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ultra soul

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    ultra soul,

    Music related words FREEDOM Porno Graffitti Summer Sonic DROPS フメツノフェイス BANZAI Ichibu to Zenbu/Dive CALLING

    • Tension does not rise…
      Note from the customer where those where tension does not rise before the recent going to work and, the [te], drives become pain. Also it has had trouble with thing of the item, but the company internal buyer and the customer with effort, it being possible, to get over, only there is appreciation safely it may end that is, but is, why motivation does not come out… With special care, but it is when for skill rise, to study qualification you intended, directly bgm of commuting with this also may become bothersome to move to conduct, 'ultra soul' of b'z was, but because motivation does not come out excessively, when there are no try searching other things, or, after all favorite animation song is appealing from former times, (laughing) ahead it is. The reed it is and, the water. Ichiro. Rice field [akira] is sung the tune which bosom or forcing…The just song where tension rises queen. of ~ [anison]. . . The child calling in the main sponsor of the [tsu] and [vuihuaren] Nagasaki which this time it will try looking even with the rental shop, [jiyapanetsuto] is one being decided, you were surprised

    • Wanna be without you
      Therefore releasing that hand, field tune hearing, cod Inaba it is young, the strongest legendary love of 21 year ago which cries hearing, before the cod 1 year it may to die remembering it becomes, when hearing, “[kiyuin]” of that guitar echoes in the chest… But before the #1090 or 17 years intellectual viewing m [sute] the degree which is seen it may die it becomes and also al of tak chaos wanting, also the air which when the guitar it does you insert in the b portable hand which loses, everyone mouth arranging even with the expectation which perhaps it makes arrival [mero] “m [sute]!”The [tsu] [te] you say, probably will be, well there is no calling, or don't you think? the chance which spreads the fact that it is the tune of tak, (ry mind of the person who dislikes b'z completely is from the [wa] rear electronic sound the person who is heard the [hi] which tries making ultra soul fearful it could obtain and to orz recently green [uruso], the [tsu] being temporary, field tune it was not heard it was the bean child at all

    • Music station

    • Friend confession support song ♪
      Just ultra soul which you are troubled and the [ya] call and being because someone's? Although you understand, as for thinking in only the conclusion which fluctuates the air [hetare] which cannot enjoy this love of going to the side… we want her who that and this which are dream will throw away the past with the [te], if is, the one rear end of the wooing being single, it will cry or and feeling of the ultra Seoul partner who shines the intention of becoming aware even the red thread being cut off, it ends and being possible most the person of the taste looks at you with [hora] anytime? Seeing, the [nu]? By your that and this which is not actuality now we want cooperating, if is, large amount guaranty paying and you playing to ultra Seoul opposite sex and the friend who fight, you forge and can make a foolish mistake do it ..... which That and this and we want blessing which now will entrap the person, if is, know the joy and [paa] can repel the ♪ above the ultra Seoul ultra Seoul ♪ which rumor is lazy and that and here which is not dream that midst raging and smiles

    • The tune which we would like to hear at the sea
      [buroguneta]: During song best3 participating which we would like to hear at the sea 'memory' aiko 'fireworks' Kuwata of the blue jean' [ketsumeishi] 'summer of the summer glay when we would like to hear after all at the sea it is good 祐 'wave riding [jiyoni]' orange range 'loco lotion' b'z 'ultra soul'!? Oh we would like to hear also glay 'summer fm', the ~ [tsu] [te] it has squeezed at all to 3 tunes, the [i] [ya] (laughing)

    • That how it probably will become, LIFE GOES ON
      The love phantom stand sea (it followed to the eternal wing of [miyu] yesterday and discovery why the love fan chose and private blowin'[to] whether of, is agreeable, that you think, however how it is good, when the rear thin it is plugged, do [tsu] lever and ultra soul it is densely more with the tune of b'z thing saying, the cod and [uruso] which is found however you think that it is the betta, is groovy well…Don't you think? almost the whole school entering, is enormous the fool is the [tsu] already how goes well from the [ru] the ditch [tsu] [chi] [ya] [ke] bean child the [so] where green can slipping favorite solo simplicity (the score of ry green the desired [wa] (story, [ru] the circle~ pulse and finding… Selection of music wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww to be able to call, the next of the circle is not heard when it is x, your fish circle which stops wanting to thrust at all because even then it is groovy, however k how it is good, pulse so the drum seriously. However it is short, that is difficult, al tune at all the minor…Furthermore the [ze] which is circle? Almost stand sea shelf…[ma] such it is the [te] someone being the rear thin, do…Rear thin meaning. Knowing, from the [ru]…Don't you think? (friction which is not relationship it is good? In either one margin [wa] pot tear eye…It was not and those where it becomes [te] English poem the next brighter (was the ry bean child

    • It is early rising
      Examen, evaluation, le resume , please visit the following link

    • Memory of M [sute] SUPER LIVE
      Avaliacao de desempenho, e sintese , original meaning

