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    Advance decision wins tournament,

    Sport related words South Africa Denmark Portugal Slovakia Paraguay Cameroon Cote d Ivoire Paraguay match Denmark match

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      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • http://tukiusa-tasuku.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/05/post-4642.html

    • http://blogs.yahoo.co.jp/ever_yours_shop/30900974.html
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    • http://s-i-n-o.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2012/07/post-04c3.html
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    • 2012 nen 07 gatsu 30 nichi notsubuyaki
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    • 7 gatsu 30 nichi ( gatsu ) notsubuyaki
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    • nadeshiko vs suue^den to U-23vs morokko
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    • orinpikku kaimaku
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    • Japanese weblog
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • ks festival bulletin
      Conference first day 1 year 1st tournament 6vs3 Tokorozawa it is cheap as for pine 2nd tournament 3vs1 fc Taito 2 year 1st tournament 2vs2 [suporuto] Yachiyo 2nd tournament 1vs0 Yokohama glory fc 1 year, presently being 2 victories, as for deciding tournament advance decisive 2 year if tomorrow it wins in 1 victory 1 minutes, the Yokohama glory of the tournament advance decision present 2nd tournament [huerezahutsutoboru] player all where the tomorrow 1 year tomorrow 1st tournament 8 where it has become the game which incandesces with the club which becomes Kanto conference Kanagawa prefecture representation o'clock kickoff 2nd tournament 11 o'clock kickoff 2 year tomorrow 1st tournament 9 o'clock after the kicking off due to the result and perseveres and increases

    • With 4 successive wins most fast deciding tournament advance [tsu] [te] story in history.
      When you call Endo, it does in Kashima, the [yo]? Therefore Oguri decade extent decade the man don't you think? Endo, [koroki] and Uchida [he] ゚ [rushihu] ゚ [ra] 1 - 3 Kashima [yasu] REPT (´▽ `)/it was bitter fight unexpectedly, it is? Therefore the [ma], such while being hot, the tournament don't you think?…Player tired [koroki] restraint three, it was good, don't you think? you could score is truly at last, returning to cold Japan, please have for the Sendai game of weekend deciding tournament advance being decided, Kashima a little became easy kana? The good work where it was possible to be like also 1 rank passing aiming better [yo] Hiroshima it wins being rushing in connection with year end, the [tsu] [te] [yu] which is harshly applied to the [te] transferring present colleague bear it met (i_i) \ (^_^) attitude it is bad and…Expression [kitsu] it does to be,…The [a] of gentle Japanese representation it is to do, it comes clink, don't you think? when the [tsu] [te] you think, don't you think? the [me] it is, the telephone was applied, it is depending, the story [a] [chi] [ya] you permit, don't you think? the ^ - the ^) the person (the ^ - the ^ after that 30 minute grumbles the [tsu] [te] [yu] [u] which is heard as for the bath which becomes tired (∩∇ `) be the daughter

    • Game
      Because game season of the small school started doing, because tscu-12 the majority of the children is present game, now when Sunday it is the practice day off extent to be good it is game day harmony with cloudiness, but don't you think? weather should have had to evening stopping the [tsu] [te] which in the school of the brother who is thought appears in young child race/lace says the phosphorus ton of seniority persevering, when being practice of tomorrow, thought report waiting, don't you think? the [ru] winning the 淼 wild pink japan tie with 4-0, deciding tournament advance decision!! You question with the [me], because be the fungus saw boiled rice it made from the 琦 parents' home which the [ma] ~ is done, the grateful telephone phosphorus phosphorus, where you take and with smell it goes promptly and well - does

    • [kaka] leaving…..
      From when injury leaving of [erano], certainly vicious [huaru] of [kotojibowaru] starting being conspicuous, rather becoming development of signs of storm, it increases, but although with special care it was the good game, it becomes the suddenly small story where it is regrettable regretful being, but the live door, but [mon] which almost is wanted releasing we entry which is not prosperous quickly how it has become is just? Depending, becoming the game whose aftertaste is very bad Brazilian and this [burogu], it increases, oh now, Brazil which is ended is deciding tournament advance decision

