600) 1 arrival rose kingdoms (1 minute 34 seconds 0) * 2 arrival [eishinaporon] (1.1/4) - 3 arrival [daiwababarian] (2) --------------------------------------------------------------- … 12 arrival [datsushiyagogo] ○ my betting ticket horse reams))) ○ - - 500 Yen, 0 Yen wide)) ○ - - 1000 Yen, 0 Yen Osaka and Kobe cup (g� lawn 1400) 1 arrival [kinshiyasanokiseki] (1 minute 20 seconds 4) * 2 arrival premium boxes (1) 2 arrival [sankaruro] (the same arrival) --------------------------------------------------------------- 5 arrival [shiyounankazan] ○ my betting ticket double victories))) in the ○ 1,000 Yen, 0 Yen horse ream))) * - 500 Yen, also the [tsu] lever which is m−1 have forgotten 0 Yen last night, in the ○ to do, therefore like t videotaped, you make lend the [tsu] It is the snow, it is the snow, it is too cold,… great sorrow… this week the sensitivity… decision of the decision vodka of [buena

    • スランプかもw
      When preparation (shopping and cooking) of the customer of reservation of tomorrow and visit and [keiba] relay observation (laughing) of the boss are done, outside is such a time already becoming dark, the [ru]! The [a] [a], how densely the [tsu] you want! One day is too quick! Nevertheless, rose kingdom it is the good horse, calling still young, however there is also a thing, the foot slurry being long, this [ko] of [katsukoii] it becomes leading part class of grade game of next year not to be wrong, probably will be even present race/lace, doubt it will be, but because it was not, if victory it is it is not, just a little it cannot oppose to this [ko] which is strange race/lace, then, [kinshiyasanokiseki] which wins in the Osaka and Kobe cup (g�)! Being behind, it became start from [donjiri], however it is, outside distance becomes long delicately, the line (saying commonly, person, “outside large”) turning, boldly, 1 arrival this are strong! However it is the strong horse with you thought, never it is strong to here with splendid today the earnest wish achievement play of the rose whole group and being possible to see the miracle (laughing) of [kiseki], very pleasant obtaining [tsu], expectation? Hitting applying? With the partner choosing of rose kingdom (2 arrival horses it chooses and) fails and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is what you do is, if the [o] the [tsu] [te] you feel completely and (it hits, however it is) so you say obstacle race/lace, thing w (just that had expected, everyone,) [demuro] you whose bellow of the instantaneous audience where [kiseki] is behind is enormous, you were hasty, probably will be, w (when that way it had been defeated, whether it had become very thing,)

    • 朝日杯FS 阪神C 他
      The Osaka and Kobe 10 race/lace 3 reams of yesterday single⑥->⑩->⑦15530 Yen the Osaka and Kobe 11 race/lace 3 reams single⑪->⑯->③With get of 9550 Yen you bought the present high prize 2 saddle among yesterday, first, it is the Asahi cup⑧In 1 arrival fixing of rose kingdom⑮⑫⑥④②To betting ticket⑮In 1 arrival fixing of toe plug phantom⑧⑫⑥④②⑨⑯To betting ticket⑧⑮Being 2 head axes multiple⑫⑯⑥④②⑭To the betting ticket today had choosing 5 horses of the name buying in the wife ③⑧⑪⑬⑯Don't you think? count attaching clear [esukada] which 5 heads it puts out and is funny so as for the coconut which is the Osaka and Kobe cup②From [kinshiyasanokiseki]①③④⑤⑦⑨⑫⑭⑮⑱To 3 reams of 1 arrival fixing single and 3 daily double sink scores being many, [sumimasen]; As for the hole existence which you observe⑥⑨⑮With 3 daily doubles which are②?④1 heads can be entwined⑥And⑨And⑮And①And⑤And⑱And③To place of suitably good allotment quasi- op of the Osaka and Kobe 10 race/lace Santa Claus s [da] 1800m handicap games⑦⑩⑪①⑫With 5 heads②You hold down, quasi- op of Nakayama 10 race/lace Christmas c lawn 1600m handicap game ⑨⑫->④⑧⑬⑭Lastly the quasi- op coconut of Nakagyo main barn bridge s lawn 1200m fixed quantity focuses 6 heads which are seen as high distribution inevitable member constitution ①⑤⑦⑨⑰⑧Almost there are no times when it is decided at approximately 100 times probably will be⑥With holding down this day 5 saddle three obtaining [re] [re] above it is great victory, but well…!

