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    Evening primrose,

    Nature related words Komatsu Rush Bindweed

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    • Sous reserve de la traduction en japonais.
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      日語句子 , Feel free to link

    • It is the [se] which the evening primrose does
      When you try approaching to the return of flower walking which is not seen that you do not rise early, it is withered, ([matsuyoigusa]) as for quantity of the flower being short,…

    • Pink noon 咲 month seeing grass in weed
      Cherry tree Namiki who showed the gorgeous form, now before one month above as for Kinosita of the cherry tree which has become the place of the banquet which is not the trace speed of growth of the weed which is covered completely in the weed, vital force being tremendous, in such a weed of the shank one occasion the peach where the flower of the cherry tree color which is conspicuous has bloomed. The genuine month seeing grass which is the noon 咲 month seeing grass to bloom in evening, because in morning color of the flower which withers with the same [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached companion who is white or yellow, blooms in daytime, it became name, so, when you look at the flower which is something which those which with the North American original product which is are cultivated in the one for gardening grow wild convert it is visible weakly, but you are brought up with it is considerable vital force in the weed

    • [kosuzume
      When it goes outside evening, through flying something around the light, the speed [tsu] lever [re] which is not sought in the eye which it increases? Speed passing, speed natural shape is not recognized, because finally it stood still, having the trestle, when you try seeing, it is [kosuzume], < the small heaven moth > there is no sparrow of the tin Mega course [kosuzume] [tsu] [te] child and it is the moth and with the streamlined body yellow brown the thin line entering light it places the secret which it flies quickly in the wing and the filter which is utilized as for the food grass of the larva which is visible reddish [oomatsuyoigusa], as for imago such as grape and knob dough it visits the evening flower and from Hokkaido which gets together in the light to Okinawa, the companion of the tin Mega which can happen to see in Japan increases introducing [riyuukiyuuoosukashiba] and [kiirosuzumehoshihoujiyaku],

    • weblog title
      The kana which is [oomatsuyoigusa]? Well there is no self-confidence, (laughing) blooming so largely, you observed at [ru], for the first time

    • Humidity being high, the shank. Sparrow summer [bate]?
      Humidity being high with long rain, the shank being able to pass to be that much cool, it is to enter but…From on the bridge, as for [sagi] where the muddy stream of the river which rises with the rain is visible whether why it is, by the car descending to the river area, when you see, while barely remaining, [sagi] was evacuated to the state, don't you think? very much so is, when it gets near to Kawagisi, it may be drunk being, when [oomatsuyoigusa] which fears and is [komatsunagi] which has bloomed day shines a little, already it probably is summer when the young sparrow where the bill which becomes suddenly hot was made the semi- opening is [bate]? It is painful, when the weather which is visible even so is bad, physical condition without being superior, it does, don't you think? the car locust? The Yamato corbicula & the wild bird voice or the insect which go to the mountain keeps being audible, if it may, click we ask

    • Your own nucleus
      After receiving the counseling of the flower essence on September 16th, of exactly 3 weeks the essence of three combinations passed, sunflower [ekeneishiya] [mematsuyoigusa], it has been said now it is the counselor who is, “the combination which helps the fact that it keeps building his own nucleus once more” it probably will put out, is “I build my own myself nucleus”, that and so on [ahuomeshiyon] should have been advocated at the time of the [mu] and seems, but the time where the essence is sent, physical condition being very bad, “this is I in me where nothing is thought, has become after all that way!”With the self affirmative impression without of being any which can be said, self-confidence, it is such ones, or and, you raise your own nucleus with probably in what sense? But after so long a time will try asking to the counselor, “it is his own nuclear [tsu] [te] what?”[tsu] [te]…

    • November 16th (month)
      [takaazami] (Sayama Kyuryo) [hanatorikabuto] (Sayama Kyuryo) [hiragimokusei] (Sayama Kyuryo) [matsuyoigusa] (Sayama Kyuryo) [kudamakimodoki] (Sayama Kyuryo) [mayumi] (Sayama Kyuryo)

