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    Kobashi Kenta,

    Sport related words Kokugikan Tiger Mask Nippon Budokan IWGP Pro Wrestling Noah Misawa Mitsuharu saito toshiaki gou Shiozaki

    • [a].
      April 21st (Tuesday) 18:30 - kind of Aomori where all the opposition cards of noah are decided industrial hall Kohashi building it is thick Italy. . 彦 The vs bison [sumisukisu] Walker kenta stone forest it is thick two Ota one flat vs gold. Yosinobu bell. Hand drum Tarobei. . Quasi- Taniguti feudal clan Akiyama lap the Hiraizumi rice field pure reaching vs Misawa optical clear tide promontory it is great rickey malvin & global [tatsugurigu]. Regular game * Tagami discernment Inoue elegance middle vs alpine happiness 廣 Sugiura your * global [tatsugurigu]. When regular game * the Sasaki Ken mediating/helping forest 嶋 the super vs [deiro] [buraunbukiyanan] opposition card comes out, the [tsu] [chi] [yu] [u] where observation desire boils immediately rubbing, there is also a tag league game which it does and the pleasure!

    • Professional wrestling baton.
      impressions , linked pages are Japanese

    • Professional wrestling Noah 09 global tag league game Japanese martial arts mansion
      With comment of the article before already there was comment from the [do], but other than the league game which has Noah's martial arts mansion conference, it was appearance of the anti- resistance interchange game of new Japan, but the spectators 9000 people as for loneliness as for individual you cannot refuse however very funny so is, don't you think? while the notion that, [bukiyanan], [deiroburaun] and Tagami encounter privately, however Kohashi and Tenzan first confrontation are interesting, you call actualization at last, as for Kohashi and Tenzan where it is not the case that it is not either the feeling, “kana which lets escape decade”, still Kohashi with all the Japanese posts TenzanReturning triumphantly returning home, prompt time, with private you encountered with [konbini] of the biosphere, when you think of that a story that has been transmitted Tenzan was deeply impressed greatly, but as for actualizing you think, that deep emotion it is deep, but as for kanshin would like to seeing privately, as for being difficult with interest of the group with consent, in the point, Kohashi's Satoru Kohashi building thickly Sasaki Ken mediating/helping vs Tenzan wide good fortune Kojima and Kojima's [rariato] confrontation, the place, card of the dream which is left you think as kana, somehow we want also Noah breaking, the tournament result which you think that is, (Noah website)

    • Weekly professional wrestling
      Kohashi building thickly, the current morning which is doing what, is [ru] Osaka and Kobe region, temporarily, work it goes

    • This month number which it is good buying!! ([sukora])
      Of course, also phone Kyi's serialization was good and, you pile up also dvd, Sawayama!! In the shoji to be a Saya Kaori, reading this article, from the eye head the water… (wry smile) in [zu] [tsu] rear end heart 浸 anticipated Kohashi's one word one word,… “the human therefore, becomes the negative however, even then a little being, if the positive so also with, being better than that, the sheath older sister and professional wrestling Ra Kohashi building thickness is with in the wall of the Kato Saya Kaori which discussed to be an ear feeling 49% even with the negative 51% positive it is accustomed forward”, ([zatsukuri] and excerpt) it is enormous in this word impression!! The numbers of the word which to in addition to echoes in Sawayama heart it is enormous! It is enormous, the ~ after all!! The form of the person who is rammed down to one thing!! It is groovy, the ~ parenthesis it passes!! Kohashi building it is thick the player!! When this is read, by his is the negative, light poured before the wretched eye whether!! Waiting, however perhaps, just the [ru] nothing occurs,… so certainly, the only-too-natural thing perhaps however that only-too-natural thing is difficult, truth, this article it was good reading!! It idles!!! However, phone Kyi bought with aim,… (∀) (laughing)

    • White GHC bridge × Kohashi formal decision.
      The bridge has in the white ghc throne which Kohashi challenge decision! 'southern navig. '09' June 8th (month) Tokyo Keio plaza hotel Hachiozi 5f hole start 19: 00 * the global [hadokoa] Crown catchweight championship tournament bridge genuine (8th generation ace) vs Kohashi building thickly (the challenger) * 3rd defensive game special rule dies the bridge which becomes decision circumstance announcement!! For white g whether the one which the Kohashi player winds being good…

    • Dynamic T
      Tagami discernment inauguration (c) sport Nabi Kohashi building thickly circular rattan right track sets [waki] in new president of noah shaking in sudden death of Misawa optical clear as a vice president and don't you think? the present route which collects the forest island super actual place as player chairman the system which & it keeps succeeding developing, thing what which is said and the [ro] the body stretching someone just all the tournament participation declarations of Kohashi's who was seen simply with the sport which prays the participation of at beginning everyone paper stops and passes and such thinks already the large quantity and