    • 今日の結果
      Nakayama 11r Asahi cup [huyuchiyuritei] s (gⅰ)

    • 強すぎわろたwwwww
      En japones , for multilingual communication

    • 朝日杯フューチュリティS&阪神C予想
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • 12/20(日)の予想
      En japonais , please visit the following link

    • 愛知杯 朝日FS 阪神カップ
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , original meaning

    • 明日の重賞予想!
      Everyone of horse racing fan! It is dense, it is, it is the [wa]! It is high prize expectation of tomorrow!

    • 第61回朝日杯だ。
      ○ Osaka and Kobe [jiyubenairu] 1 arrival =2 with keeper air � front running 3 popularity 1 arrival horse 2 =5 with keeper air �. Main day 1 head putting out 3 arrivals of the racing stable =6 the Matsuda racing stable 2 it puts out with the keeper air � and popularity 2 heads of the bridge oral racing stable sinking 4 arrival =4 2 heads of the popularity horse and the Yagi owner of the Maeda owner 3 coming out put out thin with the keeper air � and 1 keeper air horse � which sink as for 5 and 3 keeper air � either 6 and 2 heads do not reach with rear rank group and the � rises and it is the 1st clock, * the front running 17 head stand [do] it is as for the � of rear end assault 2 arrival (circular rice field), this time with Uchida with good rank chase 2 arrivals as expected the ○ male which is UchidaThe Asahi cup of horse 2 year old, $ [eishinaporon] of the g� victory which is g�, rose kingdom of the g� victory the popularity or ○ 47th Aichi cup (as for revival of the handicap mare g� horse tall copy, the shouldering head 56.5 kilometer where also g� horse [ritoruamapora] which is long-term discernment 3rd game is discernment 3rd game, as for the odd head as for the g� horse which is entwined 1, as for the g� horse 6 most as for the light weight which is as for the connected fighting horse which is 48 kilometers 1, as for discernment early stage 2 head ○ 4th Osaka and Kobe cup g� g� horse $ [kinshiyasanokiseki] front running swan victory including, 8 g� horse 9 g� horsesBut international, as for sightseeing excursion group is not as for the discernment early stage group which 5, as for connected fighting group 8 is the escaping type which 5, rear rank the lawn 1400 5

    • チキチキ
      Aichi cup _g� 2009.12.19 Nakagyo _2000m (牝 handicap of 3 years old or more) 1│ [hikaruamaransasu] 2│ [meishiyouberuga] 3│ bravo daisy 4│ [rahuretsushiyuburu] 5│ [serahuitsukuronpu] 6│ [ritoruamapora] 7│ [uedeinguhujiko] 8│ mood indigo 9│ [maineretsueru] 10│ [erimohuainaru] 11│ [arukoseniyora] 12│ [pienabinasu] 13│ Diana Burroughs 14│ tall poppy 15│ lane dance 16│ Crown princess 17│ [yamaninmerubeiyu] 18│ [nishinoburumun] Osaka and Kobe c_g� 2009.12.20 Osaka and Kobe _1400m (3 years old or more) 1│ [shiyounankazan] 2│ [kinshiyasanokiseki] 3│ Early lob strike 4│ markka Phoenix 5│ [suzukakozuuei] 6│ strong Garuda 7│ one carat 8│ [zarema] 9│ [huirudobea] 10│ [gutsudokirara] 11│ my flannel ray near 12│ dragon fang 13│ premium box 14│ [tamamonaisupurei] 15│ [abanitei] 16│ sandal phone 17│ [sankaruro] 18│ thornback thin tiger Asahi cup fs_g� 2009.12.20 Nakayama _1600m (2 years old) 1│ [batorushiyuriiman] 2│ [daiwababarian] 3│ [garubo] 4│ [hitsutojiyapotsuto] 5│ [datsushiyagogo] 6│ [kingureoporudo] 7│ battle lead 8│ rose kingdom 9│ [eshinhowaitei] 10│ [tsurumarujiyupita] 11│ [huroraize] 12│ [eishinaporon] 13│ [esukada] 14│ [kiyoueiashiyura] 15│ toe plug phantom 16│ [nishinomeigetsu] Sima 16 keeper air [serahuitsukuronpu] result 1 arrivals ω_ (゚ ∀ ゚) 14 keeper air a thin forward result 11 arrivals (/ω \ *) 3 keeper air Mickey pumpkin result 6 arrival (/ω \ *) [ishi] 14 keeper air [chiereburita] result 2 arrivals (´∀ `) 2 keeper air silent pride result 6 arrivals (/ω \ *) 11 keeper air thornback thin tiger result 9 arrival (/ω \ *) [oga] 0 keeper air result 0 arrivals (/ω \ *) 0 keeper air result 0 arrivals (/ω \ *) 1 keeper air break running out result 3 arrival (´∀ `) bamboo 7 keeper air lead agate result 6 arrivals (/ω \ *) 10 keeper air [sorujiyazusongu] result 13 arrivals (/ω \ *) 16 keeper air

