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    Anime Manga related words Lucky Star BLEACH Gintama Big Windup! The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya The Prince of Tennis Black Butler Shaman king FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST Gakuen Alice Ouran High School Host Club SOUL EATER K-ON! Ichiban Ushiro no Dai Maou Arakawa Under the Bridge

    • Japanese talking
      The [nu] [nu] it is* While densely the [chi] [wa] (the ^3^)/the Pell [so] of the bell hearing, so the [ji] - it is [jiento] which has been done, - so the [ji] of the room - the [chi] [yo] - doing after a long time, but the [ru] it is, the present - with the shank!!! While tune of the bell hearing, because you do, tension the ♪ which rises it could accompany, on the cover of yesterday lala wrote and met but it is as for the chairman the made way!!! Celebration* Because animation conversion (*/ω \ *) the ♪ [u] [wa] [a] - (the *^□^*) the [ro] which is dubbing artist who - the cover you just saw content it is not seen, it does at all and others the crying drama cd which is not and simultaneous is good, of course after the cedar rice field is desirable, to animation converting also rear happy tea drinking, desired Usui - the dubbing artist one bright it is it is it is not to be, whether the bell of the [te] low voice is good, (the ^.^) b (it is it is it is of course we like,…!!!! ) After we want also the scale changing with ★★ today in here ε=┏ (_) the ┛

    • [tsu] coming Okita
      The title [u] [ze] obtaining ^^^▽^ the [tsu] it comes and occurs and better t yesterday night LARA buys it is the case which the [a] the LARA God it passes well well as usual!!!! Fragment well!!!! As for 1 and chairman made way! The ^0^ which is questioned with your animation conversion [me]!! The made way it is animation conversion, animation conversion www LARA in the rest room (<-) with suddenly in the preceding day which is bought, “the made way to animation it converts,” the [tsu] [te] thinking, to cod animation it converts, so is, \ (^q^)/the person with ESP? (Recently girl who is different cartoon lover it passes, that with you say, or sprout normally and the springtime of life capture book well well well!!!!! You call that!!!!! The open [zu] coming sky the [u] [u] [u] [u] handle springtime of life where thickly as for the ^///^ which is the teacher too favorite as for the [a] the [a] design inhales with [dotsubo] it is good, springtime of life!! Uemura you did well in story of last summer vacation of high 3! You were impressed to springtime of life situation formation b!! ^^^^ open [zu] coming teacher who is book conversion desire loving, the Isesaki [tsu] [te] it is in [kiyara] of the [ma] [hu] ^^^^ handle springtime of life capture book, but it is from that Isesaki name at the time of the ^q^ first publication which is taken first. It was Isesaki because and is, fc2 name “Isesaki [sugino]” the Natume friend register which was funny!! However, mark →→→ summer it boils enormously with the [tsu] [te] feeling and the [ri] mark place which it increases the attacking which is enormous the [tsu] [te] which sows it is the Natume's hand grip and the [tsu] [te] is enviable, <- with the word attacking it is visible in only [do] s, don't you think? the ^^^^ whose ^^^^ handle Natume and the face are close you kiss it is? The like scene was many, the handle rice field swamp please put out be able be able be able to obtain the Midorikawa plug [se] being able, be able be able be able LARA thought you wrote, - the [me] [so] - girl cartoon it is good! The [ho] it is with the favorite! bl it is not defeated* Or (the [u] [wa] the rice it goes, it will come

    • Future large capture!
      Purine ~☆ of [rutao] super as for tasty (o Ω o) this high Chu and [pu] [tsu] [chi] [yo]* Both came the Yuubari melon taste ♪ [a] - and the North Sea Michiyuki, it is and story changes from [garatsu] ^^ here but (laughing) how! As for chairman made way even animation conversion ~ (゜∀゜)!! Well [a] which you did ⊂ [nini] (^ω^) [ni] ⊃ that…? Information it is slow? www [ma], calling and ww cast everyone's kana -? It becomes matter of concern which becomes matter of concern which becomes matter of concern!!! The ^^ which well is the pleasure Ω m★

    • Subject* 10/27 
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , linked pages are Japanese

    • Intense day ���
      The � 2009 December 09th returns (the water) Borrows tomorrow and it is such a day and approximately 10 volumes which are present [wa] present [wa] present [wa] present [wa] [me] [chi] [ya] oral [ya] happy day from the [tsu] cartoon friend and the love where such as such as [ru] today and as for the chairman who begins love the made way 捧 [gu] etc by his now has lent ace my first love of the diamond to the friend the [wa] does also also rumor 翠 favorite Suzuki me is simultaneously with that in you & the sound NANA roller bottle kana where - the portable [chi] [ya] beam [a] which is the work where every one is good, it can use, but it is, however the repair where the liquid crystal has become strange we would like to put out the high school studentWhen it becomes, because perhaps it changes, it is perserverance to that, don't you think? with present [wa] Ogasawara which becomes the fog [tsu] [pa] air the sweater borrowing directly, don't you think? your [te] [me] it is, when cold it pulls, but abuse - the [tsu] (laughing) cleaning of the room you do it is directly, that it is Ookubo consequence, it became clean, don't you think? delightfully delightfully - the [te] or after just a little 1 people it lives and the [a] lonesomely the potato it is the younger brother, thing of the older sister without forgetting, don't you think?…However crying you do not play anymore and/or do not act playfully and/or cannot make simultaneous don't you think? from the junior high school student 1 human living about inside? Well there is no ginger, or probably withstanding is!!!! It is not good! Study it is from 9 o'clock, with the [wa] and the 20:53

    • Present [naruto] system
      Это мнение , please visit the following link

    • 1/22 evening
      Essa opiniao , original meaning

    • Long, about future maiden Gaea purchase schedule
      Comentarios sobre este , for multilingual communication

    • The chairman sees made way animation without fail, the [u] ~!!
      The chairman made way animation already immediately in release the shank [e] ~!! You see without fail, the [o]!! How the [tsu] [te] which was said, the mallow which I love coming out, the [ru] it is those which are!! … It is, the name which is who wearing, the [ru] said <- the [a], the person where by the way the chairman does not know the made way inspecting, to be late!! Super it is funny because!! Therefore the [tsundere] element fully!! If the [a], what this time cartoon lending, ry (([oi] searching temporarily, it is late!! It is with, everyone animation you will see it is not or, [tsu]!! … We would like to talk with many people even alone, the [u]!!! [a], go!! If (((([tahi]… the [a], so you say, also happiness village is less crowded and (((say nothing [a] [ji] [i] male [noshinoshi

    • original letters
      impressions , Japanese talking

    • News item.
      It is not…However as for renewal that it will try doing, from w now cartoon ♪ what which is read the kana which probably will be read -…Five you will read, or will the chairman try reading the made way?…[koruda] of laughing or gold the kana which probably will be read?! [a] -! Whether gold [koru] 3 cartoon conversion [se] [e] side -…So! Also today saw [purezon]* Unless everyday you see, like f^_^ you cannot be; You do not grow tired the ♪ which is seen

    • The drill [chi] [ya] ~ it is (the ≧∇≦)
      ! Don't you think? the paulownia lively the guest of the crab the like [tsu] shank which performs (∀) the crab of former times and www so the buying [tsu] [chi] it waited with cartoon interest basis of the animation where heidi. ties up well, when (∀) so it does you show to also the [ze] www younger brother whom the hammer [tsu] [chi] it waited successfully, the younger brother the hammer [tsu] [te] it is to do, as for www funny [ze] chairman the made way the new publication coming out in www April enjoys too much, ~ now whether foreboding (≧ε≦) the [ho] it is with buying too much oiler cartoon and the being disgusted [ya] new house immediately it may be buried with cartoon, (the ~ [tsu] ~) cartoon it rearranges temporarily of, justThere is no volume, it is the [ro] which is (laughing)

    • LaLa~♪
      Though 'it is I who despair to the shortage of the reaction of the kalium poppy', increase it is the empty! (the *´∀ `) well it is to call the ×2 which is at all in the air! Such a thing compared to…You did at last in labor assistant! The lala May edition also the one which the ♪ already you know comes, probably will be, but this leading animation, 'as for the chairman the made way!'Drama cd has been attached!! Although also the discussion of the cast is recorded, as for price as many as 400 Yen!! How, it probably is good bargain what, (the *´∀ `) as for the one which still is not having at speed of light in the bookstore with dash the shank!! It may (the *^ -) no article url

    • Night 更 oak
      To be, completely the day and night reversal life sending [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] largely from now when it increases to shake, wearing, because as for conference compilation ~ chairman of the ~ summer the made way when that it is the new work of the spring when you see it ends, ture tear a certain person who is the kana [yu] ~ [chi] [yu] ~ [bu] which you will see recommending enormously, the [ru] 1 story eyes which we have decided to try seeing you saw, however it is, being good, you try to see in today and 2 days of tomorrow the shank we would like to see entirely, then (. _.)No

    • [kazetsuyoshi
      Again, is the wind which is being enormous the shank ~ way back, three rank you looked at the bucket which rolls, whether it comes from rear somewhere, the t shirt (laughing) -, the bath entering from this, 'as for the chairman the made way!'You see, the ~ present term the pleasure animation being full, the blood of delightful [tsu] [suwota] makes a noise, -

    • It probably can designate something as cowardly I
      'Many years very' the entrance examination which is the person victory which was enjoyed! My how physics it is the hobby which probably will bite, (laughing) the book which is wanted being physics for the present, coming out of generation seminar, because of the [ru] nearness is the shank reference with clear solution lecture of the book and Urushihara, but it is what, it stopped wanting (laughing) for the sake of nearness it is with as for Urushihara being famous, especially because of the shank nearness it is 'well catching the essence of physics, because [ru]' how rumor was heard, reading, being like the reference (laughing) resigning even with the shank, when it is the book of buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] concave oak and others normal physics, our it introduces even before because to try reading, there is thought experiment in the reason which is thought,Wanting the relativistic-related book, don't you think?, now whether normally study of university entrance examination, after videotaping the summer conference compilation which you shake temporarily, because next the chairman when the [tsu] [ke] the made way, such a [ma] you took it returns, the conference asks today when you try to try seeing, because the rain it falls there is no inclination!

