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    • Mathematics for Adults u0026quot;Soar to infinityu0026quot;: I do not know this Sugo, you surely have read
      Mathematics series redoing. We will work with unlimited Cantor. The result was a defeat .... Countable and concentration, until around the diagonal is Math Girl but thanks to the chase, compares the number of small and large cardinal and well-ordering from the axiom of choice and which were full of brain juice. Still, (but sour grapes), got to experience the Erai. For example, we follow the proof of the countable set of rational whole, rational to have ...
      Математика серия переделать. Мы будем работать с неограниченным Кантора. Результатом стало поражение .... Счетные и концентрации, примерно до диагонали Мат Girl , но благодаря Chase , сравнивает количество малых и больших Кардинал и упорядоченности из аксиомы выбора и которые были полны мозг сока. Тем не менее, (но кислый виноград), получили по опыту Erai. Например, мы следуем доказательство счетное множество рациональных целом, рациональная , чтобы ...

    • u0026quot;Adjective + isu0026quot; that the usage of Japanese - Pavilion Kitan crab
      Adjective + is is not a strange misuse Japanese (1) from the dangerous | a train that expression 99, this announcement is flowing well at home. We will train to line 3. From the dangerous, please stand back behind the yellow line Every time I hear it, feel something powerful. I ride the train every day to get to the office early just to fight this attack but it s strange to get exhausted. Needless to say, dangerous adjective ...
      “形容词+的”是不是一个陌生的日本人从滥用的危险“|表达的火车99,本公告是在家里和流动(1)”。 “我们将第3行列车,从危险。,请站在黄线”每当我听到退一步,感到强大的东西。我坐火车每天都去办公室只是争取早日这次袭击,但奇怪得到用尽。不消说,“危险”的形容词...

    • Movie shooting pigeons use the train even though you have wings - GIGAZINE
      以前、電車で移動することを覚えた野良犬についてお伝えしましたが、ハトも電車に乗り込むことがあるようで、その時の様子が撮影されています。 If pigeons fly in the sky, but I can move freely through the air, not to use the train, what was on board for anything. More from below. Pigeons are standing on the train. Seats are not available. YouTube - pigeon.MOV When you arrive at the station, take the door open. 10.
      Anteriormente, hemos discutido acerca de los perros callejeros han aprendido a moverse en tren, como las palomas también pueden subir al tren, son tomadas por el Estado en el momento. Si las palomas vuelan en el cielo, pero se puede mover libremente por el aire, no usar el tren, lo que estaba a bordo de cualquier cosa. Más de abajo. Las palomas están de pie en el tren. Los asientos no están disponibles. YouTube - pigeon.MOV Al llegar a la estación, tome la puerta abierta. 10.

    • What is antimatter? - LHC experiment ATLAS official
      Physics in figures | 21:46 Tokyo, and Akimoto. I have a little opening between the first of three times Physics in figures . We are talking about things like antimatter. Last five films starring Tom Hanks was released in January, Angels and Demons , Irasshaimasu remember what? The Angels and Demons, as one of the stage, LHC was built to CERN, the advent of the European Organization for Nuclear Research is what I think many of you know. CERN research ...
      Физика в цифрах | 21:46 Токио, и Акимото. У меня есть небольшое отверстие между первым три раза Физика в цифрах . Мы говорим о том, как антивещества. Последние пять фильмов с Томом Хэнксом была выпущена в январе, что Ангелы и демоны , u0026lt;Пред помню что? Ангелы и демоны , как одна из сцены, был построен LHC в ЦЕРН, появление Европейской организации по ядерным исследованиям Вот что я думаю, что многие из вас знают. CERN исследование ...

    • Twitter / NHK Department of Public Information: Well located or one point. Toi-kun Domo-kun is the Do ...
      1 or U-point possible. Domo-kun is a strange creature that it is also Kun Do, and no costume. So, of course, not as people. Please understanding. 13 minutes ago HootSuite in
      1或U点的可能。多摩君是一个怪物,它也坤做,也没有服装。所以,当然,不是人。请谅解。 13分钟前HootSuite在

    • Sociology what you want? - Himaginary Diary
      Society, economy | blog entry so that there is, try to translate the following (Economist s View over). As discussed many times in this blog, our anti-positivist position and try to incorporate the people. In other words, sociology is not a natural science should be a model, the phenomenon is not expected to be consistency and uniformity that are characteristic of natural phenomena should not be expected to discover the laws of society is not a thing. In that case, post-positivist social science ...
      Société, l économie | Le blogue d entrée afin qu il y ait, d essayer de traduire le texte suivant Voir (Economist s over). Tel que discuté à plusieurs reprises dans ce blog, notre position anti-positiviste et essayer d intégrer le peuple.つまり、社会学は自然科学をモデルとすべきではないし、社会現象には自然現象に特徴的な均一性や一貫性を期待すべきではないし、社会の法則を発見すると期待すべきではない、というchose. Dans ce cas, post-positiviste en sciences sociales ...

