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    Sakura Mimosa,

    Gamble related words ダノン Mimosa Oka award Kanto Oaks Buena Vista danone bellver Rouge Bamboo Raverita

    • Kanto Oaks
      Today, at the Kawasaki race track, Kanto Oaks is done! Last year rises and, [yukichiyan] winning overwhelmingly, here 5 years of better seed jra spirit has confronted ream and, this year we would like to observe to 4 heads of jra spirit! * [ravuerita] ○ Diana Burroughs - as for my tea through × cherry tree mimosa △ [tsukushihime] △ [moereetanaruravuerita], with the dirt as for ascent dragon s of front running escaping, acquiring the difference of 1 horse bodies, or more also the victory victory clock it is good pleasantly in 4 game 3 victories, is in the hole which you think that and, this time they are the powerful 1 counts, this time when you observe to my tea through is the new dirt, but through rate of the older sister is image of good running history with the lawn, but as for 2 victories with the dirt, there are also 3 arrivals with queen prize of local interchange high prize, it is it is the same father system as that older sister who is and, the lineageBecause perhaps, in the mark even with the dirt the [ike] [ru] aiming in the single hole, it is like* The betting ticket after three connected single formation ◎→○▲×→○▲×△○→◎→▲×△, the my tea through empty horse single ◎○×△⇔▲ [ma], does also the kind of air to which [ravuerita] wins normally with play, but it becomes some race/lace, the ♪ which is the pleasure

    • Kawasaki 3rd day 10 race/lace Kanto Oaks
      As for strong ones forcing & [ravueritadaiana] with Uchida have become popularity, but…If it compares only the dirt, as for [ravu] as for Bali Bali open horse Diana Nakayama 1800 dirt 1 victory horse that in the mare limited game, the same condition of the same day (is the male horse but) in the victory horse of race/lace with the clock 1,7 seconds the last 5,000,000 horse which is inferior, in the partner who has difference too excessively tough.⑭[moereetanaru] hard [rote] and large enclosure, upper Koo of consent wins extremely and those where it hurries become matter of concern, but…(Expecting the [moere] crushing defeat,…) -③Hontiyousi there were no here 2 games of Diana Burroughs, it seems? In any case the door promontory if you do not hold down, the △⑧If 2 heads of the cherry tree mimosa mountain inlet to put out, this ×⑩Measure silence⑪If as for the my tea first dirt 1400 rather, with 2100 you do not buy such feeling ◎→ 〇 ▲△→ 〇 ▲△×3 connected single 9 point betting tickets of the cutting where either one Yen does not need

    • Niigata ibis [sutekusu
      My flannel ray near and the cherry tree mimosa escaping, it withstands to somewhere, the cherry tree mimosa the loaf quantity is light, is, but whether just a little power insufficiency conversely whether the loaf quantity is too heavy, there, before the scoring aiming for the gale spur key which is poured, you think my flannel ray near as like, * [geirusupaki] ○ my flannel ray near - the Michael Burroughs △ my �

    • Saturday appraisal of each race track<8/29>& you aim, eye ibis S
      Appraisal of 3 places all r at once release! By all means appraisal of each race/lace in reference of betting ticket examination!! Present recommendation race/lace!!! If the Niigata 11r ibis s as expected 59 kilometer my flannel ray near being harsh, image kana of the horse racing which at the time of mountain stream s before the shank ~ 3 running is defeated * the favorite short range of this horse ⇒ even course, has even tapir thin o product scene after a long time ○ opposition this horse ⇒ 厩. Horse turn of proud route modification ▲△ with this with check ⇒ 3 daily double formation ten thousand betting ticket aims! 1 arrival columns * as for 2 arrival column ○▲△ 3 arrival column △☆☆☆☆ ◎○▲△ with this check ⇒ *④[yamaninemaiyu] *⑥[maineruhuogu] *⑪Cherry tree mimosa *⑬Selling these 3 saddles, it increases the pay floor clerk expectation of main day of [ehuteimaia]! As for appraisal of each race track of this day which Ogura 10rtvq cup Sapporo 9r it does and others the hippopotamus s Niigata 9r inlet 佐 asks special memorial hose .com may such a feeling ~

    • Nakayama 11R turquoise S
      Nakayama 11r turquoise s◎①Cherry tree mimosa ○⑦[hokutogurein] -④[rejinetsuta] △⑩[asukudepiyutei] ×②[uedeinguhujiko] *⑤[shiyaranjiyu] horse ream①④⑦⑩box①-②⑤⑦-②⑤ Horse single①⇔②④⑤⑦⑩ Wide①-⑦⑩ 3 daily doubles①-②④⑤⑦⑩box 3 ream single①⑦-①②④⑤⑦⑩-①②④⑤⑦. f well as for result

