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    • It is the exit at rear 7 kilometers
      Tunnel and [yaba] which the 9th album baby of aiko yesterday finally are gotten it is and it is [chi] [yo] [tsubo], to be quick being raw, ゚ + which we would like to hear. (* ' ∇ `). + ゚ while also [a] today persevering work suitably, don't you think? knocks down persevering and [raionzudarubitsushiyu] which will check the bulletin of the Lions tournament with [yahu] well also selection island sack anti- powerful Nippon University three. Batting line-up everyone be able to persevere, -

    • Today & from today
      We would like to observe securely with the television whose today Nippon University three which is final of [senbatsu] - interest south whichever winning, is not strange and is and…This where 6th period of animation measure starts from today rub o which is the [tsu] [chi] [ya] pleasure (the ≧▽≦) o

    • Flower in garden
      Final Okinawa of the selection high school baseball interest south and the Nippon University three high, both ace pitcher of Tokyo it is possible and probably is the key, but if it is possible, the batting duel which we would like to make Okinawa interest south win is expected, but today of the island sack pitcher it to be possible, it is circumstance, because Nippon University three high Yamazaki, 1 days you have rested, the advantage? The island sack pitcher be able to persevere!! The flower of the spring of the garden smells and inhales clean, the tulip, and the flower where plug, [kinsenka] and name do not understand well without being defeated to flower chill, blooming, it is

    • High school baseball victory or defeat expectation (decision) it is last,…
      11th day (decision) ○ Nippon University three (Tokyo) anti- interest south (Okinawa)- Supporting interest south, it increases, but in the hitting power of Nippon University three spirit… the island. Persevering! Selection of the spring the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was lastly, (crying) the summer when it rises enjoys, - the ♪

    • The cherry tree it scatters
      Densely it is March 31st (the water) quarterfinal game- Nakagyo large Nakagyo 1-5 Koryo ○ April 1st (wood) semifinal ○ Nippon University 314 - 9 Koryo- The ~ which finally is defeated! Well, it wins to semifinal and that it advances, the enormous [tsu] it praises the w good fight which! is done!

    • The [pe] it is to be
      About here 5 days continuing to be bothered meanderingly in pain of the tooth, don't you think? the presently it increases the under way another, there being a variety, either [senbatsu] is not seen, being painful, vigor falling steadily, the [ku] the tooth to take in, Nippon University three just it could persevere and - with even now as usual the God eater doing [senbatsu] the lath boss whom it increases it pushed down and the ending, now with degree of hardness 8 being plugged, after the [ru] feeling degree of hardness 7, just the forced mission does very the beam of light of the darkness which bill turns consuming the item and time, somehow it cleared, but even the guy it cannot push down with the sun of the fake & attack of the enemy being lethal, already the excessiveness, with, now the subordinate mission doingWhile equipment arranging, don't you think? it increases, with the monarch fang well - with such feeling

    • Nippon University three high
      From morning the cherry tree it went to seeing, (^o^) the tunnel of the cherry tree furthermore from Nippon University which is beautiful three high now, the high school baseball start [ma] - it does, to support, the oral [ya] (^o^)

    • A type influenza 3rd day 2010/04/03
      Considerably it is the Koshien decision where the eye awakens in 30 minutes which still about influence or occasionally 30 minutes of the medicine sleep condition to call, cannot sleep long, well the Nippon University three high vs interest south it plays, it could persevere both and clean carrying which also how to use carrying which some days ago is bought will study, the [hi] the [ji] is what, it bit, as for the strap which is said when last month going to Chigasaki, the strap just a little adult [tsu] [po] of the Hawaiian ribbon ray which is bought it was and haiku and 2 phrases was possible, this month you are not flurried in just before the deadline and it is the [te] appealing, “lifting the hand, the pedestrian crossing the migratory bird” uncle progress [tsu] [te] obtaining it isThere is no you the combining tag: Disturbance

