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    Music related words weeeek Nishikido Ryou Yamashita Tomohisa And Yabake Bambina Tegomass angela No Retreat, No Surrender Aye umbrella Daylight saving time Makomanai ABO of love 裸足のシンデレラボーイ

    • Happy Birthday & #9825;
      lovely in gorgeous original [a] 〇 [baburogu] words of magic. 轉 03≪ 2009/04 ≫ inf | home | happy birthday 2009-04-09 (thu) | Not yet classification | tb (0) [pi] [mama], you question with your birthday [me], - main point effort manufacture. 喔* [ganganganbatsute]!!! “It is lovely,” excessively because of the mother hair which looked at pv! “The mountain” “p” cup was shown again…The sweat in any case, p is funny love the style whose - fc2 [buroguyuza] exclusive use

    • [u] [gi] [ya
      You are troubled with such a thing which is complicated frame of mind when it is you do, don't you think? the one which is stopped is better, - it is to think, whether - it is, being possible to smile, - it is also it is to feel the [ku] [te] - it is we would like to go to the world where it is not… You dislike by your the [a] ~ fool seems, and [tsu] [ganganganbatsute] which is

    • Seeing, already it is
      Essa opiniao , please visit the following link

    • [gotsutohando] Yoichi
      Comentarios sobre este , original meaning

    • One work…
      Early morning, the empty it worked, (> _ today and tomorrow it is event of the workplace, but because I am the day off, it deposits, just the thing (the ^^;)Tomorrow works [ganganganbatsute], (; The ´д `) yesterday did the friend and the meal & the fireworks! First joy full gathering -* However it was worry, whether work it can end quickly, somehow arrival ε=ε=┏ (_) your ┛ stomach eating all the way with 5 minute being late, fireworks ♪n and miyu it does pleasantly with the [ge], the [yo] -? (The *´ 艸 `*) the chaotic [kawaii] [tsu] [te] writing, however the [ru], lovely it is not in the fireworks, don't you think? (the ¯∀¯) this was clean! 'Konko 燦 爛'* The spark fireworks before doing, being colorful [pashiyari]* I wrote, did the purple ~♪ stock fireworks using of course, circle the varieties REPT (the ´▽ `)/the friend being taken, well taking, cleanly it increased, (the ≧∇≦) after that the usual way the bath entering, -, the sauna however it did not enter, something dances with the open-air bath (the ^∀^)/in the bath rising [kore]! Coffee milk! So, story of travelling talking story of [tegomasukon] all the way, it dispersed -! However 2 days it is the case that it passes from the day like that dream, while sometimes remembering, [niyaniya] doing, it increases, (the ¯∀¯) with -! Until now, however it was the [tegomasu] ♪ [tegomasu] ♪, in addition the celebration [chi] [ya] - it is it returns to the ♪, (´-” -) as for the following pleasure as for 24 hour televisions or special immediately before the ♪ however with this it does not broadcast, it enjoys next week and the time the [ma] - it does, REPT (the ´▽ `)/

    • Strange ribbon*
      It is dense, it is, it is the [wa]* Bloom preservation it is it is, (the ¯▽+¯*) today enormously the [amenba] way it was one day which is helped* [tsu] coming panic was caused, but now it has settled, (' the 艸 `) Koichi's thing Domoto Oji Koichi solo soul the kana which how will be done? The ∑ which is the [tsu] [te] feeling DREPT (the ¯0¯; Your no clothes. The kana which how will be done?? The one which just a little is conspicuous is better? Well as for that you decide by your when so, to the news your 24 hour televisions 2 days after* If shank ε=ε=ε= DREPT (the *~▽~) the no collecting box it does not draw up quickly with the pleasure, don't you think? zzz…(*´? `*). Don't you think? o○ tomorrow [ganganganbatsute] it makes* This ribbon after it is not enormous, is? But ↓ something the ribbon it does in a strange way, the [yo]? So [wa] today however it is little, o ray ♪ bloom preservation it is it is* Real* [burogu] of the bloom preservation mother (laughing ↓ this it is

