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    Pit bull,

    Adorable related words Jamaican Usain Bolt

    • Picture
      Very, very we combines and draws however writing the picture favorite something what like this and whether the [tsu] [chi] [yu] [u] kana which puts out those which are in by your it is this which with such feeling is written with absorption is funny, it is, don't you think? with it was completed watching, being satisfactory, most to be able to obtain, that you write because someone's, that such feeling which you can write we want writing while being said and floating the image of the contents and that person in the head you write, question to obtain, don't you think? it is finished in feeling, now the t shirt pit bull which June of grapple skill keeps wearing with the Kyushu of technique tournament softly with everyone! With the 廣 island the [ke] is with plan this the spots strongly so with the pit bull while designing completion the pleasure the [ho] to be, the hindrance seed

    • The pig which coerces massage to the dog, the dog which is responded astringently astringently, gradually the [tsu] [po] which becomes feeling good it is,
      “Making massage, don't you think? the [e] being able to point,” but with the pig which the mark [wa] [ri] is attached to the pit bull dog extremely “you obtain and -, and you are, it does not do and the [te] it is good” that it is the dog which is the first escaping waist, when it responds to the push of remainder astringently astringently, that [re], it is what, feeling calls this and the [te] says scared

    • 1185, encounter of destiny
      impressions , Japanese talking

    • Freedom is difficult.
      Obtaining - [tsu]…It introduces from the other day hygienic place which the car two large man four. The wild goose neck arranging, story it increased in some person who is the honey of the dog which comes to seeing but the pit bull without acquiring either lead/read, when it walks, complaint entered, when it is certainly we and as for being the honey even in the fact which is not the pseudo potato as for walking course applying “the honey” and voice with only the acquaintance, the just person who can be received and playing, annoyance there is no also memory which was applied is certainly lux delicate, but it could speak to the person of the fisherman even the current morning which is not the so bad person and the reed reed had doing therefore it is, with “it is enormous don't you think?”, that however be sure to be said, don't you think? (laughing) in neighborhoodIn order for us not to apply annoyance, if the restraint better [ku] it does not walk, therefore the element which it is possible the nil vigorous dog if you do not think of walking course,… Doing, as for the people of the hygienic place although also four came, we and as for doing story as for two people inside two later there are no either times when also the eye is agreeable, returning, the [tsu] it is, because walking which the vigorous honey properly is pleasant could do being strange well is good and also today don't you think? with no lead/read

    • [kanieriru] mother after that
      As for [kanie] you perform to tv and if the [tsu] [po] where can be a scene and the activity pause which let flow the apology tear to be Taylor swiftly, 'in the future there is a help [re] [ru] thing, you do regardless, that' saying, the rill mother whom it increases there was no air which disturbs two announcement 'you respect the apology sentence,' 'being excited with the tune two, when you became aware, it was in stage, that' saying, when they are the publicity stunts which it increases, criticism rising, the [ru] [po] to be and also the pit bull and the like having criticized [kanie] in regard to [kanie], with twitter 'to form team swift' [tsu] [te], Taylor swift[obama] president whom you have supported vis-a-vis [kanie] 'jackass (the foolish person)' with [ohureko] you spoke, also the reporter who lets flow this [ohureko] which seems and is being criticized, very much so it is with various it increases

    • 卍 circular Kanto landing!
      Yesterday, the greatest in the world (American pit bull XXMAL) younger brother. The circle (the [ma] it is the stripe [ru]) in Tokyo! Musashi Sakura 狛 麗 father mother and together the middle as for the ♪ clean color color which comes to announcement specially even the cocoa! 狛 ([sutatsuhui] XXFEM) with 麗 (the American pit bull XXFEM) interestingly 々 (the @^ (XXINF) the ^@) it is, the face lifting before the [tsu] [chi] [yo], with the movement from ^^ Kyoto, just a little the tired [me]… the [ma] - (. Because thing of the circle so was called, me the ^^) as for the greatest in the world father it is and either the time of the [tsu] does not separate the eye it is lovely, that it is lovely, calling repeatedly, the sled [ya] scale [wa] which it increases it is good!! Don't you think? so, immediately so the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u], when coming to play before and inside ~↓ several months, the [tsu] which is done extremely to be placid the time, or like this 狛 the [chi] [yo] [tsu] of your [u] and others and others older sister who is, the [tsu] setting up,… with, 狛 disliking at all, increase it is to call, the ~ which is the older sister! Most the time like this Sakura ones which are being quiet, like you look at me quite!! Don't you think? the [me] one [ku] ~ it is, be no other choice but to such a photograph, it is, the ~ [tsu] [te] you say, or there is no Musashi photograph, it is not, it is not, the [me] ~ it is Musashi the [ma] - you question lastly, however and others and others the ♪ [ma] which starts playing -, all the way the brother the older sister are and don't you think? the ~ the mother the leaving [chi] [ya] [tsu] are, don't you think? it is not lonesome, (the ^▽^) the cutting sticker successively in the midst of sale! As for details to pit maniac!! <- Don't you think? [yoroshiku]!

