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    Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture,

    Leisure related words Itoigawa 新緑 Oito Line

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    • http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/gateway9611021/30679486.html
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    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/kurakura-get/e/bd0ca8acf48837b7aa92a675e3e2472a

    • As for here bear highway?, a liberal translation

    • Also month changing, March March - “spring -, come”
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    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
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    • , a liberal translation
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    • [pateisurironto

    • Tare juice fixed food “sen shape”
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    • “Hakuba Daibutsu” [hitsusori]….
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    • Ishikawa prefecture mountain generation hot spring

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    • Silver Senryu
      Every year directing to the day of respect for the aged, it has publicly offered, in “silver Senryu”, 9th this year there is application of 10,558 works, it replies the @ k tie where we would like to publish the work where the inside I of that work of the Corporation nationwide pay nursing home association where from among those 20 works select had interest the [yo] the postcard puts out uninformed (. The flat victory child 84 years old Kyoto prefecture) @ 50 year being required, the pot and the cover are agreeable, (normal Saburo Tamura 76 years old Akita prefecture) the @ pedometer attaching, in the return the car calling (Tsu stationary [kinu] 75 years old Kumamoto prefecture) in @ old age while also the dream which leaves is dream (Nagamatsu. Satoshi 68 years old Nara prefecture) being similar to the @ rose, also the wife hearing and without taking and the flower scattering [toge] leaving (Nakamura interest the 之 65 years old Osaka prefecture) the @ learning in being placed next and forced laugh (Kitagawa mountain three 70 years old Ibaraki prefecture) the @ bowing when the class meeting which staggers together (Kazuko Ishioka 82 years old Tokyo) you grow older, don't you think? as for I whom as for the kind of matter which is expressed with Senryu you try there probably to be one and two being able to surpass to the body while the body which is Senryu “while the dream which leaves it is dream moves going out to the mountain in old age,” “the shrimp” You collected and you did the collection of the fossil with the purpose which differs, but it becomes consultation of the physical strength gradually and also collection becomes vague and the fossil sleeps under the eaves and don't you think? the shrimp don't you think? as for the orchid the shrimp which 100 stocks or more is not to be suited for environment the orchid has decreased yearly even then as for that there is still we would like to go Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city there is a seashore where the princess river which flows reaches this [tokimeki] which is searched in the wide seashore where the “jade seashore” about one week which is you stay and you hold the dream where everyday we would like to search the jade in the seashore is something which it is hard to throw away!

    • Large thread line of snow that 13
      Nantes, this week there is no snow mark in the large thread line! The prayer framework already the 1~2 time, it is to want the [do] [tsu] [pu] [ri] snow falling, but the ・・・← (still there is a lingering, it seems) (the ^_^;) As for the ↓ picture this day which is south Kotani going 424d of 20 days seems that small cascade ~ flat Iwama snow accretion circumstance is best, also simply, this white view clean at all had disappeared one hour later, (laughing) * photographing day 2010 February 20th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza mountain 之 cell -> this

      This year you do!! charmant×scooter presents☆jump★session 2010☆☆ guest professional rider* Plain love (scooter) Oka island Hiro Akira (scooter) God tail Yoshiaki (volkl) other things!! * Day and time: 2010 April 25th (Sunday) * Meeting place: Charming fire hitting ski site (Niigata prefecture) * Competition item: At [kuwatsudo] side 4m [kitsuka] one make-up jump * Participation cost: . . 2000/day entries. . 2500 (lift classified by ticket) * Collection fixed capacity: [sunobodo] skiing man and woman total 100 names (as soon as to become fixed capacity, tightening you can run out) * Sponsorship: Charming fire hitting ski site * Cooperation approval: scooter november Ogasaka skiing factory volkl ug details vonzipper o `neill union deeluxe oran `ge abeam ride shop surfrat `s Itoh construction Saito electrical machinery and appliances other each company * Entry method: In regard to entry, attaching participation expense to the entry paper, direct. Or please apply with the cash registration * Ahead application: 〒949-1322 Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city west flying mountain 1821 address charming fire hitting ski site jump session person in charge address tel: 025-568-2345 fax: 025-568-2311★time schedule 8:30 ~9: Because 00 acceptances (1f hole acceptance inside center house) * the day only the conference participant at special price the lift ticket purchase as for 9:10 ~ opening ceremony competition explanatory ([kuwatsudo] side at before [kitsuka]) 9:20 ~ open practice 10:00 ~ competition start (skiing woman -> skiing boy -> board woman -> board boy) preliminary round loser revival game jam session, there is also a deciding knockdown system 15:00 ~ commendation ceremony pulling out selection meeting best dresser prize the case of the acceptance which sells, we waiting also disguise [kosupure] participation, it increases!! With this [maji]!! In laughing and the pulling out selection meeting, to come, because there is also season pass of season, in the pleasure as for the ♪ entry paper ↓ description below