    • [shinzan] commemoration
      This week of 3 day opening today mile due to 3 years old in Kyoto g of the game springⅰGlaring, the Kyoto 11r daily sport prize [shinzan] commemoration where the member who would like to do prize addition can see mainly (gⅲIt tries aiming for the horse which) the horse of rectilinear game so being multi is and from before is attached to medium group with the Asahi cup where * it wins and rises and challenges the not yet victory which is 4th [garubo] ahead 4 arrivals the pleasure as for the partner who is 1 heads 4 head single victory 4 horse reams 4 of [seresurondeipisanoyurishizumeishiyoukanpakukanetoshideiosu] - in 9th [daiwadeiraito] which shows the preeminent sense of security with the Nakayama 11r [jiyaniari] s1200m dirt * as for the partner who is 4 head single victory 9 horse ream 9 above [gurandoratsuchiautokuratoruseikurimuzunsakuramimoza] -

    • 6/17 (water) gamble
      At the Kawasaki race track, as for the framework order where 45th Kanto Oaks jpnii (prize 1 32,000,000 Yen) is done when just the jockey who is as follows sees, public. Race/lace just of the horse is like, but my favorite where also jra has come out is the ampere, when to be quick being in Hokkaido, 11 [tsukushihime] Funabashi which wants recovering strength, is 牝 3 54.0 Sakai English 22 [takinosakura] Kasamatsu 牝 3 54.0 Yoshii friend 33 Diana Burroughs jra 牝 3 54.0 Uchida Hiroshi 4 [kosumoravuchiyan] Kanazawa 牝 3 54.0 Mizuno your 45 ampere Kawasaki 牝 3 54.0 mark place sentence 6 [touhokubijin] Kasamatsu 牝 3 54.0 濱 oral camphor tree 57 [ravuerita] jra 牝 3 54.0 Iwata healthy 8 cherry tree mimosas jra 牝 3 54.0 door promontories 圭 69 world ready Kasamatsu 牝 3 54.0 Okabe genuine 10 measure silence Funabashi 牝 3 54.0 Yamada Makoto 711 my teas through After jra 牝 3 54.0 God training 12 [vuikutoriparu] Kawasaki 牝 3 54.0 Sato Hiroshi 813 [roma] Oi 牝 3 54.0 Hari rice field capital 14 [moereetanaru] Kawasaki 牝 3 54.0 Koo loyalties, with Mikuni and Wakamatsu gⅰ1 where quasi- victory game is done the boat is attention whether it becomes the Awa deciding advance where it is as follows Mikuni 10r lawn rice field Hiroshi Osamu 11r Ishida governmental our 12r now fence Koutarou Wakamatsu 10r Yamaguchi hardness 11r Awa victory 哉 12r fish valley Satoshi 之

    • 6/18 (wood) gamble
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • Result of last week
      [apapane] of Ouka prize being strong, but the shank because as for the race/lace where also the horse 2 or less is good it has done with you think, and arrival order inserts in Oaks and substitutes the Saturday Nakayama 1r [amaretoushiyou] 6 arrival 2r [seresumajiesutei] 15 arrival 3r my flannel dolce 9 arrival 4r [aizuobuzoro] 2 arrival which is thought as kana -> double victory 310 Yen 5r [kahonototsupugan] 12 arrival 6r flow list life 5 arrival 7r [namurahueari] 1 arrival -> single victory 1020 Yen double victory 250 Yen 8r [moerejindaiko] 6 arrival 9r [sakurabaretsuto] 13 arrival 10r Kin Tosi Soleil 1 arrival -> the single victory 460 Yen double victory 150 Yen 11r New Zealand trophy * [reto] 3 arrival -> the double victory 380 Yen ○[daiwababarian] 2 arrival - [mainerumarushie] 6 arrival △ cosmopolitan sensor 7 12r [opunzageto] 16 arrival Osaka and Kobe 10r Osaka and Kobe mare [sutekusu] * best location 8 arrival ○ [hikaruamaransasu] 13 arrival - [purovuinajiyu] 2 arrival △ [kanoyazakura] 3 arrival Sunday Nakayama 1r [bikopegu] 4 arrival 2r [edohigan] 4 arrival 3r [nobochiyan] 3 arrival -> double victory 180 Yen 4r [matsukusuchiyanpu] 7 arrival 5r space needle 14 6r [zennoberano] 5 arrival 7r phosphorus gas actor 12 8r [dakuinsanitei] 1 arrival -> the single victory 190 Yen double victory 110 Yen 9r gin rickey 9 arrival 10r lake merit 7 11r cherry tree mimosa 3 -> double victory 440 Yen 12r [maesutorare] 2 arrival -> double victory 150 Yen Osaka and Kobe 10rOuka prize * apricot fizz 5 arrival ○ [taganoerizabeto] 12 arrival - [kosumonemoshin] 9 arrival △ [apapane] 1 arrival △ [ranankiyurasu] 17 arrival