    • High school baseball
      Now, you look at the relay of decision of the high school baseball, it is, but as for suitable tournament development Nippon University three high Ogura director also the secondary older brother and same class Ikuo of the husband meeting at the time of wedding of the secondary older brother, “me the baseball is done in decision!”With you spoke, is so being, the husband is the valley section, when (blast) Ogura director returns to the Chiba parents' home, it meets with the secondary older brother of the husband, it seems, is

    • Attracting the high school baseball which it can be troubled
      As for the high school baseball funny present final interest south (Okinawa) vs Nippon University three (Tokyo) seeing, don't you think? it was the good tournament which cannot separate the eye being power and the drama where the throwing of both pitchers and full swing of shock position of both teams are splendid and the power throwing island sack of one word 198 sphere (interest south) and are not believed being born this high school baseball is good, it rushes to shank extension and interest south the result of thinking that it is the opposition truly good team with everyone baseball, reversal of interest south wins with 10-5 vis-a-vis the powerful batting line-up of Nippon University three, questions with the [me] interest south summer our Fukushima prefectureIt wins the deciding stage of Koshien in spirit and wants rising the [tsu]!

    • High school baseball
      To high school baseball [senbatsu] deciding extended 11 Nippon University 35 - 5 interest south extended 12 times

    • 3 reverse sides
      While the [gu] [tsu] is continuing to throw, it keeps writing the pitching contents every of inning, 梵 3 2nd sphere second racketeer heaven valley 5th sphere second racketeer Kurihara 2nd sphere center flies 9 sphere non mistake total 41 spheres, 4 hit 1 mistakes 2 奪 three swing 3 ends 3-1 as for Giants 2 point lead/read Koshien extended 11 reverse side, while the attacking Nippon University three 5-5

    • Selection Koshien
      Interest south - the kana where shank either one wins with the final good game of Nippon University three!?

    • Reopening
      Walking which has been stopped for a while with the cedar pollen the allergy had been settled from the time where reopening blooms, but cold and the knee being painfully, medium 々 not beginning…Because today was air temperature and well well, the condition of the knee well well, as for the Tama river which about the 5~6㌔ tries walking slowly at pace, being crowded with Hanami, the other side which it increases (around the Todoroki ~ tail mountain stand) the mountain of the clean (rural Chofu Asama shrine it is beautiful) the Kawasaki side where I walk the Todoroki forested land park walking which is beautiful while [pe] [su] up to do gradually from now on, we would like to remove excessive ones which arrive to the body to early summer, is, (as for running course [yukiyanaki] ゙? Blooming cleanly, it increases) to speak, in Koshien fight whichever where the Nippon University three × interest south is hot winning, as for the wailing professional baseball [doragonzu] as for yesterday good play which is reversed as for delightful news the rough lumber confluence return close today chain you enjoys 5 point differences in one troop practice and can persevere and condition of the Kimura Takuya coach of the [doragonzu] giant in worry prays recovery enormously from heart whether it probably is relay pitcher position,

    • Interest south victory!
      The 82nd selection high school baseball conference, final ended some time ago and the tournament with Nippon University three was controlled and the Okinawa prefecture typical interest south high school won! You question with the [me], it is

    • Koshien…(Sweat)
      … As the Okinawa prefecture spirit which on extended 12 end beats Nippon University three with 10-5, wins for the first time the victory of the 3rd, 2nd school (on the 3rd, Koshien) more… “Koshien” with various [burogu] search ≫ “Koshien” with newspaper sight search ≫ “Koshien” with Amazon search ≫ “Koshien” with optimism search ≫ “Koshien” with 2ch search ≫

    • The Nippon University three high ♪
      The [senbatsu] high school baseball, as for the semifinal 1st tournament, the Nippon University three high of Tokyo, with centralized hitting of final stage reversal to do to win the Hiroshima Koryo high school in 14 to 9, 38 years… more… with “Nippon University three high” various [burogu] with the search ≫ “Nippon University three high” newspaper sight with search ≫ “Nippon University three high” Amazon with search ≫ “Nippon University three high” optimism at search ≫ “Nippon University three high” 2ch the search ≫