    • * 831 diary*
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      'Your Hisashi's Masuda master [hi] [tsu] [chi] [yu] ~' densely it is, it is it is your Hisashi Masuda of Masuda your [hi] [tsu] [chi] [yu] ~~~ news How you pass and probably will bite November which… this year remains and 2 months or less don't you think? with… being quick, the shank… the favorite [monburan] and suite potato either one? When being small, however it was the suite potato,… also the good quality of [monburan] becoming the adult,… it has gone it is there to be a [tsu] [te] ~, it waits and however the [yu]… well the ~ still the suite potato it is to cause not being, your Hisashi shank Masuda delivers… to wait, the [yu] it is 11:30 to… association may we to ask also ~ [hi] [tsu] [chi] [yu] ~ today, to wait and news live dvd of [yu] this week the [a] ~ which is sold the [a] ~・・・ which was done snappily how saying and… don't you think? [miyujitsukukuritsupu]… the combining which is attention… by all means please tries checking… after… it was possible to enter stage first day, being pleasant snappily, the shank… the time when you practice morning… The [zu] ~ [tsu] doing to the empty night, the [ru] to do,… you practice it is even… you thought so fully, however it is,… you practice the time and the production [tsu] [te]… it is different at all and being pleasant, the shank… 1 months after to persevere, to wait, because the [yu] as for the one that… propriety please have done as for the stage goods it was decided by all means in the pleasure… it comes? The goods and the pamphlet selling, don't you think?, the [ru]… you thought and waited and however the [yu]… after finishing seeing,… you were pleasant the [tsu] [te]… becoming the work which can be ended, it waits and [yu] halfway [sore] being [kore] it is pleasant, is,… propriety in the pleasure please have done as for [jiyake] there is meaning by all means in dvd? It has been said as for the first edition the diamond flying away,… becoming the like design which goes to outer space, the [ru]… the shank… usually with fire system, edition already arriving to outer space, the [ru]… the staff, don't you think?… the accomplice which man heart the [ku] is done… the [ku] immediately and others the [re] [te],… I continue news '[ganganganbatsute]',… with, time [chi] [ya

    • You write from DIAMOND and DISC1 the [ma] [tsu] do -*
      issue , original meaning

    • Japanese weblog
      belief , for multilingual communication

    • Yajima beauty parlor* Kitty
      Don't you think? ~ [tsu] today is Mothers Day, as for the ~ being full this year [ha] ゙ [tsuku] ゙, [a] which [hu] ゚ [rese] ゙ [nto] it is possible mono that always (the ∇) with the [wa] you buy thank you at the [wa] stand place②The ~ Yajima beauty parlor it is the kitty clear file* Therefore the [chi] [yo] - the lovely ~~~ [tsu] ↑↑ with special care, the reverse side…But (' the 艸 `) [sutoratsuhu] ゚ rub the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [n] which is troubled, well [ho] and it being decided that this area [sutoratsuhu] ゚ of the collection is enormous, the [ru] it did and was patient - [me] - [te] ~~ [tsutsutsu] laughing well one day [ganganganbatsute] being defeated [ma] [tsu] it does also today and the [yo] is

    • 3:22
      Perfume sang with the heaven [te] [re], you looked at the “chocolate late disco”, in “kis my calling” of kiss my 2 such a time of the hammer [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] 3 seeing [chi] [ya] [tsu] cod (laughing) the pantheon remembered to bending of hand the ♪ or and it was the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] paste paste, (laughing) <- 1 human concert kisses my 2 we love in night! But everyone respective favorite in the air Yokoo [tsu] [chi] ball because to be quick we would like to dance together in the concert, please cross over kismycalling which is seeing [tsu] (laughing) kiss my 2 nationwide tours it is not in the propriety northern country the oak and others, [jiyani]? (Laughing) so so my master thing five Seki puts out with little [kura] and the [chi] [ya] is and is it did, even if it appears in the audition next day and the [chi] [ya] is and is the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is Matsumura great bear [tsu] [te] yes it is lovely, don't you think? don't you think? (^ω^) we are poor to say your own name, as for the place where being similar to me, the [ru] [wa] <- yearning to news, as for office entering ☆1 turn mountain p, 2nd is celebration ......[tego] way no turn? (Laughing) well, as for [tego] way therefore thing love [momo] it was and everyone where the [tsu] (the ´∀ `) <- the great bear, [ganganganbatsute] me, the next of the foot was done the 咽 and the [chi] waited in cold the air attaching the [re]? (´д `) laughing