    • [ya] [hu] and others [tsu] [ku
      Rejoicing in the degree where the son person cm who loves cm where the cat and the duck come coming out flows, because the cancer/gun it has done to see, that you show dvd which buys dvd attachment cd adjusting to exultaion song, rolling, when cm where the tune where the paste which it increases is good flows cm of favorite like (*^_^*) end of year jumbo flowed, thinking that [niyaniya] it does and the w lottery which is taken it hits? However only 300 Yen it hit, (the [ho] ゙ Soviet Union by the way uterine teaching when you make about wultra inquire soul which, is b'z and m rolls to paste paste

    • 1 weeks the ~♪ which is cut
      Well, with the notion that where… that day which it waited in waiting, 1 weeks cut to the b'zlive-gym2010 “ain'tnomagic” life ゙ which is already done immediately, already live you enter in the b'z strengthening week tour 15 days (the gold) from temporarily with [wake] which has started, in the hill where the 01.dive 02.timeflies 03.mylonelytown 04. tonight month which procures the set list of the Aomori performance is visible 05.pray 06.time 07.tinydrops 08.ocean 09.lovephantom 10.magic 11.mayday! 12. don't you think? love me and i love you 13.ultra soul 14.loveisdead 15.freedomtrain 16.it'sshowtime 17. say by everyone, because tapir Don 20.move of [e] 18.long time no see 19. love < encore > selfishly as for me 22. [ichibutozenbu] which do not damage just you - balladversion- (1st only) 23. [ichibutozenbu] < there is no ending se> one person while they are 21. love, all the 24 tunes! Well the [a]… with the pleasure even with the shank ~… that [re]…? There is no Matsumoto solo…? When it is usual, guitar solo as for about 1 tunes seems that enters,…? … Wait wait first, unless tune of the set list is checked once more! As for opening with this tune shank! The paste being good, it is the tune which I like

    • Karaoke ~
      Today the karaoke went with man voice assembly, by his either the gong obtaining of restraint one does not go is the [u] is the empty (laughing) usually the karaoke first well enough various tune 挑. Ida and the duet large quantity of [kinki] you did, don't you think? (laughing) the fact that it is easiest to sing was the [ma] spoon (elegance Osamu Fukuyama), ultra soul and however were the [maji] ogre, although (laughing) the [u] of small love is came out voice, you were the surprise even by your, after (the ´ω `) the karaoke pre- is taken riding in the [purohu] picture which in 1 years, don't you think? the [ru] person they were the pleasant 1 days when well the plain gauze it is in any case and after a long time is (the ∩∇ `)

    • [Bulletin] B'z LIVE-GYM 2010 “Ain't no magic”
      Comentarios sobre este , please visit the following link

    • Bz LIVE-GYM 2010 Aint no Magic 5
      japanese means , original meaning

    • Simultaneity of ♯ culture
      impressions , Feel free to link

    • The fairy whom you laugh
      Trying doing with tablecloth pulling ♪ultra soul with your [sasaramosara] Ebihara rear end, in ♪ [gingiragin] with without the [ri] [ge] with the forehead the tablecloth pulling and [korabo] created!! Wild bomb Kawasima drawing coming song government-managed broadcast in the dog ♪ ear which pairs unreasonably the gun. Falling, if the [ku] - the mantis it is riding in the [ru] - ♪ head and - [ru] - ♪ seal does seriously the assignment the swamp where you wander about ①When the decker marshmallow it continues to eat, it becomes Ootomo fair ②Face Manet of go shogi root building car ③It is quick change of 2700 normal road swimming wears ②[ji] which is rescued: If root building the swamp, the [watsuki] how bottom car tries returning running, with [esuteima] which it tries running with the march which [ru] one is good, perhaps…Birth!! And funny [a] [tsune] where also year root building came out!! Without putting out!! However well it was funny, [sayonara] (the _´д `) the no ~~

    • Welcome to Live-Gym of YUI!
      kanji character , Japanese talking

    • Without there is no even scratch it may end
      The ultra soul piano [u] [u] [u] bear to be able be able be able be able to obtain, in the bean child the person who the piano can be repelled very does not understand be able be able! What hand it has done, it is! The piano the guitar repelling for the person who can be repelled, however perhaps, the [ru] person does not understand, from calling the stay green repelling! That the best 3 make with the tune of green (how without when it is said, don't you think? it dies! The [ze] which is troubled with stay green and surfin'3000 gtr and blue sunshine and forever mine! However forever mine degree of [tsu] [te] distinction also popularity is low, the [ze] which is the honest story famous musical work? In spite to also al tune degree of hardness max of the guitar it puts out… Well, on the other hand al tune degree of hardness is higher? mlt how? Well? But as for mlt buying cup! After all because it is spare time, [animeito] it goes…It goes courage it is it was the bean child alone

    • Ribbon in the sky
      It videotapes looking at the partner, cod ultra soul flowing, it increased a little, (∀)

    • Just which perseveres and the [ya] is good
      In the head it was every day when “ultra soul” repeats (; ´д `)

