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    Kanto Oaks,

    Gamble related words Mimosa Kasamatsu Horsetail YukiChan Kawasaki racing Meishoubatora Sakura Mimosa Raverita Shinmei fuji

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      It is dense, it is, it is, (the ¯∇¯) v corporation stand tour it went,…! It was the obtaining obtaining, exhausted excessively in severe schedule. .o|¯|It is the feeling where the _ rain designates fatigue as 2 extra well, the [zu] [u] [u] - the [tsu] and the photograph has taken is with (laughing) the sled [ya] the [wa] [te] which becomes tired with reason, the photograph data is rearranged from yesterday, it is, but with this tour, me, approximately 450, [danna], there is only a pc one unit inside approximately 1,000, it is with, to take, the combination [tsu] compromising, using, already c where it increases drive and d drive being less crowded being gone, when temporarily, it compiles in pc, how calling to cd usb memory, the cod, being full already, Good Heavens - (laughing) so soIt was possible to meet to also [kuringeruberuga] which is in the midst of resting at the nf airport - - with [chi] [u] reason, patiently waiting… (up being possible? ) As for story changing!! Tomorrow, as for the local horse racing where the love horse my tea through starts running in Kanto Oaks same 20 human [deshita] as the mule and the center which have been convinced that there is no number of people restriction of the oral taking, it came off, - - the [a] [u] first dirt it puts out, also distance 2,100m is long is, but way because even in the sense that, the doting parent subscriber (the dirt which has been made the ^^ & the pleasure is tried with the thing, that it becomes an interesting battle from the tonight which is thought to discernment morning the rain it seems whether also Baba the defectiveness it runs more safely than something and it pulls out,…! Kyoto & Nakagyo campaign! It started running decided! Huh!? Huh!? Obtaining -!? (Delightful scream) recent condition investment schedule horse of love horse

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      Это мнение , please visit the following link

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      Boston flag and [rozudeyuruwa] it starts running the Boston flag which would like to win successively to distance 1,600m game below Funabashi race track 11th race/lace sea bream no inlet special b1 (two) of tomorrow 13 head raising 6 framework 9th door promontories 圭 the interval which starts running thickly at jockey 56 kilometer you opened tomorrow a little, but to adjust to the [hurioso] number on end of year, because it is the extent which does the horse the completion wins below a3 which you think that there is no problem, with Oi interchange game below central 10,000,000 Yen this year when you feel that 5 arrivals of 0.5 second difference here power is on, also high prize challenge enters to range of visionBecause it is the horse, as for [rozudeyuruwa] which is the race/lace which would like to win simply to Funabashi race track 12th race/lace Suisen prize 3 year old selection mare distance 1,500m game of tomorrow 9 head raising 4 framework 4th door promontories 圭 this which starts running thickly at jockey 53 kilometer with after a long time starting running, south. Counterclockwise and the distance which are early stage before. Because mile game is experienced with Morioka lawn course, Tokyo princess prize which is not problem and probably will be winning, in Kanto Oaks representing Nankan, here where you think that it is the horse of the standpoint where it ambushes jra spirit these year results local 2 game 1 victory (the inside high prize 1 game 1 victory) central 0 game 0 victories which are the race/lace which would like to show the difference of power

    • Japanese weblog
      Largest [sapuraizu] of yesterday, our po horse miracle legend is exciting with the Kyoto 9r [a] [gi] [ri] s, finish to pour because point addition period of non high prize game with of the thing pog which decides the victory has ended at the Derby day, the po horse call there is no other choice but to support with the [do] mere fan eye line, but in the male horse partner gouy gouy extending from 4 angular 10 counts, with this which is impressed to the strength which with goal 2 or less furthermore pierces also 1 horse body half and releases. After turn participation in the intact 3 successive win in the near future dirt high prize fronts became the pleasure, simply, the betting ticket to tell the truth the beginning when it is miscalculation, thought of single double game, but if when you look at the odds of nighttime sale, because with 3 keeper air this of the single victory 7 time stand completely there is no tastefulness, decisively you had a match with 3 reams the place where single 3 daily doubles, after [soritari] sinks to 4, the love horse wins with 2 head axes of popularity [soritarikingu], looks at allotment and 2370 Yen 2 time surprise single victories, the sled [ya] which is double victory 790 Yen what, such a thing which isIf, the odds should have been verified once more immediately before after effect of victory regrettable regret reflection and the air which is directly extinguished with sense of reflection recover, well if in the future as for using in the first place this race/lace being excluded Kanto Oaks, the last resort perhaps the camp the mare, as the vessel of high prize class probably have already judged it probably will face somewhere, but when by the fact that the rival of birdie birdie is kicked to apex of 3 year old generations it moved up in the position where it is visible when it becomes, as for aiming next whether after all jdd, Oi local Tokyo Derby horse [makanibisutei] goes round the central re-transferenceIt is caught to rule and even the register when there is a circumstance which is not recognized if it becomes, it ascertains “the vessel of the sand” at the level whose also one-on-one contest with the birdie birdie sufficiently is high here where it is, would like to have utilizing to the route selection of the fall

