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    Food And Drinks related words New Student Welcome Party

    • At present
      Whether the oven only in - something it became troublesome thing, (●ω●*ξ)

    • weblog title
      * April 17th* After the work whether kana properly with Yokohama - with (the ´∀ `person) while the boiled rice eating the oven, love [bana] and just a little [ero] it was and the story large quantity of story and high school talked and the [ri] which is sown it increased! The [a] it is to do kana, because with it was the exact opposite, after the reply is not possible well and your [te] [me] is does the oven which is going to the Gaea plug, pre- you took, when (Ω) still the leek [ku] comes, whether what should have been written you are troubled, (; ' - The `a Gaea plug coming out, the middle which faces to the station, meeting to the person of the company of kana accidentally, kana the temper [tsu] [te] it is (laughing) the [a] it is rather to do, going, age layer it was low different from the [ru] company (' ш) the no it is with, arriving to the station, 22:30 before bi- bi-* Being able to emit also stress, it was pleasant, is, (the ´∀ `) * April 23rd* After the work, the baseball you observed at the friend and the Yokohama stadium of his person and his person* Because in no year photographic fog the baseball you saw at the Yokohama stadium, it was pleasant! But as for beginning sphere system like what which valley field chapter mediating/helping threw it was not in time with work, when valley field which is we would like to see, after the [a] it is with, as for the tournament either 1 points without coming off, end tournament ending, riding in the streetcar, it is not remembered there is no memory almost and did what is, but (laughing) well, regrettable result, (´∀ `) end*

    • Japanese weblog
      It is the [a] - 11 hour tired [tsu]! It was double with sky n, * the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] you became tired, - with, 1st case also 2nd case you thought because it could make smooth, it was good, don't you think? the ´∀ `simply, end pass 2nd case it is pass it is laughing yesterday, [burogu] immediately after renewing! . Now the ant knee is truly from the space immediately after, but it is, the oven come, the [te]. as for him always the [a] it is to do, when it has been about to sleep densely selecting, communicating, you wrapped, don't you think? however laughing morning it is quick, well Oji putting out 1 hours with the returning [ro] ~ [te] it kept thinking in the beefsteak toe, DREPT arriving at past (Ω 23 o'clock, although at 0 o'clock the [tsu] [te] which probably will return you think, no kettle and it returned 3 o'clock is, but something laughing first the love pear in it is with 4, doing, extravagant - coming at last, how, at the time of Hirohumi the paste The [tsu] where the [tsu] comes! After medium 3 o'clock the ~ which is

    • Japanese Letter
      After to in strike of doubt as for [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] very limit truth although friend and ikea it was the expectation which goes, being friend physical condition defective, whether the boiled rice [te] it is hatchet because in strike line [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is not being massaged and notiifying to drinking whether although the person excessively it did not stay and it was the [te] last, it could go before, however it stayed unskillfully, still who the favorite, you do not understand… The clothes doubt t (other than [minase]) were cute it is the short coat, the expectation which perhaps everyone the handle is different delicately to be, because you cannot talk the [bu], they were writing brush talks and being like you operate, it probably is to succeed?… Singing of the happiness tree and mc it is to love, because it is funny, time you feel shortly, it is, don't you think? Kansai. Don't you think? cute just a little meanness, [tawareko] [taware] it seemed in the happiness tree mark, with also the occasionally [tawareko] [tsu] [te] calling, the [te] just a little it was funny, last shining star Orion me who am the doubt lover whose it is delightful to be able to hear, the sound source you gathered temporarily and with, the oven you went to the new small rock why the massage story which with 2 human confluences had become 4 people you could not hear, it was good there being only a kana thousand Yen, your [te] [me] it is do (- the person -) with, the dessert it was tasty drinking at will type full, it is to be such a day

    • Don't you think? every motivation [e
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • Only ~♪
      The [ru] oh thing [sutaha] ゙ (the ´▽ `) the Nakahara [ku] - going back and forth, don't you think? the karaoke ~ (the °∀°) oh it was good densely, tension too high to be, the [wa] which is!! The laughing reed coming ~ oven (the °∀°) you drink and only drink and come and drink also ~ byte group and don't you think? [ri] ~ [he] which is sown (the °∀°*)/it is the present - when or the [mu] - it is and mosquito ゙ [n] sleeps from the middle and (p_-) with everyone, initial setting it waits and the ~ it is it stays, you do not come and the [te] the [ru] are after all the [chi] it had lodging (.) It is and flies and the blast 睡 ~ 2 limit is dangerous to the noon…(°-°; Being languid already, only this week class 2 [ko] which returns the blast which does not come out 睡 doing again and ~ night occurring and the shower pouring again noon side you eat blast 睡 ~ today, once the byte