    • Ultra.
      There being an item, furthermore the Takarazuka favorite of hobby calligraphy the girl being brought up story of the person of the company (before whether ““name detective [konan]” and [dorakue] wrote proud” [tsu] [te] story, that…)Approximately, eating the lunch, when there is a [ru] and a trouble thing, 'me whom it quarries out, in addition being troubled to the friend, being invited, the concert' proper thing of… b'z, before I drink it blows out the tea in that friend to tell the truth, kept being accompanied seem, but that time without knowing whether it was about one month ago, something is what, one person it continued to sit down, passed (laughing) with you had heard, after all you were troubled, last week going, b'z which it causes and is in seeing to Tokyo dome which it was similar to her very and place next day she who is not used was exhausted with also something the face which will be been clear to see, the [re][ru] lunchtime, she the question and answer here where it meets to the question blame as follows q. was pleasant? a. 'It can obtain, from the last time leaps' q. this time is sat down? a. 'To be able to call, because this time around looking around, everyone standing, it seems it is, I standing, it increased,' q. knowing, there was a [ru] tune? a. However 'it can obtain, it is only,…Ultra no [chi] [ya] and others [tsu] [te] tune you know? That rose has heard also the last time the empty, 'without everyone who' to that place of the ultra no [chi] [ya] and others is conveying correct answer it convulsed…Because and she learned, me who “start talking the ultra no [chi] [ya] and others” hotly ', with this tune of the last time everyone the [tsu] [te] which jumps simultaneously, very this time the [hariki] [tsu] [te] you want it is 3 times which are there is a place where it jumps, however it is, don't you think? however the [tsu], sure enough the one time eye letting escape, even if the next accompanying densely, thinking, when being different from cod everyone flying, even if, that it will decide just end, it is the red sandal wood, after all being behind from everyone, finally it could not jump either one time properly, it is we would like teaching the timing which it flies to [a] [a] her who is, (laughing)Because so, ', it is funny to convey the correct answer, ultra soul' [ushishi] which will stop still and probably will solve

    • ★SHOWCASE Nagano performance set list * [netaha] ゙ [re
      The green bullet 16 the showcase Nagano performance set list * [netaha] ゙ [re] b'z showcase2009 - b'z in your town- Nagano Matsumoto performance 2009.7.301, dive 2, impulse 3, [ichihu] ゙ [tose] ゙ [nhu] ゙ 4, burn-[humetsunohueisu]- 5, zero 6, crazy rendezvous 7, vampire woman 8, may sad love 9, the gambler 10, there is no clean love and 11, blue sunshine 12, 13, calling 14, juice 15, it can wander about also the [te] in the hill where tonight month is visible, banzai 17, super love song 18, new tune 19, ultra soul

    • Dream or desire or boiled rice or boiled rice
      Date being the place where it modifies, densely it is, it is the bulletin it came! Well -, that uncle aura or the aura which is sprouting what which how is said, the top becoming drunk or the aura and the combining! The baggage is lovely one by one, is shelf this! Banana [tsu] lever [are] shelf? Calcium plus person shelf? Don't you think? by the way I would like to eat apricot taste privately, (the how good story where is) story it changes, but i transferred and this year i came to the point of 3 weeks going to England, don't you think? \ (^o^)/perhaps it decided perhaps, however there is no travelling well, it is link of university event,… “it is to call? You can visit and the section. You can receive and” it has been about probably to apply with the paste of extent I whom going, as many as 3 weeks whether or not all right greatly it is doubt, but don't you think? the ^^^^^^ communication it is not possible first, don't you think? this bad communication?…(Difference) after, boiled rice what kind of feeling kana of locale? According to rumor it probably will not be tasty or,…? To verify also around there side of the ^^, the [ma] - the ^^ which is done in this way, because only thing of the food [maki] which is not in the head (19) it flies away to overseas, it was ......- But - - all-inclusive September because ww by the way, this kind of baton was discovered, it tried doing, you ask and/or the Kanai [tsu] are the [ri]! ↓ Singer [bokaroido] conversion baton * Favorite is the singer who? Please with anything person! It is and is * with, to [bokaroido] it will try converting that singer! The shouting function which because the good naming where please “sound” it was used you do not come to mind, name) it is and if [tsu] [po] well feature) to b5 become falsetto, can put out the tune which you think that name) in the [bokaro] wind “○ sound 0” and “0 [tsu] [po] well”, k feature) please representative work such as feature of method of singing the one, feature and character of voice) it is the representative work of that one favorite with English anything, of course completeness! The representative work) ultra soul and once upon a time Mary Christmas, while it is love selfishly…And so on the ^^ [a] - the kana which when is sold -, it is, [tsu] [po] well laughing------------------ [emuburo]! Baton warehouse mblg.tv ------------------