    • Terada Takehiko commemoration mansion
      From the search which approached to the Terada Takehiko commemoration mansion which is the oral river paralleling of the November 21st river The volunteer has been permanently stationed in the commemoration mansion that the word that “natural disaster is forgotten and barrel time comes” was left, as for the garden the various flowers which are cared cleanly having bloomed, [mayumi] which you enjoyed? Tinted autumn leaves [himarayayukinoshitauintakosumosu] of the [shikonnobotan] maple already Suisen… [matsuyoigusa]? Kind of [hiougi] still also [hujibakama] where [hujibakama] has bloomed it becomes such a wind, it is with the shank - the _ which again the photograph of the flower the large quantity places (the _^_) the _

    • Resting room… Hakuba [oomatsuyoigusa] and [mamekogane
      Hakuba [oomatsuyoigusa] and [mamekogane] 09.8.15. photographing

    • Wild grass of early summer (5.27)
      But today had been visible the cloud is many, the blue sky which is made occasionally [sukatsu] although you say that the time where rather the [hi] is the palpus already also May ends with doing is this year the day when air temperature is low being many, the palpus had started blooming, even then, with the field the wild grass of early summer the varieties, two “[tsuyukusa]” “[kohirugao]” “[komatsuyoigusa]” “[murasakikatabami]” “[niwazekishiyou]” pictures

    • * June 4th birth flower * [iromatsuyoigusa
      It is dense, it is, it is perhaps, today when enormously visit thank you everyone this week it is the fatigue with [hiro] how to plan dining together is many, don't you think? the note [gu] it is in drinking too much occasion, don't you think? it became slow, but we deliver flower word * as for the birth flower ◯ present birth flower as for “[iromatsuyoigusa]” ◯ flower word as for “the quiet joy” place of origin it crossed the sea to the first stage of Meiji era to Japan which is native in north America, so with the city which is also “[godechia]” the alias which is called, also the “farewell tow spring” is called, spring passes arrival of the summer the information [se] [ru]It is designated as a flower, so is, but don't you think? when it does also one month after, that summer you do, way it becomes start of splendid one year, densely the [za] which questions with your birthday [me] the present virtue coming day which is for you to you who receive your present birthday the contribution from hiroiphone which sends this flower to you who the joy do not withstand “the flower the person who is loved”

    • Month seeing grass
      This time from the 萬 leaf grass flower 苑 of the Machida city medicine teacher pond park June 5th [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached “[tsukimisou] (the month seeing grass)” flower period starts blooming 6 - September evening and it is one night flower which becomes pink color it is thin the time where next morning withers with white, but… If the time when it photographed 11:50 being nearly, you mention morning, it is morning, but…The flower white way puts out to that,… As for attaching the truth, rosaceae snake strawberry being attached perennial herb as for fallen leaves shrub “[daiougumi]” [daiougumi] of “snake strawberry” and buffalo berry course alias as for the surprise buffalo berry truth having been dented consequence of the insect it is like from actual size, “[yamabukishiyouma]” with rosaceae [yamabukishiyouma] being attached male and female different stump grows in the edge of wood and the grassland etc of the depression - alpine zone “Purple (purple)” from perennial herb early summer of purple course summer the white flower the root which it can bloom was used by the anti- inflammation medicine “[shikon] (the purple root)” as with darkness purple, was utilized even in the dye of purple, but presently it is ranked in extermination fear kind

    • The Manhattan Project
      belief , please visit the following link

    • [matsuyoigusa
      Rather than calling [matsuyoigusa],… Rather than the one, [yoimachigusa] writing [yoimachigusa],… The evening primrose is written the one which…Tonight either month does not appear, so…

    • [mematsuyoigusa
      Just, well as for the sunlight of the Japan and China where the present air changes although still it is harsh, when it enters into the day shade, when it is evening when it is refreshing, sound of the insect which writes blog which is cool extent is audible even now also the president industry which buys the pedometer in order to present to the acquaintance where has become this year president to whom the present weed, [mematsuyoigusa] ([akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached), attaches the yellow flower [himemukashiyomogi] and the like this time when at such as large-sized 2 year grass vacant land, you have grown gregariously and the made land which are introduced into 1920 from North America as an one for admiration is fairly well lovely in 々, at least in help of kind of is serious health careIf it becomes

