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    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.

    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://pretzel-logic.way-nifty.com/blog/2012/07/post-d12c.html

    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      Para traducir la conversacion en Japon.

    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • Assunto para a traducao japonesa.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

    • http://ameblo.jp/darthreider/entry-11288679963.html

    • http://ameblo.jp/dd-emon/entry-11304578638.html
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    • It offers the bloggerel of Japanese.
      Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.

    • rondon gorin majika �� eikoku daihyou ��
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • The movie which you can talk?
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    • You are awarded 'also [arietsutei]'! The Italian online movie prize announcement!, a liberal translation

    • Opposite visual type declaration
      Liking John [mishieru] [basukia], liking, it is cmjk of the [basukia] being lazy in the room, densely it is, it is [basukia] [tsu] [te] what? Who? When with you think, it is due to the [devuitsudo] [bouidenisu] [hotsupageiri] [orudomankurisutohua] [uoken] performance which will try looking at the movie it made on the basis of the true story which is the masterpiece which is buried the [chi] [yo] which is the semi documentary to be, also Vincent Gallo who really has [basukia] and interchange with part being present, well [benichio] [derutoro] which still is namelessness with close friend part of [basukia] which it increases [boui] performing slyly the war hole is the heart [ku] [te] highest because you see because the normal old boy and you see, the normal brother rises to stage in great numbers and completely normally it is the opposite visual type band clockwork yellow which performs the music which is not, but in brain medical science and field of psychology popular theory/feelingsDoing again to fumble the tune 2 factor theory of emotion which designates two main point theories as theme a little, by all means please try hearing starting applying the demonstration of this tune suddenly in the car where the task which is goes to the sea between this when you heard calmly, it stopped wanting to change the one which with the personal computer which re-was raised it can become viewing it is by the way feelings which are two main point theory… you searching by all means by yourself, please try inspecting free one is

    • Dark knight
      Because just 1 remain, it could rent sure enough, as for impression of the extent which everyone says certainly it could not have, it is not the normal person, in order for the human, joker to be, you feel, however the [re] [ru] in comparison with other starring unreasonable pain. That when you say, if 1 times you saw, with… as for such it is good, with the reputation that it is enormous, it does this, it is to be, because you try expecting, it rubs you cannot know, whether there is an existence impression, whether to expect too much is, originally, the person of insanity, we fear, when there is an interest in the character which feeling is bad, is called the strange person, plays [kiyara] of that hand (with saying, always, one pattern but), to be enormous we like Naoto Takenaka whose feeling is good even by his, [geiri] [orudoman] of Leone's in the one shot it becomes favorite, the beast should die the movieThat much however is not, in Yuusaku's Matsuda Date Kunihiko the [tsu] [te] which is attracted as for the fact that you say, the taste being inclined to that direction, the kana which as for the next probably will be, no country is seen as the [ru] [tsu] lever? Oh, there is no knight [tsu] [te] night and it was the horseman, don't you think? it is, forcing to the dark knight to [batsutomanbiginzu], when you call and but atmosphere what which is weight of feeling by any means you become the middle drowsy, don't you think? densely is, well, the cast inserting also power in the calling and the human part, the [ru] it does and but until detail the parenthesis calling and, favorite systematic what don't you think? it probably is what, if so it says, don't you think? it takes picture on the spot also the transmission outside [kamui] it seems, chasing photograph taken on the spot conversion [tsu] [te] Hollywood of cartoon, the [ru] don't you think? as for Hollywood, following to the dragon ball, however it films also death note it seems, after it is [shiyaruuidansu], loyal dog bee public applying, thrustingHowever it stops wanting, as for Hollywood the gold having, from the [ru], you blew from the former times [tsu] and movie 1 work [tsu] [chi] [ya] bore in place of changing don't you think? even now as for the normal person, whether the foreign movie not seeing excessively? So so, tomorrow the pleasure and the pleasure which are the launch of cf!