    • Legend PITBULL [tatsuzu]!
      3 weeks pass from birthday meeting, weakening rather, whether the [ru]? Boiled rice eating [re] [te] [ru] and [ro]? There are also times when it changes suddenly in 1 days and everyday it becomes matter of concern,… as for worry uselessness? Taking “the hoof” of [ruku] and the sugar, eating, the [ru] [tsu] [te]??? Lie and it is! Oh the [ho] it is the [ma] and the ♪ lovely [tatsuzu] (the American pit bull 14 year old XXMAL) striking the drop while with, the meat eating, the [ru] [tsu] [te]??? Lie and it is! The [ho] it is the [ma] and!! The fear ~ it needed! You quickly the ♪♪ true birthday meeting which is [tsu] [pa] 'kingofpit' legend you want and, we would like to enter also 2010 and also birthday of next year gets together with everyone and!! Don't you think? the only man coming oral ~ such a legend of the ♪♪♪ could have been upset (the American pit bull 5 year old XXMAL) who you spend today, ~ side? The [tsu] [te] hearing, it increases! It is! The ~~~ Musashi Sakura 狛 麗 father mother and greatest in the world it comes [ma] - the father mother liquor the ~ [tsu] [te] which is drunk saying, it came being the streetcar, extremely wax!! The ~~~~~ which has the cake of yearning “yoroizuka” and “the milk jelly” of the west optical cottage the ~ it is enormously and the clean delicate ♪ armor mound [tsu] [te], Kawasima ○ flavor is with [danna] to do the [yo]? Everyday it is possible to be eaten ≧ (the ´▽ `) ≦ the tasty boiled rice (self-praise it is different being, cooking the heart father don't you think?) with your tasty liquor it seemed the tasty dessert treat way!! Your ^^ multiple-unit steerable antenna father [me] which rejoices also chrysanthemum Chishiro it is! Don't you think? it is from [burogu] of the ↑ worshiping borrowing <- [yoroshiku]!

    • The attaching [me] of six rin building it is in the cake of HARBS the ☆☆☆
      Because this weekend, influence of the typhoon or autumnal rain front or earth day Tokyo local Saturday of the rain was, when freedom goes to walking to the hill, falling, the boss, chrysanthemum Chishiro (the American pit bull 5 year old XXMAL), [mana] (the American pit bull 2 year old XXFEM) everyone [bitsushiyobishiyowan] the [tsu] [te] how probably is what? Favorite? Dislike? The chrysanthemum became it is what, tension rising, may drive recklessly, [binta] was done after a long time in the boss!! As for night. 斗. . Because the ♪ food where the cloud father and the mother come to play all the way it is the [tsu] [te] calling, although the [ru] the heart father stubborn person who takes the pizza!! In that pizza tastily so with the chrysanthemum ^^ and Roppongi Hills of absorption the ~~~ which has the cake “of harbs”! The [u] it is, even with the persistently the [tsu] [te] tasty ♪, [dekai]!! It increases the next time always always thank you in the new house! The ^^ the ~ it is with cooking carrying!! This day six rin building which is gotten 'you attach and the [me] is' the store 1 hours or more lines up with large queue, it seems, is, but with it is the gift, along don't you think? the attaching [me] of six rin building of topic it is at Kanto where you can buy the boss ~ the [do] ~~~~~ which is bought <- [yoroshiku]!