    • Okinawa ones*
      You mentioned, if Okinawa today, the high school baseball of interest south (Okinawa) toward Japan Daizo (Tokyo) you saw the [a]? Don't you think? the [tsu] which it does extremely it was the good tournament with [tsu] extension, the child of the Okinawa victory pitcher, the parenthesis the good (*´ - `* person) ☆゜; It is with, so so, Okinawa cooking well enough favorite the [hi], today when it is phosphorus, however there is no cooking, although ~ it gets we we like, still it has not done to Okinawa, it is, we would like to go

    • [senha] ゙ [tsu] final of spring
      The Koshien baseball game finals interest south of the spring (Okinawa) vs Nippon University three (Tokyo) also the extension 12 chart mistake which is received in 5 to 5 is piled up and interest south adds 5 points finishes to escape at once, that way the Koshien first system. Island sack pitcher [naisuhi] ゚ [tsuchinku] ゙!! They seemed 198 sphere tired ways, (the *´∀ `*)

    • [hare] test drive meeting @ Ajinomoto Co., Inc. stadium
      Today going out (test drive business talk of dealer combination of the usual Tokyo neighborhood which it runs to the Ajinomoto Co., Inc. stadium which is in the ^^ & Chofu meeting with fatboy, was thing, but as for the latest test drive as for arriving to the meeting place where is only the inside of the meeting place past 11 o'clock the new model car used car full test drive meeting doing inside the meeting place, it increases, but today saying, that considerably it had been less crowded, as for those where it rode just wide gliding as for other model, already many times riding, this time as for test drive were only these 1 units from the [ru]   So, the varieties seeing inside the meeting place, it turned, but the large quantity it took also the fatboy photograph that after all it becomes matter of concern, this is 2010 model, but custom doing rather, white of as many as 4,000,000 Yen matting and is unusual, is   The wheel and [katsukoii] ~~~ this the color of white of the cat where the 15th anniversary commemoration model emblems are [katsukoii] is good, most fatboy which has become matter of concern when you hear in the person of the dealer has cut this front fender, so we would like to make such feeling which is, it is, but after the cutting or the [a], the rear fender in hob style, this with the shank, is the extra compilation in calling, but about only 1 hours it was not but, it was pleasant one day in the meeting place where it is the [maruboroman] specification of fxstc with, early returning, tv observing the [senbatsu] final of our alma mater Nippon University, three it increased, but regrettableIf the negative economized [ya] it was with extension with, as ob which is questioned with your quasi- victory [me] it is proud, is, (the ^^ HKDRT then the big envelope from [eibetsukusu] reaching in the post, the better shelf it is the [be] which is? While with thinking, when it tries opening, “you question with your election [me], it is!”With the paper of a4 which is written may j. The clear file and the sign entering raw photograph (serial number to be attached) entering, it increased, it seems that applying to present campaign is elected well (the ^ - the ^) the no tomorrow if the weather which is HONDA test drive meeting in Oiso Long Beach is good, has made the schedule which goes by the car

    • As for 82nd selection conference interest south first victory
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    • Prefectural high school new member 1st day
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    • Koryo high school regret
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    • <[senbatsu]>8th day bonus point poll! (best8 it appears)
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • It is dense, - densely - and it comes, the [yu] - fall 09
      impressions , original meaning

    • Irregularity?!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • Aim! The city opposite = Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department baseball club - the Koshien experience people participates to start
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    • [senbatsu] is quick
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    • [senbatsu] semifinal
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    • Selection high school baseball quarterfinal game Tsuruga air ratio × Nippon University three
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    • Spring high baseball semifinal expectation
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    • 2010-04-03
      Finally, the high school baseball of the spring (final), the tournament tightens at a stroke from television observation 7 time and the pitcher game where shout of both aces enters! Whether Nippon University losing stamina of three supervision -> pitcher alternation dividing victory or defeat don't you think? the ace island sack player of interest south, if even summer it is accustomed to the “Koshien star”, is good