    • Mare G1:
      Today the g1 race/lace Ouka prize cherry tree of the mare fight of the maiden… first horse racing expectation Nakayama 11 race/lace spring of the April 11 everyday day of the week which prays the fact that race/lace is finished safely without the wound at the Osaka and Kobe race track which blooms thunder [sutekusu] *⑭Apollo Phoenix ○②Sandal phone -⑦Below [sorujiyazusongusu],③Cherry tree mimosa ⑫Dicing low ⑬[danonmuro] horse ream⑭②⑦Box,⑭->③⑫⑬ 3 daily doubles⑭->②⑦③⑫⑬ The Osaka and Kobe 10 race/lace 70th Ouka prizes *①[shiyouriyuumun] ○⑨[apapane] -⑬Below [animeitobaio],③Apricot fizz ⑪[eshinritanzu] ⑯[ranankiyurasu] horse ream①⑨⑬Box,①->③⑪⑯ 3 daily doubles①->⑨⑬③⑪⑯ Fukushima 11 race/lace Kitakata special *⑧[eishindavuinchi] ○⑭Aster emperor -④Below [mainerukorubetsuto],⑦Thornback Daicel rear ⑩Little biscuit ⑬[nihonpirogutsuden] horse ream⑧⑭④Box,⑧->⑦⑩⑬ 3 daily doubles⑧->⑭④⑦⑩⑬ It hits also eight 卦 does not hit eight 卦

    • Toki S, TVQ cup of white birch expected S
      2009 August 29th 2009 August 29th (the Saturday) 3 daily double axial 2 do 3 Niigata 5 day 11r ibis [sutekusu] 2 head liner 3 [geirusupaki] 4 [yamaninemaiyu] 5 black bar spin 6 [maineruhuogu] 11 cherry tree mimosa 18 my flannel ray near betting tickets and with axial 3.4− partner 2.5 6.18 each 100 Yen (400 Yen total), with 3 connected single boxes 3.4 11 each 100 Yen (600 Yen total) buy (the Saturday) as for 3 Ogura 5 day 10r tvq cup 2 mystery guest 5 [osumimashiyaru] 6 Liverpool sound 11 Tosi cent 15 sea Polaris betting tickets with 3 daily double boxes 2.56.11 15 is done each 100 Yen (1000 Yen total) 2009 August 29th is bought (the Saturday) 2 Sapporo 9 days 9r, and others the hippopotamus [sutekusu] 1 nun yaw hill

    • 本日の勝負Race☆シンザン記念ほか♪
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , original japanese letters , translated

    • 福島民友カップ、テレビ静岡賞で大爆発!先週の回顧
      Three Rolls of “chrysanthemum flower prize” could not choose, honesty, so far, 10,000,000 condition of the old horse winning, as for the horse which advances scene it was, but each of them whether at 12 of the preceding day the just horse which overcomes above 2000m o'clock with 8 keeper air 17.9 times, why, popularity gets together so in this horse it does not have to be strange, although as for attaching the eye such as [huogetsutaburu] trial 3 with the rising horse which crosses over [seiunwanda] and the summer when in the spring you walked the classic load by mistake it was not… with “冨 loyal retainer [sutekusu]”, [marukashienku] dropping popularity, “tangles to here?” when with you write, the intuition which it flies to 2 arrivals, believe and should? Rather than with saying, thinking objectively, or to here with the proper odds and the actual odds which are not the horse where popularity falls case there is too much a separation, it keeps aiming, that should and is “or there is a method of penetrating separation” for example (, it seems like [totaraiza], subjectivity of the human it does not enter, always, using the data paper which processes cool with the number is) in the “Fukushima people friend cup”, the cherry tree mimosa which was lifted to the z horse intense running doing in 3, [jieikeiseravui] 1 three daily double 109290 Yen and three connected single 656590 Yen were producedAt 11 o'clock 6 keeper air, [mosutogurande] 2 it was the horse of 4 keeper air, furthermore it does, although, 6 points of horse ream and 15 points of three daily doubles should have been bought according to the system, way you write on… [burogu], this race/lace,①The eye calls to [getsutohurumakusu] and as for… Tokyo “television Shizuoka prize”, bloomer Telecom is easy to do the intense running 3 keeper air golden dahlia, with combination with 2 keeper air [matsuhavueroshitei], as for the handicap game which has reached horse connected 8740 Yen, three daily double 10850 Yen and three connected single 89050 Yen, the z maneuvers playing effectiveness in 2, around after all, judging with the odds 11:30, before the starting when the odds will change to approximately 30 times, according to the system, resigning, it seems that the one which participated from the z horse is better

    • 12月6日 予想結果
      The Japan c dirt (g1) 1 arrivals which are the result of this day *①Hope City 2 arrival ○⑫Silk Mobius 3 arrival -⑨Golden ticket 10 △⑧Die/di Shaw jet 8 arrival ×④[vuamirian] 5 arrival*③Addition Mayer Subaru horse connected ¥1940 horse single ¥3160 wide ¥2340.870 3 daily double ¥326603 connected single ¥131960 hit Nakayama 10r aqua line s 2 arrival *⑯High emotion 14 arrival ○⑫Phosphorus phosphorus phosphorus 10 arrival -②Hard runner 1 arrival △⑥[teiatsupuhare] 8 arrival ×⑦[suganomedarisuto] 4 arrival*⑨Three sun French horse connected ¥660 horse single ¥2080 hit Nakayama 11r turquoise s 10 arrival *①Cherry tree mimosa 2 ○⑦[hokutogurein] 5 arrival -④[rejinetsuta] 6 arrival △⑩[asukudepiyutei] 1 arrival ×②[uedeinguhujiko] 8 arrival*⑤[shiyaranjiyu] horse connected ¥1770 hit after a long time, it perseveres and increases also the next week when good expectation is possible