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      Memo 16 day (water) Kawasaki 10r Kanto Oaks jpnii17 day (wood) Monbetsu 11r Hokkaido sprint cup jpniii19 day (Saturday) tar fee limited collection (bathrobe version) 500 limited Hakodate race track limited original betting ticket sale 20 days (day) the Osaka and Kobe 10r mermaid s Sinoda Mariko attendance Hakodate 9rhtb cup Fukushima 11r [badenbaden] c main all handicap games

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      impressions , Japanese talking

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      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , please visit the following link

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      Well tomorrow at this interchange high prize is done with Monbetsu day Kanto Oaks was done by the way, but because mare game is easy to become rough, because purchase was stopped, the Monbetsu 11r Hokkaido spring cup which does not expect *②Million disk ○⑩[daiwadeiraito] -③[rabumichiyan] △⑦[vuankurutateyama] △④[gaburin] ~ view ~ million disk: Profit. Because the partner who the fighting [tsu] [te] comes until now with the stage is different, [daiwadeiraito] which here is hard and probably will be: Recovery sign it is in the front running, run reliably it may, [rabumichiyan] which is: It comes here with while thinking. It is light, utilizing handicap, when it seems that shakes off the million disk here [vuankurutateyama] perhaps it can go to somewhere, the real thing: It is close, running is the Imai [chi], but as for ability superior [gaburin]: It runs to approximately the partner appearance, because slowly and others [michiyan] becomes popularity, when you can anticipate tasty allotment with approximately the disk head, stepping on, if it can expand the hand which it increases, we would like to buy to the port general,

    • Japanese weblog
      Everyone of horse racing fan! It is dense, it is, it is the [wa]! It is the looking back of this week interchange high prize! Kawasaki 10r 46th Kanto Oaks (jpnⅱWhile) 7 framework 11th [shinmeihuji] which win being located immediately after the preceding horse in the road and after the 2nd lap 4 angular passing looking at the trend pouring, there is a state and the like of the horse, as the case of victory which it edges out but the after all nice horseman mounting of Hiroshi Uchida jk you think that the horse body should rest privately temporarily, as after the present when it is listed and in case of this horse already a little short range, the kind of air which has proper does

    • Japanese Letter
      Kanto Oaks (gii) Kawasaki [da] 2100m expectation favorite side 2 million disk: Narrow defeat it continues, but if here where one line class is not it can win, * 03 [rabumichiyan]: As for result and presence process with the best expectation included * hole side △ 04 [gaburin]: Last year 2 arrivals running condition is good closely here chance △ 07 [daiwadeiraito]: Immediately, condition you dropped, but as for power certain expectation △ 10 [vuankurutateyama]: Gradually seasonal buying eye 3 daily double �� axial −��� formation 3 daily double � axial −��� box result 1 arrival 2 arrival 3 arrival of this horse

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      大量的日本當前主題 , Japanese talking

    • Japanese talking
      * Sunday before this of the Kawasaki edition jockey masters, while fall the celebration was done at the Kawasaki race track, using Baba, various events such as music and dance were done, but “the jockey masters” of the exhibition race/lace Kawasaki edition what I have made the 1st pleasure by the jockey of this event “Kawasaki my star dream” Kawasaki past years as for serving the ♪ starter which is if you mention Kawasaki, as for the race/lace by iron man Saza Kitake seeing original jockey 5 also the time to be quick the ♪ which considerably becomes real race/lace * more and more [yukichiyan] appearance! You mention if “tck [deisutahu]” and, the pleasure, in also idling “[yukichiyan]” of the white hair which the Yamazaki ordinary beauty tamer who participated “Kawasaki my star dream” has managed participates more and more in race!! The ♪ which main race/lace s3 of the Oi race track of 21 days “tck [deisutahu]” “Kuroshio current goblet” 3 year old mares “[tsukushihime]” which win and “[dezatorejina]” of the door promontory jockey and so on also the powerful opponent was even mainly, but even this partner of the victory horse [yukichiyan]” of ““Kanto Oaks” if it may be able to expect good race/lace, is, has a match of course with the favorite (^o^)/