    • twitter the [bu] and it comes and collects the ~ 2010-04-03
      kanji , original meaning

    • One word thought 3/28~4/3
      Opinion , for multilingual communication

    • Usui 拓 sea alliance
      Well the ♪ which holds first alliance meeting, as for fifth alliance [kiyara] as for the chairman the made way the [yo] [ri] Usui 拓 sea well is! Usui if well as for the person who would like to participate favorite in human gathering ↑↑↑ alliance reason � Usui which likes [te] ok initial ok � Usui ↓� his own name ((not to be autonym in the rice name saying, you say? Please enter three with the rice! Participation of everyone we waiting, the ♪ which it increases * the person who participated when the [tsu] [te] you give the picture which is on to your own [burogu] is delightful and is ♪ presently participant name

    • It shakes largely, wearing, as for 2 1st stories & the chairman the made way! 1st story & [kamenraidadoragonnaito] 1st story
      It shakes largely, wearing, - the conference compilation of the summer - 1st story “as for the next?”Feeling at rest in just the continuation of the work which has inclination 2nd series established reputation because the basically very much to animation it converts funny original where you can see faithfully, it is funny properly because method of moving the character and, as animation as usual is good, seeing, but the work which is not either the times which are pleasant and say well, as expected after so long a time excessively in the future it stabilizes probably will be as for the chairman and it probably will be possible to expect sufficiently, the made way! As for 1st story “Misaki made way!”You write many degrees, but made attribute privately completely to be the person who is not, in that sense that you do not know at all whether made [tsu] [te] somewhere is good completely there was no interest in this work, because but is, this not to be the case, especially made ones, they are sufficient normal school ones which, the protagonist the byte has done simply with made tea drinking, it was seen well, normally, simply, basically being normal girl cartoon of common setting, special newly, because there were no any which it should feature even animation without,Large transforming as for as “search the improbable kana [kamenraidadoragonnaito] 1st story even from dragon recognized /search for the dragon” title, similar to the overseas [rimeiku] edition at one time “power ranger” of the “mask rider dragon horseman”, the battle scene of the rider diverts the image of the dragon horseman, as for the part other than that photographing with the overseas cast, connecting, becomes production as for the story which almost the same as the dragon horseman it seems, but when as expected the cast is the foreigner, atmosphere changes as for the action scene with the especially raw body where after all the Japanese weight is different relationship of kana and [kiyara] where the dragon horsemanIn order to differ, the knight who appears immediately had become the feeling, at random groovy older brother amount, well, no [se] original with the highest unique work, how [rimeiku] it does that even in the mask rider series, probably is good point, but after all “kamen rider!”With something changing with the voice which is said as for strange feeling kana (^^;)

    • 2nd renewal ~ baton ~
      * Rule*①Something converting [a] [ru] cartoon name, to the left (Chinese character, hiragana and katakana etc), don't you think? w②The one [wa] which is turned, turning to the other person absolutely, it is the [ku], the [i]! <>Inserting also the name of the person who is turned in!!③Lastly new problem (cartoon name) just one! Please add w④In the person whom it turns the [wa], rice or [toraba]⑤The title [wa] inserting the “cartoon conversion baton”, it be sure turned the [wa],When As for the person who is and turns, Your alchemy teacher [tegamibachi] ⇒ letter bee palpus [kiyara] of the alchemy teacher ⇒ steel of the useless cantabile steel of the useless cantabile ⇒ of the w [sutatorozenmeiden] ⇒ Ro-zen name electric sketch book ⇒ sketch book which is! ⇒ subject [kiyara]! aria⇒aria and others coming* It does, it is the ⇒ and others to come, it does desired, it is the [tsubasa] chronicle ⇒ wing chronicle animal God performing military affairs ⇒ how it calls, it is the [ro] which is… the [kadokiyaputa] Sakura ⇒ card 伽 [pu] it is - it is in the cherry tree coconut! It is ⇒ here! As for Sakura front ⇒ cherry tree front [kingudamuhatsu] ⇒ kingdom - dejected bamboo blade ⇒ [banbuburedosouru] society ⇒ Seoul [sosaeteirotsukin] of dejected ⇒ bell shrine [haruhi] of Tsu Seoul eater ⇒ [souruitaribon] ⇒ [ribonburichi] ⇒ bleach cool shrine [haruhi]* Heaven ⇒ [rotsukin]* Prince Natume friend register ⇒ of prince ⇒ tennis of heaven silver soul ⇒ silver sphere black steward ⇒ black steward tennis. As for friend long [pandorahatsu] ⇒ Pandora as though - it is Tsu [hayate]! As though it is ⇒ strong wind! Cherry tree orchid high school host section ⇒. . [rurushiyu] ⇒ cord/code gear element rebellion of high school host section [kodogiasu] rebellion Alice bird cage grade ⇒ bird cage grade of the country of the Alice ⇒ heart of the country of the [ru] main lightning daisy ⇒ lightning daisy unskillful rear ⇒ unskillful rear naive romance CHIKA ⇒ naive romance price of land heart which rides it is, the morning sickness [bi] and * empty ◆⇒ false day * the sky * as for the chairman the made way as for ⇒ chairman the lightness way blood+⇒blood+ student council one. 碧 positive school pupil meeting thing record ⇒ student council one. The recuperation school pupil meeting long six dress ⇒ dresses 2 time renewing, already it is as for such baton of the [a] ♪ it was first however with and others, with the pleasant ♪ with the [wa] [wa] w

    • The simple [tsu] [te] it is good, don't you think? about case.
      En japonais , for multilingual communication

    • As for animation chairman made way!
      Finally, as for animation “chairman, the made way!”Because we like this cartoon which starts, while expecting rather, because present drama cd and the cast which you saw are different, whether with it was worry, how it becomes, but comical part and just a little [dokidoki] of cartoon the scene having perfectly been reproduced, worried something it was not necessary to do, is, well, animation applying, the bloom and you say, [kirakira] doing, however it increases, don't you think? the Usui 拓 sea where (wry smile) the image of ed, was enormous in amorousness full load of the Usui 拓 sea and is, the [wa] f^_^ which is enormous [kiyara]; The ♪ where also the next time is the pleasure with the animation which already starts immediately, “are thin cherry tree ogre” and “Arakawa [andazaburitsuji]”, the framework framework ♪ which has been expected rather

    • Continuation of live story of yesterday.
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon Japanese talking

    • 'As for chairman made way!'1st story
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • 2010 April book benefit summary
      2010 April book benefit summary sale day writer name title 1 day Fujishiro [yu] float rattan 咲 ayu [kirishimasou] - you see and the [bu] the being attached rental steward endure and the love which depends is completed the habit thing starry☆sky~in spring~ anthology seeing [bu] the being attached book of paintings railroad [mu] ~ railroad system. Gold coin 冲 one even number Nikaidou [hikaru] which is the reader ~ 2 day Higuchi Akihiko bush oral Kurosu 冲 one even number awakening - the [a] did chapter 1 volume [supuraitoshiyupigeruoirenshiyupigeru] 1 volume [chigo] of [huamiria] 1 volume wolf hiding destruction purple and Yutaka vulgar spirit monophobia 1 volume observer [tamami] 1 volume [ageha] on the heart 3 day inner part shoal [saki] carving/moment night [seigo] Ida [hiroto] arrow where the lost child is red are chased, as for [hiro] Chairman mono 1 volume 5 day Fujiwara the made way! 9 volume 7 day Sato both [tono] [anna] large castle way like this you wipe and to be to be defeated, densely suezen there be able to pull out rpg” 4 volume hero warnings! 1 volumes it is dense the everyday 1 volume granulated island and [karin] [pakoreishiyon] new equipment edition 8 Hiwatari side crossing the ocean Abe true Hiro Itoh Masashi retainer coward pedal 11 volume invasion of the [ru]! Squid daughter 6 volume [tsugihagi] student council 1 volume 12 day cow wooden justice Takashi frost. . Goby dream 喰 it is, Mary 4 volume and Kasiwagi 1 volumes of the appearance