    • ジャパンカップダート GI
      If it does not go,… of the goal which is swallowed is thought jcd, if is, two heads where dissatisfaction remains in the presence process one running it could not put anymore①It ran to hope City here too much⑯If [wandaakiyuto] it tries ending, perhaps, it is no more than an excessive fear, but… very gi aiming, directing to the race/lace central gi conquest which it should obtain, going to bed, it hits, the [ke] it is the [po] it is and there was no here, (laughing) it hit also two running the large being defeated however,②After attaching to the viewpoint to the weather which feels the air being agreeable in success Brocken, only it wins how thinking,①How the [se] it forces hope City, probably and,④Disdains also [vuamirian] is with reason… hardship comparatively… that it is race/lace, with intuition * it did in this week beginning if distinctness (laughing) was,⑥If [makotosuparubiero] and rain…②It makes to play from success Brocken ⑤-④⑭-⑥⑯4 points ⑤-⑥⑯-⑦ 2 points ⑤-③⑬-④⑭ 4 points ⑤-②⑫-⑧ 2 points ⑤-②⑫-⑥⑯ 4 point total 16 points ②Axis①④⑤⑫. It is defeated in the box total 20 point total 36 point being, as for 36 point meetings where three successive wins caught, luck shouldering, with Nakayama main the Nakayama 11r turquoise s lawn 1600m degree of self-confidence ★★☆ degree of explosive ★★★ ①From cherry tree mimosa left sea ⑪⑫⑬⑦⑤ ④②③⑭You do not know whether or not you buy, but with [omake] from Osaka and Kobe 3 saddle Osaka and Kobe 2r ⑤-⑬③⑧①⑩ ②⑥④⑦Lineage!? Osaka and Kobe 4r ⑩-③⑥⑯⑬⑮ ⑱④⑪①[hujikiseki] highest ♪ Osaka and Kobe 7r ⑩-⑪⑤⑦⑭⑯ ⑫④①⑧String roughness prayer* If also tomorrow it can go with the good flow, it can obtain,

    • 本当に強いならば…
      Gee one say, unless the game attaching wound it is not possible in the pasteboard dump which is attached to fight it is, it becomes even some “is the expectation which faces to the triumphal return gate” lever the fabrication…What hanging, the insecure material nothing, with above saying, “winning, natural” is to the trap and the actual being, the [te] which two arrivals which cannot be said probably will be with reason, fall bloom prize * [buenabisuta] ○ [retsudodeizaia] - one carat △ Diana Burroughs △ broadcloth street △ [jieruminaru] * The mol gunite * three year old strongest mares, as for being you are not wrong…Don't you think?, after all, don't you think? the Sapporo commemoration was excessive, doing soon, if you thought, because to be left over “horse racing is not remembered” [u] thing was discovered, on the one hand, as for ○ [retsudodeizaia] “the cod [re]” when the Gee one horse * even it is not, as for [u] fact…Simply, this contents of [rozusutekusu]? Was, don't you think? it is with, unless it is not also you can call “[poka]”, when it becomes, dividing, as for the horse which enters…It is not found, it is, this insecurity being a main lane, here the gold. You do not list and/or 120% put out it may are not being able to meet the horse if you say* It is the mol gunite, but…With favor horse something of the partners, it was left over and “cursed and” not being possible either to apply, it did strong horse racing with [huirizurebiyu], if - such expression of one carat it did, we wanted appearing to also the cherry tree mimosa, you are troubled, however [tsu] kana it is, don't you think?, coming out truly, the cod in any case, positioning of three counts considerably difficult and reverse side opening Tokyo Fuchu mare [sutekusu] * [betsurareia] ○ [nishinoburumun] - the tall poppy △ [ritoruamapora] △ bravo the daisy * [uedeinguhujiko] * [pienabinasu] the difficult favorable horse goes to bed unexpectedly and opening on, course and distance as for the insecure result horse closely insecurity well enough, the acorn * the favor eye - the favor eye on the other hand the axis the [te] with reason, as for the odds and degree of hardness are not proportionate from running, after both main perhaps whether the ○ [u] model God request

    • 土曜メイン予想
      Just sign does Sapporo 9r, and others hippopotamus s (old horse op) the ◎3 [machikanenihonbare] 1 nun yaw hill top ▲10 [epusomuaron] △8 [oromaisuta] △9 kalium on tree △11 air addition varnish (the horse single)③->①⑩⑧⑨⑪Ogura 10rtvq cup (under old horse 10,000,000) ◎15 sea Polaris 6 Liverpool sound ▲12 [piiranihaiuei] △2 mystery guest △9 [miriamu] △11 Tosi cent (horse ream)⑮=⑥⑫②⑨⑪The Niigata 11r ibis s (old horse op) ◎16 flying apple 3 [geirusupaki] ▲1 [gosuhokuken] △4 [yamaninemaiyu] △5 black bar spin △11 cherry tree mimosa △15 incentive guy (framework ream) 8=1.2 3.6 7