      It was pleasant rather with the local woman 6~7 person, rising too much, whether the oven about 7 hours it remains and [warara] or phosphorus rises properly and song Hiroyuki coming ~ bottle space laughing [tsu] [ma] [ji] drinking is with 2 people power temporary of soldier Mamoru laughing [tsu] [ukon] x2 [warara] which it is good solving

    • Far and the [yu] and it is
      Em japones , Feel free to link

    • Boiled rice ~
      The karaoke ending, wandering, when from [a] now which it increases, << the oven >> with the boiled rice & the drinking ~ [ho] it is with the [wa] << properly >> we would like to go, but it is. Because they were 1 hour waiting, the [a] present [wa] which is abandoned giving up, the [tsu] or laughing [a] [zu] ~ [ma] seeing ~

    • The [a] it is to do, oath
      From last week association one junior him who is put out encountering becoming the feeling no [chi] [ya] [tsu] Tetsu to come directly from contingent thing, however there is no feeling where you do not know each other still and/or the shame and others [tsu] [te] you put away putting out everything and/or at all still “his person” “her” [tsu] [te], you can say, the illness it is about the [u] finally shaking off favorite original him, the new love [a] where you inserted in the hand you want it does and when being able to encounter with the oven also the [te] by any means each other which makes this love important to know yet, it was good depending truly, it makes think from the [tsu] [te] heart I may be she, we would like to become such kind of existenceTo do, the mail which would like to become such existence being short even if, passing communication not to take excessively, to say that he is unconcerned, me lonesomely and others in the [zu] association would like, we would like to persevere, it is, however you are patient too much and are not good former times the love which is different is done, is also the house which is being distant, it cannot meet excessively and when also the [te] meeting, the large quantity tasty boiled rice making, the many [chi] [yu] - doing, to that it holds and to close, even a little it would like to make distance short, it is, don't you think? to be quick there is no [suki] and the [te] large [suki] [tsu] [te] as been able to say, each other it should have been accustomed, madoka

    • * Simply the [i] well*
      The oven being similar, it makes 02 [i] friends newly and the [pe] which returns safely it is the [pe] it is, (∀) the laughing where [nowariya] new only friend [wa] both are thumb princesses and [negion] with the child of the same university the [i] friend to [i] nickname present [wa] 13 o'clock it sleeps newly newly from now and the [o] and the thought [i] [wa] [kibi] (the friend of singing) at the house and someone where [o] work starts newly the support [yo] [ro] it does from laughing 14 where it increases o'clock and [ku] laughing and 17:30 from is not completed with [wa] [ha] ゙ [ito] [wa]…Because there is no occurring [tsu] [pa] 02 days is, after it is to go to bed sufficiently the [i] and the thought [i] [wariya] which it increases and occurring, the [i] and the thought [i] which return mail which accumulates from last night it increases, (゚ ∀ ゚) the [wa] washing the [o] clothes of the [i] [tsu] [pa] [i] first with the [i] whose laughing [taha] ゙ [ko] is ill-smelling, after drying, the vigorous [wa] element which sleeps. The [tsu] [te] and with darkness [wa] anytime someone protects the [a] hatchet vigorously that time of the attacking [u]?? With me [ro] [u] scratching [tsu] it is the [wa] unreasonable therefore love my [wa] you who believe my [wa] you whom what it is possible even to I believes the [a] [ru] expectation [so] [u] by all means the [tsu] [te] [a] hatchet [wa] [a] [ri] the causing [re] which you are moved by the word which is touched the [i] the [a] [ri] comes in me and/or the causing [re] which is felt feeling the [i] the [a] hatchet [wa] or wound [e] of the [tsu] [te] the [i] is in me [tsu] is i glad to see you which is alone existence.

