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    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 10/21 minute [repo]①
      The Goto “[u] [i] - the [tsu] it does,…”
      Das Goto- „[u] [i] - [tsu] tut es,…“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 10/14 minute [repo]①, a liberal translation
      The card does not decrease Goto “(in the staff)?”
      Die Karte verringert nicht Goto- „(im Personal)?“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 12/2 [repo]②
      Goto “(laughing) [a] [a], good [tsu] shank
      Goto- „(lachend) [a] [a], guter [tsu] Schaft

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 10/21 minute [repo]①
      Goto “(laughing) [o] - [tsu], [riarubetei] - like and”
      Goto- „(lachend) [O] - [tsu], [riarubetei] - wie und“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 7/8 minutes [repo]②
      Goto “(laughing) it does not inhale, it is the television man, [kare
      Goto- „(lachend) inhaliert es nicht, es ist der Fernsehenmann, [kare

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 7/8 minutes [repo]②
      Goto “(laughing) the [so] it is with, escaping, the [ru] and it is!”
      Goto- „(lachend) [so] ist es mit, Entgehen, der [ru] und es ist!“

    • Entry in the family register [kiyara]②
      Don't you think? Goto “(laughing) the extent ~~ which becomes, from, those where your own pink are conspicuous the ♪”
      Nicht denken Sie? Goto- „(lachend) das Umfang ~~, das wird, von, die, wo Ihr eigenes Rosa sind auffallend das ♪“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 7/8 minutes [repo]②
      Goto “(laughing) no what it does, -, it is great saying nothing, the [ru] the [tsu] [te] thinking, the cod”
      Goto- „(lachend) kein, was es tut, -, ist es großes Sprechen nichts, [ru] [tsu] [te,], denkend, der Kabeljau“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 7/22 minutes [repo]②
      Goto “(laughing) it is absence electricity at all”
      Goto- „(lachend) ist es Abwesenheitselektrizität an allen“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 11/19 minute [repo]③
      Goto “(laughing) there is no relationship and it is, this being connected
      Goto- „(lachend) gibt es kein Verhältnis und es ist, dieses anschließend

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 5/13 [repo]①, a liberal translation
      Goto “1 year [tsu]!!! It is long, the [] [tsu]!!!!”
      Goto- „1 Jahr [tsu]!!! Es ist lang, [] [tsu]!!!!“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 12/2 [repo]②
      The Goto “[a] [a], it is tasty it is we would like to see, it is and
      Das Goto- „[a] [a], ist es es ist wir möchte sehen geschmackvoll, ist es und

    • “Thank you” aiueo composition
      The Goto “[a] [a], the extent which becomes! The [tsu] which is understood”
      Das Goto- „[a] [a], der Umfang, der wird! [Tsu] das wird verstanden“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 11/5 [repo]②, a liberal translation
      Whether Goto “oh, the [me] it is do, entirely, thinking,”, a liberal translation
      Ob Goto- „oh, [ich] es ist, tun Sie völlig, denken,“

    • The [me] it is YAMAUCHI
      Goto “oh, it does, Yamanouchi, the [me] is, being able to make wait
      Goto- „oh, tut es, Yamanouchi, [ich] ist und ist in der Lage, Wartezeit zu bilden

    • Volume of Yodogawa entertainer graduation (tear)
      Goto “from this, Thursday morning you sleep slowly”, (laughing)
      Goto- „von diesem, Donnerstags-Morgen schlafen Sie langsam“, (lachend)

    • Rain you opened, - the ♪
      Saying with Goto “news, it increased
      Sagend mit Goto- „Nachrichten, erhöhte sich es

    • [jiyarujiyaru
      Goto probably will produce, marriage, a liberal translation
      Goto- vermutlich produziert, Verbindung

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 10/7 minute [repo]②
      When Goto “(laughing) the [a] [a], indeed, [aho] you did, (laughing)”
      Als Goto- „(lachend) tat [a] [a] in der Tat [aho] Sie, (lachend)“

    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      Goto “(laughing) the [wa] - it is, the [tsu] [te] says it is and it is (laughing)!! (Being lovely (in the older sisters,) it does, the [yo]?”, a liberal translation
      Goto- „(lachend) [wa] - es ist, [tsu] [te] sagt, dass es ist und es (lachend)! ist! (Reizend sein (in den älteren Schwestern,) es tut, [yo]?“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 6/10 minute [repo]①
      Goto “(laughing) it is enormous, you acted independently, now (laughing)
      Goto- „(lachend) ist es, Sie fungierte unabhängig, jetzt enorm (lachend)

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 9/30 minute [repo]①
      Goto “(laughing) well, now, you heard clearly and it is!”, a liberal translation
      Goto- „(lachend) gut jetzt hörten Sie offenbar und es ist!“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 7/15 minutes [repo]①
      Goto “(laughing) oh, the cog, you have scooped, the [ru] with the shank”, a liberal translation
      Goto- „(lachend) oh, das Ziel, das Sie fanden, ist es und (lachend)“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 9/23 minute [repo]②
      Goto “oh, so?”
      Goto- „oh, so?“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 9/2 minute [repo]②, a liberal translation
      Goto “(laughing) oh, this, 塙 the [tsu] it does?”, a liberal translation
      Goto- „(lachend) oh, dieses, das 塙 [tsu] tut es?“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 7/15 minutes [repo]①
      Goto “[hahahahaha] (laughing) now, having done just (laughing)”, a liberal translation
      Goto- „[hahahahaha] (lachend) jetzt gerade getan habend (lachend)“