    • 8/29土曜競馬・・・
      19th week remains the summer horse racing which is the high prize 2 saddle of Sunday and it is 2 weeks 4 days! Because also the expectation conference is end remaining designated race/lace 5 race/lace, way poll you do not forget, to end as for the poll which we ask may -> as for this rule -> as for this pog -> this Riyouma place kana? It is Saturday sign,… Niigata 9r (the inlet 佐 special) ◎11 turn [huabirasuboi] 13th [toribiyutosongu] ▲10 turn [maineruatore] Niigata 10r (trilateral river special) ◎4 turn [ribesutoraumu] 6th magic Victoria ▲3 turn [kanoyatotsupuredei] Niigata 12r (under 5,000,000) ◎7 turn cool former 3rd [shigeruasamayama] ▲11 turn [suginoburaian] Sapporo 9r (it does, and others hippopotamus s) ◎3 turn [machikanenihonbare] 8th [oromaisuta] ▲9 turn kalium on tree Ogura 10r (the tvq cup) ◎15 turn sea Polaris 6th Liverpool sound ▲8 turn [tohouorubisu] Niigata 11r (ibis s) ◎3 turn [geirusupaki] 11th cherry tree mimosa ▲9 turn [kouyukizuna] now with election of weekend tv this topic or the sense consequence medicineWith only topic as for the ending of 24tv of shank this year in the picture of the Kayama male three which sings [sarai] with respect to the right With coming out, the marathon appearing under that, [te] up-to-the-minute returns being made to the left, the number of acquisition parliamentary seats appearing under the [te], [te] bulletin flowing don't you think?, to the top rather [uza] so is ww present east [supo] reading, impact! There is no air which designates reporting as gullibility is, but even when making [oshio], doing in [sakai], until the medicine using, such a thing there is the meaning of doing, it is probably will be? Certainly certainly it is not experienced, therefore Σ (*) however you think that you do not understand, whether the [rari] [tsu] [te] it etches specially necessary needing? Even with [shirahu] depending upon method you think that it can be disordered freely, but it is?? Well the rear a little doing doing, you sleep,…

    • 8/29(土)競馬検討
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • 菊花賞は混戦?フェイク馬はどれか
      日語句子 , linked pages are Japanese

    • だからイマイチ馬探しはやめられない。
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • 調教レポート まとめ 新潟記念&キーンランドC
      In the starting running schedule horse of each race/lace which Wednesday and Thursday could be finished to chase, Niigata commemoration [iketotsupugan] [eashieidei] [arukoseniyora] [haginojiyoihuru] [hotsukopadoushiya] [daishinpuran] [erimoharia] [toushiyoushirotsukokinrando] c which lists only the appealing horse of condition [aporodoruchie] [bibigarudan] [guranpurienzeru] [pisanopatetsuku] [taninomateini] ibis s [hurainguatsupuru] [geirusupaki] [sakuramimoza] Aso Sunday of s [marubutsurido] [niyuichitoku] [meishiyoukuoria] new horse [dorimubasuketsuto] [koueiroburoi] [jiyaponizumu] last week, with the last race/lace of Niigata ten thousand betting tickets of three daily doubles get (this year 33 flat knot! ) It was possible, but it is the Sapporo commemoration was useless and with example but the judgment red sandal wood that weight of [yamaninkinguri] which wins having decreased substantially probably returns to original weight the movement of training it was painful not to have vigor, in comparison with always the ~ (the ^^;) By the way, if as for making the axis the just a little popularity which is [buenabisuta] passing, the Cub [ri] however yes 哀 thought it did also the air, with first old horse high prize challenge those contents the mare three crown or is not dream, don't you think? probably will be, opposition with the vodka seeing, however like, the combining which how becomes?