    • 今週の出走
      October 31st (Saturday) Kyoto 11r swan s (gⅱ) Lawn 1400m [huihusupetoru] male 3 Fujioka 佑 jockey 55.0kg more and more fall of [huihusupetoru] starting game. You think that also the rear of the Miho [toresen] returning 厩 handled adjustment favorably on September 30th, was finished in thorough state. The last of yesterday to finish to chase even with, as pierces the 併 running horse with the horse appearance and released state probably will be there is no complaint! Simply, after returning 厩 it becomes the beginning and ending horse and in training, a little it is insecure not even one time to be chased in strengthening. This time, opposition with the first old horse. Powerful opponent such as [kinshiyasanokiseki], [suzukakozuuei] and fine grain becomes the partner, but there is also a loaf quantitative difference if and, short range, believing, that it wins can be defeated even with the old horse partner and it increases. Also the flow becomes fast, probably will be and, to utilize the instantaneous power of nature, the perfect stage. Being proud, mile, you expect the success even in order to face to championship. November 1st (Sunday) participation in one week in Kyoto 9r Gaoxing special lawn 2400m tamper Sonne male 3 Fujioka 佑 jockey 54.0kg. Front running and in the past running the flow does not face and dyspepsia race/lace continuously increases. Whether the first powerful opponent [jiyamiru] which is thought evades. It may become game with per [kitasanamigo] of [taganohuantomu] and the same 厩, is. In case of tamper Sonne, partner-related commenting compared to, whether or not good running it is possible, it becomes the flow of this horse direction? In the point shank. If front becomes fast and development faces, as for the power which is penetrated you think that sufficiently it is. Also hitting 3rd game and handicap are convenient. Good game it is expectation!

    • ■勝ち馬を探せ!スプリンターズS(4)
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , for multilingual communication

    • 浅草・尾道ラーメン鳶でチャーシューメン、&第43回スプリンターズステークス大予想
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • スプタS回想+@
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Japanese talking

    • 今週の穴馬は何だ?
      The record chart of the short length priest designation dark horse of this year (so far) February s: Outside hope City arrival (4 arrivals) Takamatunomiya commemoration: Ouka prize outside [kinshiyasanokiseki] arrival and outside [huaridatsuto] arrival: Satuki prize outside [jieruminaru] 3 arrival and rouge bamboo arrival: Triumph march 2, emperor prize spring outside golden ticket arrival: NHK outside [zennogutsudoutsudo] arrival and outside [montekurisuesu] arrival mile: [vuikutoriamairu] outside Mickey pumpkin arrival: Oaks outside [maineretsueru] arrival, outside mood indigo arrival and outside [sawayakarasukaru] arrival: Outside [danonberuberu] arrival, Derby outside arrival such as [vuivuavuodoka]: Outside golden ticket arrival, [nakayamahuesuta] 4 arrival, [antoniobarozu] 3 arrival Yasuda commemoration: [huaridatsuto] 3 arrival Takarazuka commemoration: [supurintazu] s outside [inteiraimi] arrival and outside [adomaiyahuji] arrival: Fall outside [torenojiyubiri] arrival bloom prize: Chrysanthemum flower prize outside wide sapphire arrival and outside one carat arrival: Emperor prize fall outside [shienvuaruto] arrival: When outside cherry tree Orion arrival you said, the time where the wax ~ [mu], the one shot it comes out densely gradually? ^^