    • Party chief discussion
      Previous, it will be clear, either the kind of jeering which hears the party chief discussion of yesterday thoroughly without almost, “the D bait 47 minutes” it is not to be or, the Aoyama complex clear person says decisively with the Kansai television anchor of yesterday, “the preparation careful of Hatoyama to the eve late two floor multipara phase and the Aso difference which was drunk at the hotel appeared vis-a-vis,”, that as for contents, “either one won, it was defeated”, anyhow, even from now on nevertheless the time when you think that it was the party chief discussion where difference “of spirit” appears easily, is too limited, June 18 when is wanted doing abundantly,As for the flower of present birthday, as for [oomatsuyoigusa] flower word, as for kana love present one phrase of the [ho], “it is the [ke] it is with being defeated, it was born in the glowfly” as for commemoration day of Ikeda being clear child tomorrow, day of the Kyoto prefecture opening agency commemoration day recitation

    • Recent we garden
      When it is ordinary year, rain with the time where it has done to enter the shank!? This year, the ^^ rain where the day when weather is good is continued continuously as for [jimejime] is hateful, but when of water shortage and the like of the summer is thought, as for the nature you think that it makes good! Although it is not understood in ↑ what, agreeing upon (blast) rain completely there is no relationship strangely, is, but because the flower of season had bloomed in we garden, it introduces first, [ootsurubo]! Strange name [tsu] ^^; Plant length with about 20 - 30cm, this which attaches first the floret of star type about of diameter 2cm of the scape, the [a] which this year blooms for the first time! (Cascade sweat) south Europe and north Africa of the Mediterranean coast it probably will produce the place of origin, is, if it is -, so it is said, such a face doing, now the shank ^^ next [hiruzakitsukimisou] (noon 咲 month seeing grass)! So much, although it is lovely, like the weed it is powerful, is, the ^^; The month seeing grass says thing of [matsuyoigusa], it seems, because this noon 咲 month seeing grass which is, when with the naturalized plant of the North American original product, it has been similar to [matsuyoigusa], blooms in the noon, don't you think? the noon blooming it seems that is attached!? Because as for the ^^ next, as for the parent of the clematis which is the clematis about 300 kinds existing, with the petal which it has been distributed to northern hemisphere widely, like the flower as for the chord of the clematis where the fact that it has the calyx which changes is feature, like the iron it is hard, as for the indigenous breed of Japan, as for the end which is called [tetsusen] (wire), Japan, Taiwan and China which are the silane (purple orchid) being the place of origin, being very strong is native in the Hyuga grassy plain and the like, already no ten years? When it blooms in the kind of feeling which as for the ^^ leaf which has bloomed here, 5 coming out of 3 from one stalk, the long elliptic whose width is wide, as for the flower where the many wale streaks have lined up with Sikou color, as for the petal where the scape of 50cm the several has been attached first from 30 is long on the surface, does not finish to open excessively, with the flower just a little of the doubtful feeling [sekichiku] it had bloomed with, can be less crowded rain to shank ^^ in addition to, summer the flower of the vegetable the full we field the pleasure! It is lovely the flower of ^^ yellow and purple

    • 待 early evening grass (month seeing grass)
      [matsuyoigusa] being attached are many types, but in each case

    • [momoirohiruzakitsukimisou
      While walking you saw, as for “[momoirohiruzakitsukimisou]” as for the [akabana] course pine rush being attached place of origin [hiruzakitsukimisou] which is north America (the noon blooming month seeing grass), late spring ~ summer, the kind of flower which designates the 待 early evening grass as pink, with the naturalized plant from North America which is the [akabana] course pine rush being attached cold hardiness perennial herb which it can bloom, being strong, because with 披 acerose, is a sawtooth of rolling in the leaf margin, alternate does the leaf which is wild converting and [matsuyoigusa] which is attached (the 待 early evening grass) with it is congeneric, but daytime blooms it quoted from [hiruzakitsukimisou] which has this name