    • The Koshien historical mansion.
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • High school baseball*
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • Soliloquy of red rose
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    • With batting line-up of selection high school baseball astonishment to decision
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    • Two finals

    • original letters
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    • [senbatsu
      Final, 9 percentage seeing [re] increase it was, but interest south does and the victory stripe the seed (^o^) questions with the [me] it is!! After ending, the smiling face of the pitcher island sack, shining enormously, it increased* Pitch of 189 spheres, the Nippon University three high the tired way was strong, is, don't you think?! When [senbatsu] which in addition wants also both teams, participating in the summer, is ends, every year is, but it is what, it is lonesome, is… So, this year the just a little float float (the *^_^*) this year, 'inserting the air being agreeable, it waits for the [tsu] [ku], -!' The [tsu] [te] it is the feeling which is said, (^-^)

    • Interest south toward Japan Daizo high funny ♪
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • 82nd selection high school baseball conference: 10th day (semifinal) tournament result and thought
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Feel free to link

    • North illumination to 2 games from = 2nd tournament 2 game - selection high school baseball
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • Like cartoon
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • Semifinal 1st tournament.
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • Interest south leading spring summer, first victory…Nippon University three it tears with extension
      Furthermore as for victory of the Okinawa spirit which as for the tournament where interest south 10-5 Nippon University three (selection high school baseball conference decision =3 Sunday) - - interest south (Okinawa) extension 12 time, beats Nippon University three (Tokyo) with 10-5, decorates first victory, while 5-5 is tie, in extended game thrust interest south 12 time, from one dead loaded bases takes the lead/read of the total 5 point with the disorder of the defense of Nippon University, three and the timely two base hits etc of the island sack player does not permit the strike of Nippon University three of the reverse side, Okinawa of the 80th conference (2008) after 2 years ever since study 3Degree eye Nippon University three let escape the victory after 39 years

    • 82nd selection conference 9th day eye
      Comentarios sobre este , for multilingual communication

    • 82nd selection conference 8th day eye
      japanese means , linked pages are Japanese

    • <[senbatsu] > Nippon University three and interest south with tie to final stage final
      The 82nd selection high school baseball conference (the Mainichi Newspapers, the Japanese high school baseball union sponsorship, Asahi Shimbun support and the Osaka and Kobe Koshien ball park special cooperation) on the 3rd, at the Osaka and Kobe Koshien ball park of Hyogo prefecture Nishinomiya city, Nippon University three (Tokyo) interest south (Okinawa) due to the final started

    • Japanese talking
      The 82nd selection high school baseball conference (the Mainichi Newspapers, the Japanese high school baseball union sponsorship, Asahi Shimbun support and the Osaka and Kobe Koshien ball park special cooperation) on the 3rd, at the Osaka and Kobe Koshien ball park of Hyogo prefecture Nishinomiya city, Nippon University three (Tokyo) interest south (Okinawa) due to the final started

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    • Places of interest of selection high school baseball quarterfinal game
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    • Interest south high school selection first victory
      The extra being distributed even before the pallet Hisashi Shigeru area which as for 82nd selection high school baseball conference final interest south high school, end of the cliffhanger of the extended 12 time you question to Nippon University three beautifully with your first victory [me] and is it is to have abandoned that enormous crowd… you do not take, but… taking the extra more than usual, when the origin it tries asking to with just the person, to be pleasant, it increased, thank you for

    • High school baseball
      Interest south beats Nippon University three and your first victory interest south high school [me] be, the [ma] - inhales, furthermore - it is this year Okinawa interest south last year the Nagasaki clearly peak year before last Okinawa Okinawa, or study… it was, the district thus also between the winter when it is the [tsu] temporary it was, because it is easy to practice, the result it can leave in the selection conference of the spring, kana high. Because you thought a little, the end which it tries calling