    • [pokemon] × illustration
      Because spring also the day off after the [gu] shelf which a little is the [gu] (ρ_-) recently it was the spare time when it is the no, doing [pokemon], when you do after a long time it increases it is fixed, when (the ^^) feeling is bad with just the ↑ insect which at last pushes down four Tenno in v 20 hours, or it is the [tsu] [chi] [ya] useless [tsu], without using [tetsukanin], [hatsusamu] and the spatula cross with the insect binding, it persevered and increased when you try doing, it is durable of the insect, starts… new animation, the better seed for the present inclination and the chairman the made way and as angelbeats most this time where you looked at the large devil of rear, 萌 type increasing from contents system, the [te]Something illustration of new animation writing from now on is delicate, the stripe it does in [ku] thing and the ↑ first is perplexed cat overrun

    • Drama & animation from April
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon linked pages are Japanese

    • Animation *
      Это мнение , Feel free to link

    • The [me] the expectation multi does in the April [a].
      April 1st (the wood) it shakes largely, wearing, the conference compilation ~ 25:39 ~ of the ~ summer at last 2 period [tsu] shank! The [chi] with the [ru] you question, - as for v chairman the made way! It is to be the 26:09 ~ original large fan - >< where it is the ^^ Usui and others [bu] April 2nd (the gold) angel beats! April 4th is the 26:30 ~ expectation work (day) the [hi] [me] chain! Because grinding [chi] [tsu] [ku] idle rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] 9:00 ~ [suma] seems ed, April 6th (the fire) the [ke] it is temporarily and is!! 25:25 ~ 2 period ktkr! In the [a] [zu] the [ya] it is the [ya] it is in the [a] [zu] in the [a] [zu] the [ya] (ry

    • 4/5-9 sale comics information*
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • 2010 spring animation
      * The [ke] it is and is!! ○b type h system - as for Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] △ chairman made way △working!! △ perplexity cat overrun boiled egg

    • It ends at today… (the ' Ω `)
      Opinion , Feel free to link

    • * Spring animation
      Em japones , please visit the following link

    • No.8
      Comment reply- Cow. Because and the whirling and the [a], the hand of the child of the ^^ friend who is good calling to the air is something where it is made dance to be enormous the favorite so was color tone, how serving, thinking as a present, you bought, (laughing) also the child which it made whirling, because you say, don't you think? destiny like it rubbed!! (The *^▽^*) in day of end type crossing over if it is not, therefore spring with the day off birthday receiving [chi] [ya] [u] dance, you were flurried, (laughing) please use carefully*---------Favorite the animation end [wa] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] passing in the article before, however you wrote, if it ended, because animation of the new work and it is clear to do, it tried inspecting…And others!!!! The [zu] and others [] [tsu] there was animation which we would like to see enormously* The personal computer having, as for the [ru] person searching with youtube animation, animation please sees the person who does not have does selecting the animation which I especially would like to see this time to animation as the information which is converted the going [ma] [tsu] which you write on description below, (Σ ∀) Σ April 4th (day) 25: 35~ - Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] April 11th (day) 24: 00~ - As for the betrayal April 1st knows my name (the wood) 25: 55~ - As for chairman made way! April 15th (wood) 25: 15~ - It carries off and Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] which house five leaf this is the animation [tsu] [te] is too delightful!! Saint* It is and draws and it is cartoon of the [ru] person!! As for carrying off house five leaves cartoon of ax [natsume]!! Cartoon having lending from the friend, you read the betrayal ~!! As for chairman made way! The [hu] [hu] ~ [tsu] which because simply, interest there is because may see a made* Pleasure (¯ -* [kita] ━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━!!!

    • original letters
      You do not know the Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] 2010 April 04 everyday heavenly body nighttime 25:35 ~ TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. original, but because it is the shaft, is expectation b type h 2010 April 05th Monday morning 8:30 ~ at-x most fast broadcast tokyo mx (April 1st) it does not appear with something which is, mx…(´д⊂ most large devil 2010 April 05th Monday of rear [naitoreido] 2010 April 05th Monday of the noon 11:00 ~ spark nighttime 25:30 ~ TV Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. working!! 2010 April 27th Tuesday morning 8:00 ~ at-x this, if… mx although it can view with most speed; ; The [ke] it is and is!! 2010 April 06th Tuesday nighttime 25:25 ~ tbs well the present term other things coming off entirely, the [ke] it is and is!! If only it is, (the ´▽ `) as for the chairman the made way! However 2010 April 01st Thursday nighttime 25:55 ~ tbs [kiyaradeza] there is no Imai [chi] taste, temporarily viewing perplexity cat overrun! 2010 April 10th Saturday nighttime 24:00 ~ bs11 this mx…(ry angel beats! 2010 April tbs [ke] it is and is!! With about the same it is the work which has been expected! kiss×sis 2010 April at-x

    • Japanese talking
      Every cool usual ~ REPT (´▽ `)/ working!! Normally, the dubbing artist is luxurious, it is pleasant so wide c where is! Ax d! Therefore [naitoreido] of the spark recently the nmkw favorite, as for ww chairman whom you think that just that <- is pleasant enormously, or is trivial enormously, or is the made way! This the kana which how will be done - as for the betrayal although there is no interest which knows my name the dubbing artist is enormous and luxurious wwww some this is to receive is!! The popularity to there coming out at [bu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] 1 period, however the [ru] reason is not recognized, 1 periods you saw and, it was pleasant well and you see, it will shake largely and will wear and the conference compilation ~ of the ~ summer 1 periods will see quickly being, this becoming four tatami mat semi- mythical large type air which will be seen, seven human Oguri decades of the [ru] rainbow two building six rooms and the 貫 area valley it does, the [ho] [ri]? The picture not only Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] wide c and the [ma] - and - dubbing artist position gorgeousness - as for this as for expectation unskillful rear axis powers animation the sensitivity you see and do how long [chi] [ya] [u] ww measure 6th series [tsu] [te] it is, wwww it is funny, however it is probably will be, don't you think?, being too long, the air which you see it vanished Something next period, you see and keep and [chi] massage do not come out although we like, - from the spring when the air which name of the nail [yu] is not seen does Sawayama wide c and it may be able to hear the voice of nmkw, is, (the *´ [e] `*) the flower 澤 the busy [tsu] [po] it is and voice lover of the small pigeon (* the no v `) the rear [ma] - and is many relatively? Animation check black steward after the summerⅱ Leading part alternation? When [shieru] and [sebasu] it does not come out, it cries! But favorite picture Recently water tree Nana. You grew tired, corpse ogre no animation? [te] or performance gackt [tsu] [te] no thing wwwww Warring States basara two it is what, you bit saying, however you see and sea month princess who becomes the grandchild air of [chi] [ya] [u] expectation ww [nu] and others [ri] unexpected how you become the just a little air which probably is what, when personification conversion of the starry☆sky constellation is, the… believer we fear, when alive - the last evolve boy - from this skin it becomes sometime, you do, it is, the [tegamibachi] 2 period [ma] direct!! [eden] theater edition new [kodogiasu] information be too little of [ze] movie eastⅰHowever you did not see after all, - we would like to see!! Rear Gundam 00 and - silver soul new meaning crimson cherry tree volume - the silver screen unskillful rear becoming matter of concern, however the [ru] therefore [animehetaria] the sensitivity the movie the Eve time which the delicate air does the [tsu] [ke] which is the entire collection compilation?

    • Japanese weblog
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    • weblog title
      Because the just work which does not inform by example, is judgment with only of impression of web information, but very “this!!”With the thought article where those which are said are not found is written, “marry & [gari] - 2.0” and, the original is regularly read, “the [ke] it is and is!!”It is the schedule which is seen naturally, but after other things looking at 1 and 2 story circumstances, it may become to decide, is, although it participates in the genre, “nighttime animation”, because as for the thought article of nighttime animation just 1 works (that March end). with becoming the situation which is said, the [ru], it is to like to expect in new program, but. (note) as for broadcasting station name triple television truth love princess † hit and miss ~ maiden large random ~b type h NHK marry & [gari] which are something at my viewing area - the 2.0cbc [ke] it is and is!! As for chairman made way! angel beats! Nakagyo television working!! The television Aichi jewel pet [te] [i] it goes back and forth* Most large demon of rear. It is thin the cherry tree. As for the [naitoreido] betrayal of the spark the [hi] [me] chain which knows my name! Grinding [chi] [tsu] [ku] idling rill [pu] [ri] [tsu] one horseman this thousand xtreme xecutor Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] NHK bs2giant killing Tokai television carrying off house five leaf four tatami mat semi- mythical large type broadcast unclear heroman perplexity cat overrun! Seven people of kiss×sisrainbow two building six rooms

    • weblog title
      It is the new animation ♪ pleasure, ≧ (the ´▽ `) ≦ what you see and with it is the case that it is said, w which tries staining those which we would like to see in the list of the ↓ privately in a flash such as character does not float inside the brain as for the work where as for the w* picture which attaches the picture the variety the [me] which the after we have had densely it is do this color -> this color which is seen without fail -> to see, the [re] cod you see it is condition being, also it goes [wa] the, [ke] it is and is!! It shakes largely, wearing, as for conference compilation ~ chairman of the ~ summer the made way! angel beats! [naitoreido] Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] four tatami mat semi- mythical large systems of -> spark -> carrying off house five leaves seven people of -> rainbow-二 building six rooms - working!! -> Perplexity cat overrun! Most the large devil of rear -> truth love princess † hit and miss ~ maiden large random ~ one horseman this thousand xtreame xecutor b type h system -> thin the cherry tree ogre ~ foil concave coming ~ betrayal has known my name, -> is such a can [ji] w this time the kana where is just this? And you call vague w, or would like to see almost, is!!

