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    Lee Jun Ki,

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  • ○■ イ・ジュンギ

  • ○■ そんなことを感慨 く思いなが... While deep emotion thinking such a thing deeply, it changes to the Yamate line

  • ○■ I am impressed to the hum an, [i] [jiyungi] which can do such consideration, truly

  • ○■ それにもかかわら 、 イ・ジ... In spite even to that, [i] [jiyungi] accompanying the wife and the family and others which are loved, embarking to the [merodeisubikutori] number which places 14,000 evacuee, a little more than the 迂 which you experience doing impressed performance with bending and because of the homeland the scene etc which sings the loyalty heart where the air is hasty, the enormous scale of navigation of life matching, shot light

  • ○■ And… [i] [jiyungidaiari ] from broadcast decisive ^^ July 25th…, a liberal translation

  • ○■ すでにメントと契 完了し、今... Already, [jiyungi] you of a state which [mento] and it makes a contract completes, now does not belong everywhere

  • ○■ Don't you think? for a wh ile it probably is on parade of this nonsense interview, a liberal translation

  • ○■ しかし、彼は金浦 港でした~... But, as for him ~ and [chiyanchiyan] which are the Konoura airport

  • ○■ This, is the feeling, ~@@ after so long a time, but 'today of [jiyungi] Korean' formally the Japanese sale seems that is decided

  • ○■ これに関連した掲 板には “... In the bulletin board which it is related to this “as for being skillful the performance of [i] [jiyungi] you understood well, but real you admired truly in performance”, “to [jiesuchiya] individual and tone of voice the all-inclusive wall”, “go impudent performance, the lever it is what we are skillful whether!”If, ““you look at the scene for the especially nephews, being truly uncle similar” and [i] [jiyungi] natural, for comical performance 1 hour becomes be too quick and so on performance transformation of [i] [jiyungi] with popular very,” raises the expectation

  • ○■ These red clothes, lovely is, don't you think? the ~

  • ○■ こちら はドヒョク のボロアパ... This is to think that it is the scene before the rag apartment of [dohiyoku], but, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The [tsu] [te] [ru] my ^^ which here recently, the [jiyungi] work you see and sow; The actor who shows the face which is different each every work, [i] [jiyungi, a liberal translation

  • ○■ あぁ~、なんて綺 なスッピン... The [a] [a] ~, being to be how clean [sutsupin] being the [a] [a] [a] baby like, Good Heavens the ~, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 'Korean direct delivery, [i] [jiyungi] and top secret image large open special' to be broadcast, the better seed, a liberal translation

  • ○■ 「軍人」イ・ジュ ギ&チュ・... “Navigation performance of soldier” [i] [jiyungi] & [chiyu] [jihun] and musical 'life'!, a liberal translation

  • ○■ End “of the man of the king” was start of at this coup

  • ○■ イ・ドンゴン&イ ジュンギが... [i] [dongon] & [i] [jiyungi] national military broadcast chairmanship

  • ○■ ” Next year you are not disappointed, you do not make worry” the [tsu] [te] writing, it increases, but

  • ○■ 26日放送された ‘ ーロー... 26 days the next week 5 notice volumes which were broadcast to the `hero ' ending which was broadcast were broadcast and each time the proof photograph in the [ri] [tsu] and the rear `[jindohiyoku] resume ' found the fact that it matches the proof photograph of nis necessary personnel [i] [suhiyon] of time of the mbc `dog and the wolf where [i] [jiyungi] performs '. In this as for front job of `[jindohiyoku] when they are three flow leaflet journalists, being the highest nis necessary personnel without?' with the wit which is said stating the doubt which overflows, praise enthusiasm in substantial grasp of [jindohiyotsu]. This way the `hero ' viewers every each time do not let escape the scene scene to be possible, conjecturing in the book, it presumes the substance of unreasonable thermal blood reporter [jindohiyoku] it is worthy of, (?) The enjoyment which starts capturing clue directly is searched, %, a liberal translation

  • ○■ The love [vuajin] snow of the day Korea joint work movie 'first snow of 2007 release' was broadcast to nighttime at local bureau of the district of [atashi

  • ○■ 20回企画で一言手 を継続し... It continues the one word letter with 20 plans, but it remained and became 19 times

  • ○■ 2011.10/21 [fri

  • ○■ 18日初放送以後多 好評が零... 18 days mbc where after beginning broadcasting many favorable comment has spilled the new Mizuki mini- series 'hero' [the scenario 朴 lawn the 淑 performing payment [kiyonhi] production union, in the media zoo] three flow newspapers. Giving enjoyment with the episode where real [i] [jiyungi] which is in the midst of enthusiastically performing with thermal blood reporter [jindohiyoku] is conspicuous life performance our popular lives piled up entirely and that way portray, it has become topic., a liberal translation

  • ○■ (연. 진 소 개) (perfo rming taking the field introduction) 진 행 에 이 준 기 였 습 니 다. Advance was [i] [jiyungi

  • ○■ 今日も一日お疲れ までした... Also today was one day fatigue

  • ○■ As for [i] [jiyungi] “y ou endeavored in order to postpone troop enlistment via the production company, but after all can finish photographing, it came to the point of enlisting

  • ○■ で、ネットですべ 手配して... So, it arranges it is entirely with the net

  • ○■ As for pressure of [jiyun gi] which among these, came to the point of bearing the first leading part and becomes isn't probably to be unfathomed?, a liberal translation

  • ○■ section=sc4... section=sc4

  • イ・ジュンギ

    Lee Jun Ki,

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