    • 待 early evening grass
      While walking you saw, perhaps you think, as for 待 early evening grass” the “the “待 early evening grass” as for the [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached place of origin [matsuyoigusa] as the kind which is the north and south American continent o. The place of origin in the South America such as Chile and Argentina, Kaei year (1848 ~1853 year) to be brought also stricta by Japan, those which are planted at the beginning as one for admiration to escape, in 1955 age congeneric [oomatsuyoigusa] o. But with erythrosepala large community was formed in the vacant land and the like, recently this congeneric [mematsuyoigusa] o. It was pushed in biennis, it quoted the opportunity which looks at the form from the free encyclopedia wikipedia which decreases

    • The good [gu] where the 待 early evening grass (it waits)
      While walking you saw, perhaps you think, as for 待 early evening grass” the “the “待 early evening grass” as for the [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached place of origin [matsuyoigusa] as the kind which is the north and south American continent o. The place of origin in the South America such as Chile and Argentina, Kaei year (1848 ~1853 year) to be brought also stricta by Japan, those which are planted at the beginning as one for admiration to escape, in 1955 age congeneric [oomatsuyoigusa] o. But with erythrosepala large community was formed in the vacant land and the like, recently this congeneric [mematsuyoigusa] o. It was pushed in biennis, it quoted the opportunity which looks at the form from the free encyclopedia wikipedia which decreases

    • Origin of species
      After the antenna was removed, one kind of [matsuyoigusa] the flower at another place which has bloomed here where 這 area characteristic [komatsuyoiguza] is grown thick 暫 and others the weed around the paragraph cod advancing in the uncultivated land, that… ending of Bai-u third day will look at the morning glow, hurrying with 4 Tokioki coming, you went out, but at around you look, passing,…

    • [hiruzakitsukimisou] (noon 咲 month seeing grass) <3>
      [hiruzakitsukimisou] (the noon 咲 month seeing grass) [hutomomo] eye [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached photographing day 2010 June 04th (the gold) photographing place Gunma prefecture Takasaki city-related article [yuugeshiyou] (evening the make-up)<2> 2010 June 08th (fire) [hiruzakitsukimisou] (noon 咲 month seeing grass)<2> 2010 June 07th (month) [yuugeshiyou] (evening the make-up)<1> 2010 May 21st (gold) [hiruzakitsukimisou] (noon 咲 month seeing grass)<1> 2009 August 17th (month) light and hill park 2009 May 24th of wind (day)

    • [hiruzakitsukimisou] (noon 咲 month seeing grass) <3>
      [hiruzakitsukimisou] (the noon 咲 month seeing grass) [hutomomo] eye [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached photographing day 2010 June 04th (the gold) photographing place Gunma prefecture Takasaki city-related article [yuugeshiyou] (evening the make-up)<2> 2010 June 08th (fire) [hiruzakitsukimisou] (noon 咲 month seeing grass)<2> 2010 June 07th (month) [yuugeshiyou] (evening the make-up)<1> 2010 May 21st (gold) [hiruzakitsukimisou] (noon 咲 month seeing grass)<1> 2009 August 17th (month) light and hill park 2009 May 24th of wind (day)

