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  • ○■ スミソニアン

  • ○■ The American military pol iceman party (mp) to repel to accident processing, 500 citizens mob conversion, a liberal translation

  • ○■ た しか に、議会 イベントも... Certainly, this time which does not have the national assembly or the event, as for the person who specially comes to Washington it is not,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ A certain day, from exhib ition ones of the Smithsonian museum, the telephone which requests help whirls and is dense the [mu

  • ○■ (38)少女の告 ... (38) Confession of girl, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Succeed in picking when t he data of 29 bodies which and the retention data of the National Institute of Genetics it is collated, coincide with Korea, Taiwan and dna of the tie those which at a time one body

  • ○■ 博士は紙質をてい いに拡大鏡... The doctor inspected papery quality politely with the magnifier, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Power raising the previou s production, but story at Washington Smithsonian museum, for the child way having begun and ended, already we wanted twirling a little

  • ○■ 不二子は日本の自 のアジトに... The unique child called the customer in its own agitation point of Japan

  • ○■ The New York modern fine arts museum moma

  • ○■ タグ: エノラ・ゲ イ、原爆、... Tag: [enora] gay, atomic bomb, Smithsonian museum, [obama] president

  • ○■ “Was the line connected ?”

  • ○■ 「本物かどうか、 ていただけ... Whether or not “the real thing, you can see?

  • ○■ “[yubikitasu]” [tsu] [te] what?

  • ○■ 「それって、中に る人間も全... “That [tsu] [te], the human who is in all?”

  • ○■ Don't you think? “, the doctor [tsu] [te] which cures me, your thing

  • ○■ 「じゃ、もっと詳 く教えて... “Teaching in detail

  • ○■ Already after kneading th e story a little, we want producing, the shank

  • ○■ アメリカン オプテ ィカルの当... They are this store first arrival sunglasses of American optical

  • ○■ Why people who live with the circle of boss day the question fish oak which dislikes the circle of day becoming especially, it increases Japan

  • ○■ ワシントンdcの 割は民主党支... 9 tenths of Washington dc probably will put out the Democratic party supporter layer, is

  • ○■ You were surprised to als o the self-righteousness exhibition of the Smithsonian aeronautical museum

  • ○■ The world's air... The wo rld's airlines fly over active volcanoes every day. Now a comprehensive list from the Smithsonian gives us a guide to each one• Get the dataThe decision not to fly any aircraft across Europe since last Thursday is based ON the latest guidance from the International Civil Aviation Organisation. In turn, the UK's traffic control organisation, Nats and the Civil Aviation Authority follow the guidance to the letter. The flight which sparked this system was BA 009 - a 747 from Kuala Lumpur to Perth where all four engines stopped at 37,000 feet in 1982. An international agreement followed - and the bottom line now is that volcanic ash means no flights. The agreement set up a number of volcanic ash warning centres around the world. VAAC London (actually based at the Met Office in Exeter) covers Iceland - which is why the UK has taken the lead ON this volcano. Behind the agreement sits a mountain of data - in particular a complete list of the world's volcanos from the Smithsonian Institution. ICAO used this to categorise each volcano by its type and its eruption history. The Eyjafjöll volcano in Iceland (row 1449 ON the spreadsheet) is categorised here as S0 - which typically means tall plumes of ash. It's based ON historic records - the last time Eyjafjöll erupted was in the 19th century. This is the FULL dataset - which includes geographic coordinates and the categorisations. As the map above shows - they straddle the world's main flight routes. Can you do anything with the data? Download the data• DATA: download the FULL datasheetWorld government data• Search the world's government data with our gatewayCan you do something with this data? Flickr Please post your visualisations and mash-ups ON our Flickr group or mail us at datastore@ guardian.co.uk• Get a-Z of data• More a The airliner of the world flies with the active volcano, everyday, a liberal translation

  • スミソニアン


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