    • 日曜の荒法師 VS JRAの結果
      11/8 (day) Tokyo 11r Republic of Argentina cup (gⅱ) * ⑰ Jaguar male ⑤Seeing on arrival site, however it increased, the 1000m passing time verifies the position of 1 minute 2 second jaguar males '… where it does not reach'Unless with you are convinced and if the straight line before entering, as for me the intention to fight loss [sumiyon] jockey 'as for truth when we would like to do race/lace more at before, but starting, you going before in the other horse, thing to in the Magome straw raincoat' * before striking, as for the [sumiyon] jockey who was thought last week the normal which high prize has won with [kinshiyasanokiseki], this week, but not being able to win around the Japanese [jiyotsukisumiyon] jockey you are applicable to this [seori] to decision there good expectation, after the race/lace the ~ [ku] you inspect, you become aware in failing… Don't you think? the owner, both the racing stable the same as [kinshiyasanokiseki] the [e] or [a] jockey & the racing stable & the owner being even, the [wa] which is not 2 week continual high prize conquest being disgusted [ya] wretchedly the [wa] which is not, me…When the race track it goes, the horse saw and such information becoming unable to be visible, wrapped also the [re] [te], Tokyo 12r plate three year old or more (under 10,000,000) * ⑬ [vueritasu] ⑤As for arrival last race/lace profitable idea being proud, this race/lace about the usually same self-confidence met, however it is, don't you think? the [e] Akiyama jockey 'to catch the horse of the tend escaping to outside, when already a little before the position taking becomes a little bad we would like to do horse racing at position of the eye, but it is, [jiwajiwa] stuffing, you gave, end but…'With it is turning too much thing just a little outside, you thought that it can repel more, but it is, the [e], thinking, to depend, there was no leg, because next week there is no starting running of the love horse, it devotes to the expectation of game race/lace and would like to apply

    • 週末の競馬
      issue , Japanese talking

    • 馬々の黄昏的日記2009
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • がきの法則087新潟記念・キーンランドC

    • 7/12(日)競馬検討
      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

    • POG指名馬 昨季の反省と今季の展望
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • 316戦目~本日の競馬【NHKマイルカップ予想】~
      NHK mile the cup (gi) like every year when record of 5 years lawn 1600m past is expected in reference it is the race/lace which becomes rough, but this year with ordinary means to be possible to go, 2008 is not and probably will be, 2007, the horse 2005 and 2 column popularity doing, intense running in order that this year when disturbance is called this kind of horse is found, that with the jockey whom you think whether it will try interweaving also the small news item which just a little is done in addition to the jockey expectation which is the base of expectation of [watakushi], ①But with 3 continuations the same jockey the horseman power (however 'as for the jockey where the rattan' 'rice field' is attached exception if the jockey of the name ok) ②The same jockey as front running and in the past running horseman power ③The race/lace day, the same jockey as front running horseman power ④The race/lace day, the same jockey as in the past running horseman power ⑤In either front running or in the past running foreign jockey horseman power ⑥The jockey where 'the rice field' is attached to in the past running does, the horseman power can list the data, at the same time 1 keeper air, but⑤⑥Because this year the jockey who corresponds is not, exception ①The mare as for the male horse this year when it is like the opposite is better in the popularity horse break running out corresponds vis-a-vis the one which wins successively being better, but continuing to betray 1 keeper air, now to do, because also race/lace interval has been less crowded too much, [teiatsupugorudo] which drops the just a little popularity which does not leave excessively strongly as [watakushi] good kana, with you think ②When 'the riding substituting to the jockey where the rattan' 'rice field' is attached it is, when the day popularity thin is, there is no possibility intense running of doing to do, not to be, because is, when it is the member of this year when it checks once [getsutohurumakusu] and the grand prix angel, 3 heads of the advance hay low/row are applicable ③④Iron look and the [huihusupetoru] [u] ~ whose well enough connected anti- ratio is excellent it is it is to call it is not or, for example that also such a small news item interweaves with the [a] ~~ and the being defeated is that color has been attached to horse name, 2008 black shell (black) 2007 pink cameo (pink) 2006 [kinshiyasanokiseki] (the gold) 2005 [airuravuagein] (the indigo) 2004 [kingukamehameha] (the gold) the [te] 3 heads of iron look, [retsudosupada] and [teiatsupugorudo] correspond to the member of this year when it is feeling, In addition as for [getsutohurumakusuaianrutsukuguranpurienzeruretsudosupadateiatsupugorudoadobansuheirohuihusupetoru] buying eye about after

    • NHKマイルC
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • レースの結党傾向 NHKマイルC・京都新聞杯・新潟大賞典
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • がきの法則071京都新聞杯・新潟大賞典・NHKマイルC予想
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • G1
      The Takamatunomiya commemoration [kinshiyasanokisekisuripuresunaitobibigarudanhuaingureinrorerugereiro] how the combining which is? Expectation of yesterday it has made draft it places, you have forgotten! Result, only 1 and 2 arrivals 3. To, exactly, it does not hit, (>_

    • 高松宮記念 予想
      G1 which decides the short range ace of the spring more and more shank horse weight calls that it has big increase and decrease with about [airuravuagein], the finish? Seems the way don't you think? (- ^▽^ -) the three press knight of the ace of the fall to go to bed, while there being an insecurity of opening, becoming 1 keeper air, the ~ which now inhales it is… Being difficult, the shank (. >0<.) If the buying [wa] it is not, it does not hit, * as for the [kinshiyasanokiseki] buying eye with this If it hits, writing also the expectation of huge march, s it increases, if it is with the ↑ it may, the [pochi] [tsu] please pass