    • Japanese talking
      As for the plant length which is cultivated as the one for [hirusakitsukimisou] [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached perennial plant admiration where June 12th (Saturday) it clears up and air temperature 27 degree /19 degree probability of precipitations 10% ♪ yesterday and to be good was during clear from morning morning, to wipe the glass window, about 10 remaining in the day when removing the screen door, with the hose 10 it is possible very easily to a shower (for bookstore) everything to wash the rinsing which is rinse in the liquid which inserted the detergent the wind from outside is done at all and after being moved by the clean air, the screen door of leaving which good morning is weather is good, it would like to wash those which stay is about 30-60cm! When [bekonia] which buds from spilling kind, per plant day which likes the place where the per flowering date ventilation is good is bad the flower becomes difficult to bloom! [himejiyoon] (the princess woman 菀, scientific name erigeron annuus) with the chrysanthemum course [mukashiyomogi] being attached plant congeneric hull dione, being the roadside the flower which is happened to see frequently! [tsutsuji] (躑 躅) with it is the ericifruticeta plant, is general term of the [tsutsuji] being attached plant scientifically and in Japan we call [tsutsuji] and [satsuki] and [shiyakunage] which in this are included for a long time separately and these often cross with scientific classification! You drew with the water ink picture classroom of ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ this month, it is Daruma! Today mowing and the weed pulling out which are day of area simultaneous cleaning from 8 o'clock, cleaning of the curve mirror and groove carrying off and so on there is also empty can recycling of the child meeting which becomes job about of 2 hours, it is day of [aruminiyuumu] can collection and it puts out from now!

    • Five species of flowers and neighborhood
      When the truth of the mulberry tree which recently becomes colored becomes black, around you eat, ((((((((the ^^; One it tried tasting the fact that it is black but it was very good taste, REPT (' - the `) as for system of [nomatsuyoigusa] approximately [u] [] total length 10cm of format viewing kana DREPT (--;) So if you said, this you saw and also the person who is accustomed imported kind remembered with thing of [tsu] shelf [yaseutsubo], (the ´o `) with the [haa] ~~ as for [shirotsumekusanagamihinageshi], as for the flower which has been conspicuous from time of here several year winters also not being able to bloom, “something the strange person stays here”, that as insisted, furthermore as for [koitsu] where the rosette is conspicuous being small so much, the flower bloom attaching the truth, it propagates typical case of stubborn imported kind (the o_ _) o ~~~ 15 type radius 50m (diameter 100m) it is in, however it is it is [] still, all the way it is to in addition to, (the *¯([e]) ¯*)

    • 『待宵草』 ~8月16日の誕生花
      As for the birth flower August 15th, 'the 待 early evening grass ([matsuyoikusa])' as for flower word, “the thing being similar to perennial herb [oomatsuyoigusa] [tsukimisou] of the love [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached south American original product which is not said,” it enters, but it is another kind, doing, but there are times when you eat, e.g., as for the young rhizome where as for name “of the evening primrose”, thing presently depends on the creation of Takehisa dream two, as for many of those which are happened to see frequently, it is possible to see as [mematsuyoigusa] or the bud the salad, dampens as root vegetables, designates the flower as the heaven [pu] and others the unpleasant impression and the nausea of the stomach occasionally happening the rootDrying decocting those which are cut, when catching cold, when the antifebrile and voice wither and the like, inserting the honey and the orange which are the raw materials of the month seeing grass oil which it takes. Submitting, as for the seed which assumes that stimulus of strengthening and the allergy, nervous characteristic stress and the scientific physical metal etc of the muscle bone is efficacy even in eczema and the like of cause, secreting the mucus, as for the seed oil to include the unsaturated fatty acid which has the effect in the cerebral thrombosis and arteriosclerosis, reference: Because [i] medicinal herb dot COM crimson flower evening the make-up ([akabanayuugeshiyou]) this flower, you were attracted to the beauty of the [matsuyoigusa] being attached one name which was brought, as for the birth flower August 16th into in addition to, pain earnest thinking' bougainvillaea 'passionate enthusiasm' of the strength developmental' [tamarindo] 'luxurious' tritoma 'chest of the [sagisou] 'grommet

    • 8月16日
      ““Thinking healthy “pain earnest thinking bougainvillaea “charm “of strength developmental [tamarindo] chest of kana love fickle quiet love [sagisou] grommet of August 16th birth flower [matsuyoigusa]” [ho]” of ardent love” tritoma chest” the cruel birth Nisseki love rad light/write “longing which overflows””