    • Japanese talking
      You applied completed of the special [se] ゙ minar of this Sho child Oshima Mai yesterday plain private school spring. [te] or April 25th day of initial wage!!! With initial wage thing 販 buying huh lever! Comprehension. Tokyo international animation fair it is perplexed from that, (the ´д `) as for aim now it is with densely 27 days * most the large devil of rear * [suhuia] Aso summer child life ゙ * as for the chairman, the made way! * Flower 澤 fragrance greens & [anikomu] card transfer meeting & ground mistake & wolf hiding talk show & Kato Suguru Biri 28 day * perplexity cat [oha] ゙ [ran]! * Itoh kana blessing. Yuka Inokuchi * one horseman this thousand & the Endo twill * the grandchild of [nu] and others [ri] unexpected * Jun & the dubbing artist award Fukuyama * (honorific title abbreviation). temporarily it is one person what, don't you think?. As for 27 days morning arriving at 7 o'clock, however it lines up that way. To the opening place what it does alone 3 hours, furthermore 7 o'clock and mosquito net and [suhuia] without fail the unreasonable palm! At rear 18 o'clock alone from end and the empty [so] [tsu] Tokyo palm. So, also 28 days, it lines up with initial setting, (゚ ▽ ゚)/Tokyo international animation fair is good, admission 1000 Yen palm [ihe] ゙ [ntohu] ゙ [su]. Being soon, you want to see, [ku] ゙ [tsusu] ゙ you buy and/or however with all the power running in the rearrangement ticket taking line kana [akan] you are far and if the [i] being free, you see and the [re] [ru] do. Last year remembering, with just the [ru] the plain. Kugimiya Rie Endo twill Noto Mamiko door pine far high fence 彩 positive Hukuhara Kaori. The Yahagi gossamer friend village (Chinese character ambiguous) [hiro] c Kato Suguru Biri (honorific title abbreviation) with it has come to do. Advertisement of all power!!! Don't you think? March 27.28th! To be possible. The Ogasawara 〓 space 〓 Akiko who will be done

    • Japanese Letter
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    • Japanese Letter
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    • Japanese talking
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    • original letters
      During of now to put out the happy aura, [tsutsu] because the [tsu] [te] which sows it could go to [animeito] the fact that it is after a long time is not other things!!! Because heaven inside and others - - say - <- it did not go recently directly, being able to go after a long time, the [me] [tsu] delightfully the [tsu] fungus it is! But there are no goods and don't you think? the [te] book the money which is bought… without the [te], the member magazine of hundred 々 apples it has been issued they are the money it was not and… the result of being troubled, the [be] [ru] [se] un solo of the [bu] it is attached sweetly and because only 10 volumes and [ze] vv 3000 Yen which cherry tree ogre anthology green are bought thin there are, only this it can buy and/or the [bo] - is as for the new publication and the chairman as for the made way new publication, when [papaso] mood being good, the [ze] which it tries us asking! It is thin, when you wanted to buy also the goods of the cherry tree ogre, ~ with now it preferred the book and also [chi] [ya] [u] [ze] savings persevered and when today you buy, however 500 cyclotomic it is accumulated, being patient, the [ze] [te] or October's amount which more aims toward on it did not come and or consumed either the [ze] point card which is saved,… otz and the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] you want it is good and the ~, had not done also the favorite pan [ru] [se] inside, the [ze] the member of the [bu] has been present with thinking… the [u] it is v favorite vv Oga × old city… [haahaa

    • Where You Live view
      Theme is delicate, the view where you who are bought unintentionally are, with the w2000 circle which today reaches abundance of this tune how it probably is what, reached the point where ww recently Amazon is used well, it does not come, is the red [zu] it is to come the [zu] it is to come, the buying [tsu] [chi] [ya] kind of [tsu] which is dispersed it is to do, w it is to call lovely the empty is (laughing) nayuta it is lovely, but the bamboo grass which well, [yamai] is applied it is love not to renew, the orz school which the [te] does not have -> lesson -> dinner -> the bath -> the [tsu] [te] which sleeps becoming the habit of saying,…W which it keeps destroying from now on about the first 1 weeks does not go temporarily seriously taking being the recognition which is said, don't you think? (laughing) tomorrow was the [a] which is cultural festival of the school of the older sister, so yesterday host section & the made way sale day which are, returning from the [tsu] [tsu] school, same line the w [so] which is applied - is, however it is the surprise red sandal wood, the [hosuto] section fan book coming out, the better seed! Rear novel 2nd volume! Both the w [so] which is bought, the [re], with the made way with your animation conversion [me] you question www Usui your such a speech which is it can be effective in the sound, as many as…[tsu]!! The dubbing artist wants the rear end, is, as for the chairman the made way! 8 (flower and dream comics)/Fujiwara [hiro] ¥420 amazon.co.jp cherry tree orchid high school host section 15 (flower and dream comics)/leaf bird [bisuko] ¥420 amazon.co.jp cherry tree orchid high school host section fan book ~ float [doki]* The capture large maneuvers (the flower and dream comics special)/the leaf bird [bisuko] ¥680 amazon.co.jp cherry tree orchid high school host section ~ you take! (Flower and dream comics [supeshiyaruraranoberuzu])/the view ¥2,000 amazon.co.jp red [zu] where leaf bird [bisuko] ¥680 amazon.co.jp you are is to come the [zu] is to come seems that is dispersed,/May illness [mario] ¥990 amazon.co.jp

    • (° Д °)
      belief , please visit the following link

    • Dependence syndrome
      The [wa] it is to do, the [i] [ya] the cartoon which is thought suddenly may go 600 volumes, the [te] saying, the [ru] the original [ya] because the [i] the place where you put away the shelf of the section desk of half [tansu] of lower [tansu] of the [i] [yo] bed the [do] [u] which is unreasonable to do the [u] and, is present nowadays which you think, one time cartoon gathering [tsu] [te], buying in some [ma], but the [ru] it is, the [ya] [me] if the [u] and cartoon and others it does not leave, because with is, this week the [wa] to begin with in cartoon [wa] all touching and others the [i]! When above this, it becomes too absorption, becoming the [a], because it is the [a] ~~~~~ which is the how [ya] which it continues to buy, story of cartoon the [i]! Reading [ma] [i]!! You ram down to the practice of the byte and sports festival! However, as for chairman made way! Because it is the extent which becomes [wa] animation conversion the friend of real it continues and makes buy and receives, now when cooperation we ask, the [me] [tsu] it is inevitable!! You get angry to also the parent, study and the [ya] and others [zu] the [o], the [i] which is made the [do] [u] ahead of time direct the [i] and the [ya] ahead this the [wa], you persevere with the [i] [yo] and increase (above crying!