    • Large thread line of tinted autumn leaves that 28
      The end of year beginning of the year and the train of the Sea of Japan side following one another with recent turbulent weather, it became suspension, but this luck. Vis-a-vis measure “but as for safety important matter when suspension continues even excessively, the article of the gist it isn't rather to be connected to the customer leaving?”, had been recorded before the certain paper to be, I so think, when (laughing) you look at recent jr, manual principle, rather than that adaptability is not effective, you say, or there is no with something and feeling the thing 勿 [re] principle which borrows “safe first” name does not have to do, (- DOTDT - [me]) ↓ story turned aside, but the picture is a little vivid already if the weather which is Itoigawa going 427d between the Hiraiwa ~ small cascade is good, the tinted autumn leavesIt is to think that was, but… * photographing day 2009 November 15th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza mountain 之 cell -> this

    • Large thread line of snow that 3
      It is the fixed turn point of large Noma's river ~ Kibiki princess

    • 新潟
      Well, as for this day today when it is work of show in Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city, lovely also 2 are people of the junior simultaneous* While resting, don't you think? [pachiri] feeling it is good at the lookout, the ~

    • 深緑の大糸線 その19
      Truth when the rainy ornament mountain is visible in the back, is to be the point of limitation, but… please permit m () m gradually and it stopped wanting to go to the large thread line with the general color which likes the vehicle, whether rain does not open quickly, the [tsu] [ke] to which the ~ [a], rain opens Nagano and is? (^_^;) The ↓ picture large Noma's root intellectual ~ Kibiki is Itoigawa going 431d, * photographing day 2009 June 6th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza root shed -> this

    • 自然の水溜まり
      Today, it did not fan the long touring halfway [tsu] accompanying car, without either applying and [sakutsu] and as for the thing many (゚ ∀ ゚) destination which [ha] ゚ [su] is done however it was not set, the place where it arrives caught to the eyes 'in the pond' one shot of the mountainous wave of Niigata prefecture (゚ д ゚) y-~~ Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city [nantoka] village oven [tsu]…Tuna!? (゚ д ゚;)As for the tobacco which is placed in the head, the fish of 4 meter rank stays as a comparison, it seems…Furthermore, with fresh water fish…(; However 'the д `) this, is vague, explanatory (゚ д ゚) y-~~ this…It is bad to the Itoigawa citizen, but…Nessie of the Ness lake likely, 'to tell the truth, it was [dekairajikon]! (゚ ∀ ゚)' there is no [tsu] [te] [ochi],…? Simply all [tsutsupa] doing the revenue source of Itoigawa city, if in earnest from close range you store to the camera, the causing [re] dream may be it is small-sized unmanned searching. Preparing the submarine ×10000 machine, or position strategy (´∀ `) preparing 10000 divers, if from close range you store to the camera, prize 10,000,000. However, it captures the [dekai] fish, when you damage, kill when the fine 1,000,000 $ (´∀ `) this is done, it becomes [gase] information full load, it is probably will be…[adeyu] which becomes tired