    • “Interest south high school VS Nippon University three high” “coach of giant, with bleeding under arachnoid membrane…”
      Final of the 82nd, selection high school baseball conference 3rd of today, entangling to both and the not transferring extended game which are the Okinawa interest south high school and the Nippon University three high tournament of Tokyo which was done at the Koshien ball park, Okinawa interest south high school wins with 10-5, Okinawa interest south high school, questions with the [me] which wins, it is* Okinawa interest south high school! In the selection conference, first victory it probably will put out, is and, Tokyo Nippon University three high, the Nippon University three high of Tokyo which becomes quasi- victory, regrettably was quasi- victory, but you question with the [me], it is* So far, also the school which is defeated including, everyone of everyone of the player of selection conference participation and the authorized personnel and everyone who goes to support, the story the tired way changing, it becomes story of the baseball connection, but…Evening 5:40 of 2 day in yesterday around, the Kimura Takuya coach of the giant, collapsed while practicing before the playing of the Hiroshima vs giant, was conveyed in the hospital when so it is bleeding under the arachnoid membrane which is and collapsing, news of evening being broadcast, yesterday which is the impression where suddenly, news jumps in just the time zone which stays, also the tournament of the Hiroshima vs giant the television being relayed, in those also with the VTR, the circumstances where the Kimura coach collapses, before the start 30 minute of the tournament which was broadcast to be, being occurrence before the eye of the audience in Kanto, impactImmediately after the Kimura coach who thinks that it was the mark, can collapse as for condition, as for the present condition which is the information, unconscious body heavily, you do not understand, but in the future, the usual visit which becomes matter of concern

    • [senbatsu] high school baseball of spring
      It ended with victory of Okinawa interest south high school, but… the island sack of the pitcher who is the tournament which is enormous many not being defeated to that it rubs, if the luxury where Nippon University three high, here which opposed is good is said, being last, replacing the pitcher only regrettable the way it is result theory, but the change it is not in being the… funny tournament and even summer it comes certainly out, don't you think? DREPT (the @^ (XXINF) the ^@) wait to Koshien of the no summer the ~ to be, (laughing)

    • Celebration!! You question with your selection Koshien interest south high school nationwide conquest [me] of the spring!!
      It was and occasion everyone, how it did with passing entering New Year and whether the [yo] - DREPT (the @°▽°@) no today a selection Koshien of the spring there was final, - it is the fight of Okinawa interest south high school vs Tokyo Nippon University three and, the result, so with everyone coral knowing the victory [tsu] ~~~ of shank interest south high school DREPT (the @°▽°@) to come even at the lobby of [nowaa] ~~ [iguranmeru] and the customer of the mansion becoming assemblage and supporting it increased! The Okinawan, celebrating the victory of joy, what and what and what and with the [o] ~ Tokyo first [hoteruokinawaguranmerurizoto] 1 floor Western food restaurant dress diner, it calls the sale which is questioned with your interest south high school [me], from this day 3 day ~~11 day (day) to attaching the [zuwaigani] eating at will and the drinking at will with limitation 9 days in addition to buffet usually, what and, о (ж>▽<) y * The [ge] [tsu] ~ adult 3,500 Yen →2,800 circular elementary school student 1,500 Yen →1,200 circle which is done furthermore, the young child the ~~ does with large large special price of the free ~~~~~~, store manager [tsu] nosebleed [butsu] which comes off as for ~~~~ reservation and the inquiry 098-931-1585 to charge drinking reservation section Kishimoto [seshirupapa] the ~~~~~~~ ('- the ^*) the/~

    • Interest south high school, you question with your [senbatsu] victory [me]. With diary [bu] and coming.
      日本語 , original meaning