    • 都議選始まる
      En japones , original meaning

    • リンネの花時計
      Today, the weather which enters into the tray which is the Swedish house Kanazawa @ business s.k is good, summer shank everyone, is the tray probably to go to either one with the peak? If the trees of the mountain and raw it grows thick, the flower seek the sun and call the big petal the flower of the summer when it has bloomed, the dahlia [takasagoyuri] spearmint [umebachisou] morning glory and the like is remembered, but you probably will know “everyone Linne's flower clock”? To tell the truth the beginning of the flower clock was in Sweden! You have an eye on the flower being able to bloom natural history scholar cirque phone Linne who becomes also 100 krone paper currency of Sweden, in the time when the plant everyday is decided, withering, that you devise the flower clock which knows time, some flower has bloomed, observe the opening and closing time of 1751 various flower, arranges the flower which is closed from the flower and noon when respective it blooms from 6 o'clock in the morning to noon to 6 o'clock in the afternoon 1 hours, it announces “flower time (the [hororojiumu] flora)” as 6 where it is something which is called “Linne's flower clock” o'clock “[ougonsou]” 7 o'clock “[senjiyugiku]” 8 o'clock “[yanagitanpopo]” 9 o'clock “[nogeshi]” 10 o'clock “[yabutabirako]” 11 o'clock “Amazon lily” 12 o'clock “[tokeisou]” 1 o'clock “[chiyairudeingupinku]” 2 o'clock “[rurihakobe]” 3 o'clock “hawk pit” 4 o'clock “[seiyouhirugao]” 5 o'clock “[shirosuisen]” 6 o'clock with in Japan which is like the flower clock is possible “[oomatsuyoigusa]” this commemorating the new government building completion of the Kobe city hall in 1957, because those where the government building is installed septentrional as for the tray which is the oldest flower clock like are like weather is good, you going to enjoying the evening cool to the mountain, how, probably will be? Perhaps when it does, perhaps, it is possible to look at the natural flower clock,

    • 路傍の花々も美しい
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , linked pages are Japanese

    • 梅雨があけません
      The rain of this year to be stubborn, you do not open yet even then today to be unusual, the rain comes out just fell, as for Japan and China occasionally day early morning, because as for such a day which is the medium day off of rain the [ji] closing being muggy, as for the Aichi conference of the shank and the high school baseball, with such kind of opposition where Nakagyo large Nakagyo × Kariya final is done, the rather most people support Kariya high school when the ginger, you look at bulletin some time ago, 3: It had been defeated, still, persevering desired it is potato with 0, if so you said, when you intend, that as for the Shizuoka conference the alma mater of the wife and the younger brother probably will go to final, with quarterfinal game being defeated, being be disheartened, it was running the dike which it increases, the parent and child of [kaitsuburi] had searched the feed inside the dike because and, with the slope of the dike this time when the flower of pink of the “hammer wild pink” has bloomed very cleanly as for the flower of season and wildness about only the flower of [matsuyoigusa] it is seen, getting off the car which just a little is valuable, it is to take the photograph, but before leaving to the air which keeps getting off this slope,Although [ootaka] is taken, keeping getting off, because the person who tumbles was a stroke here where is, don't you think? as for this which very can look at the various plants funny, as for this which is community of the cactus it is the companion of the aloe is this probably what? Quite, certainly abandoning the rubbish of the garden of the house of somewhere it is the south illegally, that without withering, propagating, don't you think? it probably is to have finished, perhaps coastal [tsu] [te] in them the happiness it does

    • 草刈りの前に
      With the time, because also the grass flower which is native in the garden the form is changed, now, the flower which has bloomed was called before mowing in the grass and simultaneous, in three color violet grasses which are raised, the one wheel [sanshiyokusumire] which has bloomed, with, but truth individual of the [nejibana] flower which is [sanshikisumire], is to be smaller than the rice grain, but when you see with rise, thing of this flower of [mushitorinadeshiko] which to the silane the entirely flower puts out and is, in inside as for the true name which was called [zu] ~ [tsu] and [haetorigusa], when it touches to the flannel grass leaf which is directly cute, the feel like the velvetBecause, also the alias velvet grass blooming in the [matsuyoigusa] evening which is said, which flower which is the fleeting one night flower where, it withers in next morning, because it is something which grows naturally, there is no very flashiness, but every year, it blooms somewhere, the health air it is the flower