    • [a] [bo] [a] [bo] (∀) <-
      Yesterday vv where it is abo which is taken it is, just your [chi] first time with purchase w no [se] gold defect something (the ^▽^;) Well, however it was not the same Tokyo dome performance, Kumamoto it has participated the empty, it comes out with thing the various bosom oaks you applied dvd from midst of the diamond of [kirakira]* This [huri] of the laughing which also [huri] of [ganganganbatsute] could be remembered a little the first time it seems that is bought in order to remember, it rubbed it is!! <- The [e] and - the [ho] it is with bosom or the forcing* Laughing, to the boiled rice dvd vv where you see

    • The person who the greatest in the world can be troubled
      Opinion , original meaning

    • SEMINAR Tokyo end!
      [shige] seminar Tokyo it seemed the end tired way, -!! Today being like Akira comes! It was in time lastly, -! The p way don't you think? it did not come after all,… regrettable (>_

    • It is quick for morning to come,
      It is the honey the [tsu] to come, when you think that you slept, already morning - it is quick, - as for earth day width which the air which slept does not do, there is no either schedule after a long time, it waits freely and easily, because the coconut which was passed for a while, not to come out it was the [tsu] [pa] [ri] don't you think? - sometimes to pull, the kana whose also it is good to be confined, with it was and with such feeling, directly was in the house while <- darkness [tsu] being accumulated to rearrange [reko], while rearranging the room, the harboring which slept sleeping, [udauda] doing, now it does and therefore the cartridge with saying, there is no [wake] which the fatigue takes however it is, don't you think? various thought things doing, - (laughing) what, it tries being troubled various types, The adult [tsu] [te], very much the shelf - with thinking, such a thing thinking, whether the [tsu] it increased, the [a] it is basically to do, don't you think? with root darkness something - (laughing) such a weekend it comes being ant [tsu] [te] thing and weekend, the friend of the company comes well and - business trip it puts out second coming weekend and, - travelling puts out that following weekend, and - <- this completely outside schedule the [ma], is the case that it will be been rushing as usual to be, whether with [ikemen] 40 name, summer it is [huesu], whether so is, in screening summer [huesushiyotomubi], by young actor 40 of the certain major office the quiz and the game……Because assuming, that raw, proverb Koide was present, blending to woman Takao, because [kiyaikiyai] it is not possible, - such it is not young, the [a] it is to do, (laughing) <- knowing, whether just a little pleasantly so and is [tsu] REPT (the *´∀ `) Koide is included in that young actor of the no kana (laughing) kana, the [ru] to come out soon, the orator becomes announcement so to take, [ma] now rising, [ru] name is the health, spring the horse, God wood…… with, as for the [tsu] [ke] certain office which is who, the many actors - the child which does not know all the way it will be and…… the [tsu]It is [te] what, young actor, now [sugo] it is, the jr. [kon] like (laughing) with perhaps to do and, therefore popularity don't you think? [ochiochi] doing, there is no viewing don't you think? - trying thinking such a thing and/or well [aha] well well morning coming, however it is the case that it goes to the company being able to give the mission from the superior, after the going to work, you do the scheduling, first to be, don't you think? the [tsu] [te] which this month directing to the business trip of end of the month, winding all job, with winding, winding, it winds and sows the oral [ya] - it is and the [ganganganbatsute] going [ma] - does