    • Hundred rice field Mitsuo, the reason of the Noah written resignation “Kohashi building is thick dismissal of president” plan. As for Kohashi in hundred rice fields telephone of dissuasion 2 hours
      Hundred rice field Mitsuo, concerning the reason of the Noah written resignation from carrying, daily sport, as for the reason where east [supo] announces the thing number one where “Kohashi building thickly it could not accept president” plan

    • [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya].
      Though though it is the machine-gun, well…As yourself of the professional wrestling fan, this when is the day when it is not forgotten, as for July 11th ...... Before being Sinya's Hasimoto destructive king deathday you wrote, even, but…[uruteimodoragon] you become favorite by yourself, look at new Japanese professional wrestling and the consequence or the memory of three gun loyal retainers which were brought up are dense, it is, don't you think? with, this day ...... 2005 of 4 years agoWhen inquiring about this information, but the impoliteness which breaks offEven being Sinya Hasimoto of the same surname same name you asked ......享 year 40 year old ......Hasimoto and Misawa ......To be too quick is ......By yourself…It is not to be the one which cries at all, but dead 2007 of Sinya's Hasimoto 2005 recently wails 3 times, Kohashi building it is thick return from the cancer and, 2009…Misawa optical clear death ......But one cries delightfully,Even now, when something liking to put out power,…When admission tune 'blast victory declaration' of Sinya's Hasimoto is heard, such time when power overflows, you becoming one part of professional wrestling [tsu] [te] your own life, the [ru] it is, the ~ the Michael Jackson's of the other day which is realized dying confronting, [suteibi] [wanda] said, so 'we who have needed Michael, but God way one Michael is necessity and the red sandal wood, that'…Therefore certainly, more splendid one the God way however the feeling which is needed it is recognized ......When we would like to see more well, such it is being the place where you said,…Already, because the Kanai trap to be it is thing, ......In order tremendous living while hearing blast victory declaration, you read Hasimoto's mourning special edition and would like to return Sinya Hasimoto showing, truly…Thank you truly!! As for your brave figure…To epigenesis someone whom you hand down probably calls something, but very Sinya Hasimoto ...... 'mr.iwgp' is in by his, the one reading long, thank you

    • Vs Nakanishi & Kojima butterfly field & Buto & Kohashi & Akiyama actualization - butterfly field correct ocean debut 25th anniversary entertainment
      New Japanese 10.12 nations' national skill mansions, at the time of butterfly field correct ocean debut 25th anniversary entertaining surpassing of the butterfly field & Buto & Kohashi. East [supo] announces concerning the case opponent where dream trio taking the field is announced, that you thought whether by the fact that draw is the butterfly field around the gratitude to the butterfly field has suggested “the third generation” at one time with g1 * Osamu Satoshi special tournament butterfly field correct ocean & Buto & Kohashi building thickly for Satoru & Akiyama quasi- Akiyama vs Nakanishi study & Kojima, Nagata who is the participation decisive player of that point in time, Nakanishi, it settles in Motoya, but, opposing on dream trio side, the opponent the luxurious card where 3 large measure posts are even (above, from carrying renewal)

    • We observe the tomorrow NOAH martial arts mansion conference.
      As for sport Nabi's result bulletin because it is raised in nighttime of 28 days, as for result bulletin from the locale we practice self-control, but…If it can release even with the photograph,…[puroresuringu] Noah “great voyage '09 in tokyo where also witness's accout is future rise schedule - mitsuharu misawa and always in our hearts -” Kentarou 0th tournament 10 minute 1 these game Honda multi hearing spring rice field pure reaching vs Shiga Kawabata shine 鎮 the limitless 1 game Aoki benevolence vs Miyahara Ken between limitless 1 game Itoh Akihiko vs flat willow 玄 feudal clan 2nd tournament 1st junior heavyweight league game entered athlete decisive wartime between 1st tournament 1st junior heavyweight league game entered athlete decisive wartime 斗 (the health mediating/helping office) Takeshi Yosinobu 3rd tournament 30 minute 1 these game Kanamaru Kikuchi vsThe stone forest thickly two r. malvin 4th tournament 30 minute 1 these game Taniguti lap Minoru flat vs bison Smith 5th tournament 45 minute 1 these game Akiyama quasi- Suzuki (flat tire lath misson the) Sugiura your vs power emperor super [mohamedoyone] kenta 6th tournament 60 minute 1 these game Sasaki Ken mediating/helping (the health mediating/helping office the) forest 嶋 Katuhiko super Nakazima (the health mediating/helping office) vs heaven dragon Genichiro (free) Ogawa it is good Osamu Satoshi forming Suzuki hand drum Taro 7th tournament 60 minute 1 game Tagami discernment Buto (all the Japanese professional wrestling) vs Kohashi building thickly alpine virtue 廣(The alpine hall) 8th tournament ghc heavyweight championship 60 minute 1 these game tide promontories is great (the ace) Akitosi vs Saito (the challenger) - after the playing also ceremony execution -

