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    • Russia limits vodka sales
      Authorities in southern Russia say they are limiting the sale of vodka in a region ravaged by forest fires this month and eager to keep people from drowning their sorrows in drink. Officials in the Volgograd region banned the sale… After the Russian southern authorities being drowned, you say that sale of the vodka of devastation area, sorrow with the beverage is restricted enthusiastically in order to maintain the people with Yamabi thing of this month,
      As autoridades em Rússia do sul dizem que estão limitando a venda da vodca em uma região devastada por incêndios florestais este mês e ansioso para manter povos de afogar suas amarguras na bebida. Os oficiais na região de Volgograd proibiram a venda… Após as autoridades do sul do russo ser, você diz essa venda da vodca da área da devastação, amargura afogada com a bebida é restringido entusiàstica a fim manter os povos com coisa de Yamabi deste mês,

    • Mad men
      In a 'godforsaken place' in Russia, small-time gangsters are trapped in a cycle of vodka and violence and crime. Photographs by Bruce Gilden In Russia. . u0026#39; The ruderal the place where it is far. . u0026#39; So, the small-scale gang has shut in cycle of the vodka, violence and crime
      “Em um lugar godforsaken” em Rússia, os gângsteres small-time são prendidos em um ciclo da vodca e a violência e o crime. Fotografias por Bruce Gilden Em Rússia. u0026#39; O ruderal o lugar onde é distante. u0026#39; Assim, o grupo em escala reduzida fechou no ciclo da vodca, da violência e do crime

    • Moscow bans nighttime sales of spirits
      Moscow is to ban sales of spirits and other strong alcohol at night and in the early hours of the morning in a bid to wean Russia OFF one of its biggest health scourges, reports said Wednesday.According to a decree signed by Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov and shops in the Russian capital will no longer be able to sell drinks containing more than 15 percent alcohol between 10pm and 10am. This will prevent Muscovites from buying strong spirits like vodka and cognac late at night but will not affect sales of beer and wine. It remains to be seen how the ban will be implemented. Moscow prohibits the sale of the alcohol whose spirits and other things are strong in the night, the strong mind in the time when morning is quick with bid, the report Wednesday.According which signs by legal Moscow mayor [yurirushikohu] as for the store of Russian capital city which was said, already the beverage like the vodka and the Cognac night late in off Russian secession of one largest healthy disaster 22 and 10am which the buying from Moscow citizen prevent is done. In sale of the beer and the wine which include the alcohol of 15% or more between This and sell it reaches the point where it does not influence
      Moscovo é proibir vendas dos espírito e o outro álcool forte na noite e nas horas adiantadas da manhã a fim de wean Rússia FORA de um de seus flagelos de saúde mais grandes, os relatórios disseram que quarta-feira de acordo com um decreto assinado pelo Mayor Yuri Luzhkov e lojas de Moscovo no capital do russo já não poderá vender as bebidas que contêm mais de 15 por cento de álcool entre 10pm e 10am. Isto impedirá que os Muscovites comprem espírito fortes como a vodca e o conhaque tarde na noite mas não afetará vendas da cerveja e do vinho. Permanece ser visto como a proibição será executada. Moscovo proibe a venda do álcool cujos espírito e outras coisas seja forte na noite, a mente forte no tempo em que a manhã é rápida com oferta, o relatório Wednesday.According que assina pelo mayor legal de Moscovo [yurirushikohu] quanto para à loja do capital do russo que foi dito, já a bebida como a vodca e a noite do conhaque tarde fora de uma separação do russo de um disastre saudável o maior 22 e 10am que a compra do cidadão de Moscovo impede é feita. Na venda da cerveja e do vinho que incluem o álcool de 15% ou em mais entre isto e venda-o alcanga o ponto onde não influencia