    • Victory
      Brazil won, (^o^)/the ♪ which is deciding tournament advance decision with this

    • Brazilian × [kotojibowaru
      Brazil 3-1 [doroguba] of [kotojibowaruburajiru] deciding tournament advance decisive first half [huabiano]/Brazilian latter half [huabiano]/[burajiruerano]/Brazil and [kotojibowaru] on the latter half from the highest position with exquisite timing springing out, being the offside last, score of second [huabiano] which is decided with the head hand www furthermore the hand does also 2 times completely and after w which is taken just the hand www of God the tournament becoming rough in last direction the latter half, although nothing, scuffle [kaka] as for is done the player of [kotojibowaru] at our performing with erroneous judgment of the judgment which collapses [kaka] with the 2nd yellow card becomes the lead card, retreating/quitting. When you explain simply, however there was the scuffle which is such feeling as expected the Brazilian passwork of fifa where in any case the level which is the highest tournament is too high ranking 1 rank, technology of the individual almost one-touch pass and organizing ability, defense, in counter either one if as for strong latest world cup victory the Brazilian causing [re] it is as for Brazil Friday Portugal of fifa ranking 3 rank and as for tournament this you do not see, whether the loss [te] whether the player whose [doroguba] is good the [ho] which passes it is with player character of kind as expected top class and the [wa] [te] oven [ji] which is top class Japan which is the pleasant tournament the comparing it is the viewing [te] in story viewingThe soccer which completely is different speed of chute the [ma] it is saying, because as for the person only the Japanese tournament it is seen, the kana which is not? Brazil the tournament it tries seeing? Because it is excited with the [ma] [ji], although (`Ω) after, summer is well with something, the long sleeve it has worn? www the person who says is, but…Because as for the latest world cup opening country south Africa which is south Africa is located to Japan and true opposite southern hemisphere, completely air temperature of winter Brazilian × [kotojibowaru] game www and the [yu] which are 12 degrees - inhales with reason something and the kana which is viewing bean knowledge (the ´-ω- `) well calling and [a] [te] [nikoniko] how the [tsu] ♪

    • [guruguru] somehow the can the result which is the [tsu] [ke] which is
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • Korea.
      At today when good morning it is the shank! Yesterday happy was delightful with feeling, while the burning meat which is eating it rose in master and the south African vs French game don't you think? and the w cup [tsu] [te] it is enormous after all, because together rise the [chi] [ya] you bore it is to that, as for Korea which enters into the competitive national group as for the deciding tournament advance decision tournament it is not seen first yet even in the country which is different we want also the Japanese representation following to Korea as the Asian spirit [chiekera] we would like to do afterwards, shank that [ha] ゙ [i

    • Heavy rain
      Good morning, the field before the apartment which is the heavy rain, becoming the rice field, it increased, current Gunma which is, (; Therefore as for the ^_^a night the byte, the kana which does not clear up - Korea does the deciding tournament advance decisive stripe, the seed after all Korea forcing -

    • You question with your Korean deciding advance [me]!
      Em japones , for multilingual communication

    • ★W cup varieties…
      It is title too suitable! Laughing good morning it is* Feeling has not risen from the French retreat (><) never never, the ↓ [chi] [ya] oral [ya] [ku] and while the deciding tournament advance team keeps being decided, Korea the deciding tournament advance [tsu]! Wanting persevering as the same Asian spirit, following to the shank ♪ and Korea, the death which deciding tournament advance is wanted deciding DREPT (*´∀ `*) the no of course, everyone tomorrow is 3 Tokioki coming even in Japan, don't you think?? It was namipo★ which [dokidoki] has been done with the laughing pleasure!! namipo★