    • 10.3 The Noah Osaka conference expectation!
      × Tagami discernment, Toshiaki Kawada (18 minute 33 second front neck locks) the Akiyama quasi- ○, kenta× Sugiura your (14 minute 7 second [eberesutojiyamansupuretsukusuhorudo]) alpine virtue 廣 Yosinobu ○ghc junior heavyweight tag championship tournament × Kanamaru, hand drum Taro Suzuki (the road clutch outside 22 minute 7 seconds) the wicked road, the outside road 0 tide promontory greatly, Kohashi building thickly, the butterfly field correct ocean (the one shrimp it sets with 14 minute 27 second [rariatsuto]) the power emperor super, [mohamedoyone] ×, the Saito Akitosi ○ forest 嶋 super, Taniguti lap flat (7 minute 3 second backdrop holds) bridge sincerity ×, Kikuchi Takeshi ○ Ogawa well formingHowever, rickey malvin (the letter clutch of 8 minute 44 seconds 4) green willow Seizi, the flat willow 玄 feudal clan ×○ stone forest two (the one shrimp to set) Itoh Akihiko × something so feeling did thickly funnier with 7 minute 1 second sou pass tar elbows,…This the martial arts mansion direction after was good in ahead, it is…

    • NOAH witness's accout in Osaka prefectural gymnasium of older brother [i] that①
      While when being memory, we would like to write the observation article, it is, but it is the [gu] shelf witness's accout which is the [gu] blast 睡, but spare time as for the person association October 3rd morning 4:30 me, as for older brother [i], around leaving one house, when you think of the distance to Osaka still darkly whether after the 4 days returning home consequence of the fatigue, from the framework framework impression vis-a-vis the fight with the time the kana whose insecurity is larger? Temporarily, “absolute ace Kohashi building thickly” dvd seeing in the car, long stretch first of like today which does not sleep having temporarily the [pe] of the partner who raises feeling - being and the [chi] in receiving the [pe] - the [pe] - being to the house and the [chi] somehow?? Buying the nutrition drink with [konbini], as it becomes doping bright, as for simple older brother [i], the plant where tension comes rising well in many kettles and arrival weather is good to the Awazi island but and as for feeling the Kobe rows of buildings in town which are visible in the distance waiting, are beautiful when it enters into [ro] Osaka Kansai, because it depends on Nabi of the car, as for dvd, stopping, in fm as for older brother [i], the fact that sometimes Nabi says is ignored normally believing Nabi, safely at the time of arrival am10 in the meeting place arrival one wound as for here Osaka prefectural gymnasium which is spotted, being the place where it has memory for older brother [i], truly 20 years ago professional wrestlingAnd nearly 10 years which observation to die, starting, increase right track hall karate professional wrestling doing to leave, because it increased, around the meeting place where it visits after totally 20 years, there was no trace of former times, but until the [ma] of former times it is, it did, the meeting place it continues