    • Kanon Vodka's 21st Century Branding: Environmentally Conscious With A Taste For Partying
      Search Kanon Vodka ON Google and you'll find mostly reviews of COOL parties and from Coachella to New York Fashion Week events.  In an oligopolistic market where new competitors look for ways to standout and Kanon Vodka is targeting the so-called 21-century consumer: environmentally conscious with a taste for partying.  Focusing Kanon's marketing campaign ON events and people rather than ON the product is a risky strategy, but it's the path Peter Wijk, president of Kanon USA and has chosen to take. With Google as for the search cannon, it can find most reviews of the cool party from [kochiera] which is made the vodka in the event of the New York fashion weak
      A vodca de Kanon da busca em Google e em você encontrará na maior parte revisões de partidos FRESCOS e de Coachella à semana events.  da forma de New York; Em um mercado oligopolistic onde os concorrentes novos procurem maneiras ao destaque e à vodca de Kanon está alvejando o consumidor assim chamado de 21 séculos: ambiental consciente com um gosto para partying.  A campanha de marketing de Kanon de focalização em eventos e em povos um pouco do que no produto é uma estratégia arriscada, mas é o trajeto Peter Wijk, presidente de Kanon EUA e escolheu tomar. Com Google quanto para ao canhão da busca, pode encontrar a maioria de revisões do partido fresco de [kochiera] que é feito à vodca no caso da forma de New York fraca

    • US embassy cables: 'We won't be inviting the Russian military to dinner any time soon' - US embassy in Tajikistan, a liberal translation
      Wednesday and 22 November 2006, 14:03 C O N F I D E N T I A L SECTION 01 OF 02 DUSHANBE 002113 SIPDIS SIPDIS DEPT FOR SCA/CEN EO 12958 DECL: 11/22/2016 TAGS PREL, RS and TI SUBJECT: WHETHER TO COOPERATE: MIXED SIGNALS FROM THE RUSSIANS IN DUSHANBECLASSIFIED BY: Tracey Jacobson, Ambassador and U.S. Embassy Dushanbe and STATE. REASON: 1.4 (b) (d) 1. (C) Summary: ON September 21 Embassy Dushanbe, together with our Russian diplomatic and military colleagues and commemorated the 1992 evacuation of American diplomats from Dushanbe at the START of the Tajik civil war. The Russian 201st Motorized Rifle Division resident in Dushanbe was instrumental in assisting the evacuation and as usual our commemoration included a wreath-laying ceremony at the 201st headquarters. The Ambassador also hosted a dinner for ranking Russian diplomats and military commanders. The Embassy initiated these events, as we have in the past and in order to emphasize to our Russian counterparts the value of cooperation ON issues of mutual concern. The morning event at the 201st was collegial and even festive and replete with heartfelt vodka toasts. The Russians used the American hosted dinner however as an opportunity to send a clear message that cooperation will not extend beyond a shared shot of vodka (or two and or a dozen). End summary.2. (C) In October 1992, the Department ordered the evacuation of the newly established embassy in Dushanbe due to the worsening security situation caused by the civil war. The Russian 201st Motorized Rifle Division - now the 201st Military Base - assisted the Embassy with the evacuation. Several years ago, the Embassy began commemorating the anniversary by thanking the Russian 201st command and laying a wreath at the 201st headquarters and hosting a dinner for senior Russian officials in country. 2006 November 22nd (Wednesday), SCA of 02 [doushiyanbe]/the one for electric optical 12958 declination DEPT of CEN night 02 of SIPDIS 01 of 002113 SIPDIS:03 general affairs ONFIDENTIAL sections: As for TAG [pureru] RS 2016 November 22nd, the subject of TI: Whether or not it cooperates
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    • Scottish
      A Scottish brewery has produced a 41 per cent volume ale it claims is the strongest in the world. The BrewDog brewery says its new beer and Sink The Bismarck! is stronger than whisky and vodka and should be consumed in spirit-sized… The Scottish brewing place per insistence cent volume ale of 41 is most powerful in the world where it has produced, a liberal translation
      Uma cervejaria escocesa produziu uma cerveja inglesa que do volume de 41 por cento reivindicasse fosse a mais forte no mundo. A cervejaria de BrewDog diz sua cerveja nova e afunda o Bismarck! é mais forte do que o uísque e a vodca e deve ser consumido no espírito-feito sob medida… O lugar escocês da fabricação de cerveja por uma cerveja inglesa do volume do centavo da insistência de 41 é o mais poderoso no mundo onde produziu