    • B'z DVD & Blu-ray “B'z LIVE-GYM 2010 Ain't No Magic at TOKYO DOME” sale decision! *
      At 0 o'clock both official and [bipa] renewal [kita] ━ (; `ω´; ) Σ) `ω´) Σ) `0´) Σ) '. - `) Σ) `▽´) ━!!!! Thinking, it depended and sale day was quick, (((o (* `ω´*) o))) b'z dvd & blu-ray “b'z live-gym 2010 ain't no magic at tokyo dome” July 28th release decision!! The release of dvd&blu-ray finally decision!! [tsuahuainaru] Tokyo dome performance all the tune complete recording!! While the up-to-date tour “b'z live-gym 2010 which the January this year was done in ~ March placing the enormous screen and the band of the full set in are installed “ain't no magic”” stage center, performing, production of the unprecedented scale such as appearance of the flying stage which cuts vertically over the arena seat and, the [tsuahuainaru] Tokyo dome performance which is wildly excited the nationwide 500,000 person in song and the performance of the raw “there is no seed or [shikake]” body all the tune complete recording!! In addition to large hit tune “[ichibutozenbu]”, as for up-to-date album “magic” recording tune and 151 minutes of the highlight which is formed with million hit number it is continuation of the scene which cannot be overlooked!! dvd & blu-ray “b'z live-gym 2010 ain't no magic at tokyo dome” dive time flies my lonely in the hill where town tonight month is visible pray time tiny drops ocean love phantom magic mayday! love me and i love you ultra soul love is dead it's showtime!! Don't you think? freedom say by train everyone, [bakudan] long time of [e] move love no selfishly I do not damage, [ichibutozenbu] just you while it is see love dvd<2 groups> no: bmbv-5007~5008 price: 6,300yen (tax in) blu-ray<1 groups> no: bmxv-5007 price: 6,300yen (tax in) recording time: The image of approximately 151 minute 2010.07.28 ON sale official and the flash of [bipa] is different!! Σ (; `ω´; ≡; `ω´;) Perhaps, [bipa] rice plant tongue main (the human *´ω `*) the ♪ already there is no [ya] [re], the place! There first [eropointsu] it is there to be www [bipa]! [kiya] ∩ (´∀ `∩) (∩´∀ `) ∩ [kiyatagu]: Blue ray live dvd b'z Inaba Hiroshi will b'z party sale decision ain't no magic

    • July 30th Bz SHOWCASE that 4
      En japones , for multilingual communication

    • “B 039 z LIVE GYM 2010 quot Ain 039 t no Magic quot” in Aomori city cultural center set list
      Good morning, the ♪ which is it started more and more and in everyone snow of better seed yesterday Aomori participation, very much it seemed the fatigue - the way* The Aomori set list is introduced from here, because of ♪ [netabare], don't you think? as for the one which we would not like to see through doing, it is the set list of ♪ “b z live-gym 2010 ain t no magic” tour first day, (fan sight copy)--“b z live-gym 2010 ain t no magic” in Aomori city cultural center set list--Tune order 01.dive02.time welcome in live-gym of flies - b z - in the hill where 03.my lonery town04. tonight month is visible 05.pray06.time07.tiny drops08.ocean09.love phantom10.magic11.mayday! Don't you think? 12.love me, call by i love you13.ultra soul14.love is dead15.freedom train16.it s showtime17. everyone, because [ha] ゙ [kuta] ゙ [n] of [e] 18.long time no see19. love - encore - 21. love selfishly as for me 22. [ichibutozenbu] - ballad ver which do not damage just you - -> there is no [ichibutozenbu] main part ending se one person while they are 20.move, - theme of live-gym-● anecdote start 15 minutes or more, as for the cause the trouble which is late occurring, that is because time was required for the exchange of the ticket exchange ticket, the clarification circumstance which is thought, updates information thrillingly, the [a]! To [imetore] start and the Nagoya dome rear approximately 1 months!! The framework framework the [a] which is done*

    • B' of 19 days; z [nagodoraibu] ([netabareari
      It went, [tsuatora] 3 it was, but this pattern [tsu] of the same pattern with 3 it does! W which the back shot [tsu] does it is with having, when just you call and are lined up and the system does not start and as for the seat which comes out with the ticketing system which is turned to other things says,… the s seat 2 gate 36 passage arena b8 block 4 line 7th… from before the b block the 4th line! (∀) furthermore the super it is good from center of the Inaba side seat! It was made wait extremely, but the good [tsu] it does! The highest ♪ it is with having, the set list which becomes matter of concern in the hill where 00.opening movie~ Matsumoto solo 01.introduction~dive 02.time flies 03.my lonely town 04. tonight month is visible 05.pray 06.time 07.tiny drops 08.ocean 09.love phantom 10.magic 11.mayday! 12.love me and i love you 13.ultra soul 14.love is dead 15.it's showtime!! Don't you think? 16.freedom train 17. say by everyone, while it was tapir Don 20.long time no see~ encore ~ 21. love of [e] 18.move 19. love selfishly as for me live ended with the ♪ highest feeling which is 22. [ichibutozenbu] ~ballad ver→ [ichibutozenbu] main parts which do not damage just you bought also the goods abundantly and searched and returned home! Also the tape of the heart and the tour logographic entering which the [a]” [tsu] then fall in tune shrewdly the get ~ arena highest ♪・・・