    • Our homeland Germany, best 16 decisive (^^)/~~~
      Result of d group; [doitsugana] 1 - 0 [osutorariaserubia] 2 - 11 rank German two rank Ghanaian Ghana were defeated, but to exceed Australia in profitable mistake difference, deciding tournament advance decision!! The African spirit, total destruction is escaped!! Combination of deciding tournament; The German anti- England! (^^)! England is pushed down, the German anti- Argentina calls, (^o^) usa anti- Ghana!! After all one rank the importance which is passed! (^^)! Defeating Ghana, directing to decision, rushing (the ^^) you show the/~~~ future soccer and are turned up, usa (the ^^) [kibikibi] doing, inserting why considers the play of/~~~ usa!! * As for this [burogu] [burogu] which shows the power of the philosophy philosopher!!! * * Because systemic all the spirit all powers were exhausted to in Derby, 'it has become omission which pulled out the regular article [burogu]', but because there are various articles, searching the various articles see carefully! (^^)! Speaking simply, as for our [burogu] the [tsu] [chi] [yo] [ro] it is sweetly and it is not [burogu]!! Mere not only reading, [burogu] which is made to think to put out, what compared to autonomous independence, the [ma] [tsu], the philosophy shelf!! * * Long title of the laboratory is the abbreviation of p=pilosophical c=challenge s=system which becomes the pcs laboratory! (^^)! * ----------------- sent from w-zero3

    • The Japanese victory
      Japan with 3 - 1 questions Denmark with your [ku] putting out deciding tournament advance decisive ~ Japanese typical [me], good participation red sandal wood putting out Honda where (^ω^) (^ω^) (^ω^) beginning and ending it keeps being surprised to the Japanese overwhelming victory and [yu] [u] unexpected tournament development was it is possible to rejoice

    • You question with the [me
      When from the morning when in 3 to 1 you question with your Japanese deciding tournament advance decisive [me] it arrives to the tension max airport, when you try the beer probably to drink, after arriving to the Yaku island, driving met, it is…The [tsu] p which [gaman] perseveres to the hotel and increases (the ≧3≦) q

    • World cup soccer Japanese deciding T advance
      Because voice of the NHK radio first Yamashita announcer immediately after the tournament ending has bounced,…* From the portable telephone when Japan which cannot see 3-1 you inquire about the information and the like of the traffic which is deciding tournament advance decision with the Denmark 2 victory 1 defeat/miss don't you think? the town excitation seems that overflows with the supporter which does not cool down, when you see, that it is defeated, the Denmark ambassador who has appeared in news zero where you thought and looked at news japan and slept very much it was regrettable…In election, world cup soccer, sumo wrestling association…In TV station with good material shank

    • … (*^^*)/
      The soccer Japanese typical w cup deciding tournament advance deciding better seed persevering, rising early, it was good seeing, 'there is the fight which it cannot be defeated no matter what!'~ everyone who is and the [o] and fights with present first sleepiness, today one day pleasure better [yo

    • Don't you think? already when it comes to here, is just strong feeling.
      Even what, after so long a time, became the result where the problematical point of the Japanese representative team surfaces, but because it was defeated with say as for those where you held down with minimum mistake it was nice it is the Dutch partner of the worldwide ranking 4 rank which don't you think? does not know the being defeated of 2 year or more, you can say that you fought well gently, don't you think? the [tsu], now, Denmark to win, because the better seed (Holland with deciding tournament advance decision, the Cameroonian retreat decision) with the notion that where you say, with the direct confrontation with Denmark, is deciding tournament advance above draw, there is an advantage in Japan, it is with the shank saying, the room which can do the draw aimBecause you think that it is not, just winning only you think, however probably will be,… any where it is good to Japan taking, by the fact that you fight well to the strongest Holland, it is not to reach the point where the Denmark hole is visible better, probably will be or, the [tsu] [te] to which the eye is accustomed you call, because it is, there is the kind of expectation which many chances than the combining which is born, while the Matsui player/the Ookubo player/the Honda player are vigorous, taking the point, when still we would like to enjoy the world where it wins and would like to have getting the point is cup we would like to have thinking being strongly, shank [ganbare] Japan! End