    • Oh!!!!
      Now the beam [po] it is view you take, it is burn black Sirius…[geiri] [orudoman] and it is!! (゜д゜) In never [geiri] heart tapir tapir…Tapir tapir…Favorite

    • It is, the [ya] [ri] [ya].
      [haripota] you see rubbing,… f^_^ where date changes; [geiri] [orudoman] many [se] and being the [o] too cute, [tsu] ♪ [suneipu] teacher after all we like, (laughing) the [tsu] [te], [toko] which is laughed or; That action behavior restlessly becoming dim [toko] or favorite what doing, ☆+゜…Such a such a time of no connection, how you pass, well enough (to return the reply, whether the [u] nothing the [ro] - the [te];)Sunday, Matsuyama clearly was the blue sky, but that you probably will take, when it puts out carrying, the cloud tile straw…[yo] [re], as for this step!!!? (This speech good [tsu] coming [ya]…)Sunday you go out and pass in to be having approaching to the bookstore, 'the demagnetization which buys the new book story' it read through at last, it is, when (and among those you can write,…)However me, one year it caught, normally reading, even with cod me being able to read in several days, in addition as for the time when you think as the [ru] being required when it is to be caught to contents, as for the book which read the other book being entwined, buys newly when unusually it finishes to read someone's no [te] book where is the book just of letter safely,… f^_^ which we speak; As for the first edition 1995 October issue west south being attached, it increases at the title which the [yu] -, the receipt and time 13: 01 ♪ something which is the [i] which is done delightfully (the ∀) + temporarily, such may feel and cripes* 彡

    • The [po] it is
      Movie [haripota] [] which is seen! Don't you think? another, don't you think? another, such lovely it is with something, small one hour we would like to interrogate [hamaioni]! (In someone) this time however romantic love is pushed out to the front, gag being many, well enough we liked! And by yourself of [ronha] group with the latest movie [hariha] in 々 were good…But [ronha] adhered after all, whether or not is, as for ending at the delicate place the regrettable shelf -! That space which is what aimlessly it is!! Rear me doing the latch trick similarly, as for [ru] one with the nice performer shank…The [tsu] [te] the person who is thought thinks that it is many! That head it is strange, however the same thing you thought even with [geiri] [orudoman] of cute Leone's! The w above lavender thinks, it was intense, however [maruhuoi] with [hoguwatsu] super express the knee as for not lying down to cry at the rest room which is dissatisfied and the leprosy be high! After [haripota] of here some work finishes seeing temporarily, as for the strongest thought “Emma beauty girl cartridge viewing which is standardized lovely lovely lovely” -!

    • The movie was seen②
      Don't you think? self-sacrifice ★★★☆☆ dark knight ★★★★☆ both of suspect x is dark! As for the suspect ~ when the novel you read it is with, first “it makes which, the movie, what kind of you feel? While (so)” with inserting [tsutsukomi] greatly, you see, * shortage of embankment true one ambition there is no fragment, * elegance Osamu Fukuyama when you laugh, is the lith face, * it makes best as for, the wealth oak crashing in the house, as for the strangely you think that it is the scene which shakes violence fearful dark knight the heath leisure you saw with real, with mysterious performing of according to rumor fearing so, although it is the bad person, in order gradually for there to be a charm with the tea eye, when if anything, whether it is the ~ well such it is, thinking strange [reichieru] and actor of [habi] poor with the face in funny story2 men is not visible scrambles especially [reichieru] which it cannot enter about attractively but is, (<- the word [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is! ) After, the appearance whose [geiri] [orudoman] is great good intense tannin this time Leone will borrow

      It continued to morning, again, from the paint with the biography street of dvd appreciation '[basukia]' John = [mishieru] [basukia] and the place where the post card is sold, it was recognized in [andei] [uohoru], it became “the favorite child of age” to 1 nights, when the artist who dies in 27 years old with drug poisoning to tell the truth, this movie, being released, it went to view in the cinema, it is the ~ which is furthermore accompanied by the mother therefore release of 97 years, I, whether in 13 year old children the view [se] [ru] movie however it is doubt, when simply the mother wants view, the empty, even oh very in the [so] 13 year old the shocking movie[deizuni] movie or it has gone to view “the favorite child of age” the expression, which was even, still, in word and the club which start pulling from the picture and the kind of here and there which the child draws drug that remaining in memory, the shelf picture is transacted with high price, during the cheerful life which is drastically changed until now, the sweetheart and the friend, heart of the critic who discovers by his keeps leaving from him, freely without being accustomed, by his with the [basukia] black whom it keeps losing sight of, it becomes the object of yearning and being jealous from the black, from the white to the black becoming the starAlthough it is looked of the surprise, postmortem of [uohoru] which suffers even from race discrimination, as for already one being funny with this movie which keeps it reaching the point where sinks more and more in the drug, the large quantity it uses the very famous actor, ([devuitsuto] [boui] and Dennis hopper, [geiri] [orudoman], and [kotoni] [ravu] has come out…), in the leading part also this casting of the thing where the nameless actor is selected with like [basukia], funny 12 years passing however already 1 times you tried seeing, when 25 years old me 13 years old being, when it had, [basukia] which becomes the same feeling [dvd] ¥4,935 amazon.co.jp

