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  • ○■ 遊☆戯☆王

  • ○■ Playing* Theatre/playing* At the time of king-related topic, you think [kana] which search it should do to avoid, in

  • ○■ By your you knowing, [ru] animation & the cartoon baton

  • ○■ After that, the deck is s huffled

  • ○■ When this effect is moved , to fight you cannot do this turn by your

  • ○■ With amusement king [deyu erumonsutazu] gx, as for circular rattan Akira, as for Kayzer why having to reach hell Kayzer?

  • ○■ You manage also the fist [kenshirou] transmission of music and the large popularity animation 'true Messiah legendary great bear' and 'the music etc of boundary of the sky'

  • ○■ Miscellaneous recent [osu sumesure] playing* Theatre/playing* King [deyuerumonsutazu] yxturn-5 “volcano diver” it learns with the husband who is done, it is not and the [te] the husband who is done does, the amusement which is the [tsu] [te] feeling. Becoming the contents which also the [te] are recognized without interest whether the [ru] however… it is with atmosphere, don't you think? w please try reading

  • ○■ Amusement king is to see from early time, but the majority of the goods which are sold the card just game, don't you think?

  • ○■ As for this application i t can play with the game for free one person who is about 20 types not only [soriteia

  • ○■ 鏈接網頁的書面日 本 ,

  • ○■ Very, you see and the car tridge it is, there is a various reason in addition to the reason of the [ma

  • ○■ q3 [keroro] sergeant<& gt; ○ q4 well [tsu] goddess<> ○ q5 d.gray-man<> * Sky of q6 duck<> ○ q7 dress<> * The highest! q8 [suramudanku]<> * q9 initial d<> ○ q10 without fail the cute chill drain<> * q11 shaman king<> ◎15 volume doubling, you bought, certain q12 aria<> ○ q13 Seoul eater<> * q14 [kodogiasu]<> ○ q15 cherry tree orchid high school host section<> ○ q16 bleach<> * It is too highest! q17 death note<> * 'The [ku] [so] of month it was done,' pot q18 [chi] [yo] [bi] [tsu] [tsu]<> * Dejection of q19 cool shrine [haruhi]<> * Recently [haruhi] favorite q20 new century [evuangerion]<> * Strange venture of q21 [jiyojiyo]<> ○ q22 girl revolution [utena] (revolutionary girl utena)<> × q23 good bye desperate teacher<> Though ○ q24 it is dense, the toy<> * Paste paste machine q25 symphonic poem volume [eurekasebun]<> ○ q26 xxxhoric<> ○ q27 silver soul<> * q28 Kamikaze mysterious thief [jiyannu] which can be laughed truly<> * q29 tutor hit man reborn! <> * q30 cherry tree great war<> ○ q31 movement soldier Gundam<> ○ q32 it shakes largely, wearing<> ○ q33 playing* Theatre/playing* King<> ○ q34 hunter×hunter<> ○ q35 demon human detective brain 噛 [neuro]<> ○ q36 [piyu] you blow! Jaguar<> In ○ q37 [ru] wax sword heart<> * Alchemy teacher of q38 steel<> * q39 black cat<> * q40 oak increase? Girl [mitsu] girl? <> ○ q41 armament 錬 gold<> ○ q42 it is, [chi] 100%<> * Quick than q43 kiss<> × q44 [vuanpaia] horseman<> As for ○ q45 chairman [me

  • ○■ By yourself it is possibl e to draw 1 cards from the deck,

  • ○■ Playing* Theatre/playing* As for the king [deyuerumonsutazu] gx sound duel1 and while passion is poured to elite rearing which centers the blue dormitory, discriminatory principle was strong e.g., the lead dormitory is scolded the “dropout dormitory”,

  • ○■ “Playing* Theatre/playi ng* King gx” 6 volumes

  • ○■ 'Playing* Theatre/playing * King 5d' s'

  • 遊☆戯☆王


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