    • [Book review] 『cancer cure cancer is cured - impressions of the natural healing power of life-JanJan News』
      [Book review] 『cancer cure cancer is cured - the natural healing power of life』 impression 2010 February 21, this book is printed on the cover of this week s bookshelf Kumaki Hideo Sun natural healing power of life I look . Natural healing power, but all things have a life. Long before, had kept a cat in my house. Sick cat is a hole in the throat. When you are talking about what to do with family or take to a doctor, had a cat drinking water from the bowl was eager for the green weeds.
      [书评]『癌症的治疗癌症的治愈 - 生命』的印象自然自愈能力2010年2月21日,这本书是在本周的书架熊木秀夫太阳“的生活自然愈合的力量”我期待封面印刷。自然愈合的权力,但所有事情有自己的生活。很久以前,一直保持在我家猫。生病的猫在喉咙洞。当你对如何处理家庭或就医时,有一个猫碗喝了水渴望绿色杂草。

    • Ibis is a bird conservation center veterinarians Sukebe ... reasoning: Science: YOMIURI ONLINE (Yomiuri Shimbun)
      Kaneko Yoshinori veterinarians Sado Crested Ibis Conservation Center (51) a lecture commemorating the doctorate of 21, was held in the city of Sado, Niigata Prefecture. Before about 300 people gathered, veterinarian Kaneko said, Toki is still just that I do not know, and talked about the wonders of the ecology of crested ibis. Kaneko veterinarians working at the center since 1991. Shake of the sensitive beak, a study of the unique characteristics of food for ibis, this year received a Ph.D. from Kyoto University in March. In his talk, even in birds.
      Kaneko vétérinaires Yoshinori Sado Crested Ibis Conservation Center (51) une conférence commémorant le doctorat de 21 ans, a eu lieu dans la ville de Sado, préfecture de Niigata. Avant d environ 300 personnes se sont rassemblées, vétérinaire Kaneko a dit: «Toki est toujours juste que je ne sais pas», et a parlé des merveilles de l écologie des ibis à crête. Kaneko vétérinaires travaillant au centre depuis 1991. Shake du bec sensible, une étude des caractéristiques uniques de nourriture pour les ibis, a reçu cette année un doctorat de l Université de Kyoto en Mars. Dans son exposé, même chez les oiseaux.

    • A ray of light shooting toward returning the shuttle to the ISS from the ground - MSN Sankei News
      International Space Station (ISS) was taken from the U.S. space shuttle on the way feedback Endeavor . Heated to high temperatures by friction with the atmosphere, indicating the state was a man of light (Courtesy NASA) International Space Station (ISS) live in Soichi Noguchi (44) on August 22, the U.S. space shuttle Endeavor the state re-entered the atmosphere to return to Earth from the ISS pictures taken and posted to Twitter itself. In the photo, much faster than the speed of sound ...
      Международная космическая станция (МКС) был взят из американского космического Шаттла на пути обратной связи Индевор . Нагреваются до высокой температуры трения с атмосферой, с указанием государства, был человеком света (Courtesy NASA) Международная космическая станция (МКС) живут в Соичи Ногучи (44) 22 августа, американский космический Шаттл Индевор Государство вновь вошел в атмосферу, чтобы вернуться на Землю с МКС изображений приняты и размещены в Twitter себя. На фото, гораздо быстрее, чем скорость звука ...

    • [Bobsled] u0026quot;Ferrariu0026quot; disqualified pinch - Vancouver Winter Olympics - MSN Sankei News
      Luxury sports car maker, Italy red sled was made with the cooperation of the Ferrari A team was disqualified. After round three in the measurement of the required minimum weight of the sled for two-seater to 170 km was not enough. Sled and the way players, the combined total weight is 390 kg weight. This is the Ferrari factory sled was developed over one year. Looking for the ideal shape, according to team officials, excellent addition Datsu spent a lot of money and computer calculations.

    • asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): Andromeda u0026quot;armsu0026quot; clear and NASA, taken with infrared - Science
      WISE Andromeda Galaxy taken with the Infrared Space Telescope (NASA, providing Los Angeles California) Katsuta Toshihiko] WASHINGTON - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on the 17th, the new Space Telescope Andromeda Galaxy taken with the infrared WISE published a photo. Compared to infrared light, the observations are not easily disturbed by dust in the center of the galaxy. They perceive a clear picture of the arms and the structure of the galaxy. WISE was launched in January last year the top 12 ...
      WISE galaxie d Andromède prise avec le télescope spatial infrarouge (NASA, en fournissant de Los Angeles, Californie) Katsuta Toshihiko] WASHINGTON - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) le 17, le nouveau télescope spatial galaxie d Andromède prise avec les sages infrarouge a publié une photo. Par rapport à la lumière infrarouge, les observations ne sont pas facilement perturbé par les poussières dans le centre de la galaxie. Ils perçoivent une image claire des bras et la structure de la galaxie. WISE a été lancé en Janvier l année dernière le top 12 ...

    • Relationship between prejudice and discrimination - Whoso is not expressly included
      The study of discrimination, there are quite a variety of approaches. Disciplines, psychology, sociology, economics, political science, etc. and then be extensive and that, like something out with the macro-and micro-approach people. Among them, for easy to understand intuitively what the (a decade ago) in the field of psychology seems to be well known to the public. Bias theory, social comparison theory, authoritarian attitudes, and per. In particular, theoretical prejudice is also a popular interpretation of discrimination ...
      El estudio de la discriminación, hay toda una variedad de enfoques. Disciplinas, la psicología, sociología, economía, ciencias políticas, etc, y luego ser amplia y que, como algo con el macro y micro-enfoque de las personas. Entre ellos, por fácil de entender intuitivamente lo que (hace una década) en el campo de la psicología parece ser bien conocido por el público. La teoría de Blas, la teoría de la comparación social, las actitudes autoritarias, y por. En particular, los prejuicios teórica es también una interpretación popular de la discriminación ...

    • asahi.com (Asahi Shimbun): if a butterfly is flying? University of Tokyo, to elucidate the ultra-small sensors - Science
      チョウの羽に取りつけて、飛び方を調べるための1ミリ四方の超小型センサーを、東京大情報理工学系研究科の研究チームが開発した。 When details of how insects fly is not yet known, and also to be viewed as a dragonfly, but to clarify thinking 役立Tetai. Equipped with a robot, a tiny sensor to measure the applied pressure. 0.3 mm thick and weighs 0.7 milligrams. The heart is made of thin plate made of silicon, by detecting the deflection of the plate, Jo ...
      И монтаж крыльев бабочки, чтобы выяснить, как летать один квадратный миллиметр миниатюрных датчиков, разработанных исследователями из Токийского университета Высшая школа информатики и информационных технологий. Когда детали того, как насекомые летают пока не известны, а также следует рассматривать как стрекоза, но уточнить мышления 役 立 Tetai. Оснащение робота, крошечных датчиков для измерения давления. Толщиной 0,3 мм и весит 0,7 миллиграмма. Сердце состоит из тонких пластин из кремния, путем обнаружения отклонений пластины, Джо ...

    • Rape, murder, adultery evolutionary thinking (1): MikS Diary superficial side: So-net blog
      MikS 『oversea news u0026amp; temporary reflexions ····· superficial transverse Diary News Guide series version of Why we rape, murder, adultery or you? was published under the title of an exciting『 span of Newsweek magazine 』 introduces the papers. Sociobiology Mochikosa from the point that the situation continues to be controversial even today with a little different point of view, has drawn interest (although this topic ...

    • Father Expression broad bean] Autism Treatment and Education: Tricks of Alternative Medicine (book review)
      Electronic timer 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, information distribution, 12, 13, 14, 15 Hatsune Miku singing playing with one hand, two seem to hinterland DVD (The offer ends) template matching picture cards video cards seem to us hinterland song, second PECS bullet for Wait card / use one, two different pictures sheets photo size cards ABCDE and you say .. .
      Electronic timer 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, distribution de l information, 12, 13, 14, 15 Hatsune Miku chante en jouant d une main, deux «arrière-pays semblent DVD (L offre se termine) La mise en correspondance des cartes illustrées de cartes vidéo nous semblent chanson hinterland, deuxième balle pour PECS Wait carte / utiliser un, deux images différentes feuilles de cartes photo taille ABCDE »et vous dites .. .