    • (- Ω -) {[hi] - [ma] -.
      The ribbon it tried acquiring today! When now store [chi] [yo] [mahi] wwww rise immediately it may, you yawn unintentionally, to t of the boy “oh! It is dense, and others you yawned to do, [yo] now!!! Because the ww” [tsu] [te] it was said, “it is different, you just breathed, it is!!!!!!”When the [tsu] [te] you say “............Breath it is helpless, don't you think? the [u] it is (^ω^)” the [tsu] [te] it was said being, the fortune-telling which the [yu] oven clink it has teaching whether the [a], so, hitting too much, the wwwwwwww one time which is blown we would like to have seeing in earnest -

    • New Year party
      Therefore yesterday from the work [o] [wa] [tsu] [te] the oven this time saving, it is with everyone, the liquor which does not collapse entering as usual, the honesty which it does nervously to the Kansai person at the time of the [ru], recent drinking meeting you become tired, (the ´ω `) after that the karaoke will not sing the pleasant [tsu] [te] the musician setting [chi] [ya] ill-smelling or and what the [yo] which it has being able to tell the potato (o>ω simply insufficient sleep ('; Ω; The `) the futon whose now 20 o'clock remaining 4 hour is be tired merely entering rather, news item it is and the [yo] and others bear is we would like to eat (the ´д `)

    • [hangutsuchiego]!!
      Harsh thing connection? f^_^; Close friend lily phosphorus and lunch ♪ here, the [do] - densely the [tsu] which is (^o^)/so so the photograph of the article of “2010 year's first visits to the shrine” the paper lantern of the Asakusa temple!! … As for the shot which, those o which are taken from under the truth (^-^o) (o^-^) only the o common photograph you can take and the [te], no oven pot and others seems whether it is not,… With the ♪ where the result which trial and error is done that is the angle which is very not don't you think? p (the ^^) q even then it was correctly interpreted, unless it is, 8888, forest English shine, quintuplets, the [a] cold it is splendid -* Because with, you do not see from under usually,… Taking that photograph for the first time, you knew that it has such cute sculpture! Usually, shank [e] color it is with the important thing which tries looking at phenomenon from the angle which is different, we would like it to reach the point where you stare from angle with, me it seems and the true [tsu] [tsu] o (the ≧∇≦) o story changes immediately, but… Recently the probability which is called the scatterbrain is high, it is, don't you think? when - some days ago riding in the bicycle, when it runs through the next door of the utility pole, ...... Σ (the @□@;)!!!! In the left hand intense painfully of running through the [tsu] last place the intention… As struck, (the *_*) the bone which means that the left hand had become the board putting, it was good being strong, (;)After, the ring finger of the foot is thrown to the leg of the desk and/or don't you think? but may be a little fingerRing finger [tsu] [te]…(+_+) How to throw, the skillful shelf - the [tsu] [te] our to admire to the strange place, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] cartridge paper string laughing

    • Happy [basudetoumi].
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • The Hokkaido ~ stratus 峡 ~ of winter
      'Aiming toward goal,…' appearing of the Asahi mountain zoo to the lost child, it returns to the Asahikawa station and it faces to the Mikawa station from there where by the shuttle bus to the 〝stratus 峡〟 - to tell the truth, that day “the ice. When the snow it enshrines and”, the kind of beginning when the colorful light/write rise which is first day calls popularity is to think of the Sapporo snow enshrining which starts from February, but it looks at the friend and circumstances, it modifies it stopped obtaining with, you think in late January that it was possible to come to this result! Because Sapporo is the central city, the amount which is easy to go with anytime - as for the inconvenient stratus 峡 of means of transportation therefore it is something which it cannot go easily very the worth which does met, although it is after checking in, it is the first day when it tries doing by the welcoming and sending off bus to the hotel which probably will be, not to relate, when entering into the castle of the snow, the especially excitation stripe to do, it rises and falls the seed stairway, you watch around at the lookout, with - a little that you think whether it probably is to think of everyone same thing where the sightseer is full whether you could taste king feeling, because (laughing) furthermore it is with it could commemorate could photograph also the gong obtaining which was made with the snow, the snow enshrining which you experienced for the first timeIt could enjoy above expecting! At this event seems that is held to March, but… you do also how wedding service, because it is it is not to be able to experience the wedding dress form in is below freezing simply - by his is thought with suicide behavior is being, easily, being valuable, because with just the shank snow is simply the snow enshrining,… such colorful light/write rise, the kind of art which cannot be missed very allowing to shine light, becomes the true work, today when you do not understand even by your the figure which becomes unable to come out of the ≪ being defeated ≫ oven which you think that - just it is like the, (laughing) why it designated as that pause,One word “when writing the diary, although you would like to express your own feeling, - with respect to your own character… you analyze by any means”, the [a

