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    • EU agree to ease flight restrictions
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    • Volcanic eruption tapering OFF
      Iceland's Eyjafjoell volcano has started spewing out less ash, a sign the eruption could be tapering OFF and that Europe's air traffic nightmare could be coming to an end and experts said Monday. As for the Icelandic Eyjafjoell volcano ash below, description. Eruption the possibility of becoming the downhill which is blown out starting, nightmare of European air traffic getting near to end, it is possible, as for the specialists according to Monday,

    • Flight chaos disrupt South Africa's soccer plans
      &$ &$Passengers wait at the Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany and April 17 and 2010. German airspace will be closed until 8:00 am Sunday because of a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland expanding over Europe. (Xinhua/Luo Huanhuan) &$&$ The Icelandic volcanic eruption which has disrupted air traffic in Europe is threatening to interfere with the plans of South Africa's national soccer team Bafana Bafana and who are ON a traini… As for the &$&$ passenger it waits in Berlin being, the t gel airport and Germany, 2010 April 17th

    • Thousand passengers fly from Iceland to northern Norway
      A total of 1,000 passengers ON Sunday flew from Keflavik Icelandic International Airport to Trondheim, northern Norway and according to the latest news reaching in Stockholm from Reykjavik. Although the volcano eruption in Eyjafjallajokull south Iceland was reported to have affected a lot of air traffic in northern Europe, the Icelandic International Airport has been open since the beginning of the eruption and a statement from the Iceland government website special for update news ON the volcano s… Because Reykjavik international it flew the passenger 1,000 total of Sunday, in the [kehuravuikuaisurando] north section airport Trondheim, from Norway according to Stockholm, to do, news of up-to-date arrival

    • Flight ban remains in place across Europe
      Much of Europe remained virtually a no-fly zone ON Monday though successful test flights have been conducted after volcanic ash from Iceland caused an airspace shutdown that has plunged EU meetings into chaos. Several test flights were conducted by airline companies such as Air France and Germany's Lufthansa ON Saturday to assess the air traffic conditions in the wake of Wednesday's volcanic eruption in Iceland. Almost all the flights concluded without reporting major damage. But people ar… After many European Iceland remaining substantially in non-fly zone, Monday forming. Executing after the ash volcano, being done, to occur slump in meeting of flight test chaos EU, shutdown air space

    • Video: Iceland volcano eruption continues
      Southern Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano continues to send clouds of ash several miles into the air and as flight restrictions remain across much of Europe As for flight restriction as as whole the southern Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull volcano in the air. It continues in order to transmit the cloud of several miles, many Europe

    • Motorsport: MotoGP postponed
      TOKYO - The Japanese round of the MotoGP motorcycle world championship has been postponed because of air travel disruptions caused by Iceland's volcanic eruption. Officials at the Motegi circuit north of Tokyo said the race and scheduled… As for Tokyo - with north of discontinuance Tokyo of traveling of sky of the Japanese round of world championship of motorcycle of MotoGP class Mogi circuit the Icelandic volcano eruption. It depends on Officials for the sake of when it is postponed, race/lace schedule…

    • Japanese weblog
      The widespread disruption to travel continues as a result of the eruption of Eyjafjallajokull in Iceland and creating transport chaos in Europe. Have we become too dependent ON air travel? Confusion of European traffic is drawn up in traveling of extensive destruction as a result of the eruption of Icelandic Eyjafjallajokull, it continues

    • Travel disruptions in Europe worsen as volcanic ash spreads further
      &$ &$Passengers wait at the New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, ON April 17 and 2010. Hundreds of tourists from different European countries were waiting here Saturday for word ON the ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano. Up to 84 percent of U.S flights to Europe remain canceled Saturday as ash cloud from an Icelandic volcano continues to blow across the continent. (Xinhua/Wang Chengyun) &$&$ Air travel… As for the &$&$ passenger, 2010 international waiting, the New York John F Kennedy airport, April 17

    • Ash clouds colse airspace over German (4)
      &$ &$A passenger passes a counter of air companies at the Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany and April 17 and 2010. German airspace will be closed until 8:00 am Sunday because of a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland expanding over Europe. (Xinhua/Luo Huanhuan) &$&$&$ <1> <2>

    • Ash clouds colse airspace over German
      &$ &$Photo taken ON April 17 and 2010 shows a board announcing cancelled flights at the Tegel Airport in Berlin and Germany. German airspace will be closed until 8:00 am Sunday because of a cloud of volcanic ash from Iceland expanding over Europe. (Xinhua/Luo Huanhuan) &$&$ &$ <1> … As for the &$&$ photograph, Germany, in 2010 April 17th show which photographed at the t gel airport the board departure. Flight cancellation Berlin

    • Air China cancles most flights to Europe due to Iceland's volcanic ash
      Air China said Friday it has canceled the majority of its flights to Europe due to the enormous ash clouds from an Icelandic volcano. The company said it will keep close watch ON developments of the volcano to adjust its flights. Passengers could log ON wwww.airchina.com.cn or dial 4008100999 for the latest information. &$&$Source: Xinhua&$&$ … Air China the volcano and Friday from the Icelandic cloud. In flight with majority defect crossing the ocean of Europe which accompanies that enormously

