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    Character Song,

    Anime related words Lucky Star Aya Hirano The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Minori Chihara Ono Daisuke King Records
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  • ○■ キャラクターソング

  • ○■ naked arms/swo... The nak ed arms/sword summit (the first production limited board) (animation board) (dvd to attach,) artist: Inoue fall the cord, the Asakura large mediating/helping publisher/the manufacturer: erj sale day: 2010/08/11 media: cd

  • ○■ left: bank band with grea t artists “ap bank fes '09” right: 9mm parabellum bullet “revolutionary”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ final fantasy... final fa ntasy ⅹⅲ

  • ○■ edit [2012/03/2817: 32] M usic music animation game other things | cm (0)

  • ○■ contrast 佐伯克哉~... contrast Saeki 克 哉 ~ ogre domesticated fowl and animals glasses character song cd~ artist: Saeki 克 哉 (Hirai arrow) publisher/manufacturer: [teimuentateinmento] sale day:, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 8/3 attaching [orikonuiku riarubamuchiyato], as for 1st rank this work!

  • ○■ 14日、キャラクタ ソングア... On the 14th, character song album fortune arterial feeling

  • ○■ .hack//live play playing pamphlet (clearing file attachment)

  • ○■ リリース形態は【2 cd】、... As for release form<2cd>, , 3 forms

  • ○■ (You bear and there is no cat time from character song)

  • ○■ アニメ薄桜鬼2期 タイトルが... As animation title 2 period of cherry tree ogres 'decides thin thin in cherry tree ogre 碧 blood record',

  • ○■ Temporarily ream exclusion

  • ○■ キャラクターソン 8月上旬... Character song earlier August sale … [tsu] [te] [do] [yu] thing (゜◇゜; With the setting that, it is the [tsu] [te] person who designates the contents which the [kiyara],) the [kiyarason] [tsu] [te], that character has sung, seem as tune don't you think? (the sweat) participation decision there was [tenma] and alone and Sasha and Pandora, a liberal translation

  • ○■ And including the thinkin g to the father of most love, this tune which it made was suitable tune in the main part rust

  • ○■ 相変わらずのこの 憑依」っぷり... As usual this “憑 depending” [tsu] [pu] [ri] is beautiful

  • ○■ You do not scratch this d ay and it is birthday of the [yu] seeing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ それにしても2週 とは…やりや... Nevertheless 2 weeks ago…Doing and [ru]!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 'working!!'Character song series sale decision!! Character song, all the 7 titles, 4 month continual releases decided

  • ○■ ←良かったらクリ クして下さい... <- When it is good, please click being the related commodity serious, love to me!!① [blu-ray]/Kamiya Hiroshi history, Asakawa 悠, the friend being red sound ¥8,190 amazon.co.jp serious long, love to me!!② [blu-ray]/Kamiya Hiroshi history, Asakawa 悠, the friend being red sound ¥8,190 amazon.co.jp serious long, love to me!!③(Original wagi you draw and lower the oversize cross poster (the Yukie crith) the attachment<…/Kamiya Hiroshi history, Asakawa 悠, the friend being red sound ¥9,240 amazon.co.jp serious long, love to me!!① [dvd]/Kamiya Hiroshi history, Asakawa 悠, the friend being red sound ¥5,565 amazon.co.jp serious long, love to me!!② [dvd]/Kamiya Hiroshi history, Asakawa 悠, the friend being red sound ¥5,565 amazon.co.jp serious long, love to me!!③ [dvd]/Kamiya Hiroshi history, Asakawa 悠, the friend the red sound ¥5,565 amazon.co.jp your seriousness it is the [chi] [yo] [u] long to be,/a river God child (the friend it is long red sound), Shiina capital (ice blue), the crith (Itoh quiet), 黛 Yukie (the Goto 邑 child) river God hundred generation (Asakawa 悠) ¥1,300 amazon.co.jp u-n-d-e-r--standi, a liberal translation

  • ○■ [maken] princess [tsu]! C haracter song album “[doki]* With swimming wear death match”, a liberal translation

  • ○■ various artists... variou s artists [inazumairebunkiyarakutasonguorijinaruarubamu

  • ○■ toheart2 1st volume [dvd ]/Jun Fukuyama, Ochiai Sukesato Kaori, Itoh quiet ¥3,150 amazon.co.jp toheart2 citron field taste ~ [supasuitsusukuranburu] ~ (1/7 scale pvc paint end…/Tweet m office a ¥7,140 amazon.co.jp toheart2 citron field taste [gosurori] ver. (1/7 pvc paint being completed finished products)/the o kid seed ¥7,400 amazon.co.jp toheart2 anotherdays citron field you like, - naivety full-blown - (1/6 scale pvc coating…/The 壽 house ¥7,980 amazon.co.jp toheart2 citron field you like, (1/8 scale pvc paint being completed finished products)/壽 house ¥3,990 amazon.co.jp toheart2 citron field taste t shirt natural size: l/[kosupa] ¥3,045 amazon.co.jp character binder index collection toheart2 “the citron field to like”,/broccoli ¥ 480amazon.co.jp toheart2 citron field taste uniform ver. (1/8 scale resin not yet paint assembly kits)/griffon enterprise ¥8,925 amazon.co.jp to heart2 [kiyarakutasongusu]/image album ¥2,625 amazon.co.jp t, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 戦姫絶唱シンフォ ア キャラ... You look at game princess stopping singing/stating [shinhuogiakiyarakutasongushirizu] 1 [tsuvuaiuingukuchikomi

  • ○■ Character song of animati on “unskillful rear” 4th feature with first appearance in 6 rank ranking in, a liberal translation

  • ○■ アスタロッテのお ちゃ!2【... Toy of [asutarotsute]! 2 [blu-ray] Performance: Kugimiya Rie pony canyon (2011-07-29) selling agency: You look at amazon.co.jp [kuchikomi

  • ○■ And, side to do to line u p to one line to the stage front, also Asakawa joining there, one by one greeting back band member introduction

  • ○■ これからも彼女を 援し続けま... It continues to support her even from now on, a liberal translation

  • ○■ mv is recorded in dvd, In other 2 forms the new tune which is not recorded is recorded in the coupling, a liberal translation

  • ○■ cd キディ・ガーラ ド キ... cd [kidei] [garandokiyarakutasongu] 5/[sahuiru] (Kaoru Mizuhara), [riyubisu] (Saito maple child) [run… cd [kidei] [garandokiyarakutasongu] 3/[deia] (cv: Takahashi dream wave), [tama] (cv: It is young this Norio) [run… cd ground cool (Uchida 彩)/the sun and month “[kidei] garland” ed subject song ver.1 [[ranteisu]] << sale…

  • キャラクターソング

    Character Song,

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