    • It is to
      Only thousand year Heisei did - at 18 o'clock earth floor gathering ~ earth floor and many [sahi] ゙ [su], the ~ green soybean and shallow the soaking and the eggplant of the cucumber shallow many talking increases you want in mechanic ゙ [ho] ゚ Tet and shrimp plug hot sake one hand the beam the ↓ meeting average which is received, however with in the secondary meeting super it has been intoxicated at the oven or the earth floor, because the oven it was super sobriety, the eggplant which is side which is nursed being prejudiced, it has begun the [be] you want the [wa] where tasty morning at 6 o'clock dispersion [ha] ゙ [ito] is the close friend while being good thing, [ohu] ゚ [nheruhu] ゚ it does thousand year lover area length hatefully selfishly, it is storyWithout although it should have become, ~ present time busy the way

    • [u] -
      After the today [wa] rust the reed it is the birthday party oven or being never year definite, the never cheaply cheaply [a] - pleasantly the [tsu] it is to droop you gently to sleep, don't you think? ゙ [ro] the [mu] it is and the [tsu] does being the cow. The drinking [wa] pleasant [tsu] it inhales, huh

    • Oven or Kinsi Cho (Umabe drinking)
      20100417 ovens Umabe about drinking (4500 Yen) tonight, in Kinsi Cho, the store which has been attached to Umabe's senior and the customer pulling of the lovely woman before the station of drinking Kinsi Cho, the oven inside the store which is, is the normal pub [tsu] [te] feeling, but the cow which is large and is 串 and the kettle rice the salmon which is the recommendation like as for some kettle rice was good, applying the putting out juice, it was good to eat in the tea attaching wind,

    • 2010/04/17
      After work ending, the smile and the [ma] [yu] the oven it went with me, - it did of course, don't you think? from serious story topic it does not run out to foolish like story, because \ (^o^)/it dispersed after all 5 o'clock well it was pleasant, it is anything and is

    • There is a differential time in my conversations. When so, it can meet certainly, certainly very each other becomes close. So, to the day when you feel, a little there is a time however, even then, because you and we would like to be together. .
      There is a differential time in my conversations being, when certainly it can meet, certainly very each other becomes close, so to the day when you feel, a little there is a time however, even then, because you and we would like to be together, [wa] [hu] [u] [] (the −−) somehow, it may be able to renew, the school ending temporarily from thing of yesterday which is, the frequency where after that, the friend came to the house and recently, comes all the way increasing, the [ru]* Because well it is pleasant, however it is good, don't you think? (Ω) the friend telephones favorite the friend game where it stops wanting to meet has done after that, cartoon reads in the middle which is important, the [ke] is and am I sleep 10 minutes ago which start and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] commonly, the friend forces causes occurring, the cod if, []!! (><) So, when it has slept soundly you looked at me, it could not cause, it seems to be to point well, with laughing, today, directly sleeping the [te], evening around 4 o'clock the sir seat today when it does at 18 where it is new happiness drinking meeting o'clock gathering in Machida, the oven? It went, (the ¯▽¯) well, today whether it became drunk for the first time, the (_Massage with the � which is not remembered -) what, dispersing around 9 o'clock, secondary meeting? So however it is not, the meal it died and went into the large door house after that, in at the house of the friend, past 1 o'clock? It returned, you became tired, (_;) The [u] - is, the mail returning the late the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ho] is with there is no excuse, the [o] (><;) Waiting, the [te] giving as for me it is thank you for the [te], densely - only [yu] [u] day, the [tsu]… Below the favorite love where by his becomes the ear