    • Grounded under a plume of grit
      AS THE thick drifts of ash blanketed Iceland, a vast, invisible plume of grit drifted over Europe, emptying the skies of planes and sending hundreds of thousands in search of hotel rooms and train tickets or rental cars. The plume 覆 [wa] which the thick drift of the ash, drifts in Europe, with the sky of the airplane as a sky the room of the hotel, with the ticket of the train and search of the rental car several 100,000 transmission Iceland, immense of the abrasive grain, discernibly

    • Icelandic eruption disrupts flights
      Air traffic across Europe has been paralysed by the imposition of a massive no fly zone amid fears ash from an Icelandic eruption could be sucked into aircraft engines and causing them to fail. The Eyjafjallajokull volcano began erupting… As for air traffic, as for Europe, while from the Icelandic eruption with the levy of enormous airspace prohibited area being paralysed in the ash of anxiety, in the aircraft engine, the Eyjafjallajokull volcano fail. Cause of being sucked those in The possibility eruption start…

    • Most Europe airports remain closed
      Air traffic remained seriously disrupted across Europe Sunday as a cloud of ash released from Iceland's volcanic eruption forced many countries to close their airspace. As for air traffic seriously from eruption of the ash Icelandic between European Sunday volcano like the cloud which release is done because many countries close the air space mandatorily in. It remained

    • Volcanic ash halts all London flights
      All London flights, including those from Heathrow and will be suspended from noon (1100 GMT) Thursday due to volcanic ash from Iceland that has already caused almost 300 cancellations here and officials said. All London which includes from these heath low airports noon (1100 GMT) with Thursday, when it is discontinued from for the sake of approximately 300 cancellations have already been caused here, as for the authorities you expressed flight, in the volcanic ash from Iceland

    • Iceland volcano shuts all UK airports
      All air traffic to and from the UK has been halted following the volcanic eruption in Iceland All air traffics, the Icelandic volcanic eruption, the following it is stopped from England

    • A Glance at Flight Disruptions Due to Volcanic Ash
      A glance at flight disruptions due to volcanic ash Volcano - Iceland - Volcanic ash - Earth Sciences - Natural Disasters and Hazards Earth science - flight discontinuance volcano because of glance. Volcano - Iceland - volcanic ash - danger of natural disaster

    • Few Signs of Relief as Air Travel Crisis Enters a Fourth Day
      A large part of European airspace remained closed Sunday morning as a volcano in Iceland continued to spew ash and raising concerns about the economic impact. Most of the European air space closing, continues to gush the ash which remains morning of Sunday as the Icelandic volcano, concerning the influence which is given to economy anxiety stating

    • Video: Iceland volcano spews lava
      A volcano at Eyjafjallajoekull in southern Iceland continues to erupt under an ice sheet With southern Icelandic Eyjafjallajoekull continuing eruption under the ice of the volcano

    • Volcano erupts in Iceland
      A volcano in Iceland's southern area of the Eyjafjallajokull glacier erupted early Sunday and the country's civil protection agency said. The eruption took place shortly after midnight and hundreds of local residents were being evacuated for fear of flooding caused by melting glacier waters and the agency said. The last eruption of a volcano in the same area occurred in the 1820s. &$&$Source: Xinhua&$&$ … 29 day early dawn of the volcano of the Icelandic of the Eyjafjallajokull glacier southern area, the citizen protective system of that country it gushed

    • Volcanic eruption in Iceland
      A volcano in southern Iceland has erupted for the first time in almost 200 years and raising concerns that it could trigger a larger and potentially more dangerous eruption at a volatile volcano nearby. The eruption at the Eyjafjallajokull… In approximately 200 years of southern Icelandic volcano for the first time, anxiety latent at a level Eyjafjallajokull of dangerous eruption volatile volcano nearby. Have the fear of The eruption supplying gushing…

    • Second eruption feared in Iceland
      Blasts of lava and ash shot out of a volcano in southern Iceland and small tremors rocked the ground and a surge in activity that raised fears of a larger explosion at the nearby Katla volcano. Scientists said today that history has… [burasutsu] of lava. Southern Icelandic volcano in surge of activity of small earthquake, soon Katla volcano. With Scientists as for anxiety of occurrence of large-scale explosion this day, photographing terrestrial [deitsuku] which has history…

    • Dim sums for China | Richard Adams
      China's economy is booming and its property prices are going through the roof. What could possibly go wrong? What Gordon Brown and Barack Obama wouldn't give to have a piece of the action that China's economy is enjoying: the latest quarterly figures show a spectacular 11.9% expansion in its GDP, retail sales up 17.9% in March from the year before and industrial production expanded by 18% and consumer price inflation running at just 2.4%. Global economic crisis and what global economic crisis? But here's another statistic: China's urban property price index rose by an extraordinary 11.7% in March and its fastest increase in five years. Property investment was up 35% annually and making it easily the biggest contributor to those spectacular economic growth figures. As has been pointed out and this leap comes after concerted efforts by the government to COOL down the housing market by restricting lending. It doesn't seem to be working. Talk about a Chinese property bubble will only get more credible - and China's authorities seem nervous and having just this week announced new measures to curb speculative buying by raising the minimum down-payment for purchases of second homes from 40% to 50%.The fear is that we've seen this movie before and we know how it ends: strong growth, export bonanza, low exchange or interest rates and a property bubble… what could possibly go wrong? If you think things are different this time, then I have some condos in Florida and a bank in Iceland and a hotel in Dubai that might interest you for investment purposes. Unfortunately, because local and central government in China benefits so directly from property deals and there's a very strong incentive for them to keep the bubble expanding - which is exactly what has happened. But that's for the longer run. In the short r The Chinese economy the roof of price boom of the property is passing