    • The B'z LIVE-GYM 2010 Ain't No Magic Osaka 3rd day set list & live memo (there is [netabare])
      En japonais , please visit the following link

    • [burogu] news item* The song BEST3 which we would like to hear at the sea
      [buroguneta]: During song best3 participating which we would like to hear at the sea summer & call the tune which is heard at the sea time [tsu] [pa] - to be, it is certain, but when to now you refer, 1 ranks am11: 00 (hy) 2 rank life ([kimaguren]) 3 rank requests! Whether the senorita (orange range) - with, it is hard to throw away in addition to! Don't you think? summer color ([yu] [zu] the) foppish school gang leader (orange range the) [ikenai] sun (orange range the) sun and the bikini (rip slyme the) tropical night (rip slyme) paradise [beibe] (rip slyme) [haneumaraida] ([porunogurahuitei]) ocean (b'z) ultra soul (b'z) wave riding [jiyoni] (Kuwata good 祐) perhaps basically summer, orange range rip it probably means that per slyme [sazanorusutazu] [yu] [zu] stops wanting to hear, the w [a], with recently we like, “cant help fallin' in love” ([erubisu] [puresuri]) it is goodDon't you think? - after w, Hawaiian summer becoming a little [aho], the song which it shouts probably is favorite what, don't you think? - >w<♪, sweet love w

    • Japanese talking
      Opinion , please visit the following link

    • B' Welcome to LIVE-GYM of z!①
      With the meaning which is said, it went to live of b'z in 2/12 and 13 Fukuoka dome! So, with the shank ~, this time type of seat can be selected at the time of [chike] reservation, it is, when in the useless origin it designates the reservation of 12 as the ss seat, beautiful election! It is all seat, but going to the day meeting place, when entering beginning, the ss seat which is designed in such a way that the seat is recognized increases, the photograph piercing identification card becoming necessary, it is the day, going to the meeting place, going to the private admission gate, status proof and the exchange ticket as for the latest seat which winds the paper which presentation and the seat is written in the arm…… the ~~~~ it is! a6 block 4 line 3rd!!!!! Because thickness of the [a] and the wrist do in the air, (however laughing) the [u] [hu] [hu] [hu] [hu] [hu] [hu] [hu], it was not the [do] middle, is before, it does well! But very limit stage you see properly, the [re] [ru]! However the [ma], it was the acoustic tend [yo] [bi] [tsu] and the disturbance, well…, because it is the news item being discovered from here, don't you think? please pay attention, perhaps, as for tune order that it was such feeling, order was different… delicately, whether…? - Welcome in live-gym of opening- introduction dive time flies-b'z! - In the hill where my lonely town tonight month is visible pray-mc 1-time tiny drops ocean love phantom-mc 2 - magic mayday! love me and i love you ultra soul-mc 3 - support member introduction love is dead freedom train it's showtime!! Don't you think? say by everyone, tapir Don move-encore- of [e] long time no see love. I do not damage just you selfishly while it is love - mc 4 - [ichibutozenbu] - ballad ver. - [ichibutozenbu] - ending - as for thought the next…

    • <[orikon]>The storm this year with first week 540,000 as for the highest sale record and 2 year continual initial motion 500,000 achievement after 9 years ever since B'z
      En japonais , Feel free to link

    • Best album in my hand Yoshitsu
      Tune favorite of the singer 13 tunes is inserted being!! 1 “tsunami” southern 2 “ultra soul” b'z 3 “two human tripods” misono 4 “[saudaji]” pornography 5 “it is possible to cry, is?”, [hurenzu] 6 “faraway” dat 7 “brun-[humetsunohueisu]” b'z 8 “[ageha] butterfly” pornography 9 “vs” misono 10 “fruit southern 11 of the midsummer” pornography 12 “end=start” misono like this the kana ~ it is difficult “to the one which love calls” ~ something like this being fixed to [yu] [u] thing recently, the [ru] misono and the pornography becoming 3 tunes, already it is… (laughing) calling and [hurenzu] Don't you think? something we would like to insert, as for 2 tunes southern whether too natural to be, the ~? Therefore among them the thing famous musical work knowing anyone, the [ru] don't you think? - as for 2 tunes of b'z knowing anyone, the ~ which probably is the [ru]!!! The name phrase it puts out and can ride and just there hearing, the [te] you do not grow tired and

    • 夢じゃないあれもこれも
      Because of nomination admission examination the school cripes is being completed, although \ (^o^)/is, as for the bell 乃 doing absent-mindedly, because you insert the dentist, also someone cannot play today,…The foolish shelf <- body temperature being only 35.3 degrees to the [tsu] coming, being the [te] unsteady, it increased, but [tekisasubaga] which the coming which heals does (Ω `*) would like to eat!! Everyone saying, when before the Mack it passes to yesterday how return which it increases it is to sell out to do, it is enormous [matsuku]! After you want plainly and coming would like to eat, what you want in the vicinity of the person school of the funny taste where it is, and it comes and there is a house and there “[hanbagu] it wants and, in the [ri] [tsu] [pa] where comes” it may become the boiled rice, is, (and temporarily that whether the [chi] around there being the just a little b'z calling, whether it will try eating in the bean milk cream, you think, in laughing it is (*´ 艸 `) ultra soul it is groovy after saying, however is just the [ru], <- it is rear [ichibutozenbu] can [pe] coming beginner speech, but what? As for the [mu] oak “it is audible in all same tune, however -” how you say, such a thing or the [mu] [tsu] [chi] [ya] it is groovy, that the extent which so can be said greatly it is not heard, however is, you transferred and intently to be groovier than the person who the basic maggot maggot is done even with bump which like like (∀) with [guroriasureboriyushiyon] favorite putting out such a reason title was from ultra soul

