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    Greenery Day,

    japanese culture related words Hirohito, Showa Emperor Golden Week Day of Showa Children's Day Emperor's Birthday Constitution Day

    • These are many word of blog in Japanese the most recent topics.
      Day of green, with weekly forecast before the consecutive holiday as for 3.4 days it was forecast of the rain, but after entering into consecutive holiday, the rain it became to end during morning of 3 days, it seems, but therefore as for 3 days however it is to be the last day rain well, past 8 of 4 days o'clock holiday of the badge and the citizen if the national flag raising up 揚 you do not do, when with it goes outside, the drizzle falling, there is no [ru] gradually it rose, but it is, because today although you intended probably to go to the field work of inheritance matter just the land has in Kiyosato villa residence area, we would like to inspect, when is, simply, also the villa residenceBecause what, probably will be has not risen because the simply grass thickly, going to seeing, it is helpless, that whether you say, because there is no [uwamono] even in advance investigation, when it could not specify and, Kiyosato you call goal, the central road the use [wa, a liberal translation

    • Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.
      Sujets de fournir rapidement les dernieres japonais.

    • O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.
      O que voce esta procurando informacoes sobre o Japao encontrado.

    • The Chichibu reed it is the [po] with camera woman (the lawn cherry tree and the like), a liberal translation
      Because you say, that large-sized consecutive holiday latter half second, somewhere to day lady of green keeps accompanying, now around to see, because the lawn cherry tree of the sheep mountain park which is in Chichibu the camera woman whom we have decided to go to seeing because it is the thing where the procrastination which is showing the arm of the one-eyed camera is extreme, not to be the private car, to do to the thing which goes by the streetcar, adding, wheel line (carrying the bicycle with the public transportation) proposes, as for that was dismissed (regrettable) well, the rain falls, it stops, was weather, it does not carry the bicycle result, [te] correct answerWas, but… 5: With the Musashino line of 48 new fall ahead 2 stations recombination, walking a little with Tsu, fall of the Seibu Ikebukuro line from the Tsu station local parking (high speed) in the Hanno going communication furthermore with Hanno it sits down in the box seat of the Seibu Chichibu going

    • 从三天四天

    • Infrequent fine arts museum
      Para obtener mas informacion, pregunte a los bloggers a enlazar.

    • Gradually also the preparation of the sandal,, a liberal translation
      Kobe whose weather is good very* This day to come, because store schedule it is many, when this gw which is shank nori with the pleasure ends rain coming, at a stroke it is summer, oh with while saying, it is hot, if you mention the summer when season of ignition arrives t-sh shortly it is the pan sandal, don't you think? this store customer whose ~~ boots style is many, sometimes, pulling out power, is the sandal some lintel!?? htc×birkenstock ramses flowerstone htc×birkenstock zurichflowerd, brown every year summer htc×birkenstock which is almost sold completely!!! Because it is [korabo] of the sandal manufacturer, it makes, it is quality and the real thing!!! Now the size of ramses almost has been even!!! It produces leathersandalsblack this with the cow leather which is tanned with the backbone vegetable tannin and the return is good on this bottom, the [nume] leather whose also per foot is soft as for use size %

    • May 6th (day) good morning it is.
      Quanto para o 6:50 à manhã de Japão e de China que é Akita a temperatura de ar máxima da expectativa gosta do tempo que é fácil de mudar, é o Akita 19 graus, o Sendai 19 graus e Tokyo 24 diplomas, em ordem (para ser bom primeiro,) agora que ele é a montanha de Taihei da manhã, embora categoria moderna da coleção vazia da manhã do tempo de manhã maio de ö do artigo “” (o sábado) é densa, dia a boa manhã é (dia do ouro) da boa manhã verde é, ele maio de ô é chuva fraca… Manhã maio ò maio de ó (a madeira) a boa é a chuva que é (a água) boa manhã onde maio ø é (o fogo) boa manhã a árvore de cereja que está começando a dispersão, agora… Embora artigo maio ö da popularidade desta que [burogu] (o sábado) é denso, boa manhã do dia é, embora é denso, ele é a madeira antes [arusu] que é as árvores antes da estação de Akita do dia