    • Wonder - encounter
      While working because it was spare time, when just it goes to the login [chi] [ku] [wa] your room a little,… The staying [tsu] it is the [a] [a]----- Iribe doing even in section life which [chi] [ku] [wa] your first meeting at last can be carried out… Associating even when and others doing the story of [i] chesty in the spare time crushing of [watashi],… Therefore the [o] 互 [i] we want [i] [wanpi], maki and it did and whether the [zu] - - - - - it encountered the parent and child of the pit bull, - - - <- trying reading in the [ururun] wind, don't you think? it has always done blankly with the pad, thinking, that roundly it is the pit bull, the [ru] it does, the [zu] [retsutsugo] of the spakanpooh [chi]! To be surprised to the spirit 3, because the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is, only it did original time with Sagami Nada it encountered the large wind and rain (palpus [tsu] or) with terrible roughness, as for the boat like the leaf of the tree as for the crew who is tossed about it is desperate in order to prevent with the wind and the wave and whether drinking it cannot either eat, in each case the point where also the telephone does from now on was prepared death it reaches,… You call the person who knows each other with encounter system in feeling…If so to say there is the difficult new encounter around,…With you think, not to be the free encounter which tries doing the mail in a certain alone person where the photograph is placed, how wonder The [hawai] traveling 8.5 day eye which encounters portable Hawaiian traveling 10th day [iruka] - the [hawai] 6th day which encounters Hawaiian traveling 8th day [kame] which is closest to impressed outer space - the sea it is visible to Hawaiian traveling 11th day [iruka] & Waikiki

    • November 15th report
      kanji , original meaning

    • 11th [hanapechiya] meeting. 1 stories*
      Morning, it is 8:30 the [tsu] [pe] at starting ~ inside of car of car to be, the sun [a] [a] ~ sleeping [te] [e] [e] [e] you obtain and 11th, [hanapechiya] meeting this time, the [bu] which freely and easily the tiger Wakayama group which is picnic sees, similarly, the pan older sister & straw [bi] rear are before the plum, [jiyojiyo] [tsu] [pe] to be, it is, [tsu] [jiemusu] Huzio [jiyoni] [kunego] [te] ball Sakura bow, roller help tiger [rikimaru] your tiara & two [na] Ginzirou & [sa]. & [komako] nameplate thank you [a]!!! Link your [chiyame] deep you and, two [na] everyone [gahagaha] saying, it increases, when ~ [jiyojiyo], meeting before compared to, don't you think? to be enormous it became large, the [e] are lovely ~~~~ small iron & as many as thousand summer bulls Sawayama the ~~~ which comes!! It is the [tsu] [pe] to be, the bull we love, don't you think? [e] [buhi] being covered ~ my [suki], pit bull you the ~ straw [bi], is properly from here the [tsu] [pe] to be, being too favorite the bull which means that reckless driving starts, it is in such a thing the [tsu] [pe] to be, the small iron abnormal play [tsu] [pe] it is from rear and, as for bull small iron you, it is the [tsu] [pe] saying, with feeling…The ∑ (゚ д ゚) the [korakora] ~~~ it is the [tsu] [pe] to be, ((((; °д°))))Don't you think?? Being too desperate already, shy bull, Honma [me] is today stripe ~ does at this point in end, still it continues

    • As for my name speeder ☆☆☆
      [mana] (the American pit bull 3 year old XXFEM) one person my speeder [tsu] [te] among those of the ♪ which bears last year baby you call the sari of the sisters! In the [yoroshiku] ♪ coming [ya] [wa] being and being received in the ~ Fukushima areola family!! As for the areola family the hope (the American pit bull XXFEM) with the golden boy (the American pit bull XXMAL) the oven cartridge which is, in the future the promising pit bull the hope or the golden boy the hand was not applied to one member of the family, it seems, but it is this speeder [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] mischievous! The [hi] [tsu] [hi] [tsu] [hi]… chrysanthemum Chishiro (the American pit bull 5 year old XXMAL) the face 噛 it is with it increases, (¯д¯;)The chrysanthemum compared to it isn't done grandly? . Being able to pull the waist, [mana] which it increases that sure enough [shikato]… as expected the mother of [buridaguroritatsuzu] of everyone loves, the ^^ time which is effective like this ♪ heart (the American pit bull 1 year old XXFEM) 々 daughter love of the roller playing interestingly, as expected fully directly chummily increases, the fact that the mother says (the ^▽^) to play, because you became tired, riding in the [tsu] [te] chrysanthemum, the [ru] it does!! Riding in the chrysanthemum, sleeping, the [ru] it does!! And may become the sari nice 仔 was borne in the [tsu] [pa] great man, don't you think? is, don't you think? extremely wax <- [yoroshiku]!