    • 海の似合う日
      Today also today being regrettable with the cloud, the shank. It is personal, but because the older sister of the cousin some days ago got married, it attended, * as for the ゚ place clean town [tsu] where the Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city sea is visible!! To be enormous also weather being good, it was cute day* After a long time the kindred all question the origin stopped wanting to get married [to] ゙ less form me of the older sister who is different quickly, because (laughing) my mother is the Niigata graduate, it comes well, but don't you think? it settles after all, being troubled, [ru] thing there is a sand in the sea which can be thought truly wee and there is a cloud in the sky and in me as for the friend and the family where the friend is it leaves big thing enormously the time, it is the shelf - with you realized, after - the [te], it is such a heart air ill-smelling story, nail introduction this the shell scattering the lame a little, is the nail of degree of [kirakira] up, * ゚ 1 at a timeForeboding is made white and with the point of the elegant [tsu] time, is popular enormously from this? Preparing Sawayama's color, we waiting, rose tigger ginzaseri-nu which it increases.

    • 「道の駅・マリンドリーム能生」でカニ三昧
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , for multilingual communication

    • 深緑の大糸線 その17
      Because the small flower of purple had bloomed in Kawahara “of the princess Kawasita second bridge” near the small cascade station, getting off to just a little Kawahara, saw with, in the essential train light… (the ^_^;) The remainder which chases the flower, you did not think of that the train becomes backlight, (laughing) the ↓ picture is 423d of the Itoigawa going, * photographing day 2009 June 6th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza small cascade -> this

    • 深緑の大糸線 その56
      issue , Japanese talking

    • 紅葉の大糸線 その9
      You looked at the large thread line last tinted autumn leaves and m () m today which is delivered, with the feeling which was seen roughly, on south side almost you had been shed from north Kotani, but septentrional the here and there harshly the maggot [te], as for the ↓ picture which is the kind of feeling which remains harshly the maggot [te] is 426d of the small cascade ~ flat Iwama which remains tinted autumn leaves and the south Kotani going from Hiraiwa, (^_^;) When ↓ this is general color, the ~ (laughing) & photographing day 2009 November 22nd * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza small cascade -> this

    • 深緑の大糸線 その15
      It is the point of petite bird's eye view of the Hiraiwa ~ north small ravine

    • 深緑の大糸線 その27
      The cloud which is small cascade ~ root Chima drooped low and had included, but well, if you think as scenery Toda who usually cannot take this… positive thinking and positive thinking (laughing) the ↓ picture is Itoigawa going 425d, * photographing day 2009 August 7th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza root shed -> this

    • 深緑の大糸線 その36
      It is the small cascade ~ root Chima point being, the photographing [tsu] [te] of the summer, truth, fighting of the insect it was and with in the shank bush mosquito the caterpillar and the horsefly etc., also this place became the spider's web being covered, (the ^_^;) Because well there is no bear, it does well and with does or (laughing) the ↓ picture is 429d of the Itoigawa going, * photographing day 2009 August 30th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza root shed -> this

    • 深緑の大糸線 その29
      It is the point near the Kamakura tunnel between the Hiraiwa ~ small cascade

    • 第825回 39年目9月時点のプログラムから
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • 松川町観松院所蔵の「弥勒菩薩半跏思惟像」について
      Это мнение , for multilingual communication

    • 深緑の大糸線 その35
      It is the photographing with small cascade ~ root Chima which becomes a practice important point of the recent sink taking (the ^_^;)This day did general color of a1 use retiring from the middle, the stripe, it was just a little intention to fight loss feeling, but if you think that it could look at three color everything, depending upon the how to think the ・・・← (to bluff) (laughing) the ↓ picture is 433d of the Itoigawa going a little, * photographing day 2009 August 30th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza root shed -> this