    • ABOCM& [jiyani] working hard of love
      Yesterday, the cm of abo of love you saw, - last no that - laughing '[jiyanizuentateimento]!!'The [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is lovely, but it is, because there is no view [re] inside pv because it is seen with only the certain animated picture sight, without the [wa] can finely to the cousin the [te] the white clothes wearing, the [koyatego] [chi] [yo] of [ru] one - it is lovely everyone calling and - it is pv we want, that - we want to here, when last [jiyanizuentateimento] perhaps whether and it is, whether hair type - - - -, you thought for the first time it is dense, such face lover of the [pi] [i] it puts out, after Akira finishes saying, the dignified wind also the face being too cute, Akira increasing to always, the back is visible smallIf the [ze] air is attached, after just a little is to sale, assuming, that - [hurage] it does in preceding day, -, 5 days after and it is the [wa] -! The pleasure and - the image of party sees in 5 days after and the [re] [ru] is [a] yesterday the dvd which is sees, you dreamed, [hapiba] being cut, has started (laughing) is from [te] weeeek [aho] laughing [ganganganbatsute] [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] view wants, is, don't you think? not be able to remember [huri] after all and [te] dvd see and why, the [jiyani] working hard poult of yesterday which we would like to remember the poult forming Isao Akiyama of the laughing laughing laughing guest, the [piyon] [tsu] [te] riding in the balance ball, it can stand! With the notion that where you say the poult as for challenge everyone with assistance flies the around with the stand-by side '[ikeru] air! It flies with the air which is hollow is!!' And the poult which challenges it is young. With [kanji] which rebounded in rear the [bi] - it is it is the [tsu] [chi] [yo] it is catching laughing that! The like laughing scale it is with that face rear of the poult which is the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] funny what the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] convulsing, [ru] Akira convulsing the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] funny [tsu] just, with the [ru] [u] - four it is crawling the foot rushingly the _|¯|〇 [noshi] first 'someone trying doing by the way, therefore the [e] and' the [tsu] [te] you said Akira, don't you think? after a long time the [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] the [wa] which is laughed - in addition Haruhiko laughing and Kato we want coming to the lie 彦

    • Joeu0026#39;s tomorrow! !
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • Talk a lot. . . ☆
      It is dense, it is, it is the [wa]*. Preservation it is it is, (- ^□^-) it means that excessively now physical condition is not good, but don't you think? [ganganganbatsute] it renews, о (ж>▽<) y * When something it has renewed, because it is pleasant, it can persevere and the [chi] [ya] is*. Preservation it is it is h like the [buro] friend and with lunch ♪ [tegomasu] soul to buy tomorrow, buying the towel which is impaired, because speaking accurately, the shank (it is the laughing pleasure with delivery, (- ^□^-) the kana which probably will go with some clothes? And the hatpin of [tsu] [pa] news the kana which it probably will keep attaching? The [u] it is the [tsu] you attach, (laughing today the [u] of [tegomasu] it is at last day of ♪ the shank. . As for preservation 1 being months quick from that time when it participates to the portion of the Osaka performance the shank. (No Ω,) the halfway side false rumor arrived and/or with fan was confused, but the last day, safe today being received, that the thing 'concert [tegomasu] which you think that it will be fan all relieved, directly speaking would like to do' being achieved. Latest, the highest kind of concert which you think that also these people whom you think that it was good truly, are delightful 'thank you' many happiness 'thank you' the many smiling faces 'thank you' many impressions 'thank you'. Receiving feeling from [tegomasu] securely, and you pass. 'Also the feeling of fan of love' has reached certainly certainly in [tegomasu]. So, you can think. Something your language [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [me] it is do. So [wa] and o ray ♪. Preservation it is it is* Real*. [burogu] of the preservation mother (laughing ↓ this it is