    • 11/30
      Although either 24 year old topic in aubergine9 oneself it is not, the [tsu] [te] [ru] foolish long line which invites and sows* Obtain to be? The [tsu] [te] 21 where it does not have the metamorphosis [pon] 50 liberal education which is invited. The [ru] after the Hyogo person being hard on, the [tsu] [te] the metamorphosis [e] ○ Kenichi [ero] Kenichi [tsu] [te] which is invited you say, it seems, simply metamorphosis 24 year old rps13kd obtain to be? The [tsu] [te] the [nanpa] man of [tsu] [pi] - 01 Tokyo 23 years old of Tokyo metamorphosis coming which is invited*. . Fox* [onani] it will do together? The [tsu] [te] the metamorphosis which is invited 咥 obtaining, the [e] huh the [chi] the thing being less crowded? The [tsu] [te] the metamorphosis which is invited the ○ - 23 year old which ttt [erochiya] where the refuse hiro1986yuki topic which also the man filth in 51 year old oneself of metamorphosis hot3312 neat of according to name is done spits is scanty it does not do? The [tsu] [te] the metamorphosis which is said* Kohashi building it is thick* When [ke] 007 it is good to the Okayama person of 25 years old where it cannot make greeting or the child cabucci lie equipped 48 year old of Miyagi where it cannot make honest rather the [u] [za] to be the Saitama 29 year old [ru] [i] older brother [i] which do not have the Ibaraki 27 year old [do] [ri] - 003 liberal education which do not have Shiga human [pi] - [tomu] which cannot make refuse man 81204 greeting honest liberal education it is it is with the coming being different man having skin where the head deviates the [bu] man game jat0302 greeting which is good honest etching story it does not do?? But the [tsu] [te] the [nanpa] man of metamorphosis ☆☆ [shiyuu] 39 year old where you say huh the [chi] the [tsu] [te] 20 year old tomorrow offs which do not have the metamorphosis taka19hiro liberal education which is said? The [tsu] [te] [nanpa] man [kiteretsu] 03 [eroi] which is invited? The w [tsu] [te] the metamorphosis Kobayashi make h [chi] [ya] of Kumamoto which is heard it does not do? The [tsu] [te] the metamorphosis [ho] [tsu] [hu] [a] which is invited - the Chiba person who does not have 31 year old Ibaraki resident b Mack liberal education where also Tokyo 24 year old [torozuhaishimoneta] metamorphosis father filths which do not have liberal education spit

    • After so long a time, you looked at both nations' conference where the summer is hot
      En japonais , original meaning

    • NOAH - The heavyweight title of GHC: Kenta Kobashi vs. Tamon Hon
      noah - The heavyweight title of ghc: kenta kobashi vs. tamon HONDA [1/3] professional wrestling Noah encountering navigation 2003 Tokyo daybreak coliseum the heavyweight title 4/13/2003 - ghc: Kohashi building it is thick [kobashi] vs. Honda multi hearing [HONDA] category: Sport

    • Japanese Letter
      noah - The heavyweight title of ghc: kenta kobashi vs. minoru suzuki [1/3] professional wrestling Noah great voyage 2005 Tokyo Japanese martial arts mansion the heavyweight title 1/8/2005 - ghc: Kohashi building it is thick [kobashi] vs. Minoru Suzuki [suzuki] category: Sport

    • The smiling face is kind
      When Kohashi building of case [dera] you look at the smiling face of the player thickly, it has recovered the wound favorably kana? Well…The [ho] it is with…Because the smiling face was kind,…

    • Present some day (3/27)
      Good morning, now when it perseveres with work something and increases also today when it is, openly it increases Osaka city, but well it is yesterday similar cold morning, today cherry tree beginning opening (the Sakura day) day present birthday of the interest 休 忌 family Buddhist altar Katuya famous person and Kobayashi who are welcomed (dj), Nobuko Miyamoto (the actress singer), Takahiro Matsumoto ([ki] ゙ [tarisuto] (b'z))[kuentein] [taranteino] (movie supervision), Kohashi building it is thick ([hu] ゚ [roresura]), Satoru Nakazima (the [hu] ゚ [ro] baseball player), [maraia] carry (the singer), Kawasima enclosure will ([hu] ゚ [roho] ゙ [kusa]), [shi] ゙ me Freud the ゙ [hatsuseruha] ゙ ink (the soccer player), the Aoki distinct (laughing talent), the Machida star child (the comic dialogue teacher (the [hetsuto] ゙ light/write (laughing)))塙 Nobuyuki ([naitsu] (laughing [konhi] ゙))The intellectual flower saddle and others (2006 quasi- mistake [yuniha] ゙ [su]), Uchida Atsushi the person (the soccer player (Kashima [antorasu] ゙))And so on…The person of present birthday, you question with your birthday [me], it is

    • Level will be increased!
      I think that it is the method which does not designate age as the air, but as for that I just think selfishly, the thing multi perhaps it is influenced to do, you think, when especially, it becomes critical age of 19, 29, 39 and 49 etc, something as for the person who is the times when you feel it is many, whether it is it probably will not be, (laughing)? Those where the age inscription which is on side of name of the show biz celebrity of the television is attached to something become matter of concern the place where, but something it seems that does good thing vis-a-vis very passing the year when it is clear for such cultural tendency [baiopawa] to exist, in our Japan? When with is thought what passes a certain 30 in large quantity the old boy, old boy fine saying, it is feeling, but well (laughing), I like the wrestler Kohashi building which thickly when receiving 40 years old, as for the man you called from 40, when (laughing) I enter 40 years old, the man tries probably to mention from 40 when well, it was 50 years old, from 50 (laughing) with well, recently you passed such feeling, but is, it lets flow the live image of the Nakagawa Sho child with yesterday television in that, with birthday is 25 years old the Nakagawa Sho child which “The ~ which is levelling up in 25” you shouted, that (laughing) “this calling” (laughing) nevertheless, this child is not defeated me who is power with the level lifting, REPT (' - the `) [nokiyatsukiya]! Well “[burogu] ⇒ “Nakagawa Sho child of ⇒ Nakagawa Sho child”, with jcb hole in 25 levelling up”, as for you level how many (laughing)?