    • Denmark!!
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • The [wa] well well well well!!!!
      Japan it won (_)!!!!! Now, with respect to of the record which ends even with draw the good place, is the Japanese victory with 1-3!!!!!! Because enormous enormous [tsu] this time such an atmosphere it was, the latest chaos attacking, because [ku] attitude is deciding tournament advance decision with this which is the parenthesis good (_), whether soccer [tsu] [te] protecting concern of truth enormous after all Japan the kana, it is with you say, don't you think?!! The production persevering from now on, in addition as for [atashi] which we would like to receive, is (^_^) before the television it becomes support, is probably will be the ~ next swayed Paraguay!! Persevering, Japan!!!!

    • Japan.
      Renewing [hu] ゙ [roku] ゙ to such a night of weekday for the first time…On the other hand morning… day climbing, the [ru] - already summer before the eye is it is in the recent my head the soccer to be, the tournament which the [tsu] it does and [yo] [ku] everyday becomes matter of concern being full,… being insufficient sleep, the w cup of one time being the case that favorite Endo has been present of course in 4 years which do not become work…Moving with the [ge], but only the person who does the play which is conspicuous it picks up the media and… among such, finally today… the [a] where in the Denmark game Endo decides goal with fk - you want to be the tear, don't you think? if only the true [re] the [tsu] you want - it wins the [ma] [ji] soccer foolish this tournament, impression before the deciding tournament advance 8 applying year… and I who would like to taste victory by the way, [ru] Argentina already the deciding tournament advance decision persevering, Japan!!!!!!!! whether such a Endo directly from first game the team! You play, but Matsui and long friend now in the conference, the [ho] it is with the cover [ri] support goods whose good play is many design of uni- front, this time is, shrewdly, has come even now also [ri] laughing to be, the typical version [ho] of the monkey which is bought with [tsu] [chi] [yo] [arozu] it is - to be, - and… Japan… [] which wins!!!!!!!!! It is dangerous, [] it is!!!!!!! The [ro] which is from sometime… you transfer the tournament, flying are in Hawaii bearing it does, but… [hi] [

    • Good morning it is!
      Already, already [wa] Japanese vs Denmark which is morning 3-1 win ~ deciding tournament it advances decides, it is enormous…

    • Activity of 9 days
      Activity 3rd grade and Higashifushimi g of 9 days (Sunday), 25th club use soccer championship u-15 conference Tokyo preliminary round 3 next league 17: If 15vs [saruvuato] - [re], it wins, the 1.2nd grade which within of 3 ranks decides, becomes deciding tournament advance decision, 17: 00~19: 00 time, Higashifushimi g, schedule 1st grade of club use support Seibu Shinjuku line Higashifushimi station getting off walking 1 minute 10 days (Monday), 17: 00~18: 30, as for the player before the Uchiyama playfield park soccer place testing study please persevere 2.3rd grade, 17: 00~19: 00, Uchiyama playfield park soccer place

    • Activity of 9 days
      9 days (day) activity 6th grade, 6: 30 lodging 3rd playfield park soccer place parking zone gathering ~19: 00 time, 3rd Nasu desafiocup deciding tournament 10: 20vs register fc (Saitama the) after result circumstance member 6th grade everyone [a] the [hi] going [yu] it is thin [ke] [ri] [yu] [u] 5th grade, 8: 00~17: 00 time, Uchiyama playfield park soccer place, Kiyose city boy soccer ream. Invitation conference a team 9: 00vsfcwaragoma 10: 20vs Kiyose junior after classified by ranking, b team 9: 40vs six small eleventh 12: Because 20vs Koshigaya sun thin sss after classified by ranking Tsuchiya who participates in a b2 team is not 6th grade leading, result 6th grade and desafiocup vsomfc of yesterday which Inoue takes charge (Tochigi) the 〇 3-1 it is and the coldly [yu] thin [ke] 2 vs Ashikaga [torevuita] fc (Tochigi) the 〇 2-0 the [ke] is [yu] thin [ke] vsfcregate (Fukushima) the 〇 2-1 to be the coldly [yu] it is thin [ke] deciding tournament advance!! 4th grade and fair play cup 13 block preliminary round league vs greenery fc 〇 4-1 vs Kodaira fc [uingusu] 〇 4-1 deciding tournament advance decision!! 10 days (month) schedule 3rd grade, 17: 00~18: 30, Uchiyama playfield park soccer place 4.5 6th grade, 17: 15~18: 45, Uchiyama playfield park soccer place