    • News - Science u0026amp; Space - language processing in the brain, improving the music (full article) - National Geographic Japanese Site
      If you are having trouble with, such as difficulty understanding conversation in the noise of the party, it is recommended to practice the piano. According to the latest research, a professional cellist from love to karaoke, music lovers can hear that sound good to be among the noise. Added new evidence to the effect that the brain activity of music. American Institute for Neuroscience in San Diego, California (NSI) Aniruda Patel, senior researcher on February 20 press conference Monday, this 10-year call on music and the brain ...
      Si usted está teniendo problemas con el, como la dificultad para entender una conversación en el ruido de la fiesta, se recomienda practicar el piano.最新の研究によると、カラオケ好きからプロのチェロ奏者まで、音楽愛好家は騒音の中でも必要な音をうまく聞き分けられるという。 Añadido de nuevas pruebas en el sentido de que la actividad cerebral de la música. El Instituto Interamericano para la Neurociencia en San Diego, California (INE) Aniruda Patel, investigador senior del 20 de febrero conferencia de prensa, esta llamada de 10 años en la música y el cerebro ...

    • Future monorail twilight | WIRED VISION
      Future monorail design twilight February 2010 Environmental and Social 22 comments Sun: Trackback (0) Environmental and Social Design feed (Shinya Matsuura, so far the vision mobility here) is the title itself means a monorail ride Tasogareta is not. It means a strong impression for some reason. Monorail was the king of the future for my children s magazine and past. Illustration of a futuristic city and the railroad is running rather unusual. They ...
      Будущие монорельсовой дизайн сумерки февраля 2010 Экологическая и социальная 22 комментариев ВС: Trackback (0) экологические и социальные Дизайн Feed (Shinya Мацуура, до сих пор видение мобильности здесь) это название само по себе означает монорельсовой езды Tasogareta это не так. Это означает сильное впечатление, по некоторым причинам. Монорельсовая был королем будущее для моих детей журнал и прошлое. Иллюстрация футуристические города и железной дороги работает довольно необычен. Они ...

    • Mad scientist can experiment at home for seven home-based patterns - GIGAZINE
      Experiments at home that was published seven types. Be at home, or so someone can easily see if they are hailed as might be expected, the mad scientist or a manifestation of pride, it has a full-fledged content and heavy metals and chemicals with BINGO, home to the experiment had been quite content to choose. Many things that look flashy, however, is very attractive and just as did those with an interest in science. More from below. 1: Supu melt ...
      实验在家已公布7种。在家里,或是让别人可以很容易地确定他们是否正在欢呼可以预料,疯狂的科学家或骄傲的表现,它有一个全面的内容和重金属与宾果,家里的实验和化学品已有不少内容选择。看起来华丽的许多事情,但是,是非常有吸引力的和公正的做法是对科学的兴趣的。更多如下。 1:苏普融化...

    • Togetter (Tougyatta) - Summary u0026quot;Summary of compressible fluid mechanics - from traffic congestion to the sonic boomu0026quot;
      Since you have found out the same mistake again. It is beyond the supersonic rocket moments is not that stupid. Objects beyond the sonic boom supersonic air I put in a long time. Since launch nearly two minutes from the speed I have already reached several times the speed of sound. http://bit.ly/dnzd7Flizard_isana 2010-02-22 09:27:51 This is to let the sun light is refracted in the ice crystals in the air sun dog phenomenon (the ripples caused dimension .. .
      Puisque vous avez trouvé la même erreur. Il est «au-delà des moments fusée supersonique n est pas si bête que ça. Objets au-delà du boom sonique air supersonique j ai mis dans un temps long. Depuis le lancement de près de deux minutes de la rapidité J ai déjà atteint plusieurs fois la vitesse du son. http://bit.ly/dnzd7Flizard_isana 2010-02-22 09:27:51 Il s agit de laisser la lumière du soleil est réfractée dans les cristaux de glace dans l air de chien de soleil phénomène (les remous causés dimension .. .