    • Chairman Ooooo!
      In such a time as for chairman made way! Don't you think? you read and it returns are the [i]…[dokidoki] doing too much, you cannot sleep, <- the seriousness [ya] -!!! (*´д `*) Usui -!!! And the [be] - it is [yo] true what, in habit of cartoon the pheromone coming out stripe chestnut and the [tsu] lever -!!! - (The *´д `*) you borrow the [wa] from the [tsu] [chi] of the leash from by your to start possessing, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] saying, that the [a] you have possessed, the [yo] which just recent 6 volumes and 7 volumes put out and don't you think?/(^o^) \ still do not come out 8 volumes, if the 1~5 volume buying [wa] it is not, in the volume whether (the *´∀ `*) the [do] [tsu] of the eye. Don't you think? Usui it was it is, (=∀=) with [yaba] it was and did and did with [yo] infringement and being useless, it did all back with marine [kosupure] after the [yo] and the [yo] died don't you think? (=∀=) also positive direction of halfway participation after w is lovely, when the chairman becomes red, therefore it is dense this [dokidoki], smiling, what today you become aware is the [a] to do, when degree of [dokidoki] exceeds, it becomes the tear eye, don't you think? (∀) also to come it is and don't you think? the [me] is the [a], the [a] it is, being such a child?…Change/(^o^) \ the air [zu] being done the metamorphosis element anew with condition [me] www girl cartoon, to do because and/(^o^) \ associating the [i] the [i] which you saw it rubbed, the key of metamorphosis is cartoon! It is the [u] the fool! [a] []/(^o^) \ night is broken

    • I and I romance anime
      kanji , linked pages are Japanese

    • What you like.
      Because there are no times when you write however today when it tries talking concerning favorite ones what which it tries talking concerning cartoon you deliver to the 1 you favorite of cartoon and as for this you have hit recently the shadow is, but don't you think? supporting from first stage, the ♡ 爽 child which it increases, it is lovely, it is, but the ♡ - those 2 Strobo edge everyone parentheses of the ∀ where animation starts immediately the favorite good ♡ lotus you the hall as for the 3 chairmen of the favorite ♡, the made way! Usui, it is highest! The [tsu] [chi] [yo] it passes and!!! Simply, however the way of the nature of the chairman the 4 quaint man this of the highest ♡ fan ♡ Asuka from first stage it is lovely it is the 5 [kosupureanimaru] of the ♡ well somewhat [ero] to be, <- it is very funny, is, - it is the 6 [koibana] of the ♡! It is funny!!!! Something the enormous favorite ♡… teaching the book which [ze] w← everyone who tries talking likes, don't you think? it is ♡ that* No

    • The Purika.
      Falling asleep, while rumblingly to do with the futon between the [ru], you write and reaching the quantity whose scribbling which is accumulated is good, when now when it increases you see, something [inazuma] being more than aph, that…? After with the wind on that is to be round only the woman equipment ゙ [hunke] ゙ hmm, we eleven of the game (alias [ikemenirebun]) and it is young. Empire approximate case Sakuma meeting and others [bi] [yu] -! … [sasen] ^p^ today it went to the house of the [a] the good or in full where and the bookstore it approached next temporarily the chairman the made way 8 volume and is crash6 volume purchase what, you bit and saying crash or [ikemen] which is girl cartoon lover being many, tastily the potato it is with, you have forgotten to buy the work of this person who loves the picture of [yasudasuzuhito] mostly you look at night cherry tree quartet 6 volume it is ((it was buying on impulse at that place, it is, but you see it is with replica4 volume purchase [avuarusu], but the continuation the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [te] was not seen in Mobile, it is, China 々As for the one which has replica and the just a little interest which you think that as for the picture of the smoke being clean, even when my lachrymal glands just being weak well enough impressed the contract combination we love favorite also contents basically being [satsutsu] is less crowded after all and the face paint [tsu] [te] is tasty even with ^p^ which is not similar, you think that you should have tried seeing! You think that [huantaji] or Alice, for the person who likes the doll kana on the other hand for the person who likes the clean picture this work, it is wasted to be minor,

    • Apparently the last 11 as of June.
      Don't you think? 1 year [tsu] [te] it is quick, - already after just a little it is Christmas, after to the society member who probably will be read the [wa] [a] whose time is short - being truly 3 years however also the wild pink which it feels quickly that everyday time passes, says don't you think? however languidly languidly - it becomes the [tsu] [te], the one which don't you think? the [e] (what) condition riding, New Year Chinese character official approval it has been about to receive early, stops is good don't you think? when the [e] - (laughing) <- it falls with this, 3500 Yen there is no 勿 body and as for the chairman made way 8 volumes coming out,… where the [ru] you do not know ' `week beginning [tsu] [te] what!! If the last volume of useless line it is not together and in buying, from д 2009.11.30 monday carrying the 22:23 - the by 汐 逢 way 屡

    • I woke up.
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    • Reading
      Book-reading… is, once in large quantities from yesterday you lending cartoon to the friend of example and persevering and reading the [ru] total 21 volumes… read in 2 days… with… by the way as for contents as for this ↓↓ [otomen] 5~8 volume chairman, the made way! 1~3 volume school Alice 1~5 volume May steward 2~4 volume library war 1~3 volume good bye the desperate teacher 1~3 volume girl, the [tsu] is, because… well, [otomen] reading it is from before coming out,… yesterday my parent being fixed to [otomen],… the [a] ~・・・… today when you become tired 10 volumes… as for the study ant the contents of one volume it is many, you become tired, it is,… the [ma], it is, the [tsu]?

    • I finally hye!
      “As for chairman made way!” 8 volumes - - - - - -!!! However well, from the middle you have known it is with lala, don't you think? ≧ (the ´▽ `) ≦… handle [yaba] it is, what, cuteness what of that Misaki's, that Usui parenthesis good quality [yaba] saying, - - - - -!!! As [giyutsu], the hand connecting, the apple making eat, indirect kiss (<- that is left over and how is good) with!!! Because it was kiss with 7 volumes, don't you think? this time however sweet kana - the [tsu] [te] you think, [yaba] to be, there is no strange cup to there! Don't you think? [hiro] Mr. Fujiwara it is enormous! To be good you can think of that the so varieties it is sweet! Is with, after the fact that you read is “pandorahearts” 10 volume “black steward” 7 volumes (, don't you think?? ) Which rub the [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was funny! Well reading this with g [huantaji], but the [ru] it is, [ozu] and the jack [katsukoii]! [sebasuchiyan] [katsukoii]! And!!! 4 day in tomorrow is the book sale day of bleach&reborn, - - -!!! As for the cover of bleach beam bell! … And [tsu] [pa] [ero] it is, so reborn uni- & the tuna! [kiya], uni- the [wa] being able to obtain, after the ❤, as this cover highest thinking this ↓ [nu] and others [ri] unexpected! The [ji] it is, properly the way, the princess? Is, -!!! This past story was highest!!! It is with, the [ze] where this is sale! ↓ “d.gray-man”!!! The [hi] the [ze] which is - it waits the [ze] - Hoshino teacher [tsu]!! However after, we liked, the person ・・・↓ “key person” which is ended!!! Although we liked, -… the swallow [e]… it is such feeling being, [wa] [tsu

    • Pigeon - Ng
      日本語 , Japanese talking

    • Spring Anime and Asarutosavaibu
      ■2010 year spring animation summary blast circular [batoruburorazuniyuvuesutoroia] [toransuhuomaanimeitetsudo] elbowroom put on the [hetaria] 3rd period ring 1 shadow road compilations major 6th as for [naitoreido] chairman of the series four tatami mat semi- mythical large types spark, the made way! Perplexity cat overrun! kiss×sis most the large devil betrayal of rear has known my name, one horseman this thousand xtreme xecutor giant sonata Japanese blowing substitution edition angel beats of seven human [aianman] winter of the killing rainbow two building six rooms! Truth love princess † hit and miss - maiden large rebellion - d.c. [ekusute] Arakawa [andazaburitsuji] working!! It shakes largely, wearing, as for viewing schedule at [sekandoshizun] b type h present time just the deficit at the place, d.c. [ekusute] [tsu] [te] what? (∀) * you can use also [gandamuasarutosavuaibukiyuriosu], with ...... the staff of the “Gundam battle series” sends, the ⊂⌒~⊃ which already is circumstances which the staff of the “Gundam battle series” sends seeing decision. д.)⊃

    • ハヤテのごとく(DVD第1巻感想)&初春アンケート結果発表
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • 赤坂・青山子ども中高生共育事業TBS:子ども記者養成 ...
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    • みなさんお久しぶりです^^
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    • ばとん
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    • シャングリ・ラ 第23話 「崩壊序曲」 (アニメ感想)
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    • こーきからきた めっさ長いバトン♥
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    • ハヤテのごとく!! 2nd 第23話 「僕達の行方」 (アニメ感想)
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    • やまも
      And the [ho] - it is, [tsu]!! DREPT (The ^▽^) the no it was pleasant, -* Today did the friend 3 person and the burning meat doing, the bow ring! As for the burning meat the full eating [chi] [ya] it was, in addition www which the one step got near in the pig (^p^) also the bow ring are your own sense with the garter stripe chestnut, [chikushiyo] where the stomach stands!! And present portable expedient was the car of the friend! The [ge] which it does - don't you think? (^ω^) it moved lightly with [tora]! Furthermore the friend stalled the temper [tsu] [te], the laughing [do] will not be! By your go to be quick license wants o (^o^) o tomorrow public peace, but it is! After the [te] returning, it is not studied! fjs her 4 volume readings it is the [tsu] [te] it is! Because today fought with the bookstore, don't you think?, don't you think? desire of oneself! - The [chi] [yo] it is photograph collection it was and, the photograph collection of pureboys it was and, ripple your photograph collection it was and, in the study ant as for the chairman the made way! Air gear…The [u] [u] [u] which has the fact that the [tsu] [te] we want too much/(^o^) \ tomorrow caspa! It probably will go to buying! However the present tiller [tsu] [te] you saw, - the [chi] [yo] it is it was [nitanita] in cuteness! Don't you think? without fail it was the doubtful person! However it does not make the air, \ (^o^)/that one-shot passing aiming, study it perseveres, therefore o (^∇^o) (o^∇^) even with o from 8 o'clock ripple your pj don't you think? the ♪