    • With Misawa mourning entertainment dream cart ゙ actualization.
      Kohashi & alpine vs Buto & Tagami. Akiyama & Suzuki & Sugiura vs power emperor & [yone] &kenta. The heaven dragon, Sasaki, also Nakazima participate to the martial arts mansion. &kentavs Kawada & Tagami Akiyama. Alpine vs Sugiura. The butterfly field participates to Osaka. This time Kohashi and the butterfly field would like to see tack/tuck ゙ uniting. g+ relay cannot be overlooked. The cod [re] when it is the word which Misawa has disliked or and Misawa, Hasimoto, Tsuruta is in this dream stage, the expectation which more and more becomes enormous. vs Tiyousiyuu's Tsuruta sink ゙ [ru] you saw with g+. However they were 60 minute draws, Tsuruta doing one side [rito] ゙, the better seed. As for the judgment reason as for Tiyousiyuu it was moved in comparison with Tsuruta which it is ready in the center. But [ha] ゙ [tsukuto] ゙ [rotsuhu] ゚ confrontation and [shi] ゙ [yanho] ゙ [rariatsuto], [rikirariatsuto] confrontation. It is the good tournament. ゙ [yaha] ゚ [nhu] ゚ [roresu] because of [shi] the body is smaller than all the day spirits Baba loaf ゚ as for installing low famous story. Regrettable vs Fujinami Tsuruta, vs Maeda Tsuruta did not actualize. Just 1 times tack/tuck ゙ united Fujinami & Tsuruta, but. Tide promontory and in 邑. Forest 嶋 with Suwa demon. Power emperor and beach. kenta and [taika] ゙ [masuku]. Kohashi and Kojima. Akiyama and [muta]. Dream opposition still. [hu] ゚ [roresu] 1st is funny, it is! You wrote even before, but, we the meeting place doing to enter from before the playing, is the metal reinforcement entering fan which view prior to world war 2 first receives sign favorite from the player. Kohashi building it is thick Akiyama. Tide promontory. Never easy there are no times when you receive from the heaven dragon Genichiro Buto Satoshi Osamu super great player. Noah and all day, new day rising from Kawada Toshiaki hustling.

    • - NOAH single league -
      Noah it is like leak ゙ game of sink ゙ [ru] which becomes first as a group is held! In regard to time, because gtl was designated as forward fall, it holds next term challenger decisive leak ゙ and [shi] ゙ [yuniariku] ゙ etc which beginning of spring are like, but…Those like g1 all Japanese of new Japan [chiyanhi] ゚ [onkaniha] ゙ [ru] are done finally! [menha] ゙ which now it is possible - with it is like with 16 people it becomes round robin game! Furthermore [hehi] ゙ - not only class, [shi] ゙ [yuniahehi] ゙ - with also participation from the other group is expected! Therefore very now! The participation player is expected selfishly! First noah Tagami discernment/Kohashi building thickly the Akiyama quasi-/circular rattan right track tide promontory greatly/the Sugiura your forest 嶋 the super/kenta power emperor super/[mohameto] ゙ [yone] Ogawa is good with just the Noah post player forming/Sano skill. Taniguti Akitosi Saito/b Smith lap. Continuous participation group alpine virtue 廣/Sasaki Ken mediating/helping new Japanese professional wrestling shelf bridge Hiro reaching/Makabe sword justice/Goto ocean middle period all the Japanese professional wrestling/Suzuki Minoru Osamu Satoshi Buto/solar CARE noah-related heaven dragon Genichiro/Toshiaki Kawada/b [beida]/[sukopio]/Takao Omori/good fortune river. If it can participate everyone, there are no times when you say, but because first it is unreasonable, there is no just Noah post player and some name it wants participating the player who was increased here manner there is no! When Misawa optical clear is, we wanted holding truth…