    • 桔 Flat with [geiri].
      'The fang of the lane fall/the rain' 桔 flat properly [geiri] coaction how! Only you see, but it was long in coming to become dvd, is, passing even if funny, you just can look these 2 people satisfactory! Therefore rental 300 Yen just a little it puts out and as for the performance scene of [geiri] there is no true Japanese painting you saw and saying being this Japanese painting? Being the Western painting? The picture it reaches the degree which changes even it is [geiri] in [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] strange feeling!? It is that [geiri] [orudoman]!? You performed with something, it is the [ro] which is? It is puzzle…桔 Flat properly the scene of confronting each other of [geiri] with the celebration noise inside the brain of the [a] [zu] the [tsu] [se]! Because with the chore and with clean-up after the photographing and it does with anything, happen to be present 2 people and the simultaneous air which want we would like to inhale in that place! [tsu] [te] with feeling, end. 桔 Flat putting on the result and the story which too properly tension were lifted in [geiri], he grew hoarse…With favor everything [chinpunkanpun] ♪

    • Death is not despair. Desire itself to afterlife
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • Christmas carol ☆★
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • LEON
      The [hi] [tsu] to rust it is what, view stopping wanting very much, because you saw to is open at that time tries procuring” leon”, because it has almost passed through details difference it is not, when it can enjoy, stepping on, it has forgotten in the sad extent where it got cheaply at the dvd house and according to of appreciation expectation of nighttime had almost forgotten, most that it is the shock, with main work of [geiri] [orudoman] removing the very dirty narcotic investigator capsule 噛 you see with the molar and there is the memory where the occasion where it tightens the camera becomes bird's eye view, in order the bull bull to be convulsed, the extent which shivers the [ro] does fearfully and applies, but When memory causes fragmentation, it is portion of this work, as for recognition that you adjusted after a long time with the latest deflagration, with the bat man most the Gordon police inspector assistant which can be enough in reliance!! The [do], it was the identical person, don't you think? it is, the occasion where the bat man is seen, completely remember the [butsu] [te] it is, if comparatively the [ma] and the time when it is the worst memory power looking at the pure Western painting fan which is not, you re-do not see when, the position it is and solves the exposure of trick of the head which is the circumstance which it felt keenly, after 15 years when” loneliness” and” kindliness” are rubbed in inside the brain as an impression of this movie, it takes a second look in extent, how having changed? Indifferent, transfiguration pitiful girl [machiruda], fully in the sad hit man where that time when you try beginning appreciation exciting as for Leone who is visible in” the cleaner”, it was full in sorrow cunning eternal finite difference of the man and woman who in the kana” woman” which it had is visible strongly was surrounded in the circumstances, therefore it is the stiff one compilation where soul the pulling [tsu] about scratches was blocked in the wall of impossible circumstance, the people sympathizing, leaked sigh, the [a] [a] it is, you probably will see in Christmas something, it is it was not, orz

    • 'Dark knight' - THE DARK KNIGHT -
      When 'as for the movie of the bat man who looked at the dark knight' borrowing with dvd, reading contents [chiratsu], although you knew, as for me who do not know bat man itself story well, well superman like ones? While with thinking, there to be a thrill which borrows and there be an action and with also the story being funny, view ending and the impression the person who is the work of satisfaction killing too much simply it is to be, again, but the bat man put out, not be able to grasp with agreement 1 time to the small place, that here probably will be helpless, the [te], 2 days continuing, to appreciate, 2 times which the [chi] [ya] are seeing, after all, because most to have the existence impression, without knowing whether joker someone of the villains does view finishing, becoming matter of concern, it was helpless, becoming matter of concern, you tried inspecting with the net and, as for the joker the performer, heath ranger doing, as for that person anotherIt is not in this world, it is even to know, because you have been awarded increase certain and the supporting actor prize of Academy Award, the shank ~ you do not know so and at all the [te] are good the oak and others? With just a little thinking, (the ^^;) This movie forced seeing the movie which is the work which arrives with the [geiri] [orudoman] being connected when the performer who becomes his own air comes being present, bosom and, this movie which becomes the feeling which it can meet to the person [aron] Eckert and Quillian [mahui] having been present in addition to [geiri] [orudoman], as I the rather became the point high work