    • ブログネタ:趣味にいくら?
      [buroguneta]: Month how much it is applied in hobby? While participating how much it applies in hobby? Just you can use, all (laughing) patience? It is not possible, don't you think? the ~ (laughing) saves the money because of hobby, it pours into hobby that what? Even annoyance being caused in everyone, or the [i] ~ your own income is the [o] you are ♪ hobby, dropping to him, it increases also the [o] ~ (laughing) in the magazine cd, huh with, in the photograph… After don't you think? comic and the novel, the dictionary (laughing) necessity because of the novel it puts out this, then the dictionary it is funny and the [tsu] [pa], it inspects with the personal computer with being different, turning the para para, page, the word which you opened suitably it expands world view from there and/or, [yaba] is, it is the completely dangerous person, don't you think? the ~ (laughing) recently after the thing dictum dictionary, you bought, the German and English dictionary having, increases in French, Italian and Dutch, now, as for wanting whether the Greek dictionary and the Turkish dictionary ~ sound just we like the favorite nuance, butBut (laughing) Italian main what it could make easy to know, whether, in the new work which is thought <- still the hand is produced oh, also the comic recommendation recently may, as for the girl the wife and as for the chairman the made way consciousness being done, it increases, because (laughing) you inspect also the Italian legend, when there is the recommendation, don't you think? please teach

    • イベントレポートⅡ
      Really even with the [tsu] which is the continuation of the report at this time story of [meito] <- *:. . o○☆ ゚: . *:. . “Buying lala which o○☆… you obtain and - the [tsu] you do not want being what?” with the shank, it is and already understands don't you think?? When you buy, because you could receive the mini- colored paper of cherry tree [hosu], is, the ^p^ [u] it is it is the ^^ natural, don't you think?! <- The position it was and solved the fact that it is the [vuanpaia] horseman where the cover is left over and good is effective and is not the supplement of course the position it was and solved the fact that it is the [vuanpaia] horseman, don't you think? <- as for lala of this month ww cherry tree [hosu] which sprouts fairly well, it was story of the [haruhi] father and the mother, however it is, it sprouted* We want getting married to cool two you, <- as for rear chairman the made way! The [tsu] [te] it is funny truly, is, don't you think? it returns to the story favorite of w… [meito] in ww various sense, but doing the person of the card of rear splash and [tenipuri], it was beautifully delicate! We wanted Mituki whom (laughing) we wanted Mituki and is, <- [bun] one person was good,… orz jackals Yutaka the empty it is good thickly lovely even with m (([kora], or w therefore next door of the patience foot, the [tsu] it was good or, w well it was one day of such feeling, (the ´д `*) the varieties you want to sprout it is the w bruise which is appreciation - the [tsu] it did in the child which goes together!

    • じえけえええええwwwwww
      And the [tsu] [be] - and the [tsu] [be] - wandering with the bookstore, because the cod, trial you can read just 1 stories, as for the chairman whom it tries reading the made way! (1) (flower and dream comics (2986)) Author: Fujiwara [hiro] selling agency: White spring corporation sale day: 2006-09-05 the male be completed degree: This [me] [tsu] which looks at [kuchikomi] [jinkame] wwwwwwwwww [] which how will be done!!!!!!! And the [tsu] you applied! It was excited with the bookstore! [tsu] [ge] [jinkame] which it does! It is the kingcraft of the gin turtle! Although it is kingcraft with even the gin turtle, also setting was gin turtle kingcraft!!! Meaning you understand or!? Your laughing [me] it is! It is excited! It was dangerous!!!!! It was [tsu] [ge] [jinkame] which it does! We makes ideal the gin turtle which here!!!! Crying here []!!!! To to [u

    • 頭沸いてるんですね、分かります。
      Это мнение , for multilingual communication

    • 事故ったー
      Morning of yesterday, from rear it struck to the car before, because also the car was hurt with was completed - (the 〒_〒) without either the mutual wound, that is to be good, but…(; _;)The [a] where heart breaks - (laughing)!! The [ma] [ji] it trembled! The [tsu] which is not what in work!! Although the [ma] [ji] excessiveness - (the 〒_〒) with you think,…With the store manager ky [ma] [ji] (- the _ - being fickle in the [me] master, with about the [ru] dent and the [tsu] [te] - - -!!! Work margin - (`ε´)!!! The [a] - the [a], such a time when you become angry as for the chairman the made way! Reading, it comes and the [yu] to go back and forth, the [yu] it is to do, - the [tsu] [tsu] [tsu] (laughing)* Seven volume [ma] [ji] dangerously - it is, the [tsu]* The coming [yu] to go back and forth, the [yu] it is the stopping [ma] and others - to be, (laughing)!!!

    • 作業中
      “As for chairman made way!”Because from Misaki you drew for the first time, orz which is not similar at all

    • 1人オール
      When the diary 1 all [u] [e] - it is and 6 connected working hard/employment the [a] which is ended - night pc you open it is another place it does in order to heal the fatigue of work…When dry ...... dry there you see, black the feeling which shines the bad object being, night making a noise, the house it starts flying, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] is 漫. Dashing, if as for [u] ゙ [anha] ゚ [ia] horseman five my your chairman the made way the [ha] ゚ [nto] ゙ [ra] steel 錬 the men's school and the like reading directly, the air is attached, the morning [u] ゙ [anha] ゚ [ia] horseman new publication coming out, the [te] 枢 although my your [wa] common the parenthesis it is too good it starts feeling, the [do] [o] becomes expectation is attached that it cries directly from 8 volumes and the [pa] is not it was good being the private room don't you think? the bottom of the heart you thought, junior high school it is about [so] [o] � night 4 o'clock the time, with such feeling of the classmate heuristic seat slanted rear [tsu] Poka [tsu] cartridge [a] around 9 o'clock the cod rain falling at the store, the [te] [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it was cold, don't you think? when the house it arrives, similar no one isTo do, because the weekday day off [wa] splendid [wa] oh the stomach it was less crowded, jun where the stomach it does and others does to obtain the hospital goes 8,2009 (mon)

    • 購入本
      “The bean sprouts it is (8)” Ishikawa elegance 之 “the 綺 loyal retainer group of Kodansha publishers, Ltd. sea (14)” the door. . The friend winter water corporation leaving, it increased, but this yesterday and is however the shank so the favorite it is not in the story of the totally 1 volume beer, just a little stops wanting to drink also main bean sprouts of purchase of the day before yesterday ...... And as for the German October Festo pleasantly so as for the sea 綺 loyal retainer who is totally 1. The fencing tournament (laughing) how doing, whether it probably will be settled, that - the last time, the adult you bought comic of flower dream, you wrote, [kore] but the continuation the large quantity was bought, “the absolute peaceful maneuvers (2)” “Snow White of small 椋 [akane] red hair (2) (3)” you open and the [zu] coming sky are thick “as for the chairman the made way! (2) (3)” After Fujiwara [hiro], as for small 椋 [akane] the work which is different ([madomowazerubatahurai] all the 2 volumes) in addition comic of [abisu] ...... Thursday selling in large quantities, capacity of the room increased, although you say and at the same time that also bosom was moistened, it is this body cod [ku], our thing seriously reflecting, we would like to endeavor to moderation!! With is we would like to shout loudly, but [noberaizu] (all the 10 volumes) stopping wanting to read quickly with the favor which reads the “twin signal” whole volume at this time and returns there is no ginger…Whether it is you probably will search in the second-hand book which is, completely without being moderation, the shank

    • ハイ!注も~く☆
      Un monton de temas de actualidad en Japon , Feel free to link

    • 早起きしてPCする
      kanji character , linked pages are Japanese

    • メイドちゃん2
      However you did not think that sprouting it can be able how says before you say be able to obtain, as for the chairman of cartoon, the made way! And it did again to read, don't you think? is, w speaking quickly? The [chi] [yo] which is not calling it is lovely the ~!!!!! Also everyone trying reading? The girl strong falls to love and it is the [chi] [ya] [u], however the [tsu] which ~w does it was and now explained carelessly it is lovely, is, the ~~!! The manly spirit the girl full with secret working with the made coffee, it is the [ru], the [chi] [yo] favorite it is lovely the [tsu] [chi] [ya] [u] w