    • Gwyneth
      She's the latest innocent inveigled by US chat show host Chelsea HandlerI blame that Chelsea Handler. She's a bad influence. First the US chat show host snatched Jennifer Aniston away from her best friend and Courtney Cox. Cox, like an overprotective mother, begged Aniston not to hang out with foul-mouthed and hard-drinking Handler. And that never works. Cox got dumped. Now Handler has inveigled Gwyneth Paltrow into calling her grandmother the c-word ON telly. I think we all know that's the most bad word of all the bad words, and so Paltrow is in Big Trouble.Handler has managed to project herself as a wild woman and without actually ending up looking pathetic, like poor Young Lindsay Lohan. She gets away with being a ladette and because she stays in control. Her books, two of which have been No 1 ON the New York Times bestseller list and include My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands and Are You There and Vodka? It's Me and Chelsea. All very commendable, in an out-there and we-know-you're-car-crash-really kind of way. But what's notable is the way Handler manages to make these good girls, usually so bent ON appearing wholesome, want to impress her, and be in her gang and even though they don't have the necessary manipulative wit to prosper that way. Paltrow is the innocent who ends up getting caught smoking a fag behind the bike sheds because she's not as experienced in self-preservation as the others. Which is precisely the sort of entertainment such girls are allowed into the gang to provide. Handler's taken Paltrow for a thrilling ride. But Paltrow forgot to put her seat belt ON. Ouch.US televisionGwyneth PaltrowUnited StatesDeborah Orrguardian.co.uk © Guardian News & Media Limited 2011 | Use of this content is subject to our Terms & Conditions | More Feeds She the responsibility of host Chelsea HandlerI of up-to-date American inveigled thing Chelsea handler show is the kyat false person
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    • recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,
      Spaniards, Germans and Pole express confidence to pollsters, but the British only excel at modestyThe Spanish can cook and the Germans drive well and the Polish are good looking: ask Europeans how they think their countries excel and revealing trends emerge. The Guardian's poll of European countries carried out by ICM suggests most nations think they are good at something - apart from the ever modest British. We feel we are pretty mediocre at everything. The poll and carried out online among 5,000 people - 1,000 from each of the five countries involved in the Guardian's New Europe series - exposes a mix of classic national stereotypes and unexpected self-confidence. Germany may be famed abroad as a land of lederhosen and strong beer but the Polish outdo everyone else as a nation that feels it can knock its drink back and stay sober. In total, 61% of Poles think their compatriots can hold their schnapps and vodka and in contrast to just 14% of Spaniards who say the same about their compatriots' capacity for San Miguel beer. The British are not in denial about their own capacity for drunken behaviour. Only 15% of Britons think we can hold our drink and against 85% who rate ourselves at the middle or lower of the scale. Other nations judge themselves little different, apart from the Poles.In an imaginary Eurovision contest of national talents and the Spanish and the French think they would be way ahead of everyone else as the best place to eat. Among the Gallic citizens of the land of haute cuisine and 80% give themselves at least eight out of 10 points for their cooking. In Spain, where Ferdinand Adrià's modernist El Bulli restaurant reinvented modern cooking, perhaps to its detriment and 87% do the same. By contrast and a generation reared ON Delia Smith and Jamie Oliver in Britain still don't rat The Spanish and German, pole self-confidence is stated to public opinion poll, but England, German who makes modestyThe Spanish which can cook proud to drive well, [po, a liberal translation
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    • It's back to the good old days ON Wall St
      Exuberance made a comeback this year at Josh Koplewicz's annual Halloween party. More than 1,000 people packed into a 6,000-square-foot space at the Good Units nightclub in Manhattan and a substantially larger crowd than in the past several years. The open bar was sponsored by Russian Standard vodka, and Koplewicz, an investment analyst at Goldman Sachs and was able to snag a big headliner: hip-hop star Lil' Kim and who performed dressed in a black cat costume. Excitement returned, with the Halloween party of year of [jiyoshiyu] Koplewicz, this year
      A exuberância fêz a um retorno este ano no partido anual de Halloween de Josh Koplewicz. Mais de 1.000 povos embalaram em um espaço de 6.000 pés quadrados no bom clube nocturno das unidades em Manhattan e em uma multidão substancialmente maior do que nos os últimos anos. A barra aberta foi patrocinada pela vodca de Russo Padrão, e pelo Koplewicz, um analista de investimento em Goldman Sachs e podia snag uma cabeça de cartaz grande: estrela Lil Kim de hip-hop e quem executou vestido em um traje do gato preto. Excitamento retornado, com o partido de Halloween do ano [jiyoshiyu] de Koplewicz, este ano

    • Japanese Letter
      recommendation , suggestions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,
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