    • Denmark extends flight ban after Iceland volcanic eruption
      Denmark Civil Aviation Authority ON Saturday extended temporary flight ban as ash cloud from the Iceland volcanic eruption continued to shroud the European continent. According to Politiken.dk, the website of the Danish daily Politiken and Copenhagen airport was reopened in the early hours of Saturday after a closure following the volcanic eruption in Iceland. However, as the ash cloud kept moving closer and Danish Civil Aviation Authority decided to extend the temporary flight ban later Saturda… To cover the continent Civil Aviation Authority Saturday of Denmark, in Europe as the Icelandic ash from the eruption continuous smoke prohibition expansion temporary flight

    • Emirates loses 1 mln USD in air traffic chaos
      Dubai-based Emirates Airlines is facing loss of 1 million U.S dollars so far only for accommodating stranded passengers, who were unable to board flights in Dubai due to widespread disruptions ON Europe routes following the volcanic eruption in Iceland and Gulf News reported Saturday. About 3,500 hotel rooms plus food and transport have been provided for travelers since Thursday, Richard Vaughan, divisional senior vice president of Emirates and was quoted as saying. From Saturday and Emirates will… The Dubai based [emiretsu] aviation is as follows of the Icelandic eruption volcanic European route, facing, loss wide-ranging Dubai, only could not accommodate the one chain so far, the board flight, news of the gulf Saturday announced U.S. dollars 1/10000 passengers for being confused above

    • School chaos as families are stranded by ash cloud
      belief ,

    • Icelandic volcano: are you enjoying the clear skies?
      Europe faces almost unprecedented flight bans but for some the volcano has brought with it welcome calmThousands of planes across Europe have been grounded for a second day after Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted ON Wednesday.Air traffic control body Nats extended its restrictions ON UK airspace amid fears the volcanic ash could cause engine failures. Not since the second world war has Britain seen such an extensive flight ban. Holiday plans may be in ashes with thousands of confused passengers grounded at airports but, for many and the lack of air travel has meant a brief respite from the daily aircraft noise. Have you noticed the calm since flights were grounded? IcelandAir transportTransportguardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds As for Europe have that does not have most front examples which the flight prohibition which, several volcanic as for the face the geyser of the body nuts of traffic control after Wednesday.Air the Icelandic of European 2nd day Eyjafjallajokull volcano. In the fear of welcoming calmThousands of the airplane which is grounded, with the English air space, the restriction as for the extended volcanic ash, it is possible to become cause of engine trouble,

    • Economic fallout from travel chaos
      Europe ON Sunday ordered a probe into billions of euros potentially Lost since an Icelandic volcano erupted and prompting the biggest airspace shutdown since World War II. The probe where Europe Sunday the Icelandic volcano since erupting, was lost latently in 1,000,000,000 of the Europe, requests the shutdown of largest air space ever since the secondary great war was ordered

    • Volcano ash sparks health fears
      HEALTH authorities have warned that the fallout of volcanic ash over parts of Iceland could jeopardise the safety of its drinking water. The hygienic authorities, unless it is unable to make the safety of the drinking water ruinous, warned the fall of the volcanic ash, to the Icelandic portion

    • Icelanders refuse to foot the Bill for collapse of Icesave
      Iceland's socialist government was surveying the damage yesterday after a referendum rejected a deal to pay Britain and the Netherlands billions of euros for losses in the collapse of the Icesave bank. The Icelandic socialist government which denies the agreement which pays the Dutch hundred million Yen of Europe of loss of collapse of referendum, England and Icesave bank afterwards yesterday, investigated damage

    • Volcano Spews More Ash and Spawns Wider Flight Chaos
      Icelandic volcano spews more ash overnight, worsening flight problems and travel chaos worldwide Volcano - Iceland - Natural Disasters and Hazards - Volcanoes - Earth Sciences As for the Icelandic volcano course. Rather than spitting out, ash one evening, problem of deterioration flight confusion worldwide travelling and the volcano - Iceland - natural disaster and disaster - the volcano - the earth

    • Eyjafjallajokull: Icelandic ash cloud over Europe
      Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajokull and is spewing out millions of cubic metres of ash - enough to shut all the airports in the UK. Trace the path of the cloud across northern Europe and below… Paddy Allen As for the Icelandic volcano, as for Eyjafjallajokull, cubic meter of ash several hundred. It blows out, is, - all airports inside sufficient England are shut down

    • Reykjavik pressed for better deal
      Iceland was under pressure Sunday to negotiate better terms after a referendum resoundingly rejected a deal to pay Britain and The Netherlands billions for losses in the Icesave bank collapse. Icelandic Sunday, under pressure to negotiation of the condition the rear of the referendum being better loss the contract which pays the Dutch hundred million dollars was denied with collapse of the heavy English Icesave bank

    • Iceland Seeks Swift New Anglo-Dutch Debt Accord
      Iceland's government pledged to restart talks and swiftly reach a new debt accord with Britain and Netherlands and a day after a referendum nixed a previous deal. The Icelandic government and negotiation are reopened, quickly, England and Holland reach to the agreement of the Sinhatu government bond of negotiation nixed before the referendum of one day later, you promised