    • Mini- four running GWGP2012 Osaka conferences (the Kyocera dome Osaka), a liberal translation
      Haube Osaka in der 30. April-Kyocera, die Übergangsfeiertag des Tages des Grüns was das Gehen anbetrifft zur Kyocera Haube wird, in der die „mini- vier laufenden gwgp2012 Osaka Konferenzen“ wirklich nach 2 Jahren das letzte Mal gehalten werden, weil es nur das Gedächtnis gibt, das den Bitterstoff lecken schrecklich lassen kann, waren sie der Inhalt, dem, wie für den Erschütterungszustand, der genug nach Osaka, was den spätesten Kurs anbetrifft kommt, der am derselben Ort Entschuldigung mit kontinuierlichem Kurs 4 heraus oder [maji] entsprechend dieser Mitteilung ist, was vorhergehendes Shinagawa anbetrifft, das der Plan ist, der Shinagawa ähnlich ist, das, es hält, das elektrische Batterie [pawachiyanpu] Flugleitanlage-Thema in Angriff zu nehmen, mit die Resultats- und übergeschwindigkeitsenden, gut setzend Geschwindigkeit, nach dem Reiten vor kurzem glaubend, die dreidimensionalen sectionThis, setzen Zeit gesamtes mit der Bedeutung fest, die die Situation wird, in der durch seine die Luft, die der Plan, der eingesetzt wird, viele ist, obgleich dennoch diesem Plan in vorhergehendem Shinagawa angepasst werden kann, das das Gefühl ist, das nicht dort ist kein auch nicht großer dreidimensionaler Abschnitt ist, nimmt Zeit für Steuerung, stapelt den Silikonbremsenverlust tut

    • But Thursday
      Сегодня не пришло из дома, всегда, оно идет «в город Daiei Inc. четверг», но оно, дождь преогромно, оно оно физическое состояние плох, [u] - раз «синдром hypersensitiveness кишечный» служя, тем ме менее вы мысль, даже [wa] которая после того как все холодно, 咳 и вода носа приходите вне и, оно делает головную боль и, внутренность тела протягивая, его тягостно и «как без» думая, то физическое состояние плох если Gatun вы пошло положить, то в постель, оно было хорошо, оно, становить скоро, жалеющ, уже оно медленн, но оно, как раз маленькое оно переутомлял часть оно был им, отражение ваше собственное тело, если делающ более важным, - последняя категория сопровождая, замечание weblog hob торта риса дуба статьи «» сферы Hino зеленого цвета который возвращает

    • Three days Constitution Day night
      Little petite homecoming usually the companion who has persevered with Kanto direction going home, pleasant drinking meeting also the partner of the soccer section of high school age referred to appearance now [boranchi] at that time the [deihuenshibuhahu] [tsu] [te] saying, defend [mitsudohuiruda] which it increases from day three day of day rear tidying up four day green of up-to-date article green of [tsu] [ke] “weblog” category which how was said four day three day (Constitution Day) one day two days

    • Day of four days green, a liberal translation
      Era horario del torneo de la práctica, pero toda la noche a bajar, la tierra el agua de la condición peor que flotaba con la consecuencia de la lluvia que continúa, él era en un estado donde no puede tirar de la línea porque ser agano y Toyoura inevitables se continúan que, Tsukiji, Murakami, este año cuando no se termina muy el invierno era largo, estado del crecimiento del césped es malo, él no fue terminado verdad es en un estado donde los flotadores del agua directamente, de poner en orden posterior del día de tres días del artículo hasta la fecha Inoki anti- [ru] [tezu] verde “de la noche de tres días de cuatro días del día de la constitución de la categoría del weblog” de tres días (día de la constitución)

    • Inoki anti- building Robinson
      Следовательно, на этой игре nwf всемирной [antonio] Inoki anti- Билл Robinson игра которое было сделано в такое же 1975 была 60 мельчайшие польностью синхронизированные низкие уровни/рядков, но я наблюдали для the first time без вырезывания в конце концов профессиональный wrestling эры Showa am смешной, вы не думаете? , это, названная победа, с ощупыванием когда вы наблюдаете на таких, как для присутствующий профессиональный wrestling там хорошая игра, но, этот год который будет осведомленным внутри без быть видом имени игры которая вручена вниз к периоду будущего, зенита Inoki и Robinson как для судья-рефери который рассужен день 3 tidying дня задний вверх по четырехсуточному зеленому цвету последней статьи Inoki anti- [ru] [tezu] зеленый цвет [retsudoshiyuzudougan] ночи дня конституции дня categoryFrom «weblog» четырехсуточной тридневной

    • Day rear tidying up of green
      Il est de discontinuer le tournoi de pratique, mais pour nettoyer quant au gardien 8 : Recueillant dans 30, du nettoyage et du jour de trois jours du vert de quatre jours anti- d'Inoki d'article à jour [RU] [tezu] de la nuit de trois jours de quatre jours de jour de constitution de catégorie de « weblog » de nettoyage de trois jours (jour de constitution)

    • It offers Japanese Trend , bandwagons , epidemic and Recent fashion in English.
      Assunto para a traducao japonesa.

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