    • Japanese Letter
      Opinion , linked pages are Japanese

    • Interest south high school (Okinawa) won
      As the Okinawa spirit where m (_ _ which interest south high school everyone you question is with your the victory [me] and) m 82nd selection high school baseball conference (the Mainichi Newspapers, the Japanese high school baseball union sponsorship, Asahi Shimbun support and the Osaka and Kobe Koshien ball park special cooperation) 3 days of last day do decision, interest south of 2 year continual 4th participation (Okinawa) in extended 12 time take 5 points with 2 point timely two base hits and the like of the island sack and after 8 years Nippon University of 17th participation three (Tokyo) lower, spring summer lead and carry out new victory 08Furthermore Okinawa of the year spring as for extended game with 3rd victory [senbatsu] decision ever since study, the 61st conference (as for the left arm island sack of the interest south which 89 years) Toho (Aichi) - Uenomiya (Osaka) ever since game time becomes 13th although 喫 doing 5 mistakes, after seven times holding down to 1 hits, now as for conference 4th all-inclusive throwing victory Nippon University three the disorder of defense was connected to mass mistake in extended 12 time, after 39 years 2nd victory did not become and, Ganeko of interest south and the Yamazaki of Nippon University three together this dayFurthermore Okinawa interest south high school Tokyo Nippon University three high interest south Nippon University three which, now designates the number of hits of the conference as 13 with 1 hits, lines up into private conference total most numerous hit record now the conference with Okinawa prefecture spirit Okinawa although it is the admirable high school student in the pitching of island sack your thinness of the interest south high school which is victory ever since study straight and [kire] of breaking ball and being preeminent, REPT (゚ & ゚) no now as for the conference batting line-up and Ganeko's continual hit where island sack your pitching is 1 colors record possible the player who is thrown the combination of the player who is struck the professional face being defeated Nippon University three high distinguished familyThe baseball was, healthy good fortune 澤 you original good fortune 澤 were the son, m (_ _ which it is with everyone of the interest south high school which is the truly suitable tournament questions shank present final with your the victory [me] and is) m (_ _ also Nippon University three high everyone who unfolds m dead fighting the tired way) also confrontation of these 2 schools of m and the summer being would like to see, the shank

    • Japanese Letter
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    • Occurrence of weekend
      日語句子 , Japanese talking

    • <[senbatsu] high school baseball > as for the 21st century framework Yamagata center, direction positive, Kawasima
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • Changing, 82nd selection conference participation school decision
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    • 82nd [senbatsu] high school baseball best 8 expectations (3)
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    • 82nd [senbatsu] high school baseball

    • Tournament result
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    • 82nd selection high school baseball participation school
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    • 82nd selection high school baseball conference participation school
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    • Selection participation school decision (^O^)/
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    • 82 selection 1st days.
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    • Japanese talking
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    • 82nd selection tomorrow commencement
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    • 82 selection combination pulling out selection meetings
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    • 2010 Osaka Wakayama area social baseball new war potential (1/7)
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    • 肥さんのー「奥の細道」の旅
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    • クリスマスコンサート☆
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    • 日大国際2季ぶりV 静岡学生野球リーグ

    • 流れ流れて東京は、中途半端な根無し草。
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    • 徒然なるままに
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    • ☆ エ~ッ なんで? 3回戦は 花巻東 と 東北だなんて~.。.
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    • 【都城商 8-3 三重】都城商 終盤突き放す。
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    • 【甲子園】第10日 白熱の横綱対決は東がうっちゃり
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    • 私の熱闘甲子園 その3
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    • OpenOffice.orgのダウンロード
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    • もう2時半、早いな。
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    • 富山記念初日
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    • 高校野球!
      impressions , Japanese talking

    • ニチダイさん ゴー!
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

    • セミが窓に激突して
      kanji character , original meaning

    • 徳島北高!いい試合だったよ
      issue , for multilingual communication

    • 昼飯
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

    • 徳島北高vs日大三高
      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • 甲子園4日目⑤
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • 甲子園4日目⑧
      kanji , original meaning