    • Mountain basket [ri
      大量的日本當前主題 , linked pages are Japanese

    • Coco of silver screen.
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Z! .
      Already many times you see with this net and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] are (laughing) how, flowing in the middle of smap×smap where exile is cm Rohto Gee of eye drops,… The [kiya] ~~ parenthesis it passes and becomes the ~ [tsu] [te] and I why hold in the cat inside and the laughing where the laughing… that takahiro which arrives very and very, the appearance is good and is “the [ge] [e]… which is done”With the voice which is said is too dangerous, with the [ma] [ji] w!!!!! Laughing you do the [ge] [e]… whichHowever also the [wa] w makidai version which is groovy, takahiro voice is good after all, don't you think? the ~♪ fan necessary is seeing and… This day, as for March 16th… Favorite Kashiwabara 崇, you question with your birthday [me], am angrily that when looked at the sea which is day for the first time, I still was seniority of the nursery school, so, [itazura] it is kiss, from that 14 year…The consequence whose part of seniority is more than age, the year [ku] [tsu] [te] [ru] way it is visible however, angry the sea this year still, 33 years old, it is junior what than the w laughing makidai which, is the [ro] eye don't you think? because art history it is long, it is visible more in seniority, don't you think? the laughing where (* the tip just a little is painful from here and is) angry the sea…But lux of course favorite what, when saying, between that uniqueness, “Mars Hitomi callous and it is?”, the [tsu] [te] the just a little tea eye of the rank which is said the place, unexpected (?)Being kind, being sincere, handles any part the [chi] [ya] densely, with the radio “taking in history of the younger brother inhales can uninformed up to small 6” with word [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] ill-tempered place… Whether the [a] - in the already the laughing which is not the paulownia well after all that, human bosom [tsu] dense cute smiling face, no degree is encouraged laughing one time it was the catastrophe however, becoming however many, the appearance with please stay good Kashiwabara 崇 like actor [geiri] [orudoman] of your yearning, being astringent, you perform with the eye, whether please become the cute actor <- from just a little above; … Such a thing saying with [burogu], however there is no ginger, (laughing) you write from the bbs sparsely populated [tsu] [te] [ru] of hp and the [zu] leprosy it is are, when, please make say (the ´д `) it designates main person of laughing as before, you cannot say no matter what, don't you think?, with this w laughing the [wa] ~

    • [batsutomanritanzu]
      Opinion , original meaning

    • Disney's Christmas carol
      Nihongo , for multilingual communication

    • Disney's Christmas carol
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • The Air Force one ★★
      Jack [raian] which [harison] Ford plays becoming the president, the name of the president of this work which is the movie of the feeling that it comes to the point of when the self directly confronting with the terrorist, James Marshall is completely alias, but as for atmosphere of the lady who is first lady it was not with somewhere and the patriot game and it played [kiyashi] [raian] in the crisis which now is there, it seems the un Archer's way the president of this work which takes over also the setting that from jack [raian] ones and, the daughter is 1, is the setting, troop graduate and, also the president at [independensu] day being similar, the soldierThe hero being respected in the United States very much, very the human who in addition stands on taking the lead personally, very the plot that the American hero no shelf, with it fights, when playing the terrorist part which is the work which you re-can make recognize can point to the performance which is cut off, the person where serves to this performer is [geiri] [orudoman] which you make think that it is not and, it seems that recently continues to refuse the offer of the villain, but once upon a time and the insanity which was shown with Leone and fifth element it has showing the performance of the highest villain who overflows and the trailer ↓ Air Force one which is the thing [blu-ray] the publisher/the manufacturer: [uorutodeizunisutajiohomuentateimentomedeia]: blu-ray national GeoCities graphics [dvd] the Air Force one writer: National GeoCities graphic publisher/manufacturer: Nikkei national GeoCities graphic corporation sale day:

    • Western painting “Air Force one”
      Admiration Sunday with the television movie theater kana? But the United States president Marshall which lowers the order to which Kazakhstan dictator [radeku] is finally arrested by the American and Russia cooperation declared that in the interview in Moscow bending/discouraging it does not do under any condition to terrorism and with the president private machine (the Air Force one) set out to road, on that inside of a plane the leader of the terrorist whom 6 terrorists who have dressed up the Russian tv clue have disappeared, [korushiyunohu] will be probably to challenge took the passenger crew-member in the hostage, while the government which requires [radeku] release to the American government is pressed for decision, narrowly difficulty, as for the president who escapes single, fight had been about to the terrorist and! The male be completed degree ★★★☆☆ field subject: air force one production year: 1997 supervision: [uoruhugangu] [petazen] screening time: 124 minute casts: [harison] Ford, [geiri] [orudoman] and Glen close

    • The Air Force one
      It happened in the president private inside of a plane of up-to-date technical power and the highest power, contrast image of [geiri] [orudoman] of [harison] Ford and the terrorist 扮 in the president and 2 hour drama presidents who draw the grapple with the terrorist organization as for symbolize [harison] Ford, “the [indei] Jones” series and “the John detective book witness” and so on as for shank Air Force one not to be name of the private machine with the first person of suspense drama, because, verifying that the president transfers in the transport plane, it has modified call sign even in the movie which is call sign when the president embarks,This conforms to fact, when by the way, the vice-president embarks, as for setting of the movie which means the Air Force two it is not realistic, but the amazon.co.jp widget where movie [harison] Ford which is overwhelmed to action and force smartness has been prominent

    • Prosecution
      日語句子 , Feel free to link

    • 0 heat.
      [geiri] [orudoman] you saw, dvd you borrowed

    • Every one person of holiday
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • It is the Japanese radish plate
      entries date: 2010.02/10 [wed] 22: 17 | category: [The movie] [burogutaitoru] and the article of yesterday which is the Japanese radish plate at all the case www truth which relationship is not, but you intend probably to write it is concerning the bruise of the puzzle which can be made the left hand thumb to forget absent-mindedly, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] (laughing) it did that way to article contribution ww what, although you do not remember, because it is the bruise which is achieved is, but someone's cursing kana which is the puzzle which probably is one no what it is whether is, wwww today whether you look at “the fang of the lane fall rain” from afternoon and, around October of last year which it increases without driving and - the [tsu] leaving and increasing don't you think? it finished seeing at last entirely, how you say, it became very drowsy from the… latter halfThere is no movie [tsu] [te] massage which becomes drowsy from the latter half whether it is it is not, to start coming out, well well the framework framework it was good doing, but it is when Kiyouko Hasegawa is present from, fighting of drowsiness to be, because the www my head is bad however intellectual viewing, contents of the story divide and there is no [wa] can it is, don't you think? when you want to be what after all, -? The strain or in the first place this movie, [geiri] [orudoman] arising in [tsu] [te] feeling story, however it is the case that it was seen from the [ru]… [geiri] floating, that performance is bad the better classified by seed when, it is not, is, performance floating, as usual being good, in that Japanese actor position whether it is [ru] even - the actress, the [tsu] t which is the Japanese radish ゙ [hunke] ゙ hmm why those where it appears in that kind of movie, when the shank furthermore whether the head being pierced it has died it is not with the handgun, just the scene the only there, [geiri] which [dotsukiri] it does sleeping, the [ru] - lovely - with you think end with puzzleThe blood it has come out is it is from the head ww unintentionally, you called the “[u] [wa] [o]”, (the combining which is laughing what -, speaking comprehensively,… each to take the [ma] it is as for this which is not you were trying and that 2 hour dramas probably are [mashi], the better seed as for perhaps, already seeing the kana [ahahahaha] w sweat [a] [a] which is not, that, tune of the ending was good, is, ^^ tb (0) | co (0) [edit

    • There is no title
      Because you rose early, the French saw movie Leone movie is good after all, after manner of the unique kind of advance which becomes that drowsy is good truly the old boys and the [rori] charge whose John [reno] and [geiri] [orudoman] etc are groovy truly young to come, time to call lovely [natari] [potoman], the person who comes out boarding, charm fully near the rust which is, swat the grenade as for the male fungus [bi] of John [reno] when you throw to call to the room that camera position and the good face, the after you swung early morning, after being too favorite, because the consumption there is no fragment, itself buying also the milk which you refrain sees the movie with consequenceVery, as for the beverage which stops wanting to drink if the milk and the water and after sometimes there is a a little liquor, you see from [wa] this which is sufficient even with black hawk down, or as for nelson and [hareru] and [makunaito] as for this work of [gachi] while view after ending, inquiring about digest image and leave no of bgm which behind always with the title menu flow, you soak in after effect