    • It is drowsy with sleeping too much…
      It is drowsy… the rice which is [tsu] [te] my story eating with sleeping, too much it takes a bath when, - being drowsy, being drowsy, 1 years old man the impression stripe shank (laughing) picture newly the spike of the French bull dry dock which has become the family of the horsefly Raman [chi] still it is the child, but if already old boy like the [so] which is “snore” and expression (laughing) - you raise boss of pb well, the “pit bull” is, - how calling, it increased, but… catching the game, the atrocity which you do not separate fearfulness is felt, (sweat)

    • It is cold, is
      Present Kumano air temperature is low with the consequence where the cool rain fell from morning, in kind of such also the bud of the cherry tree which starts expanding has made the body hard, is busy, being defeated, well for a long time you say to apologize from thing and the heart which have neglected the renewal of [burogu], it ended also equinoctial week, especially this year when usually the composure of sort starts returning to also the cemetery park which is crowded many with being defeated, with three consecutive holidays, in Sawayama's everyone to be defeated it received, but, annoyance with such as procrastination of the car applying, doing to borrow this place, in equinoctial week of the fall when we apologizeBecause, arrangement of the guard et. al is planned, in addition, to be in being defeated, and others please do the present photograph it is pit bull which encounters in the town, because it was unusual, doing to ask to the owner, you photographed

      The [a] it is to do also good avocado and [negitoro] where yesterday rusted and the [hi] to club other than ~ second the harmony people going straight [yu] saw before that and the [hi] rusted drank properly and if it depends on the hand, you can take so unpalatably, as for this which is combination. But the halfway men's 2 human confluence red sandal wood something, you spoke with other than the fellow and men's of second after a long time, this and the [hi] it rusts to [tsu] [te] and w and club, other than the fellow and club it goes, whether how (the [u] being good,) the [tsu] [te], selection of music and - if - it is and - forces and says the kana which wants the pit bull, the how w [a] it is to do, however perfection the [wa] which rises the [tsu] [tsu] which is done it was and drank, unexpected it is all right what, how you thought however. The house returning, w which collapses

    • Pit bull arrival!!
      Pueburo pit bull 90f aluminum 4 color ¥3780- * this commodity for little arrival, receives as one person one you take and leave, have not received mail order

    • Pit bull!!
      You are walking from the other side of the [a] pedestrian crossing which is [ukiyopitsutoburu] finding, the hand it shakes and the [tsu] [te] which is sown had depending the clean show dog Hollywood star like person has accompanied to do, [a]…The being off-center being off-center is the plain gauze [gi] passing, the Wang loop home page which does not come off to be possible [nee

    • Hitting, the [e] ~
      Today enters and night shift with something, during physical strength preserving, it does not come to evening, is, mtv applying, with cod cm event information 'the bmomusicfest' performance artist: Shaggy weave/rill John/[omarion] /t.o.k. /Shaun Kingston /j holiday/pit bull omarion!!!! j.holiday!!!!!!! The [chi] [yo] ~ we would like to go, the [o]!!!! Him the cm seeing, the [te], with small voice “it is good, therefore the ~” [tsu] [te] said he the person who does not go the event, when how you lose, the [a], “it goes?” When even with the [tsu] [te], “weekday it puts out and you do not rest it is” the [tsu] [te] says “it comes off, the [o] ~! Paid you should have used, as for [o]” [tsu] [te] him the [a] it is to do, until with it associates, music you did not hear excessively, it seems and, the ocean easy how former times low rider you do the time, however how it is not with atmosphere around and hiphop applies as for truth the favorite saying, you say it is being, the [a] it is to do, no music and no life is it is, always catching, naturally and together starting hearing from the [ru] j.holiday or tune also fashion also the favorite you saw saying the [a] it is to do [oto], making a noise, the favorite favorite but the [ru] it is, also [e] omarion puts out like it becomes favorite tune,* Therefore, it is possible to go, with the [o] ~ feeling no time with “if there is an air which goes truly truly goes truly, because the ticket takes the [o]” [tsu] [te], today was pre- order start, the [tsu] it comes and therefore the [a] pulling out selection which it tries applying it should have hit, when it is useless, way it perseveres or, it is the [a] raw and don't you think? the [i] ~ gooseflesh stand [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] where we would like to inquire sweetly about the sweetly singing of j.holiday way the [e] how, it hits, whether the [i] (' the 艸 `) the [tsu] [te] the [a] you want does the first-come of generality sale and, duty it rests, the [i