    • 第45回関東オークスの回顧
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • 6月17日の結果
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • 今週はG3・第14回マーメイドステークス
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • 指数順位・日曜・京都・9R・11R
      9r upper Kamo [sutekusu] 1 rank⑪[sanwadoran] 196.20 2 rank⑬Coronagraph 195.96 3 rank⑩[bokunotaiyou] 193.79 4 rank⑯[yamatakegoruden] 192.23 5 rank⑭[kearesuuisupa] 190.37 6 rank⑧[teiemuzaetsukusu] 190.07 7 rank①[iaonidoru] 189.89 8 rank④[daishinorenji] 189.80 9 rank⑥[riosanbashichi] 189.64 10 rank②[sehuteisuteji] 189.26 11 rank⑤[guranpurisakusesu] 187.62 12 rank⑦[hadoshikingu] 187.19 13 rank⑨[kingusuenburemu] 185.89 14 rank⑫[meishiyouenjin] 185.81 15 rank③[soramenteunabesu] 185.60 16 rank⑮[maipuriteiwan] 184.99 11r edge 午 [sutekusu] 1 rank②[shirukumebiusu] 190.95 2 rank⑨[meishiyoudagusa] 189.93 3 rank⑥[buruseiko] 189.50 4 rank⑧[nasanieru] 188.85 5 rank⑫[eishinkuesuto] 188.28 6 rank⑩[adomaiyashiyatoru] 187.68 7 rank⑬[metoronosu] 185.33 8 rank⑮[jiyometeo] 184.72 9 rank④[sakuramimoza] 183.97 10 rank⑪[hairora] 183.11 11 rank⑭[mejirochiyanpu] 182.28 12 rank⑤[mainerupurimasu] 181.64 13 rank①[sumatodazuru] 177.28 14 rank⑦[hadouon] 176.86 15 rank③[keiaigabera] 173.39

    • 土曜日、東京でG3・第14回ユニコーンステークス
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • オークス予想!
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • オークス登録馬メモ的つぶやきとデータ。
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • 谷川岳S&スイートピーS&天皇賞(春)&端午S!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • 馬券買いました
      ⑱[retsudodeizaia] with axis ①[danonberuberu] ⑤[aiamukaminomago] ⑦Cherry tree mimosa ⑨[buenabisuta] ⑭Rouge bamboo

    • 具合が悪くなるぜ
      Completely, mercy nothing obtain and - 5 feathers say as for condition good latest gp: It was Derby, but if it tried ending, also 150m was separated at the top and speed per minute, if it is in story, well… it was possible after all and that own power, only think well - it was not been good, the [ze] where every one of the Azumazeki east association many rubs synthesis victory nevertheless in the head! But with this which we would like to say that you question gently with the [me], last ch at present time again may become entry of 5 feathers the present next day return and 3 feathers expectation is particularly possible and well is with play participation which is the schedule where also the application is left over with 1 says is this spring feeling, moving from next fall. Securely as for the debt it makes return coming here where it is the intention after all, after the last autumn race/lace ending, there is moving with Kiyuusiya, it is with Yosinari who can be expected. As for the impression the attaching which produces the player to trade completely turning when you know that so the verification - construction which you cannot refuse become slow and become moving after the May consecutive holiday after it puts out and is [ze] it is not. Besides the fact that the pigeon 4 feather the last ch immediately before the moving is made to enjoy to 1 feathers young, but as for non [e] - Ouka prize resigning, the axis of [danonberuberu] and the cherry tree mimosa 2 multiple and the intention of trying playing with formation this time nothing you obtain most self-confidence and… in recreation drive proud amg after a long time from this and one [tsu] do to run does the, the [tsu] which sometimes is done to with also opening? With nevertheless the pigeon and the woman which is thought from the [wa] well -

    • 桜花賞
      In the Saturday night, pc starting pulling never breakdown old note, somehow it was connected in the net, but depending, temporarily just sign * [buenabisuta] ○ one carat - the [retsudodeizaia] △ [vuivuavuodoka] △ [sakuramimozabuena] axis how buying, whether allotment is not attached, whether you aim for the one shot at one carat,…

    • やってきました!
      Today is Ouka prize! Everyone it expected -!? The kana which [buenabisuta] goes after all -!? The [a] present fortune 'the desire becomes densely as desired at one rank, because' it had become the [tsu] [te], as if here asking ten thousand betting tickets, it begins and the [ri] which is sown it increases! [buena] and the cherry tree mimosa and the enclosure inserting, 3 daily doubles you aim! (´д `)

    • 桜の女王決定戦
      Queen decisive game of cherry tree! It is [buenabisutapuretsushiya] of the oak and others preponderant popularity which also the Ouka prize weather becomes tolerably good race/lace don't you think?, however just this Toda who is popularity, after front running and in the past running entering into the straight line, almost the rod without inserting, when that it forces and runs and shows that, with the aura and the wing whose also today when it understands that it is preponderant popularity, is strong from rear, before the scoring you run and but in the partner who would like to expect that it comes out, as I the cherry tree mimosa or ready rouge well kana with, you call the support betting ticket to buying!

    • ブエナビスタのお相手は!?☆
      As for 69th Ouka prize, according to title there is no [danonyoguruto] which with [kakiko] does straight forwardly! [danonberuberu] and the cherry tree mimosa and the rouge bamboo, they are the or more 4 heads of ready rouge, but ready rouge why so there is no popularity yes 奈!? The Samejima jockey disliking, the [ru]!? It is different or, the [a]!? At the marriage 50th anniversary of Emperor Heisei language Lu adjusting…Without being found, shank [e] (laughing) it is not bought, is, but rouge betting ticket [tsu] [te]… of the rouge bamboo & ready rougeWhen it wears, ℃ it is not don't you think? and it is!? (Laughing) in any case, we want lining up to [buenabisuta] 2 or less, indeed, you pray that the just… After, the field and the being accustomed mountain it is accustomed!? Yes 奈*