    • ブログネター
      [buroguneta]: No prefectural origin? While participating I am the Niigata prefecture graduate, if may you mention Niigata wordily,…- The United States, the fish, the liquor calls, feeling- Fixed turn of gift candies -> kind of persimmon of originator Oyodo house, bamboo grass dumpling, Yasuda yogurt…Rear what!? - Kameda confectionery, the company of candy such as Bourbons and famous Kuriyama American snack is a large quantity with the fool receiving- With the tennis racket famous [yonetsukusu] (the [tsu] [ke] which is!?)It is- As for the number of Western food of Tsubame city vessel productions [sugoi]! - The rugged plain gauze to which the boiled rice is difficult to adhere or developing the [ji], the expectation which is the Tsubame company (as for Niigata prefecture you are not wrong! Certain Tsubame…)- The Niigata “lagoon” to be good is from the [wa] - with to be a thing which was said,- As for east Japanese electric power 50 hertz, as for west Japan at 60 hertz the streetcar (the Hokuriku line) riding from inside shank Niigata prefecture, when it gets near to Toyama prefecture, (near Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city) instant, it has a power failure, is there where is the boundary line (Itoigawa -> [itoigawa]) jr east Japanese and west Japan boundary next door of Itoigawa city, becomes the direct Gotsu station of Joetsu city- Recently with influence of big river drama, everywhere and over there with the direct river and letter “of love” of continuation the fullest capacity- However with the favor, Kensin's Uesugi Kasuga Yamashiro became famous, as for there, also the place where the parent 鸞 saint is let flow with deportation is close, is- The island is two, is, in the Sado island and pale island Sado did study travelling and employee travelling 6 year of elementary schools 2 times, - (the ~ where the abalone is tasty)- If it lifts the person, after Kakuei Satiko Kobayashi/three wave Haruo/Tanaka/Takahashi 克 Koharu the Kuju of actual/river combination Shunichi/the Nagai large/Mho daughter, the Ogawa flax koto/the ~? * Although the [ro] which is rear what - thing of local end it is not well understood, to thing all inside the prefecture…(;)We ask kana Niigata prefecture which learns this from the opportunity may (*^-^) the no why, while the jr [bi] [yu] arm Niigata [ichi] pushing

    • 深緑の大糸線 その12
      It returned into the home at last (the ^_^;)In addition because [bochibochi] it keeps renewing, the place where you ask may the happiness which is small cascade ~ flat Iwama unhappiness the mountains of the back being hazy, the vehicle coming up, seems that becomes the kind of picture which is visible, (laughing) as for the ↓ picture with the ↓ just a little rise which is south Kotani going 430d * photographing day 2009 June 6th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza small cascade -> this

    • 春の大糸線 その20
      Hiraiwa ~ small. It is the point of the national highway paralleling which can desire the rainy ornament mountain between

    • 新緑の大糸線 その2
      Because Sinriyoku is clean, photographing even with such point, forward seeing, the white flower (perhaps the weed (the ^_^;)It is) probably to take in to be trying, to aim to see with low angle and but… after all the weed, that the weed only is not seems, (laughing) the ↓ picture is small cascade ~ flat Iwama south Kotani going 428d, * photographing day 2009 April 28th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza small cascade -> this

    • 新緑の大糸線 その6 
      Merely to see, because the line continued, by degrees also the large thread line (the ^_^;)Don't you think? it seems that by the way trial run of the new model starts even with the large thread line you do not understand, but the Japanese National Railways color (me so is but) this year perhaps, intended one it is displaced from sometime, crucial point (laughing) the ↓ picture because the time when it is 431d of the Itoigawa going is slow is that positive hit cleanly in the mountains of the back, but in the essential vehicle… (t_t) * photographing day 2009 April 28th * the photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city Oaza Nishikawa field -> this

    • 春の大糸線 その19
      The place “the 18” similarly is near the small cascade station

    • 新緑の大糸線 その5
      The photographing point to which the large Noma's root intellectual ~ Kibiki you can desire rainy ornament mountain and it is one, when composition heavily it is ream, perhaps, just a little [kitsui] don't you think? (the ^_^;) The ↓ picture is 429d of the Itoigawa going, * photographing day 2009 April 28th * photographing area Niigata prefecture Itoigawa city large. The root shed -> this * the map ahead linking and, as for the kind of map where the present road is different a little m (which we ask with reference) m

    • 春の大糸線 その18
      The place is the fixed turn point near the small cascade station

    Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture, Leisure,

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