    • (' - ^*)/
      Today to burn it did not wear [seha] ゚ which is the seed [e] [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] good weather after all, when so it does, because swimming condition it was good the first it is not said, kana laughing closing ahead of time, but conventional meeting (Ω) daily allowance 1000 Yen the shock because it ends, the [tsu] this year tournament interest or, just Seikei collar thing drinking this week the second oven was good in the return which probably will be supported properly, however - the sequence two time it came out, don't you think? also the salad which the vegetable grows tired somewhat asked when and the pole liquor you drink, it becomes hot, it is, but now the streetcar, the [tsu] [chi] [ya] hot sweat scratching, the [ru] [wa] (--;)The house you attach quickly, - (the ´д `)

    • Japanese weblog
      [evua] seeing, “your [bakaa] of [asuka] which it increases?”Use frequency is many with is intellectual and others what to here,… the ray compared to [asuka] compared to the [ze] which would like to live together with [misato] which likes [misato]!! However rear [touji] to be the favorite the [u] [za] somewhat, the [mu] being attached is weak in the Kansai valve, is, don't you think? (the ' Ω `) [so] self-abandonment it is the wing inn the oven you favorite what, wwwww [touji]… other than the Kansai valve we mark sprouting main point. Although almost it is not, the favorite Kansai valve is justice even with wwwwww! You throw away and the [i] - do if so you say, before with smile 1 rank which observed at that, “Japanese [animekiyararankingu] which the foreigner dislikes well enough”, with room the guy wwwwwww persevering of [shinjishinji] and [shinji] [uza] is even with [tsu] [te] and wwwwww rides and first just is not? Still it becomes the [uza] [ku] (the ' Ω `)? As for that, seeing, and others don't you think? the [re] increase it is the thing, the ^^; The [tsu] [te] you say or, [touji] when the accident [ru]? Cartoon reading to there, but the [ru] it is, the scene does not come out, already immediately? Is, don't you think?? Already it is about the just a little rear where [asuka] comes out don't you think?? Therefore cartoon reading well enough before, beginning to forget contents, the [ru]… being rear [jiburi] time drawing too lowest, only you laughed and the sketch which does not come out ended… [asuka] as for the pitiful being, first victim the eyebrow of shank [ritsuko] is pitiful with [ritsuko

    • September
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

    • [hapitsupipi] ~♪Ⅱ
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • Recent condition report compilation
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • Cold
      kanji , original meaning

    • 今年2回目の新潟
      En japones , please visit the following link

    • 8 16(日)〜8 19日(水)
      Это мнение , original meaning

    • 飲み
      With Funabashi first Toyota with it does, with flowing together, the earth. Looking, waiting, cod Koide flowing together, and waiting, oh flowing together densely, with everyone earth floor halfway [se] [tsu] flowing together, again flowing together to the drinking, and Usui to drink after all with 7 people and Usui and being anther seeing chord like the place where it is [ma] [ji] pot becoming the [tsu] [te] which will be changed and whether the oven movement with do and return and wait and/or drink and start Koide sitting down on side and awkward becoming light you thought, but it is, it became by some chance Okinawa story and the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it rises - the Koide [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was detailed and the varieties heard. . There is an island [tsu] [te], that the aerophotography which seems it is dangerous saying, [ma] [ji] feeling it is bad and the enormous varieties hearing even with laughing, drinking after all to the morning when it becomes for the sake of, the store coming out temporarily, the [taku] [tsu] [te] the streetcar which returns being too languid even excessively, 5:30 returning to extent, blast the ~ 睡

    • 昨日飲み☆今日ごはん(●^o^●)
      At yesterday [wa] infrequent Shibuya the building of ~tutaya 8. When there was a bar in this building which does not know the [wa] ~~ (the *^^*) the well enough good store ~~~ sofa seat to be, the [ike] [te] it increased also cooking, because it is (it is the ^^♪ eating grommet cell, when cooking it comes, you eat immediately and the [chi] [ya] bear and there is no copying [me] [wa] (||||Don't you think? it is the adult of the fashion the ▽¯) and now in the adult, frame it is the better [tsu] [te] [ru]? However the [a] you did not eat, Σ (; ¯д¯ no) no!!!! When it is popularity what, (the *^^*) slandering, whether 2nd case normally the oven, the ~~~~ which it turns to [niyari] present [wa] boiled rice somewhere it receives tastily? However you tried to promenade in [tsu] [te] Ikebukuro everyone has been hungry rather the or [hu] [tsu] is not good being the sea urchin pasta? However the place the boiled rice [te] it entered closely normally with [tsu] [te] thing, with no [chi] [ya] and others [huea] the beer jug ¥280 glass wine how ¥180σ (; ¯д¯ no) no!!!! You think!! that there is only that [wa] drinking! Salad tuna and no [chi] [ya] and others pasta of [abogado]* It crosses and only the crab the [tsu] [te] which is not asked it says, (the ^ & the ^) it is the ~~~~ full stomach (the *^^*) even with 2 message is let flow from the mailing list of [hirominanba] the [imaichi] using understanding, whether [hiromi] [wa] basic [karubonara] saying, you say (||||The ▽¯) this time while the [wa] Ikebukuro recommending. It introduces, don't you think? it is. When detailed human recommendation aim time it is, the [se] - in the [te] saddle occasion from [wa] this the creative activity entering [ma] (Ω; a) Everyone [wa] it is to be completed cripes [dansuuea] and the b girl fashion sight