    • 高松宮記念。
      After a long time, it is g1 race/lace, don't you think? - spring is, ◎07 urban street 4 three press knight ▲16 B B gal Don △09 [kinshiyasanokiseki]… the [u] is this cod probably will form the air does

    • 第4回夕刊フジ賞オーシャンステークス(GⅢ)の結果
      Purchase betting ticket 3 daily double box. . . .⑥ Per each ¥100 meter ¥1,000 the betting ticket is not connected fighting [abanitei] comes never with first ardently [kinshiyasanokiseki] of the favorite which the [tsu] [chi] [ya] is 10 the crushing defeat… After all, the combining where the fact that interval is less crowded too much probably is cause what or it is alternation of generation even with this race/lace?

    • 日経賞 毎日杯 マーチS 高松宮記念
      When it becomes 4 high prizes, well enough expectation and the labor is required, below as for the favorite Yokoyama model on [nevuabushiyon] and the saddle comes having [kitsuchiri] temporarily from Nikkei prize, probably being, 3 heads of the buying eye first [anesutori], the lineage it is funny, but if concern the Al eggplant line, the inside framework does not influence distance aptitude next, good fortune [hokutosurutan], we would like to support lastly privately, but don't you think? race/lace interval, don't you think? just a little, everyday as for the favorite of the cup as for [apurezanrevu] and experience it is shallow with the box or more 4, but rising did not reach the fast Uchida's overcoming or or less 3 heads the pickup in [aiamupikaichi] and the front running the one step first, but this timeIt can go it is not or, next [ootorioujiya] and intact debut 2 successive win are young in [yane] which is not [date], if does not come out, it is good, after probably will be, the double wedge, front running beautiful, this time how serving, to feel, because the favorite with [machisutekusu] [ranzarote], is the dirt where Kamimoto's bridle handling is attractive with the box buying or more 4, below can be also unexpected easy victory, you buy 3 heads and the riding substituting of [makotosuparubiero] and the jockey is many first in the eye, but the horse and the horse distance which plainness gradually with high prize the one shot how kana can be expected next at [satonokokuo] and the Fujisawa racing stable return to 1800m, as for here game sign lastly hope City Above, precedence finishes to escape, pattern the hammer [re] sufficiently remaining, as for the favorite with the box Takamatunomiya commemoration 4 the urban street, before the leg of the usual rising is fast, as for running as for here where it wins well with spirit gⅰThe buying eye capture or or less 3 is listed, if first as for the being defeated of [kinshiyasanokiseki] and front running with the image that Fujita riding sufficiently next in [rorerugereiro], and the front running Iwata on the disregard saddle has completely, considerable response short range, to tell the truth the horse which can be expected well enough B B gal Don, to ride lastly, but to substitute, never you call the happiness four 郎, but to feel, because it is funny, you buy and have a match with the or more 4 heads

    • 今年もやってきました、G1シリーズ・・
      When season of hybrid betting ticket technique of the soccer young priest who is regret with topic of horse racing starts doing, better seed Ψ (the `∇´) looking back at the record of Ψ last year tries, how, also 1 times hitting, increase it is (@д@; (@д@; (@д@; It is [yabayaba],… something being hybrid betting ticket technique? Such a name power the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] it is to call is? The [tsu] shank ~ ゜゜ which the [tsu] [te] you feel and is unpalatable very (the ´□ `.)Without being disgusted even with the °゜, and the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is! It tried, because the day when Takamatunomiya commemoration of last year is held expecting “Takamatunomiya commemoration” by the way nine purple Mars (the fire or the purple or the strokes attention are in the horse in 9 pictures and 19 pictures) as for the result and allotment 1 4th fine grain 2 10th [kinshiyasanokiseki] 3 arrival 1st [suzukahuenitsukusu] 1-4-10 as for three daily doubles 8.750 Yen 4-10-1 as for three reams single as for 38.840 Yen framework ream 2-5 2700 Yen as for nine stars of this year when is seven red Venus, in name the gold and the gold and seven, and so on the horse which is attached are doubtful the shank ~ or. The number in pictures depended on the energy from such a, outer space in 7 pictures and 17 pictures, heart it is strong! Bold unsuitable expectation of the jack of [zorome] 4-7-10-13-16 o which tries trying money in hand 1000 Yen in the wide box (the *^▽^*) the o betting ticket, does not hit at all from basis, but it did entire country various and the exchange of message with [burogu] of the soccer young priest, facing, increases the betting ticket which knows each other also the feather purity which has been supported strongly through here is, maximum the person and the person are tied, carried out the highest role, it is with the shank, to tell the truth