    • To deciding tournament
      kanji character , original meaning

    • 8 it is strong decision
      As for the Vermont cup prefectural conference deciding tournament advance decisive game Sendai jr3-0 槻 wooden fc [begaruta] Sendai junior in addition tomiya which decides deciding tournament advance with 2 year continuation, the crane valley sss and Sendai [supotsushiyure] fc, Minato sss and s k sc, [abantsuare] Sendai, combination pulling out selection of the deciding tournament is done in morning of the tomorrow when Siogama fc junior is best 8 advances as for quarterfinal game 9 o'clock or 9:30 from, as for semifinal 10 o'clock or 10:45 from, as for decision 12:20 is done in

    • Road to [nabisukokatsupu] deciding tournament
      Ends also [nabisukokatsupu] of this year to the 5th paragraph, the remaining 2 paragraph directs to the deciding tournament gradually and a group which to the stage which can do star calculation rushes shows unexpected development, league game 2 rank and the Nagoya of favorableness to almost sink 6 rank of despair, Kyoto which to league game 17 rank and the demotion sphere is not defeated pleasantly with charge as for boldly premier position Tokyo although the painful tournament somehow was brought to the victory and draw, in the Sendai game of the foregoing paragraph from the blockade being defeated from 3 rank of one step retreat, as for Niigata of the presently 4 rank which tries doing star calculation to remain, 1 tournamentsBecause, because if it wins and 0.10 wins limited Omiya 2 tournaments and to win Tokyo remains 2 tournaments if successive win (to win 0.13) it does, without complaint up to 0.10 and in 3 point differences or more in case of the deciding tournament advance decision 1 victory 1 dividing (it wins 0.11), the next paragraph Kyoto game wins, in profitable mistake difference on Kyoto it can go, if conversely deciding tournament advance is decided with c Osaka game draw of the last paragraph condition other than that, because it cannot go on Kyoto, when they are 2 rank disputing 1 victory 1 defeat/miss of Sendai, as for the pattern which (wins and 0.10) with aims for 2 rank coming out,When rather painful Sendai wins one, therefore it ends and in the simply Sendai is defeated to Nagoya 6th paragraph, when it seems that Omiya wins c Osaka Omiya - Sendai remaining in the last paragraph which becomes funny, when it is this development from the [ru], the last paragraph [tsu] [po] of the group league it is surely and there is a possibility becoming and (laughing) also Niigata to win feeling lining up with 0.10, but unless it wins well in the Kyoto whose profitable mistake difference just a little is harsh game as for deciding tournament advance with the natural conclusion that shank w it is difficult,

    • original letters
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • Don't you think? you did*
      The Japanese deciding tournament advance decisive best 16 entering stripes it did and the point decided also Okazaki on the seed latter half, won Denmark in 3 to 0 don't you think? the next is the Paraguayan game, just sleeping a little, if line it is not in work, could be cripes (v_v) zzz

    • [tsu] plain gauze!!
      The [nitsuho] ゚ [n] highest!! The [do] which wins -!! Deciding tournament advance decisive ~! Honda blurring sphere, or the [tsu] [chi] [yo] you obtain and as for the next - Endo who is decided, also Kawasima whom also Okazaki protects… in addition, perseveres with everyone and increases from 29th 23 o'clock! At the Paraguayan game ranking 31 rank, also Italy draw is the team, when you think that still, the pleasure continues, yesterday which the framework framework is done at 9 o'clock, borrowing the power of the beer, you slept and attached even physical strength, today and the [tsu] [chi] it does and is (=⌒▽⌒=) vigor was received, it is with, today 1 day cancer, it is the [be]!

