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  • ○■ アットコスメ

  • ○■ Don't you think? - with, the coming where the eyebrow goes out

  • ○■ The [kosume] [tsu] [te] f or the girl, they were sweetheart like ones, don't you think? it is

  • ○■ You defeating such a “b y your, absolutely during stipulated time (01: 30: The person who can score within 00) deciding goal!”With you inserting [katsu] by your, you participated

  • ○■ Order of the article whic h is [koeri] to be strange the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is today to sleep, the cell to do, because the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is, it kept cheating with [kachiyushiya]* Even when after all the [do] - seeing, [mayuge] wrote - favorite, the ribbon is [kachiyushiya] of accent too densely being, [kachiyushiya] attaching, after the cod, why ^^ today when the head becomes painful returning to the house, while live pv of the Hamazaki walking seeing, when you compared with the room between this of rearrangement of the baggage of moving, extremely, it became [mashi] with to do, after [yo] [], cosmetics and [kiyabi] which are the remaining wagon and the wagon, are carried to your another room

  • ○■ In skin check of yesterda y which is [koeri], skin age as for 10 year old or less with measurement failure, the skin age which it has expecting, the beam 24 year old pore 18 year old moisture texture blotch 15 year old 15 year old ~~~ (the no ´▽ `) to buy no next week, as for business talk of ~~~ laughing former times, to point out the place where state of the skin is bad, however, it was many, now state of your actual skin where the maneuvers which already, praise are main current to be bad, the blowing secondhand article and the sebum opening the pore mainly, because the [ru], in order to know truth whether the [chi] [ya] [u]This time the ♪ which is checked with a more enormous machine the [tsu] which is done extremely it is the high machine, but the [tsu] which is done the skin age which is the machine which extremely wants 0 no year with the Max Factor K.K. sk- which comes outⅱlxp [moisutosohuninguseramu] yesterday as for the thought which was used for the first time, coming out easily easily, no [kore]? The [tsu] [te] you were surprised, but [kuchikomiatsutokosume] of sk-iilxp [moisutosohuninguseramuatsutokosume] seeing, it was understood* It is like how to use is rather difficult

  • ○■ Now the bar soap and the q10 film soap of dhc are used properly with feeling

  • ○■ Well, because today was p oint redoubling day of the drugstore, being enthusiastic, the life supplies and after the [tsu] which purchases the vegetable juice which every morning cannot be missed about here half year which is the make-up foundation using ips a, hurting, it does, but because there is no foundation, with [atsutokosume] favorite of the sight which has been checked always search…

  • ○■ [buroguneta]: You are not troubled with everyday washing the face? The participation Nakamoto sentence is [atsutokosume] washing the face quality improvement commission [buroguneta] from here and the premium news item which reaches in [buroga] which is chosen? < Reaching sometimes in message, it increases

  • ○■ With [kuchikomi] of [atsu tokosume] it has entered in about 3 rank the [o] French make lip

  • ○■ With review of [atsutokos ume] and optimism, for and against both theory like

  • アットコスメ


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