    • DVD三昧。

    • ♡NEWS♡情報っ♪♪^^
      news to come out and inhale and dvd the [e] - news live diamond 2009.11.04 release first production limited specification (3 groups) the ¥ 6,500 (tax in) * the special package (edges back case entrance) * the 20p booklet usually specification (2 groups) the ¥ 5,900 (tax in) * 7 surface 14p jackets matador superman of Cinderella boy summer time mc why van vina say hello party time plain gauze LARA tambourine love of the overture happy birthday weeeek [ganganganbatsute] naked foot aiming toward the [namida] star of i za na i zu ki sun [nagareboshi] snow of fiesta easy come and easy go mc share Ginza [rapusodeiaiai] umbrella the depth of winter express forever cherishing desired ~yell~ teppen unevenness list mola ordinary change the world beach angel fly again To the far side of smile maker glitter weeeek Equal to the number of news Japanese dreams tour documentary in diamond 2008-2009 10.25-26 Sendai [hotsutohaususupaarina] 11.1-2 sun dome Fukui 11.15-16 Makunai [sekisuihaimuaisuarina] 12.6-7 considerably [bikonpurazakonbenshiyonhoru] 12.13-14 the Hiroshima green arena 12.17-18 [guranmetsuse] Kumamoto 12.21-23 Nagoya & Japanese [gaishisupotsupurazagaishihoru] 12.27-28 [marinmetsuse] Fukuoka 12.30-31,1.1 Tokyo dome 1.10-12 the Kyocera dome Osaka special reel Your Hisashi “superman” Masuda “love how” forming Akira “plain gauze LARA tambourine” Kato hand surpassing Sukenari “code” brocade door Akira love addiction” hill celebration Ichiro ““mola (r-midwest remix)” Tomohisa Yamashita Don't you think? recording fraction (first usually commonness) * as for the first usual image recording contents only the audio channel which is the same the first production limited specification which differs, because Dolby digital 5.1ch [saraundo] is recorded, when the disc quantity has become many, when being this [tsu] [te] [jiyanikan] which is [yu] [u] thing, the [yo] which is the person who was done, ((the different/[u]?? The ^^ no [ma] the [i] [wa] [a] which was seen - someone the buying trap [i] kana [tsu]? ((This day 2nd [e] [wara] [u] [chi] [wa] debt [yo] [tsu] no [ma] the [i] [wa] [a] which was seen - with it is the [yu] [u] feeling, ((this day 2nd [e] - the 2nd [e] [wara] ≪ first ≫ ≪ usually the ≫

    • 2009/08/19
      When - it is and (' - the `) becomes tired and returns the person inside producing to play back video quietly, no kana? When the [tsu] [te] you think…Taking the good point of 24 hours tv securely, the [te] your Hisashi who is given go the [me] it is to become tired, it blew off, (^ω^) with. A little is, but the introduction stripe - it does, <- to make your Hisashi thickly, to do thickly, because Chinese character does not understand, obtaining [uotaho] ゙ [isu] ゙ which is studied from now on (∀) your Hisashi. Voice applying kindly, it was too cute truly the [hi] & it does thickly,*…That it is overfamiliar you say <- never. Revival [ikemenikemen] newswith [hi] ゙ [tsukusaito] you forget to see, don't you think? how it cannot be first! As for leaving this side being densely, the fly again flow and is the [tsu] ('; Ω; The `) stopping [tsu] [tsu] [tsu] opposite it cries…The [u] it is. It cries, <- 待 news★ Tokumitu who [ta] ゙ [unroto] ゙ could point also receiving securely* Nishio analog* Tube field* [he] ゙ [tsuki]* [nehu] ゚ [chiyun]* [imoto] persevering, - (the person inside *>ω. However buzzer beat [tsu] [te] not saying [te] [butozabito] you say is, don't you think? [biri] captain like it is, don't you think? <- today there is no lily [chiyan] vigor at the company, however the [tsu] [te] it was said,…Soul coming out, with just the [ru] vigorous what \ (^o^)/being still mooniness, because we would like to stay, don't you think? sometimes sigh it is attached as a baud [tsu] is (the ´-ω- `) some [ganganganbatsute] tune pitch just of one place which passes being similar, what you think as the [ru] wants the [a] crushing? [a]. You over there you looked at this being the mouth careless, you will see, don't you think? REPT (' - the `) the no <- tomorrow the [u] of [tegomasu] is the ♪ o lath, to the [tsu] Fukuoka 3 sections* The manner protecting, please enjoy! The [a] it is to do, directing to the work obstinate Hari [ro] [tsu] next news soul, because it has been about that magnificent [hu] ゚ [roshi] ゙ [ekuto] probably will start moving, the [so] which perseveres truly truly it is with. The [a] it is to die, relating, [ru] everyone thank you the favorite (*´ω `*)…[gaki] <- the bar it is,