    • weblog title
      Nakayama 11r purple 苑 [sutekusu] of yesterday (3 years old 牝 op) this place [konsainingu] horse, the [ri] which does the offense and defense whose Diana Burroughs the straight line is extreme coming out with lawn, 2000m when it wins and rises and the mare which beautiful fall designates the ticket to bloom prize as the hand the clean line which seems in the pliant movement and 5,000,000 high it has had appraising when rearing with the Hidaka rearing ranch of jra which is instantaneous achieves the horse this place first complete sale which decorates the end 12 with selection sale of this year which is own horse the ruggedness of crith s product scene it presented from inside it wins and rising OaksThe time the Kanto Oaks time each time going to support to the race track, single double buying, although you have supported, it does not keep limiting to this time when… 4000 Yen it has and does, how - fall bloom prize goes, -!!

    • Japanese weblog
      Kawasaki 9r June star prize 3 connected size C arrivals. The sink 10→3,9→3,9 (2 points) Kawasaki 10rc1 (five) (six) 3 connected size C arrival fixing sinks 5→box6,4,9,2 (12 points) today as for 9r which has a match with Kawasaki 9r and 10r before being the 10th esprit crith favorite even with popularity, running was upgrade early stage, but to precede boldly, entering into the last straight line, to be sticky, because the horse racing which enters to 2 arrivals is strong don't you think? this time [deki] is good, is as for 10r which being three reams single, 3rd, 9th lets flow this race/lace which you see that and it wins even with this member partner and becomes being defeated to a 10th head and 2 points has a matchIt is flat place game of c1 class, but here and before being the 5th [shiyougunesu] favorite, as for running you went to bed in popularity and it was opening, but to cut [hana] easily from start, to pierce succession in the last straight line, because to release it was horse racing of the great difference victory and one side, don't you think? this time [deki] is good, is < and being three reams single, 6,4,9,2nd it lets flow this race/lace where here of upgrade game probably is the passing point to a 5th head and in any case very today when they are 12 point games somehow as for one applying, it is in fine shape and Kanto Oaks of Wednesday, would like to keep being able to connect to jra of weekend;! -- google_page_

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      It is dense, it is, it is today, with the local interchange high prize which is the Hokkaido sprint cup with Monbetsu horse racing at shortest distance the shank! Absolute speed is required with 1000m of electric shock because, here jra spirit has won recently, * [vuankurutateyama] ○ [gaburin] - officer △ sparrow beat of course, it is expectation in the central horse center! With three connected single formations, 6 point super ~ of the ◎→○▲△ it is the betting ticket of hard conclusion, because (laughing) temporarily, the negative economized [ya] [tsu] you want in Kanto Oaks of yesterday, ☆< which we would like to apply allotment regardless of, is;! -- google_page_

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    • Kanto Oaks
      Today, at the Kawasaki race track, Kanto Oaks is done! Last year rises and, [yukichiyan] winning overwhelmingly, here 5 years of better seed jra spirit has confronted ream and, this year we would like to observe to 4 heads of jra spirit! * [ravuerita] ○ Diana Burroughs - as for my tea through × cherry tree mimosa △ [tsukushihime] △ [moereetanaruravuerita], with the dirt as for ascent dragon s of front running escaping, acquiring the difference of 1 horse bodies, or more also the victory victory clock it is good pleasantly in 4 game 3 victories, is in the hole which you think that and, this time they are the powerful 1 counts, this time when you observe to my tea through is the new dirt, but through rate of the older sister is image of good running history with the lawn, but as for 2 victories with the dirt, there are also 3 arrivals with queen prize of local interchange high prize, it is it is the same father system as that older sister who is and, the lineageBecause perhaps, in the mark even with the dirt the [ike] [ru] aiming in the single hole, it is like* The betting ticket after three connected single formation ◎→○▲×→○▲×△○→◎→▲×△, the my tea through empty horse single ◎○×△⇔▲ [ma], does also the kind of air to which [ravuerita] wins normally with play, but it becomes some race/lace, ♪< which is the pleasure;! -- google_page_