    • Japanese weblog
      6/20, 3 tournaments of the group league of 10th day of soccer world cup are done①The Slovakia vs Paraguay (f) (fleece Tate stadium) 20: With 30 kickoffs ⇒2-0 the Paraguayan victory (score) Enrique latch (first half 27 minute) [kurisuteianriberosu] (the latter half 41 minutes)②The Italian vs New Zealand (f) ([mubonberasutajiamu]) 23: Draw of 00 kickoffs ⇒1-1 (score) [shiensumerutsu] (first half 7 minute) ([ni]) [binchientsuoyakuinta] (first half 29 minute) ([i])③Brazilian vs [kotojibowaru] (g) (soccer city) 27: But with 30 kickoffs ⇒3-1 the Brazilian victory (score) [ruisuhuabiano] (first half 25 minute, the latter half 5 minutes) ([bu]) [erano] (the latter half 17 minutes) ([bu]) [deideiedoroguba] (the latter half 34 minutes) ([ko]) as for Brazil as for deciding tournament advance decision and Italy ending with draw unexpected, when it becomes like this, only it wins because

    • Japanese Letter
      En japonais , linked pages are Japanese

    • weblog title
      Paraguay 2-0 the Slovakia Italy 1-1 the New Zealand Brazil 3-1 as for [kotojibowaruparaguai], with the tournament carrying of the 磐 stone as for victory Italy, in the New Zealand partner under case 1 points of pk at last, Paraguay the one step sneaked away draw group f, barely with this and, the possibility in the deciding tournament 1 game of becoming the Dutch vs Italy came out and, Brazilian vs [kotojibowaru] of large attention rising early, seeing, as expected the [wa] which is Brazil which it increases (the *^□^*) all teams is good, is, (the *´∀ `*), you take the 1st point in the kind of play which flows and as for the 2nd point, [ruisuhuabiano] doing, to be high the lifting pulling out the partner, you score with the footIt is to decide, whether, [kaka] inserting the low-altitude cross from the left side, it runs the 3rd point which, but what the trap it does how saw and passed and was the arm to be, is goal by way of the hand of God and, after that [doroguba] which [erano] which is packed pushed in returning, 1 points it ends that way that when you think [kaka] leaves with this tournament 2nd yellow! Furthermore, 2nd is wasted, it passes, (><) with this victory as for Brazil, coming after Holland, deciding tournament advance decision! But when it goes this way, the honesty where the possibility the Brazilian vs Spain actualizing in the deciding tournament 1 game comes out saying, it is the card which we would like to see with decision but…After, representation it is like it has become exile because [aneruka] of the French representation spat filth in supervision being, [wa] w

    • FIFA W cup 2010 preliminary round 2nd game
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • original letters
      The Portuguese great victory! Spain it is pleasant victory! (Group g) the Portuguese vs North Korean 7−0 (group h) the Chilean vs Swiss 1−0 Spanish vs Honduras 2−1 < ranking & victory point > name of a country as for red as for deciding tournament advance decisive gray preliminary round league retreat decision (group a) the Uruguayan 4 Mexican 4 French 1 south Africa 1 (group b) the Argentinian 6 Korean 3 Greek 3 Nigeria 0 (group c) [surobenia] 4 American 2 England 2 Algeria 1 (group d) the Ghanaian 4 German 3 Serbia 3 Australia 1 (group e) the Dutch 6 Japanese 3 Denmark 3 Cameroon 0 (group f) the Paraguayan 4 Italian 2 New Zealand 2 Slovakia 1 (group g) the Brazilian 6 Portugal4 Ivory Coast 1 North Korea 0 (group h) the Chilean 6 Spanish 3 Swiss 3 Honduras 0