    • jaru yarutsu �� 6/3 fun �� repo ��
      Goto “(laughing) well, so and,… the varieties and ambiguity and”
      Goto- „(lachend) gut, so und,… die Vielzahl und die Mehrdeutigkeit und“

    • recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,
      Goto “(laughing) “continuing, the pattern which you can buy and” it was gone [te] far and others and the time when you say, it is!”, a liberal translation
      Goto- „(lachend) „Fortfahren, das Muster, das Sie kaufen können und“ es [te] weit gegangen wurde und andere und die Zeit, wenn Sie sagen, es, ist!“

    • jaru yarutsu �� 1/21 fun repo ����
      Goto “1/4 men?”
      Goto- „1/4 Männer?“

    • katsurasanshi no warai uchuu ��
      Goto -> [konbini] (to nighttime ~ morning) 7200 Yen good fortune -> karaoke box (to nighttime ~ morning) 8000 Yen, a liberal translation
      Goto- - > [konbini] (zum Nachtzeit ~ Morgen) Glück von 7200 Yen - > Karaokekasten (zum Nachtzeit ~ Morgen) 8000 Yen

    • http://tyobitto.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2010/10/1022moto-d00f.html
      Goto “[a] -, [a] seeing!!” Or good fortune “what and (original [kano] not to be), the [a] straw raincoat friend!” (Goto calling your own younger sister with attaching, the place where it calls good fortune and has thrown away, real was the conversational [tsu] [po] [ku] [te] pot strangely! )
      Goto- „[a] -, [a] sehend!!“ Oder Glück „, was und (Vorlage [Kano] zum nicht zu sein), der Regenmantelfreund des Strohs [a]!“ (Goto-, Ihre eigene jüngere Schwester mit der Befestigung anrufend, war der Platz, in dem er Glück benennt und weggeworfen hat, real das Unterhaltungs [tsu] [PO] [ku] [te,] Topf merkwürdig! )

    • jaru yarutsu �� 3/18 fun �� repo ��
      The Goto “[a] [a], so is or,… being live, because you have spoken, (current story) you talked fluently, it is with the shank”, a liberal translation
      Das Goto- „[a] [a], ist so, oder,… seiend Phasen, weil Sie gesprochen haben, (gegenwärtige Geschichte) sprachen Sie fließend, es sind mit dem Schaft“

    • jaru yarutsu �� 1/21 fun �� repo �� nado
      The Goto “[a] [a] -, it becomes long, it becomes long,…”, a liberal translation
      Das Goto- „[a] [a] -, wird es lang, es wird lang,…“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 2/11 minutes [repo]①
      When the Goto “[a] [a], well enough being ・・・3 year raw from,…”, a liberal translation
      Wenn das Goto- „[a] [a], wohles genug ・ ・ ・ sein 3 Jahr roh von,…“

    • jaru yarutsu �� 12/17 fun �� repo ��
      The Goto “[a]” - - -, so you did, so you did,…”, a liberal translation
      Das Goto- „[a]“ - - -, also taten Sie, also taten Sie,…“

    • jaru yarutsu �� 11/12 fun no repo ��
      Goto “oh! Well so the store of the beer!”
      Goto- „oh! Brunnen also der Speicher des Bieres!“

    • May be linked to more detailed information..
      Goto ““it is and”” good fortune “comes already it is the [chi] [ya] [u]?!”
      Goto- „„ist es und““ kommt Glück „bereits es ist [Chi] [ya] [u]?!“

    • It offers Japanese Topics, Trends, Subjects and Recent theme in English.
      Goto “(laughing) oh, the target you found, it is and (laughing)”
      Goto- „(lachend) oh, das Ziel, das Sie fanden, ist es und (lachend)“

    • ジャル 2 11 分 hun
      Goto “[a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a] ~~~~” Goto “someone, original [kare] original [kano] as for the person who is introduced it is not, is?”
      Goto- „[a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a] [a]“ ist das Goto- „~~~~ jemand, ursprüngliche [kare] Vorlage [Kano] was die Person anbetrifft, der es eingeführt wird, nicht, ist?“

    • [jiyaru] the [tsu] which is done! 2/4 minute [repo]①
      Goto “(laughing) well, please go
      Goto- „(lachend) gut gehen Sie bitte

    • Sujets japonais, questions, opinions et suggestions, reflexions, commentaires, discussions, etc
      While counting Goto “(the number of letters,)… it is splendid!! Snappily!”
      Bei der Goto- Zählung „(die Zahl Buchstaben,)…, ist es! herrlich! Bissig!“

    • Japanese talking
      The Goto “[a]” - - -, we would like to stop”, (Goto, it is broken!! (Laughing)), a liberal translation
      Das Goto- „[a]“ - - -, möchten wir stoppen“, (Goto-, ist es! defekt! (Lachen))

    • Japanese weblog
      The Goto “[a] [a], the [me] it is the [me] it is… from the [a] [a] knee to deteriorate, it fell,…”
      Das Goto- „[a] [a], [ich] ist es [ich] es ist… von [a] [a,], das Knie zum zu verschlechtern, fiel es,…“

    • Japanese talking
      Goto “what and you?”[kenkoba] “already yearning to Goto, because this world it entered, (laughing)” Goto “[kiyara] it is different too much and the [ro]!!” www
      Goto- „was und Sie? “ [kenkoba] „bereits, sehnend zum Goto-, weil diese Welt, die es kam, (Lachen)“ Goto- „[kiyara] ist es unterschiedlich zu viel und [ro]!!“ WWW

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