    • Japanese talking
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • 04/308: 58AMAZON (Amazon)* New arrival information (9)
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , linked pages are Japanese

    • Japanese talking
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • ダークナイト (アメコミ映画祭 27本目)
      En japonais , please visit the following link

    • 「ダーク・ナイト」
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • 全米ボックスオフィスJan.15-17
      To last week as for review please go with each this 01 avatar (->) 02 the book of eli (-) 03 the lovely bones (↑) 04 alvin and the chipmunks: As for the title where the squeakquel (the ↓) 05 sherlock holmes (the ↓) 06 the spy next DOORs (-) 07 it's complicated (the ↓) 08 leap year (the ↓) 09 the blind side (the ↓) 10 up in the air (the ↓) * '[abata]' thrust weekend appropriates the estimation interest taking in 4,130 ten thousand dollars 3rd in 5th week, 'retreats the star which because of this is successive sum total is designated as 400,000,000 9,180 ten thousand dollars interest taking in ranking 3 rank wars' to 4 rank, leaves 'the dark knight' (500,000,000 3,300 ten thousand dollars) with 'the Titanic' (601,000,000 dollar)However when '[abata]' is, because the additional fee for 3d is required, when you refer to the number of admiration people, as for the ■2 rank perhaps the superior work still there is the great distance sf action of Denzel Washington starring book of eli (邦 subject 'the Walker') 1 volumes which the near future where civilization collapses, pass the book which remains as for story coaction of the man who is continued to carry to west simply intently [geiri] [orudoman], with the Friday sale which [tomu] [ueitsu] estimation weekend reaches interest taking in 3,160 ten thousand dollars however first day 'as for the ■3 rank which barely exceeds [abata]' more and more to west enlargementRelease was faced, when 'as for [raburi] bone' interest taking in about 1,700 ten thousand dollars * '[shiyarotsuku] [homuzu]' interest taking in 9,800,000 dollar with the sum total there not to be a spirit in 100,000,000 8,000 ten thousand dollars as for arrival this is suitable to approximately 2 times that of production expense * outside ranking the last station where limitation release starts at 3 mansions being a golden glove prize nomination effect average 27,000 dollar around 1 mansions this article of the ↓ which records the high work which is said becomes reference please pushes

    • 新年
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • 映画『Disney 039 s クリスマス・キャロル』
      En japones , Feel free to link

    • バットマンを2本
      issue , please visit the following link

    • 今日は、『ダークナイト』を見ました
      Today, 'with dvd looked' at 'the dark knight as for the dark knight', from the bat man series bat man the joker which feels the existence impression (the heath leisure) becoming matter of concern, when we would like to see from before directly, the synopsis which is the movie: [gotsusamu] city where badness prevails in the stage, gym police inspector assistant ([geiri] [orudoman]) and the [habi] dent local public prosecutor ([aron] Eckert) the origin of cooperation, the bat man (the Christian bail) the offense which happens in the town. But it was achieving the result of eradication, the joker with gaining force of the offender of the puzzle which you are identified, as for the town the strongest enemy which again keeps can be wrapped in confusion and insanity before, the bat man while freely using all high-tech technologies, does not fight with thing everything which it believes keeps stopping obtaining, (cinema today) I saw mention the bat man with something the superman who had dark image before this of the feeling which has the shadow which is different, '[hankotsuku]', that it finishes to see, the bad [tsu] [te] which understands whether hero image kind of that is the counter electrode is what, in heart of the humanIt is something which lies hidden don't you think? as for society, even with the illegal thing which has consisted with the human who does the how various to think, because of the money, that for the person who is loved it is not good while being understood, the joker which enters to the opening of weakness of such a human who in worse one heart tilts being cruel, something being purpose the weirdness which does not change performance of the heath leisure which we fear and is, it was enormous, is while and, agonizing, as for the bat man who fights with the up-to-date weapon however it was the cool long movie, also image being clean, to last [haraharadokidoki] the dark knight special edition which could be enjoyed [dvd] ¥2,869 amazon.co.jp