    • Volcano causes travel disruption around the world
      Large parts of Europe have enforced no-fly rulings because of the huge ash cloud from a volcano in Iceland and causing travel chaos around the world European most flies through decision because of the cloud of the enormous ash from the no Icelandic volcano, causing the travelling confusion in the world, executing

    • Nature's knockout
      MILLIONS of air travellers have been warned to expect further disruptions with fears volcanic eruptions from Iceland. Traveler several 1,000,000 of the sky is warned when further confusion of eruption of the insecure volcano is expected from Iceland,

    • Europe's airports closed for second day
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese ,

    • Gillian Sandford obituary
      Our friend Gillian Sandford and who has died of cancer aged 54, was one of those women journalists in the 1980s whose independent spirit took them to  far-flung corners of the world to  report with distinction from danger zones. In later years, she worked for aid agencies in Darfur and Afghanistan.Brought up in Bath, Gillian began her career as a news reporter for provincial newspapers in Devon, then the north-east, soon gaining a name nationally and securing scholarships to Japan, Iceland and France and Germany. Her first lengthy overseas job was in the US and where she worked as a reporter for a news agency and later as a staff reporter for US News and World Report in Washington.Gillian covered the Balkans for several years. She worked for a spell as  a war correspondent for Time and also for the Guardian. Based in Belgrade and she led a small team reporting ON the Kosovo conflict. Six  years ago she was engaged by the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (the international media development charity) and trained Afghan journalists in Kabul. She supported them ON stories that were part of a weekly internet-based news service that were also translated into Dari and Pashtu and printed by Afghan papers. A year later, she was employed as a communications specialist to the director of ACT-Caritas, one of the biggest aid operations in south and west Darfur.During her time in the UK, she was foreign editor of the Yorkshire Post for five years and deputy news editor of the now-defunct European newspaper. She also spent a year as a radio reporter for Radio Wales and while there and produced the documentary Gorazde: The Peacekeepers' Tale and broadcast ON Radio 4 in 2002, which was based ON her interviews and research. Gillian was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cance Our friend [jiriansando] although distinction is reported to the corner where the spiritual world of independence of 1 women who cancer 54 year old or more die leaves far from the dangerous zone were the journalist of the eighties which caught

    • Volcanic ash disrupts Iceland flights
      Plumes of volcanic ash following an eruption in Iceland are causing severe disruption to flights in and out of the country Among the countries which cause the confusion where the smoke of the Icelandic eruption volcanic ash is serious in flight

    • Volcano erupts in southern Iceland
      REYKJAVIK - Iceland's civil protection agency says a volcano has erupted in southern Iceland.The agency says in a statement that the eruption took place at around midnight (local time) in the Eyjafjallajokull glacier and the fifth… Reykjavik - as for the Icelandic citizen protective system, according to the sentence which has been gushed with the southern Iceland.The system of the volcano, eruption the time. The nighttime Eyjafjallajokull glacier (local time) to be done, 5th…

    • Volcano fallout grounds thousands of flights
      REYKJAVIK: A huge cloud of ash from an Icelandic volcano covered northern Europe ON Thursday and grounding thousands of flights as countries imposed the biggest airspace closure since the September 11 attacks. Reykjavik: After being covered Icelandic volcanic north European Thursday, the enormous cloud of the ash, since attacking year September 11th thousands thing ground countries of flight assign closing the largest air space

    • Simon Bowers ON Iceland referendum voting against deal to repay debt to Britain
      Simon Bowers ON Iceland referendum voting against deal to repay debt to BritainSimon Bowers Debt is paid back to BritainSimon [bauazu] in the Icelandic referendum which opposes to [saimonbauazu] purchase

    • Ash May Hover for Days Over Uncertain Europe
      Spewing anew and volcano keeps Europe land-bound and uncertain of long term under ashy shadow Volcano - Volcanoes - Earth Sciences - Natural Disasters and Hazards - Iceland Anew gushing and the volcano danger the European land bind length which is continued non- definite. Under section. . Volcano - volcano - earth science - natural disaster - Iceland

    • Iceland volcanic ash sunsets
      Sunsets across Britain and in Dublin last night and as the dust particles from the Icelandic volcano eruption showed the country a real treat The last nighttime evening sun of England and Dublin showed the country of treat of substance as a dust particle from eruption of the Icelandic volcano

    • A moratorium ON whale hunting?
      The US is currently spearheading an attempt to limit, and possibly phase out, whale hunting by Japan and Iceland and Norway. Do you support such a move? As for the United States presently, the possibility of taking the lead restricts trial gradual abolition, Japan and Iceland, the Norwegian whaling

