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  • ○■ o-west

  • ○■ It learned that truly, a liberal translation

  • ○■ この部屋からたく んの楽曲が... Many musics were born from this room, it is probably will be

  • ○■ The balloon 7. your Pinoc chio 8. happiness chain 9 where on September 7th the live sound source “live bootles” of imc and live meeting place limitation becomes sale and for better seed “live bootles” 1. love egoist 2. [hadakanohiro] 3. Tabasco 4. love 5. lucky girls 6. is red. . It is heavy, the [u] of the playing (acoustic ver.) 10. love piece (acoustic ver.) 11. rabbit flying 12. go in my way 13. incomplete meeting is as for 14. union 15.i love it eye rabbis the music which to sound source is not converted yet is a large quantity and knowing the eye rabbi, also the person where either the [ru] person does not know is by all means buying one with from tomorrow i-rabbits formation 7th anniversary commemoration one-man tour lucky 7 oneman show◆9/11 (day) Kumamoto @drum be-9 v-3◆9/17 (earth) Osaka @ Sinsai bridge atlantiqs◆9/19 (month celebration) Niigata @ Niigata riverst◆9/24 (earth) Aichi @ large 須 ell.size◆10/09 (day) Yamaguchi @ Shunan rise◆10/16 (day) Tokyo @ Yoyogi zher the zoo◆10/23 (day) there is Kumamoto in these 7 places of the Hokkaido @ Otaru cru-z

  • ○■ 10 3 10 9&hell... 103,109

  • ○■ ★somatic guardian soldi er training center (hp) * New single sale 'Kazabayasi volcanic' November 16th sale audition ⇒ “Kazabayasi volcanic” audition!! The ≪ wind - type≫pcm-084a ¥1,890cd.1) Kamikaze cd.2) it can obtain, is not game description dvd) the Kamikaze pv≪ forest - type≫pcm-084b ¥1,890cd.1) Kamikaze cd.2) obtain can is not or game description dvd) from 7/19 Osaka bigcat live image 2 tune recording ≪ fires - type≫pcm-084c ¥3,150cd.1) Kamikaze cd.2) soldier dvd of the flame) from 8/14 commander birthday training 8 tune recording ≪ mountains - type≫pcm-084d ¥1,575cd.1) Kamikaze cd.2) absolute zero cd.3) the drop* The independent training tour 2011◎11.21 (month) Osaka American village clapper◎11.23 (the water) Nagoya music farm◎11.29 (the fire) Tokyo Shinjuku ruido k4open 17:30/the START 18:00 advance sale ¥3,000/the day ¥3,500 (d classified by generation) ★o-west sponsorship training 12.13 (the fire) Shibuya o-west 'it is and - is in the [tsu] [chi] [tsu] [chi]! - On it does when!'open 16:00/START 16:30 advance sale ¥3,150/the day ¥3,700 (d classified by generation)* 咲 season in the midst of commander [guru] [tsu] [po] enlistment! “[Official] 咲 seasonal commander [guru] %, a liberal translation

  • ○■ &touの今後の動きに も乞うご... May be linked to more detailed information..

  • o-west


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