    • Disney’s クリスマス・キャロル  (字幕版)
      disney's a christmas-carol (2009 America 96min) production supervision script: Robert [zemekisu] original: Charles Dickens photographing supervision: Robert [puresuri] compilation: [jieremaiya] [odorisukoru] music: Alan [shiruvuesutorihu] ゚ [rota] ゙ [kushiyon] [te] ゙ [sa] ゙ [ina]: Doug [chiyananimeshiyon] [suha] ゚ [ha] ゙ [isa] ゙ -: [jien] [enbarihi] ゙ [shi] ゙ [yuaru] effect [suha] ゚ [ha] ゙ [isa] ゙ -: [shi] ゙ [yoshi] ゙ - [mahui] performance gym carry ([sukuruji]: Today boyhood 17 years old 27 years old spirit) [geiri] [orudoman] ([marei]/hob [kurachitsuto]: [sukurushi] ゙ - Clerk/[teimu]: Son of [ho] ゙ [hu] ゙) choline [huasu] (nephew of [huretsudo]/[sukuruji]) hob [hopukinsu] ([huejiuitsuku]: Ahead rendering service of young [sukuruji] master/jaw old person) robin light/write pen (bell: Sweetheart of young [sukuruji]/fan: The younger sister whom it loves) writer Charles Dickens who represents the English [vuikutoria] morning (1812.2.7-1870.6.9) the Christmas carol (1843 December publication work) the work which Robert [zemekisu] supervision produces & supervises

    • 映画【Disney 039 s クリスマスキャロル】別Ver Disney 039 s a Christmas Carol
      Difference ver. - disney's a christmas carol 2009 “Christmas carol” official sight supervision script: Robert [zemekisu] production: Robert [zemekisu], Steve [sutaki] and jack [rapuke] original: Charles Dickens photographing: The Robert [puresuri] fine arts: Doug [chiyan] compilation: [jieremiya] [odorisukoru] music: Alan [shirubesutorikiyasuto]: Gym carry, [geiri] [orudoman], choline [huasu], robin light/write pen and hob [hosukinsu

    • 最近観た映画(DVD)
      issue , Japanese talking

    • null
      Nihongo , Japanese talking

    • http://blog.goo.ne.jp/sawamuramash/e/4b18dc721479e97954633115d36284f9
      If you mention 8.8 to before the generation, lock day being, my generation the blood boiling meat the day when it dances (now human knowing such a thing is little, is, but…)But because these days the Lake Biwa fireworks festival (this year 8 days Saturday are, in order to avoid congestion on the 7th it became forward fall, so is, but…)[te] large [goke] where so it was, this year the release day moss of movie “hachi” increased and says clearly the [hi] [tsu] chestnut return increase which is done it passes to be, Hollywood becoming insane? Although the 呆 [re] it is even with the “dragon ball”, what and as for the next “loyal dog bee public”…!? [bokiya] poor story and it is not!! Being disgusted [ya] furthermore as for starring Richard gear -!? Don't you think? we, [aitsu] dislike and it is about only [tsura] where that guy is sweet generally there is the sale and it is you saw with her association of that time, even with the [wa] which the “pretty woman” is made boringly that atmosphere never the back to be high being smart, with the romance gray the handsome American in any case the gear which the meaning where the Japanese of the liquor drinking which designates awkwardness and the hair where the stomach comes out as the air has been biased and is not and is does “[haachii] -” smell of the hypocrisy which how is not possible [punpun] if how the [se], when it is [geiri] [orudoman] of [yoreyore] of homeless setting, also empathy to be a little possible, simply in the wax… In any case as for the gear the scale it is!! The scale it is and the [a] -!! Postscript -> gear!! Hearing [tsu] gear!! We gold something the payment cup scared in impression of the tout!!

    • レイン・フォール/雨の牙
      That motive you could think the basic part which you say whether official [saitomatsukusu] [manitsukusu] supervision, Shiina 桔 flat, Kiyouko Hasegawa, [geiri] [orudoman] and Emoto discernment, the story itself which is seen in order to look at Nakahara height male [hasekiyon] is complicated needlessly, tries furthermore that why the assassin John lane (Shiina 桔 flat) probably will protect green (Kiyouko Hasegawa), unclearly

    • ハリー・ポッターと謎のプリンス
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • 映画『ハリー・ポッターと謎のプリンス』
      belief , Japanese talking