    • 第39回 高松宮記念(GⅠ)予想
      In home page 39th Takamatunomiya commemoration (gⅰ) The latest expectation ranking 1 rank which releases expectation that thought whether March 28th 20:43 presently has become [kinshiyasanokiseki], a little it becomes the popularity which with 4 keeper air probably will be completed with the odds of 8.7 times however it is, well g of short range gameⅰSo it cannot win easily, it is, but we would like to expect to the latest running, is

    • 高松宮記念2009
      Tomorrow Takamatunomiya commemoration and gⅰIs! This year, the Nakayama plate from here. Being defeated continuation…This time when it is we would like to change the flow here and others however [kinshiyasanokiseki] besides the fact that it is challenge in the axis, becoming matter of concern whether [huaridatsuto] and [rorerugereiro] is bought to in addition to with holding down, as for the favorite of the oiler these 3 heads! [adeiosu]! The [tsu] [te], horse racing compared to, tomorrow [yu] [u] consequence and the ♪ the one which meets with to kana are the pleasure

    • 高松宮記念予想
      * Tow Shaw college ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] - the [huaridatsuto] △ in addition you buy, the eye: Single victory * three daily double ◎○, from ◎▲ entire sink ------------------------------------- As for the Dubai world cup being like [ueruamudo] wins, as for shank [ueruamudo] uae Derby 4 arrival horse [invuasoru] of that time of the horse which wipes out in the uae Derby where [huramudopashion] starts running, [ueruamudo] which is wiped out controls the Dubai world cup afterwards, overcoming the transport in 3 years old with such a member where also the discrete cat of the victory horse participated, the actuality where [huramudopashion] which eats into 3 arrivals has not been accustomed to the kind male horse… is very harsh, is ---------------------------------------- When several you look at the newspaper, the next running of the lark carol that flora s is planned is according to expectation, but because it is the horse which in the future is, we want avoiding just the excessiveness using

    • 高松宮記念の予想
      * [huaridatsuto] ○ [rorerugereiro] - [kinshiyasanokiseki] △ fine grain × tow Shaw college × [sorujiyazusongu] × dragon fang then [minasan] of the expectation house we ask may

    • 【宮記念・予想】 奇跡の連続。
      Dubai slept being like it is the regrettable result, the shank, after it is with occurring, it was check, but there is a shock of the angular staying teacher and fundamentally comment is very impressive?…When it becomes apex class of the world, that however perhaps, still what, it is harsh persevering not to dishearten in this, as we want the potato it is wbc which is so been, because as for keeps winning in the worldwide game the degree of appeal for the general person of society is different at all don't you think? the [e] * Rather than [kinshiyasanokiseki] thinking, being able to sell single, with odds something which the [ru] can buy ream well sufficiently according to schedule before entering from this horse, as for running training…If 0.3 second difference perhaps, whether with the [yu] - whether even adjustment tournament like it is, problem or, the inserting which is not [kiyara] which it runs originally accurately with g3 it substitutes and with extreme route something something is eaten, but whether unrestricted [keiba] which it judges that it is own horse the expectation to 2.3 arrivals it is possible and the [so] - as for the [tsu] shank partner where also the framework is good Baba seeing, there is no self-confidence which the pickup it is possible the last decision outrageous horse it is with, as for approximately the main lane it becomes the horse of popularity and [tsu] [pa] Hankyu cup group? * However the race/lace Inchon s group where the borane TASS distance extended horse is rather weak with popularity something with [koitsu] the tin bar aims with image of [hishiatorasu] and if is to call does even in s k country, if framework outside the image which [keiba] it is easy to do becomes rough even at two, it pours and it probably is conclusion, die the person. When you think, the one which is not Miura was more grateful, it is, but still the betting ticket obtaining [tsu] it is with him thing or, the kana whose either nut [ku] is not bad to the acquaintance here and others “and - [kose], how as for condition?”As if getting near, don't you think? hawk wax (bad adult) the [ma], - accompanying even at the store which is, the [tsu] [te] is the [bu] and others even so, the air long ago like the regular a little the area of Matsuoka the varieties…

    • 競馬
      Nakayama 9r ◎3 [matsuchiresubaro] 4 [tsuukaiyasunamu] △13 lease reception △14 dual processor Nakayama 10r normal entire [sutekusu] ◎5 [maruteinsutaku] △3 [mainerushiyupiru] 6 Mickey cheer full △7 [kopanojingu] Nakayama 12r [machisutekusu] ◎11 hope City 3 [satonokokuo] 4 [ranzarote] Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration ◎9 [kinshiyasanokiseki] 4 three press knight 15 [abanitei