    • もそもそ・・・
      The [hu] [hi] - it is what, you bit saying, studying so, saying, whether you say, whether the [tsu] [te] which is defeated to temptation you say it is lowest, - the plug… \ (the ^0^)/with [hetaani] Mathieu coming coming out, www which is surprised furthermore the bear also Mathieu talked, \ (the ^0^)/[wao]! The chairman read, the made way applying the up-to-date publication of [tsu] [te] cartoon at last, but it is, the story ww obtaining? No that? It adhered!? The [do] which adheres -! [chiyu] the [do] which is done -! The [tsu] [te] it became feeling, surprise* Furthermore adhering, with the can [ji] wwwwwwwwwwwwww next volume which does not finish shows the love love [tsu] [pu] [ri] be able be able be able be able be able be able be able to be able is with the shank the chairman who understands is lovely, and Usui hurting in densely good chairman = eyebrow Usui, = you think as the [pa] [ro] [re] [ru] bearing, as for the Usui = metamorphosis [se] [ku] which finishes and others with the extraterrestrial = brother k girl cartoon seeing, it can be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able! Something purely the book of romantic love seeing, it can be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able be able to be able! So above that [imu]. We would like to read and

    • 激しく動くなよぉ
      大量的日本當前主題 , original meaning

    • 重大発表
      As for the chairman the made way the animation conversion decisive coming [ya] [ho] - it is and DREPT (∀) the no the [ze] which is highest* Misaki dubbing artist ↓ Ayuzawa: Kobayashi sand seedling ⇒ D glare connected part Usui 拓 sea: Dejected [kiyon] part ⇒ and others coming of cedar rice field Satoshi harmony ⇒ cool shrine [haruhi]* It does, it is the cedar rice field salesman, happiness village lucky occurrence Ichiro customer part of [kosupure] tea drinking: Naoya Shirakawa lower field 紘 ⇒ cancer/gun parade march madder large mediating/helping part: 更 course Iku alchemy teacher [zoruhu] j [kinburi] part ⇒ library war Tezuka Kei part of Yoshino Hiroyuki ⇒ steel 斗: Riyuunosuke Kurosaki alchemy teacher [kein] [huyuri] part of persimmon field Tetuya ⇒ steel: Nakamura 悠 you perform to also one ⇒ [gedo] game description and [tsubasakuronikaru]!! (The part amount can w which is not) the soldier rattan mallow: Prince unique part soldier rattan of Kaida going ⇒ tennis being attached: Tanaka Rie ⇒ tutor hit man reborn! [bianki] gourd part it probably will put out, is, when (∀) the varieties you inspect, the [chi] [ya] [tsu] it is (the ' Ω `) to take also one hour, the [ma] just is densely the dubbing artist does, so the coming [ya] [tsu] [ho] which is - to be, DREPT (∀) to massage even with the no, because approval is not (the ' Ω `) even the fan increases to animation conversion, when w and the [tsu] [pa] it increases, disliking in that appearance, it becomes feeling, (Ω) with [so] [yu] thing - next year kana? When you inspect that you do, if next year it probably will put out even 2010 is DREPT (∀) there is earth to no that,… The taking [ma], the [u] it is…[a] serious announcement end -

    • うえ…
      Although next door town it just went, it became drunk, <- the [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] (the ' Ω `) the [a], it is, don't you think?! The bookstore it went, but it is! The magazine of the dubbing artist searching, whether the [te] [yu] - it comes and the [ya] it is the cedar rice field is not…With thinking, special edition of cod [haruhi]? Mark with person in cover cedar rice field discovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps [niyaniya] doing, seed Ono d it was, the plain the lovely [wa] - the [a], with, in seeing, the cedar rice field being, [niyaniya] doing, <- dubbing artist ranking! Like met, is 1 rank which is found Kamiya, the [u] it is! 2 rank cedar rice field!!!!! Natural it is not to obtaining, is or, <- 3 rank to be also the Ono d coming, the [wa] - ((after forgetting, - <- the [yu] - to come in 7 rank or 8 rank, the [ya] it is the name seeing [re] it just is to the [u] it is delightful, is being, because in 10 rank to the Yusa obtaining only the cedar rice field it is seen anymore to the [tsu], in other things. It has been recorded with it is not remembered and <- to be able to obtain, the [a] - just the cover cutting off to the [tsu], that you thought whether you will steal, <- the chairman the [yu] - came in made way drama and cd the [ya] is with the cedar rice field was!! Something cedar rice field voice it is high therefore and with the cedar rice field you permit, (the ' Ω `) ((

    • 長い、長いバトンw
      En japones , for multilingual communication

    • ああもうわたしの生涯はバトンでうめてくされるんだろうなあ

    • 今はそれが等身大の素顔で
      . That it turns with the ^^ absolute orange or the green which it turns from Hiroshi with green you say…Therefore favorite color however it is good, as for w self introduction baton your autonym? -> Word [tsu] [chi] [ya] circumstance it is - no type? -> As for it is, animal fortune-telling unclear what? -> Even the sheep - it has met contents well enough as for family constitution? -> As for parents my younger sister you what kind of face? -> The child face [tsu] [te] it is well said, sweetheart it is? -> Don't you think? it is and the - face is the taste! With as for the show biz celebrity of the opposite sex which is said? -> Face…As for [wa] can don't you think? favorite singer? (Is plural useless) -> storm or rad?… Your is the room what kind of room? -> Room [hutsu] of [hutsu] passing, don't you think? call what, the carrying [e] somewhere using, the [ru]? -> docomo [nanpa] it was done, (it did) there is a thing? -> The woman is, \ (^o^)/mono you have stolen? -> Don't you think? with playThe close friend it is in * [maimiku]? -> The seeing [ku] will not? Quick-tempered? -> If separately - s and m, which? -> However the s [tsu] [te] it is said to the parent or the old friend, m [tsu] [te] it is said, [kosupure] to the friend of the school lover? -> As for the book it has not done and becomes teaching of - life? -> Cartoon hippopotamus [tsu] or w silver soul? The made way you think that the parenthesis it is good, as for the person who is turned what kind of one? -> It is - [me] [tsu] [chi] [ya] [sunahukin] the person - as for color of the person who laughing is turned? -> Green or purple…Therefore [sunahukin] green? Please turn the baton to the person of the next image color <- lastly the white ≫ sugar amount black ≫ devil red ≫ [aki] blue ≫ 祐 the rare 橙 ≫ green ≫ thousand gossamer pink ≫ bloom love yellow ≫ seeing [i] [ma] purple ≫ dignity rose we baton doing too much shelf, the one which is turned too much ignoring, is the [ku] - it is, at yesterday second-hand book house “happy tea drinking three Chome④” With “as for chairman made way①~④” With “quaint man③” With “[haruhi]③” You read, but - as for buying boys' comic as for even girl cartoon thing was well found… We like both, don't you think? - \ (^o^)/rice returning ++ the seeing [i] [ma] ++ your many turning [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] [me] it is; ; When -, this time to ignore, w which we ask ++ the dignity rose ++ the pre- register you see from being possible but large portion the dignity rose is the person who is taken… In addition we would like to take -…Tomorrow pleasure ww

    • 魔女は13歳で独り立ちするものです。
      The [mu] [hi] [yo] [tsu] and [tsu] [pa] cartoon are good the [u] (o´ 艸 `o) * skip beat 22 volume * the sugar* Family 1~5 volume * as for chairman made way! 3~5 volume * the dinosaur these 10 volumes of the dentist ↑ were borrowed…Sugar* The hammer [tsu] simply in the family…Your [shisukon] older brother it is it is, don't you think? be too lovely the [u] (д) (↓ [koitsu]) what [haruhi] and the lord like [tsu] dinosaur of the host section the dentist [yokatsuta] the child whom this person of the ~ draws it is quick the [tsu] [pa] lovely [u] (. n. n.)'Yamato of Kobayashi who is defeated' was pre- Kyi highest, (the ●´ 艸 `Although -) it should have continued not to end with 1 volumes, if (the ' Ω `) the bean child line is not in the dentist, goes is fearing, [u]…(- ω- `;)As for skip beat however it was funny,…The lotus is not enough…(; The ´д `) more [kiyunkiyunshin] the [o] [o] [o] lastly chairman…The Momotarou form… of chairman[tsu] [ke] [e]…(Ω) Becomes the rear Usui natural shape air the [u]… whichThe [wa] glasses rabbit as for mallow [chiyan] the [tsu] [po] where it has become favorite the thing of the chairman it is and starts feeling, become funny may and doing, don't you think? whether - when the [ya] ~ (the ´∀ `) [kore] (cartoon 10 volume) going to the return, if you did not borrow the continuation, 'to borrow the continuation of the 捧 [gu]' to you you tried my first love, but when you looked at last volume as the para para ~ [tsu], because something sadly so was, [yame] is someone is death is the [tsu] is the [ri], as for how sad to end the favorite potato is (`э) reading midway [yame]The favorite it is not, but it is, (; ¬д¬) << The grave of the fire perpendicular [ru] of next month >> absolute view when -, the [se] which is not the view [re] - it is dense the [o] [o] [o] [o] [o] [o]. ゚ (no д `) ゚. As for sad story the hateful [a] [a] [a] bean child, << thing removing princess >> you saw saying, you wrote, don't you think? Friday the load show sun, whether or not request from [o] [kimowota] disregard [tsu] [te] or [konoyaro] (ρд well thing removing princess such is not bright, please have the bean child which asks [yatsukuru] meet m () m

