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    Kameko Nobuo,

    Comedy related words Tokyo Metro Keio Line 小田急線 Golgo 13 Yoyogi Park SHABADABA Gorgeous Space Brothers
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  • ○■ 亀子のぶお

  • ○■ [miha]? When you want to show to everyone,

  • ○■ Way the ◆◇◆◇◆ ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇ origin, kazuki of luca&grand zero, you do live, ■■ thorn four Takamatsu Satoshi birth eve festival (temporary) ■■ ■date 2009.06.18 (the wood) ■place Shibuya club asia ■time open 17:30 START 18:00 ■ticket fee adv. 3.000yen DOOR. 3.500yen (w/o drink fee) ■artist thorn four/aural vampire/w.a.r.p. /Go* When the JAS (the [bu] of the temporary)/turtle child/it is [akiraboi] and more… that band name, [gurazero] is done, don't you think? it is

  • ○■ “With live vol.16” da y and time: June 6th (Saturday) time: 18:30 at the time of open19 START fee: 1000 Yen place: Yoyogi Yawata inhabitants of a ward hall address: Yoyogi 5-1-15 (postal code: 151-0053) Traffic: The Odakyu line Yoyogi Yawata station walking 6 minute traffic: Tokyo metro Chiyoda line Yoyogi park station walking 6 minute performance: Being funny, unusual entertainer cooperation: good day inquiry: hatolive@ mail.goo.co.jp < the performance > snapping turtle university (you do also chairmanship) [kureijidoruzu] ([ero] the funny roughly [bi] coming girl the) whale (being too small, God of the thing imitation which is not transmitted the) refrigerator man ([hiehie]? [i]) joke Togo ([gorugo] 13) twinkling (double polis [tsu]! ) [shiyabadaba] (with [enta] large popularity) [kazumihuaibu] (the uncle the) chance large castle (the destruction heaven roughly) taiga (the expert of the tie dough) bb [goro] (the Inagawa [ji] [yu] it is the [ji]) [daburunemu] (large popularity exile entirely) Sanyo [pitsutsua] (to tell the truth it is the couple with [enta]) * Special guest* “Fight! My love centuries” (* never it is never the famous that person!!? ) < For the media the 1 minute news item corners > [po] it is the [po] densely (the strange person the) space sibling (the soft body entertainer) [wotaru] (art history 20 years the gift of the) [me] well (the parent and child? ) Bridge nail [youko] (the Daruma entertainer the) [u] only and eight 郎 (the useless human the [bu] of the) turtle child (the large popularity [kimoikimoi] ♪) [tsu] being disgusted nobility (is an explosive power with [enta] and roughly the [bi] coming entertainer) * with live admission fee [n] is contributed to the npo group live

  • ○■ May 3rd (day) sma office talk live place opening place 13:45 raising the curtain 14 o'clock the place Chikawa [bi] - the [chi] [bu] (from Chikawa station getting off and the third exit of the subway Yuraku Cho line sub center line walking three minute) fee 500 Yen May 4th (month celebration) handicap live opening place 19:30 raising the curtain 20 o'clock the place & Shibuya plug (walking three minute) fee thousand Yen (1 drinks to be attached) it comes out from the Shibuya bee public mouth and orator gooseflesh truth and hey wants, the chance large castle, the [bu] of west Azabu Hills and the turtle childBb [goro], snapping turtle university, the Yokosuka song 麿 Lu, orie and space sibling etc etc…In addition multi. It is the luxurious member, it is* It does not flee,… May 5th (fire celebration) Takeda Baba area it is to obtain [so] [ku] deferred payment system one-man “逢 Tokyo station” open 17:00 /start 18:00 advance sale. . 0/day. . 0<¥500 of classified by drink generation> * The occasion where if it is the return equal to the amount which the customer enjoyed you can pay fee, it is good

  • ○■ When the [bu] ax of the t urtle child you imitate

  • ○■ ●11 day “laughing pro duce live” & detailed “laughing produce live” (by your you do not happen to think, you do not become aware in your own interest, if we like this we would like to produce him…And so on entertainer development live the entertainer produces the entertainer) * April 11th (the Saturday) the meeting place: Shinjuku fu- 13:30 opening place 14: 00 raising the curtain & performance [sugitahiroshi], seeing [ma] japan, star star loan, cat willow Romeo, it becomes, it does to do, the [ru], [natsuki] and young panic, the two rice, even if you obtain and the normalcy, cat Hiroshi, ketchup phosphorus, the mask man, [gonzo] and the [bo] [tsu] [chi], the [a] - the [re] Taro, the [tsu] [te] is the Tama river, [daiji] and Kawamura [emiko], the Koito [chi] [ku] [wa], the [me] is while being dense, the village, Watanabe Parisienne, the Imperial Headquarters eight bags, the [bu] of the turtle child, taiga, the hermitage, the John seeing and the [wa], the polis [ji] wax, the cherry boy, the snapping turtle university, the [tsu] being disgustedNobility and the [wotaru] m (_ _) m, [kazumihuaibu] and large God [kuhio], bb [goro], the whale and [katou] Naoya, other things (please come out acknowledge when modifying due to the circumstances of the orator,) mc, outer garden guard * fee [the day] 500 Yen

  • ○■ Linked web pages are wri tten in Japanese ,

  • 亀子のぶお

    Kameko Nobuo,

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