    • ばとぅん。
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • シャフル音楽ばとーん
      . . When Biri the [tsu] which the after is picked up densely * * * Rule & * the * prayer random is played back the 10 bent flow doing, the one phrase of the 1st rust is written, strange tune coming out, it does not cry, when it is understood, the please carrying back answering it is free, because * * * * * * * * 1 numbers -> 'you love, story' Osaka romanesque [single version]/Seki [jiyani] which becomes the elegance where the person comes XXINF 2 numbers -> 'no degree you answer to the Sinsai bridge and search and the extent which is thought' colorful it is not understood/Yamashita Tomohisa 3 number -> 'you lift to [ganganganbatsute] you, it lifts, - please receive' [ganganganbatsute] /news 4 number -> '[arigatou] and ah loving, however the [ru] it is not enough yet, speaking at least, when it is happy, therefore' [kiseki] /greeeen 5 number -> 'it probably will share any past and any tomorrow, as for me in your origin' be with you/stormy 6 number -> 'either the extent instant which cannot either sleep is not forgotten, being disturbed, being broken, the [ku] crimson flower' crimson flower /news 7 number -> 'with ah ah [maji] escorting to [naisubadeikumonbeibe] do the locomotion stimulus fully you, the [e] ~!!' Loco lotion /orange range 8 number -> 'lifting the both hands high, supporting this earth, deliver to my heaven which you sing and soar oh yeah!' oh yeah! /Stormy 9 number -> 'i don't wanna cry alone into place, Lost in maze someone call my name' rescue/kat-tun 10 number -> 'the hot POWER being full of, heart one [tsunagari] it continues also the POWER reach [te] which in the flame of [ru] ignition shouts' boom! boom! The power/news [a], stormy tune you have not heard, <- entering, however the [ru] hearing, saying, don't you think? you say…<- Don't you think? just ∞1 tune palm news is many then the inside 8 tunes of [tsu] <- 10 tunes [jiyanizu

    • あータノスィス
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • 恋のABO
      The details “of abo of the new tune love” of news appearing in [jiyanizunetsuto], because it is the better seed, it places details and whether - it thinks

    • NEWS新曲「恋のABO」詳細
      abo of abo 2 labyrinth 3 love of cd+dvd 12p booklet ◆cd 1 love (original karaoke) ◆dvd news winter party diamond in tokyo dome 2008.12.31 happy [shindereraboi] summer time of birthday weeeek [ganganganbatsute] naked foot mc Abo 2 labyrinth 3 open of maxi 2 case specification 3 surface 6p jacket 1 loves your eyes 4 share (live at tokyo dome) writing the lyric composition: It is news usual thing, but there are 2 kinds, it is with the shank [e] unusually the dvd attachment! Furthermore dvd of party! But it does not sell live dvd, - it does not become how thing, is, don't you think? because you can hear also “share” properly, it is delightful, is, unless temporarily… you reserve quickly, the [o]!

    • 恋のABO
      * abo of love (the first production limited board cd+dvd)/usually the board

    • ニューシングル「恋のABO」4月29日...
      “you and no type?”[kiyatsuchi] it starts from lines, as for abo of love”” “with type of blood” disco number, 80 ' the track/truck and the high tension which make s feel with lines & the call with one tune Yamashita hill device where the 唄 is impressive, it is the thing inevitable upper song which rises with the karaoke! The clothes brand “crymson/russ where news performs k” tvcm song * the first production limited board: jecn-0184 - 185 cd+dvd☆cd recording musics* (All the 2 tune + [orishi] ゙ nulls karaoke 1 tunes) m1: Abo m2 of love: Labyrinth m3: Abo of love ([orishi] ゙ null karaoke) ☆dvd recording contents* (Approximately 30 minute recording) “news winter party diamond in tokyo dome 2008.12.31” happy [shindereraboi] summer the time of the birthday weeeek [ganganganbatsute] naked foot mc● first board specification �12p booklet �dvd attachment * usually the board: jecn-0186 cd☆cd recording music* (All the 4 tunes) m1: Abo m2 of love: Labyrinth m3: open your eyes m4: share (live at tokyo dome)- Usually board specification �3 surface 6p jacket � “open your eyes” recording (the first board not yet recording) � “share (live at tokyo dome)” recording (the first board not yet recording) the book 來. Patience residence boycott 但 right watching arriving at possession dvd. Reason buying Ryo Ryo of the patience non- bottom 訂 Ryo. Edition Ryo russ-k official. It is thick. Ryo 廣. It is thick Ryo

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