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    Reportage Business Leisure related words Finland Denmark Greece ノルウェー Iceland Volcanic eruption

    • North European ranger
      Iceland (equipment bill)

    • Iceland it solves it is information!!!
      It is Iceland!! Iceland how how is!? Now immediately click

    • The hint which the body rejoices②
      In Iceland, there was a habit the large quantity of eating the fish after all

    • The snow falls
      In Iceland the volcano erupts large,

    • Aurora* Coming and others coming and others
      With the Icelandic and Canada yellow knife

    • Shock
      The money getting together in Iceland, [ru] how intellectual viewing you applied and

    • Peal of thunder of the fair weather (to it is cut off and starts)
      Eruption of the Icelandic glacier happened

    • Influence of the eruption in Iceland
      Coming out at the place where the influence to which the Icelandic volcano erupts is various now the shank

    • Finally like the common year?
      日本語 ,

    • The Icelandic volcanic eruption
      The Icelandic volcano is famous, but natural preponderant power is felt

    • [hi] temporary of spring…
      Influence of the Icelandic volcanic ash continuously increases, well…

    • From at the time of bottom of earth
      On the 14th with the Icelandic southern part, there is eruption of the large-scale volcano, the diamond of the sky of the world has done to come the confusion, ever since American simultaneous terrorism 2001, so is

    • The Icelandic volcanic eruption
      Opinion ,

    • About the influence with the Icelandic volcanic eruption
      With the influence with the volcanic eruption which in Iceland occurs on local time April 14th concerning the influence with the Icelandic volcanic eruption, airport closing which is due to aeronautical regulation presently, in most countries of eu

    • Volcanic eruption
      The Icelandic [eiyahuiyatorayokutoru] volcano erupting, the mass volcanic ash flows out to European every place, in the world as for serious influence having appeared in air mail, everyone thinks as widely known thing with news of every day

    • Annuity problem
      If it should not have been wound in the ash of the Icelandic eruption, but…

    • Commercial!
      Way it has meant not to be able to fly the airplane with consequence of eruption of the Icelandic volcano, to be great in the world but, you call the John crease of the actor with the member of the [montei] python that it moved to Belgium from Norway by the taxi,

    • In pictogram series “frog of puzzle carefulness”
      With influence of the Icelandic volcanic eruption, European air mail has done defect crossing the ocean, you think that the method which receives this influence it is more

    • News
      The part disorder has occurred even in dispatch from ktm part center due to the Icelandic volcanic eruption air mail with the disorder

    • It will meet to October.
      With favor of the Icelandic volcanic eruption,

    • The Icelandic volcano. . .
      With the Icelandic volcanic ash, becoming very thing, now the shank

    • Natural threat and destruction of environment
      As for Iceland being the world, volcanic activity is one of the most active countries

    • Cold April
      The volcano erupts in Iceland

    • Marry somehow net/warming prayer
      In Iceland volcanic eruption

    • Occurrence 1789
      With the Icelandic volcanic eruption the volcanic ash mayhem probably will put out to the European sky in closing the airport, is, if so you say, whether… this year compared to even a little before with eruption in the farm products adverse effect food shortage and thought of the people become radical, (a; ' Ω) [asease

    • With the Icelandic volcanic eruption European mayhem!
      The cloud of the ash which it is possible with the Icelandic volcanic eruption moving through Europe, the [te

    • The weekend when it is less crowded gapingly and the effect of the healing “the cheerfulness”
      The influence with the Icelandic volcanic eruption seems that is expanded more and more, when regardless it is confusion “of maximum scale in the European continent of after the World War II”

    • Japanese talking
      The volcanic ash by the Icelandic volcanic eruption is spreading to the Scottish, Norway and Sweden north section

    • The new commodity it raised.
      Iceland touches to the arctic circle, because very cold season is long it is the land handle which is pure the sickness of the destructive fungus and the plant is little

    • めもももももももっ
      Iceland…Outside being cool, the strange boy where the inside is hot

    • 適齢期
      Iceland 1818

    • かなり北の国から ケプラヴィーク国際空港
      Because everywhere Iceland can use the card, if the change extent which buys the beverage at 10,000 Yen it is, travelling of 1 weeks is to think that it can maintain sufficiently,

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