    • Homeopathy husband learn to do 2 - Not so open-minded that our brains drop out.
      Neta, Homeopathy | Hahnemann 1:10 before the era of atoms and molecules to spread the concept of not knowing to establish emergency, in the 20 century will not be effective in scientific homeopathy and was no longer self-evident . /  ̄  ̄ \ / _ Bruno \ No way it make effective homeopathy, | (ー) (ー) 20th-century thinking. . | (__ People __) | `⌒ ...
      ネタ, ホメオパシー | 01:10原子・分子の概念が確立し普及する以前のハーネマンの時代とはいざ知らず、20世紀においてはホメオパシーに効果がないことは科学的にはもはや自明のこととなっていた. /  ̄  ̄ \ / _ Бруно \ No Как это сделать эффективной гомеопатия, | (ー) (ー) 20-го века мышление. . | (Люди __ __) | `⌒ ...

    • u0026quot;Descriptionu0026quot; and responsibilities - Apes! Not Monkeys! Annex Hatena
      Have had little leisure while, in our earlier post in another version, For all you ve been warned. Entry of such international collaboration 『day war two days of the war and military deployment in Preface at the beginning of the sentence quoted from Regardless of such controversies was also is the one concrete Sanko-planned strategy and the strategic effect of the pressure of fighting child (at the senior level headquarters), but what is was over, such as the following can be a problem in the general level than that. ..
      Han tenido poco tiempo libre, mientras que, en nuestro post anterior en otra versión, Porque todo lo que has sido advertido. Entrada de la colaboración internacional como días de guerra 『dos días de la guerra y el despliegue militar en el Prólogo al principio de la frase citada de Independientemente de las controversias que también se había es el hormigón Sanko estrategia planificada y el efecto estratégico de la presión de la lucha contra los niños (en la sede de alto nivel), pero lo que había pasado, como el siguiente puede ser un problema en el nivel general que eso. ..

    • I want to meet in this life, extinct and rare species in the gigantic dinosaurs 14: Karapaia
      Top posts of this blog │ Previous February 22, 2010 [Image] I want to meet in this life, a rare giant extinct dinosaurs and giant creatures Dattari 14, and also possesses many features in the history of the Earth So a variety of unusual creatures that lived with, but went on the path of extinction 抗Ezu the course of nature, if I could bring to this world, Su Gill if you d like to see whether 14 species of this Since it was featured at the Datsu large or exotic animals and dinosaurs.
      Altos cargos de este blog anterior │ 22 de febrero 2010 [Imagen] Me gustaría encontrar en esta vida, una rara dinosaurios gigantes y las enormes criaturas extintas Dattari 14, y también posee muchas características en la historia de la Tierra Así que una gran variedad de criaturas extraordinarias que vivía, pero fue en el camino de la extinción 抗 Ezu el curso de la naturaleza, si pudiera traer a este mundo, Su Gill, si quieres ver si 14 especies de este desde que fue presentado a los animales Datsu grandes o exóticos y dinosaurios.

    • 25 Hour: orange and power of words / Miyazaki - Daily jp (Mainichi)
      The orange Thank you die when spoken, and to observe the presence of change power of words (the corpse) big experiment last fall, Kennan was in junior high school. I think the moral of the importance of language learning. Are put into three general subject of each orange. Approximately two months later, people started to go bad meaning bad words hung from the students. If no change is a good word. Teacher invented, and many students at the revelations of the word that I thought. And the power of words is a spiritual belief that words have power. And ...
      La naranja Gracias morir cuando se le habla, y observar la presencia del cambio poder de las palabras (el cadáver) gran experimento el otoño pasado, Kennan estaba en la escuela secundaria. Creo que la moraleja de la importancia del aprendizaje de idiomas. Se ponen en tres temas generales de cada una de naranja. Aproximadamente dos meses más tarde, la gente empezó a ir mal malas palabras significado colgado de los estudiantes. Si no hay cambio es una buena palabra. Maestro inventado, y muchos estudiantes en las revelaciones de la palabra que yo creía. Y el poder de las palabras es una creencia espiritual que las palabras tienen poder. Y ...

