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  • ○■ 人民元

  • ○■ ●111016asuriname, stabr oeknews.com Surinam, bosom it forces, suriname oil company eying hydropower paramaribo, ethanol pilot-project in wageningen and the oil company is also eyeing suriname's hydro-electric potential where also the shank and [ahobaka] hydraulic power come out on reverse side of the earth. it is seriously studying the tapanahony-jaikreek project (tapajai-project) .ministry of natural resources (nh), president desi bouterse, under the brokopondo agreement, van blommenstein reservoir belongs to suralco/alcoa, tapajai-project, tapanahony river, jaikreek and afobaka hydropower plant

  • ○■ ○101017b phili... 101,0 17 b philippines, with newsinfo.inquirer.net Philippine Luzon system as for plan power failure and cause [suwaru] and [pagubirao] coal thermal power luzon to suffer rotating outages POWER consumers in luzon may continue to suffer at least one- to two-hour rotating brownouts ON monday unless repairs at the two coal-fired POWER plants are completed at the weekend., energy secretary jose rene d. almendras, 1,200-megawatt sual coal facility in pangasinan, 700-mw pagbilao POWER plant in quezon and national grid corp. of the philippines (ngcp), 344mw magat hydropower facility, a fifth of its capacity at 85mw, ngcp spokesperson cynthia alabanza, peak demand was estimated to reach 6,748mw, team energy, 650mw malaya thermal POWER plant and national irrigation administration (nia)

  • ○■ * The people original clo se, beginning of spring China in the suggestion United States “pressure stopping,” 2010 May 23rd 19:30 Asahi newspapers Vis-a-vis the American government which requested the close of the Chinese currency the “people origin” loudly, if in the middle of March ~ middle of April from the Chinese government “pressure is applied, it cannot move us,” it was found that it is request, that

  • ○■ ▼ 温家宝 首相へ 好感「違... * The good impression to warm heirloom prime minister “is different” the Chinese writer from Hong Kong critical book 2010 August 9th 9:11 Asahi newspapers At the prominent human rights go-getter of China writer. 傑 ([yui] [chie]) the person (36) finished writing, the warm heirloom which yearns from the public as “commoner prime minister” ([uen] [chiapao]) the prime minister criticizes “the Chinese shadow emperor warm heirloom (the name superior warm heirloom of China one)” harshly, a liberal translation

  • ○■ ttp: /www .pheedo.jp/clic k.phdo?i=cc10325b3bd9bc18f6e94bf78d2bfbcf good morning it is

  • ○■ ECFAが署名されて以 来、台... Since ECFA signing, the Taiwan unemployment rate being 33 months, strikes 4.27 percent in May which is lowest level, it had depreciated

  • ○■ It was struck out on 2003 October 1st, with “management provisional stipulation of service price of the commercial bank” they were approximately 300 items, but “management stipulation of service price of the present with commercial bank” 3. It exceeds item, it means in 8 years to increase to 10 times

  • ○■ 10 年の3万 259 ト ... When 30,259 ton of 10 years (22,283 tons of first half and 7976 tons of second half) you compare, it was stability with the 0.2% decrease

  • ○■ (yahoo! From news quotation)

  • ○■ <img height... < To img height=31 width=88 border=0 alt= Japanese [burogu] village forward operation [burogu] commodity futures src=/>

  • ○■ * “People net Japanese edition” 2011 October 24th: From part, at excerpt + compilation Chinese clean energy industry the United States trade protection measure? While the shadow which rate of exchange war drops does not go out, in addition the dark cloud of trade war drooped and included

  • ○■ (以下引用) ・・ ・中国は今... (Or less quotation)… China for the present has not been about probably to break the American-English central worldwide system positively

  • ○■ You jumped in weekend, wh en flexibility can be given in the people origin of the Chinese people bank, information, when in the market good influence is brought to the world economy, seems that is taken, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 米国は輸出企業が 高ドル安で... The United States export enterprise being original high weak dollar, receiving benefit compared to, that it was seen that relation of retail becomes bad, depending upon the price hike of the imports from China is thing, but because… furthermore, the people original close width which the United States calculates is about 40%, still just the insufficiency and the American market seem that is taken

  • ○■ As for present exchange d ollar circle 92 Yen 00 sen level, European circle is 123 Yen 90 sen level, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 東京穀物市場も他 場安に安い... Also Tokyo grain market the other market is cheap cheaply, is, a liberal translation

  • ○■ It lowers Tokyo gold mark et basically, but the pushing eye of this day if anything probably is buying, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 更新大幅遅れです ど読んでく... However it is renewal substantial lag, please read

  • ○■ When you see at the buyin g Rikihei value and the like which displays the economy of the actual condition, as for China economic potential of the Japanese two times, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 再び80ドル将来の10 0ドル... Again, there will be 80 dollar future 100 dollars and probably will be

  • ○■ Concerning individual bra nd at description below

  • ○■ 今月内に1位返り咲 きの場合は... During this month in case of 1 rank reflowering in gratitude statement to everyone in the midst of monk head pledge

  • ○■ The people origin starts rising from 2005, recent Rate-of-Climb reaches 30%, or more 1 dollars =6.33 has become the cause, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 中国株式市場の引 後、中国人... After the close of the Chinese stock market, the Chinese people bank stating the attitude of elasticization and prudent monetary policy of the people origin

  • ○■ China in the buying Rikih ei value base exceeded Japanese gdp in 01, overtook 10 with pretext

  • ○■ オバマ米大統領が 中国が人民... [obama] American president, concerning China announcing people original softening “as for doing the decision which raises the pliability of exchange rate, is the constructive one step”, that declaration was announced, a liberal translation

  • ○■ But when it gets near, ra ther large thing is found

  • ○■ これは私から言わ れば、官僚... If you make this say from me, in order that the nation which the bureaucracy thinks is controlled inside bureaucratic organizing concerning it means “inconvenient truth” = “for the citizen being control of speech of the net space which knowledge and others closes the important truth which it should know”, and, for them such as diplomacy and internal affair

  • ○■ It rises once, largely (r ise with the loss cutting of how to sell) there is a price advance by short-convering, assuming, that adjustment cheaply is, after that it becomes, probably will be

  • 人民元


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