    • NOAH 6/22 Korakuen hole
      Misawa dying, as for the new Tokyo conference meeting place when super full Misawa is, as for the card which is wanted becoming like this the tide promontory greatly &kenta vs Sasaki Ken mediating/helping & Nakazima Katuhiko Kohashi building it is thick & the Honda multi hearing vs power emperors super & [mohamedoyone] Taniguti lap flat “驀. Tenth game” 4th game Taniguti lap the flat vs bison Smith Aoki benevolence “spark tenth game” 8th game Aoki benevolence vs animal God thunder liger Itoh Akihiko vs crith hero forest 嶋 super & Sugiura your vs alpine virtue 廣 & Sano skill true Ogawa well Akitosi & Inoue elegance middle forming & Tagami discernment & rickey malvin vs Saito & Yosinobu bobby fish Kanamaru & the stone forest it is thick hand drum Taro two vs Suzuki & in order to be able to feel at rest Misawa of the heaven where the tournament which from the flat willow 玄 feudal clan, first cannot be overlooked continues to end, please persevere

    • First confrontation of vs. Buto's Kohashi actualizes! 9.27 With the Noah Misawa mourning entertainment tag match
      My secret which from hourly wage 950 Yen reaches monthly income 1,000,000 Yen * extent “and the [se] [ru]” method will being weak As for [puroresuringu] Noah on the 6th, mourning entertainment “greatvoyage'09 of the Misawa optical clear intokyo~mitsuharumisawa and alwaysinourhearts~” (on the 27th, Tokyo & Japanese martial arts mansion) decisive opposition card 1st as feature, Satoshi Tagami discernment & Buto. Group vs. Kohashi building it is thick & alpine virtue. Kohashi's and Buto's whom the luxurious tag match where as for Kohashi and Buto who announce group under the Misawa name which becomes first confrontation, Buto carries out after a long time Noah participation from all the Japanese professional wrestling, formation anti- Kohashi & alpine group says of Tagami “the president tag” actualizes meeting is “four Tenno” and to the last dream card which is left the “fighting spirit three gun loyal retainer”, whether it can unfold some fight as for conference details as follows * [puroresuringu] Noah “greatvoyage'09 intokyo~mitsuharumisawa, alwaysinourhearts~” September 27th (day) Tokyo & Japanese martial arts mansion start 17: 00< special tournament tag match 60 minute 1 these games > Tagami discernment, Osamu Satoshi Buto (all the Japanese professional wrestling) Kohashi building it is thick, alpine virtue 廣 (the alpine hall) Noah photograph of memory of Misawa optical clear collection Kohashi in all the Japanese professional wrestling after 9 years participation, Kojima and chop battle “Misawa, thank you!”In separation meeting from fan 25,000 = Noahs Misawa sudden death one night, Noah the Hakata conference the pickup horse racing beginner being from opening yahoo news, the hand reaches in the preponderant victory! We lend the eye of the first-rate betting ticket teacher to you! Every week we deliver the buying eye of the first-rate betting ticket teacher who achieves the legend of a beam difference of 11 years plus income and outgo, the relieved community sight register free ¥0 “of equation live door management of the victory by the first-rate betting ticket teacher”

    • Professional wrestling NOAH “GREAT VOYAGE 3909 in TOKYO” (2)
      (1) Continuation 7th tournament- Furthermore Tagami discernment & Buto Satoshi Osamu vs○ Kohashi building are thick & alpine virtue 廣 Kohashi and Buto is in agony in the first confrontation Kohashi's chop Buto who, the referee is Wada capital flat, after that, as for Buto attacks Kohashi's knee has the offense and defense and the like which Tagami which [shiyainingu] wizard of breaking a law! In Buto with Mt Everest German Kohashi's hardness arm [rariatsuto] the finish 8th tournament ghc heavyweight championship ○ tide promontory greatly < the player authority >vs Akitosi Saito < the challenger >● opening Saito advances the tournament dominantly you could not take the high mountain in the photograph where, but to visit the backdrop suddenly, the tide promontory to owe the damage, stops being able to move even one curtain which the tide promontory is clean decides [munsaruto] where the [emerarudohuroujiyon] 2nd backdrop which to return with count 1, to finish the tide promontory praises defense both good fight all wrestler to conclude around the Misawa optical clear mourning ceremony ring where, theme tune of 10 count gong tiger masksCatching, moistly on the ring where the spartan x relations rice field of version calls the Misawa player as for Misawa which is covered with the ticker tape of green it was certainly here, thank you, Misawa

    • Kohashi, it is good already.
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • You were surprised from morning!!
      Looking at Tokyo sport, the cod just a little surprise article having become the article which calls the heuristic Kojima Satoru player ardent wish, Kohashi building at 8.30 nations' national skill mansions game has surfaced thickly, when it actualizes, when it becomes, as for the Kohashi player because after 9 years furthermore, this day the boat wooden player, the butterfly fielder's choice hand rises in all the Japanese professional wrestling, because very foreboding of big match simply, the Kohashi player is a sickness, not overstraining excessively, don't you think? we want [burogu] weekend of the [kojirogu] ↑ Kojima player it seems the weather excessively good way, in order not to get wet, changing clothes, the [chi] [yo] [tsu] saddle going out you say and the [ma] ~ do