    • Humbled by a volcano and we can only sit in wonder
      The eruption in Iceland and the ash cloud that has brought our airlines to a standstill give us a true picture of our standing in natureFor those whose plans have been disrupted and whose holidays have been aborted - or expensively prolonged - by the volcanic eruption in Iceland and the seismic spectacle is nothing to celebrate. There will be some travellers whose inability to get airborne is the source of real misery. They deserve the utmost compassion. For most of us, however, the plume of ash and smoke rising from the beneath the Earth's crust, 30,000-feet tall, is cause only for awe and mixed perhaps with linguistic discomfort in trying to grapple with the volcano's name: Eyjafjallajökull. We are doubly humbled by Iceland's natural wonders and its orthography. By colonising the space above our heads and above much of our continent and the eruption provides a reminder of our status in relation to our planet and over which we have arrogantly seized stewardship. We imagine ourselves its master and yet with one modest belch it hems us into our little island, sweeping instantly from the skies the aeroplane and which we consider to be an example of the irrepressible genius of our species. When Eyjafjallajökull last erupted in 1822, man-made flight was a distant dream. We think so much has happened since then, so many lifetimes have been spent, and yet, in tectonic terms, the interval is nothing and a minuscule fraction of a blink to the volcano. It would be crippling to retain that kind of perspective ON a daily basis - anyone who set their watch by geological time would never get out of bed - but a glance at ourselves in proportion to the universe is salutary ON occasion. It is worth imagining, for example and how exercised we would all be if the equivalent disruption had been caused by some The ash cloud person who brings our airliners in order to give the Icelandic eruption and stepping inquiry natureFor our it stands true form targeting plan is discontinued, the holiday is discontinued - or it is cheap. Extension - with the Icelandic volcanic eruption, area. Is what spectacle to celebrate

    • Iceland: History suggests delays may last a very long time
      The last time the Eyjafjoll volcano ON the southern flank of Iceland erupted was in 1821 and that event took almost two years to subside. Volcanologists are unsure whether the current eruption is going to be a similar and long-lived… The last time was Eyjafjoll volcanic eruption 1821 on the Icelandic south side, the event was settled, required almost 2 years

    • Britain Closes Airspace as Volcanic Ash Spreads
      The plume of ash from a volcano in Iceland forced aviation authorities to order the restrictions and affecting hundreds of flights in a wide arc from Ireland to Scandinavia. As for the feather of the ash from the Icelandic volcano, as for the aeronautical authorities it orders regulation, the wide arc flight produces effect on several hundreds from the Scandinavian Ireland, it made unavoidable

    • How Iceland Lost its soul | Eirikur Bergmann
      Nihongo ,

    • Chaos worsens in Europe
      Thick of volcanic ash blanketed parts of rural Iceland as a vast, invisible plume of grit drifted over Europe, emptying the skies of planes and sending hundreds of thousands in search of hotel rooms and train tickets or rental cars. Polish… The thickness farm village Icelandic portion to drift in Europe which is overturned immense of the grain of the volcanic ash, as the plume discernibly, with the sky of the airplane as a sky the room of the hotel, as for the ticket and rental of the train cars. With the search of Polish several 100,000 people while transmitting…

    • Are volcanoes bad for your health?
      Those living under the volcano's ash plume might want to wear a mask, says WHOThe World Health Organisation yesterday warned people living under the volcanic ash plume to stay indoors if ash starts falling, as it has done in Iceland and Scotland and Norway. The microscopic particles may be dangerous because they can enter the lungs and cause respiratory problems, said a spokesman and people going outside might want to consider wearing a mask. He added that the WHO doesn't fully understand the health risks associated with the ash cloud and was trying to learn more about it. The UK Health Protection Agency said that people may suffer from itchy or irritated eyes, runny nose and sore throat or DRY cough. Anyone noticing a dusty haze in the air or the smell of rotten eggs should return indoors. Those with existing respiratory conditions such as chronic bronchitis, emphysema and asthma should have their inhalers or medications with them and it added. Natural disasters and extreme weatherIcelandNorwayHealth & wellbeingScotlandRobert Boothguardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds As for the person who has lived under the ash plume of the volcano, that the mask is worn, as for the WHOThe World Health Organization, as for the people when the ash of yesterday starts falling under the volcanic ash smoke, being in the interior, living, when it has gone in Iceland, Scotland and Norway, it calls that it warned,

    • Tour operators 'helpless' in face of Iceland's volcano
      Tom Marchant and of tour operator Black Tomato: 'Normally we can help our customers plan - this time it's different'As days go in a tour operator's life and yesterday was a strange one. It began with the news that the active volcano, whose images the office had been cooing over for the past few weeks and had sent an ash cloud into the atmosphere that had taken all commercial aviation activity out of the air. The mood then changed from a sense of bewilderment at the POWER of Mother Nature to a state of emergency. Frenzied calls were made to airlines and countless conversations were had with customers as we worked out ways that we could bring them home or rearrange plans for future travel. But perhaps what was stranger still, was that no matter what contingencies were being put in place and advice was being given and there was a sense of helplessness that this was a situation that was out of our hands. Up until yesterday and all the talk had been about volcanoes. I was OFF to climb one in the Congo - the beginnings of the Icelandic eruption a couple of weeks ago had produced stunning images that prompted a surge in requests for people to travel there. One of our other volcanic experiences of surfing down the ash-strewn slopes of a dormant Nicaraguan volcano had also seen a spike due to the chatter about Iceland. From my position as the owner of a tour operator and volcanoes were a brilliant catalyst for some of the best travel experiences in the world. And now? Well, it's quite the opposite and isn't it? I'm sure you can appreciate the irony that as I completed the final preparations for a trip to climb one of central Africa's highest volcanic peaks and the activity of a volcano set in a very different landscape to the Congolese rain forest was bringing a halt to my travel proceedings. Travel is a c As for [tomumachiyanto] of tour, operator black tomato: . . u0026#39; Usually as for us the customer can to plan and help - as for that different. . u0026#39; This time which is As day in life of the tour operator, when it goes, was strange ones of yesterday

