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    Tokyo Sonata,

    Movie related words Koizumi Kyouko Koji Yakusho Kurosawa Kiyoshi Kagawa Teruyuki Shueisha Inc. gururinokoto That round. Departures

    • Deprtures
      Saw 'you sent and as the [bi]' -! Simply, you saw, -! But with ny from this week Friday open what when you applied to screening meeting, it hit! Furthermore at the cinema which it can keep walking from the house! The scenery of the countryside which is countrified, the sky of gray and white of the swan which flies through that, the robe rub the steam of sound and the bathhouse, the sound which steps on the stone of echo and Kawahara… it was good - the mountain. Working hard and the calling - it burns and we would like to do with Shirako, - returns to Tokyo all the way as for the job searching however it probably is serious, in occupation with your 賎 it is not any work, certainly there is the joy in work, it probably will persevere, - - so, there where you can think 'difference cold of Tokyo sonata' being like it pulled, it is what, being be tired, because either an appetite there is no, as for the return buying the pineapple and the raspberry and the blueberry with the hole foods, as for the New Yorker who returns, the pack can be less crowded, to eat that way even during the register waiting, because it is not possible to [chi] [ya] receiving [do] I, returning to the house, you washed with the water,… and others!! The pineapple does half it is damaged and the [ru] and the downy hair the mold grows likely in the raspberry and the [ru] does and on the blueberry the white small insect takes and does shaku the [ru]… the [gi] [ya] -!! Therefore departures after seeing, therefore English it soaks also the tomorrow when “it made living and the thing [tsu] [te] word which arranges” floating in the head, “it lost and” cannot think, while after effect of the movie does not go out, making warm, it does not sleep quickly, the [tsu] [chi] [ya

    • It is dangerous.
      Happiness passing, while the morning when it is dangerous and is, tidying up the housekeeping swiftly, fat combustion super approaching at the gym and shopping returning home, lunch of the delicatessen eating when you sleep with the appreciation halfway sofa, occur and appreciation end it dries taking in the futon and the laundry, while book-reading without wanting to stop the fact that you read with the [hu], or the [hu] or the futon the [te] slipperily 6 o'clock to before the supper cooking the wine drinking, one day this of happiness wanted to do Tokyo sonata working in your own mark which now is pc, however with the meaning the [ru] way, if this everyday, pain it probably is one day what, the human is luxurious ones

    • The actor whom I like (186) - Kagawa illumination 之
      The recent movie where this person who is the actor whom presently I like has been present it has become the completion above average not to be wrong, as for first being impressive with truly Kohayakawa 秀 fall at the Kasuga bureau where he debuts is part splendid performance, such an actor it is, when it is, it remains intensely in impression, then “even the movie [te] which designates China of Kobayashi Satoru beauty starring as the stage it is and you had done the performance whose trading company member part of the trading company” is very impressive recently the movie “it shakes”, as for appraisal with as the movie where performance has shone simply the failureYou think that it is the work, but this movie which you think that just that performance was splendid truly, Kimura 祐 has appeared in the rash act which uses one in public prosecutor part, it is regrettable especially recently for performance of favorite also contents are useless useless [odagirijiyo] to be the failure younger brother part of the pine child of the movie, which and “dislikes and lifetime of the pine child” and it was impressive (privately favorite this movie,) then the protagonist with the movie, “Tokyo sonata” is, but if this movie where it play the office worker who restructuring is done suddenly beautifully government office and Koizumi, only the mistake cast, there is no, the splendid workBecause you could appraise as being the actor whom I like also your Kagawa mother who is regrettable in the past, also the mother and child who is Hama Yuuko whom it introduces first in case of especially future Kagawa which is the actor who has performance power truly when encountering the good work, more because large it has the possibility of transforming, it has made the commercial of Kao Soap Co., Ltd. [herushio] long lastly is very the pleasure from now on, but Kagawa of this commercial very in calling the shank

    Tokyo Sonata, Movie,

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