    • Shout hotly!! Vigor was received!!
      Yesterday morning rising early, to Tokyo! All the Japanese professional wrestling, both nations' conference in observation!! It is another excitation stripe chestnut!! This time partly due to the Buto Satoshi Osamu 25th anniversary commemoration conference, also the card gorgeousness! It is the Chiba little brother and the scream stripe chestnut!! And the Kohashi building of noah it is thick!! Only the tournament where the extent contents where you can feel the tournament of 4 hours tremendously shortly are dense!! In the streetcar of the return, after returning to the house of the little brother, excitation not to cool down, professional wrestling sermon!! One dawn where also [bibi] and the chestnut of [shizu] look at our two people with the good odd eye it is today for influencing the typhoon from morning to the airport! The airplane which it does not fly easily was reproachfully thought and the 喝 entered by your had become the herbivorous type boy who is attached to the return route!! After all, if it returns to meat diet system and furthermore does not go with [gatsugatsu]!! You receive vigor tremendously, you keep designating the life from today as that is complete!! This time thinking, after all raw being, observation is good! You receive hot excitation and vigor! [meinibenta] which exceeds 40 years old, it is not possible I of 40 ago to stall!! Periodic professional wrestling observation is stress emission and vigor fill!! ^^

    • The Noah @ Korakuen
      Don't you think? the series commencement game leading part Akiyama quasi- Kohashi building thickly like is after all is enormous thing what, don't you think? ~ this appreciation kana after a long time, the tag front of heavyweight, activation kana is good to [rikiyone], as for the ~ and main, as for the title match kenta anti- malvin result, there is the defense of kenta and a tag league game which loneliness just, how becomes and with, as for the stone forest of the original partner, somehow as for Kanamaru as for kenta which you think that it is the hit manufacturer, as for the lingering tare tare shelf future story, how still in Kanamaru and union like certain

    • NOAH 5/6 Japanese martial arts mansion
      The present card which comes to the martial arts mansion from the new Japanese hole bridge sincerity & Kikuchi Takeshi vs Honda multi hearing & vs Kith hand drum Taro Aoki benevolence Sano skill truth & Suzuki Walker & the rickey malvin kenta stone forest is thick two vs Nakazima Masaru. Yosinobu will Kanamaru happening Tadaka & the flat willow 玄 feudal clan vs animal God thunder liger & Kanemoto Kouji Kohashi building thickly & Itoh Akihiko vs Tenzan wide good fortune & the Okada or [zu] [chi] or global [tatsugurigu] game regular game Tagami discernment & Inoue elegance middle vs [deiro] Brown & [bukiyanangurobaru] [tatsugurigu] game regular game Akiyama quasi- & Taniguti lap the flat vs power emperor super & [mohamedo] [yonegurobaru] [tatsugurigu] game regular game bison Smith & Saito Akitosi vs alpine virtue 廣 & Sugiura your global [tatsugurigu] game regular game Misawa optical clear & the tide promontory is great vs Sasaki Ken mediating/helping & the forest 嶋 super Noah new Japanese anti- resistance 2Because with the hole of tournament yesterday Noah 2 successive wins furthermore ko as for Kanemoto who is defeated is saying at will in the flat willow, resentment and others there is also first confrontation of the [se] [ru] or Kohashi and Tenzan and cannot be defeated new Japan it is the kana which is not? As for expectation of tag league game rod and power. Group and alpine group and forest. With victory of group power. Group and forest. In final of group forest. As victory of group it expects

    • 25th anniversaries immediately before the conference, butterfly field correct ocean interview
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • Japanese Letter
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • Kohashi building thickly, all the day mat returns and both nations' conference Kojima Satoru game surface
      But from carrying at east [supo] last page present time with the appearance, Satoru Kojima ardent wish just it has become the article, you say that Kohashi building at 8.30 nations' national skill mansions game has surfaced thickly, if it actualizes, as for Kohashi when also Kohashi rises the boat wood where rise after 9 years in all the Japanese professional wrestling which are the old home, not only the butterfly field when it becomes, very 賑 and Kohashi's physical condition which becomes the kana conference how probably is what? After the returning, as for single being from the kidney cancer, Bick match way the Tenzan wide good fortune which is not it is tag game, also Kojima tag confrontation?