    • もう直ぐ発走、桜花賞
      Ouka prize, the victory horse poll ticket, the horse connected point buying which is purchased 7-181000 the Yen cherry tree mimosa, the sending [bi] which is 88 times [dvd] it will try running the ¥2,790 amazon.co.jp refreshing nature there is no [retsudodeizaiaotsuzu] or, weather is good so, therefore it is, running, refreshment, it cannot ride in the feeling good horse, because the bicycle is good to you, the… mail order sight bicycle and the folding bicycle, there is postage no charge and a hit commodity of 8000 Yen or more which is the various bicycle supplies, the capable buyer stocks and increases “conservation & healthy bicycle life”

    • 今日の勝負
      It is close. He is stopping out of order I, but with the Ouka prize preceding sneaking away which would like to go at a stroke with the actual betting ticket to two arrivals double victory⑦ Cherry tree mimosa wall ^)

    • おおぃ、今週の競馬を全レース予想したよ♪
      Ouka prize is [buenabisuta] Ishiki, but… there is no reason which is decided so simply, is, don't you think? however even past such a horse large quantity it was, those where it is met expectation truly are just the handful don't you think? it is to be expectation of Ouka prize but * as for the cherry tree mimosa other horses only ⇒ high prize! Expectation free release is the coconut then all the race/lace expectations of coconut ↓ Saturday free large release! Just Saturday is, but because to the last it is private expects Nakayama Osaka and Kobe Fukushima all race/lace expectation, it hits? Husband [re] [ru]? If please do not attack with also reference of everyone with you think and… doesn't the horse racing information company whose echo is large to about this which being free, releases everything bodily sensation where 1,000,000 Yen betting ticket which does not know until now hits try doing the instantaneous? Sponsor sight

    • 桜花賞
      Tomorrow Ouka prize 9th [buenabisuta] is strong, probably will be, the [te], with thing being the 9th horse single from, such 1 heads of the buyer whom it lets flow to these 4 heads of 4th [vuivuavuodoka] 7th cherry tree mimosa 14th rouge bamboo 17th [anpureshiyonisuto] passing through, when being strong, the [tsu] [te] it comes well enough popularity thin, it is,

    • 桜花賞の血統適当予想
      Whether suitable expectation hits, attaching the eye is agreeable as for mother father [karian] and [sandesairensukarian], mile and, there is a guts and as for the image Sunday silence which it runs with vigor, balance of speed and stamina to be good exactly is not in the image Ouka prize which is strong in the large stage or!! As for the corresponding horse, mother father [karian] � [buenabisuta] � [retsudodeizaia] mother father Sunday silence as many as three daily double 10 points of the � cherry tree mimosa � [katsuyotowainingu] � rouge bamboo 5 box is good, but allotment it is cheap the eye? The net stretching, three connected single axes 2 being multiple, if 18 points of the ��→��� it squeezes, if 9 points of the �→�→���, the �→���→� and the �→�→��� furthermore it squeezes with three connected single axis 2 sinks, the place where 6 point ultimates of three connected single formation ��→��→��� put out, 3.1 of three connected size C arrival 2 arrival fixed �→�→���, 2 keeper air the axis the partner 4, 10 and 11 keeper air are good kana?

    • 桜花賞ホンチャン
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • 桜花賞 予想
      Finally, but last year when [buenabisuta] starts running never the 7,000,000 betting ticket… this year when it cannot be if [buenabisuta] is not entwined to ream, it may to be able to be if it does not do even with fall, it is not, don't you think? * as for the [buenabisuta] partner cherry tree mimosa ○ [danonberuboivuivuabodoka] is reversal kana… in the string [katsuyotowainingu], the rouge bamboo, [rushiyukuru

    • 買いに出かける元気はまだ無いが…
      As for vigor of the rank which it expects reviving? * [buenabisuta] ○ [vuivuavuodoka] - cherry tree mimosa * The Shaw nun angry rhinoceros △ [danonberuberu] △ rouge bamboo △ undecided [buenabisuta] whether cannot catching the horse before happens, does outside the double victory sphere sinks with thought…With you say with the notion that where as for the partner from the preceding horse [koueihato] the ball. The mark escaping is struck perhaps, but does horse racing at before is the soil fertility which the rouge bamboo of the horse and the front running disadvantage which partner candidacy