    • 6/17 (water) gamble
      At the Kawasaki race track, 45th Kanto Oaks jpnii (the prize 1 32,000,000 Yen) as for the framework order which is done when just the jockey who is as follows sees, public. Race/lace just of the horse is like, but my favorite where also jra has come out is the ampere, when to be quick being in Hokkaido, 11 [tsukushihime] Funabashi which wants recovering strength, is 牝 3 54.0 Sakai English 22 [takinosakura] Kasamatsu 牝 3 54.0 Yoshii friend 33 Diana Burroughs jra 牝 3 54.0 Uchida Hiroshi 4 [kosumoravuchiyan] Kanazawa 牝 3 54.0 Mizuno your 45 ampere Kawasaki 牝 3 54.0 mark place sentence 6 [touhokubijin] Kasamatsu 牝 3 54.0 濱 oral camphor tree 57 [ravuerita] jra 牝 3 54.0 Iwata healthy 8 cherry tree mimosas jra 牝 3 54.0 door promontories 圭 69 world ready Kasamatsu 牝 3 54.0 Okabe genuine 10 measure silence Funabashi 牝 3 54.0 Yamada Makoto 711 my teas through After jra 牝 3 54.0 God training 12 [vuikutoriparu] Kawasaki 牝 3 54.0 Sato Hiroshi 813 [roma] Oi 牝 3 54.0 Hari rice field capital 14 [moereetanaru] Kawasaki 牝 3 54.0 Koo loyalties, with Mikuni and Wakamatsu gⅰ1 where quasi- victory game is done the boat is attention whether it becomes the Awa deciding advance where it is as follows Mikuni 10r lawn rice field Hiroshi Osamu 11r Ishida governmental our 12r now fence Koutarou Wakamatsu 10r Yamaguchi hardness 11r Awa victory 哉 12r fish valley Satoshi 之

    • 6/18 (wood) gamble
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Japanese talking

    • [suparedei
      But 3 year old horses are dislike you want, the other member the air which in just the member does not have manner with [ravuerita] does, doing, when as for having gone betting ticket inside with 3 year old horses as for the fact that recently with just [gureisuteiara], the [gureisuteiara] [tsu] [te] you say it stops the g� successive defeats record of the victory spring with all the Japanese 2 year old superior 駿, it is before that of the heroine who lowers the friendship of the jdd winning horse after with Hyogo unless to the extent where perhaps [remazugaru] wins successively from Kanto Oaks it goes back as for good fight of 3 year old horses you think that it is not, but therefore [tsu] [te] [remazugaru] which how was said don't you think? the mareWith interchange high prize [remazugaru] 1 age continue for a long time, strongly after that become and being the case that it is the feeling that [gurabuyuahato], [tosenjiyouo] and [puruzatoriga], Orleans something is entwined, [ravuerita] here way it can win, if therefore as for possibility of [remazugarukurasu] also victory horse [tosenjiyouo] after the margin in 3 years old being defeated to a certain reason shelf, about the [ru] well leadership of the May Shaw butler continued after [remazu] & the [guratsubu] age, but Yamato which the same horse with 9 year old lawns or is not many times with the dirt which probably will be rubbed and the older sister who has looking at trouble betting ticket, the time where to as expected gradually it is possible to transfer young power isRather than expecting the victory to Marion, don't you think? [ravuerita] the [tsu] it hangs because of the future mare front and would like to have winning bitterly the betting ticket does [ken] the [tsu] which is not the race/lace which is bought

    • [競馬予想口コミ]
      Horse racing expectation word-of-mouth communication ▽ mermaid s (giii and the Osaka and Kobe lawn 2000 meter, 21 days) [ritoruamapora]… (jun 18, 20,092: 00: 11 pm) ▽ [haa]. Boundary “behind scene” mermaid s (giii and the Osaka and Kobe lawn 2000 meter, 21 days)… (jun 18, 20,092: 00: 10 pm) ▽ Kanto Oaks (jpnii and Kawasaki 2100 meter, 17 days) [ravuerita] overwhelming victory (jun 18, 20,092: 00: 03 pm) Your last gift of Atuko's hp edition local horse racing expectation Sasaki inside and outside ▽ (jun 18, 20,092: 00: 02 pm) ------------ * As for this mail as for transmission original address of this mail which “mailpia” transmitted, with transmission exclusive use enormously as for opinion question and the like, please move aside from “the inquiry” page of mailpia

