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    Blu-ray Disc,

    Hardware related words HDMI Blu-ray ソニー PANASONIC Flat Panel TV
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  • ○■ ブルーレイディスク

  • ○■ dynabook txtx/... dynaboo k txtx/66lblpatx66lrtbl (precious black) the most low price which looks at appraisal: 85,000 Yen/average value: 108,278 Yen (10/06/22 point in time) manufacturer name: The Toshiba /toshiba brand name: dynabook (Dynabook) 2010/01/29 macbook2.26ghzmc207j/a (white) personal computer peripheral device > Notebook PC > mac note (macbook) macbook2.26ghzmc207j/a (white) the most low price which looks at appraisal: 72,000 Yen/average value: 85,262 Yen (10/06/22 point in time) manufacturer name: apple/apple brand name: macbook (Mack book) 2009/10/21 let's note r9cf-r9kwcedr personal computers peripheral device > Notebook PC > It loads high performance cpu and high-speed memory and 10.4 type wide liquid crystal etc in the notebook PC lightweight compact body, actualizing high performance! Furthermore, to load high strong characteristic and heat dissipation design, abundant security function and long haul drive and wireless LAN etc, comfortable [mobai] %

  • ○■ These are talking of Ja panese blogoholic.

  • ○■ 5月11日ブルーレイ ィスク... Sharp compared to the Panasonic one recommends the May 11th blue ray disk, preponderantly, a liberal translation

  • ○■ When the blue ray disk of 3 colors is clicked, [burogupatsu] where slide show starts

  • ○■ (プレミアムシルバ ー)... (Premium silver)

  • ○■ To call also the display which now has been used because mono is, without throwing away, taking, you try probably to leave

  • ○■ リモコン含め、初 て使うもの... Remote control to include, because those which are used for the first time increased at once, while still “that obtain and - question -” with putting out to voice, it operates

  • ○■ It is connection possible even in Internet, but because lan has not come to the room which this time is installed, it skipped this function, a liberal translation

  • ○■ やっぱり、コンピ ータは楽し...

  • ○■ A little, it will wait al ready

  • ○■ どんどん盛り上が て来て、毎... Rising steadily, every week [dokidokiwakuwaku] doing, you see, a liberal translation

  • ○■ But the animation shelf w hich it is possible to see after a long time - as for this

  • ○■ 「ところでブルー イはいつか... You apply when blue ray “at the place??”

  • ○■ With the blue ray disk (a s for pc adding water it disassembles,) penta- tolerance system of the m9 “memory stick” diamond of the Imperial Family specification, in emergency electric power source the lithium battery the pre- mortar 3 unit, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 今日は深夜に「朝 で生テレ... Today in nighttime “to morning raw television!”Because it is, it videotapes that, don't you think? with the blue ray disk

  • ○■ Now. The future of sharp you call the Kameyama factory, rather there not to be the sale which is the appeal point a little is worry, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ブルーレイディス レコーダ... If you do not buy the blue ray disk recorder!! (Laughing) and the high technology knowing the thing greatly, don't you think? it increases

  • ○■ It is yet not to have man aged, but even then you were impressed and about the [chi] [ya] [u] it was possible to enjoy,

  • ○■ とにかく せっかく 買ったデ... In any case because the disk which with special care is bought we would like to see the blue ray disk recorder which it buys on impulse, a liberal translation

  • ○■ Then the man salesman til ts in portable calculator one hand, the head frequently,… “the [u] - - - - it is, fully you discounting,… oh so for 95500 Yen” “! Or the [a] which is 10,000 Yen -” with the [bu] anther and, instantly the salesgirl “fairly has reached price of discount because” price 155000 Yen of the time before you will show the price tag which is written without the [ri] [ge] and/or… the [u] - - - it is, how you will do, when… with furthermore it is perplexed, the pc bag and the blue ray disk (5pack) and the like, service was attached, (laughing) well - to here only-too-natural story! Is surprise from here, [

  • ○■ 【注目の最新トレ ド1】c... As for cpu the core i series at a stroke became main current! 2010 spring Intel for the spread price range of the new model cpu “core i” series the product action threw the feature of the model,, a liberal translation

  • ○■ In the until recently in model similar full hd indication, you can work the liquid crystal comfortably wide picture

  • ○■ 買うわけではない ど、買うつも... However it is not the case that you buy, becoming the intention of buying, price investigating, it increased, but becoming considerably cheap, it increased

  • ○■ Details tried plotting th e sight in hp, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 相変わらずのカオ っぷり... As usual chaos [tsu] [pu] [ri

  • ○■ It is the honest up-to-da te work 'ⅲBecause' with the sale from sce, was not [kapukon] to that, 'ⅰ' 'ⅱ' Whether in Japan it is not sold, with thinking, it increased this work which had become set

  • ○■ 地上波デジタルの レビが見られ... The ground wave digital television being seen, the specification that liking, in hi-vision picture quality it can be videotaped in the blue ray, considerably it shopped expensively

  • ○■ It is it was possible to be able to buy the television equipped personal computer privately at this price and, it is satisfied with the product, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ・ブルーレイディ クプレーヤー... Loading [burureideisukupureya

  • ブルーレイディスク

    Blu-ray Disc,

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