    • Japanese weblog
      Everyone, made, good morning it is, 煜 * Peppermint day the mint waits and Hokkaido Kitami city of the specialty item it makes, workshop in 1987 enactment “[tsu] (20 days)” the language Lu adjusting<@ event>* In tin bd main office 7f 21:40 ~☆ seeing 2nd anniversary [donki] living 21: The 15~ * today, it continues to yesterday, the [matsutari] ~ forms at the house 煜 * as for soccer [warudokatsupu], with draw, deciding tournament advance decision 煜 < then, in addition > whether it wins in the next Denmark game, The article is written with [te] ゙ [kotenhu] ゚ [re

    • Blessing the child of God
      Because the [u] [tsu]… you ask, already please stops… supervision…… with, is [iguain] saying, probably [ru]??? In praising beauty of the hat trick, it is the kiss where the child of God is hot,… (; ゜゜) [utsu]! To tell the truth when it is true thing, being less crowded there was no time of active service, it is don't you think? because ~86 year or 90 year [tsu] [te], West Germany has supported is ~ [kurinsuman] or [bureme] one, in the picture became is your ~ [tsu] and, to forget to do also the [chi] [ya] good rotor [mateusu] the ~ so, the ^^ from that time is the hiding intelligence star which is don't you think? because… is, excessively the favorite it was not, it is, don't you think? with, something to call, becoming the old boy of feeling, because in supervision is not faced no matter what by his gradually becomes favorite isDon't you think? the ginger (the *´∀ `*) with 2 successive wins, as for the partner who almost is deciding tournament advance decision France or Uruguay…? [metsushi] which is the goal machine of the worldwide highest peak even with non score, completely it does not mind to mind, [iguain], [tebesu], [aguero], [mirito], [parerumo] and kind of [metsushi]… whichWhen among these, 3 people do and the sub [tsu] [te], be too strange being, the sub [tsu] [te] are said to the supervision of [yo] ~ other things, it becomes the complaint tare tare, however it is probably will be,…When it is said to [maradona], complaint say it probably will form, don't you think? is, knowing the participation of time of everyone active service, after all, because it increases, when don't you think? it wins, truly God shelf…As for fearing, just the wound of [metsushi]?

    • ナビスコカップ 浦和レッズ vs 大宮アルディージャ
      [yamazakinabisukokatsupu] preliminary round league 7th paragraph Urawa [retsuzu] vs Omiya [arudeijiya] Saitama stadium 14: 00pmkick OFF clearing up & tournament result Urawa [retsuzu] 6−2 Omiya [arudeijiya] score person 38 minute Yamada direct, 52 minutes (pk) 57 minute [ejimiuson], 52 minute plateaus, 65 minute Toki rice fields (Omiya), 71 minute blastopores, 83 minute Fujita (Omiya), with 89 minute Yamada attendance several /36,251 human chief umpire village advance next this deciding tournament advance decision! (The ^_^) v24 blastopore vigorous 1 Yamagisi example Hiroshi 34 Yamada direct shine 19 plateau direct Yasushi 6 Kataoka Yousuke 19 plateau direct Yasushi 5 冨 rice field large mediating/helping 17 [ejimiuson] (52 minutes pk) the rear 52 minute plateaus and the goal 19 plateau direct Yasushi 5 冨 rice field large mediating/helping 33 Takahashi Shun rare 19 Murayama 祐 mediating/helping 33 Takahashi Shun rare 33 Takahashi Shun rare 19 Murayama 祐 mediating/helping 24 blastopore vigorous (71 minute blastopores of pk of [eji] deciding goal, the male fungus [bi] of the cell and joy) blog

    • セルジオ越後「またも同じ過ち」「つまらない試合」
      impressions , original meaning

    Advance decision wins tournament, Sport,

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