    • ローズS・データ
      * Past running Sapporo before the good running pattern � of 9 years. Conditional game 1 arrival it rises, inside running 1800 lawn 10,000,003 arrival before [rekuredoru] �, the [towatorejiya] � and the fine motion � � inside 1 time below the most fast + lawn 4 arrivals ([marutazusupabu] �, [daiyamondobiko] �, [sakuravuikutoria] � and [rejinetsuta] � � inside running 7.8 month 1800 lawn high prize 3 arrival before the axial unsuitable) [nihonpirosuwan] �, the [toshizadansa] �, the best album � and the lane dance � � (Osaka and Kobe & Tokyo) 2000 lawn op connected opposites +1800 running Oaks before the lawn 1 arrival knob less of ridge �, the [adomaiyaguruvu] �, the [guroriasudeizu] �, the [betsurareia] � and the mood indigo � �<2 arrivals>+4 inside 2 time below arrivals (→�� inside →��2 time inside 1 times) [rozubado] �, sweep tow Shaw �, air messiah � and [husaichipandora] �, [betsurareia] � � Osaka and Kobe [huirizu] r1 arrival (Ouka prize 0,4 second inside difference) [yamakatsuriri] � and line craft �, + Oaks excluding inside [maineretsueru] � � Ouka prize 3 arrival. The double 100%+1800 lawn 1 arrival [adomaiyaguruvu] �, the addition Mayer kiss �, the [daiwasukaretsuto] � � Kanto Oaks 1.2 keeper air [rairapusu] � and the [shieruzurei] �, the corresponding horse �△ microcosm of [sakuravuikutoria] �★ this year already 4 arrivals or less are also 3 times, but outside arrival just one time fighting chance � correspondence there is no how popular use �○ [retsudodeizaia] griddle �○ [ravuerita] lawn in �○ microcosm instantaneous power game outstanding talent �○ one carat of �○ broadcloth street partner head �○ [retsudodeizaia] g� class lineage?

    • 明後日のレパードS 2009 08 23
      japanese means , linked pages are Japanese

      * [[hokutobegamemoriaru] 13th sparking ready cup] July 15th Kawasaki 10 [resuhokutobegamemoriaru] 13th sparking ready cup (standardization jpn3 mare) 1600 meters 20: Akira (Akio Adachi) Marion 57j Yukihide 10 start 11j Yamato 牝 6 Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. goblet marine cup 3 22j [ravuerita] 54j Iwata healthy genuine (Shigeki Matsumoto) 牝 3 Kanto Oaks 1 33 mistake joker 55 these bridge filial piety it is thick (Yano justice happiness) 牝 6 Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. goblet marine cup 8 44j [kuinobukinema] 55j Uchida Hiroshi happiness (territory housekeeping warehouse) 牝 [sutekusu] 8 arrival 5 high dancing pearl 55 Takakura 5 Ritto and. The healthy (Masashi Beppu) 牝 5 plate a2 game 3 arrival 56 sedge hat [oguriotome] 55 sedge hat Sato friends rule (shine Hisashi Yamanaka) 牝 4 Fukushima television open 15 arrival 7 [berumontopurotea] 55 stone promontory 駿 (Degawa 克 oneself) 牝 5 Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. goblet marine cups 5 68 [shisutaerekingu] 55 Kuwasima filial piety spring (Ryuichi Degawa) 牝 4 Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. goblet marine cups 4 9 [vuikutoriparu] 52 Sato Hiroshi periods (Dajima 寿 one) 牝 3 Kanto Oaks 12 710 ampere 52 mark place sentence man (Ikeda filial piety) 牝 3 Kanto Oaks 3 11j May Shaw butler 56j Taketoyo (Takahashi forming loyalty) 牝 9 Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. Goblet marine cup 1 812 [mainepureriyudo] 55 Fujie 渉 (Inagaki. The cord) 牝 7 midsummer special 10 arrival 13 [tokinomisuosu] 55 Sakai English lights (Saburo Hasegawa) 牝 5 information cups it does, and others [gi] prize 10 arrival