    • ツボサンゴなど
      It is to take one time photograph where some days ago, with the reverse side of the building of the pediatrician which wide you have taken care, small it is not the case that specially it enters into the reverse side of the building which finds the red flower is to hit against the pathway from the parking zone, but because on the day shadow, also the wind it was, yesterday it did again to take went, after all focus was [imaichi], when (together, flash use) after the returning home it tries inspecting, the pediatrician which somehow the pot coral (the 壺 coral, [yukinoshita] course pot coral being attached) north America and Mexico the way put out and are the cold hardiness inn root grass of original product confrontedAccording to the chart, it is little air-ground, but in side of that block fence [tatsunamisou] (the stand 浪 grass, [shiso] course [tatsunamisou] being attached) this which has community is native with the cold hardiness inn root grass, from main island in the Kyushu grassy plain and the forest, so is, but why in such a place? [kodemari] (the gauntlet ball, rosaceae [shimotsuke] being attached fallen leaves shrub alias [temaribana], [suzukake]) had bloomed on the reverse side of the same pediatrician, when it is bright, it is tend to be taken, white doing to fly, but because being the day shadow, the rather good way placed [kodemari], next [oodemari] (the major ball, [suikazura] course viburnum being attached) one this just a little it is far from pediatrician has bloomed in the place where is something which, but has been similar to the hydrangea well this which you will call alias [temaribana], the gardening kind of [yabudemari] of the Japanese original product you probably will put out, is, recently also the flower of pink is developed, so is the parking zone of the pediatrician whichIn the road occasion where it confronts [hiruzakitsukimisou] (. The 咲 month seeing grass and the [akabana] course [matsuyoigusa] being attached perennial herb) the tip of the pistil which is discovered has divided into four, it is with the shank

    • 目次 2009年5月
      2009.05.31 Title summary 2009 of classified by renewal month May opening of a country Hiroshi y150 commemoration promontory positive eaves “side. The cow rice” the snake strawberry sunlight becoming strong, when [meshi] 喰 it is in the upward Yokohama stadium where already the May [yaemugurataniutsugi] Ooka river is dense and goes into Chinese town with the large pier day. Waiting [tsutabaunrankusasotetsushiyaga] searchwiki ([sachiuiki]) start [kakidooshitsubosumire] today [murasakikatabami] which clears up well [the insect] to pupation [himesuibashiran] six national pass hiking course of [kiashidokuga] [tatsunamisouooniwazekishiyoutokiwahaze] [the insect] [akashijimi] [the insect] just actual one of imaginal [butanakajiichigo] of [kiashidokuga] [hakidamegikuharugayachikarashiba] [the insect] [akasujikinkamemushi] [the insect] riding in the [ashinagabachigishigishi] red streetcar in the hill of the rose of the [mantemakomatsuyoigusachigayashirobanahamanasukamogaya] eight scene island, [himekobansoukamojigusa]

    • マツヨイグサ(待宵草)
      Because [akabana] course, [matsuyoigusa] being attached flower period, 5~ August plant length, 30~70cm distribution, main island from here every place habitat south, roadside rough forging coastal Kawahara plant classification and origin of two year grass name, the flower opens in evening, 2009/04/29 where from the Hokuriku which flower word, with beauty south American native each country after the kana love fickleness bathing of the [ho] it is cultivated in one for appreciation, crosses the sea to 1851 is naturalized in Africa and Taiyo state as an one for appreciation, after that at every place it grows wild it converts & Kanto local north section where it has been distributed to west, the Tokyo Koto Ku, wooden place park naturalized plant sampleDiameter of the flower which at the garden entire image flower evening blooming next morning you close, has redness after the cleistogamic flower, approximately 8cm shape of the leaf

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