    • 幸せ者
      Yesterday is grateful truly everyone celebrates with Noborito with the happy person, is!! The university of somewhere however there is no [wa] can, when you drink and do from the call [tsu] [te] normal customer of meeting it is noisy so, don't you think? it is…Whether and direction the oven of the hill playground to being able to receive also the movement present, if it is delightful, with being completed, after that the juniors of the circle and playing you hit with to have withdrawing, Tuboi came to receiving to Odakyu which faces to Machida, but it is the Tuboi car appealing, job quality the [te], the cod does sleeping, the [ru] and [yasu] has become tense and with it was funny, is!! But as for me you drink the liquor it is “your how many?”With it is heard and “22 is!” “There is a identification card?” “It is!” “1987 ......Don't you think? they are 22 years old”, “it does not inhale…(Puzzle)” “the one where the girl is young seen well is better [hahaha]” - you hear, is, when orz after that you call to my job quality the Sagamihara giraffe dining room with something, being densely, Chinese noodles this time you try to try eating the soy sauce and [yasu] is with the [chi], the room to become dark, the laughing hit and miss which sings the [gu] shelf happy birthday song which is the cake appearance [gu] it does and/or siren does and/or hunts and goes and/or mirror month drinks ......However it was brief it was pleasant, REPT (´∀ `) no today this goes to staying in the flail phosphorus [chi]!

    • 5月やで(^^)/
      The � it returns * The [tsu] it comes ★�…2009 May 02nd (Saturday)…� The present bee [yo] - the [gu] which is the �� [gu] which slept putting out, work of the nurse seeing, the �94 which goes to the effective measurement receiving? In the point the passing �� it receives at last in Sunday of soldier/finishing inspection receiving [re] [ru] � next week, when the � it falls, it receives 15 question [hu] [a] after the �� laughing one question one answers to be, with - the �� [te] oven or the throat maggot [yo] [u] (the duck meal) on the middle which it has collapsing in the sack. To come out entirely, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is the �� and doing again to plant, however the water it tried doing, because Tetsu to be your � [me] which withers it is without vigor the [ma] [do] or the � it is helpless buying, don't you think? the � [a] which it probably will return, I have raised now the flower the � mini- sunflower � which is the small sunflower that the �� the bud came out at last, because densely the � maiden who is this year the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [ru] it is the � laughing which is when it blooms, the �� bosom which it did and whether the [yo] - the �� after a long time the diary of 1 years ago it read whether the thing [ma] [do] whether the abortive grain � [ma] [do] of the [te] it calls the �� laughing homidae large the bosom oak we liked in the � some [ge] which it passes (Because the ^^) the �1 year [te] it is quick, if even with the shank ��� it tries probably to change in 1 years but the � which you think that the �� which you think that it is sufficient period, it is large well enough the air which changes to also the one which is bad to also better one does!! However anything is not [tsu] [te] reason separately, don't you think? however with the � your own circumstance which you think that the � regardless so is, it changes it is, the � especially there is no deep meaning, but it is, whether something would like to say it is from the [wa], � laughing is 1 years not to pass anyhow wastefully the �� tomorrow… whichThe [te] or today the [do] - probably is to become or, the �? There is no the [te] and you sleep and [re] the �� [do] - the � which is completed? � end �

    • 聴覚>視覚
      issue , original meaning

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