    • ・・・ふぅ
      Already, because many months it is not touched, many months are not hit so in compact dtx tries tidying up Japan anymore, it is,… as for time of junior high school and high school although morning it hits well from 8 o'clock evening to about 6 o'clock, it became without such a passion anymore, with sad thing the shank? Although it does not hit, the room being put middle, as the room considerably becomes wide with the favor where being the disturbance does to the edge of the room, you are moved! Even, but, how it is to call the framework? Matsuura sub- 弥 photograph collection how like this riding in 1 places, the seal where letter is written it is pasted, it is, don't you think? the [e] [ho] it is with the how good [tsu] it does, don't you think? when - it depends in plug www yesterday and others, because [otomen] 8 volume it sells, you bought! The [e]… it is drama conversion or, you call www, or this week are! August 1st 23: You try seeing temporarily from 10! This [burogu] also the person who is seen sees of course, don't you think?? It is forcing, don't you think?? It ended with the latest volume and kana - the [tsu] [te] thought however it is, however w which new [kiyara] comes out well with a certain pattern, end the next week when the close air does the like book where the new publication of [koruda] of gold is issued buying, most pleasantly everyone it is in the [ru], don't you think? when [e] - always the new publication of [koruda] of gold appearing, as for the chairman the made way! Also the new publication being issued, the air the [ru] way does, but it is, like it does not come out? The telephone it is applied from the hole of today and others the better fungus is and is! The blue ray arrived, so it goes to the tomorrow receiving which is! Every year you think, but it is, as for months wanting comes out all the way, don't you think? the [e] -

    • ★4000★
      Visitor 4000 it broke!! Don't you think? the one coming always thank you story started changing, yesterday “quaint man ([otomen])” Okada it is groovy, don't you think? the flower and the dream which reaches the point where you think that/cartoon of the cartoon desired white spring corporation it is good recently, lala is when it tries inspecting, becoming nighttime animation, the [vuanpaia] horseman where the [ru] person is many well enough, [koruda] or Natume of gold also [otomen] being drama conversion intimately, with [tsu] coming [niko] motion as for the chairman made way drama cd the Usui parenthesis which is heard the [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] [u] which it passes!!!! [niyaniya] which is dangerous and is it does and the [chi] [ya] is <-, the dubbing artist who to [kimotsuanime] is wanted converting without changing, and should have been a room in the money where the cartoon which we would like to buy increases, but it is,

    • プロットの休憩中に
      impressions , please visit the following link

    • 会長はメイド様
      When lala of this month, you buy, thought now it does, <- the cover “as for the chairman the made way!”It puts out, the first color the host section* Next you have bought with certain [konbini] before the made way perhaps, the supplement Japanese fan tomorrow school, however - <- putting away in [sukuba] is the [me] the [do] to be, -…Something recently being hungry to sprouting, the air the [ru] way does not do and is not and is not and is not ((it is which, as for girl cartoon being after all good, the shank! <-…Therefore the orz [a] which composition may not pass, chaos, of course also boys' comic the favorite feeling at rest, don't you think?! <-

    • バスー
      Unless it runs, because it was not in time, it goes by the following bus, - so today dried the hair properly completely, it is, after no month serving, don't you think? extent the sock it goes down, - it makes the air and - is and [sotsukutatsuchi] you have not used, - there is no gold which is bought, - the [a] [a] [a] - the stomach being painful, it cannot cry, (? Don't you think? now, or the [tsu] when pushing the switch, reading, the same book you wanted to read at the so narrow interval where the [ru] it is whether it became without the ginger which we would like to read for the first time, when it is the streetcar, however it cannot cry, when it is the bus, because it can cry, (?)Yesterday cried however by the bus you were patient to wailing, a little, ((it can cry too much, it is, when at that story completely already five you read after a long time and the [pa] it is pleasant recently (the [te] or [chi] [ya] it is not,) as for girl cartoon chairman of the 奨 [me] of [te] [tsu] [te] meaning the made way! Cherry tree orchid high school host section five! Don't you think? the [vuanpaia] horseman et. al and the like \ (^p^)/- when - it starts reading, that the [ma] and others well the w105 circular DRY [te] which you try the whole volume to gather borrowing to all someone person w [a] [vuanpaia] which was read for the first time however it is different, don't you think? as for the chairman as for [ru] [ri] cherry tree [hosu], as for animation you saw this four of w selfishly even with the [a], but it is, m never girl cartoon you borrow well the s senior, as for five densely from m with…<- There is a time when such not slipping and others you can write on morning well when is even, the Hiyoshi station activating too much, the bus flight goes down the decrease [tsu] [chi] [ya] [tsu] [te] (influence of the green line and the like) those which are what after the following bus 10 minute well calling and - runs the hateful putting out sock and (there is no relationship) gradually to come out, the [ma] - it does

    • 今日から公開
      rolling wrench.top bkm 2009/5/30 (sat) from 09:25 today release: We would like to go to the [ha] ゙ ton seeing, don't you think? with orz which is not the money (the *∵) {persevering, -) q1, favorite painter (or the cartoonist) 5 please lift honorific title abbreviation Arakawa Hiro kind village possession greens Kubo band human Sorachi English fall Hotta it is to come,) 5 please lift honorific title abbreviation Narita such as [chi] q2 and favorite the writer (novelist carefully the Sato Takemiya [yu] [yu] densely Miyabe sees and keeps Siba Riyoutarou a. shear Ra q3, as for the next please keep increasing 50 favorite cartoons you the way of the alchemy teacher Seoul eater of my flat steel - in the [chi] silver soul [suketsutodansu] [ru] wax to joining boundary teacher eye sealed 21 [muhiyoroji] d [gure] you who sword heart good bye are made the desperate teacher tea it delivers, the [rabukon] romantic love catalog fruitAs for friend register cherry tree orchid high school host Section Chief basket fascination John key Strobo flower and your demoniac [arakure] brother and simultaneous Natume made way! Also the Snow White [ma] of the red hair searching the [rori] Kamikaze mysterious thief [jiyannu] full moon, now you remember after this extent…Whether q4, then 50 please increase favorite the novel [batsukano]! [bauwaumiyuumiyuu] [ru] accomplice 5656 [deyurarara]!! The [vu] [a] it is the [pu]! In the world. Needle mountain and others gong! The wolf series it burns and the Mibu Yosihito transmission achievement where sword Riyuuma goes the Tsuji dream bus tar ico first series plain gauze [sutetsuhu] ゚ [huasa] ゙ [sutetsuhu] ゚ level 7 blurring eve story Kudou main town Fukagawa of the [ke] series being concerned forbearance box…(Name you forgot; ; Remembering that sky which the blue sky probably will peel, the cross fire long long homicide reason imitation offense domino who [ru] 13 month (omission) indigo summer calls the night [chiyokoretoanta] ゙ [ku] ゙ [raunto] ゙ 12th angel [haripotsutadarenshiyanderutoraruisushirizunaruniatowairaito] ftb your name of the full moon only love you q5 seven days of sorrow camellia mountain section chief of the Ikebukuro west gate park promise 1 pound which goes to the current meeting which is not audible, with 30 please keep increasing the lastly favorite game locus of the hero legendary sky (The *∵) {v the tired way) -------------------- [emuburo]! Baton warehouse mblg.tv --------------------comment (

    • ねーむいよーっ
      issue , original meaning

    • どれだけ知ってるか試そうZE
      Essa opiniao , Japanese talking

    • 09年04月トーハンPOS調べ
      japanese means , original meaning

    • バトン
      kanji , Japanese talking

    • 今更ながら、
      Self introduction! On it passes news hill celebration Ichiro Tatuya favorite thing many introduction ♡ johnny's kat-tun Ueda hey! say! jump Ino tail Kei Morimoto Riyuutarou Seki [jiyani] XXINF Yasuda chapter large kis-my-ft2 Fujigaya 輔 stormy 櫻 well Sho tv (other than drama) you deliver to cartoonkat-tun stormy assignment the boy club [retsudoshiatairomonearetsudokapetsuto] cartoon you thickly, [sutoroboetsujikosupure] * Animal b.o.d.y. As for [otomen] chairman made way?! The uncle can [rabukarekoibanahuatsushiyon] cantwo party ingni [huechi] bone voice hair eye of the school the [ge] nose neck muscle wrist which it waits you wipe, and others the joint and the like! With ease in [minime] greeting bulletin board* [ze] [i] which you probably will talk concerning especially cartoon! <- By the way [kosu]* With [ani] it is allatum group, <- with the Strobo it is Ando group, <- the leading part 2 person compared to the leading part & we love the position of the friend, but <- the strange child don't you think? how the large quantity it probably will be entwined scared with the current friend, door Ishihara phase military affairs south etc on [n] ♡ don't like long 澤 [riadeizon] <-

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      Opinion , please visit the following link

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      日本語 , please visit the following link

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