    • “GREAT VOYAGE 09 in TOKYO”
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • The professional wrestling highest!
      Yesterday finally Kohashi building. It went to return game!! East. In addition as for sight-seeing as for the tournament of yesterday which is written on the next time, continuation of the best bout tournament!! First as for the first tournament, the Inoue player and as for last one, finishing to receive, while the laughing of the audience which it declares that Kohashi building thickly vs Inoue Masao admission tune you just hear it escapes from the chop which increases with the tear, taking, strong Kohashi!! You think that it attracted and had raised! In any case being vigorous, the tournament was good ending safely! So, small. Player. The forging too much [chi] [ya] [u] it is?? With are those where you think probably just I? The kind of [ho] which also the kidney has overstrained a little it is in the [ma], already just a little balance well we would like you to arrange physical condition!! We ask! In addition good tournament, cedar. Your, tide. It is great in vs. . 輔 The Milan collection at from first cedar. Spirit of the player does and does and is transmitted, the [hi] the [hi] tackling when, does also the cheer of the customer, the existence impression of the tide promontory player who was enormous and is one bodily sensation of the customer being reduced distantly, gradually it increases!! kent. Also Katuhiko vs Nakazima was good!! The nature of kenta which it cannot be defeated by any means! My both which observe with the front falling flat forward. Extreme offense and defense go 2. Second of leep as for time soul being confined, it increased!! The Nakazima player, heart, skill and the body, in the reason which instantly becomes strong, as for the victory of kenta of this time thinks the thing which is value and! Akiyama quasi- vs Sasaki Ken mediating/helping flower. In the form where the Akiyama player cries, it is always different!! With Akiyama which is thought. Seriousness and!! Spirit of both being full of, after all the professional wrestling which it increases feeling!! The strong ace where even what thought very being, directing to that, you challenge! Everyone supports in the feeling! After all professional wrestling is highest!!

    • Epilogue
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • K-1ワールドグランプリは土曜夜9時放映/週末地上波テレビ&イベント情報まとめ【Gコードつき】
      Nihongo , linked pages are Japanese

    • 大晦日もプロレス 小橋がオールスター戦を熱望
      This year also New Year's Eve is professional wrestling!? The spots that new Japanese professional wrestling and all the Japanese professional wrestling which aim toward professional wrestling license system enforcement, the plan where 3 groups of [puroresuringu] Noah's this year do the combined professional wrestling event in New Year's Eve has surfaced, those where it lifted the Kohashi building which is Noah's vice president thickly become the player or, the detonating agent to professional wrestling revival

    • 三沢光晴Xジャンボ鶴田
      “[misawatsu]!”Approximately, 200 people hitting hard the head while playing of separation 13 day of tear, funeral farewell system of Misawa optical clear (享 year 46) it is professional wrestling group Noah's who dies president and the player on the 19th, 葬 with became dense with intention of the bereaved family who operates quietly at Tokyo Nakano Ku treasure 仙 temple, but Sasaki Ken mediating/helping, the great bear crystal and others approximately 200 people attended Kohashi building thickly, in addition to the Akiyama quasi- and others Noah's player, informed the separation with the tear and as for Misawa within year after the retiring, because of 2nd life of the player who retires real estateOn the 18th than sport Nabi where also it had become clear to have the plan which operates the industry, Noah, as for 3 groups of new Japan and all Japan the professional wrestling boundary started moving from the Misawa death which states that it keeps cooperating to the establishment of the first “standardized commission” in the Japanese professional wrestling history! Now becoming with one, we want the professional wrestling boundary persevering! From May of this year of 1990 September 1st Misawa optical clear x jumbo Tsuruta becoming Misawa optical clear from the 2nd generation tiger, the jumbo Tsuruta exceeding started! Generally known four Tenno age (Misawa Kawada Kohashi Tagami) open the curtain from 3 years later

    • 2004.7.10東京ドーム大会
      From all the Japanese professional wrestling separated Misawa light. The president in order to be able to designate promotion of industry as the head once upon a time with Tokyo dome, that it probably will persevere, “as for the main event of the conference where new group '[puroresuringu] Noah' launches in 2000 August and fan long-awaited first” Tokyo dome conference opening such of July 10th desire of 4 years later should commemorate ace 'Kohashi building the foolish foreigner Michael [mote] ゙ strike which thickly' the son cover [ri] of the vs challenger 'Akiyama quasi-' inside should commemorate naturally figure which receives name from this both names purchase naturally with pamphlet purchase

    • 【NOAH】白の鉄人 6・8八王子大会

    • プロレスラー三沢 逝く
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • 三澤光晴、逝く…。
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 三沢が、死んだ。プロレスも、死んだ。①
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • 「誰も知らない泣ける歌」
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

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