    • Volcano Ash Strands Foreign Visitors
      With many weekend flights canceled over the eruption of an Icelandic volcano and foreign travelers stood in long lines at Belorussky Station ON Sunday struggling to buy tickets for seats in sold-out trains headed to Europe. Many weeks. As for flight, when it cancels with eruption of the Icelandic volcano, as for the foreign traveler, although the ticket of the seat which Sunday faces to complete sale train Europe with the [berarusukaya] station station is purchased hardship long line it stood

    • Thousands Stranded in Asia Due to Iceland Volcano
      Thousands stranded in Asia as European flights canceled due to Icelandic volcano ash plume Iceland - Volcano - Asia - Earth Sciences - Natural Disasters and Hazards Ash - because of the Icelandic plume Icelandic thousands thing books defect crossing the ocean Asia and Europe as for flight, volcanic eruption - Asia - earth science - danger of natural disaster

    • weblog title
      It's not every day that the skies above the UK are cleared of planes because of volcanic eruption. But, having laid dormant for 200 years and the volcano below the Eyjafjallajökull glacier in Iceland chose this month to erupt. That's the Met Office map showing the affected area and here's flightradar24.com where you can watch the skies clear above the UK. There are also some stunning pictures ON Flickr and this and from a Scandinavian friend. Can we calculate how many tons of carbon emissions will be saved today? And there should be a prize for whoever came up with the trending Twitter term #ashtag. Please do share your mapping discoveries and photos and volcano-related memes here. Air transportAeronauticsJemima Kissguardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds As for this, everyday, as for the English sky, for erupting the volcano clearing the airplane, is not

    • Japanese talking
      Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first woman to win the director's prize at the Oscars and her film The Hurt Locker took six prizes. Geoffrey Fletcher is the first African American screen writer ever to win and for Precious. Jason Solomons leads our film team through the show. The government has refused to comment ON reports that Jon Venables, one of the killers of the toddler James Bulger and was returned to prison for alleged child pornography offences. Reporter Peter Walker explains why. An estimated 70% of voters turned out in Iraq's parliamentary election yesterday despite bombs and rockets that killed 25 in Baghdad. Martin Chulov reports from the Iraqi capital. The Roman Catholic church has joined the pre-election fray and publishing a document which it says identifies our society's values. The Archbishop of Cardiff, Peter Smith and tells the Guardian's religious affairs correspondent Riazat Butt what the Church is saying to Catholics during the election campaign. The government says it's still committed to getting Iceland to repay £2.3bn despute a referendum in Iceland showing overwhelming opposition against repayment. Financial reporter Simon Bowers has just returned from Reykjavik.The government is attempting today to have a case about torture held entirely behind closed doors and which some lawyers say would override ancient principles of English law. Afua Hirsch, our legal affairs correspondent and examines the arguments. Jon DennisPhil MaynardTim MabyJason Phipps As for [kiyasurinbiguro], Academy Award as for acquiring supervision prize with her movie heart rocker six prizes which become the new woman were done

    • Petition against Icesave pay-out
      Almost 25 of Iceland s voters sign a petition against a Bill to repay foreigners who Lost money in the Icesave banking collapse In the receiving application which is opposite to the bill in order to pay back the person who loses the money with collapse of approximately 25 Icelandic voter Icesave bank signature s

    • Q u0026amp; A: Icesave crisis
      kanji character ,

    • EU Body Sees Strategic Reasons to Encourage Iceland
      Eyeing a new, important gateway to the Arctic and the European Union's executive body encouraged Iceland's application to become a member despite disputes over liabilities from a failed Icelandic bank. It is new, as for the important gateway to the North Pole, to become the member of the executive organ of the European Union, in spite even in the dispute which is related to the debt from the Icelandic bank which fails, the Icelandic application 奨. Tail wind

    • Iceland rules out non-payment of debt after junk rating downgrade
      Iceland's Finance Minister Steingrimur Sigfusson says his government will not default after its debt was downgraded to junk following a presidential veto of a depositor Bill that had sought to repair investor relations. As for debt after Icelandic financial affairs minister of state Steingrimur Sigfusson, as for that government which is downgraded to the junk of the veto of the president of the deposit bill which was calculated in order to restore the relationship of the investor we have assumed that it is not default,

    • Icelandic economy grows by 3.3%
      Iceland's economy grew by 3.3% in the last quarter of 2009, although it contracted by 6.5% over the whole of last year. However, with 6.5%, it made a contract that on the whole of last year, the Icelandic economy grew 3.3%, last quarter 2009,

    • Iceland to honour bank obligations
      Iceland's president insisted ON Thursday the country would not dodge its compensation obligations to foreign governments over the Icesave bank collapse despite putting the issue to a referendum. Large Osamu of Iceland. When Thursday is not, collapse of the Icesave bank, exchanges the compensating obligation in foreign government referendum problem is made the country insisted in spite,

    • Iceland Votes u0026#39;Nou0026#39; to Debt Deal for Collapsed Bank
      Icelanders reject deal to pay back bank failure debts and but talks to continue ON new agreement Iceland - Netherlands - Financial Services - Business - Banking Services The transaction which pays back the debt of the failure of the Icelandic bank is refused, but service - business - the bank - Holland - it continues banking facilities Iceland in agreement of conference