    • 初戦突破
      Opinion , Feel free to link

    • タイトルなし
      Nihongo , linked pages are Japanese

    • つぶやきいろいろ
      En japones , Japanese talking

    • 今日の高校野球
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • 頑張れ!日大三高

    • 高校野球の対戦相手の抽選
      En japonais , for multilingual communication

    • アホ
      日語句子 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 回鍋肉もどき
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Japanese talking

    • さっと出来る黒酢鶏
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • 高校野球
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • 甲子園出場校決まる
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • お盆も終了~♪でも甲子園♪
      Nihongo , linked pages are Japanese

    • 全国高校野球第8日
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • 今日から羽衣ねぶた
      日本語 , linked pages are Japanese

    • 大会4日目・1
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • 【熊本工 4-5 三重】熊工 延長で涙…。

    • 甲子園4日目①
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • 甲子園!
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • 甲子園4日目
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • 熊工、惜敗・・・
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • 今日のパン♪
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • 帰省初日。
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • おっ!!?
      En japones , for multilingual communication

    • キシクモ

    • 09年夏 甲子園大会3日目
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , Japanese talking

    • 第91回全国高校野球選手権大会【大会2日目(また雨天順延)】
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • いよいよ明日開幕☆甲子園!
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • 夏の甲子園・・・
      belief , for multilingual communication

    • 夏の甲子園、組み合わせ決定!
      Nihongo , Feel free to link

    • 自作 枠番表
      En japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • 関東各地区決勝戦
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • 第91回全国高校野球選手権大会
      大量的日本當前主題 , for multilingual communication

    • 第91回全国高校野球選手権大会 2009 予定表
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • null
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • 高校総体東部個人
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , Japanese talking

    • 東京大会。
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , please visit the following link

    • 禅(ZEN)
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , original meaning

    • 春季関東大会は浦和学院が優勝
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • 合同朝練2
      Essa opiniao , linked pages are Japanese

    • ●東京六大学新人戦●
      Comentarios sobre este , Japanese talking

    • JAPAN OSE、最終日
      japanese means , please visit the following link

    • じ~もとッじ~もとッ♪
      impressions , original meaning

    • タイトルなし
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , for multilingual communication

    • 夏応援セール開催中
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • 立川の空 雨です
      issue , Japanese talking

    • 高校野球 西東京大会 準決勝 ハイライト第1弾
      belief , please visit the following link

    • オクラの肉巻き
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • かっこよかったぜ!
      日本語 , for multilingual communication

    • 日野高校 西東京 vs日大三
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • ★ 7/26「スーパー・ステーション!井上昌己のprecious moment」part2
      Opinion , Japanese talking

    • 関東9代表は決定
      Nihongo , please visit the following link

    • 高校野球
      En japones , original meaning

    • ボコボコにされてしまいました。
      Em japones , Feel free to link

    • 夏の夜

    • 西東京大会決勝
      En japonais , Japanese talking

    • 昼と夜の違い…
      日語句子 , please visit the following link

    • 日大対決 三対二
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • 高校野球・西東京大会
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , for multilingual communication

    • 松本第一ぶちのめされる
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • ●準硬式野球がアツイ!!●
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Japanese talking

    • よっぱっぴ
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • 目指せ!甲子園!! 各地で続々代表決定!ほぼ出揃う。
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • 夏の甲子園代表予想途中結果 7月28日
      Comentarios sobre este , for multilingual communication

    • 西東京大会は日大対決
      大量的日本當前主題 , please visit the following link

    • 少年時代
      日語句子 , Feel free to link

    • 島田の脳内にだけ存在するネパール料理屋を探す真昼
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • 日大三島フェスティバル
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , please visit the following link

    • ●東京六大学社会人対抗戦●
      Examen, evaluacion y resumen , Feel free to link

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