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    Menstrual cramps,

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  • ○■ 生理痛

  • ○■ If day or the physiology whose being disgusted [ya] physical condition is bad you do not think of painfully terrible day or physical strength distribution, don't you think?

  • ○■ お味噌汁やうどん スープや炒... Inserting in the miso soup and the noodles, soup and frying ones, restlessly, enjoying, it is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The medicine is not used with west Japanese first solid power medical therapy, the allergy condition such as the atopic asthmatic hay fever from the daily unpleasant condition which the stiff shoulders 40 shoulder lumbago knee painfully headache scotoma physiology painfully was said, condition of the special disease such as the [riumachi] hernia facial paralysis uterus intima symptom rachis tube stenosis is eased

  • ○■ 30分後くらいから 生理痛の... From about 30 minutes later, of physiology painfully just a little pain terrible extent comes irregularly

  • ○■ Even the [u] [u] [tsu] th e feeling the physiological painfully way, a liberal translation

  • ○■ これはついにきた も と半... This came finally being the origin dubious, the preparation which goes to the hospital

  • ○■ Headache and physiologica l painfully and so on pain coming off,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 陣痛室へ案内され 期的に来る陣... Pain and the fighting [u] which are guided to the pain room and come periodically

  • ○■ Physiology painfully inte nse it is painful…The kind of dull pain which is the lead in the waist!! Being hit with the being disgusted [ya] hammer, if easily it is improbable, when it comes being late, however with the pain which is not odd Good Heavens anemia feeling it put out from [a] morning, the blood pressure which is received at yesterday hospital the medicine which is lifted it drank? (゜_

  • ○■ 生理痛女←今日は 邪ひいたてゆ... Physiology painfully the woman <- today cold the [te] [yu] [u] [te] which was pulled to come, because it depended, “that the cancer/gun or the origin or physiology painfully the stomach it was headache everyday being serious, when the shank” you do well, stop the ~

  • ○■ Physiology [kitsu] it is painfully and, it is harsh, is, don't you think?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 生理痛むりぽよ☆ ままで生理痛...

  • ○■ 生理痛が…(--;)活 できる... Physiology it is painful…(--;)However it can be active just it probably is [mashi] what, [kitsu] it is, -

  • ○■ These are talking of Ja panese blogoholic.

  • ○■ 昨日は胃痛と生理 で耐えられな... kinou ha itsuu to seiri tsuu de tae rarenakute

  • ○■ kinou �� kairopurak uteikku ni itte kimashita shotaiken desu musuko wo un datokikara kotsuban kyousei shitakutesonomama musume wo ninshin shi shussan �� gatsu han hette yatto ike mashita redei^sukairopurakuteikku de sensei mo josei tottemo anshin desu watashi no shoujou ha katakori ( tamani ) youtsuu ( tamani ) seiri tsuu �� kotsuban kyousei zenshin gautsuru kagami no mae de futsuu ni tachi shindan jibun demo waka ruhodo migikata ga aga ri hidarikata ga saga tteimasusonna juushou dehanaikedo

  • ○■ 所在地 山形県東根 市神町中央1... shozaichi

  • ○■ shikyuu kuchi ha �� ������� hirai teirutonokoto

  • ○■ 女性ホルモンバラ スを安定させ... josei horumonbaransu wo antei sase �� gekkei wo seijou nisaseru kouka mo batsugun desu

  • ○■ josei ha seiri de � chi surutameni �� houchi shiteokeba hibi no shokuji de tetsubun ga itsutta tabemono wo hoshi kunaru

  • ○■ 女性の場合、オル ズムに行くと... josei no baai �� orugazumu ni iku to zenshin ni denryuu ga hashitte nou ga masshiro ninari �� fuyou na jouhou wo subete shoukyo shitekurerunodearu

  • ○■ recommendation , suggest ions, consideration, sentiment , opinion , statument,

  • ○■ ロキソニンを1錠 むか飲まない... Whether 1 locks you drink [rokisonin], or do not drink to, being lightened, you have been surprised, (゚-゚ *) (. . *) [unun

  • ○■ Something thinking the ga rlic habit [e], when original him you see, while poly- poly- with [hatochitsupuru] eating, it looked this and was packed and increased, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ちょっと嬉しくて てみたものの... Just a little being delightful, those which it tries doing, a liberal translation

  • ○■ It is the meaning which p roposes with such discontinuance such, but me the uncle probably will be rubbed who as for working having tried to stop the [te, a liberal translation

  • ○■ その縫ったところ 微妙に痛い... That also the place where it sewed is painful delicately

  • ○■ And, also is difficult be coming pregnant is detected!! After bearing the child, also the child committing the cold germ with the [ri] which is sown, was diagnosed the asthma finally, a liberal translation

  • ○■ お腹の痛みは、便 とか下痢の痛... As for pain of the stomach, having been similar to the pain of the constipation or the diarrhea,…The gas accumulating in the constipation, the stomach it stretches kana? However with you thought, when you think very carefully, when bearing the daughter, pain, in case of me you remembered that it is the pain like the extreme diarrhea, a liberal translation

  • 生理痛

    Menstrual cramps,

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