    • ゲイリーとレナ
      In the wildcat eaves, [rena] [orin] it is enormous, you recognize, are delightful is, well with movie “spider woman”, [rena] being able to set the handcuff, is to be in the rear seat of the car, but from rear putting the neck of [geiri] [orudoman] which is driven suddenly with both feet, the [gi] [yu] [u] [gi] [yu] [u] it tightens, it is, while it is such a [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] beam attitude, as for [rena] the caracara you roar with laughter, because it is, when the [ro] it did fearfully and said it was and the place where the [ya] it does not do was performed, [jiyoni] [detsupu], with “the chocolate”, as for [rena] changing, cooperating to Juliet [binoshiyu], the village peopleSpirit is put out to the chocolate making which is made happy, part that it is meek the expectation, as for [rena] in actual life this “chocolate” and inhaling with lady something of name craftsman/teacher [ratsuse] [harusutoremu] which supervises “gilbert [gureipu]”! [geiri] [orudoman] which is the surprise recently becomes “the prisoner of [azukaban]” of Halley [potsuta], with “[batsutoman] [biginzu]” and the “dark knight” becomes the person of the police, strangely placidly being the eye as for me has the mysterious performing of [geiri] little bit like the time “of Dracula” of dissatisfied [kotsupora] and “Leone” time of the Oume rain and view you want, also to die, it is close the storm surge

    • 04/25公開☆彡
      ◆◇◆ antique - western antique ocean candy store - ◆◇◆ Place: Umeda garden cinema genre: Drama supervision script: [min] [giyudon] performance: [chiyu] [jihunkimu] [jieukuyu] [ain] ★×3◆◇◆ symphonic poem volume [eurekasebun] - the pocket all the way in the rainbow - the ◆◇◆ Place: Theater Umeda genre: Animation entire supervision: Performance of capital rice field Tomomi voice: Osamu Hiroshi Fujiwara Kaori Yuuko Mikame/Nazuka/root valley Mitiko ★×3◆◇◆ theater edition heaven original breakthrough [gurenragan]/spiral shellfish Izu volume ◆◇◆ Place: Cinema livre Umeda genre: Animation supervision: Now performance of stone ocean 之 voice: Yutaka flax Rina 克 happiness Inoue persimmon field Tetuya/Konishi/Fukui it is good the pear ★×3◆◇◆ lane fall/fang ◆◇◆ of rain Place: What [pakusushinemajiyanru]: Suspense supervision script: The MAX [manitsukusu] performance: Shiina 桔 flat/Hasegawa Kiyouko [geiri] [orudoman] ★×4

    • 明日には、いや、今日中に消されるかもわからんね
      “Lane fall” and “[suramudotsugumirionea]” “angel and demon” you saw, because the slum dog obtains Academy Award, however also the story which is the enormous work is good, don't you think? also music was good, the Indian movie to seem it has ended end with the dance of the characters, don't you think? as for the book you read being, the “lane fall”…… this year from now on the angel and demon” ““[davuinchikodo]” funnier Ob = one are groovy and are the highest droppings movie another while screening in storm of the droppings droppings droppings droppings also such a “lane fall” this year being the highest laughing movie movie [geiri] where laughing does not become extinctInside waste [geiri] capital of [orudoman] it is running to do, don't you think?… [reinhuoru] by all means, please seeing, already ending, the university which the [ru] causing brick it does after a long time being busy, communication was not possible, with, today after the present renewal rather danger (writing, the [ru] person) we would like to introduce news item, there is no following renewal, the cod, “the university and became busy, it is the shelf” “as for this dart. There is no anything related to ↓ i e a a s k ↓↓↓↓↓↓ kddiau ↓ kddi au which removes just the letter of secret Ikeda Daisaku ↓ ikedadaisaku ↓ even number turn of the ○ gold which you think that Β, it is erased and is possible you to think the shelf”… certainly it is what, being the puzzle solving like, the shank well, occasional. Accidentally,…… or more report end today the start wreck you see,

    • 間違えた;
      [chiyan] [imou] you wrote the supervision of the lead cliff in the diary before, but just it is John Woo; The [me] it is do; However and in this movie lane fall with super great Hollywood actor [geiri] [orudoman] [ru] the Japanese movie! As for the Japanese actor Shiina 桔 flat, Emoto discernment performs to Kiyouko Hasegawa… Whether Japan and Hollywood the baseball there is no wall likely between Japan and America, the ♪

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