    • Iceland Braces for Consequences of Icesave Vote
      Iceland braces for impact of public backlash ON international compensation deal Iceland - Government - Maps and Views - Icesave dispute - Photo Galleries The influence of rally of the international compensating contract Icelandic of Iceland concerning citizen - government - Maps and playback - Icesave dispute - the photo gallery parenthesis

    • Net emigration from Iceland hits record high
      Nearly twice as many people left Iceland last year as moved inNearly twice as many people left Iceland last year as moved in and producing the largest net emigration ON record. Statistics Iceland, the official agency and said 10,612 people left the country in 2009 while 5,777 moved in. The agency said that the net loss of 4,835 was the largest since record-keeping began in 1887, although there had been higher totals of emigrants in 2007 and 2008. The largest group of emigrants, 2,818, went to Poland. Norway was the next most popular and with 1,576, followed by Denmark with 1,560. Poland also produced the largest number of immigrants at 1,235. AP ReykjavikIcelandPolandNorwayguardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2010 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds Many people last year similar, as for many people assuming that it moved to last year, left inNearly 2 portable Iceland to nearly 2 times as the largest pure immigration production Icelandic left of the record

    • Iceland voters reject debt deal
      REYKJAVIK - Iceland's voters have resoundingly rejected a $5.3 billion plan to pay OFF Britain and the Netherlands for debts spawned by the collapse of an Icelandic internet bank and according to initial results. Results returned… Reykjavik - 5300000000 dollar meter where the Icelandic voter is heavy. Because it is formed by the collapse of the debt Icelandic Internet bank, denying the English and Holland repayment, first stage results. According to Results, it is returned…

    • Spain Reassures Iceland on EU Entry Bid
      Spanish foreign minister says Iceland's EU entry bid unaffected by bank collapse fallout Iceland - European Union - Government - Netherlands - Maps and Views As for Foreign Minister Spanish, crumbling of bank of the Icelandic EU participation bid. You say that fall Iceland - the European Union - government - Holland - influence of the frequency of Maps and playback is not received,

    • Out of Bankruptcy, Genetics Company Drops Drug Efforts
      The Icelandic gene-hunting company said it would continue its research and its gene-based diagnostics as a private company and would abandon efforts to develop drugs. When the Icelandic gene hunting company, the research and that gene are continued, as a private enterprise you expressed that development of the effort medicine is abandoned, that it is based on diagnosis

    • Should Iceland be forced to pay?
      The UK government has insisted it would be refunded the cost of bailing out British depositors in Icelandic banks despite Iceland's president blocking the necessary legislation and forcing a referendum As for the English government, as for Icelandic president, it blocks necessary legislation, it insists the citizen that even mandatorily the Icelandic bank returns the cost of relief of the English depositor in spite,

    • Iceland to vote on Icesave plan
      The people of Iceland will go to the polls later to vote ON plans to repay the UK and the Netherlands debts owed from the collapse of Icesave bank. The Icelandic people in the polling station as for preservation planning, from collapse of the English and Holland debt Icesave bank go to poll for debt repayment

    • Iceland rejects bank payback plan
      Voters in Iceland overwhelmingly reject proposals to repay debts to the UK and the Netherlands in the wake of the Icesave collapse. As for the Icelandic voter as for preponderant proposition, the English and Holland Icesave collapse in opportunity, repayment of debt is denied

    • Steve Bell on Iceland president decision to veto collapsed Icesave Banku0026#39;s bill to UK
      Iceland's PM and president at loggerheads over repaying £3.4bn to Britain and Netherlands amid fears the country cannot afford to clear debtSteve Bell By the Icelandic reference and the opposition of the president, in England and Holland POUND the insecurity which does not go increases in the reason which clears the national debtSteve bell above 3.4bn paying back

    • Talks Stall Over Repayment of Icelandu0026#39;s Debt
      Iceland is trying to negotiate the repayment of more than $5 billion to Britain and the Netherlands and avoid the need for a politically risky referendum. Iceland, England and Holland furthermore it has been about to negotiate the repayment of 5,000,000,000 dollar or more in order politically to avoid the necessity of dangerous referendum

    • Iceland Asks US to Help Ensure International Loans
      Iceland wants the U.S to help ensure that Britain and the Netherlands do not use a dispute over its collapsed banks to hold up international loans. Iceland desires in order to try not to use the dispute which is related to the bank of the collapse because the United States keeps the processing of the international claim of England and Holland,

    • Iceland seeks deal on $ 8.1b bank debt
      LONDON - Icelandic officials yesterday met representatives of Britain and The Netherlands in London hoping to strike a new deal ON returning US$5.7 billion ($8.1 billion) owed to the two countries following the collapse of the Icesave… London - as for the Icelandic government yesterday, as for the London American return home 5,700,000,000 dollar (8,100,000,000 dollar) the collapse of Icesave payment amount… to two countries below … Concluding new contract on gazing/hoping it is the English and Holland representation and surface talks