    • まさかの歌うま。。
      In this time…Whether the increase which you sing re-releasing sending, ......That? The new publication drop the [tsu] lever? It is, the [ji] [wa] [ru]? Disliking? So it came! [age] & [age] of fujiwara XXMAL!! Although it is mono Manet, the dancer hung and could videotape the phone mono (laughing) [tsu] o (><) o the [a] o which was done (^-^) as for inclination of o [ageage] considerably irregularity was mamoru is choreography kana?? So [chiyu] it did and, it wanted doing, (no _.)However something, [age] & [age] of fujiwara XXMAL, it came out and disrepute (laughing) was in the orator, in me it is stopping/deciding [totsu] one rank eternally however!! How, if the [se] when exile of the double name ultra soul of potato washing hill chief Kanou Suguru filial piety l'arc you can do, furthermore it is good reason however!! So it was lovely* Well satisfaction, the satisfactory (^ human ^) well it returns to the shambles and these two hours of the [ma] [hu] how echoing? As for answering 4 days later!! ([hitsu]!)

    • カラオケ-☆
      Going to before the store, the [hi] you drive, it is with flowing together, the karaoke the [a] believe sophiaanytime 倖 rice field which goes 來 not yet [vuanpaia] janne da arc [natsurabu] juliet [harukana] promise kat-tun the hardness loyal retainer of the red thread new fence joining robe beautiful days stormy rain of tearz poem sound m chord the [u] of the song uverworlddive to blue l'arc en ciel resounding/affecting exile single-bed plain gauze random q love which you like it is the 倖 rice field 來 not yet dream story [tatsuki] &. Being distant, vision acid of the Nisino [kana] ultra soul b'zdear my janne da arc winter black cherry lie [shido] which is forgotten it begins to be broken, the radio Tokunaga Hideaki [hi] drives it is you sing, the pleasant [a] where it increases - furthermore the [hi] you drive, is to be [gochitsu], - such a [hi] you drive, it is from this sunrise business

    • カラオケで歌える曲
      You write with spare time something, seriousness putting out * the pornographic graffiti * concerning the [haneumaraidameritsusahitorino] night fantasy scientific boy century lovers mugen [beazuneomerodoramateitsukuromanchisuto] [egoisutomiyujitsuku] [awaaporoageha] butterfly happiness, the tonight when it tries thinking, month also without being visible, when to the one which gift a new day [saudaji] love calls you are here, dusk morning of romance link love too death too eddy machine-gun talk jazz up sister employee of the beath promise it is painful, don't you think? while it is the green bullet love where komachi angel of the position dilemma libido roll nanana summer girl b'z love phantom lady navigation sun you can wander about selfishly as for me the ultra soul zero alone greeeen far [kiseki] be free walking door sun shine which does not damage just you and loveWhile the 唄 puppy moment [sasuke] blue bench kelp clo bud inquiring about hardness loyal retainer last rainy m [oribia] of the chord green kindly, whether primal one more time one more chance Pegasus fantastic eternity smap flower night sky it is the heart densely it is extent kana - still there is the [mukou] leprosy just of one in the blue [inazuma] world, don't you think?

    • 久々にコンパス
      Nihongo , original meaning

    • 朝の海老蔵、モテ蔵話し。
      Today the [gi] my [te] Ebizou who increases it is with something so [mote] [ru] combining [mote] [te] [ru], falls in love to entertainment news and whether the [tsu] [po] is this [mote] warehouse! So when the [yu] [u] it is to have come out even with the pheromone which changes or, it is in the vicinity, the pheromone where the woman becomes [meromero] '! When that perfume it does, it can sell, it is it is not, (the ¯▽¯)?!' Gold! (The no ´▽ `) the no ♪ [so] [tsu] shank, that it is, the [tsu] shank! As for name of perfume 'love phantom (love phantom)' with! 'ultra soul (ultra Seoul)' with! 'ladynavigation (ready navigation)' with! Because as for the tune just name of bz Inaba's singing is audible from the radio and the old [wa] with therefore his own tension of the busy period which can do the conversation which is said, today when you think as the still all right shelf Friday load show 'castle [rapiyuta] of the sky' can apply quickly, work on of ~ site just earth day calling 23 days was, many [chi] [ya] and others [huesu] Sunday two hour rear correction 22 days which the ~ would like us to go out is it is, John who cannot go completely (the _ _)