    • * Hair…*
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • The consecutive holiday opening, weekend opening, Monday,
      Silver weak opening, it enters weekend, it thinks, that everyone who, the varieties becomes tired it is many Monday in the body which becomes tired the carbohydrate! Yesterday, Sunday, you attach and 400 gram large heaping where the noodle is popularity strongly, fully distantly please ingest completely as for the picture which is not relationship we, love dog pit bull, the problem which is the britz fighting dog it is large and is, but as a man, you are pulled in the, combative heart it is with learning? Persevering the favorable comment which it increases, the Calais attaching noodle, still it is all right

    • [barashi
      Yesterday and this time when it does to the sea bus night scene being clean, recently the fireworks sea which the paying/inserting pole is done water temperature to go down in signal, unless this time which you feel that circumstance of the sea has changed, you look at circumstances restlessly, because as for this day when influence appears in the future 釣 fruit as for the sea surface where it is strange being wide-ranging, the reaction of the organism there to be, with there is no reaction in the lure it attacks the place of the preceding day where the rhythm deviates first with hit pattern, but this time “today whether useless” with the place where you think doing to change, it attacks, at this point in time of the non reaction but because there is no reaction,The lure the [tsu] apply the [hi] [tsu] apply you tried, certainly but it probably is chased in the sea which past night 8 where it is useless o'clock is the countless reaction in the sea surface, is noisy bus, but if sometimes something [beito] is agreeable the range where you do not understand, [beito] does [sure] temporarily, but there is no this, to think that perhaps, you can bring in the “reaction byte”, you try winding quickly, because cd9 you could bring to hit just one time which is done quickly with winding, you felt temporarily relieved, but because the feel which the rose is done was stronger than preceding day, very regrettable after that trying whatever, being useless, just one time the pitOnly there was a byte in the bull as for this which is, but as for the waterway around the third shoal perhaps it is the reaction of [beito] the [ao] [tsu] [po] it is to be this time, but data what which is not the expectation where it can fish even with the data of the poor oxygen water mass which has the reaction the thing the fish has entered enormously gradually sea bus season thrust kana of the fall when with ps. [kemi] now morning it passes each other in the uncle of the fishing of face familiarity!

    • Practice diary
      Это мнение , linked pages are Japanese

    • At villa residence? Celebration?
      Essa opiniao , Japanese talking

    • The Golden Week holidays when it flew fighting of the pus after the operating it is,
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • Cheap [ya] <- it is name
      It does not come, is as for consecutive holiday, as for the celebration of lath district which is lath district which is the celebration also “is, it is the [ji] [ri]” 曳 my skin which is it is the [ji] [ri] we love, when instrumental music (it becomes and is) it is audible the framework framework it does, but dies the [a], instrumental music is the musical band of the drum and the whistle dislike the celebration is even, father also brother ' s, keeping going out to the night late from morning early on to also the mother, in the habit which enjoys the celebration, me one person [zu] [] [tsu] distantly is house-sit what, you call the consecutive holiday of the cat very, the weather continuationAlthough so, also climate was highest,… the new toy being thrown in the morning when you celebrate, something the error to demon, “the cheap [ya]” of the new face appearance pit bull (the ♀6 month) “” with attaching it is difficult to call again in the walking companion who is kind of I who am converted,… (the ^^ HKDRT already, the [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] movement is to be extreme the [tsu] lever the photograph, [tsu] temporary (the ~_~;)So, although the ↓ where the fact that you can take at last this is still the child [chi] [ya] [ma] it is expectation of the girl, already the face is [ikatsui

    • Recently the silence ~ shampoo compilation ~
      impressions , Feel free to link

    • The male be completed the dog run
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , linked pages are Japanese