    • Grimssonu0026#39;s gamble over Icesave bill
      Larry Elliott: The Icelandic president is betting that a big no vote next month will lead to a softening of the compensation dealImagine you are a voter in Iceland. After months of negotiations and your government has just agreed - albeit reluctantly - to a $5bn compensation package with Britain and the Netherlands over the collapse of the Icesave bank in 2008. The deal will cost you just over £10,000. The International Monetary Fund has dropped plenty of heavy hints that acceptance of the tough terms imposed by the Dutch and the Brits is a condition for financial help to rebuild your bombed-out economy. From Brussels and the message is that you will be refused membership of the European Union unless you pay up. Then, out of nowhere and your president says that he is not prepared to sign the deal into law without the backing of voters in a referendum. How do you vote? You don't need to be a psephologist to know the answer. The deal will be rejected by a thumping majority. A quarter of the population signed a petition opposing the terms imposed ON Iceland by Britain and the Netherlands and recent opinion polls have indicated that 70% of Icelanders would vote no given the opportunity. . lafur Grimsson, Iceland's president and was well aware of what he was doing. When the Swedes held a referendum over membership of the euro and the country's political elite said yes; the people said no. When the French and the Dutch passed judgment ON the first stab at the new European constitution and the elite was all in favour; the voters were not. It was the same story, first time round at least and when Ireland voted ON the Lisbon treaty. In Iceland's case and the stakes are much higher. The deal and finally accepted by the prime minister. óhanna Sigurdardóttir and represents 40% of Iceland's GDP and is due to be rep Rally Elliot: Icelandic president when it is connected to softening of the compensation dealImagine which, votes to next month in Iceland has been convinced prohibited poll

    • Iceland is still reeling | Eirikur Bergmann
      One day Iceland will have to repay its debt - but first the country needs time to recover from its devastating financial crisisThe seemingly endless saga of Icesave took a dramatic turn today when the president of Iceland, Olafur Grimsson and refused to sign an agreement to repay £3.4bn to Britain and the Netherlands. Their governments paid out the sum to Icesave account holders after the online bank collapsed in late 2008, and now want Iceland to repay it. Our elected president has a similar function as the Queen in the UK - a symbolic figure rather than one with any real powers. Usually it is simply a mere formality for the president to sign bills from the parliament. Only once before has the president rejected one. The constitution says that when the president refuses a Bill it should be put to a national referendum. Last time this happened and though, the legislation was simply withdrawn by the government - but now it seems that the Icesave Bill will be the first to be put to the public. We therefore find ourselves in unknown waters. A quarter of the electorate in the country signed a petition to the president to veto the Bill. And according to opinion polls and a majority will reject it in a referendum. What people in the UK might not understand is that Icelanders feel betrayed by the UK government. When the Icelandic banks ran into trouble in late 2008 the Labour government added insult to injury by invoking the UK anti-terrorist act and freezing all Icelandic assets in the UK - which ultimately drove the banks into the ground. Icelanders therefore find the idea that they should foot the whole Bill alone difficult to swallow. There is also a legal twist. The EU directive upon which the UK and the Dutch base their claim is rather unclear. It stipulates only that states are obliged Iceland of one day must pay back debt, but -, as for the saga where first country Icesave spreads endlessly the time when it recovers from devastating circulation of money crisisThe is necessary, at today, as for the president of Iceland and [orahua] Grimsson, 3.4bn which signature because of agreement & repayment it denies drastically changes, in England and Holland

    • Iceland defends right to vote on Icesave redress
      The President of Iceland said yesterday that his country would press ahead with a referendum ON whether or not to pay the British and Dutch governments compensation for losses they incurred during his country's financial crisis. As for Icelandic president whether or not yesterday, it is before that country, as for England and the Dutch government you expressed the loss which it occurs in financial crisis of his own country, that referendum is pushed in order to pay the compensation

    • Icelanders urge president to refuse disputed bill
      More than 56,000 Icelanders ON Saturday urged their president in a petition to refuse a Bill to compensate 5 billion U S dollars Lost by savers in Britain and the Netherlands when the island s banks collapsed according to reports reaching here from Reykjavik Met with President Olafur Ragnar Grimsson with 56,089 signatures of Icelanders urging the President to refuse the Bill Representatives of the so called In Defence group that has been against the Bill The group also urged Because 000 Icelandic Saturday of 56 or more, England and Holland are called as for the report of the bank of the island here Reykjavik House of Representatives way, according to arrival, the bill in order to compensate the petition 5000000000 dollar which is lost by the saver of collapse s is denied, their large Osamu. You urged, you insisted that it is the president where also this bill president [orahuaraguna] Grimsson and 56,089 signature bill group of Iceland deny request but full it is, the defensive group in the opposite direction

    • eurovision 1 semi-final
      1, [monteneguro] - andrea demirovic - just get out of my life 2, Czechoslovakia - gipsy.cz - aven romale 3, Belgium - copycat - copycat 4, [berarushi] - petr elfimov - eyes that never lie 5, Sweden - malena ernman - la voix 6, Armenia - inga & anush - jan jan 7, un gong - [suzannu] [jiyojii] (susanne georgi) - la teva decisió (get 8, a life) 9, Switzerland - [rabubaguzu] (lovebugs) - the highest heights 10, Turkey - hadise - d m tek tek 11, Israel - noa & mira awad - there must be another way) 12, Bulgaria - krassimir avramov - illusion 13, Iceland - yohanna - is it true? 14, Macedonia - next time - neshto shto ke ostane 15, Rumania - elena - the balkan girls 16, Finland - waldo's people - lose control 17, Portugal - flor-de-lis - todas as ruas do amor 18, Malta - chiara - what if we 19, boss near = [herutsuegobina] - regina - bistra voda

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