    • 第45回関東オークスの回顧
      japanese means , Japanese talking

    • フラワーカップの貸しは、スイートピーステークスで返してもらいます
      issue , for multilingual communication

    • 6月17日の結果
      kanji character , please visit the following link

    • 今週はG3・第14回マーメイドステークス
      日本語 , please visit the following link

    • すいません(マコ)
      Это мнение , Japanese talking

    • 武豊の騎乗に問題あり??
      But as for the present marine cup the preceding day 1 keeper air (2 keeper air) [yukichiyan] ends last popularity in 6, the May Shaw butler (the jra4 keeper air) is 9 years old which supply beautiful victory and furthermore, are some which watch the eye greatly in the leg in the straight line, would like to lift up blessing to old greatly beautiful victory gently, as for being doubt the Taketoyo of [yukichiyan] horseman power as for the following results and the position taking of [yukichiyan] which is as follows Tokyo sun Kay sport prize 5-4-67 arrival Kawasaki Kanto Oaks 3-1-11 Funabashi queen prize 2-2-12 the arrival Oi tck woman. When the goblet 3-1-12 Kawasaki empress cup 3-2-66 the arrival Funabashi marine cup 10-9-36, [yukichiyan] is sticky and preceding, is dense is but Yosinari weaving/grade, when it cannot precede, it is not possible to drive even in the straight line, as for present Taketoyo as boldly chosen the position taking from the rear, if Taketoyo which you can think why it probably will lower to the rear directly, is the horse deep impact and like the vodka, but you can understand also the fact that, rectilinear one air from rear waiting, choosing rear one air step is a doubt with to the horse of [yukichiyankurasu] in spite, tries looking back, even with Yasuda commemoration of Sunday as for the vodkaThe rear because it passes, before can be filled in the straight line, as for victory of the Yasuda commemoration which is about it suffers the crushing defeat dangerously being consequence of wonderful ability of the vodka, Taketoyo can disturb the vodka and even by your can be said could like to criticize the thing of the jockey easily can be, but the Taketoyo horseman as for power whether Akira as 1 flow jockeys of the veteran < also it is certain to be a part where it is difficult to agree upon;! -- google_page_

    • 土曜日、東京でG3・第14回ユニコーンステークス
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • 羽田盃結果!
      Being the Nike high grade strong, that the instant which you think whether the shank [e] straight line, the chalet stone wins, met, it is, but recently, good game being many shank high prize to see, in order with only a certain race/lace which is withstanding to obtain the preferential starting running right of the next Tokyo Derby to for 5 arrival horses of this race/lace, don't you think? 3 arrival [moereetanaru], 4 arrival Gaea volts/bolts, become to 5 arrival [watarishinseiki], the fact that [moereetanaru] of the mare enters into 3 arrivals was the surprise, but because (according to popularity is but), furthermore being the surprise, as for challenge to the Haneda goblet of [moereetanaru] the enemy is not in the mareIt is not, it is, Nankan of front running. With the Ouka prize of the mare classic 1st crown, being defeated in 2 arrivals, the [ru] it is with the shank furthermore Ouka prize as for those where it wins it is the horse, [nehuerumemori] in 1.1 second thing difference, but when it becomes like this, [nehuerumemori] coming out today, the cod how it had become?…With it is the feeling which is said, the horse of the cat becoming the old horse, when it comes to the point of fighting with one line class of the male horse…With, the air is quick, is, but as for the horse of the cat where from now that becomes the pleasure 7 game 6 victories, as for 1 defeat/miss transferring to the coming to an end Nankan east of last year from thing Hokkaido post with race/lace of the central lawn, 2 game 2 victory Nankan. As for mare classic 2nd feature, Tokyo princess prize on May 14th is held with Oi don't you think? it seems that and the 3rd crown becomes Kanto Oaks this where June 17th one. The male horse inhales, as Tokyo Derby June 3rd Japan dirt Derby is July 8th, don't you think? - is the pleasure race/lace continues, there is no just district of course and, the especially male horse becoming hot thing, increases also the [te] central classic, don't you think?

    Kanto Oaks, Gamble,

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