    • 高松宮記念
      Result as for the all delicate three press knight becoming popularity, it increases, but whether the Imai [chi] - with… [kinshiyasanokiseki] is [mashi], but that now one… the favorite: [rorerugereiro] opposition: How probably will be with B B gal Don? There is no self-confidence

    • 発走時刻がゆったりして良い
      Nakagyo 11 race/lace Takamatunomiya commemoration ◎9 [kinshiyasanokiseki] 8 [huaridatsuto] ▲10 fine grain △1 cosmopolitan bell △5 tow Shaw college Nakayama 12 race/lace march s ◎6 [makotosuparubiero] 8 coffee Olympus ▲1 [kikunosarire] △5 toe plug Archer △14 [arondaito

    • 高松宮記念
      ◎09 [kinshiyasanokiseki] 4 three press knight ▲13 [rorerugereiro] △10 fine grain △12 [heirohuji] △14 dragon fang ×16 B B gal Don note 02 [sorujiyazusongu] note 07 urban street note 15 [abanitei] horse ream 04-09,09-13 each 1000 Yen 07-15,02-09,07-09,08-09,09-10,09-12,09-14,09-15,09-16 each 500 Yen three daily double 04-09-16400 Yen 02-09-16,07-09-16,09-10-16,09-12-16,09-13-16,09-14-16,09-15-16 10000 Yen each 100 Yen three connected single 09→12→16,12→09→16 each 500 Yen 09→02→16,09→04→16,09→07→16,09→10→16,09→13→16,09→14→16,09→15→ 1602 →09→16,04→09→16,07→09→16,10→09→16,13→09→16,14→09→16,15→09→16 each 100 Yen total

    • スプリンターズステークス再戦か?
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • 高松宮記念
      Escaping to win the joy full heart, perhaps, because being defeated probably will be is not thought, flying temporarily, it may escape, that you chase that, because about [rorerugereiro] and [kinshiyasanokiseki], as for B B gal Don because perhaps from vague position, joy full everyone you ignore probably will be because pace of substantial [gereiro], it is not this horse sprinter, in place of the happiness four 郎 the extent which becomes [zubuzubu] it does not become fast pace, but first half 3f34.1, past even in the front running most speed this race/lace 33.4 of last year, that time the entire clock 1.07.1 calls super high-speed Baba, this year it thinks that perhaps it is 8 second level, in such a thingBut the expectation which does not become, with the expectation of the front advantage the notion that where Sunday system says decisively past as a tendency of several years, the northern dancer as a mother father the importance as a father system it has almost not come, the dragon fang, the father the same hay low system as Sunday, it is with [taikishiyatoru] and the [tsu] does the fact that with the powerful horse of this year [abanitei] and [kinshiyasanokiseki] surface with the Sunday type question thing which precedes with three press knight, B B gal Don and [rorerugereiro] etc, become matter of concern and binding in the [yo], it does the air which is not good, but thinks as better kana than the northern dancer, then pastDoes not have excessive example the board ruler type cosmopolitan bell conclusion which * the dragon fang, has won a complete victory 2 running ago in [abanitei], as for [abanitei] on the saddle just on the saddle gⅰSo 2, then Kinshasa, kana and [gereiro] which are not possible either, also the cosmopolitan and the northern dancer disregard entirely

    • 第39回 高松宮記念(G1)予想
      2009 March 29th (day) 15:40/Nakagyo 11r 1200m lawn left plate type 4 year old or more/(international) (appointment)/opening/measuring - Development escaping enters unexpectedly and as for precedence inside sees, that it is profitable, but difference of good rank you note - Expectation * as many as 4 three press knight guns good framework and in. There is a result and with development circumstance there is one shot with central 5 tow Shaw college proud Nakagyo - from the upper load of 9 [kinshiyasanokiseki] 2nd games reversal with △ 7 urban street favorableness and proud course higher rank with the △13 [rorerugereiro] delicate framework to holding down running before the ☆10 fine grain. Return expectation - Recommendation 3 connected single (12 points) 4 10,5,9 10,5,9,7,13● horses double (8 points) 4-10,4,5,7,13 10-5,9 5-9 Sinsai bridge s 2009 March 29th (day) 15:30/plate type 4 year old or more inside the Osaka and Kobe 10r 1400m lawn right/(mixture) [appointment]/under 16,000,000/fixed quantity * 4 [gutsudokirara] 16 [maineesupowaru] - 8 [suzukakozuuei] △ 6 [tamamonaisupurei] △17 [kouyukizuna