    • 比嘉410立海
      At present! Awfully you play with the cousin, is the head the cousin who probably is my [tsu] [te] no what which is pierced Osaka and every came from the [tsu] [wa] in the cousin of ^p^ preschool seniority, whether it is the [tsu] [ke] which is therefore as for me Kanagawa whether beautifully or the [bu] [tsu] the ^p^ ratio which is taken 嘉 410 [ri] [tsu] in the ^0^ memorial service which already becomes tired oh unintentionally south non strange method r (ry or the word [wa] being done before the medium grave! The [bo] - the sutra being effective! It burnt from some ^^ [tsu] [ke] yesterday it started going! Being 10 days postponing, - the [u] is, as for 3 hour semi- karaoke of 4 hour karaoke + parents of the friend or no ^p^ leader Bonn child your [ru] color as for two or three people sang throat doing certain together the [machihare] clear [reyukai] native of Hokkaido sea sir again [haneumaraidamarionetsuto] snow of the ^0^ un pan man, silent, at the window side ultra soul to receive, it cries and the force ni my yeah where where [kisekichiyamupointo] which is held cries and as for [bokuro] demon Risa keeps stealing very ones! Side refuse magical girl [majikaru] where there is no deviation from umbrella, tapir Don we of bluest sky last chop gift Tokyo landscape satsugai stand up fight to the end love, the angel air man cannot push down the lie flaming ice carryon [kanashimiburusera] clothes it is it is [poniyo] Sakura on the popstar time after time cliff it is with [bo] kiss chain reaction ba nzai ja p creation saintly [akuerion] venture to do, it does with the [yo], the [yo]? The umbrella having, the [ke]! The sailor suit Ganba lance de dance ~ the emperor of the [bugiugi] ice aim the [ge] [e] which [pokemonmasutahanamizukimonokuro] kisses it is in the desired ~ go tight fart gymnastics we way stunt which you dream even [vua]! Thesis of the [mikuru] legendary whimsical romantic hot illusion cruel angel of love it is many the emperor of www and the chaos wwww ice having, the [ke]! Sailor suit and [hare] clear [re] dance alone… ^p^

    • 個人的ベスト5(2001年編)
      Comentarios sobre este , linked pages are Japanese

    • B'z★サマソニ大阪!行ってきました~~~!
      belief , linked pages are Japanese

    • B'z 「SUMMER SONIC 09」 画像&SET LIST
      “summer sonic 09” Tokyo & Osaka - in the hill where set list-1.dive2. impulsive 3. [ichibutozenbu] 4.burn-[humetsunohueisu] - 5.zero6.tak's solo-今夜 month is visible - 7.??? The green bullet 11.banzai12.super love song13.ultra soul where (unpublished tune) 8.calling9.juice10. you can wander about

      summer sonic with 8/8 (Saturday) Chiba marines 09! Live of b'z which this summer is only one time! The sled [ya], the [tsu] [te] ~~~♪ [a] where also tension rises, tension rising, because the article it is not funny from the [ru], without expecting, in any case summer the fine weather which [huesu] seems!! The [a] it is to do, because you did not know the other coming out orator well, whether not being a rainy woman whether, don't you think? everyone it was good, at the ♪ meeting place, the person (calling glow lease, trend check) who attaches the t shirt and the towel before tour b'z to the body tremendously was, it is ill-smelling now to do, the callous is some b'z fan being, as expected to see in the arena which does not have the divider, the [re] [ru] it is probably will be, from 3 hours ago stand-by it is hot tenaciously in the arena, (; The ´д `) it is hot, (; The ´д `) it is hot, (; The ´д `) it is hot, (; The ´д `) it is hot, (; Don't you think? the ´д `) as for hoobastank however it was very good, as for other things well well no [se] which is, being something which is not known, also day to darken the time where it is time of b'z, more and more! The meeting place after all in tension max, as for good quality of the sound with live the set list which is another case highlight this ~☆ (note: Because it is memory, that and this which is not the green bullet 11.banzai 12.super love song 13.ultra soul 'dream where perhaps) 01.dive 02. impulsive 03. [ichibutozenbu] 04.burn - [humetsunohueisu] - 07. unpublished new tunes (my lonely town) 08.calling 09.juice 10. you can wander about in the hill where 05.zero 06. tonight month is visible the door will be opened by that hand,' ultra soul yeah!