    • 桜花賞&中山障害OP予想
      Before the Ouka prize as for Nakayama obstacle op [hishibatoru] and [henrigondohu] appearing in Nakayama gj? With the extent which is made to think, as for course proper high this time there was a loaf quantitative difference, * if before the favorite 2 running in Henry without time difference the partner who is approached at 62k and recently with ○ [henrigondohu] 4 game continual Nakayama the member of 2, 2 and 1 arrival gj front weeks, from the not yet victory group which at this loaf quantity becomes game it finished to win with suddenly Nakayama, it looked at [hishibatoru] that - it is tin refuse pen sir proper, continuing also the camp, campaign * single and in the horse connected box superior 3 as for Ouka prize as the odds show, even with the one photographic fog 2 keeper airThey are 14 times, if * [buenabisuta] runs there is no margin of explanation after so long a time normally, to win it is defeated and if as for the partner with the timing circumstance which [buena] sets up, front or rear extreme horse or ○ [vuivuavuodoga] looking at the contents of flower, c it escapes and you want this time the other horse setting up is late if with [buena] as an air - the cherry tree mimosa really in the fearful existence same reason front running other than [buena], when [buena] which it can retreat crushed before quickly, it drives and from spirit, is slow in △ [anpureshiyonisuto] chance but if the development where front deteriorates funny Taketoyo jk waiting step is taken, sharpness the end when also △ [aiamukaminomago] it is weird you avoid,

    • 素直に相手探し
      The classic 1st this one week of feature Ouka prize, * the horse which has the possibility of beating [buenabisuta] was searched with utmost effort, but 2 arrival candidacy which we have decided to persist gently in the partner searching after all without either the expectation that kind of horse being, angry 4 head ○ cherry tree mimosas below, - [danonberuberu] and △ [tsudeizunochisu], the △ Shaw nun horse connected ◎→○▲△△→○▲△△3 ream of rhinoceros ◎-○▲△△ single

    • 『花まる馬券』大阪杯&ダービー卿CT結果発表編!!
      Today, having gone outside rushingly, easily, tidying up the room does not advance, (the ^^; And either the betting ticket does not hit, (the tear) with this which buys the book, today, “maggot wind water unintentionally slowly”, with the tidying up & fortune rise of the room betting ticket hit! How good thing the oak and others which does not go?? You do not know whether it is practiced the wind water, but (laughing) today method of hitting, is large number!! Result announcement - - - the ♪ [yu] it is phosphorus!! The Osaka cup, the buying eye single victory 8, the horse single 8→11, is perfect with only the horse connected 8−11, - -!! Enormous [tsu]!! [jiyun]!! The Osaka cup horse connected horse single three connected single hits!! It is enormous, -! Furthermore… sisyo!! Osaka. Single double hit!! [umabito] of 讃 岐!! Derby 卿 ct horse connected hit!! Jungle pocket!! Derby 卿 ct horse connected hit!! Mil!! Derby 卿 saying from ct [maineruhuaruke], horse connected hit!! Everyone, it is enormous, is, - - - the [tsu]!!! The [tsu] which you question is with the [me] and!! The next week, in order for I to be able to mix, it perseveres and increases* More and more with Ouka prize the shank [e] - - how with ♪ [jieruminaru] and the cherry tree mimosa oak viewing* The running chart it enjoys, - - -!

    • 予想参考資料に♪
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • China Town
      Saturday which goes out into last week end china town, in clearing up the Sunday which does, in the rain it went, when (laughing) it likes, this bank which at the nature place which is fixed is in Chinese town, you see suddenly, “Hiroshi. The first bank” [tsu] [te] it is visible, it is you are hungry to the gambling which is kana? This week as for Ouka prize week me every year when * you intend to make 1 point games of the [buenabisuta] →○ cherry tree mimosa you say, but as for Ouka prize one [da] of special gi

    • 桜花賞 ブエナビスタ 1強!?
      The chasing drill seeing, when the framework you see, the rule! After a long time, the kana which you will chase and probably will go with drill concern!? What passing, because it is stopping out of order, (^-^)/laughing now drawing, with the [ru] feeling… as for the head it is possible to be [buenabisuta], probably will be! The cherry tree mimosa does to take, position is to be with it can fight sufficiently! [danonberuberu] there is a power and a more reliable horse racing than something! After the Osaka and Kobe Baba seeing, however you search, if as for option and one carat of [tsudeizunochisu] Baba of ordinary year inside it probably is unreasonable, how thinking, the classic of this year when it increases the member is good, is and it is helpless with the pleasure, is! [buenabisuta] seeing with Ouka prize, whether the person who is fixed to horse racing is, the ~ (o^- ') there is no reason which the b ↑ still wins or, (; ^_^a notice! Because instantaneous' [tsu] [te] the fact that you think that '[buenabisuta] is the great man around tomorrow, is written please have enjoyed!

    • 桜花賞 ~その壱~
      When to be dangerous all it does with the karaoke, densely was, (°∇°;) Because it is to become tired the empty, there is no all [te] feeling, don't you think? Ouka prize, framework sequential decision REPT (≧▽≦)/in a flash to see as for expectation, as for here with “see”, it does and above thinking that [yo] [buenabisuta], it is the griddle, it cannot risk risk, (^^;) Betting ticket also tastefulness or with also with, the one shot aiming how without, (laughing) the current place which the like air is not done, ⑫[inazumaamaririsu]. it is rash in the axis with understanding, however the [ru]. aiming, because like (¯ - ¯) you support Hiroshi Kitamura privately, as for the partner,⑦There is no the cherry tree mimosa. as expected here or, (laughing)

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