    • 爆笑田中VS俺(高松宮記念)
      From that [kuso] Arima, being quick ones, spring it will be time of horse racing and the better callous will let flow with [sarari] to the tea soaking densely! Still first it is main,… burst of laughter Tanaka's expectation axial spring song ⑰-①⑤⑥⑦⑬⑯ We tea soaking expectation axial three press knight ④-⑤⑨⑩⑬⑭⑯ The anxiety material of the three press knight if only the thing start which is throwing it is decided, regrets the fact that is wasteful vain effort even with 1 keeper air which probably will be to be an amount betting ticket tastefulness where appraisal has fallen delicately! Still, as for [kinshiyasanokiseki] where the bottom is not visible front running is surprised to also the scantness never of the crushing defeat horse pillar, but if you do not hold down, in the painful eye you aim toward further advance with amiable blinker wearing! As for the excessive growth where the champion fine grain of last year closely the horse racing which is not running non- worth continues those which cannot be expected. It is light in the thing fact which is the quantity. Prohibited thing! After also the B B data which the laurel the bruise is laughed boosts him with the Hankyu cup the Hankyu superior laurel and the dragon and 阪. After. Originality. Sky. This horse of the horse tow Shaw college to leap the betting ticket at a stroke!!!

    • 超久々の競馬予想・・・?
      More and more g of the springⅰThe series starts!

    • 第39回 高松宮記念(GⅠ)
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • 高松宮記念
      Nakagyo 11r Takamatunomiya commemoration ◎4 three press knight 16 B B gal Don ▲13 [rorerugereiro] △15 [abanitei] ×9 [kinshiyasanokiseki] decisively the three press knight! After, the side one line or B B gal Don growth is considerable

    • 【 高松宮記念 】
      ◎4 three press knight 15 [abanitei] ▲16 B B gal Don △8 [huaridatsuto], 9 [kinshiyasanokiseki], 10 fine grains

    • 高松宮記念
      Immediately before the Takamatunomiya commemoration Takamatunomiya commemorating expectation ◎� [kinshiyasanokiseki] ○� [abanitei] ▲� three press knight △� fine grain △� spring song today hits after a long time and!? The air does, (note) this expectation buying the betting ticket on the basis of coming off, altogether, it cannot owe responsibility <2009/03/2900: 00> | Horse racing expectation | | blog top |

    • 3月29日 高松宮記念
      March 29 Hidaka Matumiya commemoration 2009-03-29 to be modest, there probably is also around the cosmopolitan bell with sun 04:54 [rorerugereiro] and the joy full heart while wanting the flow which even with rear becomes game from we would like to go because and also [kinshiyasanokiseki] probably will go to crushing ahead of time, as for the favorite which you see that it does not become easy development, being rubbed, as for the risk which you dislike naturally it is, but if attaching to medium group after all at the tow Shaw college, it does the horse racing like the fine grain of last year, as for this framework before probably being perfect, sort of the reminiscence which is made maximum it is insecure to do that horse racing of front running, but is, the Hakodate sprintWhile being behind even with s, from inside it attaches to medium group and but because if there is a result which it ran to 2 arrivals of Kinshasa with 33.8-34.7 if as for correspondence as for another insecure point which you see that it is possible, after the horse weight training speaking clearly, it can miscalculate 560 of horse weight, if you think it can squeeze, that we want with about 550 putting out, the schedule which has a match, it cannot squeeze, dropping also the amount, dubious it is reconsidering being, if popularity cracks, we would like to place the tasteful preceding capability horse after 2 counts, * tow Shaw college ○ [kinshiyasanokiseki] - the fine grain * All B B gal Don △ three press knight horse racing | | | Already, because there is no hp,… | home | This article of Takamatunomiya commemoration all horse

    • 高松宮記念 人気がないならキンシャサを買います!
      Popularity may crack, don't you think? is, as for disputing 2 keeper air where the three press knight may take 1 keeper air even after a long time from the ~ result, the combining which is per [rorerugereirobibigarudanhuaridatsutoabanitei]??? Because the starting running horse decides in tomorrow, to that the ~ which will be thought

    • 3/26 高松宮記念
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • がんばれキンシャサノキセキ(高松宮記念)
      [kinshiyasanokiseki] male 6/57.0kg (moat declaration line) as a record of the horse where certainty is motto as for [oshiyansutekusu] of front running it was the result which cannot be agreed upon

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