    • As for new tune of [eminemu] 9 rank.
      New tune of [eminemu], in case of the building board which is first appearance 9 rank, if top10 it enters, because it is great success, wanting going on more even at the kana current stage which means to be able to sell shank ~ this is eminem as for we favorite feeling, one time you will already hear* eminem - Per we made you uploaded by eminem [neirin] [pe] [irin], suitable real (laughing) as for [neirin] [pe] [irin], from such a thing of pornographic actress of that plate [pe] [irin] being similar everyone!!!!!!!!! Those 3 oh! 3 to as many as 19 rank!!! The being disgusted [ya] - this time may you apply hit, the foreboding shelf…(Laughing) reading this [burogu], reputation from [ru] everyone and * they are the rear 1 step [tsu] [te] feeling to this tune large hit which is, gradually, the ocean easy listener was wrong and had observed produces to observe don't you think? - after, new tune of the pit bull coming to 23 rank, the [u] which increases - it is we can being clear, don't you think? the [ru] the ~ww hit aim feeling does not do, but is and as for [tsu] [pa] [ii] tune what it is appraised is America by the way 3 oh 3, but also the album being able to know jump rise “don't trust me to 44 rank, you appreciate!!”Like [metsuse] and

    • Garden bag new model re-arrival!!
      issue , please visit the following link

    • Injection day of the rabies
      Because the postcard of rabies vaccination reached, it is quick. Because this time when has visiting in the veterinarian Jose, the tail and the place of [mako] which [mako] of neighborhood inserts ending, first as for the tail person when [pani] it comes, it changes to biting [game] winding the main point note bath towel around the face, you held down, but raging, [kiba] which comes to the point of being great peeling sure enough, degree of risk level injected the teacher using lead/read and the towel well in max, safely, but don't you think? it is foolish the injection needle which was pulled out is bent in the l letter, when the tail it rages, all the more it is painful, although you think, as for the next as for turn this of Jose's simply some there is no either optimist putting out 噛 [mu] worry reason the teacherThe customer misunderstanding, rejoicing, the [ri] which jumps and sows, [osuwari]! Although with the injection which gets angry also not holding down, is placid, sticking the needle, also the can does not say and safe end same thing does so there is a difference with something, it is receiving also the certificate of the [ro] and these 2 injections which are, shaking the major company with this, when it delivered the teacher whom also the staying of the hotel it is possible to the clinic the patient of the pit bull was unable to wait forgetting that the dog was connected to the car, departed, so, peeling off to the meat sphere ragged nail, also the ~ animal hospital which is pitiful the various patient is carried

    • ダブル フェスティボー♪♪
      You called yesterday very and two festivals went to seeing with weather first, at the Yoyogi park the combining ~ which is Tokyo [be] [jihudohuesuta] decade? Although opening it is prompt, the person all the way!! Cooking which used the chemical-free vegetables it is tasty so the ♪ which is oh! Bean milk 100 Yen of tofu before the man being sweet, to be dense the [tsu] [te] tasty 100 Yen [tsu] [te] it is cheap, don't you think? in the apartment inside the ~②(Roundly the team) it being,… speaking selfishly, is just the [ru], but the lower one column of room living in 2, [ru] q also the [ma] also two people “[yogitei] is tasty properly together to [huesuteibo]!”However [tsu] [te] test drinking it has done, as for me it is from such taste [wa] of pass!! As for me it reaches vegetable unpolished rice Calais 420 Yen in the noon! As for this as for the very tasty ^^ pumpkin and sweet potato however chrysanthemum Chishiro (the American pit bull 5 year old XXMAL) with [mana] (similarly 2 years old XXFEM) it lifted,… q properly the [ma] the pita pan of the Middle East? So, because the person of the country, whether so, the chef here (the Middle Eastern throat [tsu] of, the forgetting [chi] it waited) it probably will peel accompanying the pit bull, the [tsu] and the story which already are 12 years old you applied and the [re] increased ploddingly! Although chrysanthemum and [mana] it is the ~ which is the lovely ~ [tsu] [te] good person, the chrysanthemum being lazy, the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] just a little in [mana] and the cystitis which it increases the fatigue tendency? When say say, it starts walking, it becomes the cover, falling, the [ru] eating. It does not let escape, ≧ (the ´▽ `) ≦ evening, the person being many to the shopping center tail mountain stand festival of neighborhood, the boss gradually… waiting in trot, after participating in ~ safe two [huesuteibo], the late boiled rice! Even the empty the good vegetable distantly getting kind vegetable in the wallet, also today is pleasant②Banquet this time of the team year-end party??? <- Don't you think? [yoroshiku]!

    • ゼロヨンチャンプ
      Opinion , Feel free to link

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