    • はかいこうせん撃ちっぱポケ替え規制
      Em japones , for multilingual communication

    • 激情型キャラコント
      Beaucoup de sujets d'actualite au Japon original meaning

    • サマーソニックベイベ−−−!!!(SUMMER SONIC 09・8/8・TOKYO)
      Em japones , linked pages are Japanese

    • SUMMER SONIC 09 (2009.8.8 Sat in TOKYO)
      日本語 , original meaning

    • カラオケに行きたいね~
      The tune which now when [metsuchiya] we would like to do the next is already sung it decides!! Playing help: Dandelion pornography: [meritsusaporuno]: To the one which love calls the pornography: [ageha] butterfly b'z: love phantom b'z: lady navigation b'z: ultra soul southern: tsunami southern: Dearly Erie greeeen: Far smap: In world just one flower smap: [mukou] smap of night sky: Blue [inazumaporuno]: Tonight, month also without being visible, flumpool: In star request flumpool: It is accustomed to the flower, the pornography: After mugen this the song other 2 hearing, the [ru] it is pleasant and score it is good putting out, you will expect to 2 people being, I unless there is a pressure, am not present either score song is not good and remembering the musical interval whether it was said to opportunism you sing, vibrato well enough even with just the [ru] [tsu] [te] the proud ^^

    • タイトルなし
      The gackt parenthesis it passes and now 1st favorite ^q^ and Inaba of b'z is groovy and [tsu] [pa] b'z favorite shelf - it is ultra soul, -, “ultra soul!”“It is afterwards!”The [tsu] [te] you say it is that it is dangerous, don't you think? the [tsu] it comes and 叫 it is the [tsu] is the ww [a], cagayake! girls17 rank it entered! As expected!!! Also 1 don't say lazy entered! 13 rank - the Fukuyama elegance Osamu parenthesis ze which it passes softly time entrance it is it was not, the [a], the coming [mu] you want and are groovy…

    • カラオケに行ってきました(笑)
      Today, we going to bed from afternoon, (laughing) being able to entrust to the ♪ spare time which starts doing to the friend and the karaoke, tries making a note the past record of this day, (laughing) tune name (artist name)/nationwide ranking/score (the type: joysound) buddy (b'z) theme of /1 rank /92.080 point trave phosphorus men (b'z) /1 rank /86.706 point full moon illuminate (b'z) to whirl /1 rank /90.564 point love, it got off, (seven. Fragrance) in /1 rank /86.600 point i don't know how~ world in most important you ~ (. Extending year/Iwata optical middle) /1 rank /93.755 point naked mind (Satoshi Seki one) /1 rank /89.771 point queen of madrid (b'z) /2 rank /93.214 point mvp (b'z) /2 rank /89.414 point magnolia (b'z) /3 rank /86.919 point baby and you're my home (b'z) /4 rank /90.632 point one ON one (b'z) the place ~ of /87.942 point family ~ promises (Sawada cord good fortune with [bongorehuamiri]) be able to hold /5 rank /90.422 point full-blown storm, (Fujiwara happiness the 鷹 jade) /6 rank /92.540 point wind. The sublimation ~ 凛 ~ (rear direction [ji] [re] [tsu] party) /13 rank /91.130 point double-actionrod form (Riyoutarou & reverse side Talos Nogami) /14 rank /90.120 point sakura addiction (the skylark 恭 弥 the vs six road 骸) [hu] ~ me of /17 rank /92.024 point [kuhuhu] and the contract ~ (six roads 骸) in the hill where /18 rank /93.742 point tonight month is visible (b'z) /27 rank /89.722 point impulse (b'z) /40 rank /87.414 point swimmer!! (b'z) /47 rank /86.273 point double-actiongun form (Riyoutarou & [riyuutarosu] Nogami) /55 rank /88.959 point darlin'(grnrodeo) /77 rank /89.425 point ultra soul (b'z) /268 rank /85.007 point [u] ~ it is…23 tunes (laughing) being inclined very, it increases, (blast) > selection of music by the way, status… to this dayIs, the [so] - is, (laughing) the [u] it is the age →24 year nationwide [u] it is the ranking →21031 rank /2,319,572 person (the million singer)

    • 寝る前に…
      Once 5: Taking the sleeping pill 00 time, because you slept, now completely drowsy… That thinking what it will do,…After all, there is only blog, is when with also you look at the story of wandering description of the forest photon next being, it is spare time, how much regardless 5: Is 00 probably quick?? Although so it is the expectation where the ^0^ many degrees which apply dvd of b'z after all look at same ones,…It does not stop now on side of the mouth to blow, the secondhand article!! Because it becomes matter of concern, the mirror it goes to seeing… When the [tsu] which so is all right (the *゜▽゜ [nono] ゛☆ it can and others, the [so] ~~~~ [ru]!! Because [tsu] [te] at present with my dvd ultra soul was flowing,…(Laughing) with, it's show time!! Favorite ~~~love [tsu] [te] something becoming high, increase it is?? Me after all sleeping, it probably is to be?? While music hearing, you will sleep?…Rather than not being able to sleep even with waste of electricity, [mashi] everyone sleeping in times how many, the [ru] it is probably will be?? Because so I is newspaper delivery, everyone compared to did not enter, unless you go to bed early, don't you think? when you think that the trophy which in some time ago diary is bought is introduced the number of bytes being too large, is, (; ; When) well it could introduce once upon a time ^^ today with mail order you shopping,… [rorita] system?? It is dangerous??? Well also cancellation is intimate even with the calling and the ^^… It is I whose waste is many…(The sweat) you will sleep in any case, go to bed m () m

    • REQUESTAGE7@大阪城ホール 09.04.29
      Opinion , please visit the following link

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