    • 100 to learn the lessons of modern technology from the technology a year ago - My Life in MIT Sloan
      Today I am doing TA, Utterback Disruptive Technology introduces the class teacher. In class, how innovations occur and spread, or evolve, learn the basic universal laws. Modern technology s not the bulb, the glass industry, such as ice industry, I look back to learn the technical history of Boston, but the old learn from the technology, there where a lot of modern technology leads to interesting, very . Last week, power heated ...
      Aujourd hui, je fais TA, Utterback Disruptive Technology introduit le maître de classe. En classe, comment les innovations apparition et de propagation, ou évoluer, apprendre les lois de base universelle. La technologie moderne n est pas l ampoule, l industrie du verre, tels que l industrie des glaces, je regarde en arrière pour apprendre l histoire technique de Boston, mais le vieux apprennent de la technologie, là où beaucoup de technologie moderne conduit à d intéressantes, très . La semaine dernière, le pouvoir chauffée ...

    • Any idiot with zero investment in English Comp TOEIC900 only one way to reach
      Is loose, no you do not spend money on the 言語Gotoki. The fools. I have been letting 10 million 稼Ga Yeah from what many idiots in one prep Maa. What the fuck is http://www.fmylife.com/F FMyLife read that day. This day at least five are self-explanatory. The better to read the comments, I was bothered. Good addition to print. The important thing is to remember reading in mind. They say. Learn to roll context we mention the word? Do 笑Wasen. Oh ...
      Está flojo, no usted no gasta el dinero en el Gotoki 言语. Los tontos. He estado dejando 10 millones 稼 Ga Sí de lo que muchos idiotas en un Maa prep. ¿Qué carajo es http://www.fmylife.com/F FMyLife leer ese día. Este día, al menos, cinco son auto-explicativas. El mejor leer los comentarios, me molestaba. Además de una buena impresión. Lo importante es recordar la lectura en la mente. Dicen. Aprender a rodar contexto, menciona la palabra? No 笑 Wasen. Oh ...

    • English learning community for people serious
      2010 a year s time 1 / 6 Let that be nearing an end. New Year s Day this year established a goal of going? TOEIC 900 points in what year? Welcome to study abroad this year? But will such a goal is completely forgotten that I have been busy lives. The most serious enemy society for people with every day that I m too busy living. Around the students can still realize that it is their lazy. Ore (I) is a guy not ... I will also be immersed in such self-loathing. But it is a social person ... etc.
      2010年一年的时间六分之一让这成为接近尾声。元旦,今年设立了一个走出去的目标?托业考试900分在哪一年?欢迎留学今年呢?但这一目标是完全忘记了,我一直在忙碌的生活。对于每一天,人们最严重的敌人的社会,我太忙碌的生活。周围的学生仍然可以知道这是他们的懒惰。 “矿(一)是不是一个人...”我也将沉浸在这种自我厌恶。但这是一个社会的人...等

    • NASA beautiful transcendence great shock when the school broke the supersonic rocket launched! - IDEA * IDEA ~ 100 Raifuhakkuburogu of expression Managers
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    • 1880 Italian photographer who has taken a valuable picture of the landscape and tell the customs of Japanu0026#39;s - GIGAZINE
      1880年代といえばまだほとんどの西洋人は日本に自由に入国することができなかった時代ですが、明治時代初期の1873年に来日したイタリア人アドルフォ・ファルサーリは横浜に写真スタジオを開き、在留外国has taken many photos to sell as souvenirs to tourists and foreigners. By skilled artisans one single picture is painted by hand the influence of a fantastic atmosphere at the time was surprised to see the Japanese Nosuta and was not even born today ...
      1880年代といえばまだほとんどの西洋人は日本に自由に入国することができなかった時代ですが、明治時代初期の1873年に来日したイタリア人アドルフォ・ファルサーリは横浜に写真スタジオを開き、在留外国принял много фотографий на продажу в качестве сувениров туристы и иностранцы.熟練の職人によって1枚ずつ手作業で彩色された写真は幻想的な雰囲気を帯び、当時は生まれてもいなかった現代の日本人が見ても不思議とノスタ...

    • Homeopathy husband learn to do 1 - Not so open-minded that our brains drop out.
      Neta, homeopathy | 2:12 ____ / \ your doctor s Hahnemann in Germany. / ─ ─ \ your husband called me shrew / (●) (●) \ my best wishes everyone. | (__ People __) | \ `⌒ ,/...
      内塔,顺势疗法| 2时12分____ / \你的医生哈尼曼在德国。 /──\你的丈夫打电话给我鼩/(●)(●)\我最良好的祝愿大家。 |(__人__)| \`⌒ ,/...

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