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    Earthquake Early Warning,

    Internet Reportage related words Japan Meteorological Agency 駿河 Magnitude Tokai Earthquake Area Mail

    • 7:18 PM Japanese ode Yamaiti
      As the floor shakes, when you are moved, shaking becoming large gradually, the furniture and the like starting creaking, [gishigishi] that it is earthquake, you knew yesterday, rumblingly afternoon past 7 o'clock it has done, it is what at the employee's house,
      当地板震动,当您被移动时,震动逐渐变得大,等等开始咯吱咯吱响的家具, [gishigishi]那它是它做了的地震,您昨天知道, rumblingly通过7时,它的下午什么在雇员的房子,

    • Seismic intensity 5 it is strong, a liberal translation
      Earthquake shaking better seed [e] of yesterday -

    • Earthquake of yesterday, a liberal translation
      As for earthquake of the night of yesterday being large, the shank

    • At the time of straw raincoat one which is done cripes, a liberal translation
      Yesterday urgent earthquake bulletin sounds after a long time at the time of the supper, (furthermore me and the [a] is the portable 2 unit which! ) The [gu] [ri] it increased even under the children and the table, but the [bibi] [tsu] [te] it started crying rather and the better seed after all it was small earthquake, but as for Fukushima that seismic intensity 5 strongly was… this still well enough there is an aftershock, but without being careless we would like to pass,, a liberal translation
      昨天迫切地震公报在很长时间以后听起来在晚饭之时, (此外我和[a]是便携式2单位! ) [顾] [ri]它增加了甚而在孩子和桌之下,但是[bibi] [tsu] [te]它开始宁可哭泣和更好的种子,在所有它是小地震之后,但是至于为福岛地震强度5强烈是…这仍然还好那里是余震,但是,不用是粗心大意的我们希望通过,

    • Turning point turning point…, a liberal translation
      Don't you think? yesterday being August 11th, don't you think? from at that earthquake 5 months with the turning point which is said
      您是否不认为? 是的昨天8月11日,您是否不认为? 从在那次地震与说的转折点的5个月

    • Birthday present!
      Yesterday had earthquake even with this

    • Earthquake of the day before yesterday (continuation of article of yesterday)
      Nighttime of the day before yesterday which it has been about that date probably will change to yesterday, immediately after abrupt “urgent earthquake bulletin” flowed, earthquake of the largest seismic intensity 5 or less which attacks

    • Earthquake August 12th was predicted., a liberal translation
      In the daily gene die/di of yesterday, earthquake of m6 scale occurs on August 12th! With there was an article which is said
      在每日基因昨天die/di, m6标度地震在8月12日发生! 有说的文章

    • The December event was decided suddenly, it is -
      Evening of yesterday, there being an earthquake whose Hiroshima the seismic center just a little is large, a liberal translation

    Earthquake Early Warning, Internet, Reportage,

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